• Morgan Hart

Like A Chess Board

Just because we are different, Doesnt make us right nor wrong

what makes people think that someone’s not part of His song?

We were created equal. its in our DNA.

We were birthed all together. when He breathed us to life that day

Our ancestors all trace back to Adam, Eve and Noah.

No picture can depict, were they white, tan, or mocha?

Our skins make different colors, But our hearts are all the same

The color of His blood, Running through all of our veins.

We speak it like its simple, But I know the roots are deep

Can we be the generation, That moves us to a happy weep.

Your family is my family, Your friends are my friends.

Don’t let us keep the enemy, Gloating in this awful win.

Satan has had the power, Far too long don’t you think?

When I see my God’s face, I see hues of every race.

History cannot be forgotten, But forgiveness covers all sin.

I’m anxious for the day, When God teaches this to all men.

Gods intention was for relationship, all friends, no foe.

The serpent is still creeping in telling us yes instead of no.

He is the reason we see hatred in peoples hearts,

They aren’t listening to the inner conscience given from the start.

This issue of gun violence – let’s set aside the weapon,

The depth of the problems need our great God to step-in.

We talk racism, and that too isn’t just about all the colors,

How about denomination, education or the lessons from our mothers.

What we need to see is not black or white.

Combine the primary colors of our skin and they are always light.

God was the designer of science too, funny how He works.

His intentions run to the depth of existence, highlighting all the perks.

Just like a chess board, combatting the two colors,

The enemy is continually trying to place us against each other.

The pieces have purpose – each in their own gifting.

Making moves, all across the board, moving and shifting.

Regardless of the talents of the board pieces or opposing sides,

They are all working toward the same goal with each slide.

However they can whatever their role, their design is to chase King,

At the end of the day we want to meet Him and be seen.

Why the need for opposing forces when we all desire the same thing,

Instead of a face off lets unite cyclically like a brides ring.

United we stand, divided our houses fall.

We are watching the turmoil day by day with each crashing wall.

So many movements to be made in order to reset us to Gods intended plan,

But let’s work together, you have my Poker Straights completed hand.

God stop the game of comparison before we take another play,

Let us see your light and celebrating the differences at the end of the day.

We ask What’s Love Got to Do with This life and this fight,

It’s everything, it’s the entirety of what makes wrong vs right.

God is Love and we were created in His image,

So let’s stand in that place and get out of this awful scrimmage.

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