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Live More Skillfully: Mindful Breath Work – With Jacqueline Weisberg, Empowered Mind Wellness

Today we are talking to Jacqueline Weisberg about mindful breath work.

We have breath. Given to us at inception. Gifted to us at the beginning of time. And yet we subconsciously take advantage of its function, it’s existence and our control and lack thereof around every inhale and exhale.

Y’all know I practice gratitude and daily thank God for the gift of this day, but I have to be honest, I’m not often thanking God for my breath. Even when my health is my thankful prayer. my breath has been passed by YET It starts there.

Our breath leads to our voice which leads to our life’s testimony. If we can’t dissect this function and our ability to listen to our inner landscape, we discredit its existence and therefore leaving us ultimately lifeless in our breath.

Think about that? A lifeless breath. Makes me think of a corpse, which leads me to the vision of the valley of dry bones.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be in that place ever again. And so I’m motivated by today’s guest to focus on something that has become habitually nonexistent in my practice.

So many things can motivate you to become aware of your attachment to your breath and your purpose within that breath – Jacqueline described it as Awareness cultivation – A process of dismantling our ego and coming into our breath and body for self-improvement finding purpose in our placement here.

This is so good…be prepared to desire cognitive breathing and meditation in the life that we so often live in speed. Slow down with us today…and just breathe.

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Show Notes: Mindful Breath Work

Hey, I have a camera address, I’m your fitting podcast, so I upto me your… Just me. No words, no scripts, no incurs, no altos. I love authenticity, I hope to breed vulnerability, and I usually do this alongside another Dreamer mover shaker entrepreneur, passion is A… Is what I love to call them, if you’re a dude, then a dude, but I am loving, just coming together in community with other people to share their high and low stories, to share their journeys to come back, because I believe ultimately that for God would have us he would have us on the mountain top, and even though we learn a ton in the pit and in the valley, God would manuscript now, especially in this season of life, in this time of our culture to shine.

And so here I am, I want to teach you how to shy, I wanna be alongside you when you get your glow, I wanna capable to in your calling, whatever that is. So this isn’t a fitness podcast, this is my religious banter that week, Jesus all day long, and this is not just about nutrition or health or wealth, now I lack some greed and I know you do too, it’s not okay for us to not be okay.

Was talking about all of these things that, Edison, you guys, we don’t miss… Need a mental health podcast, we don’t just need a fitness podcast, you don’t just need a religious spiritual protest. It needs to win.

This is what fit in, things all about, it’s all about frontline men, methane, it’s about pursuing your wholeness and playing it over your life and over the line, a loved one that you have around your career. So thank you for coming again. I would love to get to know anymore, you can subscribe, whatever it is in an email is… I have an amazing team alongside, but you guys are gonna get for now so enjoy, I’m so have to have a Pope conversation with you is what I’d love to call up, don’t have my coffee right now, but I have it in my system. As you can see, all the love, let’s do this together and keep going, freedom.

But I… We are here today is Friday. Everyone’s having an awesome day, I am pumps and energized literally, because I knew that there was gonna be an energy outlet in the room today, and I… For the first time, I think ever, I always talk about how this is just a loose copy conversation, and I’m always drinking water, I never drink coffee this hour, but Joan and I were just talking about how we’ve had a long week… Yeah, and so I’m happy to end it with you a the… It’s not really over. We have some fun things going on this weekend, so we’ll to talk about that, but I’m so pump to introduce you to a new friend of mine, I feel like every time I get on here and I have a new friend…

Oh, I have lots of new friends, and it’s so amazing to have this networking experience this year… That is unlike anything that I’ve ever done in my entire life. Especially connecting with women, you’ve been busy, so good. Having eye contact with people is just such a special tree, and so the first time that we got together, I just loved that you were so invested. You’re incredible at context. Thank you, but the way that you just come into a room is just really empowering to me, which is so… Thanks.

Perfect for your empowered mind wellness entire brand. So you guys, this is Jack Lind, she’s gonna teach us, she’s gonna lack with us and hopefully not cry, but maybe we never know where it’s gonna go. Don’t make me from a… Yeah, so how did you tell them? I’ll like, you introduce yourself because you are your ex own expert, but what is is that you do, and we’ll share about how we got connected and what that story line looks like for you.

Sure, yeah. Hi, everybody. Excited to be here with my friend, Tamara.

So what do I do now? What do you do?

Well, to put it in a shell, I like to call myself a meditation coach, a mindfulness and breath work facilitator, and that’s really… Those are really the core offerings that I provide an empowered mind wellness… Really empowered mind Wellness is based on three pillars.

But when practice together foster our ability to live more skillfully, so that’s the goal, a fine as a… The heart and soul buckets, and a lot of that has to do with learning how to be more compassionate with ourselves.

I find that and research actually back this up, so a lot of us really aren’t very kind to ourselves, unfortunately, whereas we would go out of our way to be loving and kind to someone who we really care about it, dear friend, a relative, oftentimes the voice in our heads doesn’t offer the same kindness.

Sure, so I feel like that’s really a foundational piece of what I have to share, and just a little bit of self-disclosure here, I’ve wrestled with pretty icky inner critic at various points throughout my life, and I found that when I started to get really curious about what that voice was saying and what its goals were for me, I discovered that underneath that, there was really a lot more happening.

Yes, and most often times I think people will discover that this inner critic is just so afraid that it’s actually trying to serve as a protector of some more innocent part of ourselves. Yeah, so anyway, there’s so good before even continue the story that keeps running in my head really fast, ’cause I just heard it a couple weeks ago at the race Hollis rise Business event that she did, and I think it was her, she was talking specifically about this and you’re gonna hear… We hear about this inner critic is the voice in your head. The enemy, there so many different things that people do half the time when people are talking about the enemy, it’s literally ourselves… Yeah, he’s created that enemy.

And so whether or not it’s the devil, it’s really just your own version of your own devil… Yeah, which is really scary. But he said, Imagine that you are standing in your house and someone comes on on the door, and that you open the door and they start saying out loud to your face all of the things that you tell yourself on a consistent basis, you’re ugly, you’re fat, you’re not worthy. You’re not pretty enough. You’re not smart enough. You’re not capable enough. He could never love you that much, does he even love you? Do you love yourself?

I mean, anything that goes through her head, and those are all things that I’ve said to myself, so that’s what I can… That you’re not a good mom, you’re not a good sister, you’re not a good friend, and I… So if this person came called on you, of course, I do not do well confrontation, and yet I can confront myself all the time internally and handle that situation now, but three years ago, I would have not had the resource tools to do what it is, assistant to so this person’s yelling at you, you’re immediately feeling the little by little, maybe you’re icon and you’re able to come back at them most often that we shrink back.

Right, and then she said, this key point that I will never forget is now, not only is it just to you in the room, your child is standing next to you at the door with this person yelling at you saying all of these horrible things, and it was a room of 6 000 women and everyone was silent, because those are the moments and I would never allow somebody to speak to my child like that… Yeah, even if it’s directly to me around me, I would be like, Excuse me, let’s work this out, there’s something that he or I’m gonna shut the door and you’re gone, and we would so easily, especially if they were talking to our child about… That they were pointing at my daughter and saying, You’re not worthy, you’re not pretty, you’re not… Well, you’re not… Whatever it be, I wouldn’t… Oh, we would go… But while on somebody it lately so mindfulness and really focusing in on the heart and soul and having that person being able to shut that personal… There are so many resources to be able to do that. Some that come to mind seven Verdi as a series called crash the chatter box amazing. And Ron carpenter has one called detox, and it’s all about your own… Your own inner battle, your own credit, so I am excited to hear more about that heart and soul space with your breath it breath, breathing and mindfulness. Yeah, sure.

So that’s the first bucket, hurler and soul. And before we move on, actually just wanna share a little bit more ’cause you… Of course, Joon things in my mind. I haven’t heard about either one of those resources. Thank you for sharing. Yeah, I think that when you spoke about that part about, Would you let that same type of bully talk to your child that way… The answer is absolutely not. And over the course of my personal journey, I found that one of the most healing and repair of things that I could have done for my heart was actually in her child work.

Years ago, when I heard the concept of inner child work and inner child meditation, I stuck my nose about it and had some judgments about it, and I think I just wasn’t ready to be honest with you, but as I got more deep into my personal meditation practice I found that I was actually able to do self-guided in her child meditations, and a lot of that was really about re-parenting my inner child and maybe didn’t get the love and affection that she wanted at various points throughout her life, and it… Not to say that my parents didn’t do a good job because they’re both amazing people, but nobody’s perfect, and they really were doing the best job that they could at the time, so this little girl maybe didn’t get everything that she needed in certain moments and as an adult who is capable of providing that, I was able to go back in and sit with her, and here was on her heart mind and spent a lot of time with her and re-parent her, and that’s really a luxury, and it adds so much joins to a meditation practice, because when we talk about things like mindfulness and breath work, I’m a real big believer that if you can feel it, you can heal it, and I think that one of the common misconceptions about meditation is that you sit down and you boot off into some other world place it and you just go from… You bypass the pain and you go right to the bliss, and actually… That’s called spiritual bypass.

Yeah, and at one point, it was really attractive to bypass all of that inner nose, the Eric, and a lot of the pain points. But when I took the time to sit with her, my young child version of myself, I got to hear what was on her heart and mind that wasn’t bypass, that was 100% atonement. Present, that’s so good. And you do, you have to be so present with that because otherwise you shut it out, and I think that’s the biggest problem of why people come to base such like grandiose things, even as what might not seem radios to other people, but things like postpartum or regular depression or anxiety, those things are such tag words now that people are like, Oh, I suffer from that. Well, it’s a true. Real Thing. Yeah, it is a mental air error and that we have the ability to go back and fix… And I’ve never thought of it from that perspective of re-parenting that little person, but is so often through everything that I’ve worked through in my own personal therapy journey, that’s exactly what you’re… That’s where it comes from. Exactly what you’re doing, that’s where those core beliefs are established very early on in life, and you wouldn’t think it because obviously, we don’t have the same cognitive capacities at age three as we do at age, let’s say 25, I… Yeah, is just wild. And I think really honing in on the fact that it’s not a lack of parenting, because I think my parents as well, when I was walking through this, there were some times where I had to put a separation between our relationship that was really close for ever end is now re-grown and reshaped, and so such a betting… But for a while I was like, I need to be alone with this, I need to understand this pain, and I was originally angry towards them, and then as I came into my own experience of motherhood and the things that our parents are individual… Anybody is going through 1 000 things at any given moment. Absolutely, and they, like you said, are only able to do the very best version of themselves for that specific hat that they’re wearing, which is your mom, which is your dad, right.

You don’t know the other 99 things that are happening in their line, and even as an individual person, I came to realize that half of the things that occurred and the reasons they occurred had actually nothing to do with their lack of parenting, but my lack of being upfront with my own emotions during those seasons, so my being a teenager and you’re dealing with, whether it’s bullying, whether it’s confidentiality, whether it’s trusting of a friend, whether it’s broken heart, all of those things, I didn’t run to them and express and explain all of those emotions oftentimes, you’re shutting them down so that you can move on to the next thing without ever addressing them and letting yourself heal from it, jumping into the next relationship, whatever it be, and it seems some media when you’re 14 years old, who would think to even address those things… And your parents, Sealy aren’t gonna do it, ’cause that’s a big birds in the bees combo that I never had.

Yeah, so it’s just, it’s really interesting to know that you have access to that. And I want people to hear this so wholeheartedly that if you take the time, just like I said, the rebirth of your own itself, of that one little girl that you then get to parent one day, even your own self like looking in the mirror, you are beautiful you are loved, you are worthy, it, all of those things become affirmations because you truly believe them, not because you’re coaching yourself to believe that… Yeah, and it’s really simple. We all want to be loved and we all want to belong, and I think that to the person who is considering undertaking such a practice, it can futile at first we’ve been… We’ve had an audio cassette tape playing with the same messages going on and on and on for several years, sometimes it takes a while to dismantle those habitual thought patterns, so I… It is the consistency.

And with self-forgiveness, which I believe is really the first step in any transformative process and consistency… It’s totally doable. Yeah, so we only teach the first bucket, so we set at to go through the other bucket, but I have to know in… Somebody says, or somebody is to the point where they’re like, Okay, I wanna confront this, I want to sit down with you and have this experience from a coaching perspective, I know you do group Breton group meditation.

I mean, that has to be so vulnerable. Personal.

Yeah, I think that there’s a time in a place… I don’t know that I would necessarily unpack that at the same… I don’t know that I would necessarily unpack that in a group setting, I… Yes, that’s more individualized, and it’s gonna have different in length for everyone to relate, because everyone’s variation of how long has that audio cast in playing is drastically different, and a lot of that can feel very shameful to admit in our room full of people, usually in the workshops, the group dynamic is typically close and people feel more connected when they leave than when they came in, but still, I’m a big proponent of not over-sharing if that is going to compromise a person in unhelpful way. That’s really good. That’s good insight right there. Yeah, I think that oftentimes, especially from a biblical standpoint, is we’re called to share our testimony, and so people will be like, Okay, I’m supposed to share every single thing, every single thing that happened in my life, everybody needs to know, and that isn’t actually the premise of what God is asking us to do, easing us to do it, if it’s helping somebody else, and so it’s not something that you need to stand on stage and go share with the world, this happened to me, but Jesus, it is… Let me walk you through what occurred and how Jesus has brought me to this new healing place, and so it’d be similar to walking through this meditation practice and you then later being able that you have to do this, you have to meet that inner child in order for you to come into that new rebirth place.

So I think that that’s so powerful because so often we do that and then everyone knows everything, right.

And I… It’s not to say that that’s a terrible thing because if you’ve already confronted it, you’ve already self-forgive, serve yourself and the people in your vicinity have done the same… There’s healing in that. I just truly believe that there is also so much covenant to relationship, and even that relationship with yourself when it comes to shame or guilt or any of those things that could be burdensome to you later, and then we… Down the road, yeah. Yeah, so you shared based on more of a faith background for me… You probably don’t know this about me. I trained as therapist, a clinical therapist, and so a lot of my thinking on this is probably biased in part by my training, I’m not practicing therapy now, but I just look at it as We don’t dishonor ourselves by sharing when we’re not ready, and I think that especially in the age of Self-Help and the popularization of vulnerability can send some mixed messages to those of us who are like, I’m so ready to heal us already to spill my guts and get it all out, and then it’s kind of like we do the walk is so like, Oh, I… In some instances, in… If we haven’t had the time to process and sort of come to a neutral place within… Right, absolutely. And so, I love your angle on it, and that I think that there’s so many different angles to view, so that process of so feel the and shared and be vulnerable, I just think being vulnerable with being skillful and our vulnerability is important, and that’s one of the that’s part of the mission of empowered mine is to live life more skillfully, and I love the definition. There’s one definition of yoga that’s defined in the Bacolod Gita.

Yeah, and it’s defined as yoga is skill in skillful alignment and thought behavior and speech, and so when we talk about skillful-ness in that way, when I think about how we as human beings express ourselves, it’s having mindfulness and wisdom to know how much we pour out into the world about our personal story, because if it’s not time, then it’s not time. Right, right, right, absolutely. Self-disclosure can also come in phase is to very much a…

We just self-identity. Anybody estate found himself fully or they fully understand who they are, I think that’s a becoming process because I know every single day I change it and they say, What is the… The basis of every seven years, you actually have DNA chain that parts of your entire internal bones and everything will shift, and so to know that there’s so much change constantly happening, I don’t believe that that’s a coincidental thing. I think it’s a knowing process that we have to be aware of and step into that versus being fearful of Who am I becoming, being aware that you’re becoming hopefully the better version of your… So yeah, the stronger, more into more aware, and so self-identity is truly the whole piece of your practice, being cognizant of your emotions, being cognizant of your breath, being cognizant of where your mind is going when you come into this place of peace… Right, right.

Yeah, it is. You said something that made me think about how meditation is such a wonderful tool for that… Yeah, and I mean, there are so many different styles of meditation out there… Sure, so I don’t wanna get too far in the weeds with all of that… Yeah, absolutely, I think that it’s one of the best tools for coming to better now or in our landscape, and of course, the inner landscape includes exactly those things that you’re talking about, thoughts, emotions, sensations, even how we hold our body and space, how we breathe our habitual breathing patterns, getting to know our tendencies, understanding what that audio tape is playing over and over and over again in our minds, and also even maybe catching glimpses of our future self as well in the process, then of course, they’re insights, inspirations, intuitions that drop into… In the practice. But before I get too far ahead of me, I’m like, Oh, have a here passing, I take notes because I know that there’s so much to… Tali wanna be so present and so I… I just sink in further, so thank you for sharing, I wanna… Sure.

So I feel like… Let’s go to bucket too.

Yeah. Can we touch on it? All right, well, we’re kind of like a bucket now… Yeah, so bucket two is awareness cultivation, and that’s a broad category, but it really does caption, meditation and mindfulness. Okay.

And basically, there are so many different ways to train our minds and get to know ourselves better. Yeah, and when you were speaking a bit about self-identity and how we sort of morph and shift every seven years, and gosh, maybe even every seven seconds or orally nerves a question, are there some circumstances that’s really the goal behind bucket number two, is knowing ourselves and I think that it’s interesting, meditation can be undertaken for so many different reasons, and what motivates people varies, some people do it for the spiritual aspects of it, I know that that was really one of the main Jaws for me, was to feel closer to what I would call God.

Yeah, and one of my other teachers refers to… How do I say this? The aspect of God is like a higher reality, so I don’t wanna leave anybody out whether or whether you call that higher reality, God, Jesus, The Kingdom of Heaven, universe, divine love in…

I that, I don’t love that.

Yeah, I think that that’s an important part to be starting on is because this is an introduction to so many people… Yes, this is an introduction to that space or that person or that being where they would have never otherwise known, because I do believe that obviously, you guys know my beliefs that there is a higher being and that higher being is the creator of yourself, and so being in touch and tune with what that is and what that looks like to you is your open gate to exploration of the magnitude of what this universe brings to us, right. And that’s where of all things and all knowing is the belief system comes into play that you are constantly becoming because the universe in and of itself is constantly changing, and if you don’t evolve, which we know through evolution, whatever it is that you believe… Yes, we’ve done a lot of evolving.

And so if you’re a stagnant in any part of your mind, any part of your heart or space, you’re not going anywhere on the next train, or it’s gonna be incredibly painful if you’re… You’re gripping and with everything, you have to stay exactly where you are, right. So, good resistance is being full on A… Have that gene, you mention you does elements of life coaching, I haven’t got a connection to because it really… This makes me think of the mindset of flow… Yeah, and being in that space of flow with your body and your mind and your soul, and being able to roll with the roll with what’s coming next, it is a… If you can’t get into that space, the spiritual space is essentially the exact same thing. Yes, and you know what, rolling with is, I think one of the key elements of a successful meditation practice, often times what a lot of people contend with are either attachment, attaching to something, maybe attaching to something that is coming up in the future, or creating things in their meditation practice it because they think a holistic to be having this experience, so they’re attached to the way they think it should be, or on the visit side of that coin, we’re pushing away… We’re resisting what you’re saying.Pushing away feelings that come up that we don’t like or that we don’t think are attractive, or we think Maybe I shouldn’t be feeling like this because I’m meditating, this isn’t what a good meditation looks like, and then of course, there’s that judgement piece. Right. Well, if it doesn’t look good, then I must not be doing it right, there’s something wrong with me, and that kinda gets back to bucket number one, right? Where did that message of, I’m not doing a good enough job comes from a self-compassion and mindfulness really do go hand in hand, and I think too with that, and this is… This is a tie, huge concept and topic being shared right now anywhere is that concept of comparison… Yes, because every single person’s journey is gonna be drastically different… Totally through this process. Absolutely, so I can pick your brain all day long, tell me what it’s like for you. Yeah, but until I actually sit down and do it, it’s no different than reading the Bible, I can read three of the exact same versus you go in and you’re like Paraiso, what I… That’s amazing, that’s so good. We’re all different. We have a ninth purpose, right? Yeah, and I also think that what you said about evolution, I view meditation even as a co-creative process, and what I mean by that… Let me see if I can break this down. It’s really interesting, we live in a culture where we’re so define and it’s ingrained in us from very early on in our lives to achieve and accomplish, and it’s a lot about forming a self-identity and expressing it out in the world, but it’s really based on what our achievements are and our titles and everything, so that’s really very opposite of a lot of what the meditative traditions are all about, which is the complete opposite, dismantling the ego. And I’ll just fall back on Yoga, and I’m also a registered yoga teacher, and I’ve studied yoga philosophy for years, and I absolutely love it, but the saying is that ignorance, it is sort of the root of all of our suffering, right, we’re not really… Our small reality is not really in the actually the actual reality, it totally… And so when we get kind of crunched down into this manufactured reality, that’s a creation of our projections and how we were brought up in our life experiences or Corrales, then from that, there’s the sense of I am that forms and that Imes can get us into a lot of truck.

Okay, so well, technical difficulties such as like… And our cream at Black, can you realize we lost our… That we are back in action. And I have not forgotten, Jaclyn has not forgotten where we were, so we were on bucket too, we’re talking about evolution and… Keep going. Yeah, evolution, meditation. And I think we were… I think I was saying something about how the root cause of all of our suffering is ignorance, great EastEnders as there was a seer.

It’s just so interesting how in the world we live in, in our country anyway, the US, and I’m sure other places in the world as well. Sure, it’s all about what we accomplished and what we achieve, and our identity is really formed around all of that stuff. Absolutely, and then on the other hand, a lot of the guidance that comes from the Eastern meditative traditions, for instance, talks about completely dismantling the ego, and so on the one hand, here we are trying to maintain this sense of I am… This is me and I.On the other hand, if we’re following this set of guidelines, it’s really about forgetting who you are in all of it, and then there’s that density quality that comes into play when you’re in this mindfulness space, because anybody can walk into the room that comparison is out the window, they are just another being a space, wanting so eagerly to get into their space of whatever it looks like for them. Right, and I love that, and I feel like that’s such a hugely different level, but the whole reason that I created the opportunity for people to come in for retreats, to rid themselves of all identity pieces, we are all in one space away from our home, away from our spouse is away from our job, away from our children, away from anything, any hobby, any car, anything that identifies, I am right.

And you’re coming to the table all in this authentic form and saying, I showed up. And so what is it that I’m supposed to be experiencing it? And it’s my favorite thing.

I love the work too, I love it too, because often when a group of people get together and they’ve never met before, there is that sense of, Well, this is my space and this is your space, and really this is where we tap into more of the relational field of mindfulness, and it does encompass that equal playing field concept that you speak up, but as the group sort of more on changes over the course of the day, or the hour spend or if it’s a retreat, it could be much longer than one day… Right, a lot of people actually find that they’re way more similar than they are different, so where we are all wearing our body suits, and yet when it comes down to it, even though my joy and your joy might look different out in the world, it’s joy is a raw emotion, right? One that we all have experienced. Your sorrow might look very different than my sorrow playing out on a storyline… Right, the the same thing, we know what that wrong feeling is, so sort of empathy that you’re met with each other to be able to say, I get you… Yes, I understand you. I haven’t lived in your shoes, but I’ve walked it out too, right, because everyone has experienced every high, every low just in their own forests, their own experience, and I think that that’s such an amazing piece and why the concept even… So I’m gonna go into church again here, but they have to nominations and you have all these different houses of people that come and experience their thing is probably similar to you like, Okay, we’re all experiencing this practice, and I go to this yoga house because of this… But there is the experience and the expression of like, if they could all just break down any of those titles and come together, and that’s what like retreats are, that’s what breath work does, that’s when you’re having this night fun is experience. People come from every walk of life, it may women to be my favorite is the ethnicity and cultural background is in sharing that space is absolutely.

Absolutely incredible. And my favorite thing. Yes, and so seeing all of those different things come into one and people turning to transforming from strangers to sisters in a matter of three days. Yeah, it’s just, it’s unreal.

Yeah, I agree. The diversity piece is huge. I’m doing a tour training with two well-known meditation teachers and food to psychologists, tar Brock and Aton field.

So I’ve practiced meditation for probably over 12 years at this point, and just last year I decided I E all just move forward with the certification and do a certified meditation teacher, whatever the test, whatever that is, speaking of a… That’s on everything now. But I get it. Yeah, I think it’s more of just the practice of the fact that you are continuing your knowledge base in it and continuing learning, if we stop learning, we’ve also stopped becoming… It’s really true. One of my teachers says that the day you stop learning is the day you start dying, really so at… It’s so, so true, and I can see that just from the outside, looking in on so many different people in my own life and you… It’s so transparent on even their happiness level, it just becomes stagnant on, so that again, so this point… And everyone talks about the Plato and your exercise, right?

And I recently, so I can knock it over this hump, I cannot lose the next five pounds, I cannot feel better, I can’t reach the next goal, mile time, and it’s because you hit up Plato because you’re doing the exact same thing, right?

And so shifting and learning something new and tilting your body and your brain that something new is when you now achieve the next level of success, stepping outside of your comfort zone is another way of saying it, and I think that same thing goes with a formal meditation practice, there are ways to practice, you can practice in formal mindfulness throughout your day, which I’m also a huge proponent of when I can talk about that in a second, but then the formal practice of actually devoting a set time every day and sitting down and doing whatever your specific practice is, there can be peaks and valleys in that whole process as well, and the idea is to just stick with it, acceptance, ’cause our natural inclination is to resist it or to get bored, that’s one of the major stumbling blocks at a lot of mediators face they’re Gosh, like, Well, here I am now what? I’ve done it, I’ve achieved this ability to bypass or does that point, I live by a spirituality, but I think… My question would be, and I think there’s another bucket that we wanna touch based on too, is a quiet in your mind.

I can go into my prayer closet and I focus on the Lord, and I can read my scripture and try and be so incredibly… And of friend that had a prayer, she called, is it for prenatal, but that she’s a seminary school in and are like that, I not… And then even just being present in our conversation right now, trying to just block out every single toting my phone that’s my reading in my lab, is that my teacher is my child is what’s Ting. But yeah, so being really present right here, I also have to go to the bathroom, but yeah, that’s what… Are we a that a as a you?

So where… And at what point, and I know this is a thing all women have, how do you buy your mind… Where does that start?

Well, I’ll have to say that that’s one of the most common myths about meditation, is that our minds are so, I suppose just shut off and everything’s supposed to get quite up there, like flipping a light switch on of… On a way.

That’s just not how I worked. We all have minds that wonder and that’s really how the mind is designed, and there’s a whole bunch of science, I don’t wanna really make this all science though, but the short answer is that if you expect to just plop down and have a quiet mind… Yeah, you know what, you may spontaneously sit down one day and just have a really quiet-minded meditation practice. Right. And then there are other times, probably more often than not, where the mind is just gonna wander here, there and everywhere, right, because we’ve got to do list, we’re constantly thinking, doing, planning ahead in the future or thinking about the past, and it’s a lot more rare that we’re here in the present now, so going back to what I was talking about a mango, about informal meditation practice or informal fullness practice, I’d say that one of the ways to quiet your mind in formal meditation is to practice informal mindfulness in daily life. And so really what that boils down to is pouring all of your attention into one task… Okay, and I love what one of my teachers, teachers as Swami Rama actually says, Do your work with love and devotion, because often times we do our duties, like is filled with duties, I mean, that’s not going away. And so the day that we die, and sometimes we do our duties and we’re like, Yeah, this is great, I’m gonna go do this, I’m excited about it, but I think more often than not, we’re like, Oh, I’m gonna go do that. I don’t wanna go to the grocery store, so I really have to drive across town here and then go there for my kids, whatever, I mean, we love our kids. Right, but on that, there’s a lot of… And I go to tutoring again, so yeah, it requires a lot of energy, right? People have jobs that might feel infilling and they might find puff… Is they commute to work? But when we do our duties with love and devotion, really with a higher higher intentionality, ’cause what it all boils down to, then not only are we almost offering it to a higher cause, which sounds cheesy, but I just encourage people to try it. You’d be surprised. Yeah, but we also are… We’re holding ourselves to a higher standard as well, and so when our mind starts wondering off here and there and everywhere, it’s kind of like the Pulsar that keeps us on track, and so for a divisional person, that might be something that he or she considers, but just at every day playing language.

Yeah, when you’re doing one thing, don’t pick up your fan, even though it’s tempting, Don’t text, don’t serve the internet, a girl. Through social media, yeah, just focus on one thing at a time, and then when you sit down to practice, actually practice meditation formally, or you’re priming your mind to be more focused.

That’s really good. I think that’s super important, and I think something that somebody could easily take away from this conversation, but okay, I’m gonna take one thing, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna try to be as it… So I love that.

So where are we now?Bucket the bucket three. Yeah, what is it? There was an awesome segue to go right into breather earlier.

Yeah, yeah, but we’re flowing is like the bread.

Oh, that’s so… Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, bucket three is about relaxing the body, it’s all about physiological relaxation, and I think a lot of people, we are such embodied beings that a safe place to start is certainly relaxing the body and really even cultivating body awareness, and I know the breath is, of course, within the physical body, right?

And the product field is also outside of the physical body too, but for the purposes of this conversation, suffice it to say that third bucket, breath and body or kind of intertwined and I started practicing breath work… Gosh, 12 years ago maybe. And I approached the practice because I was kind of at a crosswords in my life, I had experienced anxiety for years, and anyway, at this crossroads, I was just not really fulfilled in a lot of areas of my life, I was in a crappy relationship at the time, I had a lot of un-fulfilling relationships in my life at that time, I did a good job, but it was like, Oh, it was okay. I definitely wasn’t taking my own advice that I just get previously, he said I, I was… Have to do they have to do this type of mentality around work, and I was suffering too, I just wasn’t living very skillfully, and a friend of mine had suggested breath work and I thought, Well, I’ll give it a shot, and she recommended a teacher, and so I went and, wow, that’s really… He put me on the path of transformation.

And I think one of the reasons that it was so easy to see the benefits so early on is because the breath is something that’s with us all the time, it’s not like we have to contrived that, it’s just there, and it’s a fascinating area of study because the breath is a conscious and an unconscious process, right, and really it’s only… It’s the only function of the body that we have conscious control of, but then if it’s left to operate on its own accord, it can do so without us micro-managing how it moves and flows… Interesting. Yeah, to be like that.

Yeah, so that’s where we could go down a rabbit hole of using the breath really for personal transformation, but at the very least, it’s certainly a wonderful meditative anchor, and then when practice and more of a breath work setting where the breath is intentionally manipulated and change it can lead to some pretty profound fit, really insane. I know, it’s just making me think, ’cause my husband and his interest, he loves to research the most bizarre, so it’s one of those people who knows a lot about a lot just because he’s just interested in one. He wants to know the next thing is you can serve a partner, he’s a great… He’s so God depart. I’m like, Okay, how do you know that it’s not real to…

I could either A or a lot in, but I get my Q as higher than a. atlases arch, this guy Wim a willing… A wise… Yeah, the way he is a… Yeah, of course, agents. But for those who don’t know him, he is holds in a world record for travelling under water underneath ICES and swimming from one place to another for the longest duration. Why somebody would practice doing that… I do not know, I not… The crazy thing is that he’s doing it without a website on, so just himself diving in the under Glacier and going a really long time, I wish I knew off-hand what it was, but what he did in order to practice for that is he changed his breath in order to change his internal biotic temperature, and so my husband think that somebody who was hooked even in the cold, I’ve seen him shoveling in shorts and flip lobster, you doing shoveling snow in that, and he’s… I’m fine, I’m good, I’m breathing out here. I’m like, Okay, now you’re working on…

I know that he literally will go in practice, he just hiked mount with me, which is the tallest… The Tal peak in the United States of America.

And so he got there, he was… It’s like 1400 elevation from to… And he never practiced. He did not wear flip-flops, which is very rare, ’cause he’ll go hiking nine, 10 miles and lookups is an insane… But he was aware she… Yeah, we’re board shorts and a tank top. And everybody else is wearing hiking boot here your… He ran a water on the way up, thank God for other people who are generous, but he said the entire time he was just really focused on his breath, ’cause obviously immediately out of the car, out of the gate, his heartbeat started to going crazy because… You don’t ever go from zero to 14, 000 in no time like that. Yeah, and so he just has always been somebody who so Advocates for breath work and he will have my children even when they are anxious or if something’s going on and they’re like, Can’t up crying or whatever it be, he just kids down their level and he’s just like pre-time. Yeah, and like the first off, the beauty from a mother, I’m just like, you are so in a… Right now, absolutely. So the moon, because this is a main… But also I like notice myself going into the same rhythm of what He’s asking them to do, and when I come into that place, I’m like, Okay, everything’s gonna be okay, and generally speaking, because we do have a bit more control as an adults, we get to that place faster.

And then we’re… The children, I feel like are, even though they’re probably incredibly into and we don’t even realize it, they’re the ones crying, but it’s just, it’s really amazing what… Literally the breath alone without even thinking about all this other mumbo jumbo that might seem like way over somebody’s head or even interest level, if you can just focus on your breath… Yes, what it does to you when you’re breathing, when they say when you’re breathing through nose out through a mouth in funding or don’t get cramps, do this, all of those things take such mental alignment. Yes, so even though we can do it when we’re not thinking about… Yes, it does rise and not to fall back into bucket number two, A, I will for…

I had mentioned how people will be inspired to undertake meditation as a practice for several reasons, sometimes it’s for spiritual reasons, we mentioned sometimes it’s for stress, rally or physical relaxation, for healing, for better ability to concentrate. There are all sorts of reasons, and I’d say that the draw has been there, all of that has been a draw for me at one point or another, and I’d say that goes for breath work, right. If you want to do breadth work as a self-regulation strategy to manage anxiety or to sort of fire yourself up if you have a more sluggish or depressive type disposition that there are practices for that, I took a certification with Amy, one job, she wrote…

I don’t know, let’s see. Yoga for depression and anxiety, I think that might be the name of the book, is a… Got it. But anyway, I mean, she went through a very… She went through various practices or breathing to either activate or to call…

I think that I actually really love about it though, is using it as a way to dismantle unhealthy breathing patterns, because a lot of us are we…

I think it’s fair to say that we live in a society of chest-breather is at our tight close or slump over postures, the way that we hold our bodies in space can affect the way that we breathe when the… I said, Bree, the eating at… When we’re slated over that, it inhibits the range of the diaphragm in the body, and that can compromise the volume of air that we take into our lung, or they can be a mature… Yeah, and one thing I loved, one, if I love sharing with people in workshops or in private is, Hey, look, just check in and notice how you’re breathing over the course of the day when your mind starts running really fast because you’re stressed or anxious, or you’re not present really, right? You’re often a story. somewhere other than where you are right now.

Notice what happens to your breath.

Are you breathing faster? Are you holding your breath?

Are you reversed breathing where you actually stuck in, you inhale and push your belly out as you exhale, there are all sorts of really funky breathing patterns that people develop as a result of psycho-emotional turning… Really? Sure, sure, that’s interesting. I feel like… And all of it is related. We’re talking about even last night, somebody was talking about gut health related to CBD oil and what the transformation has done for her son who was dealing with a bunch of things, but I find it really interesting that at the end of the day, if we can check back in with our body really like our physical being, and that being the first place that you started, because I feel like that’s a control center that we do have the ability to connect with… Yes, a lot of times because of the where we started, the first bucket in the mind, I feel like the mind is way harder to control than my breath would be… It is, he says I would be… Hold on, I can do this and still let my mind run wild or I don’t wanna face those things, so I can easily put those away, but when it’s my body and it’s no different than… We’re going to Millie mint America always is.

And doing all my regular daily tasks, and in the moment I get sick, I’m like the…

My body is down and I have to stop everything else because this is the control center that makes all of those other things happen. So I had a girlfriend who’s been sick with the flu the last couple of days, and she’s like, Gosh, I hate this, and we hate it because one, we’re not in control of our function at that point, but because we’ve stopped everything else and we’re not feeling well in it, I wanna stop everything else and feel amazing when I do, and I think that that’s the practice of essentially what meditation is in getting to that mindful in a space of being like free and at peace and where you are in a comfort zone instead of always having to work through something traumatic, you do get to the place and there will be ebbs and flows of your entire life, but I wanna live my life so that when I’m able to rest, I’m doing so so mindfully that I get to do it enjoyable. Yeah, my rosenste.

Yeah, yeah, so I just think that that’s so interesting ’cause I truly do believe, even concepts of cancer, and I’m not no doctor and no expert by any means, but I think if people focus more on how they are, they were breathing, yeah, that could actually be inhibited yes, and we really… We did start from more subtle and we are making our way to physicality now, or the grayer of our being gross, and yoga has terminology for all of these different layers or uses of our being covering you might then… And so the thing that’s cool about the breath is, is actually the intermediary between the physical body and the mental… Emotional body is good.

So when we practice mindfulness, we’re almost practicing top-down regulation, we’re practicing breath work, we’re using the bodies language to regulate up to neutralize any sort of mental or emotional distress that we’re potentially experiencing at the time, but the cool thing about the breath is that since it is this intermediary between the two levels of our being and their five levels, I think in the… The last pot, we don’t have to get all of that, but it’s a mirror, it really contains a lot of powerful information, and that’s why I say, check in with your breath.

What’s going on in your body? What’s going on in your breath, what’s going on in your mind, is there anything that you’d like to do differently in this moment, we have countless opportunities to hit the reset button, so… Cool, it’s so cool. And I don’t even know what I intended for this conversation, I try not to go into anything with expectations or just an opportunity to just be together. I do want you to share because I know that there’s so much to you to what you bring to your knowledge base is your heart, placement, your life placement, like you mentioned a couple of places of like what brought you to this, why you are here and who you are, but as you journey through this experience, like what are your, I guess, biggest takeaways and not from a high level breath or Mindless space, but just like who you are, your identity, place.

Yeah, I think that life’s a better experience when we are mindful and when we’re not resisting it, and I think that that’s really the moving meditation of life because it’s really easy to get off track, and again, we’ve got countless opportunities to come back to the present and it’s also at certain times to fight against life and curse and resist it when it’s not and folding or happening the way that we want it to. And so I think going back to that flow concept of moving with rather than resisting, it’s really important, and I’m not here today to say that I’m some guy because I’m totally not… I’m like all of the rest of us going back to that and Callan it.

But I’d say that that’s how I try to live my life.

And one thing I just wanna touch on briefly, which answers this question that you raised, is this idea of meditation and turning inward and developing a peacefully in worldly peaceful inwardly flowing line is so important in the world that we live in today. Because so much of what we experience is, there’s such an external component to it, and we speak about all of the comparison traps that are prevalent in our times today. Now, social media is a hot button topic that comes to mind for a lot of us, right, because it’s like this non-stop at our disposal, comparison real, right. And everybody’s doing every… All the things… If we wanna do all the things, and we have too. When we’re not doing all the things, I… Just to use an example that I think a lot of people can relate to, that.

When we look outside of ourselves for confirmation and validation of our worth, I think that that’s where one of the biggest pitfalls is, I know certainly for me, any time I’ve fallen into the comparison right before it can be really it because so enticing to forget the truth of who I really am.

And so my probably number one value in life is remembering who I truly am at every day plugging back up to that higher reality and engaging in that co-creative process that we talked about earlier, because I believe that inter-radiant that we experience when we turn with it is so much more there, luxurious and rich and abundant than anything that we’re looking for outside of ourselves, and actually it fuels me to do that and it feels anyone to be able to accomplish with… Into it that that’s where you come into recognition of your own passions versus anybody else, with this set you on the path of, I want to do this because it fills me it, then eventually if it feels all the people around you… Right, and you’re not doing it because somebody else told you to, or there’s an expectation for you to do so, or because you’ve achieved some sort of milestone in your life and this is the next step, so I don’t… Love, love, love that. And I feel like of all of the things that you said today, that’s literally the perfect bow on top of the package because it just is… If you are able to just be and connect with that… Yeah, and just be… And just be… And keep it simple. And does not have to be complicated. I owe that If I get this and I do this and I go there and I met this person, then everything’s gonna be magic, and I think that often times, so much of it that it can be streamlined with the KISS method. We just learned a lot in the court. creatives with a financial guru is Keep it simple, stupid. Oh yeah, right now I abacetus did to that.

Have I maybe so much less complicated. I agree, there have been times when I’ve gotten really wilful in my meditation practice over the years when I was hitting classes and tatio actor… Sure. Example, I was like, Oh, maybe if I do it, no, and if this step need… Then I’ll feel better at the time. My teacher was like… We were talking to a bot some day you’re on, I say to a… And I really complicate things to get myself in it as an… Yeah, come on to Elena.

I should look at all of these fun little obstacle courses, my ears maybe jump through a… That’s like the wall rather than a lot of Toland people. I mean, literally, I live in at the distance, I ring on these huge Libra on this right now, thinking of a line through the plane, right? Is that if you just go through, it is easier or done his turns over, but there’s so much hesitancy, ’cause you’re like, How am I gonna get around in a major… Everyone on the side is not a thing I… What I do, and you minimalist kind of say it is the main out a contact with you and you’re like, No, that or not. Yeah, it’s just is. So at the end of the day, like being able to connect with yourself and who that person is, and ultimately for us it’s Who do you are through that, because we are not our own, and whatever that means to anybody, that’s your own the data.

But I feel like when we talk before, it’s so much more about that spiritual… Okay.

And I have been… Before, in this conversation, I was thinking, okay, how do you blend? We’re talking about cultures and ethnicity and different genders and all of that, how do you blend and come to a connectivity point with people… The gain to the day, it’s just like you said, being loved and being known and not being a love, and if you can know who you are, you don’t feel alone because you’re with somebody who loves you… Yes, my teacher, cause it… Your inner friends. Yeah, as a totalitarian in her friends that… So that makes me so… And it goes full back to this incite girl. Yes, it does. I can literally see myself there, especially with having my little daughter who looks like my mind anyway… Yeah, and just experiencing those times in my life where I just needed a friend and we didn’t have that person. Yeah, so coming alongside them and being a friend to each other, but knowing now and having more empathy for other people, no matter what mass they’re wearing is just being empathetic for people and showing up, and that was where our conversation was before about if social media and all of those things went away… What does it come back to? And it comes back to connection… Totally. And so all of these numbers and things that we chase and titles, none of that matters, at the end of the day, it’s… Who were you connected to?

Who made a lasting impact on you? And who did you make a lasting impact on?

And so there was a motivational speaker who I follow, I set this last time in my work for you is meeting, is that on my let’s name is incredible spiritual man, but just… He’s a motivational coach for really high level, a cheaper so professional athlete, it’s really, really successful entrepreneurs, so… And he’s talking about at the end of the life, he had this vision that God had created the man that he had intended for Ed, I let to be.

He wants to get to Heaven, and when he meets that person, the best version of himself, everything that got to… He wants to be that denial twin instead of a stranger, and if we are not working every single day, it’s become the best version of ourselves, and whatever that practice looks like for you is we are limiting ourselves from the person that we’re intended to be. Yeah, yeah, I would just add on to that, it’s tarrafal-y calls it in what she calls it a… After, I think I know I’m not saying that right now, the ointment project it… And I totally agree, I… I’m all that. The whole is ring Carole.

Yeah, it is. The whole growth mindset, and I totally lost and I’m a big prevented himself, group self-transformation as well, but I love what Tara talks about, which is the self-improvement project, and I think Salt growth is amazing as long as it’s done with a…

The so improvement project is like, Well, you’ll be good enough when you get to here, but until then, and we all know that I…

Mather, Milton, then we’re like, Well, I really want to get here, then I’ll be one too, and we see that sadly on some suicides and things that happen… Yeah, detrimental, because people get that.

I see it, and all the things that people aspire to from an American dream standpoint, and that was literally how my entire journey went, is I put the intern during and in one, the way pick Advance, I sold the car, I sold all the things I let go of the two CEO positions that I had in all the tiles, so that I can just be and figure out who it was that I was… Yeah, and ultimately I am a 100% more happy as a human being than I have been my entire Lehman doing something that donates, know that people have this ability and I want so early, so I role in restive, Hi and go and almost goodbye, but I… We wanted to, I want you to introduce how can people in touch with you, because I’m sure you do things online as well about… You have something work up tomorrow. Yeah, I… So it’s a private event tomorrow, it’s actually on self-compassion, but I’ve received so many inquiries and questions about when is the next workshop, so I will be putting on a workshop on January the 12th, that’s a Sunday Time to be determined, the location is at the ANC the game, mackensen, the a ton, it’s gonna be a workshop that basically covers a lot of the different dimensions that we talked about today, Body, breath, mind, heart, and then they’re gonna be some other opportunities that have to the…

SO A next year, I’ll be offering a… A series on introductory mindfulness meditation, we’re covering a lot of things in more depth for several weeks in a row, so I be really exciting and… Website is currently under development. I’ve been working on it for a while. Yeah, as we used to… About a lot of elation.

He changed. Yeah, anyway, that should be color sometime in the early quote, and then of course, you can find on Instagram, my handle is empowered underscore ID underscore wellness, and my email is Jeff at Empowered dash moans, duck on.

Yeah, thank you so… So in your outline to go cut and I can go to my kids, so I teaming… So thank for being here, I… I enjoy… Yeah, I can’t wait to practice with you and He misinter…

I mean, I didn’t enjoy us is what we do for… It would be amazing if I just say yes to that you guys met with that.

I see a camera address on your kitten paid posts, and I am so excited to just be here to share with you other lovers, dreamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, pastors, whatever, if you go head and you got a hard… I’m so cider who that is, who you are and the cover your wholeness or how your… Well, he… Well, and your joy, I love to do happiness, I want people to know that this is not… This came as tile, you guys, this came with a lot of effort, came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience those together, this is our wheel community at three more, and I’m excited to help catapult your calling, your kingdom experience the purpose of your infant onto world wherever, however that is. So, come along for the ride. I’m excited to chat with you. Light comment, review in museum, see email. It’s me responding, even though I have an incredible team, and so I’m just excited to get to know you. Let’s connect us, big community, and let’s walk in or call in

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