• Morgan Hart

Life CEO

Mom guilt. We choose to do and we choose not to do. We question ourselves and we question them. We wonder when, how, when, what, and where surrounding our motherhood tactics. When did it become so difficult to be who we are AND be a mom? I believe this common concept isn’t new…just now there are more enemy platforms to breakdown our intuition and heart over the pressing purposes of our life. So we become fixated on doing the one thing most visible – motherhood – “right”. What does that even mean? Who’s model is best? I could listen to other mothers. I could listen to other business women. I could listen to my husband or the generations before me “when I had young kids….” ya we know, you hand washed laundry and walked them barefoot to the school house. Well sister, I’m here to stand up and tell you to knock it off, shake it off, dance it off, brush it off – whatever you gotta do stop the guilt party and own your calling. The Proverbs 31 mother you’re wanting to be, is the same mother who does the business for her home, who cooks, who preps, who plans, who designs, who creates, who maintains finances, who works the fields, who pampers her husband, who loves her neighbor, who is dignified and lovely, humble and honest. She does #allthethings – she’s the ultimate CEO of her life! So no matter what or where or who or how you are called to be your whole self, best self, alive self – DO IT. Because you were literally born for it! Don’t quiet your heart because you have a baby. Don’t shut down your dreams because you have toddlers. Don’t ignore your passions because you have after school activities and dinner to cook. Don’t let your child or children or doggies (all the dog moms out there) be your extinguisher – instead let them be the igniter for all of them! Do it on their behalf. Do it to teach them. Do it to set an example of hard work. Do it to provide financial freedom for your family. Do it to leave a legacy. But most of all – do it because it makes your soul whole! Proverbs 31: 10-31 – Stop and go be affirmed right now in #alllthethings.

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