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Making a Godly Impact Upon the World with Meisha Watson

I am so excited to introduce you to today's guest Meisha Watson. She is an England native and now lives in Canada - so a Canadian English, I don't even know what you would call her. Meisha has so much life inside of her and so many incredible journeys, paths, and identities that she has lived beneath.

But ultimately it's this knowing that she is more even than what she is right now, right? We all are. And I think there's such a gift to that, this openness in that she has multiple projects taking place, but is still conscientious of the ones that are super impactful, whether it's for the one or the 1 million.

She's got an incredible show called, "Hey Meisha!" It's a faith based show on YouTube with four kids and she's the executive producer and host of it. Go check it out - after you listen to this episode!

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About Meisha:

Meisha Watson is an England native, with the heart of a Canuck. She and her family made the move over to Canada when she was just 14 years old. She had a dream to make it in showbiz; and in Toronto is where it all began. Fast forward to today Meisha has now worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. She started out as an actress making various guest spots on the screen and stage and then hopped over to Kid’s television shortly after and became a host on YTVs the Zone and the Zone Weekend. Today, she is the Host & Executive Producer of the Faith-Based Variety show for Kids ‘HEY MEISHA!’ airing every weekend on YES TV.

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Show Notes: Making a Godly Impact Upon the World

Man. Oh man. I'm so excited to introduce you to today's guest. Her name is MHA and she is an England native and now lives in Canada. So a Canadian English, I don't even know what you would call her. I'm sure she has a name. her name is Miesha, right? But she has so much life inside of her and so many incredible journeys and paths and, you know, identities that she has lived beneath.

But ultimately it's this knowing that she is more even than what she. Is right now, right? We all are. And I think there's such a gift to that, this openness that she has multiple projects taking place. And she's also conscientious of the ones that are super impactful, whether it's for the one or the 1 million, she's got an incredible show.

It's called, Hey Misha, it's four kids and she's an executive producer and a host of it. It's faith based and we can access it on YouTube right now, which you should go check out. Hey, Misha, don't do it right now. Hold on, stop. Stay here. Or subscribe, review, follow. What do they call it now? Right nowadays I'm podcasting.

Everything's changing. You also can watch this live and in action on Facebook or our YouTube channel, we've flipped out a couple of. Incredible parts to this conversation. So follow us, hang out with us. Get in touch with Misha at I am Misha on Instagram and for the next hour, enjoy your listening episode with the one and only Misha Watson.

It was such a joy. You were going to take away so much, not just about your vision, but also about your dreams and how to actually not be realistic and to dream small. Weird, right? Yeah, let's go.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast fit is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life holy, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs and kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamara Andre, and this podcast.

Isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted. No matter how far wide, deep or high the, there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories, talents and tips as a purpose activator and brand builder.

I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and who's. We are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith. Hey, Hey, Hey, you guys, I'm so excited to be on this show today with Misha Watson. Every time I'm in the background, I'm in the green room, just like grooving to those beats before we go live and it gets be so hype to be able to introduce you all to incredibly human beings.

I mean, we do this week after week, sometimes multiple times a week, and Miesha knows all about this. She's an executive producer. So my, my little show over here, that's been running for four seasons and 250 plus interviews. Ain't got nothing on her. She's been here for a decade in the industry as a host and an executive producer.

And so I can't wait for you guys to just learn her backstory. Uh, we always say the messy comeback stories to our own versions of success here. So that's gonna get her wheels spinning as she dives in to share a bit about who she is, but Misha, we're so grateful to have you here. Thank. Thanks for having me.

I'm so excited. Let's go. Good. Let's go. Y'all so I wanna hear like first and foremost, where did you get started? Right? I know that you have background, um, in, from being an England native and then transferred over to Canada at some point. So tell us kind of the evolution journey of Misha Watson. Okay. Yes.

Hi everyone. Nice to meet you all. Uh, born in London, England, and I was one of those kids where some people would say, oh, did you ever think you'd be an actress? Did you ever think you'd a, like, for me, nobody could deny that I was the one who. Um, love group work, love, collaboration, love anything creative, but also I just love to talk.

I love to create, I was the one who painted on all the walls in my house. I was the one who did all the doodles in the back of textbooks. I've always been like creatively driven. Um, but for the first part of my career, uh, I shouldn't say career my hobbies, I guess it was all about me. It was like, how can I perform that?

People can see me? How can I create people can see me is all about me. And then throughout my career, uh, I got saved as an adult, grew up in the church, left the church, got saved and then God was like, Hey, we're, I'm gonna bring you success. Come on, glorify mining. And when I got saved, I understood it. I was like, ah,

It's so incredible. That's so funny cuz I've I did the same thing. I, I didn't come to know Jesus in a relational way until I was 29 mm-hmm and I had been an entrepreneur for the decade prior to that and been starting great businesses. I had signed just like three years prior to that, like a nine figure contract for a global nursing bra line.

And so I felt like, I was like, oh yeah, I know how to do this. I know how to own this. I can do it myself. And then I met Jesus and I recognized that that was so there was no sustainability in my plan. Right. But God has made my plan because of his plan. Sustainable. Yeah. And it's that vision that we have such limited capacity and understanding too, that he magnifies and it's such a gift to be in that place, but it took some humility shifting.

Yes. I always say that, like I can point out specific moments in the early part of my career. Where God was using people and experiences to humble me. And obviously at the time I was like, Ooh, I do not want to be humbled in this way, but I look back and I'm so grateful what happened in the beginning, because it's kind of helped me today to not have to continually learn how to be a humble person, but also to give glory to God constantly, not when do it's always right.

The other day said, mom deserve this dress. It was like three,

the bride probably paid less for her dress type COVID wedding type things. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I don't care. I deserve it. And she goes, you do not deserve it, but you are blessed to the fact that you can afford. Thank you, mama. I needed that. I needed that. And I'm so grateful for my mom. I love that. And it, it takes those moments, but it also knowing that we can combat that almost immediately.

Right. And, and to know that we have to have that predictable spirit, we have to be okay to keep our hearts open to the moments where somebody's like, I'm gonna sharpen you real quick. Yeah. Cause that's not usually how it goes. Usually if we're being sharpened, there's a reactionary response. Right. Mm-hmm where we're just like immediately.

Like, I don't feel comfortable right now. This is not what I believe. This is not how I should act. It's all of the things that we just wanna jump in, like a cat and fix it. Right. As I'm a fixer, I'm a, a recovering perfect. Wow. Right. So I think it's so important for us to be able to keep our hands wide open, not just in the, in the receiving, but in the giving and knowing that there's gotta be this give and take for the holy spirit.

And if we're not willing to be convicted, he isn't capable of blessing us. Wow. That's so good. It is true. We're not capable of being convicted. I feel like that's something to be said for a lot of, um, anyone in leadership right now in ministry should double check to be convicted. Like, do I have people around me who, um, are able to hold me accountable?

Do I have people around me who are checking my humility? Am I listening? Am I hearing them am I, I even, I'm a, quite a direct person, most Londoners are . Um, and sometimes I feel like I need to give space to be humbled, like to actually ask someone, Hey, like I'm trying to grow in this area, if, from your perspective, am I so good?

Allow them to like, say something that might be like, oh no, no. You know, giving them, I said to a friend recently, she's wonderful. I said to her, uh, yeah, this, this girl, she called me stubborn and she went, yeah. and what's the, yeah. And I was like, oh, I guess, oh my am I stubborn? So then I went, people like trust, not any old person.

And I was like, is that a characteristic of mine? Like stubbornness? And they were like, yeah. And it, oh, OK. Uh, I had no, like it's not necessarily a bad thing. When I'm operating in an unhealthy space, right? Um, my stubbornness is not a gift, you know, it's like it, you know, hurts and so can hurt. A lot of people can hurt my work, can hurt my ministry.

So, um, they were like, the stubbornness isn't necessarily the bad thing, but there's a way in order God's gonna use it for his glory. It's good. Be aware of that. Right? Well, I think about like holding enemy lines, right? Like you have to be. Stubborn in, in the sense of the essence of the word in order to have defense mechanisms.

So be able to hold and carry the weight of the armory of God. But there's a way of being stubborn. That is grace filled. Um, and that also allows us to be malleable. And that's that component of can I be convicted? And I think your are just openness to it and then recognition of it. Cuz sometimes we go through so supersonic, this has always worked.

It doesn't seem to be bothering anyone that we forget to, to really take a look in the mirror on our own identity. And I think really asking for constructive criticism is generally something we do in like an office setting. yeah, but it's not something we do as just humanity. Yeah. And I think if we gave ourselves the opportunity to do that with our friends and family more often could really, we could write a new story for ourselves in our becoming journey.

Yeah. Even like, I feel like I feel more loved knowing that they know me. Yeah, better than I thought they did. You know, like I gave opportunity to speak about me to me and now I'm like, oh, I'm so loved because they know me so well and

you do something you're gonna do it. And like, regardless of what I say, and I'm like, and you still like me, like, I know you love me. You're my mom, whatever. But you, you like me, you are willing to work with me. You are, you know, um, guiding me too. You're, you know, say certain things. You, you hint at certain things, you, uh, gimme advice knowing my stubbornness so that I can continue to grow, despite the things about me, that God is trying to sharp in a way.

And that's like, oh, I feel so loved. It's great. I recommend it. Yeah, you, it's a really good perspective to take, right. Versus that I'm gonna reject you or abandon you. Now that you've called something that doesn't feel comfortable to change. Cause it's not an easy thing when you're convicted of something or you're brought to awareness of something.

You do have a choice, you have a choice to stay the, the same path or you have a choice to become and the becoming process. It sounds lovely becoming, I just love that word, but it there's also the element of. This is gonna be hard. I'm gonna have to release things. As you were talking about stubbornness. I was thinking about my own leadership, um, journey and, and hiring a team and having a team.

And I'm sure as an executive producer, there's a lot of people around you to help bring something to life. And leadership has really been something I've been leaning into really forever. I used to host leadership workshops and be the, you know, the camp counselors and things like that when I was young, but really in this season of life, especially this season of life connected to my relationship with the Lord is God.

Where, where can I release? Where can I become? And is this releasing of my micromanaging? And because I fell and still feel sometimes. I'm the girl for the job. Like God gave me this vision and if it's not done in this precise way, then it's not, I'm not doing my due diligence. And so when I hire someone to do a thing that they're better at me to do , but I still think that I need to have my fingers on it.

It's actually devaluing the people we're connected to. And it's inhibiting our growth. Yes. Yes. I always say this to my team. I just literally had a meeting today. Yeah, sure. I'm not micromanaging. Cause I'm it was. And the word devalue, man. That's exactly what it was, uh, feeling like you need to touch it because God gave you the vision.

God gave you the plan. God made you the, you know, uh, the spearhead, but there are one thing I realized is that there are things that the holy spirit has given to them that you haven't heard yet. Yeah. They're supposed to give opportunity and given that platform to be able to do what the holy spirit has guided them to do, you, you miss out.

And then we all lose that you're so we need that space. Right. And so even though it goes, you know, executive director and then editor, producer, whatever. I only have people on my team who are creative, so talented, trustworthy, great team players kind, which means that they have more to teach me than, you know, than they had to just do for me.

Like I could learn from them as well. So I wanna give them that platform. And sometimes it's so hard because we do so many things here that I just wanna move quickly and get stuff done. I'm like, I do it myself. Cause I had so many years of hustling by myself. Right. But now I don't know, like I can trust my team to like follow through.

And then, you know, you have your times where you're like,

oh, you better, you know, exactly. Well, are you open to some constructive criticism? right. We make way for ourselves, but it's your turn. Yeah, exactly, exactly. So I love this and I love the conversation that has evolved knowing that it's not just about like your journey, but how it actually impacts and can teach other and train other people.

But I'd love to hear about your evolution into being an executive producer and running that team. And talk to us about how, Hey, MHA has kind of evolved because you guys haven't really heard about this at all. So talk to us about, Hey, Misha first, and then how that evolution piece with doing it has, has come to be.

So I started out my career as an actress and I, um, was an actress for maybe, I dunno, the number of years anymore. It was it's so all over the place. But for a number of years, I was an actress, was an agent and I was booking, booking, booking, and loving it. And then I booked a gig at a children's TV station in Canada.

So it's called Y TV. And it's like, um, Nickelodeon,

the big was, you know, this one guy, Carlos, who I basically grew up watching TV years.

So for three years, I got to host on that show and had the time of my life. I grew in my skills. I was still auditioning. Actually funny part of that story was humbling is that while I was on that show, um, I was still working a bunch of different jobs. And I went to the Canadian screen award, which is the Emmy of Canada and posting.

I was wearing a $6,000 address. At that thing that I rented, by the way I rented make it very clear it address. I rented the dress and the next day I was picking up dirty towels at good life fitness. Wow. Like, right. Like the, wow. Look at me. Bellava ball. Thank you, Lord. From bringing me to this plate and the very next day, I'm like, what is on this?

What is this thing? Wow, that is huge, like huge humbling experience. But, um, it was so helpful to me, my, the rest of my career, just knowing that like, God is working throughout every my detail of my life and I never tried so that not feeling alone in that, knowing that he's right there in the middle of it.

Um, but yeah, so there for three years, but while I was there, I was like, I'm hosting. So it's my own words. But for the most part, there's a writing team. They write the content and then I say the content. And there's a bit of like, you know, wiggle room, but not a whole lot. And it, I felt so important such as I was on my heart that I needed to write what I was saying.

Cool. I've always been, um, an activist in regards to, and an advocate for women, women of color immigrants, single women. Yeah. You know, and on that show, I was like, oh, I'm so boxed in here. Sure. And so I started producing other things. Like I started just taking side jobs and producing and I was like, PAing for things.

I was like grabbing the coffee runner for some things and yeah. All over the place. And I started getting some traction and then, uh, I was just praying, God, what am I gonna do? And then I ended up gonna getting some classes and stuff like that. And I had dropped outta school so many times throughout my life.

Let's give school another shot. And I did school for a little while. Paid the money that I didn't even have to spend. It was like, God just presented me with a, a residual check from a commercial. And I just put it all on all on red. And I went to school. Um, and then the end of school, I was reached out to by, uh, CEO of TV station.

I work at now yest and she was like, we're doing, she's like, I love you to come in for, for an interview. One of shows

another host as well. And, and she goes, what do you wanna do? And I'm like this content I was like in a room and like brainstorm, create the content and instantaneously. So.

Better believe TA I pitched her three TV shows. I was like one of these down to, you know what I'm saying? I went three different concepts. I pitched the show in Jan in January. No. Yeah, January, it got green lit in March. We had recorded it by June. We had air it by August. It was the craziest year of my life.

And it was just go, go, go, go, go. And yeah. And so ever since then, I've been the executive producer and host of, Hey Misha, but working at a TV station and a nonprofit I'm on so many projects constantly. And it is crazy. I'm literally in the office right now, like in between meetings and stuff like that.

Cause it's crazy, but it's so fun and what's great about it is I feel like we can affect change instantaneously. Like that's the thing about media. Yeah. It can get right into their hands right away. And as long as you are like. Um, taking the time to listen to the holy spirit and listen to what God is telling you.

You can actually say something that the holy spirit is saying to you, and it can get out to thousands of people or even just one person. Yeah. Right. And I just think that's so exciting. So that's kind of been my, my journey. Yeah. I mean, it's so powerful. And I love like obviously the, the end there, the, the dovetail of that is the knowing that it's all faith based.

Right. And so for God to open that door and say, you are gonna have not only an opportunity that I'm opening in the lane, that you want to do it, but also to do it and glorify my name, which goes completely back to the beginning of your story of like, he gets it all. Like he, he gets it all. And I just love that so much.

And also to know, I don't even know what is on. Is this on like right. Nickelodeon still style, or do they have to pay to have access to this channel? Oh, so the original show that I was on is on Y TV it's. Cable everyone gets it's like a common consumption. Yeah, sure, sure. My show is on our TV station, but also on streaming platforms.

So we're currently on cool. Uh, two streaming platforms. We have another one that's currently in distribution and then one's a us distributor and then we have obviously YouTube. Okay. And so basically we're like, let's make it in a way where kids can actually watch it because most families don't have cable right now.

Right. So we were like, we can put it on cable. Cause then, you know, they'll see it, but we should really get into their hands. So we were like, let's find the platform, that focus stuff and get it there. And the reason we go to YouTube is because we're like, well, what about the kids who don't go to church?

How can they watch it? Or kids go their friend. And they're like, how can I watch when I go home YouTube,

grounded of making content. That's about. It's different from making content and saying, you can be all you wanna be, and you are amazing and you are awesome because they are amazing and they are awesome. They're awesome. Because they're created in the image of God. You know what I mean? Exactly. It's like, it just feels so much more.

I feel like I can go the long haul in my career now because yeah, it's grounded in my faith. Well, and, and that was literally, I was just thinking is there's gonna be ebbs and flows of conversations that are happening in society all the time, right? Cultural conversations, political conversations, educational conversations, it's constantly changing, but truth is truth and it's truth today and it's truth tomorrow and it's truth forever.

And so this isn't content that's gonna go away, which is something that I think is so powerful. It's everlasting it's ever it's ever evolving because of how it plays out in cultural conversations. What somebody or comes across now is gonna be just as valuable to them as it would be 20 or 200 years from now.

Exactly. It's evergreen. Evergreen. Yeah.

so good. And so I am, I'm so thrilled to hear about this piece because I do think the show fit. The acronym stands for founders, innovators, and trailblazers, and that's exactly who you are, who you represent. It's and it's really the community in which we serve here. So if you were to speak into an entrepreneurial mind or a trailblazer or an innovator from the lens of your expertise, knowing that they may or may not want to be an executive producer one day, they may or may not even wanna be a content creator.

How would you speak to them? I think all of us are content creators at this point, whether we believe we are or not, you advice for just some things that you've learned from your and how it would apply to them, it be in leadership in trailblazing. Well, okay. So. I heard this recently and I'm like, oh, this is great.

So one was, don't be realistic, which was like, okay, like what does that mean? I think what I can take from that is, um, so often the world is gonna make it seem like what you're thinking or what God is telling you to do is a little bit crazy, but mm-hmm and a little weird, little bit countercultural, but, um, the verse I've been leaning on for this little season, Romans

reveal to wants you,

if is revealing it to me, then it's probably gonna look different than the way the world is revealing it to me. So it's gonna be a little bit weird, which means it's probably not gonna be super realistic as cause sound a bit crazy. And so let's, let's not be realistic. So I really do like that terminology there of like.

My second piece of advice is, um, is dream small, which I know is like counter to it. But, you know, entrepreneurs, trailblazer, we're always shifting. We're always shifting and it's, uh, um, because, uh, dream small is what do you have in your hand right now? Cause often, because often, often dreamers, right? So we're like, oh, I really wanna like, like, you know, um, you know, create a podcast.

Yeah. What do you have in your hand right now you have a phone, you probably have an Instagram account and you have live, but why you start doing live to see like that vibe and move from there and then you get some posts on there. Maybe someone says, oh, I'd love to sponsor you. Great. You get some money, amazing, buy a microphone.

You go, you know, they can go from there. But like, what do you have in your hands right now? So like dream small, like just straight over before you spend the money. Actually recently I had to talk to some girls who they're creating this huge web series and I was like, You spending your own money, but if you could just use what you had in your hand right now, and then a small, high quality piece, maybe someone else would pay for yeah.


but then also. Don't be realistic, realistic. It's a really good like partnering conversation with those two concepts. First off, I feel like they're really good book titles. So if they haven't been taken grab it, it's so good. Right. Uh, but additionally, it's this conversation of peculiarity and it's literally biblical for us to stand as peculiar people, meaning it's gonna look counterculture and that feels really uncomfortable.

But being outside of the boat, literally getting out off of a boat and walking on water. Is really peculiar. It's really uncomfortable. You have no idea what's actually gonna happen, but that's when we're in full faith, that's when we're in full trust. That's when we're in full connection with God, right?

Like as soon as Peter took his eyes off God, he started to sink. And so if we decide to take that step and be peculiar, be counter culture, don't be realistic. And to dream small, I feel like that really talks to humility. It says, you're right, I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do it and you're gonna do it right.

Because I am giving you my body because I am sacrificing my flesh as Jesus did for us. Right. I mm-hmm I'll do it for you. And I think that there's just a lot of beauty to that. For founders, innovators and trailblazers. We are used to being out front. We're used to being the visionary. We're always called to dream big dream big think big, right?

These are book titles. Those ones are. Yeah. . And so let's, let's flip that script. I'm gonna literally, I always come to these podcasts with like the anticipation of like, what's the thing I'm gonna learn. Right? Mm-hmm and we talk about either touching the 10,000, who might listen to this episode or the one person.

And sometimes I get to be that one person. I, I always come with that mindset and this is definitely the two things that I'm gonna take away is. Is the dream small and don't be realistic. It makes me think actually of this concept of like smart goals, I'm sure you've heard of them over and over. It's like smart is an acronym for specific measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely, right?

So you have to have smart goals. They always tell you this. But I recently published a book in October and I talked about the acronym being wrong because those allow us to only think in the understanding of what we can accomplish and smartest goals, which is the new acronym of the E T that I added E stands for to evaluate S stands for sharing and T stands for tailor made.

And this is the element of inviting God into our goal setting so that we can actually attain what it is that he has created us to do, rather than what a lot of us in our flesh are capable of attaining just like you and I were in our paths prior to being wrecked, we could attain it, but could we sustain it?

No. And so sustaining comes in the evaluation, the sharing of what it is that God's given you so that other people can partner with you and the fact that it's tailor made for you and you alone, which creates that conversation of peculiarity. Yes. Yes. I love it. I even tailor for me. That's what that, I think that right there is the, uh, is the book book title, as you say, cause even just that, cuz I think, um, I love hearing people's stories because I'm like, oh, how did God affect change in your life?

Like how did you get to that space? Because I'm an executive producer. One of my best friends is a executive producer. We have totally different ways of getting there and how. Guided us, but we were all gonna end up. We were both gonna end up here as executive producers at the same time, but we got here in different ways.

And I'm thinking the way you got here, I would not like, literally, if I went through that, I'd probably be like no longer a C all, like, how did way through that, you know? Um, you know, I just, I actually love that tailor. It's so good. Good. I love it.

The most powerful thing you can do to unlock your greatness and step into your next level of abundance is to get in the room with others who have been where you wanna be and perhaps are going where you wanna go. But oftentimes we can put ourselves in the wrong room based on exterior vantage points, what they wear, where they go, what they do.

When we know in our heart of hearts, that we should be following people, standing along people who are aligned in true wealth, stop feeling alone in the journey of growth as a business leader and an entrepreneur who loves God. Stop struggling to find the right answer. When it's already been written, stop giving up on the desires of your heart when God place them there with intention.

Stop standing in this lack mentality. When your prosperity is critical for all of us in the kingdom, come find a seat at the table at the. Impactful faith driven business conference. You will ever experience alongside ministry driven marketplace leaders. You will evolve, unlock and activate your next level.

That just sounded like a video game. This is not the meta. Okay. This is your I R L you're in real life chance to be in the room with some of the greatest kingdom entrepreneurs of our time. Founders, innovators, trailblazers, who are God centered are coming together to grow their business for God's sake.

And that's an inside out job. You will leave this three day intensive with action plans, new income strategies, fresh mentalities towards business and life integration, and a sense of freedom that will have others magnetize to what you are selling by the way you freshly and uniquely serve it's happening on November 4th through the sixth 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee, with a highlight VIP event on November 3rd, there are seats at the table for you, but they will go fast.

It's a limited. Reservation. So get your tickets Again, that's grow for I cannot wait to hug your neck. I cannot wait to see you there in person. I cannot wait for this energetic room to just light up the world because that's what we're gonna do when we leave this conference.

But you gotta be in the room. IRA. Let's go.

I'm thinking through like, did you have somebody who you were aspiring to at some point watching when you were young and knowing that like I made for the stage, God created and fashioned me for this made to be chatty. We talked about that offline before we came. She was like, I just love podcast. I can just be chatty Cathy and no one's judging me because that's what you have here for.

Was there that or following? Um, when I out. I really was all about myself. I'm not gonna lie to you. Like for a good portion of my come up. I saw my own face. I was like, what is MHA doing today? Like, how is Misha gonna make her way through this Miesha gonna be a star? It was all like, wasn't someone on TV where I was like, I can't to one time be like her, because to be honest with you, there really wasn't there wasn't like a black, British immigrant girl.

Like this didn't exist. I wasn't looking anyone. I didn't think anything missing. I was like, there's not like black women missing there's me. I'm missing. God was building that self confidence in me. Yes. And then later on the humility, um, that to kinda, and literal love when read diary back then.

Wow. Um, but, uh, that was what it was like for the beginning, for my career. Now it is all about, um, women who are speaking up in the church community because I am so inspired by women. I'm surrounded by, there's so many women that are taking new ground in the church over here in Canada. And I'm so proud to like, they call me their, um, I'm like, I'm a lot of people's nieces.

Like I'm like their spiritual niece, the right auntie auntie. So it's like, so it's like niece. I just feel like now I'm like, oh my gosh, she me niece on Instagram. Oh my gosh. There's just so many women who I'm I look up to. And I, I had an incident couple of years ago actually was literally 2020. So I guess two years ago where I was having a panic attack, like, it was just the most scary thing.

And it was to do with like what was happening in the church at the time. And it was very confus. And I have friends and I have family, but I needed to call this one specific speaker. She's not like a friend of mine necessarily, but interesting. I just felt connect on Instagram

messenger crazy. Right. And I'm like, you know, and she didn't answer. Then she called me back. She said, call me right now. And I'm like, oh, I call her and I tell her what's happening. And she prays with me. She talks me through and I thought, you know, often you don't wanna reach out. Cause you're thinking, oh, this person I look up to is probably busy.

They have other things to do whatever, but I'm so glad I did because now we have a friendship and I'm one of her nieces. So it's one of those things where, um, I'm so grateful that I have people to look up to because they get where I am at in my career. And they're able to guide me and go, you need to read this part of the Bible.

And I'm like, okay, I read it. I derive what I think is from it. I bring it to them. They know the Bible way better than I do walk me through what there is to learn. And then I can grow, which is so cool. A

job to be in a niche part of ministry. And in, in the kids space where I'm not really like a, I'm not, I don't have any kids or anything. So it's like super, super niche. So to have people who can speak into that and make it biblical is. That's so critical. And it, it really is that element I'm thinking even through, as the lens of a mom, right?

Like there's this whole other thing where I'm watching what's transpiring culturally, or access that they have, or thought patterns that they have, which my husband and I are always like, we didn't have to deal with that. My mom who has recently moved in with us for the last year and a half at this point, she's like parenting was not like this.

When I was younger, they didn't have this, this conversation. They didn't even know about these things. And so our children are just. They're wise beyond their years. And yet their wisdom is still lacking because of the information that's being given to them. Right. So it's technically not wisdom at all.

It's just a knowledge base that could either hinder or harm them. And I honestly think that is what's transpiring because when you look through educational realm, there are some things that are being taught. There are some agendas that are coming at them, especially media, even YouTube, right. Mm-hmm . And so how do we as parents and also us as women and entrepreneurs, how do we now evoke that sense of armor?

Right? The Ephesian six, like how do I armor my child up so that when they are given information, when they do get presented new knowledge, they can have a filter and it can become wisdom and application rather than false identity. Right? Yeah. Especially funny. Cuz a lot of parents will ask me. Well, coming to me with situations like that, like how do I help my kid, um, in regards to this specific topic.

And I always say like, first and foremost, I did not go to child psychology school, not my niece is years old. Then I say, because a lot of time with my good news kids who were in my show and critical thinking so good, they need to be able to, I like, we need to teach them the thinking part, like how to think for themselves.

And I think that's one thing my parents did often, not every night we would always talk. We'd always kind of argue about things and yeah, I didn't have all the information, but it was way for my parents to kinda guide the way I was understanding things. Cool. And it spending a lot of time with their kids in those moments.

Whenever you do have the opportunity, um, with Misha, my show, it's a co show. So we've written it in a way that parents not gonna fall. That's our hope is that they can watch and they can laugh at it. And there's certain like, you know, little jokes in there where I'm like, oh, get that'll throwback joke, something like that.

Just so that with their kids and watch the show. And I love seeing photographs, parents with their kids. Like I actually like watched it together with my kid. I love the show and I think that's a great place because when they watch it, then they can ask the question, Hey mom, like what about that? And then they can talk and have critical like thinking lessons, right?

You know, the couch that's so powerful. And also because you have to understand too, or you have to, um, kids are gonna have differing opinions to you because they're from a different generation, right? So it's not for you to necessarily give them your identity, but it's for you to, as Christ, like as possible in the way that you teach them, how to critically think for themselves, we want to faces of our faith.

We want them to understand. Who God is and how Jesus loves and that the Bible is important and that prayer is real. And we want him to understand these things, but then we also wanted him to sit there and ask us a question for God. But, but mama, I pray for that and I didn't, I didn't get it. Okay. Why do you think that is?

Let's talk about it. You know, I, I, I love that story. I, and I that's the way I raised and I, I plan on doing that same thing. Yeah. Um, but I think that's, I mean, that's just me, that's just me a children's TVP just me. No, we get to touch, you know, I don't even know what your viewership is, but I'm sure millions of people.

Um, and if not, I'm being prophetic in this moment and you can receive that is this knowing that like, it's really an empowerment model to not, not impress our identity, but expose them to their identity. And I think that is just phenomenal. And, and what people say now is that public education teaches children.

What to think, not how to think, which is what you're saying is the evoking of let's teach you how to think and we'll have conversation and present. Here's some ideas. This is the what, but here's the how, and then what happens in the middle is the Bible, right? I mean, this is the inserting of truth because what, and how can be really different if there is a, not the filter of truth.

And that's why, you know, I was with some people last night who have raised seven children, they're all adults at this point. And many of which are entrepreneurs. They have 15 grandchildren just like wise sages. Right. And they made the statement about their raising of children and the element of understanding that.

They all went through different things. Some of them went through addiction. Um, some of them don't have children yet. So there's that element of like, when's my time, there's all these senses of curiosity. And they just had to be the most Christlike that they could be in certain situations and to discipline, even though discipline could be a conversation, but to discipline in a way that would still honor love that love would be the element of discipline rather than.

Spanking or rather than, um, ridicule or time out. It's more that conversation of time in, and I think that's what we, as a generation of parents and individuals, because even my peer needs time in with me, not time out, they don't wanna feel any more rejection and abandonment than they already feel. And that's the church, right?

The church is giving people time out. They're giving people rejection. They're giving people abandonment in their darkest, most sinful spot where they need to be held. They need to be loved. They need time in now. Maybe they take a time off the pulpit. Maybe they take the time out of the spotlight, but don't kick them out.

Yeah. I know. Actually, it's so funny. Like I was thinking the same thing. Like, um, if someone does something wrong in the eyes of. The church or they thin in a really big way or whatever. Um, how does the church react to that? Like, is that if a kid wants to understand, okay, this happened here and then that happened, and now that person doesn't go to church anymore, um, mom, why'd that happen?

If we could just look at it from the child, like I, there we're missing something you knows so good. My mom was like, uh, she's like the greatest Sage. I love my mom. She was literally like, I think pastors should only get the pulpit 10 years and then they have to serve in a different way. The way that society is it, um, It's becoming harder, hard, and harder every single year.

If you have a platform where your face is out there for you to inherit the kingdom of God, cause it's like money goes with it. The notoriety goes with it. Your words hold more weight in the Bible. Sometimes people will quote you instead of the Bible, my gosh, you're giving MES right now 10. Then I was like, Ooh, maybe they just get 10 years.

That would be, that would be great. Cause then they'd be like, oh, you could just like, I don't know, like I, that something to be said for it. Right? Yeah. Love say before you said, had any advice for hosts? Cause I have advice for, you know, entrepreneurs, but specifically with host when it's our face, um, before you get a platform, you need accountability and you need to keep in on it as much as possible.

Cause one thing for me was during COVID I realized or quarantine Toronto had the longest quarantine. Walk down, like you wouldn't even have bench outside for some portion of it. And I realized that like the accountability I had when I was going to church Sunday, the actual people, yeah. I haven't spoken them ages.

I was like, wait, I'm not accountable to anyone. Anything could happening in life right now. And I wouldn't have to tell a all, like, I wouldn't have to tell anyone. I like, that's not cool. And so I'm already have a platform. So I'm like, OK. So I'm doing my due diligence right now to reengage with those people.

But then also, um, to bring on new people who I've started to develop relationship with to have accountability, because it's just kind of human nature to see a person on a pulpit and wanna be more like them. Mm-hmm but we're not trying to be like them. We're trying to be like Jesus. Yes. So that person and I, I just feel such a way of that.

I feel a way of people. Misha. Wow. She's on TV every Saturday. Like I wanna be like her and I'm like, nah, like I'm trying to be like, Jesus, don't try be like, me's a constant battle to be more like Christ. So, you know, if I get, when I get my 10 years, you know, I wanna bow out gracefully and be like long do God's calling on my life and then not ruin anyone else's life along the way.

Like, I'll do it. Like, um, John mark comer, who's his author. And, uh, pastor, I love this guy. Like I met him one time, his parents and they were trying to up, they were like, You guys are amazing. Um, but I love hearing, he wrote a book love. He was running a church for a time and then took a step just being like, whoa, pastors can do that.

Take step from pulpit. And it's welcomed. Like

you can speak what, and I just really respected that and also loved that. And I also recommend any single woman to read lovey that he wrote. Cause it's oh, cool. Um, but. Absolutely. Well, I, I think there, like, there's an element of the need for sabbatical, right? And they do this as doctors, they do this in other fields and they do it pretty well.

Yeah. And like the pastoral anointing feels as if, well, God has called you and therefore this is where you must remain. And yet you talked about like the sin concept and like people being kicked out, there's almost a filter that has been created. And obviously no pun intended to the massive amounts of filters that we now have access to no filter on this show BTW.

Right. Um, but it. Knowing that they have filtered their life so much that that accountability that you're talking to is actually behind the filter. And so there's no evidence of truth. They're only seeing that person as a filter because heaven forbid the truth comes out on the things that are happening in secret.

Right. And so I love that you made the analogy even to yourself in what was transpiring during COVID, when you were isolated, they say all the time that your true identity or your true character shows up when you're alone, right? What are you doing when no one's watching. They say this all the time. And the pastors get into this place where no one's watching because they're completely alone because they have no accountability.

And the enemy is knocking at their door and. What's happening on the flip side of that, when something becomes aware and we're seeing like 1500 pastors are leaving the ministry each year and not because they're taking a sabbatical because they're either being kicked out or they're committing suicide or they're exhausted.

And so they're burnt out. And I hate to see that when someone has been anointed, but just as if Moses was only called to his anointing for a certain duration of time, and then he literally disappeared, God took him. Right. And then it was Joshua's turn. It only happened for a certain duration of time. And so I feel like there's a huge conversation to be had about the tailor made concept tailor made associated to God's timing and they get so that I think that they stay in a space where they actually are meant to move on.

Yeah. Think like. Because you said about the filter thing, it just like woke me up a bit to, I was telling people that sometimes in Christian media, we do the, we do the bow at the end of a story. Like, and then she had the baby

about did not it's like in the church, not like in social media, in podcast. Cause we're talking about out here. Yeah. But like in the church, on the pulpit, can we tell the story from the middle? And then also from that space, say, God is still sovereign in the middle so openly. And I wanna always mention my singleness, every single opportunity platform I get.

Yes. Yes. I so desperately want to be married. I, I, it's a desire of my heart. Yeah. In the middle I'm here right now telling you that God is sovereign. Now whether I get married or not, even though I want it so bad, he's sovereign right now. It is hard. I have my super hard days, but ultimately God is sovereign right now.

And I want more of that from what we hear from the pulpit on a Sunday. Speaking out that in the middle, like when they're in the middle, because I think a lot of our pastors feel like they can't talk about it in the middle because it'll seem like they have less faith, but in that in actual fact, it's an opportunity to show what God is doing in the middle of it.

Not just at the end when you get the, tell the story. Yeah. Like is the best story ever. Yeah. But I agree. Yeah. And honestly, if you think about even a movie or a script, I'm sure in your essence, or even any of the books in the chapters or books in the chapters chapters, in a book, it's the knowing that like the middle ground is the most monument.

That's called the climax, right? Yeah, because you're getting to a place of holy cow. There's so much adrenaline. There's so much that could happen. There's so much that could go, right. There's so much that could go wrong. Who's the protagonist, who's the, Anta like, there's a lot happening in the middle and you have the beginning and the end.

And so I think that there's such value to that. Even this past weekend, I was speaking at a conference, a women's conference in Iowa. I, I know Iowa. I now I, I dunno why people go to Iowa, but now I do because the people are lovely and it's beautiful. Aw. Um, but I was there and this woman, she comes up to stage and she in her bio had read that she had been she's, you know, hikes, Mount Kilimanjaro.

She's been a speaker for 15 years. She's written a book. She has like all this, all these accolades and she gets up there and she starts talking. And she started talking about the fact that she had essentially this heart condition and it put her in a coma for an entire month, just in December. And I'm seeing her standing on stage and I'm like, where's this story going?

What's the outcome that is transpired in six months, that has her standing on another stage. And the essence of the entire message was the fact that she had no idea, the fact that she was just leaning into the middle. And she had an in interesting panel that occurred right after that. And the person was moderating asking her all these questions.

And she's like, quite frankly, I don't know. And I feel for the first time in my life that it's okay, that I don't know. And that is so powerful because that's the sovereignty of God we can't possibly understand. In all of the essence of our faith, that's the faith without seeing, right? It's like, I don't know, but I know he is sovereign.

And so I think that what if we taught our kids to be okay with that, you know, I always have this conversation from a parenting perspective. And I'd be curious if you've ever done anything on any of your shows about this. It's very commonplace in two ways. One people will actually create identity for your children when they meet them.

Right? Yeah. They like my daughter, for instance, who's quiet, more quiet. She's actually not quiet at all. People would tell me when she was little she's so shy. Oh, it's okay. She's just shy. And like, she's actually, she's not shy. She's the opposite of shy. She's analyzing you. She's just reading you when she gets comfortable.

If you allow her to trust, you she'll come full out full. And my son who's really like, whoa, dude, like fun and crazy. They're like, I think he has add. And I'm like, No, no, he doesn't. He's a boy. He wants to get run around and dirty and play and wrestle. And like, he doesn't wanna sit there and read a book.

Now my daughter would sit and read a book forever. Right. That doesn't mean that you need to label my children. So a conversation of labeling is huge and it's done in innocence. They didn't mean anything by it. Right. But I'm like, hold on. Don't give my children any like, complex about who they are, who they're not.

And then the other element that I think is really powerful is the fact that we, where we talked about teaching them what to, or what to think versus how to think is, um, my mind just literally went blank. Maybe God just wanted me to share about identity. I dunno what the second one was. If it comes back to me, I'll share it with you.

But really that identity complex is huge too. Yeah, that was so good. I wanted to ask you anyway, what do you think about that? Yeah, but you're right. I think even I was, when you said that, I thought, what was my thing? I think it was, uh, I'm I'm very tall. I know you only get this much of me right now, but I'm 5 11, 6.

So when I, when I kid people would say, oh, she's gonna be a player. Totally brothers tall as well, all like we're from England. Right. So we were all about soccer. So what

tried, you know, what's funny, like I have, no, I don't really have a competitive streak. Like all I situation, I was like, don't, I'm a sports person, but like telling you for so many years that I was I'm like, I kinda just wanna. Do stand up comedy right now, like, is that cool? What's interesting kids. You're right.

Often people will identify them right away by they perceive them and then the kid takes it on. But what's exciting is I meet parents all the time who just have a really good, um, not intense intention, but they take the time to sit down with their kid in really normal situations, like in the car, coming home from soccer practice or whatever, and serious things about who a and walk to them like, like who do you wanna be?

What do you think a good friend is? Like, what makes a good friend? Like those kind of questions? Yeah. I think really appreciate it. You know, like, oh, something that's serious. Not just like, what's your favorite toy? You know what I mean?

I, to yeah, go for it. It's this conversation of. Who do, what do you wanna be when you grow up? Right. They're constantly asking this from three years old. What do you want when you grow up a princess? Oh, which princess is your favorite? I'm like, whoa. Don't like, they're still figuring it out and they don't have to have any pressure associated to that identity or lack thereof.

It's literally perfect. To what you're saying. You should identify as a basketball player. Should I? Yeah, I don't think so. Right. Yeah. And so we are exposing our kids to entrepreneurship super early and giving them the lens of being the leader while also being like the one who's in charge of finances and letting them play all of these different roles, the marketing role, the financial role, the, you know, the, the sales role, all these different places and seeing like, where's their, where are they really good at?

And my son is really good to the end to this is of what I shared earlier at delegating. He cannot. To pass the ball and be the one who's just the visionary. He's like this person's gonna actually make the artwork. Uh, and all I'm gonna do is sell it, but I'm gonna put this amount of money to it. He's eight y'all, I'm not booking.

I'm gonna make it this amount of money. And I'm only gonna pay them this amount of money. If you see me on life, he's like he's shooting for the stars, right? And I'm like, whoa, we also have to talk about fair wage and, you know, fair employee value operating costs associated to that. Mom actually used her driving money to take you to the store to get that stuff really interesting, right.

To really, you know, follow wi what it is that they're made to do and not put limits on the fact of who they're supposed to be. And so I think it'd be a really good show just to be like, what do you wanna be when you grow up? Cause that's what everybody says, but instead what passionate about right now, Yes.

Yes. I, I love asking them that we have this season part of season one where we were talking about, uh, are they a good brother or sister? Like, what do you think it means to be a good, it was so cute, but also what was great about it was just give them an opportunity. Critical think, is that,

am I the compostor? Is that a priority? Do I even care about a brother or sister? Like all that this season, which is coming out in full, we were talking about, um, a ways in which. They grew their faith. So it was like really like blanket statement, like tell a story in a way that you grew your faith. And the whole crew was crying every time because some of these kids have said things that I was like, I didn't even know.

You identified that as a thing that God did for you. Like I thought you just kind thought it realized is such great, critical thinking happening within our group. And, and it comes from themselves. We, I always say when I give them a homework assignment, whether it's acting coaching or whether it's actual, like for the show, I'll say it has to be them like ask the parents, like give them the space to do it themselves.

Cause I know the parents are gonna get them like the perfect viable first

and a blessing to.

She came in and she was like, you know, Misha, I've always wanted to be an actress. Like, I think it'll be great. And I'm like, that's great. Cause that's what you're doing on this show. So that's awesome. And then this season, she's like, no, I am a worship leader. That's who I am like, decided she's nine. She's decided that's who I am.

I was like, great. I love it. Like, whatever you, you know, her desires for me, it was just exciting. Cause she felt like she could jump around in her identity and whatever. And to be honest with you, I'm 32 today. I don't even know. What I wanna do when I grow up. Do you know what I mean? Like, come on. I totally agree.

I totally agree. And that's, what's so beautiful about life. It's, what's so beautiful about the gift of breath. Like every day we get to become and change and evolve and lean into the next prompting that the holy spirit gives us to change. Our identity is shift into more like him. That's what the whole concept is.

And he wasn't just a carpenter. He wasn't just a teacher. Right. He had all of these beautiful identities as friend and father and you know, son. And so I think it's important for us not to put ourselves in boxes. I love that you're giving children the opportunity also to teach us as parents, us as.

Because we need to listen to what, what they're saying. We also need to prompt the childlike faith in ourselves. Um, and I think that's ultimately what your show is doing. So I'm super grateful that it's in the world. Y'all, we've been talking for so long. We could stay here all day. Don't you love Meha Watson.

So good. Tell my, tell my community, like what's the best way that we can support you. Obviously we can get on YouTube and share your show with our children. Uh, what else? What's another way that we can help support. So I always like to say, follow me on Instagram, on my personal Instagram. That's I a M I S.

I wasn't a Christian. Let's just put it very blankly. When I wasn't a Christian, it was like seven years of my life. Um, I didn't know that I was supposed to have a personal relationship. I thought it was kind grandfathered in like my mom had it. So it's

kids Misha, but I'm also working on a lot of things where it's all centered around having a personal relationship with God. So I would love for anyone who's listening right now to just, uh, reach out and. Kind of pay attention to what we're doing on there. Obviously. Hey Misha. Hey, and on YouTube as well, but ultimately I'm down to just make some more friends.

So if you wanna say hi here in Toronto ever, I can take you out. I know the best box. Oh good. I love Toronto. We went, um, we actually came the week before COVID breakout. We were there. Yeah. So it was our last like, well, actually we still travel the whole time during COVID, but it was kinda the last pre mask situation.

So it was awesome to travel past weekend and not have a mask on the airplane. I was like, thank you, Jesus.

I can't wait. It's gonna be epic to hug your next sister. And I'm super excited to hear more about like just the breakout of the holy spirit and what's happening in women and the church where you are, because it's something that's actually a lot of revival. That's transpiring here, um, in the states and even just locally in my community.

So we'll connect about that. You guys definitely touched base with Misha again, it's I am Misha on Instagram and y'all know that's where I hang out to. So we'll connect with you there. Thanks for sharing the show. Thanks for hanging tough with us this entire hour. We hope you've got some incredible value out of it.

I know I did. And so we're grateful for you being on the fit and faith podcast. Miesha. Thanks for being here, sister. Thanks. Bye.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway snap APIC of the episode and share it on your stories or.

Send you can tag me and the guest and we will surely feature you on our Instas. Hey, you might even unlock a new accountability buddy in me or them. We're totally in this together. And we appreciate the extra step taken. I would be so grateful if you even took the extra step, come on, give you that extra sauce and leave a review on iTunes for the podcast listening app.

That is of your choice. I'm going to be featuring your thoughts in fact, and this is gonna be so fun in upcoming episodes. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to.

And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that we are speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and faith team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is the fit and faith way.

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