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Let's Talk Spirituali-TEA with Dr. LaTanya Moore

I am just so grateful and gifted for all of the people that God brings. He doesn't just bring them for me. He brings them for you and the fact that you are coming consistently to listen in to this incredible show, The FIT in Faith podcast that's now in its fourth season.

I feel like every single time you say yes, and you listen and you download and you review and subscribe. You're giving me a gift back.

It's just this constant exchange of gifts. Today's guest, Dr. LaTanya Moore is the host of the Spirituali-TEA podcast you must listen to, as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has a PhD in organizational leadership by profession and her passion is all things Jesus and helping believers unlock their next level through coaching clarity, consulting, and mentorship.

You are going to love her and be blessed by her.

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About Dr. LaTanya Moore:

Dr. LaTanya Moore, is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Ph.D in Organizational Leadership by profession. Dr. LaTanya has a passion for all things Jesus Christ and has become a bold example of faith and manifested vision. Dr. LaTanya’s passion is to help believers unlock their next level through coaching, clarity, consulting, and mentorship. She motivates and inspires you to understand your gifts and Godfidence to fully walk on purpose. She is the Visionary behind the Spirituali-TEA, LLC, and host of Spirituali-TEA Podcast, the place to receive practical tips when you are ready to strengthen your relationship with God. Through topics, experiences, and applications, she seeks to increase spiritual maturity and advance the kingdom of God.

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Show Notes: Let's Talk Spirituali-TEA with Dr. LaTanya Moore

Oh, cell's sister. Oh my goodness. I get so beyond thrilled when God shows up boldly and fiercely through the person on the other side of this podcast, you guys have, don't always get to know these people before. And so I am just so grateful and gifted for all of the presence that God brings. He doesn't just bring them for me.

He brings them for you and the fact that you are coming consistently to listen in tonight. To this incredible show, the fit and faith podcast. That's now been four seasons in the running. I feel like every single time you say yes, and you listen and you download and you review and subscribe. You're giving me a gift back.

And so it's just this constant exchange of gifts. That's what's happening here. There is the spiritual T podcast that you must listen into from my girl today's guest, Dr. Latanya Moore, she's a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has a PhD in organizational leadership and by profession, her passion is all things Jesus and helping believers unlock their next level through coaching clarity, consulting, mentorship, and girl, boy, man daughter.

Family. I got schooled today and the holy spirit showed up with so many God chills. So get ready, get set. Hang out with Dr. Latanya lore and your girl, me Tamra.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom life. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep, or high that there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories.

And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Oh, right. I have not heard jams all day. I'm like, ah, I need some music in my life. Tonya more is in the house today. You guys, that was awesome. It was, oh my gosh. I feel so special. Michelle, you are. We love to treat our guests and have a little surprise day view, not to stroke the ego of course, but just to show off how good God is in all of the ways that we show up.

Right. I love it. Well, yeah, I am so honored to be here with Dr. Latanya Morris. She's a licensed marriage and family therapist with a PhD in organizational leadership by profession. And she does so much to not only relish in the one. We all love and serve Jesus Christ, but also to serve others here on earth, as it is in heaven, through ways of helping you cultivate your gut.

So I'm excited for her to get into like all the juicy details of how perhaps she started cultivating her own God's guidance because often we don't serve, unless we figured it out a little bit. So let's hear from you, Dr. Latanya. Thanks again for being. Absolutely. Sure. Um, so that was a great introduction.

It's so expansive. Right? I could go into all the other things, but everyone never knows where to land after that. Like, do you start from, I was born in or do we start in the pit? We can start in the pit. If you want, wherever you feel led. Right. Um, so it was interesting because I have, um, my journey is interesting because I feel like I have always kind of been in church.

I've always been, you know, I was raised in church. I, you know, attended and, um, and I I've always been this person who enjoyed it and I've always been the person. I had always been the person who left the same. Right. Like, I sat in, you know, service as a service at the service and I just wasn't at the place where, you know, I wanted to really change.

And so, um, although I was brought up that way and I enjoyed myself, I just wanted something different. And so I always talk about relationship with God, because that is where he met me in relationship. Right. I didn't know. There was such a thing as relationship with God. Until I decided one day and I said, you know what, I'm going to start praying at the same time every day, I started praying at the same time using the same song and, you know, just really enjoy myself.

It was 5:30 PM. You know, me and guy had this like routine to get there. I love that. Yes. And so one day I'm moving around. This is after, you know, I've been doing this for, you know, maybe a few weeks. And so I'm moving around, I'm in my kitchen and all of a sudden I began to feel the presence of God, like all around.

And I looked at a time and it was the time that I normally prayed while I was in the kitchen kitchen about to cook something. And, you know, and I began to feel the presence of God and I felt, oh, like, it just felt like God misdemeanor. He's like, Hey, where are you? It's our time together on that day that I realized that I could have a relationship with.

I have not been the same six. Well, I just got full body, like God chills. That was cool. I feel like I never really thought of it from the perspective of like, when we don't show up, it's like staying in, got up. Right? Like it's like you sitting at the date table. Okay, well, I guess I'll have coffee by myself today.

Right? And how instead he came and encountered you versus just being like, all right. Well, I guess I got stood up. He was like men in and out. Sisters is you and me daughter like body chills. What a cool practice. Absolutely. So that's when I realized that you can really build relationship with God. And so from that day forward, I continue, you know, some of those routines, I started to have, you know, different experiences and I'm like supernatural encounters and all these things I really learned to lean in on my gifts.

I didn't even know what a spiritual gift was.

How old were you when that happened? I'm so curious. And I'm 37 now. Wow. That is incredible. Oh my gosh. Okay. So this is so cool. Cause I feel like a lot of people, especially if they're raised in church, they're anticipating that this is going to happen when they're in church. And here you are just in the midst of your everyday life.

Just trying to pursue him a little differently. And he's like, I can show up for you, whether you're in your house or you're in my house or you're in that. Right. That's so good. Yes, absolutely. So, uh, I just passed that threshold. I wouldn't say like 30, it's like a midlife crisis, right? The life crisis and everyday, and just feeling like it, it wasn't that thing where it felt like, you know, Hey, I don't know what I'm blowing my life or, you know, I feel like I'm not successful.

I was successful. You know, I, I was driving the car. I wanted, I had a job that I wanted, I was doing therapy, which is what I always wanted to do. I was doing all those things. I just knew that there was more, you know, and so that's when I shifted my routines. Wow. I love that. So you were even like going to church regularly at that point.

Every Wednesday, every Sunday, I mean, going regularly, but leaving the same, which is so interesting. And, and what's curious about that is like this understanding that it was a shift in your posture or was it a shift in the way that you. Positioning yourself that God was like, oh, you are eager for me. Oh, you do want something different.

Let me show you what that different can look like. And I honestly think that this is a commonality in the church where people go and they're checking the box and they're doing the thing and they're living a decent life. I don't think. There is anything wrong with it. But to know that there is more, it's like being the kid at Christmas and like, there's another gift under the present.

And you're like, well, who is out in for who's now? And God's like, yeah, it's pretty you. There's more than, I want to give you more than I want to reveal to you. And it's just for you. And I love that it was so intense. It was. And I think that that is so true because there are so many people who are in this position.

Right. And it's like serve just to the most surface level Christianity. It's like, I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. Right. And that's how I was, I'm doing what I was, what I was supposed to do, but I had never experienced and, or seeing this like supernatural side or that there would, would be, or could be more.

Right. And so, um, when, when you become. Ah, there's something in that seek that brings about a whole new level of understanding of God's character and who he is and who he can be. And you have to get to that place of wanting it though. Right. Um, and not just following, I always say like standing on another man's word, because that's what I felt like I was doing, you know, and although my preacher was a woman, but it was spending on.

They didn't on someone else's, you know, wording what they told me. And instead of me encountering him myself. And so, yeah, that really should be. There is, is a new, like phrasiology that I was exposed to just in the last week. Churchianity okay. Because I always felt like I was denouncing the church or denouncing Christianity when I would make commentary similar to what we're having a conversation around now.

And that's like never my intention. People just, they don't know that there's more and they're not seeking for more because we live such a busy, I quote those air quotes. Cause I can't stand. When people call me busy, they live such a busy, chaotic life that the check of the box is all they have time for.

It's all that they really intend to do with that. With that space of spiritual. Yeah. There's pie charts that you will see and people are like, okay, so like finances, family fitness. And then they like put faith in that pie chart and I'm like, you are missing it. You're missing it. It's not something that is just an element of who you are.

It's the foundation. You don't get to breathe without that. And therefore it's not a physical only, or a mental only are a relational only, or an emotional health only. It's not like that. Even the spiritual realm, God wants all of us so good that like in the seeking and in that storyline piece that you're specifically mentioning.

Now you have your own story. Own pulpit your own stage, right? To be able to say like, this is the Jesus, I know this is the character that I've experienced because it wasn't even for me until about three and a half years into my, you know, transformational relationship with God that I actually experienced him as ABA, father of past trauma.

And so, as you like. Unpacked this gift that is Jesus. This gift that has God. Tell me about like different character facets that you explored and discovered. Ooh, now that was one of the first ones that I encountered was ABA. Um, so knowing God is my father was one of the first things that he began to show me and I'm full of transparency.

One of the things that God showed me was that, um, I didn't know what it was like to be father. Right. So my dad love him to death, um, was in and out of my life as I was, you know, a child. And, um, I, my uncle love him to death stepped in, you know, my little brother was more like a dead end because he was always trying to tell me what to do, but really did not know how to be father or what that felt like or what.

Experience was like. And so one of the first things that I began to experience from my relationship with God with God was just that ability to, to love me in a different way that I was not used to yet, you know, um, and to show me things and reveal things to me, right. To have this level of protection, to be the one that I could go to with all full transparency, you know, and that was who I experienced first.

Oh, my gosh. I love that. And I think especially as women, it's like a whole nother realm of that character. And while my husband I know, has explored God, the father in a way, because of his childhood as well, it's something different just like when I met him. Sun. It's a mother son relationship. Then when I mother my daughter, right?

Like it's always a little different. And so I love like the masculinity that God brings to us as daughters, because it's a representation of masculinity that I don't think is fully embraced by men often, especially men that aren't seeking God, men of God might tap into it. Right. But it's kind of that understanding that full awareness factor.

I think we are discredited, honestly, as women often because of our emotions where God's like, I made you like that. I see you in that. I love you for that. Come to me with those emotions. Right. And I love that facet of him being a father for me too. So. Um, I experienced it now. I mean, it's like always, but there are times when he shows up as father and I just like wheat, like fall to my knees, you know?

Um, I was having an experience. I was on a phone call and, um, and during the phone call and it was with, um, it was. Someone who I was, you know, working with for business related purposes. But the way that the person came across was very kind of harsh. And so, but I was, I was strong during the phone call, but it still hurt.

And so after I got on the phone call, I realized that I did not feel okay. Right. And so I still, I just moved around in my house and I was just kind of processing it all. And I heard God speak to me. And I heard him say, daughter, come on. Like just come here. And when I tell you I failed to my knees and I could feel the sense, the presence of him just hugging me, like patting me on the back, like rubbing my back.

And it was just the experience of father. Right. Like I needed that in that moment, you know? Um, and so I let him that way really good. And I think about it even from like the father role. Kind of, you know, I think skated around these days when it comes to sexuality of like, when I first was starting to date or things like that, like we never had the birds and the bees conversation.

I don't even know why they call it that, I guess, pollination. I'm not sure infiltration fertilization, I don't know, but never had that conversation. I remember as I was growing in, um, my relational intimacy or wasn't intimacy, but relational scandalous, Snus, I guess I should say. Um, I didn't ever get to have that conversation with my dad.

And in, we speak a lot to the conversation as a husband and wife now about the cot, not. Right. And how, um, my children are witnessing me, receive love and give love to my husband and vice versa for them. And while my parents seemingly had a decent relationship, um, there was a lot of things that went awry and a lot of things that I just never understood.

And therefore, I, even though he actually gave me a promise. Mm, when I was like 15 about purity, because I was assigned, I was living a dual life. I was living a life of, um, sexual scandalous and also like, I'm a good girl. And I go to church. I was going, I was checking the box. Like you are in the shadows right in the dark, in the pop culture, in the MTV music videos, in the magazines.

Everything else to me was like, I am made to be like, And yet God is calling me to be like this, but I don't see anybody with my naked eye who's living like that. And my dad didn't tell me, like about keeping myself protected or a chastity belt. Right? Like that was more like what it was, don't do this. And that's the end of the story.

So for me in that fatherly realm, I didn't actually learn about that until I was already married with kids. And so that was a, um, speak to intimacy. That was that into me. You see, that was like a very raw experience to understand what is love? What is sex? What are you calling me to in my relationship?

What is righteous? In the marital bed space. And so it's been an evolution to have a father in that regard who has taught me about my identity as a woman. Oh my gosh. Ooh, man. That's that's definitely. So we talk about father that the identity piece is so important because I started to learn my identity in Christ during that season as well.

Oh my goodness. There were so many things that I learned about myself and who got, wanted me to be and who I needed to show up as. And so that completely, actually, that completely changed my prayer life as well. But I started to show up in a new level of authority, um, because I started to understand who I was.

And so, um, I definitely experienced, um, him as, you know, just building me up in my most holy faith. Right. And really building my identity. Yeah. Identity is honestly the premise of everything. And I'm sure it's a huge component of like your shift, even in your business, as you went from knowing a lot, like a PhD, right.

Like I know a lot, I serve a lot, but now the knowing the like wokeness of having an encounter with Jesus changes, everything that you think, you know, it's like. Deep sense of knowing, and we have guests on with us right now who are chatting, live, talking about understanding and how do you actually learn to be fathered by God, the father, and another one who says that her mom was a nurse and gave a book and sent her to a doctor to learn about sex.


That's a good one because honestly, even when I was in sex ed in fifth grade, which I found out that they're now teaching sex ed to like second graders, which is just exposure, talk about exposure. Um, I just think that the identity is really what we need to be speaking to. Even beyond sex ed, because if you know who you are and you know how honored you are and how beautiful you are and how impossibly, um, pure you are, you would not even consider some of the alternatives that have been exposed to us in public.

Okay, listen,

I would take it all back. Okay.

Uh, but it also makes us more empathetic. It makes me way more alert to what is happening even in, in the conversations around social media. And what my kids can and can't watch if I didn't have the experiences that I had when it came to things like that. And it's not even just sex. I want people to know that it's like language it's, um, you know, it's.

Yeah. Yeah, the music, the subculture, things that seem normal, it's just not. Okay. And so I'm grateful for that empathetic lens and I'm grateful for I'll use the word again, wokeness. And I'm curious, when you shifted, how did it affect your like client experience or your business experience? How did you operate before.

Oh, my gosh. So are you ready for this therapy room? So, um, my PhD is in organizational leadership and I was using that by working with organizations and helping to build strategic systems, doing implementation, doing all of those things. And I was still providing one-on-one therapy as a, as a marriage and family therapist.

When I changed, I moved outside of the therapy. What I found was that I became so restricted by my license that I needed to move outside of that space for a while. And the Lord hasn't allowed me to go back yet. Now I still have my therapy brain is still shows up in everything. I do always therapy brain, my spiritual brain organizational brand.

It all comes together before. And so it's so interesting because I started to realize that I could not minister in the way that I desired. Right. I could not, you know, pray in the way that I desire I could not deliver in the way that I desired because I was restricted by a set of rules. Right. That I worked hard for.

Right. And I still love them. I just had to move outside of that space. So my wokeness calls me to actually shift in career path. Right. So I couldn't do as much one-on-one therapy anymore. And I moved more to that organizational space where I could still, you know, just kind of be myself and I moved more into the coaching.

Yeah, not too many regulations over there. Okay. The, the, by the way, BTW watch out. Cause everyone, everyone wants to be a coach or is a coach now. And I think there's nothing wrong with that, but it's the knowing of where is that coaching come from and to have the background like you do and the holy spirit like you do.

I mean, Before someone walks into the room because the holy spirit is present. Right? So you're like, come on in here. I got, when you fill out the form, before you show up to a session with me, before you show up to the coaching program, I have already petitioned to have, and I know what's going on with you.

I know what we're going to target. The Lord is already spoken. I know exactly what we're going to do in here. I'm thinking I still allow that to have his way. Right? So the moment that we get into the session and the holy spirit starts shifting and redirecting things were going with him. I tell my coaching clients that all the time, I said, listen, I have an agenda.

I have a lineup. However, I am very holy spirit led. So the things that I said. I love it. I was watching a Sarah, Jake Roberts, Sarah Jakes, TD jigs daughter, actually on repeat this weekend on the flight home. Me and my husband both were. And she's so often she'd go on. She goes on these rants right here, just gets a hold of her tongue and is like, you're coming.

And then she's like, I have to be honest, I am not on notes at all back to her podium. And it's like, she's putting her, she's taking the spiritual brain and putting it back into like this. This is how it's supposed to work. Okay. Now let's go again. And I think it's important that people. Find that ability to surrender because ultimately that's what it's about because we could be, we could be organizationally driven.

We can be knowledge driven when it comes to, you know, the, the backstory of what it is that you've gone to school for. We could be time restricted. Right today I was on a coaching call with eight people and I was like, yo, I'm 30 minutes over time. I, holy spirit is good. This is awesome. Right. He literally can come in and just change up everything.

And it takes us saying, God, do your, will have your way in this moment that we can release it. And the world doesn't understand that. Right. I got,

I realized, this is who I am. This is who I want to be, you know? And so I'm completely okay with that. 30 minutes is good. That's that's Aman. I know, right. I, uh, I remember the first time I stepped foot when I was 29, is when I encountered the Lord in a relational way. So I do believe that there some sort of sweet spot in this like thirties, right.

That was the Jesus era. That was like, when he showed up to ministry, showed up to the call simultaneous, it was six years ago. So I've also seen this massive revival in God's grace. During that time based on this show exploring how long ago was that? When did that happen? If I went back and took a tally, it would be shocking within the last three to six years.

How many people have, have been encountered with the holy city? Oh, it's amazing. I say that I walked in to a church totally randomly that my husband had been connected with this guy who needed HVAC. My husband does HPAC for a business. And so we were desperate for a church on a Wednesday night and nowhere in our city had one.

And so he's like, I remember this one guy I did heating and cooling for. He was a pastor. And really quick, he lived in Chesapeake and sure enough, about four hours later, we were walking through this Pentecostal church when we had no idea what that even meant. We just were it's church. Let's go. We need to be somewhere sanctified.

So we walk in and they're like so embarrassed. They said they were so worried because they were like D string was on stage a and D team were at a leadership conference in South Carolina. C string wasn't feeling good. And they're like, these people are going to be so disappointed. The holy spirit showed up and I had never seen anything.

Like it just, even from the intimacy of worship that was taking place, I had never heard someone speak in tongues. So that was a little weird, but it was just this utter, like surrender that I saw people in. It was the first time that I ever felt. Hugged, like really hugged, chug, like, hi, you look lovely, but I was like weeping, no makeup, no nothing, no presentation needed.

And I think that's what people need to understand is like, we don't need your shit. Yeah, no. I'm curious when you're with people specifically in that like therapy or support realm as a coach, how often are they coming in on that first session? And they're like on their Sunday best. Oh, when I tell you they all come in that way, but I let, I let it be known like quite quickly within the first.

Of being with me. Um, and normally it comes across. I pray before every session and always pray of course, that I decrease so that, you know, got my increase. And within the moment of the first prayer, every session, the Lord has already started speaking to whoever it is. It was only the other end of this computer.

And, oh, who's in this session and they're already with. Golly quick.

Oh, happy. Because it's a hard thing to do if we try it in our own might easy thing for God. So easy. He speaks and he speaks quickly, you know? And so I have a prayer intensive starting this week and I want to teach them to be able to hear the voice of God so that you might, you know, discern what he's saying quickly.

Right. I just don't believe it. It used to take forever to get answered prayer, but then when I, you know, you just started tap in the more time you spend with God, the more you feel, God inside you, the more you show up with him. Right. And so what's in you then be good, begins to come out and it comes out.

And I feel like there's like a tuned spirit, like a keen eye towards his work at hand, even in the spiritual realm, even in the physical realm is what I meant to say, obviously in the spiritual realm, but in the physical realm. I like to littlest things like my calendar will magically not have a, a timeframe that was there five hours ago.

And I'm like, I needed this break or something little with it, with an animal in my home or with a child, or like, I mean, even the weather right where you're just like, how are you doing this God in this moment, he is there and he is present and he hears the deepest desires of our heart. Even when we're not speaking them out loud.

I speak them out loud. It's even more because it becomes, and I teach this in the business concept a lot, but it becomes a social contract. The social contract is when you're telling someone I'm going to do this, right. And it's the same thing with the Lord. I'm going to do this, or I'm going to put this at your feet, or I'm asking this of you right now.

God. And that's how we pray. It doesn't have to be this like crazy floral experience. It's just from the heart. And he creates the beautiful aroma, the fragrance that comes thereafter, because that's what he does. Exactly. Yes. And so that's what I'm saying, just in the moments of prayer in the beginning of a session we're breaking down, we're tearing down those walls from Sunday's best.

Okay. Even if you came with your best outfit on, we are tearing that down, I'll make up at all.

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And so talk about the difference, right? The difference between confidence, makeup and all, and got Vince makeup, an all or no makeup at all. Yes. I love to talk about God for this, because I always say, you know, I have some confidence, right? Some confidence. I am a confident person, however, When I have got finished when I show up in godliness, what is saying is that I know that all of heaven is backing me, right?

There's an army back here. As a matter of fact, they in the front room size too. And so there's an army that I'm showing up with with the word of God, on my lips, in my spirit, in my heart. And so knowing that, you know, confidence is one thing, but when you have gotten. It's a whole new situation. There are things that I don't want to step out into.

And I know that because God is backing me because he's told me to do it because he sit me on assignment that I'm showing up in a whole new way. Okay.

The army of the Lord. So a parent right there is this another. Whole like bracket of, um, even posture in someone who knows the Lord, who knows that it's not them fighting, who knows that it's not by their ability that they're, they're showing up. I. One of the biggest things that I pray all the time is that the presence of the Lord proceeds me into a room because I get into conversations with people or business deals or partner opportunities.

And my flesh is a little afraid. My flesh is a little worried. My flesh is like, am I going to lose out? One or is, am I not good enough? Right. I was have that perspective. I'm not worthy enough to even be in this room or in this conversation or at this table. And when I get into that prayer that like, God precedes me and it's been, you know, spoken, I am the head and not the tail.

Right. Take that authority into a specific situation like that. It changes that worry and people sense it. People's eyes are directed towards you there. They're curious about what's happening and it's, it's not us. It's like this presence bubble. Right. And I don't have to, I don't have to be anything other than me in that moment because God is being him.

That means I'm enough because mine is proceeding me. I love that because when we show up knowing that that. I love it. When you say proceed me because I do the same thing. And I also pray for the heart postures of the people, right. That they were, God favors me, that they would favor me. Right. And if it's not an opportunity that God wants me to be aligned with it.

I'm okay. You know that if it does not work out, because it's not an alignment, please Lord strip it away. And so knowing that we will never miss anything. Yeah, out on anything because you know, we've allowed God to order those footsteps. So I do get it though. You know, being in the room sometimes it's like, wait a minute.

Am I, am I supposed to be here? Am I supposed to, you know, this thing? But wait a minute, look who my father is calling me to be. He called me a masterpiece. He called me friend. He calls me.

That just happened to me this weekend. I had an amazing opportunity. I worked with, um, her name is coach Tara, and she gave me an opportunity this weekend of a lifetime. I've been, I started my ministry, my business three, uh, in the, in the pandemic the first week of the first week that I started my coaching, all those things.

The what? Of course I'd already been doing lots of things professionally prior to, but the ministry piece of it, I started literally the first week, the world shut down. So everybody that I've coached, everyone who has been in my courses has been online. Zoom has been, you know, the place for me and this weekend I go down and I I'm I'm in Atlanta.

And she says, as she walks up to me, she says, um, she, she puts a mic in my. And she tells me to go to the stage and you had no idea.

And my flesh, my flesh is there anybody else, but then I thought like, I like wrote like something in me. Up. And I went and asked I, and I'm praying in tongues under my breath and I can get up to the stage and I just burst out and the tongues and I just go with whatever I heard, holy spirit is saying. And so, you know how quickly that things shifted from like, Ooh, I'm scared.

Oh, okay. Let me remember who I am in. Christ sent me already. This was already orchestrated. And so I'm ready. Oh my gosh. And this is the thing, like little, tiny doors like that open, right. And God just like will bring in his title, wave in the process. Cause he's like, oh, you might want with your flash with your lack.

Peop open into that space and he's like, no, no, no, no. If there's any sense of me opening the safe it's coming wide open. And that doesn't mean that timing. And I want to make sure people are understanding of that. God's timing is right on time. So if the door just feels a little cracked when it's time, it, the flood gates will open.

If the door is closed, there's intention in that too. And I feel like a part of, as you were sharing about the desire for things not to come to fruition, if it's not in God's will something that I've desired in reciprocation is, is discernment towards why? Because otherwise I feel like. I will naturally fall into my humanness of resentment or my humanness of, of worry or fear or any of those places.

And I, I think people think when they perceive us and they see us in our humanness, well, Tonya and Tamra, they think that we've got it all figured out. And because God is on our side, just the fruit is plenty. Yeah. And there is a component of truth to that 1000%, but it's this knowing that we do it because we're brave, we do it because God gives us that sense of God's guidance.

Not because there aren't moments in our life or moments in our day to day, right? Minute by minute, this is a spiritual journey. Not even season to season, like I could be on a mountain top one second, and I could be in the valley another second when it comes to a different component of self. So I just think.

When we are doing those things. If we could get discernment from the Lord in that way, it allows us to then walk even more God finitely into the very next step versus walking with our head held. Yeah, I love that determined. It's so important. You know what I find interesting sometimes when, when, when I do get a no, oftentimes it's something that I have either done or something that I need a lesson I need to learn.

Right. I had to call someone about two weeks ago now and I called her and I was scheduled to do something with her. And I heard, I heard God tell me no. And so I'm over here, like, oh, me and my daddy said, no, you know, like my dad said no. And so I can't do it. I was like, almost got afraid. I'm like, Aw, man, it's tomorrow had to cancel, but I realized God showed me that I never had.

I never asked him if I could do it,

you know, especially if it's someone we know or it's like, oh yeah, of course. You know, and sometimes we don't wait for that confirmation or permission, right. To get permission to move in his, in his name, in that. And so then we wonder why some things happen on the back end. Um, but yeah, so I had to call and say, you know, um, or sometimes he'll show me, you know, areas where I still need growth.

Right. And so I love that you are discerning in that way as well. It took her. Oh, oh. I was just saying brilliant what you were saying because, and I want to hear what you're going to go back to. I want to make sure that people understand that. Sometimes discernment comes after the fact when we've already made that decision, which is what you just said.

And there's red flags, red flags, someone gave the analogy of God will throw like little pebbles at you, which is a little red flags. And sometimes we're so in momentum we're so in pace we're so in what we think is the rightful position, which is a self-righteousness then the medium boulders come, and then the massive boulders come and then.

Which has happened to that situation. And he's like, I was trying to let you know, I was trying and so discernment and constantly praying into the surrender of, of discernment and wisdom is, is God's little red flags. I want to say yes to the red flags and recognize them. Or as you said, Even before that ask permission.

I love, I try to do, I try to do it every time. Right. But sometimes we just forget, it's like, oh yeah, it's a natural habit. Just to say yes to someone. Um, but as we were talking, as you were talking about opening doors, whether it's a little bit or, you know, door is wide open, um, the Lord, I just heard the Lord is speaking that, you know, we'll see it before we see.

Right there. Oftentimes where got to show us things about our future. God will begin to show us things or put little junctions in our spirits, or maybe we've had a dream when maybe we've had a vision or, you know, some, if something in our imagination that makes us say, you know what, I'm going to be on that stage one day or, you know, and so.

It's so important to be so close in relationship, relationship to him and so consistent with your prayer life, that you begin to see things before you see things, right? And so when that door is open for you, whether it's a little tiny crack or is wide open, you've already seen it. And you know that it's God now aligning your steps to walk through it.

So that's power. And I think it's interesting because of what you're saying is that you will see it before you see it. But when you first said it, I thought you said. I need it before you see it,

because this is the thing we want to see it. And then we want to see it. Like that's as fast as our humanity works, as fast as our flesh works and God is like, sorry, sweet one. I gave you that as a C. Yeah. And I want you to know over the course of the next decade, over the course of the next four decades, I'm going to be watering that we're creating a routing system.

We're creating something so deeply planted in who you are, that when it does blossom, Steadfast and route to everyone that comes there will be no lack in that blossom. And it takes a long time to get something before it pops above the surface. Right? You want the thing, but you're not willing to sit within the watering was sit within the hydration in the fuel.

That is the fire breathing. God. Like he will make all things happen. If he's given you. Seed if you've seen it because he's gifted it to you, it will come to pass. It'll come to pass. This is something that I saw two years ago and I saw it this weekend. Right. And so I've created my own stages. I've been able to create those things, but for someone else, and I've seen myself on panels, I've seen myself, I've seen responses to questions.

That were asked to me as I was on panels. However, I have not been on a panel yet. You see what I mean opens. I'm going to walk through because he, it good. And this is another thing though, Tonya, about the social contract piece, right? Is that like, are you telling people this. And I think that there is a fine line between keeping something sacred and the secret place that God has given you and sharing it and broadcasting it with either your safety, you know, zone of people, those close five or those close 10, or is it something that you share with your community?

I think a lot of times when we are in our faith and our, and it seemingly our spiritual lives, our sound, we get fearful of asking for. We get your full that if I say that I'm depleted in this realm, what will that do to my ministry? What will that do to my coaching clients? What will that do to my marriage?

Right. If I tell them that I'm lacking this from my partner or my friend. Yeah. This is the thing that God is so good. And it goes full circle back to what we said at the beginning. It's like God bills, every gap, every character gap of yourself, and also every character gap of relationship and also every character gap of need.

And so when we actually get God in it enough to say, Hey right now, God, I don't see the answer to this provision. I don't see how I'm going to get into this space. I don't see where that's going to happen. Hey guys, God gave me this vision. I'm going to be on stages. I'm going to be on panels. I'm going to speak this into the atmosphere.

I'm going to seed it into these people's hearts so that when the opportunity arises, I'm a name on their lips. Ooh, come on. That's so good. I'm a prompted in their spirit, but if I didn't know that about you, how could I ever bring that to light? How could I have her help as a sister in Christ? Bring that to you from.

Absolutely. Yeah. I believe in, I believe in using discernment for that piece, right. That if God is showing you something, sometimes it feels like you need to share it and say it. And sometimes it feels like you need to hold onto it and protect it. And sometimes it is sharing it just with very, very close friends.

Sometimes it's holding it in my heart and knowing that God has shown it to me and put it into the journal somewhere and waiting for the appointed time. And then sometimes it's shared it with my thousands of community members and fans. Listen, I had a vision of myself and I was on stage and I was wearing a red suit.

So guess what? I did the act of faith and I went and bought me a red suit until the appointed time. Right. And so, um, I made sure that I shared those pieces because that's really how faith that's how faith works. Right? Like you've seen something. And you partner with God and your faith. And sometimes you're able to move into something because, you know, you have readily prepared for, you know, when it happens.

And so, um, I would say definitely, you know, using discernment there. Um, and I will say too, there've been times when I've shared something and I've heard, I've heard my father say. Yeah, so strongly 100%, especially when we're used to talking when you're a podcast or like, that's what we do, right. It was like, we're open books, right?

Like, I feel like you're the same way. I'm such an open book. I just talk. And so now I realize, you know, there are things and always, I try to ask as much as possible now, if it just feels good to share, I share it. But if it does not feel good in my spirit of shit, then I just hold onto it. Yeah. And I think, you know, we talk about the discernment concept.

I think conviction is the other side of that, right? We were looking for discernment and we decide to go anyway. And then it's the conviction moment. That would be the little red flag is like those little nudges within your gut that you're like, Hmm, this doesn't really feel right. Let me not do that. Um, and so I tell people that I come to these podcasts with a desire for conviction on one element.

I don't know what it is. I don't know what God's going to reveal. And even as we were sitting, talking. I think the thing that prompted me the most is, is the timeliness, the timeliness of our time with the Lord and that if we treat it like a date, would we stand up our best friend? Would we stand up our father?

Would we stand up, put in an insert, any character, any facet of who he is? Would you stand up your teacher? Would you stand up your rabbi? Would you stand up that person knowing that they've taken the time out for you? That to me is like, that's the conviction point from this conversation. So I'm grateful for you stewarding that example and sharing it openly right out the gate girl.

So welcome. I love it. I definitely I've had this, uh, this concept of dating God for quite some time now. And I'm actually going to be doing a challenge sometime in the summer. Sometimes I record videos when I go on dates with God and you know, people laugh and other people are like, oh my gosh, I really want to do this.

But it's such an amazing time to really, you know, of course you can always meet them in your home, at your home, you know, and like going out sometimes and experience him by the water or, you know, in nature and doing different things, man. And he really speaks when he can get you alone. Yeah. Good date story.

So we'll have to connect over that like eight. Eight story with God. I can't wait to share it. It has, my heart is beating fast cause it's, it's so amazing. And actually, even before, when you were talking about going out and buying the red suit, I wanted people to note with the power of the concept of manifestation, and it's a biblical concept to get into that space with God.

This is the small steps that you can take in that visualization coming to fruition. And that just to have that in your closet, just to see that in passing, as you're getting dressed every single day and be like, yeah, God, that's the problem. I got that thing that the day. It's that deep knowing it's that?

I know that I know that I know that this was the appointed time. And so I just wanted people to take note of that. And what if you went shopping with God for that outfit? So many people, like that'd be a great date. Yes. That would be so good. Yeah. When I saw it, I'm like, okay, I see. I hear, okay, I've done that plenty of times.

Like I have a car. My car that I drive now is because I saw it before I saw it. I didn't even want new. But I saw this car. And so now I start talking to God about this car and I'm like, oh, I'm going to go get the car. So I love it so much. Well, I want to be mindful of our listeners time. We have gone over time.

Thank you. Holy spirit. And I want you, because in passing quickly, you mentioned. Starting something even this week. And so for those who are tuned in with us now, I want them to have an opportunity to join you. And for those that will tune in later, just for them to know that it exists and they can come into your realm of influence your realm of love and your wisdom.

I think that they will all be blessed because of. Oh, thank you. This week, I'm actually starting 'em tomorrow is called the economics of prayer course, completely unplanned. I was doing a free prayer challenge and the Lord told me that he was about to give me a play. So a vision of myself in a locker room, I saw X's and O's moving around on a board.

And the Lord told me that. It has become a prayer course that starts tomorrow. I won't say this will be the first or the last time. Right. So I don't know, I move with the spirit, but, um, but it's so amazing because the Lord said economics. And when I, when I started looking at that definition, it is the production, the consumption in the transfer of.

Wealth, but economics of prayer. So I think, whoa, this is about to be really, really good. God. Whoa. Yeah. And, um, so that is what I'm starting this week, but feel free to get connected. I'm on Instagram at D Dr. Moore. I love Tik. TOK is my number one. Um, at the

website, the Dr. Morris. So T H E D R M O O R E. But that's where you can find me everywhere and, um, and get connected. You know, I have so many things coming up. Um, I was planning out my year with the Lord. It's his first quarter and he's already interrupted. Those plans have shifted and changed things already.

So I'm following him real used to say, I'm a stick beside them. So good. Oh my gosh, you guys, I know that people on for those have got to be laughing right. Alongside us. Just syncing the joy, right? Like just the. The spirit y'all we can't make this stuff up. And, and this is why I think it's so incredible and so necessary for us as family members in the kingdom to come together and like have vulnerable, real raw conversations.

That's truly what the fit and faith podcast has been all about since day one. Can't believe we're in season four and I'm honored to just continue to bring people like Latanya onto the show that are. Are really walking it out. And I just got locked in that. Walk it out in my back. So full, sorry, knowing that God has a, got a redemption.

He is a God of love and he is a God that wants you to walk in God's guidance as Dr. Latanya Moore has been doing and showcasing for us today. So I am just honored to know you. Thank you so much for the time you thank you. This has been amazing.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories.

And you can tag me and the guest and we will surely feature you on our instance. Hey, you might even unlock a new accountability buddy, and me or them. We're totally in this together. And we appreciate the extra step taken. I would be so grateful if you even took the extra step, come on and give you that extra size and leave a review on iTunes.

For the podcast listening app that is of your choice. I'm going to be featuring your thoughts in fact, and this will be so fun and upcoming episodes. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to.

And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that we are speaking at or hosting. And I say. The fit and bake team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is a fit faith way. .

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