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No Matter The Event, Glow-Get Em’ with Glow Getter Cammie Petty Palmer

Woot woot who doesn’t love a glow getter? It’s the whole reason this show exists. Y’all light is foundational…I could go on an entire rant right now about this…God made light…you know the shtick, but did you also know that when we were conceived the reaction within us actually causes a microscopic light?! Ah I just love this and totally why I wanted to start this episode sharing about the light that’s emitted through all of us every single day…

Cammie Petty Palmer, today’s lovely mama multi-preneur. Ohh I like the way that sounds…I might have to pick that up in my bio. SHE IS A GLOW GETTER – a light chaser. Anyway, she Stared out in 2010 with a wedding planning business and Then shortly after, she pivoted, before pivoting was a coined Covid term, into developing a creative rental business. During that development she hit a rough patch in her personal life – don’t you love a good reminder that God’s blessings exist RIGHT THERE in the mist of what we think is impossible and hard.

I’ll let you hear the full story of Cammie’s hardship, but for quick dissection, it deals with abuse, divorce, consideration of abortion, a solo-parenting journey, newly dating as a mom, and warning signs on your body. Meanwhile, she started turning her side hustle businesses into a full time business instead of working for others. It goes to show that what you may see on the outside isn’t always what’s happening on the inside. So please give others grace.

Cammie was a breath of fresh air and truly dove deep. I’ll be honest, I was caught off guard because we had worked together professionally previously. Again…don’t just a book by its cover y’all.

Cammie, I’m amazed that all you’ve been able to cultivate and grateful to have that time of dissection and development with you and keeping connected to WHO And WHOSE we are, and letting go of the hustle and owning the joys of operating within our passion through the passion giver.

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Cammie Palmer

Intro from Cammie:

Hi there, friend! My name is Cam Petty Palmer – I’m a mom, business owner, and serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping you grow in your personal and professional life through my new educational course, the Rental Biz Academy! I began my rental business, Beautiful Event Rentals, in 2012 located in Dallas, Texas. As an entrepreneur constantly curating new business ideas, I’ve navigated the ups and downs of the event and rental industry, and I’m ready to share all I have to offer with you!

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Show Notes: No Matter the Event, Glow Getter Cammie Palmer

Who doesn’t love a glow getter? You guys, it’s the whole reason that I created this show, low Gators, they’re incredible. And I have to tell you a bit about the glow because you know from Genesis that light is foundational and God may like when you go on that whole heck, but I also need you to know that when conception happens within our body, literally women, obviously guys, sorry you’re not lucky enough, but anyway, we didn’t happen, there is a microscopic light that exists at that formation, and I just think that that is so incredible, and the reason that it’s so foundational to us to chase the light, to be in the light and to be knowing and just admitting it at any given moment, so anyway, today’s podcast as Amy Palmer, she is a lower, she admits light and she seeks flight and she shares in such a surprising way, you guys… Honestly, I was blown away by this episode in canard because we had worked together professionally before we did this podcast, and to learn of her personal journey, I would have had no idea, and that is just a constant reminder that we should never… A book cancer. So her journey is insane, and she started her own business in 2010, and then shortly after she had to pivot a force pivot and know it wasn’t due to covid and that coin to turn pivot, it will always play me, but anyway, she develops a business from that and during the development of her side hustle, if you will, she hit a rough patch in her personal life, one that continued to feel like it was constantly and doing, and so today’s episode tame and tax information about abuse, divorce, consideration of abortion, solo parenting. Newly dating as a mom, Mortensen on your body from internal things happening on the external mean, while in the middle of all of that, she is running the side businesses and ends up going full-time and it just… It really goes to show you that what is happening on the inside of someone’s life is so different than what might be happening on the outside, and so she’s building a team and getting married and all this stuff, obviously the marriage happened after the formulation of understanding her light and what makes her shine, and so I’m just so grateful that God gives us this opportunity in our journeys to understand the fundamental component of how we flow and how… What we do in the world and in the earth is how other people are being served or individual life, and so… Thank you, came. I’m amazed, but everything that you have cultivated and grateful for your dissection and development, just unpacking it. Utah’s episode, I know. It’s gonna bless people. And y’all keep glowing.

This is your God wink. The moment that heaven says, for such a time as this, It’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover your wealth and exude your wholeness, it’s time to become truly fit, however, this isn’t a Fitness podcast, though I’m a retired Personal Trainer and nutritionist, this is in business jargon or tips and tricks to Landing Your successful fashion project though. That’s totally why I’m a business coach. This isn’t a quick fix health detox ploy, though I’m all for therapy and I love who foods, I do have a yellow side, me too, so this isn’t confusing religious banter. No, I’m an ordained minister, still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus. It’s really none of that. So I’m wondering, if you’re wondering what is this…

Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers, as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you fellow passionate speakers.

The fit-based movement was Bird through my own trial and a discovery of mind, body and soul alignment, and to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial Brasher experiences, I’ve learned first-hand that being fit isn’t about archaic at all, it’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles, it’s not about our potential. It’s truly about our God-gifted passions. Meeting our purpose, you are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you wanna call it, and I wanna be there for the moment that you say yes in Freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit and do an OS you remain to be. Welcome to the fit-based podcast with me, Tamara Andres. There is no better time than now. To get it right, I’m rooms. Excited to introduce you today’s podcast, gas canny petty Palmer.

I love her name. Do you always say your middle name with everything… No, I actually have two last name, so it’s actually a Delaney, I met somebody the other day who had four names, my nieces actually have four names, and I was always like, Oh, but I didn’t know if anybody had two last names, nothing, I guess for names at my first, my middle and then my two last name… That’s awesome. When you’re extra special, and we’re so glad that we got to get to know you more today, guys, I got to know Tammy a bit a while back at the Rachel Hollis rise business event last November, she dated it when we were just going through her podcast and I’m thinking, Holy cow, a year has a… Was gone by, and I love just being a community with like-hearted like-minded women who are go-getters, I say low getters and Kami, Sherley one of them, and so she’s gonna just kinda unpack a bit of her story and hopefully provide some inspiration to other women and perhaps men who are alongside the fitted face podcast journey, and so I just want you to unpack a bit of your bio because it’s plentiful and see where our conversation leads. I love that this is an unscripted experience, so there’s no probe questions, she has no idea what’s about to happen, and I’m excited.

I love that. Well, I, I am pm petty Palmer, and we’ll address the pony bummer to start out. So I was married before, unfortunately, I went through a really bad divorce with some abuse and cheating in a whole manoel terrible things that had gone to win, and so needed to step away from that for 80 reasons, and found out four days later that I was pregnant with…

Wow, you see, I don’t even know some of the things that happened on this podcast, so I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2010. I started my very first business doing wedding planning for many different clients and my first started going into red tells, which is what I do today, I had a client who was like, Hey, I have… For Lapin lice and Mason drawers and all those things, back when it was diner like, I know that we love this stuff. And I’m sure you have other clients, I want it. Do you want it for free? And I was like, Sure, I’ll offer it to my clients. And from their sported a just a design desire for me, I was like, I really love this. So in 2012, I started my mental business in Phoenix, Arizona.

I also got married the same year in 2012 to a year later, we unfortunately are marriage and divorce and found out I was pregnant four days later, which was a woman, and I remember the day like if he’s yesterday… It was one of those days that you think like, Oh, it’s been a little bit since that thing that comes every month, I orienting in every commercial on TV and every ad on the radio was talked about pregnancy, the pregnancy tests and all these things, and I was like, I’m really stressed right now going through a divorce, and so maybe that’s why it’s not coming, but to ease my stress, I’m just gonna take the test and just see what happens, and I took the test and a minute later the little plus sign came up and realm of multiple things went through my head, and the biggest one being sadness, and the reason for that was I had always imagined my life growing at this little girl having a maritime babies, then comes just a happy-go-lucky life, and I knew that by taking this pregnancy test, knowing that I was having a baby boy at the time I didn’t… I was baby boy, but he… At the point in that moment figuring, this is not how it’s posed to be… It’s not supposed to be this way. And I haven’t shared with a ton of people, but I did consider a boarding him because I knew that he is gonna have a really tough life, and I was not about ready to go back into a really terrible situation, and I had actually did a lot of praying in a lot of soul searching and talking with other people who have been through something similar, and I said, You know what, for the betterment of this little baby, I am going to talk to my ex-husband, we’re gonna sit down and just have a conversation. Try to figure out, Hey, how can we get from this really broken spot that we’re in, and get to a place where we can be together and raise this little baby to grow up in a home that has two parents, and it doesn’t have to have this broken life ahead of him, and unfortunately, he didn’t wanna give me the time of day, so we never had the chance to have that conversation. Abuse continued through the entire pregnancy and thereafter… Obviously, from afar, I moved to Dallas, Texas in May of 2014, and moved in with my parents. I was like, I just need family, I just need to be around my family. And I actually took the pregnancy test at my parent’s house and came out at in the bathroom, it was just my mom and dad home, I think, and they were watching… We were watching a chick-flick because… Why not? They’re not, yes.

And I was like, You know what, to the restroom. Trying to play it off like I wasn’t doing anything. And came out of the bathroom and they were sitting there, watch the movie, and I came out and I just said, I have something to say, and they pause the movie, and I just broke down, so I just broke down crying. And they didn’t know I was… Why I was crying, I was bawling my eyes out. I swear, I tried a 1000 tears that day, and I had my pregnant he used behind my back, I pulled it out and was like, I’m pregnant, and they just… I remember the embrace and it’s minutia because they just embraced me and just helped me and I was like, It’s okay, it’s okay, we’re gonna get through this and it’s gonna be okay. And I went to talk with some of their friends who had unfortunately been through something very similar, and they encourage me, Hey, if you don’t wanna know what the baby is, sex is… Just wait.

Wait until you’re ready. And at that point, I’m considered, okay, maybe I’m on adoption, go up for adoption because I truly want the best for this little baby, I just want to have a life that he deserves and have a life like I did growing up in one household with a mom and dad and brothers and sisters, and just having a full, vibrant life, and from there, I was thinking, Okay, I’m gonna put them up for adoption, not gonna do an abortion, I pulled away from that. It was a split second thought that I regret ever having an… Okay, maybe I’ll put him up for adoption, well, you have to have the consent of the other parent, he did not wanna give that consent, he said, I’ll take him if you don’t want them because you’re about… You’re a bad mom. That I’ll take him.

I said, Well, that’s what happened. I just clear that is not happy, I’m not putting this little boy into that situation, because I know what that situation like… Or that’s the opposite of what needs to happen. And so I ended up going on with the pregnancy, found out he was a boy and I really… He was born because of just the heart and all the heartache at those nine months were filled up, we ended up getting a formal divorce in October of 2014. actually, there’s only… This is a fun fact, there’s only two states in the US that you can get divorced while pregnant, Arizona was one of them in my residency who was in Arizona, and I was pregnant, I was able to still get divorced, whereas in Texas, and so many… I think it’s Arizona and Idaho.

I can’t reestablished in the North West area. So those are the only two states that you can do this, and I believe it was by the grace of God that that was true, because I just needed my wagon in hitched from his… As quickly as humanly possible. And so that’s what happened. On the day he was born, he was this January 26, 2015, and on the day he was born, I was served in the hospital with papers telling me that he’s not his son, and if he cheated, I must have cheated and it’s not his son. And better yet, you might not even be the mom either, because maybe you’re being a servant, you’re asking for money, and I’m like, Okay, that By God, you li just had a bad… Out of my vagina.

So you’re like, This is not real, Nancy.

And so we finally went through, he was like, I’m… The order paternity test turning us came back 999-999% that I say no, just because you teed does not mean that I didn’t.

Right. And so it was just a crazy time. And my current husband, he was pursuing during this entire time and then throughout as well, and I told him at the time, I said, I gotta figure out why I am.

I don’t know who I am. It has been… Gosh, since high school, since I had dated, and I said, I just need to figure out who I am and what my place in this world is, because I don’t know… I don’t know who I am, I don’t know what it’s going on, and little things that happen, like what just happened, and birthdays would come around, and I remember sitting at my mom’s for my mom blows birthdays out of proportion like crazy. I mean, it has, I wonder where you get your event desire from… Yeah, I actually say the business out of my brain comes to my dad, the design side of my business comes from an ASC… That’s really cool.

Yeah, every night we would have dinner and we’d have the formal napkin in the formal place setting and a place mat and I just… That’s really cool.

That’s what I grew up with, which was so fun, and birthdays, she had this big sign on the man told that said Happy Birthday to whoever’s birthday, it was an encouraging notes of like, you are the best. You are awesome. I love you. Happy, whatever, berths fun. And then we would have all these presents to… Its so funny, she would split up things so that there would be more boxes, my parents… I love that, and it was so fun growing up. So that’s where I get my design. So that’s awesome.

Of my brain. But I remember sitting there and we were wrapping presents… A Hatay was for one of my brothers. I’m one of four, I’ve three younger brothers were wrapping and she was like, Oh, I don’t know, she asked me something about presence and birthdays while I was married, and I was like, I never actually received presence. He would just say, you go on a shopping spray or something, or he’d say, Hey, here’s 100 bucks, go by yourself something, and I was like, Man, one of my love languages is gifts and for its decimation and all those things, which the surprise is how Alberta’s were growing up, a sitting there and I remember certain things from my marriage, and what’s interesting is Gohar, before we got to… Or I sat down with a old high school mentor, she was my youth group leader for… Gosh, I wanna sophomore, junior and senior year at church, and she had been a geographer, I was in the wedding industry, so naturally we worked to the area, we have gone to coffee and we were sitting across… And she was like, You know, there’s something different about you.

I can’t put my finger on it, but something is off, I was like, Oh no, life is great to like no big deal. I had my entire marriage from everybody, Oh wow, what was going on? Because I was in the wedding industry, is playing all these weddings and thinking, love so bad, it’s so great to hear, Okay, is off… Something is different and in the same wants, it was the same time that we’re wrapping presence and such. My mom had said, I see you again, I can see you again, and I didn’t realize you were gone until you were back, and she said, I can see your laughter and your joy and your… Oh, wow.

Is your presence again? And it triggered that conversation with my old high school mentors and… Shoreham, Karen chemicals in Colorado. No, I remembered that conversation on… That was it. That was the thing that she was referring to, and you don’t realize it when you’re in the middle of it, you just felt… And it was from that moment on that I said, I need to always remember who I am, I need to always be grounded in who I was meant to be and who I was created by a… I’m not, I’m gonna lose myself again and I don’t wanna get back to that place, and so I had my son simultaneously, I was working… And I mentioned this on the podcast earlier, I was working for a full-time real estate agent, doing all of his things in contracts and show, helping was showing and calling and calling in all the things. I was working part-time at a boutique because I’m a girl and I wanted to keep Cuban, and then I was working in my side hustle and just trying to do that, and I wasn’t doing any of them great. I was just doing them just to get a pay check because I had my son to pay for it and was doing all this work, stressing myself out like crazy, and my current husband kept pursuing me to like hold up not a hand on you right now, I’m like, I need to not spend well, having a relationship at all right now… And he’s like, But I can help herodian. I’m like, No, not right now, I can’t do it. I just can’t.

And so went through just trying to figure out who I was stressing myself out of her work, I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I love coming up with the new ideas and leading a team and doing work for myself and trying to figure out like, Hey, how can I take this thing from nothing and make it something… And so I finally went into my business full-time in 2016 or 17, I can’t remember at this point, and at the time, and I just talked about this, I was getting this rash on my arm, something that was a warning sign of something that said, Hey, I’m not taking care of me anymore, I’m not taking care of me mentally, spiritually, physically… Health-wise, I was not taking care of myself. I was spreading myself so thin and gosh, I’d get four hours of sleep, and I just… Because I had my son and shared a room with me, I didn’t even have a separate room for Him, and He was teething and all the things, of course working three jobs and it was just a crazy time, but I look back on those times and I say, gosh, it was crazy.

How did you do that?

Yeah, I know, we do that.

And so, all that to say, I finally started dating at my husband, and I had actually been dating two other guys from a dating app called Bumble, because I was just like, You know what, I haven’t been on a date.

I just re-go on a date, I just wanna have fun.Release some stress and… But it was so great to go on dates, but I know at the end of the day, those are the guys that I would have eventually married, it was fun just to be treated it and to have someone else buy my dinner for the night, and I finally had one of my girlfriend, she was like, You know, you’re not gonna pursue this with them any further than just a few dates, but Dylan, he’s been pursuing you for like two years, maybe three… At that point, he was… Were like, You need to do something with that. I just go on a date, you’re having so much on these dates, just gonna date with him, and I was pushing back and I was like, I don’t wanna do that, I don’t wanna do that because I think secretly in my mind is that if I go on a date with him, I’m gonna have so much fun and I gonna turn into a serious relationship, and at the time, I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, I just wanted to have fun and go out on some dates, go to top golf and just not have to do it with my child.

Yes, anyway, so we finally went on to date, it was the best date, and then we had so much fun, I eventually got engaged and got married and all that, and just live since 2014 has just been on a freight train, just going as fast as humanly possible, in 2017 was the year that maybe… I think… We got married in 2017. I quit my full-time job in 2017, I hired my first full-time employee in 2017. and then 2018… No, sorry. We got married in 2018, 2018. we got married, I found out I was pregnant for the second time. We moved from an apartment to a house when I was at… My husband got diabetes, he was so diagnosed with diabetes, and my event business was doing 100 events in 2017 and 500 events in 2018, a full-time employee for temples.

And it was Bunker, I’m tired and I’m not in the middle of it, like Gores ing.

It was just the craziest year, and it ended with my husband being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes three days before our daughter was born, and we checked out of that hospital and into the hospital for me to be induced ’cause it was right around Christmas time, and I did not wanna be in the hospital.

And it just was… It was a year. There’s no other word for it. It was just a busy stinger, and from that year on, we were like, We’re not doing that again, atheists enough.

Yeah, so the next year we got more intentional with the business, we rebranded, we figured out, Okay, we’re not doing 500 events again, what do we actually want to deal… And we just figured out life and we figured out, Hey, this isn’t working, and so let’s do it better, let’s do it different than the year before is a 2019 looking back was a greater… And I think 75 events or so, and that was a really healthy amount, Firth, and we ended up merging from just primarily weddings to corporate events, which was able to just release the stress of our overhead expenses and corporate spends more money, and so we did less events with higher contracts, which meant my team was not as stress and not as tired, or banach was healthy, that’s always… It was just a good year to just sit down and settle in and figure out, Okay, this is what we’re meant deal, and then of course, 2020 as… And I went into this whole covid stuff thinking, You know, I’ve been through worse before, I been through tragedy, before I’ve been through terrible times, before I’ve had to pick up from nothing and figure it out, and I did those things by saying, Okay, this is a situation, what is the next best decision?

Not what’s the next decision, but what’s the state… Best decision I can do in this moment.

That’s good.

And that’s how we’ve handled everything going on, and if I look back on my life, I may not have set those words exactly, but if I look back on my life, I can see that that’s what I did, I just figured out, Okay, this is a crappy situation, and unfortunately, I can’t change it, so what’s the next best decision that I can do… Yeah, it’s really good.

Not just in a crazy, crazy here and the double last name is because my son took on mine made a name, which is petty, and my husband is puller, and so I wanted both of my kids, Bredesen and Billy is probably Palmer. And so I just took on both of their last names and said, You know what, I wanna make sure that I don’t want and be in a ship and go over to just pull her and leave my son and alert.

And then the same thing, I don’t wanna stay Hooley daughter.

I love it, I love it.

That your whole life, and in a matter of not even a full decade, right.

That all has happened and the year Superior, so we just need to pray right now that everything 20, 21 and beyond is restful and Seth sailing and you can get into that flow. And you sat on your last podcast and there’s so many pinpoint of things that we could unpack your questions that I could come up with, but I think it’s really instrumental for people to realize that through it all, one of the points of a realization for you was that space where your body provided a warning sign, God, through your body, through the design of your Creator, creation was able to say, Hey, you need to wake up, and that the running on a supersonic speed and doing all the things was by your own night, and you needed some relief, so talk to us about that experience and how that really helped you put yourself into a state of well-being for your health… Yeah, yeah, for all those years, I was point from a very… DCI was not having a daily Bible study, I was not drinking water, it was not sleeping, I was not taking care of myself at all. And that morning sign of something just growing on my hand was just what I needed and I’m glad that happened, and I’m glad I got to a point where it was almost rock bottom for my body, it wasn’t quite… But it was a little warning sign that said, Hey, do you need to change something or else… We know, Buto, but or else, something bad will happen, and I love that that actually happened, and I can talk about it now, because now I can see if I can look into, Hey… What’s off of my body?

What are some morning sun… And not only physically with my body, I’ll get back cramps and I’ll get headaches, and that’s what I know had to eat right, and it Drinkwater and I need to sleep, and those three things will fix that, but then I need to figure out, hey, how am I showing up, how am I reacting? How am I showing up for my kids, my husband, how am I showing up for my employees, how my… What words are coming out of my mouth? What… Thoughts that aren’t coming out, but thoughts that are just running rampant in my mind, not only thinking about the physical, but also the mental and the things I… Say that’s a reflection of what’s going on in here. Hollis isn’t right. Nothing else is Eakin, look at it. I can live with a little back pain, I can’t live with my mind in the right place is definitely like a heat can be a worse listening, you might not know what those warning signs are right now, maybe you haven’t gone through something and by gosh, I hope you don’t go through something right, that it… So maybe take that example of, hey, if you’re getting some headaches and you’re having some back aches and you’re seeing things on your body that aren’t normal, or the words coming out of your mouth or not what your best self would be, or the thoughts that are running rabbit, in your mind, you’re not encouraging and afflicting, they’re dragging you down and they’re thinking, Oh well, what if they think this about me or being… Is sabotaging yourself and saying, I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, or I’m not Braven up, or I can’t do this well instead, think of, what else have I done? What else have I gone through that has built me up and it put me into a place where I can say, You know what, I’ve been through something before, I know what it’s like, and I can tell you… It’s okay, it’s gonna be okay.

And that component of resiliency, it’s just like it continues to build, and God now knew that he knew that you were gonna walk through that in order to steward what it is that he’s continuing to bless you with, which is this beautiful business and a livelihood and a family of abundance. And it’s just a beautiful thing that… It’s continual, we’re not gonna… The enemy still exists, right? You still very active right now in the peristome, and it’s so critical for us to realize and to also know that there is a white flag that we can continue to raise for ourself on our behalf to say, Okay, I’m gonna raise this flag so that I can take care of myself for a bit and raise a flag because my family needs this time, I’m gonna raise the swag because my business needs some RNR and I need to learn how to revitalize my team so that we can operate on a fuller schedule and a fuller capacity, and so there’s so many warning signs that we wouldn’t recognize if we’re moving on a supersonic speed, if we’re moving on a pace that doesn’t allow us to recognize what is going on around us to the full extent, and I think that component for you is that self-check, like if everything else was happening around you, you are continuing to move the needle and all the other areas of your life, but your body was like, Hello, I need you and you need me in order to do all of those things, so I think it’s amazing that God actually used your actual physical body to show up in a way that needed you to slow down.

Yeah, totally. I shared my story with a marriage group that were a part of before covid hit and shared my story, went through everything and I’m… One of the leaders she had said, Did you see God there? And I said, You know what, thank you for asking me that because looking back now, I can totally see that. I can totally see that he didn’t let me get far enough with my help, I can see that he didn’t let me… I stay in a really Uncle environment, he provided a way out and said, You know what, we need to figure out something else, and I can look back and say, You know, I can see God overhead kind of orchestrating all of these things, but in the moment, I was angry at God. I was saying, Where are you… What’s going on? Why are you not here? And it’s because I didn’t have a say, because I wasn’t pouring into myself mentally wasn’t doing that, and so I couldn’t see him because there was that barrier of, Hey, if you’re not gonna communicate with me, it’s hard for me to show you… Oh, that’s good, that’s really good.

And so I share my story is, I can totally see where God was saying, Hey, I’m gonna stay here and I’m gonna do all these things that will help you figure out what’s going on. Because you’re my child, and I know that you believe that I exist. And I know that you’re going through stuff, I’d love for you to come up and see me and I’d love to have this communication with you, but I’m still here and I’m still gonna orchestrate this and whether you are here… None and whether you’re trying to be with me, I’m still here.

I love you.

Even if the… Even if you don’t wanna be around me. And I think we can get into the same thing and we think of God as a human, and you say, Hey, if I don’t trust and I don’t love, or I don’t care for someone else, or I treat them not well, or don’t talk to them, Oh, they’re not gonna keep pursuing me. They’re gonna say, Fine, fine, Collett me.

I won’t be with you.

Sometimes think God is the same way, we think, Hey, if he’s not gonna be here and I can’t see him. Well, fine.

He’s like me. He’s left the building. He does not wanna be here. But that’s not true.

Do you feel like you’ve been sitting on the dream God has given you for far too long, do you feel out of alignment or obedience because of it, or perhaps you’ve been spinning your wheels on how to answer God’s call, but can’t quite define or design it into a business, maybe you’ve titled this goddamn ministry, one, you wholeheartedly give all of your time and energy to, yet your passion isn’t providing the profit you need to stay in your home. Your first ministry, do you struggle with the idea of earning money, doing something event you to do with your servant, but do you feel unworthy as a woman to possess… Well, I get it, I’ve been in every one of those shoes, and I can promise you the moment I traded those worn out handles for his intended comfort, I was able to finally walk the Miles has taken to grow the dream from ideation to activation, catapulting my true passions into my full purpose. And now, while I’ve had a joy to coach many women over the past couple of years in a group setting, I still say they’re amusing straps to their well-be shoes.

So I design this course, the god dream design course, to walk alongside you intimately until you’ve claimed the gift of the shoes he has always wanted for you, you’re probably wondering if this is the sure fire way to claim your roots, to discover your wanes as a kingdom entree, why are we talking about shoes?

Well, these aren’t NIS, they aren’t easy. Whatever the kids call them these days, I’m not giving you sandals like Hermes, either God’s choose truly God shows have limitless souls that never wear down, they are promised to get you where He has shown you that you were intended to be.

So come along for the ride, get out of that stuff, analysis per also state of limitation and develop the mindsets, methods and models to bring to life the vision he has planned for you. Before your kit and your mother’s will sign up today for your self-paced program where I will actually provide you live coaching a community of women to walk this journey alongside a package of goodies right at your door step and many more incredible deliverables. You can find all of the details on my site at Tamra Andres dot com, don’t forget, Tamara, T-A-M-R-A. I got the good version… Thanks mom.

The really… Girls, it’s time to fly. I promise it’s a spring, as it sounds, you see, so that’s where we have to think about God.

Yeah, like less as like our counterpart and more as like our father as he is, because as a mother, you know, if your child’s doing something that you’re not pleased with and you have to reprimand him, You’re still orchestrating his whole life, you’re still cooking in breakfast, you’re still cooking at lunch, you’re still cooking in dinner, you’re still getting a good night kisses, you’re still washing is… But all the things are still happening and he… In five minutes, for gifts that he was just in a place of reprimand, that he was just in a place of a correction, and for us to realize that it’s okay for God to put us in those places, but he’s gonna love us through it, he’s gonna provide in the very same moment, He’s correcting, he’s gonna provide the answer in the reconciliation and the understanding of why these things are happening, but he still wants us to rely on Him, He still wants us to come to Him when we’re ready to eat, he still wants us to come to Him when we need advice and insight and help, and just like our children do, and we are that for him, and so I love that God gives us parenthood, just like he gifted you, parenthood before you knew the reliance factor who he was in your life, so that you could recognize, Oh wait, he does love me that much, and he does love me infinitely more than I can ever deserve or understand, and so it’s a beautiful thing that he uses our placement to teach us. And I have women that I coach through the roots and wings course, and I have them do something called a Journey Map, and it’s really recognizing themselves in their life and the highs and lows and pinpointing the areas that God has now used to catapult them to the place that they are now, whether it’s a difficult situation or a mountain top situation, and we so easily in 2020 and hindsight can see where God was, but we often forget where God is right now, and so it’s constantly my prayer in the lives of the women that I coach in the lives of my loved ones, for us to have our eyes open to where he is, right here in this moment, right here in the midst of covid, 19, right here in the midst of racism or as in the midst of… Every business failure or furlough or lack or need that he’s right here in present. And so, I pray that we don’t have to have always work in the hindsight, but we get to see in the foresight, whereas God’s gonna be and expect him in the next situation because he’s ready, waiting and it’s already planned. He’s already figured it out.

So for our eyes to be open to that and to just pray and lean into him in that way, I think would allow our lives to feel a lot easier to trust a lot more and to release control because ultimately, even in those situations, even where you were choosing the next best thing that you could do, God was giving you that opportunity, he was making those doors open, not you or not by your own might, but that’s how our feels when we’re trying to hold on and juggle all the things where we’re an overflow and I can’t call any more God, and so that’s when he literally was like, You’re right, you can’t… Here’s a sign on your body that physically says You cannot hold anymore, and I’m gonna teach you how to rely on assessment of the things that I provide. The living water, right?

Yeah, it’s so good. I just love, your story is so beautiful, your testament is so amazing, and the fact that you were even able to successfully cultivate a business during all of that girl, kudos to the Jesus within you who provided, he provided… Even when you weren’t working on overflow, which was just what we were talking about in the number one thing that I believe you have to do in order to have a successful business, so it kind of strips away my word and that… It’s probably a lot easier now that you’re working out of overflow and goodness and health than it was before when you were striving to do it.

So talk to us now about that entrepreneurial journey, and obviously you mentioned your dad and your mom and how they were at play in that, how are the mist of this destructive relationship… Did you say, I wanna start my own business? So what did that look like?

’cause that doesn’t sound like normal.

Yeah, so it was… Like I said, my parents have two different… Since my dad is a very business man, he grew up in… For America still is an open America. My mom is just a queen of decor and design, her house is decile and all design, every holiday, every night, every birthday was just blown out of the water and by Grammy her mom was the same way, and so that’s where she learned it. And so at the time, when I graduated high school, right before I graduated in high school, our house and burn down actually to a… Our house burn down.

He tried a book.

I am working on it.

Or you want… Of course, at my house had burned down the… So I moved my senior year of high school, our whole family moved from Phoenix to Dallas, which I know you’re thinking like… Were you in Fenimore? I was in Phoenix from seventh grade to 11th, Dallas for 12, back to Phoenix for a few more years in backlit at me time.

But we moved here and… Our house that burned down. There was a tragedy. It was terrible. It really was, it was a very long story. Longer or down… We lost almost everything. My dad had gotten cancer from is interesting, he got cancer because he had a kidney stone and he couldn’t pass it, and so they had to surgically go in and they found the cancer that way, so thank God he had a kidney.

Your body will tell you signs.

Yeah, So reassure, he was like, poles, don’t let me on this kidney, so… But thank God you did.

My two grandparents had Alzheimer’s in terminal cancer as well, all within six months, and I had been in this journey… I’m trying to figure out, Okay, what do I wanna do?

Like what is in start my life… Before we had moved, I was heavily involved in yearbook and art classes, loved that I… As I was not in the choir, was not doing that, I was like, I’m full all in, and I figured before we moved to set up to go to fit ’em in LA and I’m gonna go get a design merchandising degree and I’m gonna work in a big firm that test, decide and do something in that room, and I have a whole life planned out because naturally I’m an Ingram three and type A person, so I know exactly what I’m gonna do, not quite… Moved down is my senior year, and when I graduated, I was not the happiest person because of circumstances, but I moved back to Phoenix and said, Essentially… See you later. I don’t want anything to do with Texas, I’m moving to mini. And at that point, I was like, I don’t know what I wanna do. And so I worked at a child care center, and I worked at David’s Bridal, and because I naturally… I guess it’s the entrepreneur in me, I always… I’m doing multiple things like that to… God, here’s all my first job, I’ve always had two or three jobs.

That’s hilarious, I get dabble in all of it.

Here I am today, I have a rental business and design business, a podcast like, wow, someone straight life, but one, two jobs. And my dad had always said growing up, came, I’d be really great as a lawyer, I said, Well, that’s kind of expensive.

I said, Hey, you’d be a really great teacher, and I was like, Well, I don’t wanna be with kids in my life, so I figured, You know what, I kinda like sales, I really love sales, I’m really good at it. And so I worked to David Spade, they had a high commission rate, and so I was like, I’m gonna work there, they weren’t as a pre-school teacher ’cause I was like, Oh, maybe my mom’s right, let me just have this… It was the control, let me tell you, a laser, those two places, and samsara, my wedding planning business as well, while is doing these things spread finally stepped away from both those and just went full-time into my wedding planning company, I had a couple who wanted to do… Do you give me their rental items, essentially started that company and then moved out here, and I have the unique opportunity that I’ve started two different companies in two different locations, and so I can take the failures and the struggles from the very first launch of a company and say, Hey, that didn’t go quite right that time, and so now I have a new opportunity to go start this business again and say, Hammon do it differently this time, and I’m gonna make different mistakes along the way, but I’m gonna do it differently and I’ve kinda learned where I’m at. And when you own a business in one state and you move to another state and you close down that you’re starting from scratch again.

It just tough. And so on top of all the things going on, I was starting that and the line of my business and the work that I’ve done, I can see the Lord blessing that because I’ve had so much going on in my personal life, and I think my breaking point being one in Ingram, the high achiever, I always tried to get as much that as possible, being type A, I can’t talk for God, but if I were to assume, I would assume he would probably think, Hey, she can’t handle not achieving and not flushing in her business, if everything is crap over in her personal life as something God stays true to, I didn’t realize that at the time, I thought like, Oh, I met boost my own trust here like this, and grim doing all the things I need to do. I think in the background, it was a Marsan, you know, you need something in the back, so gives you something to look forward to. And to do so many years, I idiot say It was… The more I said it was me, I did it all. Yeah, to me is so excited, I’m really good at my job, but I would say in the Lord is blessing me through every single thing, because I don’t think I could have handled the one more thing failing and one more saying not going right in my life and so that’s like such good introspection, because if you go to the root understanding of the enneagram, the dataset, ’cause that’s not too, is we have this desire of value and worth, and our biggest fear is to not be needed and not feel worthy. And so it’s so critical that there’s a value attached to who we are, and that work for you was in the monetizing of your business and the growing of your business and the amount of customers and all those numbers, meanwhile feeling completely unworthy in your marriage and in the life that you were leading and a personal realm, so I love that you attribute that to God, ’cause I think that there is so much to that, and I think people… Because of our own night and our ability, we forget that that ability literally comes from the Lord, that we are made in his image, and that he also was able to multi-task and be doing one thing in one city while affecting change in another and following masses and leading impacts and Jesus himself did all of these things simultaneously, and ultimately came in order to die for our sins, and so the biggest gift and the biggest bird and at the exact same time, and so you’re living that duality of your life, like the biggest gift even your son in that space of feeling like, Oh my gosh, this doesn’t feel like a gift, but it will be, and now here he is, and I’m sure you wouldn’t miss one moment with him knowing the gift that he’s been to your life.

And so it’s just, it’s incredible to see, but definitely a huge introspective because value and worth are so much more than what we can stick or tag in an entrepreneurial journey or a business too, and just giving that to him, that praise to him that he’s gonna continue to bless and let that be an overflow for you, so… Really cool. So tell us, so you’ve developed… Now in Texas, you grow in this business. It’s been super successful and incredible 2019, 2020 hit, so have a pivot, you have to unpack how are you gonna sustain a staff with this amount of money, obviously furlough, PPP, all that comes into play. But I know that you’ve been devising something in the backend, and I wanna know what’s about to launch, what’s coming new because you didn’t sit still during covid…

I know it, I know it.

I can’t… It’s funny.

You go three, we always have to be doing something. And so I see all my friends who are like, I’m just chilling and enjoying this unemployment that actually said was pretty nice to sit there for more than today, so it was interesting back in… Gosh, October before the Rise conference, I had been kind of having this pull on my heart to teach, going back to earlier, my mom, I’m always saying that I would be afraid to turn… I came back to this point of like, Hey, I kind of feel something. Pull in my heart to share what I’ve been through. I share my business journey, share the things that I’ve learned and figured out and failed along the way and decided, Hey, that failed, I’m gonna do something different, and I just felt this tug on my heart, I didn’t know specifically what it was, but I felt this tug on my heart to share. And get my story out, and November happened. It was incredible. I really hope that they do another business conference, so we’ll… Depends on a whole lot of things.

Yes, but during that conference I had, I don’t remember which session it was as private, Rachel, but just the idea, pour back into your community, meaning my rental, my design business community, pour back into them. Pour back into them. Pour back into them. And was like, how that have happened? And so we kind of started dreaming up these ideas, and I’m a visionary person, I like to see like, Hey, what could we do? I throw things out there and what owners can we do since you were devising all these things, we had made a road map that she taught us there, and we said, Hey, in 2021, we’re gonna launch an education platform for rental businesses and design creative businesses, and we said during 2020, we’re gonna research, we’re gonna develop this passion, we’re gonna figure it out slowly and figure out what this looks like, and in January, it was a great… I realized we had our best month of our February, same thing, and so we’re like, Oh, we might have to push that off, it’s like such a is a year already, which is great.

And then March happened, and covid happened, and our very last rental income was February 28th, and so from February 28th until March 1th… Sorry, March, February 28, June 15th, we didn’t receive any four events at all in Him that we’re now getting is very, very little compared to what we typically are experiencing this on during this time. I had kind of started to think about this idea of putting together an e-course for rental businesses, and I had this huge passion, it was overflowing, and I could not stop talking about it with my team. It’s been so kale on my team, she said, Why don’t you just start someplace for time about the February, worked on the worksheets and the script and trying to figure out how we’re gonna fill this thing and trying to get it all done, and it was March 10th and 11th, I believe, that I filled the entire course, 20 videos and two 12 or film days. Both days, it was crazy. I was white by the end of it. By the end of both days, I was like, I meeting that, I get that.

We went through those and Wednesday was the last day that we did that, Thursday came, and that was the day that covid hit the business the hardest.

I came in on such a high feeling like My cup was overflowing, I was like, I just filmed every day, I’m so great, I’m on top of the world, like so much, and my employees had flowers on my desk for me and clones and encouraging and all that I was like, This is the best. And then 10 o’clock hits and we get a call, Hey, I need to postpone my wedding because there’s a pandemic happening, like in… Let’s Google what is happening in the world right now. In her livius to its been 10, 30, an email comes in, Endpoint, 11 o’clock, Hey, I need a pipe. 12 block had me to cancel all day long, it was like Fine dropping like it was just one after the other.

And what went from a super high of everything that we adjust a complex and just put together, it just came down, and I remember bawling my eyes out that night, ’cause I was like, time business is… To my first time was coming into the office with no event and that’s happening, I don’t know what to do, I grabbed a drink with my dad, typically… We don’t grab drinks. That’s just not a thing. We don’t go out to a bar on a machine house for dinner, and my dad was like, I wanna go to grab and drink, and I was like, Yes, I do.

Sure you.

Or aroost, little half outdoor. Half indoor bar, so cute. And sat there at the bar with a drink, crying my eyes out, ’cause I was like, This is my worst night beer, I’ve never experienced total shutdown of a business before, and this is my prized possession, my business is the thing that I hold so dear to my heart and is just the mainstream of everything that I do, and I remember coming to the office Friday morning, one of my gals is at Hinton said, merging need you the skien for the team meeting, and we’re gonna have a two meeting… I broke down with my team and I was like, I just wanna be transparent with you. We have zero events for the next two months, and to be honest, I think it’s gonna keep going, I think it’s gonna be longer than two months, and I said We’ve got enough in the big account to make the next few pay days… That’s about it.

Yeah, so what do you all… Good at. What can you do? And my team, it was so sweet of them, we don’t talk about faith much at the office, ’cause it’s such a secular business that we’re in, and one we don’t have time to talk about much other than work, ’cause we’re so busy at work, and I didn’t realize that all my staff were believers.

Wow, I knew that my two office girls were believers, I did not realize my warehouse staff was ’cause I just didn’t see them as often, they worked in the warehouse, we worked on our computers, and then at the end of the day, we went home and they all said, I know that we’re gonna make it through. Because I know that the Lord is here. I was like, what just came out of me, bokaro, Brian, he was like, Yeah, yeah.

I was like, I did not know that.

Awesome, so glad for that. And it was just, it was an awakening moment of, the Lord has blessed this business, the Lord has put believers in my business that he didn’t have to put there, but they’re there, and from November, we learned from Rachel about all the finances and figuring out finances and saving for a rainy day and all that, so he had built up a savings account, and the Lord blessed us with enough money to make it through middle of May with no income coming through, it’s bunkers, the way that we were making money and more, we’d get to cash the beginning of May, before PPP and Ed, but he was there, and we were like, I might have to skip a pay check to be able to pay for my other employees. I don’t know if we’re gonna make it. And then all of a sudden, we get it and we’d get something come in, we’d either have someone who is like, Hey, are you selling any inventory and we’re like, Yeah, we are, you want… Or they say, Hey, I can even get me a flower reached and we were like, Yeah, we can… We’ll do a thing anything, payroll, taste day before payroll, we’d be like, Okay, help me out for this pay check, I will not take a pay so that you can pay my employees, and we made it where you can take a Patrick, you have customers listening that are just amazed by your transparency, they love that you had enough money and reserve, she’s a financial coach, so of course she loves that you had money or was there, and that you rock as a boss and your positive perspective on all of it, so… I mean, God, it’s all God in that regard. It totally is. I could not muster enough of myself to figure out how I can get everyone paid by that paycheck, I just put… That is not me at all, ’cause I did not pursue someone coming to buy stuff, I did not pursue someone coming to do flowers, it just showed up at our door step… Wow.

And so, of course, you said, Yep, we need that money.

And then we finally got the PPP where for the next set weeks like we go, Okay.

And then the EDL came just two or three weeks ago, and it’s just been such a blessing. I’ve never seen the numbers that are in urban now it’s amazing, it’s great, and it gives me more assurance that, Hey, he’s got us… He’s got us in his Heisman, I started doubting. He shows up and he’s like, Hey, I got you.

So I’ve got you and we need to remember that, I really remember that, and it’s so to get… Throw it off, it’s so easy. And it really is.

You with so many… The news will tempt you with so many things, and the Devil, the Satan is prowling thing, he is saying, You know what, I know you find success in your business, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to shut you down yearly events away, but here we still are, we’re still not so good.

And you know what, you have some friends that are of color, I’m gonna make their lives hell right now, and we’re gonna figure out some divide, let’s divide you with some of the people that you consider friends.

Yeah, but then God says, but that’s great. Good, try, San.

But we’re not doing that today.

And it’s just, it’s incurable to see, and it’s an incredible that we can look back on our life on him and say, Hey, I saw him at work, but then I have to remember, he’s still at work right now.

Like it was in the past, he wasn’t in the past at work, he’s still here, and he’s currently right now, he is here and he’s saying, Hey, I know you’re struggling. Even if you don’t trust me. Even if you don’t realize I’m here, I’m still here in Eaton.

I think that’s a… Right now, where do I?

I’m in the same bed.

I’m still fearful that my business could suffer and go down, I’m still fearful that my course that I actually filed for a second time because of everything that chit launches in two weeks, but I’m still like there’s fear and that that neonatal, the work that I’ve put into this course that it’s not gonna sound so they’re still fear, but then I’d say that God has a plan and whoever does buy that course, whether it’s five people or one person or hundreds of people, those people who do by the course, it’s gonna bless their lives. Oblates gonna help them become better business centers, whether it’s to one or to 500 is such a good heart set to be in.

It’s so true, and it’s worth it to… That’s for the orange.

Yeah, that’s the biggest thing to know, and even as I started back in the day of recording this podcast, having no idea where God was gonna take it, and the top of the charts in the religious and spiritual section climbing in business that it was always for the one, and ultimately what I always find is even when we are conversation that the one might be me and the one might be you, and that’s okay, that’s enough, but we’ve had dozens of listeners live today, we’re gonna have hundreds and thousands of listeners coming to this episode alone. And so, I am just incredibly grateful that you were so transparent that you were able to give people a true insight into what success looks like, and success is messy, and success has highs and it has lows, and ultimately, if our reliance is on the father, a recognition is on His goodness that those lows become highs because they get to be putting points for you to grow and thrive and… It’s so good. I want people to know where to find you. So tell them how they can do it. One of the gals who’s listening said, What is the course about… So if you wanna answer that on our out, it’s been amazing to be with you today.

Yeah, so the course is called rental Biz Academy. You can find it on our website, if you go to beautiful rentals dot com. There is a little bit at the top, this is education in side of pirates at softest of July, so two weeks away, which is very exciting, there’s a lot to do for it, but we’re excited about it.

Awesome, but to fund as you can follow my business on Instagram, it’s beautiful event Red tools, and then if you wanna follow me personally, I post a little bit more about education and just pouring into my community on my personal Instagram, which is a Ms. Cam Alexandra, I go by my middle name, just so I don’t get all the questions about my double last, but those little places that you can find me, I do live more on Instagram and any… Anywhere else? However, I’m on most other social media, blah, that’s where you can find me, I just have a huge passion for just diving into the community that is given to me in my start today. Morning journal, I write every morning.

What do I write? I say I deeply care about my team and community, and that’s what I hope that I can do is just deeply care and people can feel that they’re deeply cared for, so… So good, that’s so good. What final words do you have for us, we’re all the most… In a similar season is you, especially as entrepreneurs and women, what would be your final… Like Go get a message, a listening to my testimony in my story today, I just hope that listeners take that and say, Hey, I’m gonna learn from that and I’m gonna take what she talked about and really take a deep dive and really think about, Hey, the Lord has blessed me, whether I see it or not, and he’s still there today. And I think there’s so much in the world going on that we can think that the Lord has left the building and he said, Hey, good luck, figure it out, but that’s not to… He’s still here and it was still prevalent, and it’s not some weird thing to think about it, it’s still very much alive. And I think anyone who’s a believer can say, Hey, the Lord clinic got me through that past experience, and that was great at all, but he’s not here currently, but he still is right in this moment, and so just remembering that and taking a moment… At least once a day to realize like, Hey Lord, I realized that you’re here and I get it, and I might not hear you, and I might not see you at work today, but I know you’re here and your help you figure out what’s… Point’s good. It reminds me of the part of the conversation where you’re saying like, here, there’s this barrier, this, this limitation, and he’s always communicating this way, and it’s a matter of if we can remove that barrier and communicate back, and also just to think in the reflection point of us as mothers like they don’t always know all the stuff that we do behind the scenes, my kids didn’t know that I went and grocery shopping or that I went and picked up medicine for them that I’m gonna use later on, new conditioner or any of that stuff, they don’t know how we operate and just in our businesses, they don’t see all the back-end, they don’t see all the energy, even your team doesn’t know the fullest to full… That goes into what you do to keep them as a team. And so, I just, I pray blessings over that continued growth of your business, the establishment of your business of your home, of your husband’s health, of your health of your children, the knowing that they know that their parents are constantly for them and fighting for them and growing and loving them, and for us to just receive God today in the abundance that He has for us, the gifts and the blessings of right now, and the gratitude of everywhere that he’s been in the past, and the hope and expectancy and the knowing of where he’s gonna show up in the future for our businesses, for our lives and for our purpose, so God, we just thank you, and I think you can… Again, it was so beautiful. You were such a gift to my day, and I know to the listeners who have been on and we’ll listen in the future, so blessings and we’ll still be in touch going anywhere.

Yeah, thank you.

Praveen. Hey, y’all. It’s me again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey before you go. Let’s solidify the plan. I’d love for you to take a step right now and declaring your take away by snapping a pick of the episode, you tenant share your sparked moment and tag me at the underscore podcast. For me, personally, at Tamara Donegan and step, I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the bit and faith podcast listeners, we’re totally in this together, community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to lead review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out. You know, I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say, I’m ready to fuel the flame with you together, and until next time, blessings over your joy, Elwell and illness to next time.

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