• Tamra Andress

Ministering to Christian Kingdom Leaders with Gail Root

Gail Root is full of light. She's got such a joy about her, which we know is connected to Our Father in heaven, but her testimony is incredible.

Currently she's life coaching in that perspective of Christian kingdom leaders, and I just, I just can sense the transformation that's taken place in her own life and how she's actually serving from that place. You all know that's my passion.

We talked about the mountains of Ascension. We talked about this new book that I've been reading called The Return of the Prodigal, that is all about the roles that we all get sucked into.

I think it's really important for you guys to tune into this show, not just to enjoy the conversation, but to listen, get sharpened, and find that conviction.

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About Gail:

Jesus lover, married to an awesome guy for 28 years, mom to our precious gifts, 3 adult sons. Retired after a 25-year career in direct sales & network marketing. Now a Kingdom business coach to women of faith in the industry - speaking, teaching, coaching, certifying women to RISE as Daughters of the King and join God in restoring & redeeming the industry to make Kingdom impact.

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Show Notes:

So many overlaps in this conversation that my friend Gail root is on the show and I call her my friend. You'll find out how we know each other at the very beginning. So be sure to tune in for that, but she is light you all. She's got such a joy about her, which we know of course is connected to our father in heaven, but her testimony is incredible married for 28 years, 20 plus years in the multi-level marketing or direct marketing, I guess I should say realm.

And now she's coaching she's life coaching in that perspective of Christian kingdom leaders. And I just, I just can sense the transformation that's taken place in her own life and how she's actually serving from that place, which you all know my passion to pain transformation zone is so critical for the way that we show up in the world.

And we talked about the mountains of Ascension. You guys know about that. We talked about this new book that I've been reading called the return of the prodigal and the roles that we all get sucked into. Good. Some not some honest and some not right. And how we can actually shift and change through that.

So I think it's really important for you guys to tune into this show, not just enjoy the actual, like listen and get sharpened and mean, meanwhile, find that conviction. I talk about often about coming to these shows and just having an open heart and an open head to what the holy spirit can say to you.

And you said a lot to me, and I know you've got a lot to Gail, so I'm sure he's going to say a lot to you. So Fred, we're so grateful to have you here. Be sure to tag us both reviews, share light comments, subscribe, scribe, all the stats, you know, ding, ding, ring about these, do that here. You can do it on YouTube, but anyway, love you guys.

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And kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamra and dress. And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories, talents and tips as a purpose activator and brand builder.

I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Hello. Hello. Welcome to the fin based podcast. I'm so excited to have you Gail. How's it going? Awesome. Thank you. Thank you so much for having. It's going to be fun. You guys, if you don't know Gail, I don't either. So let's just be honest. I love this. This is I gotta be transparent with my union. Right. And I've got some people who come on the show who I've known forever.

There are others who are like, known from whether it's a glitz, glam, influencer realm. Um, but when I got to see your name on the deck for the week, I was like, Ooh, who's this. I get to meet a new friend. And so I'm excited to explore. And you guys are getting essentially a real life, like first date experience right now.

So Gail, tell me a little about yourself. Like, what are you most passionate about and where does that derive? Wow. Wow. What a loaded question. Right. So, um, well, most passionate, um, you know, living a kingdom life, honestly, and helping other women to really live. I came out of a painful place of being a Christian, being a believer.

Um, but not having any fruit of the spirit, to be honest. Um, I wouldn't have told you that and I would've probably not admitted it, but it was truth. I was dealing with anxiety, doubt, worry, fear on a daily basis and trying to hold all the balls in the air and do all the things and really had, um, a radical encounter with the holy spirit.

And it just, um, really transformed things. And it's just, uh, I want other women to feel his presence every day, um, and just walk into their kingdom assignment, um, passionately. And because I've been from, I grew up in a, um, direct sales family, Tamra, well, I've watched my father empowering women and he had $5.

Wow. I watched him in a real cool story about his mother. If we get to that, but watched him empowering women my whole life and wanting them being in and around direct sales and network marketing, almost my I'm 55. So most of my life. And so when I was leaving the industry and call to coaching, God was like, well, of course, I'm keeping you in your field of favor.

This is where you've been your whole career. So I do coach women of faith in the industry to really build their business on kingdom values. That's amazing. And I'm so curious, what was his, is it the same business, the same network marketing like era or what you guys do? No, not at all. So my father is 89, um, um, is still living amazing, but he is, um, he was actually, well that's okay.

So world book encyclopedia was my MLM. Well, Okay. Direct sales. Okay. Okay. Yes. And so, and his mother, you're going to love this story. So his mom, he tells this story about, so she came over Ellis island and it was a super hard worker in New York city and would work in the garment district. And she came home one day.

Really? Usually the joy and my father, he said he was about 10 he's like, mom, why do you love your work so much? And she said, because I get paid for every piece that I finish. And so she was teaching him, paid for performance compensation that you didn't have to go to a nine to five and have someone else tell you what your rate was.

She, whatever she could finish. Well, she would get paid for. And so that planted a deep seed in him and went on to spur his career. That is awesome. Yeah, it's really cool. And I think as I am a mother announce a little ones and constantly being very mindful of the way that I speak about work and my creation time versus work, or what is mom and dad to do.

We go in and we help people every day. Like just really changing the language and the vernacular to what is a hard working person look like. And, uh, it's been really interesting to hear them talk about it as they're getting bigger. And, and every idea that they have is very entrepreneurial driven because I'm just kind of like, Ooh, that's a good idea.

What can we do with that? What can we make with that this past week? My son decided he wants to start a new business. He had one last year during COVID, but this one he wants to start doing. And he was going to do a dog walking company and we were prepping the pliers and he was going to walk around and do all this stuff.

And we were talking about hooking Calendly up and how it was going to alert him when he had to do it on the weekends. We started really flushing out what this could look like. And he recognized that like he's only here because he has jujitsu tournaments all the time. Every like other weekend, I said, that's going to prove to be really difficult for the person who needs their dog walked every weekend.

And so he decided, instead of taking it completely off the table, cause he loves animals so much. He was going to start making his own dog. And so he is now creative. It's so cool. So I love that there's like this lineage component to how we show up. And it's often emulated sadly on the juxtaposing side of no freedom and you're paid for the hour and that's all you get, you know?

So it's interesting to hear that. So tell me now, after watching him and stepping to that for you, um, that freedom factor in, and what realm like pivoted you from actually being in the industry to actually elevating above and helping those who are within it? Yeah. So what a great question. Um, well, really it was just, it was that Paul on my life, I was literally sitting in church and I, um, I didn't believe at this time in my life.

Well, I, I didn't consciously, I wasn't consciously aware that I didn't believe, but I really didn't believe that God was. Speaking to me, I would get little signs or little things, but I, I didn't believe that the holy spirit was actually wanting to communicate with me every day, which he does. And he is, and it's so incredible, but I was sitting in church and I literally heard Christian life coaching.

And I had been a coach for many years and people had said, feel, you'd be an amazing life coach, but it never made my spirit leap. I just knew it wasn't, you know, but when I heard that and trust me, Tamra, we have a brick and mortar business. I had other things going on. I did not need that. Our three boys at the time were in high school and lacrosse and all the things I did not need another thing to do, but I walked out of there with such joy in my heart and I turned to my husband and told him, and he's usually like, what harebrained idea do you have now?

And, um, That sounds perfect for you. It's like this perfect marrying of your, of your faith and your coach and your life experiences. And I was like, oh, this is something. That's incredible. And it's so cool that you had that at that affirmation and it honestly, from your spouse. So you guys have been together for 28 years.

Is that still accurate and credible? That's also not common, right. And it's not common that when someone who has the entrepreneurial bug and they decide to go out and do something abnormal to what society would have you do, uh, to have that spouse support is like very rare. And I found it actually causes a lot of friction in the marriage because finances is one of the top reasons that people get divorced and it feels like they're going on in his limb and doing something that they love and they're passionate about while the other person has to go and clock in or clock out and hold the Fort down from a prosperity perspective for awhile.

Um, but I love. It was a holy spirit driven thing that had already ready the heart of your husband to say, yeah, that's a no-brainer right? Yes, yes, yes. It was definitely, um, the whole, I was like, whoa, you're really moving in this. So that was super exciting. So I'm curious, like how long ago did you have this holy spirit encounter?

Because what you first set out the gate, I one could see the emotion welling up in your eyes as you were just like, I want more people to experience this, but too, like, it feels so fresh. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and that true, that, that is, um, part of the holy spirit, so daily. Right. Um, so let me go back. Uh, let's see.

So we got to go pre COVID. So it would have been the spring of 19 in the spring of 19 and then got into a Christian coaching program and then COVID hit and then it was, um, you know, having a coach, tell me Gail, this isn't happening. To you, this is happening for you. And you know, one huge when you talk about freedom, um, and I'll probably get emotional with this, but, um, you know, as a Christian, as a believer for a long time loving the Lord, I was trying to be good Christian, and I didn't consciously know this, but what I was doing was it was like every day was like, okay, how can I be a good mother?

How can I be a good wife? How can I be, I'm going to church check. I'm going to Bible study, check I'm reading scripture check and what the Lord had to convict me of. And it was painful. Tamra. All the focus was on me. It was all about me. Was I being a good mom? I being a good mother with high being a good mom.

Was I being a good Christian? Was I being a good girl? I got introduced to a kingdom perspective and like everything shifted. It was like, this is about Jesus. This is about, I want this to be with Jesus forges. Jesus. He wants to Coleen and everything like this joy. Opened up and freedom opened up and I found, I ended up researching, how do I, um, how do I spend every day seeking him first?

And so through a number of things, I won't go into a long tangent on it, but I have a six step morning practice that I do now every morning. And it's seeking him first and his word and vision and journaling and reading and calendaring, but it's all for him with him. And I've heard you talk about, um, the MIT's the most important tasks and it really is.

It's working from grass. It's saying no more striving, no more hustling. Um, and I know people have different definitions of that, so I'm not trying to shame anybody, but I'm saying from that performance based place, oh, you'll love this. So in scripture we look at Genesis and we think, okay, you work and then you rest.

But when would you really look a little bit closer? And this is just a fun, little twist on it and take, you know, anybody can take what they like from it, but God created Adam and Eve on the sixth day. And then what happened? They rested. So Adam and Eve's first day was resting. Good. Looks like it was like, oh my gosh, start from a place of rest.

Right. Place of rest. Rest is I surrender. I trust. And then from there we work, we don't work to rest. We work from. I love that actually never heard that Gail. I never heard it. Yeah, that's really good. And when you said that MIT is the most important task and having three, you know, Lord does not want, he doesn't.

Yes. His burden is light, but his burden is not intense and exhausting and overwhelming, then we're just in self. Right. Completely. And people can get that misconstrued. Right. It's like, oh, that's easy for her to say, she's only got three things to do today. And it's like, no, y'all like, if you see my task list,

that's one bracket. Right. And then I've got, I do have all of my roles to be a good wife and a good mom and all of those things, but it's really my question to self at the end of the day is, did I move the needle? And knowing that it's not some pie chart that I moving the needle in that it's an alignment factor of self it's it's God always superseding every element of who I am.

And if I am out of alignment, I'm going to feel it. And so are you, it's like when you eat all the bad junk that day, because you're stressed and overworked and everything falls to pieces because of one element of alignment being wrong, you can't stack something and it's like playing Jenga with your life.

Right. And like everything falls to pieces. But if you think of a wheel, a lot of people will do the wheel. And they're like, oh, faith is over here. And Fitness's over here. And friends and family are over here and it's like, oh, if I don't touch that today, it's okay. But for me, I don't think it's an I, it's not a non-negotiable.

It's a, non-negotiable it isn't non-negotiable. And then every day, an element of myself connected to the image of God has to be something that we nurture and has to be, and gets to be right. Like again, such an honor to, to be in this, this life, the way that we do. And I think that's where, when you talk about the fruits of the spirit, it becomes this place of existence that like nobody can ignore, right?

It's an joy that you're talking about. Horrible peace that transcends all understanding, even in the midst of a chaotic world. I mean, think about all the things that media would be throwing our way right now. And here we are talking about peace and joy and comfort, and it's not because we're neglecting what's happening to brothers and sisters across the world.

It's the fact that they actually have access to have this same joy, peace and comfort in the situation in predicament that they're in. Yeah. I mean talk about holy spirit. I think that's really where people forget the power that he has no matter the circumstance. And so it's interesting that, you know, the way that you get to serve is in regards to these people who are pursuing one element of myself, but every other piece you're, you're putting them through that, that alignment, that chiropractor, right.

Putting them back into alignment in their pursuit of perhaps finances or, um, security. Yeah. So, you know, I literally, um, the last company I was with, um, and I knew my days in the industry where we're wrapping up, but Lord, wasn't calling me like to really shut the door. And so I was like in this tension of what's going on.

And so I started noticing. All the time, all of these Christian people in the industry of direct sales and network marketing, I was like, Lord, why are you calling so many of your daughters into this industry? And quite frankly, most of them are struggling why? And so, um, you know, then he showed me how the industry is really founded on biblical principles, freedom, servant leadership, multiplication, prosperity, building community.

Um, I mean it just, I was like, oh my gosh. And then it was like, well then why are they struggling? Because the enemy has had a foothold here for a long time. The enemy brings shame. Imagine that there's a kingdom path in network marketing. And when you really look at it, biblically, it's very clear personal transformation.

Freedom multiplication, servant leadership, community, real life, giving community. Those are all powerful foundational tenants of the industry of direct sales network marketing. Now it's been perverted by some out of fear and that self striving and performance anxiety, but the enemy does not want those daughters to rise up and really take hold of what God has for them.

Because when you can see he wants you to be a great light in the industry, so that not just so that you can pay a bill, actually prosper enough to pour out to others and teach other women to do this. Wow. So that is really the movement. It's his movement and it's too big. I cannot begin to do it alone.

And I see him moving in the industry. I see him calling. And so I just wait for him to keep bringing collaboration, um, because I know it's a daughters of the king and network marketing. It's so good. And I've never thought about that foundational premise of what they have cultivated and why it has worked so well.

And I specifically think for like the women, is that coming from mothering perspective of like, we need that freedom, right? Like we need to be able to stand in the Proverbs 31 and wake up before the kids and do some of the things and then do it after they're napping. And like, we need to be multi-talented and multi-faceted at every given minute, and it's an amazing industry to be able to do that.

Um, but I have seen a lot of broken hearts in that space. No different than the church though. Right. Like no different than the church. And I actually have an opportunity to share with a lot of my clients who are in that same realm who are kind of feeling like. In the industry, right? Where like they've gotten to the top, they're doing phenomenal.

They, they are doing well from a prosperity perspective and they just feel limited by their ability to actually either share the gospel or they feel limited in their ability to bring because you guys have, well, I said, you guys, it's not you, but the systems have been set up that they can't like cross pollinate kind of like they're the teams or the teams or the teams or the teams.

Right. And you can get a lot of friction in that, because if there's a broken element, you're now stuck in a broken system, even though the overall idea and foundation perhaps are the same, it's like, you're in a good sandwich and you want to get out. Cause you don't want to be with those other ingredients, but you don't have a choice.

And so it's been an interesting for me to stand alongside them and I'd be. In that kind of propel and transition for you. How have you been able to kind of remove yourself from that place and also still serve those, those same women? Yeah. So it's really, it's been such a gift that I had my years in the industry and can see.

And I did, I did, I did the Lord's help use the obstacles as always, right? Whenever we go through obstacles and difficulty in our life, it's always to, to then be able to serve from that place of knowing. And so, um, you know, having chased all the carrots and done all the things and built the big team and had the income coming in and it was like, but I used that as a concern.

It was like, I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this. And then when I can't do it anymore, okay. God calling in the big guns, I really need you now. That's when you need a consultant, you're at the end of your rope and you're willing to pay just about anything for this consultant to come in and give you some guidance.

And so it was, um, so now helping women to really build their first honor him, he's the one who brought them to their business, brought them to the industry. He's got great plans for them and believe it declaring, you know, this like affirmations. It's like, no, we're, we don't need affirmations. We need declarations of his word over our lives, our lives and our business.

And then, um, so we, we overhaul the heart and then we really move into, what does it look like to sell from a kingdom perspective? So we give up selling for serving. We give up recruiting for inviting, inviting women into relationship. Um, and so he's just. Rain down on my heart. Um, and just giving me content content that just keeps coming.

And it's just such a, it's just been such a blessing. So, um, kingdom dream chasers built dreaming with God, you know, bill Johnson's the seven mountains. Um, yeah, so the seven mountains in businesses, one of the mountains, God wants his kingdom people to invade. And so we need to rise up. And I think, you know, when you mentioned those leaders, um, who were kind of at that, like, okay, what now, what now?

And I, I do think, um, that God can just completely reinvigorate them when they see that they can bring the good news, they can bring the gospel. It doesn't have to be in an overtly Christian message, but they can bring the gospel and good news into a much greater purpose. Um, in network marketing then maybe.

Just even thought possible before. Yeah. And I think I, I definitely have that Ascension of the business mountain as well and multiple others, but business specifically. And it's this knowing too, that like in this space, we actually are almost granted more of an open heart and an open door then that of the religious mountain.

And I say that because. Business leaders or even people working in businesses, they are open-minded to personal development. For the most part, they are open-minded to this idea of leadership and companionship and community development, because it's something that's just constantly in the forefront of their conversations.

And sometimes HR makes them right. But regardless like, there's this open heart, there's this open door for more, especially if there's. Place of stagnancy and on the antithesis of that, and you go into a church and like they've been conditioned, right? And it, the conditioning that's happening in that space.

And I say this with a whole heart, because I believe in the church and I believe in God's desire for the church, but there's been this conditioning that has left them in this stagnancy of like, you just stay right there. You're good, right. Where you are, I will come and spoonfeed you every day or every Sunday, once a week.

When we, more than that. And that's enough for you. It's almost like you were saying those check boxes, like living in that checks and balances system of our life versus God being like, hold on. It's not even about you. It's about me getting his glory into our conversations, getting his glory into the way that we show up to life every single day, even getting his glory back in the church.

Wow, this is so powerful. I had, um, you know, and, and again, just like you said, I am proud to be a Christian. I am a believer. I have been for a long time. Um, I do love calling myself a kingdom business coach because there's a greater encompassing of the kingdom life. So what I discovered though, is that the church has done and I mean this with all respect, but, um, a great disservice to many people in the sense that what they've determined is sacred as a vocation.

And this makes me really emotional, um, because you know, what's sacred being a priest, being a pastor, being a missionary, being a youth leader, being a worship leader, those are the sacred locations. And as if the title. As if the title is what makes them great. Hello, Jesus, and make something sacred. And so you have women who will literally can be ministering in the marketplace, rising up.

God has equipped them with so many incredible stories and abilities to minister and teach and love on and serve. But. No, they don't feel called. They don't feel that they have a place or a voice. And so imagine if the church would say, minister, wherever God has called you to minister that, that location isn't sacred because of its title.

The vocation is sacred because of who's called you to do it. Oh my God, this is so good. And this is the same, even for teachers, right? Like anyone it's for everyone, it's not.

Yes. And I mean, it's so wild to think of, like, if you were just shift and this goes back to that, like daily practice or those MITs or whatever that be, if you were to shift the mentality of like, I don't have to do this, I get to do this on his behalf that he's already actually gone before you, even in the day.

And therefore you're just, you're. Finding the path, right? That's a part of fit. The acronym of fit is founders, innovators, and trailblazers. It's like, we're just literally following in his footstep and making way. So like the prayer being the declaration, being, God put me in the path of the person that I need to pour into today, put me in the path of the person who needs to hear from you or see the life that I get to live based on your freedom, based on your sending your only son to do what he's done for me.

And so it's, it changes everything. It's just like this conversation. Like we, I pray before we get on these things with intention and be like, oh gosh, holy spirit, show yourself not Gale root, not Tamra and dress, but like what has been manifesting in our life that can be fruit for other people to bear witness, to, to have sustenance from and the process of their becoming story.

Wow. You know, and you're just, um, you know, I, I've just been so touched and it's such a, it's such a testimony to the, the T the times such as this right now, you know, that brawl esters right now, because, um, in this digital age that I can watch your podcast, that I can watch what you're doing. I can go hear your message.

I can hear your heart. I can see your joy. I don't have to be in the same room with you having coffee down the street, that we can that in, that I can come onto your podcast and I can learn, I can be ministered to, I can be inspired to dream God-sized dreams by watching what you're doing and how you're impacting, you know, your space.

And it's, it's just so powerful that we get to live in this place and doing a podcast. That's another thing that. Tricking me. I am, I am a very visual learner and podcasting is, is really, you know, new to me and it's uncomfortable. And the Lord's like, hello, Gail, if you heard this, you're going to still love this.

The Lord says, Gail, I'm not betting on you. I'm betting on my power working through you. Come on the first time I heard that it completely wrecked me one because my pride was completely stumped. You're shit I've been.

And then there was this incredible flood of relief. Please thank you for not betting on me, but betting on your power working through me. And it just was just a confirmation of a joy that I was on the path that he wants me to be on. And, um, you know, that I didn't have to fall into that performance, anxiety and striving and trying to figure it all out, just move.

He will guide. He will guide he doesn't steer the parked car. Gail get moving so he can steer. Yeah, that's so awesome. And I say this to people all the time, you in one of the gals who's on right now, she's like, she'll push you out of a plane. She's good at a support and encouragement in the process, but it's like the action piece is really just where he wants to his heart.

And it goes back to the conversation of brass at the beginning, like acting from a restful spirit is not striving, but it is movement. And being still is a command of movement to be. Action word. And so it takes us actually moving into that space and some days, absolutely. Some days you might not actually be like running a marathon seven days.

I might not be live. Right. But there are other things that are moving in my spirit. There is moving in my mind and they're moving in my will to be able to activate. But the best part about what you said is like, don't bet on me. Like I I'm fleshed. Right. I don't always get it right. But if we're betting on God and that's where that cool thing is, even when you were saying, when he whispered like Christian life coach, right?

Christian business coach, I mean, whispered those into us. We didn't have to have all of the pieces of the puzzle to figure it out. All we had to do is take that little piece because if we had everything we'd get lost and we'd get stagnant and we wouldn't be able to do it, we'd freeze because there's a thousand million pieces that we can't put it together.

The dogs ate and walked away with half of them. Right. So it's this knowing. He's only going to give you enough for the next step. And that's the faith piece where we get to bet on him to say, God, I'm moving. You better put something out in front of me, or I'm going to fall flat on my face. I love when you talked about all the pieces.

So I don't know if you love to do puzzles. And I do. I do me and my son. I love puzzles, but for me, I have to have the cover of the box. The box has got to be propped up. There's a system, right? You get the four corners first and then frame. Okay. So I literally early in my coaching journey. Your your point on action.

You know, that is the debt is faith. That is the leap of faith holding back, saying, God, show me the cover of the box. And then I will move. He's like, Gail, I'm not giving you the cover of that box. If I give you the cover of the box, you're outta here, you're going to be gone. And you're going to be like,

girl, I'm not giving you the cover the box because I know exactly what you're going to do. You have to trust me that I know what the cover the box looks like. And it's amazing. And I don't want you to miss any of it. So depend on me, sit at my feet, listen for my guidance and know that I am speaking. You know, it breaks my heart that people don't think that the Lord wants to speak to them.

Every day that they can hear his voice and hear his guidance. And some, some of my, you know, my clients will say, well, Gail, how do I know if I'm hearing from the Lord? I'm like, girl, just know that he is speaking. And if you, and it doesn't matter if you're hearing it right, then you will. It's, it's an act of faith.

It's an act of trust and belief. And then as you do that, and you will hear it. That's really good actually, mate, like prompted in my spirit. I've never used this analogy before, but I went to an elementary school that had, um, the hearing impaired students of the community were there. And so instead of being in like the traditional choral department where you would do chorus, we would actually learn sign language in conjunction with the coral, um, piece that we were practicing.

Lion king was one of the ones that I remember specifically. And, uh, it, as you were saying, It was like, I saw this person who was deaf, who like they're standing in the kitchen and they see that there's noise being made. Right. But they can't actually hear it. And so they're like summoned closer to the action to understand what's actually happening by watching.

And if God is constantly speaking and we're constantly looking, it doesn't mean that's an audible sound. It means he's positioning someone. Who's making noise for you right in front of you. But you're not looking, or you're not listening with the ears of the world. You're you need to do it with the ears of your spirit.

Right. And that's where like your spirit has senses too. Right. And so I think that part is something I've been exploring in the last year is just like, what are the six senses when it comes to my spirit, man, that dwells inside of me and how can I activate from there, like taste and see that I am good taste and see that I am God, what does that mean?

Taste the holy spirit. What is that? Right. And I have a gal who's actually in my coaching program right now. She calls herself a perfumer and she is very much about creating perfumes and she believes in the fragrance of heaven and she believes in the fragrance of God and the oils associated to that.

And so she's like, perfume is all over the Bible. And I now get to minister to people. And I'm like, that's so powerful, right? Yeah. It's so beautiful. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Fit phase media co is dedicated to activating mission driven leaders in the marketplace by way of publishing press and play because your story doesn't just matter to you. It matters to move others. We help you dissect and share your message through podcasting book writing and business development.

These three areas are exactly how my team and I have opened doors to stages become the best-selling author. I always dreamed I'd be. And even the entrepreneur that energetically and joyfully shows up to serve each and every day, literally nothing I do feels like work every day feels like play, and we'd love to help you live the same life of freedom and fun.

If you're a speaker, a writer, or an aspiring business owner, let's jump on a call today to vision cast your future together. in faith, Again, that's fit in faith, Book your call. If you're a founder, an innovator, a trailblazer, or a wannabe, we can help you get there. Let's do it.

You know, um, the, you mentioned the lion and it made me, um, you know, behind me and why I have this guy here behind me. Um, we talked about belief and taking that action and it's scary. It's scary to take that action. Um, I just had, Lord just convicted me recently on something that he spoke to me a while ago and I thought, oh no, I can't share this yet because I don't have it all figured out yet.

And he was like, really, really, you know, here we go again. And I'm like, oh, my heart is so the lion, he is not the smartest in the jungle. He is not the fastest in the jungle. He is not the strongest in the jungle. But he is the leader because he believes, he believes in who he is. I mean, the cheetah's the fastest, the elephant is the strongest or the think is the elephant.

You know, the giraffe is the tallest and you keep going through all of these animals that are, you know, but the lion believes he is the leader of the jungle. And it said that belief that I am a daughter of the king, I am a daughter of the king. And I think it just breaks his heart, that we don't live as a daughter of the.

You know, with our, with our heart breaking, you know, the first thing we have to do as a daughter of the king is seek him first. Right. So we seek him first in our business. Um, yeah, it's just, um, really powerful. I, I newly saw a reel of that just recently and never, you know, never thought about it that way either.

It's just the line is the king. That's all you ever hear. And, uh, what's interesting, connected to that is this idea of like the daughter and the son, right. We hear I've been studying this book by a painting of Rembrandt and the book is called the return of the prodigal son by Henry. Somebody's got to look it up.

It's really good. I've been talking about it all week. I need to get his last name in my mind. Um, but it's this idea that the, we always are like most connected to the prodigal son or the prodigal daughter. And it sounds like in your life, and this is something for you to even look up to, and I'm not saying this in like a negative way, but.

Because you've been in the church and you've played that good Christian role. You've actually played the brother role in the cert of that experience in the home. Or you've been alongside the goodness and the grace and the mercy, and you've been working the fields and the allotment is yours. And yet you haven't had that like full holy spirit experience.

So you haven't come to full surrender. You've kind of stood in that space and me too. So that's why I can say this of, of righteousness almost that when the brother, the prodigal comes home, nice have empathetic eyes because we are connected to the holy spirit, the way that we are. But there can also be that tug from a lot of people who have been in the church to be like, why do they get that first?

Why did the party get thrown for them? And I've been here, like stewarding everything that God has given you. It's still the flood gates haven't opened. And so I just feel like, as you were talking, the thing that I really see you shifting into isn't, isn't the brother and it's not the son or the daughter, if you will, it's actually that father role and that you're actually playing the father, which is here on earth, as it is in heaven.

We need the people who have their hands wide open. The prodigal and to also invite in the righteous that are standing at our side, condemning the prodigal. Right. And so it's a huge role to play. I was in the word this morning and that's kind of, as you're sharing, I'm like, holy cow, she's, you've got the heart to be able to say, come one, come all.

Let me share with you without any like, inclination of need for you. It's just through him that he's working in that father role. So, wow. I got to send you that book cause it's so good. You're going to love it. I would love to read it. You know, that's so powerful too. And it's a confirmation because I mean, the Lord was showing me.

I did have, you know, it's almost 30 years actually, this Thursday it'll be 29 years. Um, but I did have a radical surrender was living a life that, um, I knew I shouldn't be living and, um, and had, uh, had a radical surrender with that and gave up alcohol. And, um, have been sober for 29 years. This, this Thursday.

Yeah. Um, so yeah, but the Lord was sh I was finding myself. This is so interesting Tamra. So the holy spirit definitely just spoke to you, spoke to me through you. Um, I was finding myself with women that I coach, um, that kind of tension of frustration, wanting to like pull them along through their obstacles a little bit more.

And the holy spirit convicted me and reminded me. Hello. Where were you? Not that long ago. And so, um, it's just such a, I just, the power of coaching. Uh, I was talking with another coach today and, you know, whenever I'm w whatever I'm coaching, you know, I'd get this little, the holy spirit. Like, are you working on that?

Like, as business women, we need to be having monthly. W where's my income, where are my expenses? Where's my profit. Hello. This is business practice, you know? And so, and it was like, uh, we're Gail. Okay. Where's your, I was like, January, February, I got mine done. You know? Um, but just that, that, um, the transformation that we're offering.

God is so incredibly gracious and loving that we're giving transformation to the women that we coach. And we're receiving that from the Lord, you know, as we work our issues. So sure. It really isn't. I think that that's where like the consistent sharpening has to come into play. Right. And like our contender continued surrender because it can get to the point where you're just like affirmation, affirmation, affirmation to the people who they're receiving coaching from.

But also just always remembering that, that, that tapping on the spirit or like somebody being like, I cannot believe you just said that I'm like, I didn't say it. God said it. And it's hard for people to us. And that, but it just constantly pointing back to him in everything that we do. Um, and I think, you know, people will give me kudos about the podcast or my business or my social media.

And I'm just like, none of it, like if I went dark right now, it would still get the glory because of what has transpired. And so I just, I'm encouraged by you. I'm encouraged by your light gentle spirit that I know is, is the law is the lion, right? Like the line within you who like you're that got that motherly?

And this is the thing that's really important for people to know that like, yes, people speak to the fatherless nation that we exist in, but it's no different in the mother realm. And so we have to have that fierce and that feminine simultaneously so that people understand that God is a father and God is a mother.

And your empathy matched with your ferociousness is what people need in this time. More than anything. Beautiful. So beautiful. Thank you for that. Yeah. Tell me, I'd love for you to tell me a little bit more about grow with God and you're joyful as well. I mean, if you love you, like let's do it while we're alive.

Why not? Oh gosh. You've got to come and grow for God. It's grow your business for God's sake was the original name of the conference and it's still got the tagline for it, but grow for God, just because I am constantly thinking towards illusion towards metaphor and the flower and fields and the harvest.

Time harvest and what that looks like. And so it's a time and opportunity for us to come together in community to be sharpened together as business and ministry leaders. And I have a client who calls it business story, and I'm like, that's so good. And so it's missions in the marketplace and those leaders who I believe are exactly in the space that we were talking about here, who actually are operating in a ministry mentality and they don't know it.

And so giving them the unlock to the holy spirit, using the exact information that you're sharing here. That's not on you, that that's on him and he's not gonna fail you. And so stop trusting in yourself and start trusting in the Lord and see what happens. And what's going to manifest in your life because of it.

And so it's a time of worship. It's a time of entertainment and joy, a community, and there's going to be speakers from every different genre who will be there. So that's exciting and happening in Nashville later this year. And then the joyful entrepreneur just launched today. We have new pods that come every eight weeks.

And so this happens eight weeks, every eight weeks. There's a new pot that launches. Yeah. And so it's a group of people who come together in the season that they're in and they're laying all of the overwhelm, all of the hustle, hard, all of the grind to the side and they're recentering themself. Or they're starting in a place of centering because a lot of times, new, newly preparing entrepreneurs who are just coming into it, there's, you know, shiny light syndrome.

There's a thousand ways that you can develop a business. And ultimately I want them in that tailor made expression of this is not by done by anybody else other than even God and the way that everybody else has done it is not likely the way that you're going to do it. So let's unpack what that looks like.

And you're going to step out into joy immediately versus having to do what I did. And it sounds like parts of your story shared where we had to retract and start again. And so I don't want to see people in the attraction phase. We have nothing but fields to plow and things to do in the kingdom here on earth.

And so setting people up well and getting them, their systems and the things that they need and, and understanding that there are opportunities for them to exist in the joy factor, the peace factor and not. Wow. There was a, there was a, um, writing a book component to it. Yeah. So the anthology is something that we're launching in conjunction with the growth for your business for God's sake conference.

And so people who want to come together who have this shared heart who are already operating in it, ideally not in the launch phase. They've been in business in business three, if you will, for a while now. And they want to share that testimony. And so there'll be a collection of 20 authors who will all have a panel.

And the book launch will happen at the conference. And, um, they're going to get to write a chapter in this book called the joyful lunch. Okay. Okay. Good. All right. Exciting. Yeah. When I read, I was, I, you know, I was thinking that it was, you were walking through how to write a book. So if that's another coaching program for you, um, I've got, I have retreats.

I do a book writing retreat that happens every year. And so that's an opportunity to see what the process is like in that experience while also starting writing and crafting your, your specific story that happens in new Orleans, in. Fun

and watching everything that you're doing. Gosh, it's just so exciting. It's just inspiring. You know, I think this is a huge part of the kingdom. Life is watching what God is doing in other kind of entrepreneurs, because your cast, you don't even, you don't even know it, but you're casting vision. We all have access to this.

That's the part that I want people to unlock. It's like, it's not Tamra his idea. Like it literally God gives me. Okay. I guess this is happening. And half the time my team is looking at me with their eyes bulging out and they're like, oh gosh, what is she going to tell us?

They, to trust in lean on the fact that like, I am in connection in communication with God and they are too. And so if there's a prompting in their spirit, like I have these people specifically safely secured around me with intention and they have full access to saying, we're not going that direction. Or we're not saying yes to that partnership, or we're not going to do this thing because there's times where I get eager.

Right? And I'm like, oh, this isn't my idea. This is a good idea. Not a God idea. And so having that checks and balances, and I think that's probably something you help assess as well in your coaching program is like you have to have a checks and balances of people and sisters and brothers who are going to help you stay alive.

You know, and God was just showing me that this morning that, you know, really we live in a time and I'm not trying to be insensitive to anything else going on in the world. But you know, here, especially in the United States, we live in well, north America, but just so much abundance, so much abundance that it's just almost, uh, it's, it's definitely really, in some ways, um, how much abundance we live in.

And so we one, if we have that microwave mentality, so we want to quit real fast, um, when things get uncomfortable because we're so used to just, oh, I'll just, I don't even worry about dinner. I'm just going to go through a dry for, oh, I want this food. I'm just going to pop it in the microwave and I'm going to have it just a minute.

So we're set up to have very short persevering windows, you know? Um, but when we think about, um, what, what God's doing in the sense of good versus what God wants us to do there is for the belief. There's so much good. There's so many good choices. And that's why I think so many Christians get, do get so overwhelmed in business or they, or they just put their hands in the air at some point, because just like you said, that shiny object syndrome, or they're looking, looking, looking for.

Cause it's good. Cause it's good. But this is good. I mean, I guess it is because it's good, but wait, you gotta slow down. You have to listen, pause, surrender everything, and listen for his voice. What is best? What are those MITs? You know, what are the things he's calling you to do today? Not what's good because we can make ourselves crazy join.

What's good. We want what's what, what God wants us to do as, so really in Gail, really, really a sound, a piece of advice. And I think people can even look like from those perspective that like I see all the things that they're doing, right. And I want to do all of those things to. That's not your path. Like God has our own strategic path in intentionally designed and I will get guilty of that microwave desire.

Right. And I was just in a car ride with my husband this past weekend. And he was like, you know, when you first started out on this journey and you would get to that sensation of overwhelm, or you would, you would operate in that flight or fight mentality towards something that was happening within the business.

He said, I wanted to jump in and protect you. And often he would come to the rescue because he's been an entrepreneur longer than I have. And he's got more sound wisdom, Sage wisdom to share in that. And he would, he would jump in, he would give me like, this is the plan of action. Let's do this. He would even come in and financially support me for awhile and be like, it's okay, I've got this month.

It's okay. Like just keep going. You're doing the Lord's work. Right. And he was competent in that again, that support system has everything be equally goats in that as well. Um, but he said, as I've watched you mature and I've watched you continue to go. I see when these times are coming and I don't feel the desire to like jump in and save you because what I'm recognizing is like you are doing the exact same process of growth that God needs you to process it.

I had the process and those hard spot moments are going to make you, they're going to make me a better coach, a better empathetic, a more of a loving mother and father, more of an abundant, you know, leader, because we're going to get to understand what it feels like. And we're going to go to speak and drive right home into it.

And God's going to give us the tools to get out of it. And therefore we're going to know and be armored in that time to say, oh, you don't have to fight like that. Try this weapon. Right? Like, this is how I got out of that situation. And so it was, um, one of those things where like things a lot, babe, but simultaneously I'm like, thanks, babe.

I know it's out of love. One testimony to your marriage, um, that he's trusting you and he's watching the Lord equip you. You know, I remember when the Lord started first showing me visions and thank you cameras so much for saying, cause I just need to hear it again and again, that whatever someone else is doing, um, be in speed, be inspired by it.

Be encouraged to buy it, celebrate that, um, what, you know, lift them up in prayer, but it won't be your path lean into the Lord. He's going to show you. So when he first started casting vision about what I was doing, I was like, what? I can't, I can't do this. Um, so, but what he was showing me is the woman that you are today, Gail is not the woman who is going to be able to accomplish.

You know, yet you have more equipping to do so. What that does is when the difficult times come, I don't have to feel that sense of I'm failing or I'm, I'm just like, okay, Lord, this is you're equipping me here. This is, this is difficult. I need to move through this, but you are equipping me. You've already made a way out and I can rely on you in that.

Um, and it's that easy, but, but then exactly what you said, my trust in him grows because he gets me through it. He gives me the resources. He shows me in ways that only he could have gotten me through. So my trust in him grows and deepens my dependence on him, deepens. And then therefore my ability to hear what he's calling me to do and who is calling me to serve and how he's calling me to show up.

It's just, it's just this beautiful, you know, and it goes right back to what I cheered earlier. We have to, we have to reposition ourselves from the brother and the product, um, practical experience because that's what will happen. We can be in that victim mentality. We're prodigal. We can be in that arrogant mentality or like, this is the way I'm going to do.

It will be in a brother perspective. And meanwhile, we should be celebrating that somebody else is having a victory in the kingdom. And so it's, it's a hard place to be when the fat and capped is tilled for someone else. And you're like, I'm working my tail off, but simultaneous to that, like, God. Kevin and you're invited it.

I have all of those calves are yours. You're celebrating. Yeah. You celebrate you every day. He loves you no less, just because he's loving on another brother or sister in a different way at this moment that you still have a ring and a robe on you because you are a daughter of the team. And so it's, it's a hard mentality to break that.

I think that it's ever a broken mentality. I think it's a consistent evolution of self it's that always becoming mentality and to just be easier on ourselves. Like we're so good at giving grace to other people. And we're so terrible at giving grace for ourselves. So it's not my son that I have to remember.

Right. And I'm preaching to myself right now. Take gal. Not yet, but sister it's been so good to get today. I can talk to you forever. We're already an hour into this show, which I haven't done in quite a while. So that says a lot about, I'm just blessed by you blessed by your time, blessed by this opportunity.

It's just very exciting. So thank you. I hope you're welcome. I want people to get in touch with you. I want them to be able to utilize you as a resource and come into your coaching program. So obviously all the links are connected, but do you want to share like a specific area that you hang out most so that they can come and get into.

Well, that's so sweet. Thank you. I have a free group, free Facebook group called kingdom solutions for women of faith and network marketing. Um, and then I do have a I'm really in there is where I try to nurture and give and give some free training. I really let women come and see who I am and then I do free challenges as well, which I love is a very taste and see approach to inviting women into a free challenge, whether I do it on my master your morning, which is those six steps, or I do it on unlocking your purpose.

Um, but I really do speak to women usually in the second half of life or who I'm usually working with, um, that are in network marketing that want to work smarter, not harder, um, and really want to align their business with kingdom values and really have purpose and a thriving business, but they also want to enjoy their grandchildren and they want to travel and they want a life.

Um, and I believe that that is the kingdom life. Um, Yeah, really awesome. I'm excited. I have some people I need to connect with, uh, doing, not similar things, but collaborative opportunities. So I'll do that after the show. Dale, thank you so much for being here. You guys surely get in touch with her and it was a blessing.

Thank you. Thank you so much to.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories.

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Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that we are speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and bake team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness. This is the fit faith way.

Fit phase media co is dedicated to activating mission driven leaders in the marketplace by way of publishing press and play. Because your story doesn't just matter to you. It matters to move others. We help you dissect and share your message through podcasting book writing and business development.

These three areas are exactly how my team and I have opened doors to stages become the best-selling author. I always dreamed I'd be. And even the entrepreneur that energetically and joyfully shows up to serve each and every day, literally nothing I do feels like work every day feels like play, and we'd love to help you live the same life of freedom and fun.

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