• Morgan Hart

My Recent Blind Date

I know, I know. The questions are already swirling in your mind over this title. Let me answer your questions before I dive into the intention of sharing.

Answer 1: It was with a woman!

Answer 2: She was married, with kids.

Answer 3: It was in a public place.

Answer 4: Yes, Gary knew.

It’s not as weird as it sounds. I actually hope to do it again.

About a month prior, on my birthday, I received a voice memo FB message from seemingly a stranger. Isn’t it odd that we can have 1000’s of social media “friends” but only really know a handful? Well, this was one of those people. She had been following along on my life’s journey and my newly launched blog and she simply wanted to wish me a happy birthday and ask me to coffee!

Now a day, people are so fast-paced and everything in life is instant and urgent. The fact that she had taken the time to send that note made me smile. Not to mention, the bravery it took to put herself out there to someone she only knew by my highlight social reel. I was flattered and jumped at the opportunity to meet a new friend. Don’t worry, I did my due diligence first – she was a local just like me and we shared many mutual “friends”, so I knew I wasn’t walking into a danger zone. I did still plan for an out just in case – brought my computer to blame it on work.

But to my happy surprise, from the first hug (yes, I’ve become a hugger, even to strangers) thru coffee and a meal, two hours passed by in a jiffy and I officially had a new real life acquaintance.

As a young girl I always considered myself a “guys girl.” I didn’t have a huge group of girl friends and I more often enjoyed hanging out with the boys. Of course, once you are in a deep relationship and married, you can’t really be a “guys girl” by default. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that that my girl friends are my lifelines and the guys were simply fun and carefree. Also other deeper-rooted reason to why the guy friends were more easily cultivated, but I’ll save that for another blog.

These girls are my tribe that keeps me grounded, youthful, and free. While they see me in my life’s roles as a wife, mommy and entrepreneur, they really just see me for me! And that is the best part of true friendship. No gimmicks, no masks – just being you, along with all the moods and emotions. We’re all women after all – they get me.

While my circle of friends become tighter knit and intimate, I am realizing there can never be too many acquaintances…you never know when they may jump over into the realm of deep-rooted friends. As life races by and responsibilities, family functions, events and more persist to fill our calendars; I hope to also find the space and energy to add more blind coffee dates to my agenda or perhaps re-kindle friendships that have slipped by amidst the time-consuming years of birthing two children in less than a year and half. (I’m still recovering)

This blind date inspired me. It opened my eyes to God’s opportunities and encouraged me to open myself up to more social media “friends”. So while many wonder why I invest my energy into a world of unknown followers, I don’t have to wonder anymore. My pictures and words reach others, just like yours reach and encourage me! Don’t let social media be your weak-point or time for self-loathing, let it pick you up, let it touch you deeply, let it enrich you and maybe even bring you a new friend.

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