• Tamra Andress

Leveraging Experience and Passion with Brandon Gazaway

Today's guest, Brandon Gazaway, has recently launched a coffee company called Uncensored Coffee Company. He has an uncensored vibe about him - no pun intended and full pun intended, but what I love most is his humility.

In this episode, he will be talking about the immense amount of behind the scenes experience he has after building out multi-figure companies that I am blown away by. I didn't even know a lot of it.

You'll hear my shock and awe as we talk about his experiences with multimillion-dollar accounts around the globe. It makes my entrepreneurial heart beat, and I hope it does the same for you. I also hope it gives you a lens of how you can do it yourself!

Brandon also talks about God and what God has done in his life and his businesses. This is one you don't want to miss! Enjoy!

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About Brandon:

As a young leader in a vibrant and ever-changing industry, Brandon Gazaway quickly rose to become the youngest CEO in one of the largest international companies in the world today. Setting his heart and his sights in a more fulfilling direction, he decided to exit the corporate world and forge the path of an entrepreneur. Brandon brought his passion and expertise to the multiple industries by grassroots startups and acquiring high potential companies aligned with his overall vision. One of his more notable startups was a highly recognized supplement store; he personally grew from one location to over eight thriving locations within 12 months DEBT FREE! Compounding on that growth and with a focus on quality products and customer service, he leveraged his experience to create a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that services multi-million dollar accounts across the globe. Brandon's heart is apparent in every interaction as he brings his personal experience and his wealth of knowledge to his life, business, relationship, mindset, and Championing strategies.

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Show Notes: Leveraging Experience and Passion

Spoiler alert. I don't drink coffee during my podcast, even though I say we're having coffee conversations. If we were really in person, we would be having coffee, especially with today's guest, Brandon Galloway, as he has just recently launched a coffee company that you've got to get your hands out one because it's delightful too, because it is for good.

And. East, because he has an uncensored vibe about him. No pun intended and fully pun intended. But what I love most is his humility. You guys, he's going to be talking about the immense amount of behind the scenes that he has built out multi figure companies that I am blown away by. I didn't even know a lot of it.

You'll hear my shock and all, and these experience. Conversating about multimillion dollar accounts. So he's worked around the globe manufacturing facilities that he's, um, you know, working alongside grassroots startups and acquiring potential companies in order to align with other visions in order to build that company.

I mean, it's wild. It just makes my heart of my entrepreneurial heartbeat. And so I hope that it does the same for you more so that it gives you a lens of how you can do it truly. I mean, wow. Brandon has such a stature in how he speaks about God and what God has done in his life, through his life and in his businesses.

And I know that all of us are here with the intent to do the same. And so if you look in for some support, go to my man, Brandon Gasaway, he's going to blow your mind. Y'all uncensored in the meantime, in order to get hyped like I am right now. All right. Enjoy. Welcome to the fit and faith podcast.

It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life fully, fully, authentically, and truly fit as base for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamra and dress. And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience.

I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories. And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission.

So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Yo, yo, yo so excited to be here with the one and only Brandon Gasaway. You guys are going to be in this uncensored, no pun intended and fully pun intended conversation for the next couple of minutes. And we're excited to have you. I am excited to dive into. Serial entrepreneurs background. Cause y'all, he's been in it and done a lot.

And it's incredible to see at such a young age. And I have a fly in my room. So if you hear what this locally, I am swatting flies and podcasting. What's up, Brandon. Thanks for you. Thank you for having me. I, you have to be pumped up that little intro made me look a lot cooler than I am. You definitely looked fierce.

So you definitely had the like fierce man stance was like, this is good. I think of you more like a Teddy bear, but it was awesome. So good. So Brandon, let's jump into here. The story, and I know your bio and people will get their bio and they listened to the full extension on the podcast. But your bio really lends itself to who you've been since like corporate entity, but I'd love to like, even back it up, was there like a planted seed from a parent or a mentor when you were young in the entrepreneurial setting?

Or what was your faith like in the development of that to be so risk averse? Uh, you know, I grew up as a preacher's kid. My dad was a Pentecostal. Um, and so I saw, I saw people have kind of the misbelief, right? They had this belief that the more holes you have in your shoes, the more wholly you were and you had to live a life of sacrifice.

Um, and I think they took that in the wrong context. Um, and I felt that way since a little kid, it didn't make sense to me. You know, if we have a loving God, why, why is he calling us? The poor or why is he calling us to not have and look less than people that aren't insurance people that aren't, you know, that are out in the world.

Um, and it just, it never really sat well with me. Right. I love God. I have to cry because as a young kid, the whole nine yards, right. When I went through all of that and it never sat well with me and you couple that with, uh, Seeing what I call the back, Andrew behind the scenes of ministry, right. Everybody thinks, oh, I want to be a preacher.

Now ministries message, man.

You know, preaching on Sundays, kind of the, uh, the wrapping paper, the boat to the, the mess you go through Monday through Saturday because people, I mean, we just inherently are missing. We have issues. No matter what it is, right? The first, first world problems, third world problems. They're all problems that we have.

Um, and I never fit into, um, the first one in six generations on both sides. That is not a preacher, uh, by occupation. Yeah. Um, and Pentecostal with that. So, you know, we're trying to curse out demons every day of your life and you're like, no, no, no, you haven't got the DV. And you know, to that point, when I was a teenager, I'm like demons.


man. I need a hanky over here, here. We got a PK kid on the house on, we give so many facts to the devil and all the devil didn't make you do nothing. You did that because you're stupid. Or you're an educated,

we pillow talk that so long that people don't understand that. You, you got you, Jesus said you had to do a hundred. He'll meet you the rest of the way. He didn't say your hundred would be a hundred, but he said, you have to give a hundred. You got to work like there. God has nothing to do with it. And then expect them to show up, to make up the difference, not sit back and go wait level or.

You know, if you look back in the Greek of that,

the Lord means to serve the Lord, to serve him like a waiter or waitress would serve, serve their clients or their customers. Yeah, you're on, you're like, think about how much a server or bus boy who is waiting, how much they're moving. They sit in anywhere. And so, you know, I watched it growing up and got it.

That's a Christian. I don't want. You're going to have to show me something different. And so, you know, there's a time I learned some, some worldly trades, right. That the way it's a young person to try to sow my wild oats. And

it wasn't that bad. Right. I like to say I was a lot worse than I was, but I wasn't really, um, got married, uh, 20. Yes, 22. And to think for a minute, it's been a minute. My wife's a Saint. Um, she was the, uh, the Jesus one. I didn't want any, um, and I met her in church, so I did meet with some, some blessings of look to the right people and make the right decisions.

When I really, it didn't have any of my smarts involved. Um, And I got to a church called elevate us with Keith Craft and, um, in talking to him and, uh, going through his masterminds and, and doing stuff. I realized that the warrior side of me, that fear side of me, wasn't the bad side I had decided that wanted to have more wasn't wrong.

Um, you know, it was a side of excellence. It was crying out in some way that I always thought, well, God, it's a nice house. You know, I want nice clothes. I'm an air Jordan fanatic. As you saw at the, uh, the conference, you know, is that a sin? And I had understand that the way I was programmed as a child, isn't the way God loved.

God wants us to have. What our spirit can handle what our soul can handle. You know, if you put that above him, no, he doesn't want you to have it. But if that's something that brings happiness to you in the, in the process of serving him, then there's no problem with it. And so that's kind of how I, more from a preacher kid to a business guys, uh, you know, I don't believe that the ministry of people is done from behind.

I believe the ministry of people, teaching people and bringing people along for the ride and mentoring them in a fashion that you're right alongside of them, just like Jesus was alongside the disciples. You know, he mentored them into being, uh, preachers and shepherds of, of men. And so, and so my, my last decade has been pulling people alongside me, like our friend Justine, and some of those, um, to go through the wall.

All right, let's go through it again. And it's, it's like a training season. Every time we started a company, it's like, oh, here we go again. And we've been real careful not to use past successes to influence current businesses. A business has got to stand on its own. It doesn't matter what I made or how much I made in the back end.

Now there's some investment in that every, you know, every year there's a yang, but, um, You know, again, since your coffee is having to stand on its own, it's happened to make, we had initial investments and then we've got to move forward, thankfully, um, with a little bit of wisdom and a whole lot of, uh, knocks on the head that I have up here covering Kevin up.

We're we're moving and progressing well, but you know, for me, it's not about coffee. It's not about a brand. It's about bringing those people alongside me. Um, as well as our, our affiliate. Bringing them all the time, teaching them the principles that I lucky I forgot, blessed and teach me early in life.

There is so much to that I could even interject. Cause I was like, it's so poetic because I just share in so much of that journey. Um, mainly because it's really what I feel like is a call to. The saints. Right? I was just in church this past weekend. And the pastor was talking about like my job isn't to teach you to love Jesus.

Like my, my job is to equip you to be able to teach others, to love Jesus, because you have to love Jesus on your own, right? Like this is a relational experience and you've got to know Jesus and therefore understanding what you said, like two. Disciple the nations, which nations is just, uh, the Greek understanding of ethnos, which isn't nationalities or ethnicities.

It really doesn't have to do a lot of people are like, oh, I've got to go to the nations. I have to go to Africa when really you could just be in your backyard and you are teaching the nations. You're discipling the nations. Cause it's. And so to understand that it's actually our training ground in the marketplace, which is what you and I do for us to be able to serve Jesus in such a unique way.

I actually have an opportunity to go to LA this weekend and I'm going to be podcasting, uh, conversations and, and speaking from a stage around podcasting. And it's called the evolutions podcast movement. This podcast will actually drop way after we're there, but for those live, you get to hear it. Last weekend.

I was having this revelation with my husband. I'm like, it's so weird usually before big opportunities, and this will be the largest stage I've ever spoken on. Um, outside of the podcast global stage is I get anxiety. I get nervous. I'm like prepping and I'm reading over what I want to share over and over.

And I'm really into the word and this one, because it's a secular stage. I told him I was like, I really feel that. I'm not carrying as much weight because I'm not actually preaching the word of God that this doesn't have as much movement. Like it's going to be awesome. I can't wait, but there's no pressure.

So I sent it on Saturday night and on Sunday morning in church, God was like, this is actually. Then anytime you preach the word to the church, the church was already familiar with my word. They already are. They're not offended when you open the scripture that this stage, this is actually the most important one.

And I think that's what you're speaking to right now is that actually what happened as a PK kid was the equipping. Have you to be able to walk into the saints and to actually teach people to like rise up as a Saint. And I think it's, it's harder work than being in the mission field. If you think about it, if being inside of the four walls of a protected space, where.

Yeah, well, and I've always said that the church is a hospital until you're saved, and then it becomes a vitamin shop, but you know, people, people want that space to be perfect. And they don't understand that that church, those four walls are built to bring in the sick, the bring in the hungry, the bringing in the lost.

So they're not gonna come in. I mean, they might come in suits, but they may come in and, you know, inappropriate attire or what. They may come in filthy. They may come in, in an alternative lifestyle. They may come in and inviting or identifying themselves as something that a biologically we wouldn't think they are.

We're not to cast them out, right? They're not demons. There are people in need. We don't start battling with love instead of battling with, with, uh, man-made principles, we're going to lose people. We're going to lose the majority. And if we lose a majority, then you know, eventually, especially in not to get political, but especially here in America.

We're going to lose out. And then, you know, China's type of mentality creeps in and nothing to get shined up, but they don't believe in the Bible and they've outlawed it. So how, you know, it's up to us. So we, we keep passing the buck to generation, to generation to now we have generations that don't identify as one nation of.

And they don't do business in the right way and they wonder why businesses have working. And it's because we don't have, we as, as a people have lost that faith, you know, for me, my ministry to bring that favor and bring those principles of how to do business the beach in is to be abundant, good stewardship, um, all of that into people's lives so that they can go out and bless up.

And honestly, that's biblical foundation, right? And it's what I love teaching so much to entrepreneurs. And I love the way that you've approached entrepreneurship and walking alongside people is really different than how I've chosen to do it. So I'd love for you to share about your experience in corporate America and how that actually fed into your breaking down the confines of what that is and going on your own path, blazing your own trail.

That's what this show is all about. Founders, innovators, and trailers. Um, so I did corporate, uh, for about 10 years, um, set a goal by 30 to be a corporate director. Um, uh, little did I know I was an overachiever 27. I got into being a corporate director of a. International, uh, wind energy company. And, uh, they were bought out by the world's largest, uh, printing company in doing that.

I went from a director to the director and the, uh, the CEO over the whole thing. And, uh, you know, I was a little safety guy. I had, uh, occupational health and safety. I didn't know anything about, uh, budgets outside of my little, my little lane. And, uh, I was the only. US-based uh, director, everybody else was Holland and Denmark and Germany and Europe.

Uh, so when they bought out, they said, right, we're not visa, we're not pantry your visas. Get out. Um, you you're American, you get to run the show. And I was like

a lot of trial by fire. Um, and we did it for three years. We turned, uh, what was kind of a declining. Uh, segment of the business, we turned it around, uh, did a. What I liked in knowledge was a crash courses. I love the HR and accounts receivable and payable and all the accounting department. I bugged him so hard cause I would literally just pull up a chair and you didn't have the choice, but to teach me so I'd get away.

How did that smile? Uh, you know, Hey, you're going to teach me. You can sit here until you teach me that everybody wanted rid of. Um, so we did that for three years, turned it around, um, and they gave me an option to move to south Paolo Brazil or Copenhagen demo. Um, and neither one, my wife was pregnant with our third child, either one was, she had any partner and I didn't blame her.

I didn't really want to go. Uh, so that went on for about a month and I came home and said, I mean, I think I'm going to start my own thing. She's like, okay, well, how do we get started? So what I did, I quit my job,

you know, seven, eight months pregnant.

That's awesome. I love it. And that, and then that's that leading into conversation with. You know, people talk about in order to be an entrepreneur, you have to be Rick risk averse. Like there has to be some component inside of you. That's like, yeah, sure. I'll jump out of the airplane. It'll be fine. Right.

And so where in like the Pentecostal raising it? I don't think it really matters the denomination. I think just being raised in the church as a pastor's kid, really. Where do you think that that came from? Do you think it was innate? You think it was raised with. Uh, you know, the stick of preacher's kids are always the worst, right?

We wanted to disappoint anybody. So I was really good at being the worst, but I think, you know, understanding that, you know, joking, you know, preach preaching, kids are the worst, but knowing in my heart that, that wasn't really the case. It's that chemistry, um, built a rep aside of me right around. I like to call it the rights as well.

Right. I'm going to do something that you say I can't do for the right reasons. And so it's, it's become a laughing matter, especially in my household. You want dad to do something, just tell him he can't do it. And then I'll do 10 times over. And that's, they've learned to play me that way, but I think where that's come from is that, uh, I didn't, if God's gonna make you live this and God's power is limited, this, why are we putting such.

On what he can do in our lives. And it was a question I never could answer. I'm still haven't answered it because we, we inherently put lids on our lives, even the life of an entrepreneur, you know, I can never get me to, to be a, uh, uh, uh, we could never go puck. That's a, B, B uh, you know, a filthy businessman who's hooked to cook people.

I can't it be us. Why can't it be a stewing things that are breaking records? Uh, and the answer I came to is a, we're not taught that we can do that. Where we read out we're more than a Cocker. We're not taught that we're more than a conqueror, you know? So if you, if you think you can't do something, you're not going to do something, but every time you think you can't do it, you putting a lid on God, because you can do anything you want.

You just have to, you have to work. Like he's not. And then when you're done all you can do to stand and he'll make up the difference. It's a really, we keep things so difficult. Or what about taxes? What about this? What about just do you feel do, and God I'll make up the rest and you'll sit back much. Like I have in many of us as it was a little of me and a lot of God.

Yes. I just did whatever I thought, adapted and overcame and adapted and overcame the pivoted and adapted no cane. And looking back now, there was a lot of God in there that, that. What I was doing because I was doing it as unto him. I was waiting on him and doing everything I could because my babies can't see daddy being a slack off.

My wife can't have, you know, she bet on that was a preacher kid that didn't have a college education when she married me, uh, you know, hell swings will touch me before I let that bet. And that, that investment on me go without. tell me something I'm curious, like you're talking about the hard work associated, right?

Like that endurance factor that grit that grace and grind dry, all kind of combined together. Cause it can't be a part. I did it the other way. So those who know my story know that I did all the hustle and grinding that you could possibly imagine the first decade and even in entrepreneurship. And it led me.

Um, and, and starved when it came to the relationships and the identity in which I know to be true now, which was my marriage, my motherhood, my, my child of God authority. Right. And so when you talk about hard work, cause I don't want people to get confused. Cause I think people think hard work. Well, you, you go nine to five and even as an entrepreneur, right.

We know the hours are not a thing. Like time is not an essence. It's like you show up when you can. And which is pretty often, most days of the week, most hours of the day, even when you're sleeping, you're dreaming. Right. Like I know I am. Let's, let's be realistic for people when you've been in like the startup phase of these companies.

Like what, what time investment are you giving? What does hard work look like to Brandon? And this isn't for everybody. Cause I'm, I'm upset since psychotic about, um, for those that have had a child, they can, you, your business is your baby right now. It's my wife. She's much better parent than I was. Uh, and I, but there was not a.

Clock on when the babies need to be fed, there was not a schedule of when they needed three diaper chains. It was not a, um, there's not a question. Give it needs to be done. It gets done. Um, your business's exactly the same way. So I tell people to prepare, you're going to lose sleep. Figure it out. You're going to, you're gonna be tired.

Good. Figure it out. You're going to have rough patches with finances. You're going to have, um, you're gonna miss some things right now. I think the. Y from the pits of hell we have out of, up onto friends of mine. That's coaching friends is you can have it all. You can, you can go to the baseball games and you can take 10 vacations a year and you can build an empire.

No, you can't eventually, maybe, but you're going to have to do that in seasons, right? Everything. There's a season. There's going to be a season of. There's going to be a season of, of almost hating your life. Right. And those are paying those dudes. Um, right now we're in that season of paying dues, I'm up at three o'clock every morning.

I'm up at, let's be on I'm up at three o'clock every morning anyway, to go to the gym. But instead of, uh, you know, focusing on inner peace or anything, I'm focused on what do we do for marketing? I'm not. I kind of say what I feel. And I said what I said, like it, or lump it. That's what it is. So marketing is not my strong suit.

Right. Um, I I'm thinking about how, how do we do something for Easter? How do we do, you know, constantly, what can I do to work on the business? You know, uh, my friend ed in my lap talks about his days, right. He compounds of days. So I wake up, I work out and I'm thinking about how to work on the business.

And then I, you know, day number two within a Monday is working in the business because I, I think a misconception is you're going to have to do both at first. You can't just work on the business unless you're going to invest a ton of your backend. Yeah, should you have a bunch of finances for everybody to do everything and you just delegate, which isn't realistic.

The most offer news. You're going to have to work in the business. Um, I do it now as a practice, um, to stay grounded. Uh, Dana, John said nobody could tell him about FUBU. Cause he stood at the shirt teammate that's he did the printing. Well, nobody is going to be able to tell me about coffee because I'm roasting our own coffee.

You know, I'm right in there with them. Um, I'm flavoring coughing, I'm stamping the bags, um, you know, bagging and tagging and right handwriting, the notes that go out with the bags and you have to put in the work and the work never ends. Just get your. That's that's really how I, I related to anybody man, or woman it should baby.

So if their life depends on you to act instead of react and, and respond to whatever that need is your businesses the same way you're going to have to respond to whatever that need is the minute it's. It is what it is, if you want it to, that's such a good analogy. And I, and I I've heard it. Like, I, I felt that way, even when I brought my book to, to market my first like single published experience.

It felt like birthing a baby, but from a different perspective, because I knew when it was going out to the world, now it had an element of judgment. People could judge it. People were actually like taking that baby from me. And this is a really different analogy. And the understanding that like, no one's taking it from you, but it will die.

Like CPS is going to come in and the CPS is just going to be like, ah, the time of deaths, right. 2:50 PM on Monday. Right. And you are the only person responsible for the resuscitation. Responsible for every element of healthcare need, you know, first date, I love the diaper changing and feeding perspective.

Um, so just brilliant. And I think people want the antithesis, they want the outcome, but they don't want to put the work in. Right. Everyone wants salvation in heaven, but they don't want to put the grind into the process of sanctification. Or the process of becoming more like Christ, because it's hard because you have to let go of things.

I've been speaking on stage before and started weeping, as I'm telling the audience that my son is currently in a jiu-jitsu match and I want to be there. Right. It's like simultaneous existence of self and confliction often, but it's this knowing that. The greater expansion of the kingdom relies on our activation towards that foundational business.

The most powerful thing you can do to unlock your greatness and step into your next level of abundance is to get in the room with others who have been where you want to be, and perhaps are going where you want to go. But oftentimes we can put ourselves in the wrong room based on exterior vantage points, what they wear, where they go, what they do.

When, you know, in our heart of hearts that we should be following people, standing along people who are aligned in true wealth, stop feeling alone in the journey of growth as a business leader and an entrepreneur who loves God, stop struggling to find the right answer. When it's already been written, stop giving up on the desires of your heart when God placed them there with intention, stop standing in this lack mentality.

When your prosperity is critical for all of us in the kingdom. Kind of seat at the table at the most impactful faith-driven business conference, you will ever experience alongside ministry driven marketplace leaders. You will evolve, unlock and activate your next level. That just sounded like a video game.

This is not the Metta. Okay. This is your I R L you're in real life chance to be in the room with some of the greatest kingdom entrepreneurs of our time. Founders, innovators, trailblazers, who are God centered. Together to grow their business for God's sake. And that's an inside out job. You will leave this three-day intensive with action plans, new income strategies, fresh mentalities towards business and life integration, and a sense of freedom that will have others magnetised to what you are selling by the way.

You'd freshly and uniquely serve it's happening on November 4th for this 6 20 22 in Nashville, Tennessee. With a highlight VIP event on November 3rd, there are seats. For you, but they will go fast. It's a limited reservation. So get your tickets Again, that's grow for I cannot wait to hug your neck.

I cannot wait to see you there in person. I cannot wait for this energetic room to just light up the world because that's what we're going to do when we leave this conference. But you've got to be in the room. IRL. Let's go.

So people might think like, how is coffee Christian? Like Alice coffee, expanding the kit, the kingdom. I'd love to know. Cause I know your heart. And I know the depth of what you guys have put into this. Where, where is that visual or, or just premise for you all. So we're getting the world, but not of the world.

Right? We coffee has not consumed Christianity. It is simply a tool, right? Just like money is just like profit is, um, we are, uh, first and foremost, the kingdom business that since I don't do anything, unless we do that, right. We're going to build the kingdom and that's, you know, uh, given the missions, given as a corporate body.

And then when. Yeah. You know, I delineate my giving personally. And so there's multiple streams of revenue to the kingdom. Um, but then we're, you know, in devising, we've tried to do the Facebook ads. It's funny how God works, right. Tried to do the Facebook ads and all that, and have, have a whole team that I invest in.

And the whole Facebook ads are plummeting. They're just not working. Um, Tried to get some influencers, right? And well, the whole influencers want an arm and a leg. I kind of knew that going into it, but my marketers was like, well, we're friends with some, let's see, see what happens open up. And I, you know, and praying about it because, you know, while I'm working and waiting on God, I'm praying for direction.

So I'm not working in the bad, you know, in the wrong. Uh, you know, God's going, how are you affected people? Yeah. You're, you're putting your, your excellence into the thoughts of, yes, you're, you're doing the product the right way, but how are you going to personally affect people? And I said, I got it. And it was the exact same thing I didn't want to do.

And God has, we did a affiliate program that we just lost. Right. And, uh, felt God calling me to go look, you can affect a few in your business. Right. You can have the Justine's and those people in the world come alongside you and T. Or you can get an affiliate program and have the masses come in to where you can leave that same fingerprint of excellence on a lot more people.

And so that's what we did. We, uh, they, they think they're signing up for coffee to sell coffee cause they love coffee. Right. What they don't know is the, the added value and benefit that I'm not advertising is I get in there and code. And try. I try not to concern that comes out

the principles of excellence, teaching the principles of leadership, of building a legacy. It's not about. Coffee, right. It's about touching those lives and making those people understand that there's more to life than social media. There's more do I can sell a product. Um, I've got a lot of people out of the MLM industry that are coming in going we're so tired.

Yeah. You are tired because you've pushing the product and you got compounds for whatever you're doing. But you're not getting fed anything back except demands and increases and such. Let me help you fix your, your thinking. So you, you can think higher and then you'll be able to live higher and resonate higher and help people in a better way.

And so that is a ministry within the mission that we talk about. I don't want to talk about it. I just want. It's so incredible. I think as you're talking, I'm processing, even something I was sharing with my mastermind earlier. Think about what everybody's asking you a question towards, everyone's asking you for the same thing.

And generally speaking, what they're asking for is like the surface level desire they're asking for like, almost like this fictitious idea of, uh, easy pie, right? Like it's they come to me, they, they want a business, they want a profitable business. And like what, what do you really. Right. And so here they, I want coffee cause I need coffee.

Cause everyone's like coffee then Jesus, right now, Jesus, then coffee. But they say this, they want the coffee, but really what do they really want? They really want unending. They really want a morning routine that feels light and easy, and you have clarity and you have stamina. And like all of the things that perceivably coffee can give, but what if it was connected to a greater principle, a higher understanding?

What if your business is actually your ministry? And you get to show up, not in a niche or not at a target audience or not in a generating profit, just in this one passion, but in every element of who you are. And so rather than just, what is the question that they're asking you? What is the actual, like deep rooted mission, which is what you were just talking about?

That is what they get. Data and on top of what they actually want. So they get that and more, and that is where I think movement and kingdom change actually happens and cultivation happens. And then the non-negotiables of everyone knows your name happens. That's what. He came in, they would ask for healing.

And he's like, that's not really what you want. Yeah. You want to be healed, but you actually want freedom. You actually want change. You actually want life everlasting. And so he always gave the over and abundance then what they were actually asking for. And it sounds like that's exactly what you guys are doing, which then we can come back a year, two years from now and be like, look at the fruit of that business.

And that's what people ultimately want. They just want the piece of the fruit and you're like, hold on. It takes a while to grow. Yeah, absolutely. I've tried and done several coaching programs, never to got to your level. Um, one day I'll have to have you teach me that, but for me it was all, it was a sit back and think, cause I was in a spot where, um, I don't know if Justin wrote my bio for me.

So the same, the Kaiser. You know, I own a, uh, health supplement manufacturer and in February, 2020, we pivoted, I shut everything down and we looped the sanitizer and the blessing killed me up on a different level. But once that, that market kind of doomed, it was back to same old, same old I'm like, okay, well that's all.

How do what next? Right. And that's certainly for probably six, eight months, maybe close to a year on what's next and thought it would be coaching. Um, there's parts of that that are just so similar to church, uh, and the different denominations, if you will, that it was just like, ah, I'm tired of that.

That's what, what is it that I can give somebody, um, and not have. I feel so jaded about it, you know? And then I look at Starbucks, they're killing it and they're good. I mean, there are people for the price of coffee in them, something, and those people feel such an adoration, such a. I don't even know who the families are.

It's like, okay. So how can I do that? Um, and then I've got a buddy that had founded a, a coffee company, just went public and talk to him and he's like, man, just do coffee. I don't drink coffee. I drink energy drinks. I recently have started drinking my own coffee. Right.

You know, so we, we started. Paul Justine called a couple of guys that kind of waded through the water in a, both sanitizer and health supplements. And we just, we went, but the coffee, uh, is such a people. Remember the great PLAYBAR they'll remember the great roast, but they'll better. Remember the way we make them feel our mission.

Our. Our message. Right? And we're still tuning that in, I mean, six, eight months down the road, we're still tuning in how hard, how strong I've got a buddy, that's got a clothing company that is very brash and he's also in the coaching. Very bold and what he says, right. I can wear Hayden. And I've tried that approach and it flopped

I'm saying what I would say any anytime I had to realize that the demographic, again, not a marketer, but the demographic to reach the masses. Has to be that they feel the love, right? It's not about, you know, I'm sticking hardcore in my belief, ongoing to be a lion. I embody all that in a day to day, but how do I show the heart of alive?

Love that big. How do I show that our product is, is down to its very element? Formulated to help people. Right. We don't just, yeah, we've got the slaver coffee for people that don't want anything, but we've got natural nootropics for people to focus because focus in this world is, is so slim. Right. And there's so many unhealthy things that don't let you focus.

What is it that I can put in? So we came up with a plan. I had a biochemist come up with a plan that helps you focus. And then I had women go, well, that's it through too hard. You're black and white, this and that. And it just, it looks like if I forget and I'm like, okay, what would you like? Uh, my, my guidance head of our marketing team, his wife pills.

Why don't you make a girl? You know, you can still make it tough. Use Rosie, the Riveter style. Marketing and was okay. So we came up with beauty and we came up with the performance blend for that. And then, uh, you know, had a couple of women come in and my wife and daughters have been key. Cause I'm not a girl.

I don't get it. They're like, well, what about Carlos? What about biotech? What about all that women want that helped them through their day? That's what you say works. So let's help people put that stuff in coffee. So we've, we've gone out of our way to be not a red ocean, not a blue, those, you know, I call ourselves a purple ocean because I'm a lot of the same and I'm a lot of difference and I'll combine it all together.

But at the end, it's just to help. And we know I don't want to stand people out. I don't want to have a ship that will fade I'm in this for longevity, that people, uh, you know, that some other can tell their grandchildren Sunday, today, this is the coffee that I drank when I was raising your, your mom or your daddy.

And to do that, we've got to focus on simply helping people and the profitable. I love this. You guys, this is applicable to every genre of business it's applicable to, even if you don't own a business and you're not entrepreneur, it's you working within a business? Because I think a lot of times, if we recognize that people can actually leave.

Sometimes more efficiently from the bottom than they can from the top. And so I'm saying this to the person who is I actually, I have a gal online right now, so of course it's coming to my mind, but I also just got a, a fascia massage and I was thinking through this specific misuse was so brilliant. So masterful in the way that he served me as a client, unlike any massage therapists I've ever received.

And I immediately, it was like, why are you working for this company? Like you, 1000% should be on your own. And he was like, you know, I don't want to deal with the overhead and the scheduling. Sure. This is where entrepreneurship is crazy and working for someone is not as crazy. And yet there is movement that can happen from the bottom up because he has a voice because he has a play because he has a whole following that comes just to him that if you wanted to get a mission, Understanding that it's not about like the light massage, but this fascia Ms.

Shaw, he, they could transform the entire business based on this methodology. And so just to encourage the person listening that this is not just a top down experience, this is a bottom up and a top down cemetery. That could take place depending on where your heart is and what biblical foundation you bring to the table.

And so I just think it's phenomenal. I haven't actually gotten a bag myself, so I need to do that. Uh, I know my husband is a coffee fanatic, uh, and that's why Jesse and reached out to us in the forefront. Cause I was like, I love coffee all the time. I drink mushroom coffee. So I'd be super curious if you guys are uncensored and looking into developing things like that.

Cause regular coffee. To make me have crazy shakes for the rest of the day. And so maybe something that's like, not as crazy caffeinated, but still has some elements. Like you said, a focus college and I'm like, yeah, I need to get in on that. Well, our performance has a lot of much in basically traffics in it.

So we use a lot of lion's mane and they'll say, you need. Naturally occurring, uh, nootropics. So we don't write, I am ordering so good, but Brandon, I want people obviously to not only get coffee, but get connected to you. Uh, just as a leader, I think in the, what you're doing and. The movement of businesses and it's not just one y'all it's many, and he didn't even tap into all of it.

And so I definitely want you guys to follow them on social and then obviously get uncensored, uh, the coffee and also the concept, because I think we all need to get a little uncensored and it literally goes back to. As a PK kid. And so this query line literally goes full circle to this show. And so I'm excited and honored to know you and see where things are going and continue to.

There was this map that you guys posted on social that I shared, and it was showing like the hub of where you are and all the cities in the United States that have gotten in. And I want to see that on a global expansion and so excited to see. Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me. It's a, it's a blessing to be able to share it and share it with your audience and just get to talk to you again.

I feel like that we see each other on social media, but we don't get the call. I know it's crazy how that happens, but I always feel connected to you regardless. So now even deeper brother, I appreciate you and Justine and we will, uh, be promoing uncensored here and my coffee cup soon. Absolutely. All the love you guys.

Thanks for hanging out with us today.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories or.

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This is a fit faith way. .

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