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Olympian Super Hero in You with Kelly Gunther

Today's guests. Kelly Gunther was not and is a United States Olympian skater. She was a child who was in special ed when she was young - special ed to an Olympian skater and something and somewhere in somehow in between, she got to leave those identity pieces behind and stand in the light to find her own self-identity.

What could have been a tragic experience, turned triumph. And I know you, too, friend have a story like this. I hope you tune in to her heart. I hope you tune in to see what's next for this girl next door. Enjoy!

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About Kelly:

Kelly Gunther is truly the girl next door, a “girly girl” who loves to laugh, do her hair and makeup, and go to movies with friends. But to many, she’s also an inspiration, a humble but incredible “superhero” both on and off the ice. Kelly, a US olympian skater, knows all about making a comeback- and not just in her career, but with her life. Kelly, deemed the Come Back Kid, is inspiring hearts around the globe with her ‘could be tragic’, yet ‘turned triumphant’ story.

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Show Notes: The Olympian Super Hero in You with Kelly Gunther

Simply amazed, simply amazed by God's timing, how he touches the points of your life without you even recognizing it. And sometimes it takes 2020, right? That hindsight experience for you to recognize how he was going to use that moment, how he was going to use that blanketed component of shame, how he was going to use that identity piece that had you on your knees, crying out.

For more that he was going to turn something that was subliminal or something that was sub surface or something that was a sub title and turn it into a substantial glory build experience for you to be a superhero for you to be the comeback kid for you to be the glory story that he gets to put you on a pedestal as a daughter.

Today's guests. Kelly Gunther was not, is a us Olympian skater. She was also deemed a child who was in special ed when she was young, special ed to an Olympian skater and something. And somewhere in somehow in between, she got to leave those identity pieces behind and stand up. In the life. What could have been a tragic experience, turned triumph.

And I know you, two friend have a story like this. I hope you tune in to hear heart. I hope you tune in. See what's next for this girl next door. And I hope you subscribe to this podcast and share it out. Blasted out to your friends. We're going to be reviewing your reviews here on the show. And I can't wait to share it with all of the people coming out because your name, your love.

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And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories, talents.

As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

All right. All right. Oh, I can hear your puppy. He has a black lab that is not pictured, but you might hear, and we're just going to embrace the puppy. Love it. And today, Kelly, I'm so grateful to have you on the fit and paid. Thank you so much for having me today. I am such an honor to be here. Sorry. I look like I rolled out of bed today, but I'm so excited.

It's important to everybody. You know what, that's the best part about these things. It's like people at the end of the day, don't really care what you look like. They care what your heart sounds like, and that's exactly what we're going to get today. So thank you for being here. You're beautiful. And we're going to hear a little bit about your beautiful story.

Uh, you might've seen in the creds at the beginning that she is a U S. Skater. And yet there's so much more and I've had the pleasure of speaking to so many athletes or whatever the label is that the world gives them or their claim to fame, if you will. Um, but there's always so much more to that. Human and I got to hear you on clubhouse, uh, several months ago.

And I was just floored by the story, but more so than. Spirit. And I know that that was a sharpening process, um, based on a tragedy that has actually become your triumph. So let's still stump in with wherever you feel called. It could be the backstory. It could be the big punchline, and then we can go. Yeah, absolutely.

Uh, thank you so much again, and just my faith of how huge it is to me and how important, um, really just really spoke to me within the last maybe 10 years. Um, I mean, faith was always something in my life. Um, I was always a believer. I was a speed skater for 25 years. So most of those Sundays were spent, um, Roller rink before I had even switched over to long track speed skating.

So every Sunday I was at practice, so I necessarily couldn't go to church and then transferring over to a long track. Speed skating. Your schedule and training is pretty the same every day, day in and day out, Monday through Saturday. Is training everyday twice a day. Sundays is you're always day off unless you're traveling or whatnot.

Um, so to have that opportunity of Sunday not being, having to be at practice, uh, I really got to dive into perch and really even find out more so of what it was. Wow. I love that. And that was within the last 10 years since your career changed or.

Can you hear me? Okay.

Yeah. The last, um, the last, maybe five years or so. So I would say, um, was, yeah, sorry, went out, but I think I got you. That's okay. Yeah. I got you now. Yeah. The last five years or so years. I can. Yeah, I got you. Okay. I can hear you. Okay. If you guys are watching live and you can hear Kelly. Okay. Let's just give some love in the comments.

I hear me did it freeze. I can hear you. Okay. I'm not sure if it's a sound bite or not. Yeah. Oh, no.

Uh, I see it spiraling. It might be her internet we're live. So we're going to hang out until Kelly Gunther comes back. You guys, she was the U S Olympian skater who had a major. Story. And we're about to get into it. They actually called her the combat kid. And so I'm really excited to get into the nitty gritty of her story of her testimony and how it went from tragic to triumph, but it looks like she's having some internet issues.

So for now I will tell you a little bit more about her. She is a girl. Who loves to laugh, do her hair and makeup, which is why right when she came on and she found out that we were alive, she was like, no, I thought it was just audio. And I'm like, girl, you're beautiful. It doesn't matter. I've come in Mamba and I've come.

Whiplash. I've come in so many different ways, shapes and forms in the last three years, it's hard to believe we've gone over 150 episodes. We've never missed a week. And now if you haven't noticed we are dropping the fit and faith podcasts four to five times a week, which is just unbelievable to even think that I talk that much, let alone have the general.

Privilege of speaking to so many incredible human beings like Kelly. And like I said, other athletes as well, we've had Sam Ocho on here. We've had Tim Timberlake on here. We've had, um, actually the Tim, yeah. Tim had some sports background. Darrell Stinson has been on. Uh, so I love me athletes and learning about their backstories specifically is so intriguing to me because.

No different than my own testimony. We often put our titles and our labels on the outside of who we are, and we don't actually let anybody in on the inside. And so it's. It's a hard season to walk. I'm sure. To be able to go through and just think that that's your only sense of identity. So what we were learning from Kelly before she popped off, you actually have even better lighting right now.

So I'm really excited about that. That week we can see your beautiful face of yours. I was just giving them a bit of a backstory on what I did know about you and your testimony. And so I'm excited for you to continue to jump in. You had left us. At you had been really divulging in church in, and what that actually meant the last five years when you shifted in your escaping.

Yes. Thank you so much about that. Sorry. Um, yes, the last five years, um, I was, it was getting towards the end of my career. Uh, I had skated, as I as mentioned for those 25 years and I'd always been Kelly, the skater girl, and I never really got to even make friends outside of the skating world because that was all I've known for so long.

And I got introduced to a church in salt lake city that really just became my home. It became my. Um, my rural sort of say, and as those Sundays would come and go, I would sit there and, you know, just go to church and leave and say, you know, as much as I come, I really want to. I want to be a part of this community.

I really want to dive in and how do I do this? And I just really dove in, uh, you know, meeting the pastor and, you know, getting plugged into different spots as, and I say that so much. So as when I did my rehab all at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs, I had worked with a sports psych. And when I went back to Utah after, um, finishing my rehab and whatnot, and he had said, These very important words to mean they they'd always stuck with me.

And his words were Kelly, the type of person you are going out to the movies or going out to dinner or having that group that is just as important as a workout for you. And I really, you know, stuck in hold on to that. It just, I thought about it and said, yeah, you're right. And he proceeded to say, you know, it's so easy to go home after training and not want to go out and not want to push yourself because it is easy.

I mean, at the end of the day, you've technically have just worked out for seven to eight hours and you're exhausted. Um, you know, so as I started, you know, going to that church on Sunday and really dive in, I really pushed myself, you know, Um, friends and to make a small group and use it as I was going to training.

At the end of the day, it really came the best thing for me because I started not to only see life outside of an ice skating rink. I started to see. And so life that was just so much more meaningful to me. And I really felt God talk within my spirit and who I was and really what true friendship was. And I, that really hit home for me.

What, you know, true friendship was. How everyone prayed together. And I never been experienced at that before, because it always been kind of cut, you know, straight, dry on the ice because yeah, you're to see you're all friends and teammates, but at the end of the day, you know, you want to be the fastest person on the ice where, you know, this was something that they just wanted the best for you.

And, you know, and we prayed together and it was, you know, all around my age and we'd make every Monday. Uh, so that for me was just something that, you know, really. Was really special to me in that, you know, really I wanted to dive into more. Yeah. I think that there's so many bits and pieces to what you just said that are golden nuggets for so many people to take as one, understanding that like I was sharing when you were offline is as what we perceive the world.

Says that we are based on our job title or description, or the first label that everybody wants to know is what is deemed the most successful, right? Or the most starlet. But what God sees is who we are at the roots at the foundation at the seed of who we are and seeds are not as shiny. Right. Seeds are in the soil.

The root system is below. Nobody even understands what that is, and there's no community outside of what I also have experienced within church that has ever allowed me to just totally. And the soil and be okay with me showing what are weeds and what are flowers and, and to really truly understand and cultivate who I was called to be rather than what I was called to be and being an athlete.

I understand not nearly to. But I was in gymnastics and I would be there 20 hours a week and I was in middle school and elementary school. Right. And so it did, it was all of my friends and they were my friends because we spent that much time together. And when I would go into my school setting, it was much harder for me to establish those relationships because I was only known as one certain perspective or once per certain persona.

So I think that that is one thing to take note of. And then additionally, to understand how valuable community is when it's raw and real, rather than it's a forced community. A lot of times people are forced into community. If it's at their job setting, um, they're forced into community. If it's their family, And they never lose or find an identity.

That's a standalone. And I think it's important for us to have that leave and cleave and all forms of relationships in order for you to truly stand in the authority of who we're calling. Yes, absolutely. And I totally agree with that. And it's something that is very, I think, difficult, um, you know, to start out to feel that.

And I really didn't feel it until I really dove into, you know, church and meeting new friends and kind of experience. I almost want to say a new life and realizing that. God had more for me. And I always knew I didn't want to be ever known as Kelly, this Gator. And to me, it's just a title. It's not an entitlement.

There's so much more of me. And it takes a lot of growth, you know, within yourself to. I know to really sit back and say and realize, you know, God has so much more for me. And it's like a lot through that process. You know, a lot of going into church day in and day out, you know, to really grasp and know that he wants to use my voice.

And this is why I was never granted a gold medal. And the day that I put my hands on my steering wheel and said that. Out loud during the 2018 winter Olympics were taking place. I had said, God, thank you for never letting me win a gold medal because it's not who I'm supposed to be. This is who I'm supposed to be.

You gave me this story to share and to tell. And I'm so more proud of that versus anything that I've ever accomplished, because I knew that what was inside of me was going to come out of me. And when your soul is that strong, um, that's really, you know what I want to share to everybody. Is that, you know, there's so much more to you than just looking at the book, cover at the book, cover, you know, read the chapters and really get to know who you are.

Um, and so I think that's just really important. That speaks a lot to my soul specifically during this week, uh, because I am actually launching my first. The standalone book and it is what makes you want to throw up to be completely honest, to tell, like all of the backstory, all of the secrets, all of the places of who you are that make you who you are, but aren't often what you share out in public.

Right? And so wanting so badly to obliterate shame for other people and letting them stand in the freedom of who they're truly called to be. No matter what their past looks like. Um, and so I love that we share that belief and also am curious from like your bio, when you're talking about what could have been a tragedy to what is now the triumph, is it really this identity piece?

Is that really what you speak? Yeah. And it's really just, you know, I'm really defining of who I am and really redefining, you know, everything because for all of my life, I've had to been, you know, Kelly that skater where I've always known, I wanted to be the cheerleader. You know, I wanted to be that girl who, you know, got to fit in, but I was never, you know, that person who had to do that because of skating that took up my whole entire.

Sort of life because it was my life. Yes. I loved it. But now, you know, I'm really. Um, remaking myself of who I am and using my voice and in praying and, you know, just really trusting that God has, you know, what I'm supposed to do to what to be called out. Um, and the reason why I'm more associated that as, um, during the 2000, right before the 2018 Olympic trials, I, um, I had known my body was exhausted.

Rather I made that team or didn't make that team. Um, I knew the backstory. I knew my coach and I didn't get along. Um, I knew there was, you know, a lot of trials and foams, you know, get there and it was a very hard road to get there. Um, and I just wanted to make those last two years of my career at the best that they could.

And I was absolutely miserable. Um, and I absolutely. At the end of the day, kind of hated skating. And I hate saying, saying that because I loved it so much, but two and a half months before Olympic trials, um, it was October and Olympic trials were at the end of December, beginning of January. And I came off the ice that day, um, from practice crying.

And I had said, I don't think I can do this anymore. Um, I don't think I can keep going. And one of my good friends, you know, said it perfectly and said, you know, I see, and I can tell how much you love skating, but you're over the fight and you can only fight for so long before you can't fight anymore. And diving into that and rolling that over with my church community and that, that connection with God and that, that powerful moment that I had.

I felt that he was saying, it's okay, that you don't make this a little bit, this Olympic team, you know, you're not supposed to be there. And if I missed it by once final spot on my best race, I wasn't supposed to be there that day. You know, the girl that had, did make it, I was absolutely. So excited for her because it was her first, last Olympic games that she got to experience, you know, and our favorite race, uh, you know, so I'd already done and went through the process of not, you know, being okay when I went to the starting line and I wasn't named to the team.

And that speaks a lot, I think, as an athlete to say, you know, thank God I did. The United States Olympic team. And it's truly true because I couldn't go and represent our country of someone who could fake it. And I'm a very least favorable person. So it was, it was going to be hard for me to ever do that.

And it wasn't, and that's why I wasn't there. Um, in 2014. Yeah, absolutely. You know, the cards played out different from me and that's why I've always just stuck to that. Everything happens for a reason and, you know, I just trusted in God and really just let him leave the. How did all of that? Cause that's like such a powerful understanding.

And I think a lot of times we so eagerly want to stay in that limelight because it feels shiny and it feels easier, but there's like all these hidden emotions and the mask that you have to wear to keep that smile on, even though you don't really feel that way. How did you parallel when everything kind of fell out with, um, with, uh, Yeah.

Oh, I love that question. Um, especially being an athlete and looking out from the outside and, and the reason why I say that is because I don't know some of them personally, and I, I don't know exactly what she was thinking, but looking at her and watching her and feeling that exact moment of almost exactly what I went through is that.

It looked like she, well, it didn't look like she literally absolutely had the world on top of her shoulders and she had a lot of pressure. I don't believe it was that she couldn't handle the pressure. I won 1000%. She could, I think at the end of the day it was that she was doing gymnastics for everybody else, but Simone, and when you're not out there doing it for who you are, and for the love that you have.

You, you lose control of it and you lose sight of everything. And I just get goosebumps saying that because I, you know, I was exactly like with me escaping and I knew that I loved it, but I wasn't skating for Kelly anymore. I was getting for everybody else. And, um, sometimes I wish I could have been as strong as her in, you know, stepped away a little bit earlier, but, um, you know, I learned from it and now I can, you know, use it and look at others and say, you know, convince them because it was.

Give her so much credit and honor for what she did. Yeah, absolutely. It was, it was very interesting to watch, but having had my own mental health journey and spiritual journey and understanding the importance of all the congruency in each of those places, it was really honoring to watch the way that she held herself.

And I don't know how she kept it together so beautifully, but I think when you fully know. That the emotions don't necessarily control you anymore. It's like that God whisper. That is like, yeah, this is my security. This is my affirmation. This is my identity. And no matter whether they want to pressure me into it or not, I'm at this point where it just, you can wash your hands clean of all of those emotional pieces and just stand on.

Yes, 1000% and that's so completely true. I mean, you, like you just said it perfectly, you know, when the emotions aren't there and you're not in it, you might as well just, you're just not in it because you can't force it and you can't find the love for it. And I dug deep and I tried to find a love for skating, but it's just not there.

And I, and that's when I heard God, tell me and whispered to me in October. You're not going to make this team. And it was a real sense of release, you know, lifted off my shoulders and I was able to breathe again. And it was just, it was the best feeling I could have ever went through quick commercial break.

I know I hate these things too, but it's so critical that you grow your business for God's sake. And I mean, that pun intended with all the love in my heart to get you from a place of ideation to activation, stop dreaming, start doing stand ups, start saying yes to the call that God has on your life. We are going to be joining in Lexington, Kentucky with none other than the beautiful rise and grind community with Glen Lundy, who will be co-hosting this incredible conference.

This is the second annual, and he has taken me under his wing to be able to share the stage to motivate and inspire. And I cannot wait to see you there November 5th through the seventh. If you want to come in for the VIP experience or two doesn't want to come along for VIP, that's all access passes to the speakers and.

And you'll be able to dine with us in the private rooms with your own special bathrooms. So of course, come one day, two day, three day passes available as well. And we can not wait at good. And I say to hug your neck, see you there. So that happened in 2018, it would have been for the 2019 Olympics, winter Olympics, you guys an 18 winter Olympics.

Okay. Okay. So then obviously with everything that's transpired since then, like, what are you doing now? Um, using your voice obviously, but what is, what is your profession? What is your passion? What are you pursuing as your God? Yeah, using my voice. And at the end of the day, really knowing what I'm good at, you know, I love the talk and I really have had Dino pray and, you know, and really dive into, okay, what am I good at?

I come from a background with a learning and special education, you know, so that for me was something that was so hard for me within school. To accept and, you know, live and to grow with that. And I actually didn't come out about it until I made the 2014 Olympic team, um, with a teacher, you know, telling me how many lives, you know, you can change and you don't realize it until you grow older and you go through that.

Uh, cause I was still at shamed even years after I had graduated, you know, to ever say that I was a special ed student. Um, so now I'm really diving back into that because I'm so proud of it. And now. Uh, 34 years later, you know, I can say I can talk to my special ed teachers and I'm still learning and I'm still growing.

Uh, so now I really, you know, if it felt like that I've called to, to use my voice and to help so many others and to be that comeback kid, because no matter what age we are, we're always going to face something in life. Right. Life Iraq's falling down on us and we're not sure how we can get back up that day or, you know, life has a churn for us or, you know, but to really show and to help, you know, so many others just come from, you know, your mess is your message.

And to grow above that and just really, you know, know who you are true yourself. Um, I think that is what's really helped me is knowing and growing within who I am and to use. That is incredible. And I think education plays such a role into who we become because we, that is our job as well for so much of our childhood.

That's where we go to work right on a consistent basis in addition to the sport. So we had all of the sports time that we were putting in and I watched my kids do it now. And they're involved in several sports. We didn't choose to choose just one for them or letting them they're still six and eight. So they're kind of just exploring.

But I was gymnastics to two years old, to 18 years old. That was all I did. And I played at the gymnastics a little bit, our dance, a little bit cheerleading a little bit, but it was gymnastics and you go to school and school is an whole other identity piece. Right? And so there you were in school and somebody had put that label or that need of special education on you.

No different than you are an Olympian or you're a skater. And I think that we, we spend the rest of our. At least young adolescent age until we become wise enough to realize that we are more or tell God gets a hold of us and Jesus recklessly pursues us and says, I love you more than that label. Right?

Like love supersedes labels every single time. And so I think as you explore that and you start speaking out about it a lot there, I feel like there's no difference in the special ed piece to us understanding as a society. Calling people gifted is equally as bounding. Right. And it might feel different having had that label, but.

It's pressure, it's pressure to succeed versus now you're actually being limited to succeed based on the special ed piece. I'd love for you to talk us through kind of like what you walked through on an emotional level with that. And I really liked that you asked that question because. It was such a, an emotional level for me all through middle school and high school.

I mean so much so that when I got to high school and some of my friends would say, you know, Kelly, why don't we see you in class? Or, you know, where are you? And I would always use use the excuses. I was skating 99.9 at the time I was, but it was because I was in special ed classes. And I just couldn't grasp that fact that, you know, I had to say that.

And when that bell rang, you know, everybody was going to class together and I was going to. Classroom alone by the end of the hallway. And you know, for me for wanting to be the girl. I wanted to fit in and to want it to be the cheerleader. It was really hard for me to, to ever accept that I was more so different, I think, and more so, you know, couldn't just comprehend like everybody else.

And, and I say that more so is because they made it look so fun. It made it look so easy. And when I put skates on, you know, it was easy and it was fun. And I think that's a little bit where the frustration, you know, came from me is because why couldn't I have fun in school? Get it, you know, just as much as they did.

Um, but again, it was that learning process. Going through that and understanding that, you know, later in life where I'm so happy because I have it because I've learned so much of the different side of it, you know, where I look at my brother who's perfect example, eight years older than me. And, you know, Completely different where he is very, you know, book smart and driven, smart that way, where I am, you know, completely not that person.

But if you put me in an airport around the world, I can probably get myself out of it because I've traveled so much and I've. Just been around that world where I can talk and meet new people. And I'm so thankful that you know, that God gave me that gift instead of, you know, the gift that I prayed about when I was in middle school and high school.

Um, and how much, you know, stronger than I am that I went through that emotions because at the end of the day, you know, it's really made me a part of who I am. Again, it's not everything of who I am. It's just a part of this story to be able to, you know, to put together. Yeah, I think it's so powerful to be able to tap into the different pains and passions.

Right. And then put them into the placement of our purpose. Because if you just stay in one zone, you will get burned out in that zone. That's ultimately what happen. Sports that ultimately was what was happening mentally in your education, because you probably had components where you were thriving or could have thrived, or your teachers were all like so grateful to have you in the classroom because you had that persona to connect with the other special education.

Um, and so it's this understanding that our strengths thrive in the spaces that they're given, but there's opportunity. When I feel like God gets involved, that he actually busts the seams of what that identity is from a secular perspective. And he lets the spirit realm takeover and say, actually, this might be what they call you, but this is what I call you.

Yes. So Sartre and that's, what's so powerful. And that's what I've learned. Since I stepped away from skating, this coming January, we'll just mark four years since I've been retired. Um, and I've had to grow to who I am. I've had to learn a lot because I've never been just Kelly and that's what I've always wanted to be.

And I think that's what is so important to me is I just get to be Kelly now. And I just get to, to use that calling that God has always given to me and that. Always been a big believer that everything happens for a reason, but now I can really see why I've gone through that and why I've gone through those, those bad days to make those bad days, the good days.

And to know that it really is who I'm meant to be, and to use my voice and to help so many others and just, you know, feel God is such a remarkable and powerful thing. So when you go to share and you're sharing your testimony, are you sharing it in schools to use, or is it more paralleled? Um, encouragement.

What age bracket are you feeling called to or led to in this. Right now, um, high school, uh, I haven't dove into any yet this year. I'm really just getting the niche down for my speech and making it perfect. And that's, what's so cool about kind of regrowing is in finding your new passion. I've always known as we've been on this, I've talked about being a speaker and diving into it.

And with my learning disability, it was really hard for me to focus. And for the past month I had said. Okay, I'm going to do what I know what I know how to do. And that's to push yourself, like, as if I was training, I read my speech out loud on the way to work on the way home from work. And so a microphone on the brush.

I mean, like I'm back into training, you know, so right now I, you know, it's just like everything you start from the bottom when you grow up. Uh, and I bet I'm really excited to, to be called, you know, through that middle school and high school age, especially high school, because I know how it is to just sit in that chair and to want to be seen.

And, you know, but I've also sat in that other chair where, you know, you are alone and you feel like you have that label and, you know, X, Y, and Z is all prompt up against you. But we have this moment where we can absolutely change that and to use that and to become who we are supposed to become. Yeah, it's really interesting because you've got like these two sides to who you are.

You've had this title where you felt shamed and you wanted to hide from, and then you got this title that was like the limelight, but you were hiding even in that space. And so it's really, it's a really beautiful symmetry that God has used to woven together to allow you to really have empathy for both sides of the coin.

Right. Cause I was a cheerleader. I wasn't. I was those things in high school. And yet I felt really isolated, even in the midst of all of those people, even in the gifted program, I was like, I am the dumbest of the gifted. Okay. And I had this, I had a struggle. I was having fun. It looked like I was having a lot of fun going to class with all my friends and.

Right. And then econ in college. And I'm like, why, why count? I can't do this. Right. And I wanted to just, honestly, I wanted more than anything, Kelly, and you might be able to resonate with this. I want it to just be medium. I just wanted to not have all of those things over top of me or beneath me, because there was things that I was shamed of as well, just wanting to just be like plain Jane.

And that was never me. And I know now that God never called me to be mediocre, he never called you to be mediocre. He called us out of our comfort zones for purpose. And it's, it's really interesting that we both have like different sides of the coin, but as you're sharing on, like, I hear you. I see. I know you, and it's important as you share on those stages that both people, no matter what their label is, they both deal with the same premise of, I want to be seen.

And I want to be known and I want to be loved. And those are the three things that God does for us every single moment of every single day. Yes, absolutely. So true. Yes. There's a gal on listening right now with us and her name is also Kelly and she said I can so relate to just being Kelly and that is who she is now.

And. Kelly, I don't know her exact age, but I know she's older than the two of us. And it is something like you said that if we continue being on the rat wheel of trying to sustain and trying to do the things that are expected of us or staying blanketed beneath the label that we weren't ever actually meant to be.

You're she goes, say she's dropping her age. I love that proudness Kelly. She's 56. I get to deal and hang out with and commune with, and coach. So many women who are 20 years my senior. And when I sit with them, there's so much to learn from them, but there's also more empathy. From my angle because I'm like, man, I am so glad that you see something in me that can ignite life back into you.

And so while it's hard and not, not, not a lot of people can experience what we've experienced as a young person, a lot of people have the midlife crisis, right. We had a quarter-life crisis. You and I, and it's led us to be able to serve sooner. Yes. And I think that's, what's so special about it is, you know, we, we want it to be that, you know, plain, you know, Jane, and I think that's why I got teary eyes is because we wanted to just be, you know, mediocre where guides like, no, you know, I have a little bit of a different plans for you.

And, you know, and as I said this past month where I really started training as if I was skating again, Speaking it's because I felt God whisper to me where, you know, you're going to use this voice. I'm going to pull you out of your comfort zone. And, you know, it's so remarkable to feel that because no matter what age, you know, we are, you know, we're gonna face, you know, something that we don't think we can.

And that's why I'm so passionate about, you know, sharing my story and to be on that level. Anybody and everybody had no matter what age you are, because, you know, there's something that we don't feel like we could get over because we have a disability or we want to be seen and we're not being seen. You know, there's so many different avenues, you know, of that, where I think is just so important to, to be able to connect and to relate with so many others.

Because when you have college kids, you know, or high school kids going into college and, you know, redefining who they are and their identity. The same when they graduate college, it's like, okay, we're what do we do now? Oh my gosh. Yes. I've had those conversations just recently because these are like massive pivotal changes in our life.

And I remember going from a high school where everyone knew my name, where I had all of these expectations into a massive ocean of a location. And I felt like completely invisible. And it felt kind of freeing because I had that desire, like I said, to just be like, let me just start over. I can be anyone that I want to, but at the same time, I still had that, that yearning, that calling was still there.

I just hadn't defined it yet because I wasn't too in my relationship with the Lord. But I knew that like, Just mediocre, just Tamar or just Kelly is not anything, right? Because he calls us by his name. And someone said this this morning and on clubhouse where we got connected and I loved it so much. It was Myron golden, who is an incredible, um, biblical business coach that I follow.

He's a mentor. And he said, when I say I am Tamra, I have superseded my name Tamra with the great idea. And I was like, yes, per rage. I can own that. Right. Didn't you own that? It'd be like, I am, because he is, and it has nothing to do with my name. It has everything to do with his and the gifts and talents that we've been blessed with are meant to glorify him, not anybody else and just truly to serve as his daughter.

Yes. And that is what is just so special and why we've been giving this gift and, you know, from God to be able to, to show and to use that. And that's why, you know, I can always say, thank you God, for not giving me a gold medal. You know, thank you that for not making me that book smarts that I wanted to be, because I want to be sitting here having this conversation with any of you today and.

It's hard, you know, while you're through that, but that's the part, you know, becoming your own combat kid is that you come back and you'd get to, to look back at that and really say, thank you God, for making me stronger, even though I wasn't strong in that moment, but now I'm strong. And now I'm firm on my own to fight because I'm doing what you've called me to do and I'm doing it because I'm so passionate about it because it's what you've given me to give me until.

That power of that voice or, you know, whatever it is that he's given you to be able to just launch out to everybody. I love this so much. So I am like a visionary in the sense that God like literally will speak to me, prophetically envision. And I had this, uh, this idea as you were talking, um, of you actually teaching from a personal and professional group.

Space like a mentorship experience where you're actually taking people out of their comfort zone onto the ice. Right. And you're able to utilize your passion, speak into their life, have global stages where you're helping people, especially kiddos within the special ed sector, to be able to try something new that nobody believed in them enough to try something, especially athletically, right.

And for you to be able to pull them out of those comfort zones and prove to them that they're greater than the label that they've been. Yes. Oh yeah, that just warms my heart. Yes. And that's why, you know, I'm just so passionate about, of, you know, just being Kelly, not being Kelly, you know, the Olympian, because that's why I want to help so many others know that if you're in special ed or if whatever it is that you're dealing with are facing with that, you can overcome that.

And, you know, let me help you to. I always believe in yourself. And so always know that when you put your mind to it, you can absolutely do anything that you want to. And just to know that you're going to face those roadblocks, but those roadblocks are always there to make sure you're paying attention.

You're always getting over that speed bump because we can't say stuck because life is as choices and we have to either choose D there, sit in that bed or to get out of it that next day, because we know that sign is going to rise again. And we know that God's going to call us for what he wants us to do.

So good. Yes. That was my job for sure. You guys, this is Kelly Gunther and she is just such a gym. I hope you've enjoyed this time with her and definitely reach out to her. If you create stages, if you have a podcast, if you have. Some sort of community that CA Kelly becomes speak to you. I hope that you touch base with her because she just folks who are community in such a powerful way.

And I know it's going to speak in to not only the woman or the man listening, but into their children and their children's children, because you're giving them power and you're giving them authority and you're giving them a new stage that they get to stand on. That doesn't matter what the world calls it, that God calls us to stand on that spot and he will put the spot.

Yes. Thank you so much for that. I appreciate it. Samra. Absolutely. So tell us, where do you hang out the most so people can get in touch with you? Yes. Um, I'm always on Instagram. If you see two RS at the end, it's still me just Kelly. Gunther's my handler. Um, I pop in and out of clubhouse, um, here and there.

So find me on there. I'm an open book. If you want to DM me, please feel free. Uh I'm. I am on Facebook. No, not as much active. I'm mad as I am on Instagram. Uh, but most popular in Instagram. So if you have, I would love to connect. Amazing. And you guys can go to Kelly Gunther, which is an all. To be in touch with her directly to come to any of those places to share and shed light on the authority of the identity, the identity pieces, ultimately what it is that we're called to more than what the world has called us.

And so, Kelly, I appreciate you so much for being here. All of those who are tuned in live Luchia we see you, Kelly, we see you. We appreciate your loyalty to the fit and faith podcast and hope that you will subscribe and review so you can get all the incredible interviews to come for. Season four, that'll be out.

Yes. Thank you so much again, Sandra. I appreciate it. Your thing by.

Hey, y'all it's me again. I hope in today's episode, you sends an ignite to an Ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go let solidify the flame. I'd love for you to take a step right now and declaring your takeaway by snapping a pick of the episode.

You tuned in to share your sparked moment and tag me at underscore podcast or me personally. Diane dress on instant. I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the fit and faith podcast listeners. We're totally in this together community over competition is the motto, right?

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And until next time, blessings over your joy, how well and wholeness tune in next time.

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