• Morgan Hart

My Breakdown in a Coffee Shop

I’m amazed by the access we are given to our Father. The veil that was torn so we could literally see, hear, speak, and know Him. We have access to His will over our lives – He wants to share His vision for us. Last fall I was overwhelmed with a vision while in a coffee shop blogging. I was moved to chills and sweats – I was moved to tears – in the middle on the shop surrounded by strangers; I was shaking. I had to remove myself and go to the bathroom to collect myself. I had been praying for the last 24 hours for God to allow me access to the gift of prophecy. To speak through me in order to shine His light for someone else; a stranger. The emotion surging inside of me I directed towards a middle-aged man who was typing diligently away on his computer a few feet away. I tried to call my husband to talk it through. I tried to call my prayer warrior friend to give me boldness to confront him, but No one answered except God! I prayer into the emotion and asked God if this was right…is this the time to speak? Still a crying mess, I heard “do it. Just do it.” So I wiped my face enough to not completely disturb the stranger upon walking up to him and I left the bathroom to go Nike style on this pour guy working. “Just do it” repeating in my spirit.

I introduced myself and went on to explain that I feel in my spirit that God is telling me to tell you that you have a story inside of you, in the form of a book. He sat back surprised and smiled. I had never been so relieved, at least I didn’t get a full cold shoulder “you’re crazy” response. His response “it may look like I’m writing words, but I’m a numbers guy and I have never even once thought of a book. But I appreciate you have the guts to come up and tell me that.” We closed the meet-cute and I fought back so many tears to just get through the words. I immediately left and got in my car balling from the overwhelming emotions that just occurred. I called my pastor and he said “He called you to be obedient, and that’s what you did. You’ll never know what becomes of the seed you planted, the point is, you did it and God is satisfied.” ⠀

Fast forward 3 months, I’m sitting in the same coffee shop, again blogging, and in walks the stranger. I try desperately not to make eye contact but he sits at the table directly next to me to eat a quiche and have a coffee. I avoided his eyes until he finally stood up right above me to put on his coat. Again, I felt in my spirit “speak now”. I looked at him and smiled and said “how’s your book coming.” His eyes lit up and he peered into my soul and said “since the moment you told me, I knew in my heart that the message was meant for you!” I chuckled and lost my breath in the same moment. He walked away. He planted the seed. I was shocked and immediately amazed by God. Within a week I had an integral conversation with my personal trainer, completely on a whim. She said one sentence about health and fitness and it catapulted me in to what will become my first book. One conversation led me to a writing retreat within a week that poured out 1000s of words and over 100 pages of content, chapter titles, concepts, knowledge that had been engrained over the course of my life, story telling entertainer with Truth! I can’t wait to move forward in this writing experience at The She Speaks conference in a few months. The book isn’t done, but God’s vision is fully engrained and visible and I’m grateful for the access we have to His heart. And at the end of the day, if the book is just for 1 reader – 1 life – 1 heart, it will have accomplished my goal and my purpose!

Pray into your path. Pray into your purpose. Pray into your spirit. He will show you and illuminate where it is you are meant to go. Hopefully you won’t have to go through the intense emotion of a coffee shop stranger crying conversation – but if you do, it’ll be worth it.

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