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Let FLOW Find You: Fun, Fitness, & Freedom – With Jeannie Chamberlin Landis

If you think about your most desired state of being, the place you feel most at peace, most joyful, most healthy, most whole – the word flow may be furthest from your descriptive words – but I believe as a whole, it’s exactly what we are all craving.

A space to feel fluent. Freedom to move at will without restriction or hesitation. A mindset towards ultimate peace. A practice of movement towards playfulness. It’s quality vs quantity. It’s an intentional pace – even in our rest. It’s an artistic way of being, even if you don’t consider yourself artsy. It’s a healthy, unmedicated altered state of conscious.

Flow is so much more than fitness. It’s a way of life. It’s the place as an individual we express ourself most freely.

Don’t you want to be free? Stop searching so hard and let flow find you.

Today’s Guest:

Jeannie Chamberlin Landis is a Life Coach centered on helping you find your flow. Perhaps in fitness, nutrition, mental health, business or so much more…her insight into her journey of discovery of Flow carries a beautiful light-weighted sense of peace, while also challenging us to actively pursue our best sense of self.

Connect with her here:

Show Notes: Fun, Fitness, and Freedom

00:00 S1: So if you think about your most desired state of being, the place you feel most at peace, the most joyful, most healthy, most hold the work flow, maybe the furthest from your script, Ive words, but I believe as a whole, it’s exactly what we are all creating a space to feel fluent, freedom to move at will without restriction or hesitation, a mindset towards element piece, a practice of movement towards playfulness. It’s quality or quantity. It’s an intentional case, even in our rest, it’s an artistic way, even if you don’t consider yourself arcgis, a healthy un-medicated alter state, consciousness, flow so much more, the fitness is a way of life, it’s the place as an individual, we express ourselves most free… Don’t you wanna be there? Stop searching so hard and let flow find you… We are all in pursuit of something more, wherever, whatever or whoever your more is, I wanna help you get there fully, fully, authentically and truly fit. The fitness movement was birth through my own trial and error, discovery of mind, body and soul alignment, I learned first-hand that being fit isn’t about our physique at all, it’s about the wholeness of our heart and the root of our joy.

01:29 S1: This isn’t a fitness podcast, this isn’t a quick fix health detox-Loy, this is a confusing religious banter, this is a whole body health check-up, focusing on the heart, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shapes. As we explore and share our messy combat service homes, if you’re one step away rating your idea of something more, tune in for practical fund and helwan to ignite yourself into editor, welcome to the fit and faith podcast with me. Starlite is no better time than now to get the co… Thank you, I’m so glad you’re here.

02:14 S2: I know, I’m glad you’re here too.

02:16 S1: Me too, me too. It’s been so crazy getting to this moment, and I feel like it happens every week, and I love that before we even got started, and before I’m even introducing you… Your question was, what do you do to prepare for this? I’m like, I can’t really prepare for a natural conversation, I know it’s time work on my schedule, and I know it’s with you, and so I just kind of… So really think about it when I have the time in the space. When that happens, usually it’s in the shower, bizarre or driving.

02:45 S2: Magic happens in the shower

02:47 S1: Is… It really does, or if you’re Morgan heart, it happens when you’re blowing your hair, so either way, driving to a bull… I don’t have toddlers, I have kids, but I have that conversation the other day that broke my heart. Like, you don’t have toddlers. Oh my, you don’t say that about my babies, four and five does not mean they’re tolerant more… Still counts. Okay. We’re here, or right here. And we’re so excited to be here. My name is Tamara and dressed for those that don’t know, this is my beautiful friend, Janata Chamberlin Landis. Do you use your middle name? Your last name? And yeah, Jamaicans, and we have become friends over pretty much the last year, a year and a half, but she’s been in my life and I’ve heard her name shattered for my husband for about three years, which is really weird. You have to meet Jen, she’s so amazing. She could do the splits and put her head over her leg, and she can do the pancake, and I’m like, That’s really great, but I know He loves you because your heart… And the first time that we ever got coffee, I just…

03:59 S1: First off, fellatio, your boys, your heart is just so connected and so aligned with where we wanna be and where we strive to be.

04:10 S2: Thank you. Yeah, you’re welcome. So I’m excited to introduce you and give people a little taste of that on this beautiful Thursday. Awesome, easy.

04:20 S1: So to give you a little bit of a back story on Jeanie. She can probably do that better than I can.

04:25 S2: But I just love when you tell stories on

04:27 S1: You… It’s so much better than I do. It’s not true. She has this concept of flow that has really intrigued me since the moment I’ve met her, mainly because I love fitness nutrition, if you haven’t gathered that yet, it’s definitely a part of this whole concept of alignment and balance and wholeness that I believe all of us need but as getting to know where I’ve realized that flow is way less about your body and way more about your life and your whole center, so I’d love for you to just share like how you got to that space, and then we’ll kinda go into, what flow is Wow, it’s a… I think flow found me really… And it was more… And I think it’s been over the course of the last 17 years of my professional career. But then also how that bleeds into my personal life, so I was… I was, I think flow, I knew what flow was before I had a word for it. And it was the search for understanding more about our bodies and our minds and how everything connects, and how do we optimize the function of those things so we can experience more of life, so it was just that I don’t really know at a place like how I found flow or flow found me.

05:46 S1: I really do feel like it found me and have been connected with a lot of experts that study flow states, so

05:54 S2: Just… It’s such a powerful… It’s just a powerful state of consciousness, an altered state of consciousness, and just a little bit about it, if people haven’t experienced flow, it’s just that moment where you’re completely unrated in whatever task is at hand, and for me, that just happens to be movement, which I call flow or any kind of exercise, which I recently found out, I was out in California a couple of months ago, studying with Steven Kotler and Jamie wheel, and I learned about more about what is this flow state and how do we access that? And what does that really mean? And it was the first time I had really had her put into words that a flow state is basically, if you can access… You can access flow in various different ways, but one of the most common or easiest is exercise, so there’s something called exercise-induced transient hypo frontal.

06:56 S1: It basically what that means is our prefrontal cortex.

06:59 S2: The part of our brain that gives us that self-consciousness and keeps track of time, all of that goes quiet, so when you act as a flow state, you’re really just lost in the moment and you lose all sense of yourself and time seems to pass weirdly, and so it’s just that it’s an experience, and it’s been through those flow state experiences where I’ve probably claimed the most inspiration and clarity, and just being hyper-aware of my surroundings and the people in it, so it’s just power. And I think I just, I feel like I’m just on this ferocious mission to get more people to be able to experience flow states, whatever that, whatever gives them that access more often, because that is when we’re truly performing at our peak. That’s amazing. So beyond the exercise component or movement, and was flow in your word or was it in… Did you hear it from somewhere? Is it actually…

08:01 S1: It’s

08:02 S2: A close… The word, it’s interesting too, because the more where I’ve become a flow, there’s… When you listen to people talk, oftentimes, if you’re tuned into the word flow, you’ll hear them talk about it, and it’s almost always a positive comment, there’s almost always positive associations with that, which I love…

08:19 S1: Yeah, so it’s not just about exercise, so

08:22 S2: Yes, now of course, we have all these beautiful physical practices, and lots of them are flown or flow-based where… And in that sense, it’s just like where one movement would easily transition into the next and to the next, to the next, to just this constant stream of energy, and when you can give your body that experience that also crosses over to your brain and your nervous system and helps to wire that all in, so it’s… That exercise is a powerful way to experience that… Yeah, I feel like… And this is a big jump to the next part of the conversation, but I’m hearing you talk about it and I’m thinking about from it on a term for people who maybe don’t have that body experience yet or they’ve never been there, and it kinda has that synonymous to a runner’s high, or if they’re not, if they’ve never experienced flow, which visually, it’s kind of like a Vinyasa yoga, gymnastics-based monkey-like movement

09:20 S1: That privatisation and yet, because of the flow component to it, it’s like so beautiful. It is definitely like a dance art, it’s lots beautiful, but where and how can we get that in our love life?

09:37 S2: Absolutely in our relationships, in our home front, in our day-to-day like routine, because if you said constant stream of energy, and I just think how often, even in, I could think of just my day today, we’re on this good movement and it was some food, tractor

09:56 S1: Going, that’s really, really great. And then boom argument, or, boom, crying, baby. Or there’s a torrential downpour. All I say in the end, yes. So I want to be able to… I want personally, and I know Gary works on this constantly, how do you do that in your life regardless of the road blocks to see pass to transcend beyond what’s physically present with us, yet we know there is this access and that’s a spiritual realm, obviously, that allows us to share, maintain this free flow state.

10:36 S2: Right. Yeah, that’s a big question I know. And I want it to… Otitis is what I’m going for. And I think there’s such a piece of mind in knowing that just having your training and awareness, so you’re using, in the sense you could be using exercise to train that mindset, to train the awareness, to train that like, Oh, I had a stop light. How do I keep from reacting to that… You know, how do I stay calm and just know that whatever happens happens and you just roll with it, you flow with the tatars, so it’s maintaining that state of consciousness no matter what, and I think that’s what’s so beautiful about is when we’re all able to tune into what it is that gives us that access to flow, we can then use that as a tool to train ourselves, to train our nervous system, to train our brains, to train our bodies to be more level and to be able to manage your energy better. Yeah, that’s good. I like it. I’m thinking about how at that point of that stop light, and it could happen in so many different ways, like we said, but Gary was says fail forward.

11:53 S2: And that’s what that flow… That reminds me of… And not to mention, ’cause I love literati on stifling

12:01 S1: Or… And it’s getting into that space of, Okay, that didn’t feel right. From an exercise for sure.

12:07 S2: But I know the next move and that one I’m really comfortable with, so let me just work through this and get to that… Absolutely. Get back to that comfortability. Yes, so I’m just thinking like, How can we keep going it ahead, you do hit hiccups in any practice or activity, of course, we all come up against those road blocks or where you just… You’re not gonna be able to move forward as fluidly as you have and maybe your mind or as you would like, but over time, things do get refined and you do get better and more skilled at everything. Staples, I could have that one. We’re like 20…

12:49 S1: I know, I only get up. There are always those conversations up, would you go back… Or if you could go back, what would you do different? And what do you regret most and… I really wouldn’t want to go back. No, I want to infiltrate. Well, I know, just, I know you do to my children. Yes, and

13:10 S2: I want them to do it differently and better in all of those things, but I’m like so at peace with where I am right now, but more at peace where I know God has me going… Right.

13:22 S1: Yes, that future mindset, which is essentially how I stay into that fluidity or for list of ROBLOX, that would be my tangible is that I’m not focused right here right now, even though we are together, I’m thinking, how many people are gonna hear this that are just gonna be able to have access to something they never had before, and then what ripple effect is that in

13:46 S2: Materials, it’s about this moment… And you were just talking about that, what was the word that we were saying about being present with that person versus thinking about something else… Right, just the compartmentalization, departmental, satin. How do we do that when this is on our scheduling a thousand other things to do, I feel like compartmentalization plays such a avid component to flow. Yesteryear, you’re trying to move out of what stressors are happening in your life in order to move forward, but we have to actually take the time out to do it. Yes, it… And somebody said the other day, and I loved it. Rest is an action people. So we say, we’re called biblically speaking, to rest to be still. But you can’t just do

14:42 S1: That. It just turn everything off. The lights are off. Okay, let’s be sale. I would sleep like an angel if that was possible, but I’m making to do it, so thinking about what happened and how it could change it or what it happens tomorrow, and so it’s an active pursuit to flow, it’s

15:00 S2: An attention. Intention for sure. Yeah, this is a good word for it. And just knowing that that’s… That every state we experienced when we make it more intentional or deliberate, it’s concentrated. We’ll get more out of it. Yeah, so it becomes more about quality than quantity, So… True. I love that. I take notes because I writing books to all the good… Yeah, we all… The amount of information that comes out of these 45-minute sections, it’s because of the intense intentionality, and it’s so funny prior to us getting in front of each other that the receiving person is always like, Oh my gosh, what do I do… What do I say? What are we gonna talk about? I don’t know what to do. Did you have a timeline? Do you have it? I’m like, whatever comes up, just be like, Let’s just… We’re not actually having coffee ’cause we really wouldn’t sleep with that, that’s

15:55 S1: Totally could have hot tea, but it’s now getting hot outside, so we have massive batters of Waterstones productive… Right, so earlier today, I got my toes done, I was a place, a flow and showing my toes on social media, what is he like a bronze. Yeah, I knew I had to be intentional for me time today because the next four days my children are out of school, and for all the Mommy’s experiencing spring grad… Right. In crazy, I’m praying for you. Okay, and I know what that looks like. And while I’m really excited to have off work and spend some quality time with them at the same time like, Okay, let me inhale, because of the next four days is gonna be a big salad, shifting of gears. Holy mitigates, I’m sitting there and I was on my phone, which I often preached not to do, but I was just, This is my time in my quiet time with my toes, and the guy who was doing my pedicure, he just continually kept asking little questions and I would answer. So that would be intentional about my answer, and then I would go back on my food, and

17:09 S2: Finally he said, You know, your mom looks so young, ’cause he does… My mom’s fencers, and I hadn’t said anything about my mom, so I didn’t put two and two together, and he said, I think it’s because she comes and get Pedicure, I don’t… Yeah, that could definitely be a part of it. And he said, But she exercises. Do you exercise? I was like, I do exercise.

17:33 S1: So we go into this long conversation about how this guy who’s in his upper 50s, who looks like just… He’s already… And also that there skillion have that, but

17:44 S2: He said, You look happy when he… I was talking about how well he looked, who might see my cros feet, but it’s from smiling, I promise. And he was like, You look really happy. And he said, But I… Can we start talking about water intake in the food that he was eating and how all of his family members don’t understand why he always looks the same and they fluctuate… Wait, and they go to a through life. And he said, You have to exercise. And

18:07 S1: That was the conversation before we even knew what this was gonna entertain was having two hours ago, and so when we said, What are we gonna put our hearts on for this conversation? I just laughed out loud. It was, I talked about God winks and how good

18:24 S2: Week it was so good. I just laughed, but it made me so excited to spend this time because it meant there was gonna be something more of it out of it for me, but also for the people listening. Yes. Right. So question, yes. I switch gears again, I like to do that.

18:44 S1: My mind is flowing, but it’s also just like a million miles a…

18:49 S2: Yes, is how… You said you had experienced flow and it developed and it found you over the past 17 years, what were the… It’s probably been more than that, like life… Yes. Well, go ahead. Yeah, that’s probably been… It’s probably been, I think the first time I experienced flow, but before I had any language or knew what was going on or could understand it in any capacity, it was when I was with my dad, and he used to come up from work, and I think it’s probably about 12 or 13 at the time. Yeah, he might remember better than I do, he would come home from work and he lived… He worked in DC, I editor then Virginia, he worked in DC and really, really stressful job, and he would come through the door at 5-30 every day, and I just didn’t recognize him ’cause he was so stressed out and just pent up emotion and oftentimes is really frustrated, and I’d say, Dad, you wanna go for a run? And he’d be excited about that, like Louie and go for a run around the block, and we would… And about 15 minutes into our run, everything shifted, his whole state of being shifted and I was like, What is this stuff? We’re just jogging along, and all of a sudden he’s free and he’s like a kid again, and then he’s got all this energy, and I think that’s what really got me…

20:14 S2: I wasn’t athletic as a kid, I didn’t do any play sports, I would play flashlight tag with my brothers and

20:21 S1: I to play on the playground, but I never did anything organized now, I would say the… Yes.

20:29 S2: And also that was also, I think, around the time when I was diagnosed with asthma, like exercise-induced asthma and allergic asthma when I was four, and that was a big problem back then for me because it meant that any time I laughed, got my heart rate up. Did anything physically active? Beyond what was just normal, it would induce an asthma attack at… I would end up in the hospital and I should rugs and I would be sick for days. So for me, when I finally reach that point where I was either growing out of it or it was just, who knows, I mean, you don’t ever know really, but things started to change and I was under control and I was able to move again and play again, and it was just like, Oh, I have my life back and I can breathe.

21:21 S1: Especially as a teen

21:25 S2: Then to be able to experience that at the change in mentality of my dad and watching that, it was really… I think that was a huge inspiration for me wanting to go to school and study this stuff, and then beyond school, like certification after certification and training with some of the best minds in our country, and just wanting to learn… Just a hunger for that. What is going on like this thing we’re living, and it’s amazing, how do we get it to work as best we can, and what do we do with it? So it’s just that. So cool, and I’ve also seen you… That’s a perfect case scenario in a perfect example that will lead you into the wise behind what you do, because it’s not just the body component, ’cause you love the mind…

22:10 S1: What’s evolving? For sure it is starts the exercise and physical component, but yes, I’m not even there, I emotion you have this life coaching it to your business, and even when we would meet, I’m like, I feel like you were reading my mail all the time, I’m like, I just see, now what’s happening in my life, and it was more just, you just ask questions and it’s the way you engage with people, and I think you are really good at putting flow into other people without even teaching them the movement piece. I love that you are really are. And so I’m so excited to see that part of your business flourish because it’s such a need.

22:56 S2: It’s… To coaching it is right? It’s like, how do we get all these really simple, seemingly insignificant parts of our days to be in alignment so that we can experience the best of ourselves and we can give the best of ourselves to other people, and that’s what… It’s not just about exercise, it’s about food and music, and who are interacting with and what we’re watching on TV, or watching on TV, what books are we reading, there’s so many inputs that we get every day, and so I feel like to be able to really… To really design an intentional life where each person gets to add the ingredients of their into their lives that really fill them up and allow them to be in their power, we… That’s just unlimited possibilities. That’s the biggest component right there too, is that giving us the power… Like taking the power back. Absolutely, because I feel like the power has been released… Yes, to everyone and everything else in our world, and whether it’s the greater world, ’cause that’s a huge component of it, or… Just your immediate circle of Selene. And I think that’s the component of freedom that we want and need to experience even in our spirituality…

24:16 S2: Right, for sure. That’s

24:16 S1: What God… Literally, God is in control. God has all of these keys, and yet we were like, He’s dangling them in front of us, like you’re 16 and you just turn succeed and it’s time for to go drive and everyone’s just looking at the keys and nobody’s grabbing them. When does that happen? Yes, that never happens. You run towards the keys, it doesn’t… Maybe it’s a beat up clock and you’re not like a hole in one time and you have to inflate it every week, you’re so excited to get the keys to this… This component of free…

24:52 S2: That’s a great analogy, right? Are you ready for the women’s wellness weekend? A time for us to come together to align our mind, body and soul to detox, design and develop ourselves from the inside out, your road to life-changing health and wellness begins during the potion side-to-night, three-day experience. We use our natural surroundings to rebalance and re-connect with our true self, it’s time for us to come together in a space where we can rest, refuel every juvenile. Hope to see you there. And yet, we don’t take advantage of it, right. If you could have any analogy to flow like God as flow, that is His being, His being is free, his being is natural, His being is an ocean. It’s that way, yes.

25:51 S1: That’s why we’re called to be outside, to be in, you’re going to…

26:00 S2: We’re going to after this, that… But I just… That’s such an a-ha moment that I feel like often the church is missing. The church isn’t standing up in teaching that component of Christianity, they might teach grace, they might teach the wrong versus the rights, but I don’t feel like flow is a state of right versus wrong. Sure. It’s

26:26 S1: The flow of peace. And it’s knowing, You know what peace feels like, You know what joy feels like… Yeah, we can’t, we can’t…

26:37 S2: In a sense, all of those words can be used interchangeably to 1000%, and I think it’s also just a… Flow is just a… I don’t even know, I think probably most people have experienced it, and maybe it’s just not the word they use as… And that’s cool. It’s all good. But it’s natural, I was thinking… Morgan just recently did a video for the women’s retreat that you’re gonna help essentially put on on the entire thing in October, I’m… So it has

27:09 S1: Much… It’s

27:10 S2: So fun, we could should talk about it in a minute, so she created a video for it, and it’s talking about how women don’t take the time out for themselves, men don’t either, but we’re geared towards women at this point in our ministries, and it has this girl, and she’s like wrapped up in a blanket walking next to the ocean, and she just looked so restricted, and yet she’s in a space that’s supposed to be this open and like… Yeah, just a Freedom Place, and then we start talk… She starts talking about what the retreat is gonna do to give people that space to relax, to rest, to rejuvenate, to connect, to explore this concept of flow in a place that we’re meant to be, which is outdoors by the ocean, just being next to the ocean is a freedom space. Because you realize, Hi, tiny, you are. And content universe.

28:06 S1: So it switches gears in sound, but then it switches gears, this girl is now in this free-flowing dress and she’s just like dancing in the sun and a sunset, and there could have been no words to the IT… To the video, and yet I’m watching it and I just had this surge of, I cannot wait to watch these women transform in the three days that were let…

28:29 S2: Oh my gosh, and with everything integrated, the way it is, that’s what’s so powerful is the environment, the people… Everything lines up the activities and that it’s gonna happen. I guarantee

28:42 S1: That I was so excited because we don’t take the time out. We don’t sit down and say, Okay, what makes me passionate?

28:51 S2: What is a space of flow that I sometimes get into, what makes me just really peace at peace, because we think as a culture, it’s about busy, it’s about schedule, we Japan everything every single day. When in there is their freedom to just be and to actively rest and to actively be still, it requires a slowing down, and that’s what the retreat will do, and then knowing how to take that back and infuse every day with that… Yes, and I think that’s the piece that has been missing for so long is not only were we educated and trained in a totally different way that doesn’t fit our world anymore, but now we’ve got all of that ingrained in us, that is what… Those are the connections our brain made, and so it’s in a sense of repairing her, we have to teach ourselves and allow for something different… Yeah, yeah, something different for sure, because it’s definitely… There’s no book about it, there’s no explanation for it, and that’s why I think when the Bible asks us to speak our testimonies, there’s so much importance to that, and it doesn’t have to be on a podcast.

30:12 S1: It doesn’t happen to be on a stage or out loud, it’s literally from one heart to another in an intimate experience

30:20 S2: That allows people a space to actually comprehend even just in that moment, what it feels like to be free because you now have unlocked a component of your heart or your being that was probably tragic, probably was traumatic was probably painful or her and grieving because we’ve all experienced those things.

30:41 S1: And yet we’re still living, so what state are you living in, Are you being controlled by the grief and pain in the trauma, or are you living with a perpetual desire to experience flow…

30:56 S2: Yes, right. And

30:58 S1: Maybe simultaneous, sure. I feel like I have grieving components of my life, this moment… We all do, right? Yeah, that… That’s completely normal.

31:06 S2: Right? I just don’t want… And I don’t allow it to hinder me from even an experience like this… Yes, right. There’s the compartmentalization piece. Right, and to know that what we focus on is what expands, so to have that ability to be discerning in every moment or as many moments as possible of like, Okay, where… What am I thinking, What am I feeling? Who am I with? And is this getting me closer to where I really wanna be… Yeah, and if the answer is no, well, then that just unleashes a whole other set of questions. Right, absolutely. And also, if you can remove that from your schedule now, then what are you replacing it…

31:44 S1: What are you putting in now? Right.

31:46 S2: Yes. And so I loved when you were talking about all of the things that… That fuel us, that from the music to the food that we’re eating, to all of those things, I literally had to detox, and that’s a part of this three-day time frame, and don’t worry, there’s gonna be food. That’s

32:04 S1: Been a question. I wouldn’t be there. Teenagers, video, re. But it’s not intended when I say detox for you to rid yourself of everything, first of all, that’s not healthy, and

32:21 S2: Second off, we want you to be able to have resources that when you go back to real life, that is all the crazy, all the busy… How can you integrate this component, but we are gonna detox from what the world constantly has a really coming out as 24. I think that’s really important, ’cause without that, without the contrast that affords… There is no clarity. Yeah, it’s so true. And don’t… We just don’t allow ourselves to do it, so when I was going through my season of stripping all of these things away, music was a really big one of those, and I talked about… That last episode about how I used to love country music. And it was all I would listen to, and I thought, This is really wholesome. And then you really listen to the words… Right, and it’s not so wholesome… Another component was food, my husband, who you knew, ’cause you got a hold of them before that

33:15 S1: At that… I talked about a year. They introduced intermittent fasting before it was a tax thing, he introduced me to Paleo, whether I wanted to or not, because he’s the cook in the household, which is amazing, I demand, you think, but then it slowly just kept overflowing into me, which I love, that is so interesting, and I didn’t intend to think of the flowing component, so I said it.

33:42 S2: But really just the overflow of somebody else who is in a flow state, think about that yet, that’s why people glean from people who love Jesus and who are exiting him. It’s not a matter of us talking and entering like Exodus 4-7, don’t read that ’cause I have no idea what to

34:05 S1: Do. I don’t know where I came from. I have to read it out. To me, like any of the Biblical scripture, we could say, Out lot. And it’s Easter weekend, and it’s gonna be everywhere. So how are people receiving it, are they receiving it from a place of this is a stop light for them because of something happened in their past, or is it a green light that is coming out of an expression of flow?

34:28 S2: It’s overflow. Our heart state, because we’re free, because we’re saved, because we’re a whole and not because we’re not experiencing imperfection or experiencing… Just like we said, those components of things that God beard and Jesus bore on the bar on the cross… Barred on the cross there, the war on the cross, Jesus war on the cross. That’s what I’m gonna say. And we all experienced that, but at the very same time, we get to experience the resurrection components of our lives and flow… If you think about it is a resurrection state. Yeah, I mean, it’s both. You can’t get to flow without the struggle and the surrender, so it’s… Yeah, that’s interesting to think about it in those terms. Yeah, that should be your post on Easter Sunday, flow is resurrection as erection. He’s gonna write that.

35:32 S1: But it is, I love that, that concept. You said the word surrender, and we are so bent up with control from the smallest age, I watch it literally with my children who are four and five…

35:46 S2: Yes, the things that they want control of, the things that they need, control them to maintain consistency, and yet… We need to release that. Yes, well, it comes by as naturally, right, comes out of a fear and a desire for certainty, which we all know… There are very few things that are on it. Exactly, right. So it’s that, yeah, wanting to cling to something and just attach to… So I think it’s just… And that’s where… Yeah, that’s where the ability to discern comes into… It’s like, Okay, do I need it? Do I need to create this? I, do I need to control this, or do I need to let this go and just let it be… That’s true. It’s interesting, my son and daughter actually, which is very rare, they’ve gotten a couple of reports this week from their teachers that they just weren’t fully listening, not really themselves. Cooper is always a while hair, you never know what’s gonna come out of a child, but when it’s from my daughter, who I don’t

36:46 S1: Even inexpensive.

36:48 S2: That’s very strange. So fast forward to two days later, I’m sitting across the couch for my lovely therapists fully… Well, practitioner, she’s incredible. You have to check her out, I’ll tag her here if you’re local, but I’m sitting there and I’m telling her, she’s like, How are you feeling doing the

37:05 S1: Therapies, we usually don’t even talk about anything that has any depth until 15 minutes in ’cause it’s just that it fixes that, like… Because that’s what we’re used to as a society to really… Yeah, not because I don’t wanna go there. I just, I have a wall, I have to break down the walls, break down the law, break down the wall. And then I’m like, Heine, do you wanna tell me today? So I was in that moment and she said, it sounds like you guys are really extra busy, you’re always busy, that’s part of your life and your nature and all the things that you guys do, but something seems off. What is it… And it’s interesting that you ask that. I really have been trying to figure it out because something about me has felt really claustrophobic in the last two weeks, to the point where I felt like I was creating my own sense of a jail almost around me and I couldn’t figure out what it was, ’cause I wasn’t doing anything on a day-to-day basis within my schedule different than when I was… The whole four months prior where I was in this free flow like state, it was just so good, and I just felt exhausted, I was going to better earlier, I was still working out, so it wasn’t the exercise that was missing, I was still eating, drinking all the things were the same.

38:23 S1: All the things… And I said, Well, we are in the process of moving. And the place that I always went to for rest, that my children always come to for rest, even if we’re doing something has been so discombobulated.

38:40 S2: We’ve got… Half of the stuff is in boxes, my daughter’s mattresses on the floor because she’s going out of her baby crib and into a big girl bed into our new home, all of the pictures have been off the wall for the last week and a half.

38:53 S1: We’re living kind of out of boxes, but kind of not… Their toys are all there, the couches are moved. There’s a lot of transition happening. And I could not put words to it until we started talking about it a while, and so I went back and talked to the teacher leader and I was like… She said… ’cause she asked me, Is something going on different Helen? I’m like, No, everything’s good. I understand, I’ll talk to him. It’ll be good. I just must be a thing, he’s sleeping fine, he’s not sick. And I said, You know what, I actually owe you kind of an apology because I realized there was something huge going on, and this is exactly why I feel like I’m in a jail and he is acting out. She is acting out. And

39:35 S2: So, so often I think we don’t intentionally even analyze, especially for those little beings, things that are happening at such a supersonic speed and they’re just the next thing on the schedule, the next thing to do really affects them, we’re like literal animals eyes and think of that like the upset and does their normal day-to-day environment, and then they pick up… I mean, we all pick up each other’s energy, whether we wanna admit that or not, it’s one of those things where it’s any little thing and upset. Yeah, it’s really interesting. So I’m now like, How do I fix this? So I satirically, to A… You

40:16 S1: Don’t want… My beast

40:22 S2: Was a really interesting revelation, that was yesterday afternoon, so last night, I was really intentional when they came home from jujitsu and I’m like, Okay, we’re gonna just be in a space, all of us together are gonna make popcorn and we’re gonna kind of just be a tea and watch a movie, and we turn off the light, slow and just snuggle. And so I was trying to just create this bubble…

40:47 S1: Yes, even though everything in the room was a great, this bubble of just love and comfort, and they had a great day-to-day, and it just made me realize like, why can’t we do that more often? Why is there not a moment or a schedule that allows us a chance to flow… And that was lower. I wasn’t actively moving, I was tickling and in an seedy something you’re embodying a feeling that you want

41:15 S2: For yourself and for other people, and I think that that’s such a big part of everything. Yeah, it’s hard to do one more of me to thinking that makes it fun.

41:28 S1: I know every day is an opportunity to practice yesterday.

41:33 S2: Better. So I’m just thinking about a girlfriend of mine who I just spoke about, but I won’t call her out, she’s gonna be listening to this next episode, and she’s probably gonna be walking her dog around the neighborhood without kids, without her husband experiencing a beautiful sunset. And I want you to share with her some takeaway tips, I’m like, what can she do if you were sitting in eye with her right now to get into a place of flow, what would I say, or what would you suggest to you down? Just slow down. I think that’s been the biggest thing for me, is learning that, and I’m still going too fast, but slowing down helps a ton, giving yourself space to just think and feel and… Be present. Yeah, ’cause I think it’s not so much of a struggle when you’re… It does come more effortlessly when we’re just there and present and let the divine work for us, so it’s a… I love left to Devin partnership, I feel like it’s a boy being outside taking a walk with the dog without a husband and it like that’s already right there. That is spaceshipone that it’s not so much of a, Oh, I gotta do this, I gotta do that.

42:54 S2: All these two does, and all these things that we’re told we’re supposed to do to be optimized and set of performers and better people, and I really think it’s just the flip of completely flipping that concept and looking at, Okay, what would bring me more joy and delight in this day, in this moment, I really looking at life from that perspective, everything else takes care of its health because naturally we’re gonna wanna take care of ourselves and be with the people that fill us up and support us and love us. And so I think it’s just… I think so, at least for me personally, I just made it too difficult for so long and still fall into that trap, whereas if we can just kind of like let it all go and move through it… Yeah, I love that. Everything is a estadio. Can you undo it? Takes To out. Yeah, just keep the essential ingredients, it’s really good. Back to your quintessential

43:57 S1: To terms. Yeah, it so good. He can be hungry. I’m so happy to… Taipei don’t even know what the time variation in it… No clue. We’re just hanging out over here… Yeah, we’re doing good. We can still talk if you want, you wanna talk about it. I wanna know

44:16 S2: First, obviously had some questions, right. Just to hear what they’re thinking at that… But I think I have another question is, you’re working into another state of flow, I feel… I feel like there’s different levels of… Wow, I feel like there’s different levels, just like I feel like in our spirituality, there’s different levels of access, and since learning all the things that you’ve learned, you’re now almost in this transitional season to go into this new state of flow as a new being. What does that look like for you? Like where I can’t wait to

44:56 S1: See a really… I don’t know. Yeah, yeah.

45:00 S2: I can’t wait to see. It looks like ease. It feels like, yes, I love that. And it looks like a lot more beauty… Yeah, being outside more and… Yeah, I mean everywhere, not just outside, but I love that bringing the natural beauty inside, maybe, I don’t know, just so environment is really cool, really cool people. And lots more learning. I think we all need that. Yes, I think that’s a place of flow in and of itself, I think so often, we’ve talked about exercise, we’ve talked about spirituality, we’ve talked about our home life and relationships, even our love life, Lord, that’s a whole uncover station in and of itself, because being intentional in that allowing the divine to work in that and giving up control in that… Yes, that’s hard. Well, any relationship, but yes, especially romantic relationships. Isolationist relationships, totally. Like you and I have a certain level of intimacy. And that’s a beautiful thing, and we don’t live with each other… Right, so it’s a completely different set up. It is, but I also think that if we’re as individuals, if we don’t have the ability to manage ourselves and really be the people that we wanna be, then it makes all the relationships so much harder.

46:33 S2: So true. So it’s so true, and that’s where that component of self-identity comes into play and knowing yourself enough to know when you’re in a flow state, when you’re not in a flow state, be like being not flowing right now or

46:50 S1: In Otomo, supposed to have the data be not too. And then notorious

47:03 S2: So true, I don’t think… Because the control piece is such an important part because we’re trying to make sure we’re here, we’re trying to make sure that what we feel is expressed in what we feel is resonates with the other person, and while managing all of these crazy states of our own day to day and also experiencing it with somebody else, how do they feel what is going on in their flow state, how can I help them in there for

47:30 S1: About… Talk about compassion. That’s compassion times 100 and empathy. All the things, all

47:38 S2: Of that, and love it. You’re really gonna be in a relationship of any… Or I’m thinking about my children in this moment and that motherhood piece, think about all the control that we have to release in order for us to mother. Right. Isn’t that horrible? Yes, and look, I think about that. My kids are 15 and 17. Now I say, Gosh, if I had known everything that I know now when my kids were here, and that’s the cool thing about evolution and like, This is what makes a conversation so important, like having these real conversations and taking time for that because this is the only way that we get better as humans. Humans, yeah, as a Rio. Communities need to be strengthened. And so true, it’s so true. I’m excited, I wanna go. Flow outside right

48:29 S1: Now. You’re gonna complain, I do we. Otitis so fun because you can play a tallit doesn’t have to be, yeah. And that’s what it’s all about. Go play.

48:39 S2: It’s just playing, it is… And that’s the synonymous word to flow beyond all of the other words that we talked about, have that similar experience playing at the core of what flow is, be willing to explore a eatery thing. Yes, and discover, that’s why kids are so list out all the time to a spend their whole day doing that.

49:02 S1: Right, well, and that goes back to what I was gonna say originally, after the relationship component was that state of flow when you’re learning…

49:09 S2: Yes, and so there… It’s so essential, and that’s why children are constantly sponges and constantly thriving because they’re so curious and they’re so like

49:21 S1: Receiving… And so if we’re… And I feel that way when I’m even listening to a podcast or reading a new book, or even watching a movie or a documentary, I’m so as sponge in My… I’m so present. But yeah, I can’t do it in other components always.

49:38 S2: Yeah, so it’s staying in learning phase… Learning mode all the time. Right, yeah, yeah, that’s a great way to say it, because it requires an openness and a willingness to not know… Yeah.

49:51 S1: Yeah. Well, Again.

49:52 S2: Control A… For problem as a society, and you cannot ever know it all now, but we have a society of not as… Do we not? That’s true. I stoner once last week, and they were talking about the difference between baby boomers, Gen X-ers, millennials and Gen Z, and we were doing it from a component of marketing, which was just brilliant at that. So fun to

50:21 S1: Listen to. And then 10 point exactly the generations, ’cause all of them are represented in the room, everyone’s on unrelated or whether they’re the receiving state joke or they’re joking someone else that’s bold. It was so good, but really the millennials, they’re just like, they were pinpointed as no at all, and that control piece, but really it’s the opposite that we’re willing to give up the control to the community, to the whole… And it’s the Gen X-ers right before us, who are the ones who are like, We’re gonna fix it, we’re gonna do it all better than the baby members, and yet they want their own entity of that, which I thought was just really interesting. And it’s just the way that it’s marketed and pushed from the adult perspective of who we are…

51:07 S2: Sure, and then how that’s… Yeah, shaping everybody’s perception is perception.

51:12 S1: So that would have been really good to… At the next one. So tune time with Genie Chamberlain Ananda. I can never say your name fully.

51:24 S2: It’s helpful for the perception of low… I’m taking that as good. Yes, right.

51:29 S1: Because I see you, and I know that there’s also times that you’re not experiencing

51:36 S2: It or someone… The word I cannot stand. Oh, she’s perfect. Oh, her life is perfect, and that is a falsehood… A flow. ’cause it doesn’t exist. It can be very messy. Yes, yes. So don’t let your interest.

51:54 S1: Let you think that someone’s blowing over there, I should wrap right now that I… I’m open to that. I can’t… You’re in my house or I did it in my five-year-old, is he in a… We were at a lot in my house, so I did not think that a… Yes, Gary, like Gary. Jay’s gonna listen, right? Oh yeah, I need to make sure that he recorded some of that for me, and I’m gonna expect the next… Carries the rapper, he’s the whole one that started it… I’m a poetic person. He is a rapper because I only listen. Do you guys have been holding back… I know, I know. That’s why coup was just so racist. All area. We just don’t let one and the bones. Yes, it’s so good. So

52:43 S2: I’m gonna take that on This Tootsie… A video. A week at an deal?

52:48 S1: Yeah. Okay, it’s coming at you at what the address? I like it. It’s a whole segment series. Alright, girlfriend, Earths is fun. It’s been really fun. I hope people leave this conversation and they go out and play… Yes, more than anything.

53:05 S2: You Retail, Release the control and go play. Open.

53:09 S1: Yeah. Hey, y’all. I hope in today’s episode, you sense an Ignite, to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your wholeness journey before you go. Let’s solidify the flame. I’d love for you to take a step right now in declaring your take away by snapping a pic of the episode you tuned in to share your sparked moment and tag me at Fifth with the hashtag faith podcast, so I can help you stay accountable. Or in this together, right? Community of our competition is the motto. I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, let’s fuel the flame and share the gift of wholeness with everybody until next time, cheers to your health and happiness.

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