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Not My Show: Christian Rap Artist, Corey Thomas

Today we are going to talk to Christian rap artist, Corey Thomas.

Oh, my gracious. I am still on a bit of a Jesus high, even just reflecting over this podcast you’re about to hear. I don’t know that I’m supposed to pick favorites…but people always ask me if they could listen to one which ONE would it be. Right now – THIS would be my one…but really each person brings their own goodness to the table…I think I’m just a bit on FIRE…

Which makes so much since after this conflagration. Ha as he said himself no this is not my speaking in tongues hahaha..this is a REAL word that means on fire or blazing and it’s the title to his next album!

That’s right, a Christian rap artist right here in the studio with me, coming to the mic in a different type of way than what he’s used to and BOY was it ON FIRE. His love for God, for people, for the Kingdom is utterly tangible and I believe this 4th album is going to not only ignite resting embers, it’s going to start new rampage wildfires across the nations.

Oh, and…Kanye believer or not, THIS guy is the REAL deal.

Tune in so you can ignite today…and my favorite part – he doesn’t need one second of the glory…it’s not his show – it’s a Jesus show.

So basically that means I had Jesus on the mic…whhhaattt

christian rap

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Show Notes: Christian Rap for Jesus

Hey, I have a camera address, I’m your fitting podcast, so I upto me, your just me. No words, no scripts, no interest, no altos. I love authenticity, I hope to breed vulnerability, and I usually do this alongside another Dreamer mover shaker entrepreneur, passion is A… Is what I love to call them, if you’re a dude, then a dude, but I am loving just coming together in community with other people to share their high and low stories, to share their journeys to come back, because I believe ultimately that for God would have us he would have us on the mountain top, and even though we learn a ton in the pit and in the valley, God would manuscript now, especially in this season of life, in this time of our culture to shine.

And so here I am, I want to teach you how to shine, I wanna be alongside you when you get your glow, I wanna capable to… Into your calling, whatever that is. So this isn’t a fitness podcast, this is not a religious banter, that week, Jesus all day long, and this is not just about nutrition or health or well, now I lack some greed and I know you do too, it’s not okay for us to not be okay.

Was talking about all of these things that Edison, you guys, we don’t miss… Need a mental health podcast, we don’t just need a fitness podcast, you don’t just need a religious spiritual protest, it needs to win.

This is what fit in. Things all about, it’s all about frontline men, Ativan, it’s about pursuing your wholeness and playing it over your life and over the line, a loved one that you have around your career, so thank you for coming again. I would love to get to know anymore, you can subscribe, whatever it is in an email is… I have an amazing team alongside, but you guys are gonna get for now so enjoy, I’m so have to have a pocket conversation with you is what I’d love to call up, don’t have my coffee right now, but I have it in my system. As you can see, all the love, let’s do this together and keep going, freedom.

So time to be here with you. This is episode 301.

I podcast, which is so fun, and I have a special guest here that I’m also really pumped to get to know some… Excited for you guys to have the opportunity. He is a local, but I don’t know how local… Were you born here?

No, no, I… Okay, so we’re gonna hear all about his story, he goes by Mr. change, and I heard him for the first time when I was listening to our local Christian station, 805 ran, and I was really tuned in, ’cause when I drive with children, if you drive with children, you understand that you’re only partially listening to anything because they’re usually talking and all I heard was Chick-fil-A Polynesian saw.

And so I had to turn it up and I’m like, Oh, on guy. In here, what’s happening? Not because I’m a huge, thick, fully bone saws person when I do love dick lay, but too, because I was going into a rat song, I’m like, Wait was… And then it was like talking about sales, and I’m not gonna react ’cause I’m a pull myself, they go for A… And I know that there’s a lot of secular songs around sauce, so I knew I had to make sure I was on a board, but… Okay, I can let truth kids. And then I immediately got on my phone and I download everything from you in two seconds later, I find out that he’s actually live in person in the studio, which I had recently done for my retreat, so I was so come to hear you in conversation, and I immediately just took to your story, I took to your natural humility, which is amazing that you get forgot, I’m trying to teach my six-year-olds on that right now, it’s not an also what if, you know super… Not humble, but we’re working on it.

Yeah, so I immediately wanted to learn a story when I found out that he was local, I totally am me, because I feel like God is just taking over our region and such an incredible way, and you’re gonna be such a part of that, so I’m excited to have you… He does have a net, which took me a while to figure out, by the way, you’re using someone bais, I’m like, okay, he has to have a real name and finally on it. So this is Cory, or Tom is correct.

It’s awesome. So welcome and have a… Yeah, I share.

So I’m sure there this conversation’s gonna go in a 1000 different ways, you can pretend the camera is not here, ’cause it’s just you and I, and a coffee shop with big lights and a… But tell me… Tell me your story. You said you were out local, so we can start there.

Okay, so I was born in Champaign-Evans, and most people don’t believe that’s the actual place when it is a Campion, my mother ended up getting married in that prison, Virginia. Okay.

But I was raised in proper is what I was.

Oh, what a… From shaman, I was born in something and we moved to roe ilinden, she got Merseyside fire married, and we ended up here that… So I’ve been here since. I will 200 on.

Okay, so so long, ’cause I from here now. Okay, okay, that makes sense.

So you can use a local. Yeah, basically have been a long in… But yeah, so yeah, and there is…

I was like a living. Okay, and so where were you in life at that point? You’re 11, you’re in…

I salute out of middle school almost… Okay. I was leaving middle school. Okay, so on her.


And were you interface at that point… That’s all I knew. We grew up in there, so my mom was going to Sunday school and making us go with… He didn’t go, sure of. So I knew of Jesus, I got… I don’t… Wouldn’t say I was walking with him.

You can’t just set… You don’t understand, but at 11.Yeah, I started praying and stuff, but as much as a 11-year-old kid… Right, basically doing for the US to a year.

I gave God by Crest.

I relate.

So I sat to…

That’s so good. And then, so take us on the journey with you, what happened next, how did you even discover that you had this talent of wrapping or… Okay, so I wanna say 11 men, my brother, we try every day.

We are put music on, I think we re-watching the Michael Jackson story.

Yeah, it was like, we could do that and we just started talking. The person grabbed her sign and we made a band in the one that I… And we just started to sing a brand in hong, that was a one day thing, but everything that day, I was kind of just really into it, but never really doing it though, I kind of secretly wanted to do it, but I wanna say it was like 14 15.Okay, we have found a new church in Virginia. It was like thinking off of it was not for Virginia, and I ended up in a situation where it was making me really depressed and did not want to be here, and I didn’t know how to express that.

Yeah, so I saw it on my face, if something wrong, you’ll see it, ’cause I’m not good at taking… So I was trying to hire, I want… No one cared. Or no one knows me.

So I ran into a friend and she had this thick milk book, it was like this big, but I was like, What is this? And she says, my PO, the book, I said, What is that?

It is a re the… She let me read it and I was like, Oh, all you’re doing is riding everything. And I thought that was really cool. I was like, I’m gonna try this.

That’s a Maori started writing team. And I found out that was my way of communicating when I was feeling and my poem to this style where I would… Right. Whatever I’m feeling when I was angry, I was mad, I was sad. And then I was right what I felt, I got the thing according to what I just threw out there, Well, so it all in the stream of conscious… Or was he what God was saying also in rhyme, it was Roman somehow ironed everything. I can’t… I have a hard time writing poems that don’t run that…

’cause I guess they won at the whole time, I’m waiting for that run for… But yeah, I even run what God was saying to say That’s so… And I didn’t even know I was an O until my teacher found my book and she didn’t know who it was, so she just opened it and she read it, and she came to me crying, and I’m like, Man, I’m in trouble, and you make a teacher cry so she was like, This is amazing. And I come in on the share and I was like, Oh no, no, not doing that, I had… So I Ottawa schools as of…

Yeah, but that’s really where I started the writing a fight, I was somewhat gifted and… And just writing. And I ended up forming a rap group, some kids again, okay.

And then I still… Yeah, I was in ninth Galea, we all… Before this group, and I can’t remember for this case, I think it was Trinity soldiers, it was something the most people… But they would think Patriot and where soldier go. We just massed together. It was really good. It was terrible, would not rep, we couldn’t do it, but it was… Yeah, cars got behind us. And that’s amazing.

I think I call myself revelation or something like that. Literally, I was so for Super. But you’re fine, great. You’re like 14 years old, you were the coolest of every…

I try.

So yeah, all revelation, but ended up the group didn’t work, but I still really had the passion to do it, but… Which is crazy ’cause I never seen myself or app, okay.

I am… He was basketball fan. Okay, so I’m really talented on the court, so my prayer is in my focus was I say it on going to the NBA, I was like, Okay, how tall I am?

I’m going… So that’s all I did, a play ball, and that’s the time consuming when you get involved in a tertiary, you weren’t really doing music… I don’t know.

So I was a liaison thing, I didn’t write music, I wrote poetry still, so it was like a journal for me, but… Yeah, yeah, I was so focused on basketball that scoring 60 points and game it, I gotta offer to college, and then for some reason I didn’t go ’cause I hear when I… The… No, I, I as red and arable, that’s what… So a scholarship to Duke, and I was talked out of going… If someone told me you’re not even that tall, they’re not gonna let you play, so I was like, so… That’s a whole tone. Yeah, so I didn’t go and ended up playing in my pro… The anti in the race and… Yeah, but I… The win to that, at that point. Did you end up going to school at all?

Yeah, I want to do… Okay, awesome. I want to go then from there… No, I didn’t graduate or I see school now. Oh, you are a law. But not there. I go to full sale.

Yeah, Ben is pretty crazy, so I’m trying to Inscribe it on to everybody desert, because then I just got to ask questions that I can sit… Yeah, so you’re playing basketball, you’re graduated from school at that point a… Let me turn this music bank, or not even call it from poetry to music.

Oh, my stuff’s fewest. How it… Right in…

I think it was an instrumental, which is the people out or I don’t know, even Elsa.

I had one… It was before iPads and we had CDs and tapes, so okay. I was in my room and this beat came on and I was right writing poetry, and then I ended up saying it out loud to the beat, and I was like… Its seat.

It was kind of like a stumble into it on accident, and then I just tried to re… But I felt personally, I wasn’t good at it, it either, or the songs I was ready because of my poetry gift, I was good with words, so when they heard the rap, you were listening to the words, I was saying, you enjoyed what I said.

Right, but that’s necessarily how I delivered it, but yeah, I wanna say 16 is when I started trying to wrap… Yeah, and I found in your book on the other day of minds and you know how they say, what do you spread you see yourself in the next ten years?

At that time, I was involved to a basketball, so… But what I wrote down was complete opposite, and that’s crazy to me, the…

I said, I just see myself as a traveling Christian rap artist, and I said, What? I don’t mention this, it does not make sense to get that, so… Got that as a… God does. He saw things that he does… Haven’t had no system. I was like, Great, I wasn’t even remotely thinking of wrapping it in, so for me to write that in there, maybe I was tuning be funny whenever I saw… Sure, yeah. But I was like a friend, you’re trying to impress or what ever gonna re… Yeah, at that activity. That’s so cool.

So I have to share a penalty ’cause some people know this, I also love to write poetry and Miles, I discovered it when I was a freshman in the high school, so I really was like an ant because it was probably… Definitely a lot less Christian-oriented at that time. It was because a guy that I was interested in, I write poetry and writing for me, he would consider himself email… Right, that’s the anti.

So I was like, Oh yeah, I’ve got all these missions too, you’re in the real… So I, I, whatever. So I started writing, and I also kept a journal through a poetic form, if it doesn’t run, I’m like, That’s not really… Yeah, I… On a toilet, my husband has since, because he loves rout, music has helped evolve my poetry a lot because he’s like, make it from three syllables instead of just the last one, and so he listened to your music or… The same as that.

I do the that.

The one that I…

A, I can’t do it, so you’re beyond my level of expertise and poetry, but I have always thought… ’cause I love music so much, like blending the two of them would be so incredible, I tried to start a… Being musically challenged, I was like, I can learn this. I can learn anything, right. So I turned 30 and I was like, I’m Learn to Play you lately so that I can see… Heard my music and or my poetry into music didn’t last ponds. I have all these excuses. At the end of the day, I just didn’t do it because when you really take the time to do something, no matter what it is, you make it happen, if you believe in it, that it… No, except for if you don’t go to Duke, so I won’t have your great cause that has to be one of your son Terrans or something like that, because that… The a song like that is as crazy that you…

I have to… So I wanna hear when your priority switched from basketball to music… Well, that wasn’t for a long time, which is Peter, I’m at 16, 17.Well, I found out around 17 that I kind of wasn’t living for God, because I don’t know if you realize we can be accustomed to going to turn just because I was told… And doing certain things and not doing certain things. Because those are the rules versus I had no real relationship with a… No, God would speak to me.

I was a teenager and I would hear her when I pray, I didn’t really have a relationship, and I found that out when I was gonna go do something wrong, and I can’t even remember, it wasn’t even something real crazy, but it was just… My mom told me not to.

She go somewhere. Sure, and I was like… We had a really gifted leader where he really hear God, you can see look at you and tell you some stuff that you did last bits, I was kind of more a greater Hill.

The A was it got… Yeah, and… And my whole… So I was walking and I was like, Oh, I’m gonna do it anyway, and then I was like, Oh, what if the passive… And then I thought, retaliating not right. Yeah, I am more afraid of what the pastor is going to say versus God who has the ultimate say in my life… That’s a iteration. Is that a 7? And I was like, I’m just not gonna do that.

Okay, and I call myself running away, what I… So I left, I remember I happened out of my window in my room, literally I ran away from home and… Yeah, ’cause my mom had got into it wasn’t an argument at, was more over… I don’t know to say it without being here for like 10 hours, but we were… It was something going on our church that was just not… Right, yeah.

And she came home with some crazy message from the pastoral, a section abide by these rules, I was gonna die and… Oh, so crazy, yeah. It was crazy, and I was like looking at how she delivered it, she didn’t care, so I felt like she didn’t care about me, so I was like, Well, forget it.

Yeah, so I just hopped out of the window and so a friend… And then I started college from someone else, tell, so my has… Yeah, and I stayed out for three months or something like that. And on that journey, I was… Was crazy is I was still trying to pray because religiously are everything that’s a green Isle, and it was always, Lord, don’t let me go to help before I heard about grace and forgive this. All I knew was you, I don’t wanna die and go to hell, and you’re carrying that shame every service… Yeah, oh gosh, every day before, I was like, Okay, no, I just did my thing on day one, I just don’t let me know all… And you tell me please, to then, just thinking about in the back, ’cause I know that you’re now a use pastor, it is a…

I’m a leader in the failed, I’m just like an assistant to do… That’s amazing. So to be in that role after knowing and walking out your own journey, I see you… Is it one of those things? This is how I feel even towards my teenage nieces, I just wanna take their shoulders and I…

I like, Don’t do this, do this because I had to learn the hard way. And I wasn’t even in my faith fully, I believe in the Lord, I was a youth leader for Young Life. Are you familiar with that? We’re gonna say I actually go there.

I triage to rest. I was a leader in that organization as cool, just doing my own thing and thinking… Same thing like, Oh gosh, God sees me and I’m going to help.

And yet, still being able to put on the front of… Wearing my Christian clot. Yeah, and that’s a terrible, scary place to walk in a… You do carry shame around and people don’t see the shame, so thank God for poetry because I was the same way, that’s where my emotions went, but at the same time, I was so overwhelmed with the fact that I was like… I don’t wanna live like this anymore. It’s finding… And I did it for, I mean, for a very long time through my 20s into my marriage in a Mother hood, and so wanting so desperately for myself to be known, so that song fully known by is a torment on breaks me every time I hear it because what a beautiful way to live life knowing that you’re fully known by God and it’s okay, and he loves you even still, but then to not only do it from that relationship, but to do it horizontally with people, and I just be like, This is who I am.

And it becomes just such a freedom place for people, and that really is where I have learned relationally with the Lord, in relation relationally with other people, that concept of vulnerability and authenticity carries you so much further than the religious concept of destiny. That’s true, ’cause people see Jesus, when they see your authenticity, the yes, I had is pretty cool, but it’s been such a place of where I can fully understand grace, because grace is truth, and truth is authentic, a actually learning and studying about the verse… God would change my whole Hollie, Christine on, like I said, coming from where I came from, I was told that had to earn His love basically, but then no one ever just straight forward said, You gotta go earn guys letters, but they were saying, If I don’t do certain things then God wouldn’t be happy with me or they wouldn’t be happy, so I ended up trying to work for it, I’m gonna go on a long fast and I’m Linehan and God will love me, and it was this mis-handle and not treat it right by a certain leaders. So it made me view my… Something was wrong with me, and then I was like, Oh, God, definitely do some her on me because he’s just people to…

I think I heard a sermon, my co, tired, a, he was preaching on grace, and he was saying grace isn’t based on our performance, but our position, and I was like, Oh hey, so it’s not how… It’s not about so much about what you do, but it’s about who I’m in, and that really changed everything from her, ’cause I was like, Oh, so you mean I don’t have to… Right, be sweating, ’cause I used to wake up and like I did not pray, folks going to… Because it’s a role.

Right, right. And so understanding on wrapping rules in religion versus relationship, and you walking into that, the… What freedom point was that… It was actually crazy. Friend, and was crazy. I heard something, I think two days ago. I preached it, but he was saying, religion says, I’m in trouble. My dad’s gonna kill me. And he says, But relationships says, I’m in trouble. Whereas my daddy of… So I got a IAEA.

I, I processed him was literally, I’m in trouble.

He’s gonna kill me. And that’s how I saw it. Yeah, that’s so good. Be it comes to the outer in my church, there actually is crazy Sangro, I’m like, Man, as were the side of the room, the… But God uses me in a very different way. Yeah, I was introduced to them different, so they had these expectations of me being famous, ’cause later introduced we had some famous rabbis, they all very excited to meet me and I was like, No, no time.

But they look me up was like, Or am… As I said, no.

Feel like really that… So I had their attention… Right. About the game, right?

God uses it poetically, that’s one of my… The gifts. And I’m very passionate about telling young people that you can hear from God, because that was one thing that I struggle with, I felt like God only spoke to certain people, so… But then I would hear his voice and then try to Erin with people like, you don’t hear God because you’re not holy enough or you’re not this enough, so I… And I was like, Man, I want young people to know that you don’t have to be 60 to actually hear his voice. You can hear it down. So one thing I started doing was activating them and teaching them how to hear God, and now they are 13, 14, 17 walking around prophesying, and here I go, it’s crazy. They called me and going on, and it’s crazy because I think maybe last month, I had a lot when I was filling out of it, and then one of them said, I got a message for you. And she’s in college. No, so I gave them all journals and she’s just screener journal, and I read it and broke down… It was crazy, she was like, God is staring so hard on yourself and to… And she said, I wrote this at the top of my class, no, ’cause I’m in the middle of the ACT class.

And God, I’m gonna tell you the end. And I was like, Man, I said, oh no, you’re not supposed to. This today. Yeah, I talk to a ton people that for me, that’s so good that He…

God calls us to be child, and children have probably more sense of a keen awareness of the Lord, but if there’s people who are supposed to be their mentors and walking ahead of them saying that You can’t… Yeah, of course, they’re gonna think they can’t because we’re their teacher, and so if we’re the supposed to emulate Jesus, God, Jesus was teaching people how to do this. He was constantly sharing. And so the fact that you’re doing that is, especially for our use, I mean, talk about taking the city, having kids in these schools where horrible things are happening nowadays, like what they’re faced, but there’s nothing like my email itself, the heat.

So it’s crazy, and I’m so overjoyed to hear that there are children walking around with disability and the knowledge and awareness that they can do it, its letter excited about it. I get the first, they were kind of… Well, they were nervous that he…

I don’t… They saw me doing it, and I even got started ’cause it wasn’t like I just walked there and I was like, You’re all gonna hear from God today. It was more of a, how do you say this? They started questioning it because I’m on the necessary team at my church where I prayed for the adults, so they saw me there, Colin, the demon Buster. I was like, What?

That it is a… Yeah, so the faster that you’re a rifle and they were like… There was so… How do you hear Go… What does it sound like? So it’ll be after our youth group, so it’ll be over, and then then they’ll put their cars up around me and start questioning me about the super Nitro, so it ended up going from me just explaining it, that I’m not a super hero or I can’t walk trough walls, I just hear a guy to getting filled with the only spirit there in the room, you… The one… So it was a… It’s a table and now they’re doing it on their own, we… One of the missing… You just went to college and I’ve only been in the search maybe a year, so… Yeah, they’re like, What was it? Does when I was in college now, and she just told me she was praying for some people integrate, first time ever paying off out and people wanna know about God, and so they have this little group, that’s a great…

I thought it was… While really is, everywhere I go, I try to myself on just telling the youth that you can walk with God, cause I want to walk with you. Yeah, he’s not mad at to… Cause one thing I had to realize that was like, God is… He said The for the on and became a… He knows everything. Yeah, I’m like, So, how would you think my mistake would make him so angry as if he didn’t see it coming, right?

He is… Not that he wants me to make it, but it’s like not to shock him ’cause he’s been there before because He knows that in from the beginning.

So I was like, Well, am I? I’m so hard on myself. But I’m mad at me because I think he’s mad at me. Right, but it doesn’t shock you right now, not in… This is not his first time he wrote this, he… The ease.

It is a… He knows exactly what I’m going to do. It’s so good.

And then the fact that he is now going to use it.

That still gets me.

Like me, I got… I sucrose this wrong way, and here you are saying, No, I’m gonna write your wrong, I’m gonna write you on and then I’m gonna take your wrong and it’s gonna be a stepping stone to the sense behind you who it… That’s always… That messes me up.

I was talking to someone just last night about that, and I have this model that I go buy all my shows and I say not my show, because it’s good. I understand fully now that any different movement… Yeah, I was just on the whole PR, you can have your way.

Yeah, the reason why I said it’s not my show is because I use to struggle that we’re feeling unworthy to be the one that he was using because coming from all of that… The background I came from, it was just like, He’s not using me like this, so when he actually uses me and I saw, I got a little afraid and was like, God, wait, but this is me though, you use me to do this as anybody else. I’m not the guy.

So then he was like, Corrie, it’s not about you.

Yeah, even if you Montour head last night, he was like, I’m giving a word through you, it’s not for you, it’s for the people in my gift. Your gift is not for you. It’s for someone else.

My gift is only… It’s not validated, but it’s only worth something when I use it for someone at… Absolutely, because who has been as a bribe and have a cantor of no one is my cake, then I’m on a bus it, a good one, like I… And that’s the best part that the baker love is like even if you’re doing it for your family in there, you get the… Yeah, this is great.

Your line… So this is so good, that’s what fills the… Not the fact that their take Rose and it’s sitting there and I look pretty.

It’s way more than that, it’s the end results of… So even when you’re singing and you’re like, Oh wow, they think I sound good, it’s the transformation that happens when they leave and now have thought again about it, and he said This, that’s really good, that touches me in this way, let me change for that. And so speaking of change, to do Claire, Latin, I-E relation polities. That is so Larry.

Well, change, I spell over a three, and that’s the kids, they ask me that every time they see me, Boom, the three is… It represents because on the third day, Jesus got up, and that’s when everything truly changed for us, he did miracles when he was alive and he cast out devils, but it’s Him dying, and then when he got up, he let us know we can get up to… And that were free and we can actually walk with Him. So that’s another thing I was struggling, I was, I should just go by Corning by Chan. He was like, Oh, we cut… Your name isn’t changed. But change is what I want you to do. It changes who you are.

It’s… In the main objective here, I want to bring change, and I wanna hope that you can grasp the change that I have and bring it home with you, so now we all have the power to change someone else’s like…

Yeah, and I was like, a lot of my focus is to change the world, the area, but God was telling me that everybody, every individual you see it has a world.

So if I can change… So I like, I change your world as the world and then you can train someone else’s… And also all of that, I say I is already doing, but for us to have a play in that, and I was having a quiet time the other morning and I since in my spiritual somebody that I needed to reach out to specifically about that topic about knowing that we each place such a massive role in his story, and it’s not our story, but if we don’t play the role that He intends for us to play, we aren’t making the change for everybody else in that ripple, it doesn’t happen because you’re standing still, you’re the wrong, sunk at the bottom of the river versus the skipping rock that’s going across, had a friend tell me this, I was really…

I was filling low and I was in my filing, ’cause I would look at results… And that’s another thing. We can’t focus on what God says Go.

I was looking at the results like, it’s not a lot of people supporting me. And it’s not a… He said, or he calls me change as well. Is this change blessin?

He says You need to get it together because there’s people dependent on you that you haven’t even met yet, so was like, so you gotta keep going for the people that are called to you, you can’t worry about who’s not here, it’s so good, you can do is use what you have now, and I was like, Oh, I see. Leaving a also knowing like, Okay, that can get you to tomorrow versus the numbers aren’t there today, or money is not one that’s never gonna be a… I say never, because here we go, and I have to ask you this, ’cause this has been it on my heart. Where are you in the Kona discussion?

I’m sure you had it before, seemingly had all the results that somebody could possibly want, but God finally got a hold of him, and now he’s doing everything for free… Yeah, as a dental… Not everything I do on it goes to churches and it’s open and human, he can wrap on stage there, what is your thought on that? And him being used in the way that he’s been is in a… Can I say dot, I think God is to A… So I kind of a… A lot of people question more or resistant to a…

I sent mentions, the Bible says literally, I think the disciples were getting mad at other people casting all doubles using the name of Jesus, and they were into Jesus. It was like, Look there, they’re doing it can even in deserts telling them, No, leave him alone, ’cause if they’re not against us, they’re for us, so I feel like if he’s going in the name of Jesus, even if he has a bad heart, bad intentions, and it says thousands of getting saved. Who was actually being used?

I was like, got it all.

I still at work for me, but I’m actually cool. I’m actually pretty cool with… Yeah, whatever he’s doing. Agree, yeah. He’s using Jesus like, Yeah, he’s saying his name and I see. Yeah, I believe in God.

You say estates like, he’s studying something. And so to me, that’s the thing is like he’s putting the time and the work in, again, Rishis art, that’s not… A student is determined, I’m not gonna be at the throne when he comes to visit.

And so knowing that the name of the Lord is being used in such a crazy, amazing way is…

I can’t be anything but thankful, I teleost like more an able… And her crossing over into pop music and people being… Hold on a second. Like, what is she doing? She’s trying to use the system. It’s like, no, she is… She is using Jesus and that’s all that she needs to breathe, I think if people can really just…

I wanna sit. Relax.

Yeah, right.Related and fine. Who we are and God. Yeah, and I think that’s one of the hardest things to do sometimes, especially when you’re trying to do anything for God and God and just in life is… I think comparison is like the kryptonite to any believer, ’cause I think I heard a lot of rappers mad at the fact that Canis, he did a Christian album, is a spin on his toe, his album did more numbers than probably any Christian every non… Right now, so they’re all mad, and then it happened, halibut heart for what we’re doing was truly to make his name date and save lives. Why does it matter?

The numbers, so that always points back to see where your heart really was… Yeah, and that’s why I take myself, if I find myself scroll in, that’s why I would…

I can’t do it like that anymore, but I… If I’m scrolling and I’m getting frustrated with the success of one of my friends, you know, I’m like, Okay, was your heart it… Yeah, so I like, Lord, you gotta start to me right up with this stuff from me, because I really… My heart’s desire is that you get the glory, so if I keep falling victim to how come I’m not here in the bank account, or how come I didn’t get this plaque or award to validate who you’ve already called me to be, and then who you are to see me. And he’s calling me to do, and that’s where I am just like, Lord, you can use me. And if the world never knows who I am, but they know who you are because of the song I did or something.

Got it. withstood.

Yeah, so good. And keeping that heart and that mindset and that humility, that literally I can… Since just in your voice, when I was listening to you on the radio, that will be what changes the world, because people are seeing the people who are chasing light and chasing… Not God, Jesus, I either the life after the line to use, and there’s that variation, there’s that shift in just talking to you, I can absolutely feel and sense that about you, and that’s… That’s an incredible… We have to and of itself, so keep allowing that change to occur within you so that it can occur without… The wall is an… Anything is… Yeah, it’s amazing, I’m so excited for you.

See what’s next you… When you mentioned that you had a new album coming out, I was thinking it was the second, but you’ve been doing… The etiology.

Yeah, I’ve been doing it part, I wanna say seven years, but I got probably… I hope I don’t mess. titular or four? Yeah, think No EP something, I sense because it’s only for a tree. Okay, so yeah, so three albums and a half, I can… Yeah, so you’re working… This is gonna be your fourth in a one on the… And when was that? Look like, look in 20-2-S-A and of your data, I can still working on it is… And I’m in the place with it where I want it to really do more than just make you shake it… Yeah, I wanted to shake your A area.

Yeah, as the word, tell me that we… The action cation, remember looking it up and now is the share with everybody with this… So this is the name of the album. And He cheered on 85, and I was like, man, yeah, I did that one. Perfect.

Yeah, it was so… It is.

Because I was telling it what I wanted it to be about, spread in the fire of God, and I was like, Well, I looked up fire and words that go a fire and I was like, Oh. These are then used as, I want something that’s gonna make you have to look this up. What is this Ben and then conflagration that just popped out. I was like, What?

So it’s good as a resignation, I think the definition actually means a wild spirit fire and… And that’s what the album is called, but the meeting is more spiritual than it is, the very fire, I just wanted to be on fire for you, and He did it, I’m on fire, and then as I go to family unions in different churches in different places, I see that I’m still on on fire.

Wow, you know I… And I’m like, Okay, got, I can… So I can’t just be the one fire helped me spread this then, because of the forest, if I set one tree on fire, everything around it catch a fire, so if I truly have a fire… Yeah, no, you can’t get too close to fire without feeling something… So my guy, am I really on fire if no one’s around me wants to know you, so I’m saying a truly set me on fire so that we can share the plans, I wanna spread the poison… Everything around me to fire… That’s so awesome. So we were… I attended church, the ones that I told you about, but also we do one call a session, and we were in front of Christine can at an event that she has it, and I got an opportunity to see a… Yeah, just a conversation via Mike in this little room, this preaching and teaching room she was doing with leaders, and I told her about the session ’cause I probably just started about a year prior to that, it’s just a home-based church, and the pastor is just all about creating change in a way that actually like your discipling people, and really they’re going out and releasing them into the world after you’ve nurtured… Right, and continuing to nurture as they continue to go out, and so ministry leaders are a part of it, other pastors have joined us, it’s a really amazing sacred space, but very small, and so I tell Christine came and it’s called a session, and she immediately like, I’ve heard of some sessions before, it’s an interesting name, and I’m like it not be attention, but I never thought of it that way, and I like it.

So we’re gonna go with it ’cause it intrigues people, and that’s the end. Heart is like, Let me speak to somebody who I would not have the opportunity to speak to, and I think rap music has that ability, and we’re sitting around a circle next to fire just a couple weeks ago, and I was leading because the pastors were out of town and I’m like, I don’t really know what the Lord has for us tonight, normally, but being around the Spirit, I wanna talk about being a fire, so literally have this conversation and we’re talking about the members and what that means, that even if you’re just a sparked but the tiny ear, you have the ability to just rub a little closer to Jesus, and he’s gonna like that and spread that in such a way.

So ended up being this entire conversation about what it means to be a flame for the Lord and how we can literally, he just has to blow and that fire starts, and so the fact that we’re having some data like all of this… So every year at the… So that ability, that change is gonna be incredible, and just to have that visual is gonna be incredible for people, and to know that you’re already doing it just within the community, and I think that’s the biggest thing that we can get lost from… Especially when you’re talking about numbers and what you’re chasing and what’s the point… Right, and so knowing that, again, it’s for the one… Just like the Bible verse in the whole entire thing about, it’s not for the 99 for us to be able to go after that one person that I could be, the person who gets all what World sees as fame, but God’s looking at you, you, and He’s saying Oh, look what you did through it, but I did through you with that one person and that Changing male is all that matters.

That’s awesome.

I was thinking of the fire, how it starts like the forest fires start… We is going to… So I mean, I used to think I needed a whole one of people to be on board, I need it slide, I need my team to be with me, and then we can go set the rod, but God was like, It takes one true. To say all the rest of five trails it, just one submissive heart, one yielding soul, to say, God, you can use me to go, and then… Because God is big enough to reach every… Absolutely, but I just need somebody to an agreement to the line up in his will to say I’ll be the one you can use, whether it makes me uncomfortable if I gotta go places that make me feel like I don’t fit in here. Just to get the message across. You go, I’ll go. It’s a lot of dying. There it comes with saying yes to God, and that’s the walk part that I’m in, it gets to… It is, it really does. And people don’t see that part because that’s not usually the forward-facing conversation that happens, and so I remember coming into my faith and being immediately transformed in the concept of empathy and being able to see somebody and just being broken-hearted for what it was that they’re going, whether they were sharing what they were going through or not, you look at people in such a different way when you’re looking through the lens of the Lord, both in good and in that, but the bad part, only being that they’re broken and they’re sad and they’re lonely, and there’s so much more.

So as a pursuing disciple of the Lord, we are constantly dying, we’re constantly letting go, and so it’s almost like a constant grieving process because it’s hard, it’s really hard to let go of what you thought was good, because I don’t think of my past self as somebody who was a bad person? Did I do make wrong choices and do maybe what people would consider bad things… Yeah, but at the same time, God has always used those for good, and so now walking into the next step of God, use me in this way, right?

You have to let go what that person was… And it is hard. You look, I see pictures of myself and I’m literally like, not the same person.

I mean, even yesterday, right, ’cause we’re supposed to be constantly transforming, constantly changing, constantly becoming… Yeah, that’s hard.

The testes, as proud of you for stepping into… And I’m with you, brother, and then alongside that, that walk… Just think about… Saying yes to God means you’re saying no to something else. So it’s like, that’s what makes this thing tough because although you were saying no to it doesn’t mean you don’t wanna do it. Yeah, and that’s what makes it a struggle. It’s like, Oh God, I don’t wanna do this.

The Twentieth out.

So every day was, I got to choose, that’s why it says, I’m done gives us new mercies. Every day is like, Oh, I start…

I think the… Yes, we got roll over with that, so I…

I’m like, Man, because if He did, it will be in trouble, but… Absolutely.

I was literally in… Before I was living the bio and I was studying the Kingdom of God.

Yeah, just a few days ago. Okay, and before I went to my concert on this past Sunday, I was reading up about it, and it was something that Jesus said that actually made me… You double take. Okay, what is he really saying? I totally… Because he said, You’ll see it, especially in Matthew, but recent prepare Kingdom or even… Is that hand how the younger court… When I read that, I thought it was like a… Yes, I thought it was about to go down. I was like, Somebody going, This is it, this is the… The spare to all goes down.

Yeah, but then it was the script, he wing was repent, the kingdom of having is that had… And then he gave instructions right after he was like, Go, Hal, to sit, cure diseases and cast out devils, and I was in… Oh wait. So the Kingdom of Heaven isn’t doing…

I don’t… It’s a… You’re busy.

He’s saying, Get it together because heaven is here. And I was thinking like, Oh man, at this show, I was talking to the man bat Thanksgiving because… No, sure. I was like, Oh, you know how, you go from mom’s house cook and you’ll take that to go play at home, and the left overs at the house, and I’m saying our relationship with God is supposed to be in such a way where people get the left over so I… If you feel something on me, you’re just filling the extra… What I don’t want you to live in my left over is I want to encourage you to go and create your own meal, I want you to be able to… That is a set.

The rest ness.

And we came to the King God, it wasn’t like we’re waiting on having the justo got a singer. Having representatives here on earth, so when he says that The Kingdom of Heaven is here, that’s us here on Earth, because I have the power to now bring a piece of having to someone who doesn’t have it, whenever I tap into the supernatural or the prophetic, or I’m praying for you, that’s me. Bringing a piece of heaven to your life. So it’s like the King of Heaven is here. We are the kingdom of heaven here. As I was like, What, I… So you need to tell me that I can literally change someone’s world, I can give you a piece of that, but I don’t want you to live and just the piece, I wanna encourage you to be able to tap into it on your end as well, and that’s almost like how people go to church nowadays, and you probably experienced this when you were younger, is like, Okay, it’s Sunday, we’ve got a head over to church, not even the day of Sabbath, but that’s a whole conversation, and the other time we can have is us going to church being there, checking that box off, and they’re like, Okay, we’ll come back to eat again next Sunday, to the table settings, but it’s up to you to cook the meal and need throughout the week, and that takes you opening the Bible because the… That’s the word is what fills you, and so without that, you are sitting with a plate that’s beautiful, maybe sterling silver, maybe gold, and yet you’re starting… And so why walk around with just the utensils when you can walk around with a full Valley group, and so it’s such a symbiotic experience of what you’re sharing about Thanksgiving, and that’s so good for us to be able to take with us as we’re walking through this particular season and really, always.

Because I think if we had lived, everyone’s always yearning for the Christmas season, he goes, That is time if you… What is it that you love? Is it the joy that people are suing, is it the Gratiot in the giving that people are doing, what are you doing now that we can emulate in January when it’s still hold and not doing it on your… In February, and when you’re new years resolutions have now faded, and so there’s always a holiday, but that’s not the intent.

Christmas is what is supposed to be everlasting, not just a day.

And so knowing that, same with the fire, once that buyer starts and it is taking masses is, we’ve seen it literally in the flesh, in the eye, what happens when a wild file starts? It’s pretty impossible, stop, but even what you’re saying is making sure you’re feeding yourself daily, ’cause it’s like a fire if you don’t feel the fire or it does through… So I mean, God can set you a fire and you can be out, if you don’t continue to stay in home, I continue to get in your work and be just so daily. So that’s one of the main things, but I don’t know, I heard this word, I think it was the truth I very… He was preaching when he was talking about compartmentalize a…

I was like such a big work to open a… The theater on is, you can get to… He’s talking about how… Listen, that’s what we do, sometimes it’s about Christ were just means to section of year, he drew a pie chart, he was like, sometimes we’ll say, money is a police of it, and he’ll say family, friends and business and dreams, and then God is the side, and he said, the problem in our walk is God is not supposed to be a slice, he’s supposed to be the center, and we build all of those hands around to… So that’s how we can encourage people to keep their fire is to not let that just be a section of delay that Anita, ’cause that’s what we can easily lose our fire, our joy, our piece, because he’s just our Sunday guy, he’s just a… One now that won’t be on a… Or the night time prayer.

I don’t have to say, I don’t wanna be a engine.

So that is amazing, what a beautiful visual for that, and I feel like so often, even in my own… That really just convicted me is I feel like with all of the different things that we do and we all wear so many hats to the day, even being in the hard placement that I am wanting so eagerly to bring Jesus to all of those roles.

I often put my flesh or my responsibility hat even before him or when we should be… And I talked to a girl about me other day, she was like, I’m really struggling in my job because I just don’t like it, and she does nothing that has to do with Jesus. Right, but if we focus on the fact that everything we do is for Jesus this, come to the table and that open mind, you’re gonna change everything because the person who’s on the other end of the call that you have to make 500 times might be the one person that you’re opposed to talk to that day, I learned something about jobs before God allow me to start my own business and start… It was… ’cause I always see like I was on a job, I didn’t like.

Yeah. And it was always ready to go, and then I had to realize, what is my assignment here? Yeah, that’s good. Why do you have me here? ’cause if you know everything before I was born, you put me here for a reason, and literally every single time I would find out I was here to minister to a certain person, every single job I’ve ever had, I was able to lead someone there to Christ before I left maybe.

So I… Yeah, it’s just that mindset shift, that’s how… My ribbing begin. Yeah, I didn’t even get to that.

Yeah, I literally started taking raping series after that, so 20… Yeah, 2021, I was writing. So yeah, and that was recording a… Just for fun to… Yeah, sure.

Like a Tegile, it is an area every night that’s all I did all day. And I met my wife, who was just my girlfriend at the time, he came over ran by Rambo and was like, Oh, this is great.

Yeah, I said, You should share it is… I was like, Yeah, no, we’re not going there.

Research to do it. But I did it, I had went to work, I worked there. I catch 30-1. yeah, as a… As a… Cool, cool.

And one of the guys heard me listening to something as I wouldn’t listen to, I was like, I just Sonoma last night, and the son was gonna to a war, and I was keeping it real about me struggling with his will in my way of… And he was like, Well, can you email it to me so I can hear? I was like, I don’t know. I was like, I’m not that good.

Yeah, I was like, I don’t care. I sent it to him and I didn’t think that more about it the next day, he comes to work, I… Could we talk? I was like, What’s? He was like…

He says, so I listen to that song from the time you emailed it yesterday, all the way up until five minutes ago, and stop on repeat and says, I take the bus home. And it’s an hour commute, Ariba, and I listen to it all the way there and all the back, and so I pick not sleep last night because I wanted to know the guy that you’re talking about on my… And so I… And I was a how?

So I was like, Oh yeah, we could do that. So I took him… It’s like a deck where Pita smokers go, Yeah, I took them on the deck and just let them to Christ right there at work.

So I went back to work and I like, Okay, I sat in that moment while I was sharing it with my wife what had happened, I was like, I think I should take this serious, cause if somebody can want to know God through this, I was a… All his is bigger music then… Yeah, I wasn’t taking a series that was this music, but whatever lies, I’m talking about God and the impact here, I was like, Well, I might need to pay more attention to… This was a common day bible in and of itself, you’re thinking it’s not the word from God… Written and read. Yeah, but it’s the what written in red word for your God, for your test is a another, is that right?

It is, and that’s your life experience, you were Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, A, whoever you want to be that too. So to know that your word is written in red, this is your work.

And that’s good. That’s what it takes. In that day, I was like, Okay, we’re gonna see what we can do with this. That’s amazing. And so I have this thing where I was introduced to a Pentecostal church four years ago, and I grew up in a non-nomination all white place, right?

Years, but was not like it wasn’t a Tour, not in so… So I, I wasn’t at all, my church and I in traditional like, Yeah, I am I and nobody raise your hands.

Nobody Dan, some move. Nobody talked about the Holy Spirit.

Surely, nobody talked about speaking in tongues, that would be like net inou.

My husband and I were in a dire need of a church, we didn’t care what day it meant, we were really looking for that very day, we called 11 churches, and he remembered that the person that’s now our pastor, that they were a co-pastor at a church, that he had met them three years prior to…

Oh wow.

He had them in their phone because that’s his job, he keeps… Every contact we jot was like, Hey, are you guys hosting church night? And they were like, Yeah, but it was like the D-string was there, like a ring was at a conference, B-string wasn’t there to Asian, the string was coming in we… And then they were like, Oh my gosh, please don’t come, we won’t think about canceling it, this is not good. Is that gonna be your hat that written in our lives as the exact placement we were supposed to be, and we walked in and not knowing that what the Holy Spirit was at the time. I know that the Holy Spirit just engulf Des, and I can never look back from the experience of what church is and understanding the Holy Spirit and the gifting of the Lord, and I went so hard after who God is because I was so confused by what I was taught versus who he actually is a… And so you had mentioned when you go around, even family members or you’re looking for that crew that you thought you needed to come on side with you, to do the thing that God wants to do in your life, how have you come against like battles or situations that have limited you or tried to hinder you into what you’re called to do, and so you said how I handled it? Yeah, yeah, or like… Yeah, not necessarily a need to tell me the situation, but I do keep pursuing what it’s like someone you love or someone you care about.

Like I said, not my show thing actually gets me going, but usually when I get opposition, it’s USL from the most unexpected person, I feel like it was David who was getting mad, I can’t remember what sales in his filing because I think backstop by someone in the Bible, but it wasn’t an enemy, it was a friend, someone that was close to him, so he was like… He said I could have dealt with this guy differently if it was enemy, I would expect this only, but since it somebody close to me, that’s what it hurts. So usually when I get hit with stuff like that is us, somebody I expect to be there for me, so I use leaders and people that know my heart… Yeah, but I’ve done it. A lot of craziness. I’ve heard Ian tell me that what I’m doing is not of God, because I didn’t have a house at the time, I had an apartment.

Yeah, I wasn’t home this, but I was like, you, that you need to be a home owner, that was literally someone that…

I’m sorry, it is a crazy stuff, this is a faster with one, she was like, What?

He is God what not about you to go around the world and preach to wrap… You don’t… You’re not no home order, your wife doesn’t have a home over on and you…

I was like, Really?

Yeah, so I literally had a lot of crazy, but how I deal… What it is, God gives me visions, and then it’ll be behind the opposition, it’ll be some kind of confirmation in some kind of affirmation as so that… And it’s always right on time with Jesus, every single time someone offered me, it’s usually I literally needed it because I’m not on there, I just need you to tell me a great man, a Thomas me a very awkward… Uncomfortable. That’s a peer here. You’re doing great. Oh, okay, okay. I don’t know why I’m like this, but… But I think it was just, I don’t know, everything keeps open. This has been a longer for me in general, but on…

I wanna say… A couple weeks ago, I was literally like, Am I supposed to still be doing this? I looked at the time again, I got caught up and resolve, so like, it’s been seven years. What’s going on here? And then someone emailed me, I emailed me, I think it was the Instagram or… I can’t EBEW, they contacted me.

Sure, I just got a message and I relate…

I just find it just so I… The A’s so regular, I think.

So something to go on. So I was like, this one change my life. Or I was talking when I was depressed and I just feel like I can conquer every day, I’m like, Oh, I think you guys are finding… Okay, I was a… Everything that that I read, I think that just going full circle of what you were saying about, that we can hear from the Lord is that we have access to that and it might not be… It’s not the way that most people here that he just not like a lot is what I… Oeso.

So A, you’re like, Oh God, are you there? It doesn’t really work like that as it is the exact situation that you just said, God is using somebody else to speak to you, you are able to see something, you were able to send something… We have a sense in the sienese.

And so if we lean and hold on to that versus just what we can feel in the natural, he will show up supernaturally every single time, and as well, especially… The way I walk with them is is always talking to me, and I always send things for the people, so my mom called me to midnight profit, ’cause I was literally… When I first tapped into whatever, the gifting, the a, sure.

I would be praying, and when I thought that because God would build something to me at one in the morning, man that I did to call the person, I got it at a… Is the kid, but it was us family to… I never like a strange SAN I would call on me was like midnight, she let me go to a meet the… And it will always be a good work, he is like a coral to bovey time I call matter what time is the mid or property?

I say, I think what we just said that Indian, but you were saying it was always a good word, is that I’ve been told just you were told from even somebody like the leader of a pastor saying, You can’t do this right. God comes in love in a constant, so I decision or gas or broken heart that’s never his intention for his son or daughter, and so to know when you’re hearing from God, if you are getting that back, lash, and it’s not in love, I… It’s not Jesus, I had to learn that.

I wouldn’t say the hard way, but it was hard learning on a way, knowing that anything we do for God has to be fueled by compassion, and if it’s not feel about compassion, then… What does it feel? But is it… You know it out of your homes heart, because there’s a lot of gifted people, but they could be using their gift from a bad place, if I have an emperor heart, that means I’m… Even you gods were to an unclean filter, so I fill during how I see you and adding in a little bit of what he’s saying.

So God can literally just say, Hey, tell her I love her.

You’re gonna say, Hey, God loves you, but you need to clean your life up first, you need to get this age way, that’s not what I talk you to say, but that’s how you see it, a… So I… You have to be fueled by loving the person, and that’s where a miracles take place, it’s all compassion, I wanna see you get out of that will chair, it’s not IT to be the one who prayed for you to get out the wild hare…

I just wanna see you hills, I wanna see you free and everything has to be freed by compression, that’s so… How do you see in common day miracles? yes, was, yes.

God has been doing…

I don’t wanna call it weird, it’s unexpected at a rap concert I was in, I think Freiburg. Okay, that more… Okay.

And I was wrapping, it was cold because he’s outdoors and… And as I got to wrap, one of my friends, he got on the guitar, he was playing, you’re a good God Father, and I say, Oh, you can’t do that to… Did he say… So it was like, I think he has all the… And everything changed and I started praying and giving people words and put this particular reason, which I’ve never done, ever went, I felt healing. I feel like miracles to her today, and almost like whoever needs some kind of healing, raise your hand or just come forward so we can pray ’cause you will be held… It’s a very bold state, but the main… And I was like nervous signs was like, I got like a shoe right now, so somebody who had actually had a migraine in one side and someone had a car accident where their back was messed up so they couldn’t do certain things, and I think it was a young person who was… Forgot what it was, it was ankle, his angle is listed or something like that, and I was like, Alright, I… So I prayed on Boonton thing, I learned, I was watching. What is the guy a… In order. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And he was saying, Don’t be a fit. I pray again.

You pray the first. Start a, I heard that. That doesn’t happen.

Yes, don’t get this guy to say I made a right… Yeah.

Hey, no, no, that’s Chinese again. So I prayed for the guy with the migraines… Yeah, and I first asked him, I’m skill on to 10. whereas were paying that. He said 10. so I prayed the first time and he said, Oh, it’s like a seven on…

I was like, Oh, that’s not good enough.

I was like, Come and everybody, we’re gonna do this again.

So we prayed again, and he said the plan completely gone, and I was like, we set off, let’s keep moving, and then I paid with the back problem, and he got healed immediately he was like, I heard something, but he was bending and was back this guy, and they do just steal… His ankle is good. It was… Well, so it was pages big and people don’t understand that, and so I love your expression in your understanding of the Biblical words of heaven is right here.

I think that was the place to be like, The kingdom is here, and we have access to what he has, he’s our father.

He has it in… We have it, so I can… You guys feeling, why am I sick if he has whereby the money, provision, whatever we need, I should be able to go to Daddy and get it from him.

And I think I got the crazy… This thing that happened to me this year, it was my brother, I gotta call while I was writing this On made for this, on the album, more on. Oh, okay.

And they called me and said, Your brother is in breathing, they found him unconscious and they said, apparently he’s been unconscious for two hours and not breathing, ’cause he was drowned and his bomb, and I was a middle writing, so I have two different masses, like I was coming from my kid that The… So literally in that moment, I was like, Well, put the… For a speaker phone, put the phone by his ear like immediately… Yeah, and they’re like, Well, the paramedics is here. I said, Well, tell them to move.

They put the phone by him and I said, It’s not your time, get up, what… And then her, he’s bringing her and he’s up, but I was like, Alright, well, I’ll talk to you later.

I don’t want… Back to a… Not the Sorensen.

Yeah, have two times this year, I don’t know what’s going on, and I was always in the middle of the… Right, and that is incredible.

It was crazy. It was well, story in that I think people need to know that you hear just from what you’re saying, you didn’t know or… Yeah, I don’t know.

In our flesh, we still have the time, ensure, God is this, There’s… There’s also the fleshly things, we’re not walking out where Jesus… And we’re like, Oh, this is gonna happen. I am sure Michael Tom, who’s been doing this.

The site, Estelle. Oh, Jesus, please show up. But if we didn’t rely on the Lord, he wouldn’t show up.

If we’re relying on our own might or thinking it’s gonna happen because of our own name, it will never happen, and so it’s literally serving back all the way to the beginning when you said, It’s not my show, it’s not any time I’ve ever tried to… To try to do something that’s when I fail, what? I try to be the man, I try to… That’s when it doesn’t work. It’s only one, it’s in my moments where I feel like I’m most afraid or for a most unqualified is where he gets the most… Or was crazy to me. I was like, It’s always moments when I’m shaking what I am a way to do substance, and I don’t think it’s gonna happen, and he shows up and I’m like, Oh my God, we… As the God becomes bigger to you…

Yeah, and God becomes more for other people because it’s their conference of understanding of him has just grown. Yeah, I think at the same time it goes with saying yes at the same time, ’cause see, given God complete access to me, like God can use me any time.

I think it happened to my greater from my orator died a few years ago.

He had went to the hospital and they said it was so bad he couldn’t talk, he was just Dale in the bed, and I didn’t know this, so they called me my family and was like, Hey, we want you to come at the finger or… It’s like what I say.

I was like, We…

I said, Who did it?

So that was why I was thinking about it. I was like, Who did they were like, Oh, Oh, he’s got dad. He’s just not doing good, so we’re getting it all together, I say… We’re in the hospital room by the guy… Yeah, they’re planning. It’s fine as like his dad, right beside the man, I was like, Put me… I don’t know where this Pepe Polanco, when we all speak for them right now, and it was like, Okay. And I was like, Grandpa, he hid in the nameless. Right, so I get off the phone, they call me back, five minutes later, he’s up and he’s walking around, he’s talking, and he’s going off on everybody, he… That is the…

Oh, I got it.

That stuff what everybody… But I don’t know where they came from.

Put in the peaceful, something just happens where I just act before I think, and you’re like, Okay, the… There’s a bit in the frustrated that moment, how would you feel that someone was planning your finger really in your lives? You’re not on courses, you’re literally just… It’s a… Let’s talking or like a… What do you say it? But I know ever, man, I said, everybody lived the hospital, Oh my, we… One of the role, and they want me to wrap a whole rap averroes that, that is the teeth.

I won doing it. I’m a Filariasis ago. I asked me to come raphaelite like, No, it’s not having a guest… Oh, the UN… Just press play, we get is a sorting or you… That is a awesome…

I think people will just… After experiencing you and I listen to you press A on the hallway to Thanksgiving dinner and hallway back on my husband, two hour dive there in that… And you got a five in a 6-year-old in the car, and I think that that is the perfect example of the fact that you can touch people without even knowing it, cause you…

I don’t know, what do you mean? My… Had my son, you met my husband, but you might not ever, and it might be the change agent to his entire life, and so just remember that what you’re doing is bigger than you, because he’s bigger than you, and you really are just that tool that he’s using so lean into that prayer and I will do the same, and I want anyone listening to this to do the same to just put yourself on… And we’re sitting in front of a table and put yourself on that altar, if you can put yourself on that altar, he will use you in ways that you cannot imagine if somebody would have told me five years ago, you’re gonna be able to change lives and give people access to the Lord. I still can be it, right?

And it’s gonna be that way. Five years from now, there’s gonna be more that he shows up for because He’s that big and that’s so incredible. That’s what we’re walking into.

It’s not a fame, not the money, not the… I think two things I’ll say, I notice on…

I think I was writing a book on Catherine Coleman on Pearse was like, I wanna say it first, but he’s one of the most well-known female evangelist, and she was known for whoever would come in her vicinity would be held in on what he was… And I was reading her book and it opens… The first page of the book was saying, her life has been defined by how filled are you willing to be? And I was like, Oh my goodness, it’s not a matter of how much guys going to use you, it’s how willing, how willing are you to allow him to do it, how much are you willing to sacrifice to be used in a certain level, because if you look at someone who’s doing anything at a high level, this sacrifice that came with it, whether he’s spiritual physical from colon the basketball courts to a leader, the bitten hours praying and studying to be able to deliver something to you. How much of yourself are you in to get what you need from God?

So that is just something I want, encourage someone where it’s like, how willing are you to be filled… Yeah, ’cause that comes with emptying out, if I’m gonna be filled with Him, that means whatever was in there before he moved and got a go. Yeah, that’s the heart. They do, that is, is that the line died for yourself. That’s essentially what it is.

Yeah, the second thing I was gonna say is, I wasn’t doing this, but I let all this… I don’t know what you do aside from all the BS, but I just see thousands of women behind your ministry, whatever you’re doing, and I solve them on fire, and I say For God is going to use you to change the lives of females, even men. I don’t wanna box you in, but I really feel like you have a strong anointing for warming. And especially broken-hearted women, I don’t know, I… Like you said, I don’t know your story, but I really feel like you’re gonna be able to minister to broken-hearted women and watch right before your very eyes don’t be made whole and set free fire because of the books that you’re going to write. And I don’t know if… Did you write a book? I, in the process. Yeah, the book says, I see books for you. You’re gonna write a book. And that’s gonna change the world. It’s gonna change people’s lives. So be encouraged. I don’t know what you had to endure to be you, which you gotta go through and then your smiling and I… Yeah, I don’t know what you have to fight to keep your smile, but it’s not in vain and it won’t be in vain.

That’s good, thank you. That means so much more than you know. Which is always incredible. Again, God, we’ve just met. He doesn’t… This person, I erase him. So, and that means more than you know, and I will write you that on the response I… That sounds like… ’cause we could be here for hours and days and weeks, and I’m so incredibly grateful that you were able to come in today, I was sucked out, you gave me a… Or a good, it was so good. And I know it’s gonna bless so many people, and ultimately it’s for the one… Right. So you bless me. So thank you, so what?

And I’m excited, I’m excited to share with people the new Al that you have coming out, I’ve been a sharing the old albums. And so as a part of our community, and I’ve never actually asked for this before, but I would really, really love if financially we could come behind Cory in this time, in this season, as he develops this last… This next album, there’s gonna be many more albums to come, but I know that that plays a role, and so I’m gonna start a Go Fund Me on My account for you, so… And so when you see that, don’t be shocked, I was a… The that a one.

I really just, I’m praying that anybody who’s listened to this or listens to your music is able to connect with you in that way, in any other way, if you’re not able to financially give, but just pray to be praying for… There is so much spiritual warfare that happens when you are walking in obedience, you’re calling, and I know that it’s not gonna get easier ’cause we’re getting to the top of any mountain, PA gamers, but I’m believing that that’s gonna allow you to sort on beings like eagles to the top.

And so I’m really excited for that for you.

I appreciate that. Absolutely, is an amazing… Where can they connect with you? What’s the best way?

Everywhere as… Anyway, I really on Facebook, you can… Yeah, same change is not at a three to Instagram, I think is Mr. changes, or if you Google change, I’m the whole first page. I, I guess my website and everything that I just rewrote, credible, incredible end. I have one more question for you, and now it’s gonna love me, and that’s okay. Maybe it wasn’t Miss desk it on The… So I’m great before you, and I’m excited to see what’s to come, so making… But the… And I need a cam address. I’m your kitten a post, and I am so excited to just be here to share with you other lovers, dreamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, pastors, whatever, if you go head and you got a hard… I’m so excited to explore who that is, who you are, and discover your wholeness or how you’re… Well, I tell, I love to see happiness, I want people to know that this is not… This came a trial, you guys, this came with a lot of effort, came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience those together, this is a real community at the MERS and I’m excited to help catapult your calling, your kingdom experience the purpose of your intent on world, wherever, however that is, so… Come on for the ride. I’m excited to chat with you a like comment review in the nine email, it’s me responding even though I had to be credible to A… And so I’m just excited to get to know you. Let’s connect, that’s great.

The and let’s walk in our calling.

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