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Learn to Thrive Instead of Survive with Charles Clark

The concept of thrive probably means something different to everyone. What is that thriving state to you? Does the word flow mean more? Does it make sense? But I feel like flow is missing this energy, this incredible electric opportunity, this purposed calling, and each and every one of us are intended to thrive. It’s actually a part of our DNA. So says today’s conversationalist, Charles Clark. He is somebody that I can’t wait to introduce you to that I know is just going to create impact in your own life and really reveal this unique calling within you to thrive.

And we each are gifted that and at the end of this year of 2020 to close out in this way just speaks volumes for God, because ultimately I couldn’t plan this. I had no idea that we were going to do this podcast when we did. And it’s just really refreshing to know that in the opportunity of thriving, which Charles has a Thrive Planner that he’s created. He’s about to launch his Thrive Journal. He has The Thrive Tribe podcast. He offers Thrive Conferences and retreats and all things “thrive.”

You have to unpack what that means and understand that when he comes to speak, he comes with fury. And that fury is the fire within him based on the knowing of who created him and you, too, have this beautiful opportunity to do it, to live life on purpose and just ultimately establish confidence in that space so you can activate every single day.


Guest Bio

Charles Clark, the creator of the Thrive Planner and the Thrive Tribe Podcast, is an expert in habit improvement, discovering purpose, vision creating and goal setting. After he became the 6th fastest man in the world, a devastating injury left him searching for his identity. Charles developed techniques that brought clarity to his life’s purpose while establishing massive confidence.

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Learn to Thrive Instead of Survive

Tamra Andress

The concept of thrive probably means something different to everyone. What is that thriving state to you? Does the word flow mean more? Does it make sense? But I feel like flow is missing this energy, this incredible electric opportunity, this purposed calling, and each and every one of us are intended to thrive. It’s actually a part of our DNA. So says today’s conversationalist, Charles Clark. He is somebody that I can’t wait to introduce you to that I know is just going to create impact in your own life and really reveal this unique calling within you to thrive.

And we each are gifted that and at the end of this year of 2020 to close out in this way just speaks volumes for God, because ultimately I couldn’t plan this. I had no idea that we were going to do this podcast when we did. And it’s just really refreshing to know that in the opportunity of thriving, which Charles has a Thrive Planner that he’s created. He’s about to launch his Thrive Journal. He has The Thrive Tribe podcast. He offers Thrive Conferences and retreats and all things “thrive.”

You have to unpack what that means and understand that when he comes to speak, he comes with fury. And that fury is the fire within him based on the knowing of who created him and you, too, have this beautiful opportunity to do it, to live life on purpose and just ultimately establish confidence in that space so you can activate every single day. You guys enjoy Charles, and this won’t be the last that we’ll be working together. So stay tuned on what’s ahead and what’s in store for our friendship and our partnership.

Tamra Andress

So thrilled to be here today with the one and only Charles Clark. You’re so handsome in that picture that my team member chose. I’m like, oh, wow, how suave!

Tamra Andress

I’m so thrilled to introduce you today to Charles Clark. I remember how we initially got connected, other than the fact that we jumped on a call together and just kind of poured into each other’s passions and ultimately into each other’s space of gifting through the lens of the Holy Spirit. And it was an awesome conversation that just touched me. And I’m so glad that we get to connect again with another conversation and just thrive together. And you’re going to know what that thrive means here in a minute.

Tamra Andress

But this is a man that you want to know if you don’t already. He was named at one point in his career, the sixth fastest man in the world, which I think is so awesome. And so we’ll talk about his time in track. But even more so, I think that God just had you anointed at that time and you maybe didn’t even know. So I’m excited to unpack, like where you were in your faith at that point in your journey and how walking into the next season of your life after that title, how it then led you into the space of the titles that you get to claim now, which is son and husband and just somebody who’s thriving and helping others thrive, which ultimately is a huge call and a huge gift to be able to step into.

Tamra Andress

So welcome and thank you for being here.

Charles Clark

Thank you for having me.

Tamra Andress

So let me let you introduce yourself just a little bit more. I know you have a podcast and all the things. So who is Charles Clark?

Charles Clark

Oh, that’s a million dollar question. You know, I am someone who is becoming all of who God wants me to be. Excited for this new part of my life, being married to my beautiful wife of wonderful, almost a COVID marriage.

Charles Clark

Got married February 15th, and it’s just been an incredible journey. But I’m just really tapped into to seeing people win in life.

Charles Clark

And nothing nothing turns me on more than seeing other people truly embody the meaning of thrive, you know? And I think think about that meaning a word thrive like I think it’s a word that many people toss around. But thrive is like in your failures and in your success. There’s another level inside of you and you push to it, you push to it. And I just remember when I was at my lowest point in my life, I had a devastating injury hit rock bottom while back at home with my mom in Virginia Beach.

And I was trying to figure out my life.

And I remember my mom, she was like, what do you need me to do to fix this? And, you know, I think is a mother’s, like, responsibility and care to to love for her child. But I was a grown man living at home and I realized, oh, that’s on me. It’s on me. And at that time, I remember I was crying. I couldn’t even hold my head out to look at her. And I said, I lifted my head up and I said, my I got to do this.

I got to fix this on myself. It’s on myself. I got to take ownership. And I think in that moment I realized, like, you know, a lot of people, they let things try to define them. But when you take ownership for your life, you decide what happens next and you now are in control from moving past that survival mode and tapping into that next level. So I’m just so curious to know what’s next in my life with the journals that we have coming out and the planners that we’re producing, the books that’s coming out and the events that we put on.

You know, I’m just I just ready to tap in.

Yeah, it’s so good and it’s so neat that you get to do so in tandem with your wife, who, by the way, he said is beautiful. But I can also say she is beautiful. You guys, I don’t even know where she’s from, but stunning. But I think that it’s it’s a really beautiful thing that as you step into this new season and this new experience of thriving, that you get to do so alongside her because, you know, it’s it’s hard work to just be yourself.

Right. And to just find out who your identity is in the Lord alone. I actually got to do that when I was already almost seven years together with my spouse for years, married. And then I was like, I need to find out who I am. And to do that alongside someone was very, very difficult. And so to be in a space where you know who you are, you know what God has called you to. Yes.

There’s this curtain in this veil that he still has before you, because that’s the process of becoming more like him. And he’ll reveal and continue to reveal. But now you have this iron sharpening iron experience and this understanding on a deeper level of what is my calling, what is my purpose, and what does a covenant here on Earth actually mean in regards to what you understand? It is from a faith perspective. So it’s I’m excited for you and also excited to see what the next season is.

I think we’re coming to people in this space of thrive is kind of been the opposite of the theme for the year. And yet in this year, for me, I count as a huge blessing that there has been a lot of ways that I’ve had and had the opportunity to thrive. I’ve re-established relationships with siblings, with family members. I have had the most growth and success in my business this year. There’s just been a lot of beautiful things that have occurred even in my home.

And so what are some ways that you could speak into our listeners right now coming hopefully out? Hopefully we’re on the tail end of this as we close out the year of this of the strivings space rather than this thriving space. If they haven’t been in a thriving year, what can you say to them? I would tell you, you know, you got to have faith, and I’m not just going to give you that cliche, you got to have faith, right.

But I mean, there’s a huge difference when you when you apply a faith in this time, you have no choice but to make it through. But then when you are applying a mindset of conventional thinking, meaning I’m going to accept whatever what everyone else is accepting, like this is a hard time. You know, a lot of people are struggling. You can accept that. Right. That’s something easy to accept. But the only other inner faith is that you’re working for the unseen.

You’re believing in the bigger picture.

And you got you got to learn to stop stop listening to other people, first of all, because many times the vision that you have for your life, they will never be able to see it because they can barely see the vision that they have for theirs.

And you’ve got to learn to stop looking at your circumstances to decide the outcome of your life and how you’re going to respond.

And I think the other thing you have to stop doing is you’ve got to stop looking at other people’s story and try to validate as your own. You know, I know it’s easy for us to want to do that. Like, hey, you know, I see that I see that person. They struggle. Then they got their marriage back then or, you know, he went through that hard time. So that’s my story.

To know what what God is going to do for you is just going to be for you. And and when will you realize, like like he’s the better he’s the better version of you. And so you got to learn to accept the faith walk because conventional thinking is easy. Everybody can do that part. But Faith man, that’s the beast in you. That’s the that’s what I’m talking about when you happen to thrive. And so yeah, I would say learn to stop walking and everybody else is in your circumstances and, you know, other people’s story because that’s conventional thinking.

But then on the other side of faith is your your greater story. That’s so good.

It kind of parallels honestly as and I hadn’t never thought about it before, but it really parallels to my heart for fit in faith is realizing that being fit for me for a very long time and it probably resonates with you is about my body. Right. If I wasn’t strong or you were fast, you were fit. Right. You were the fastest man in the world. That’s an amazing title to have. But when I was coming before the mirror, there was points and parts of me that were void because I was only coming as one portion of who I am.

And if you understand the Trinity, you know, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. And we are a mind, a body, a soul and a spirit. And when we accept that spirit into our life, like he takes ownership, he takes the forefront, he takes the spotlight. The mere moment, even the medallions. Right. Like all of those trophies become his. But until you understand one, that that’s a huge component of understanding.

But until you understand that your body is actually a sacrifice, your mind is actually a sacrifice. Your emotions are actually a sacrifice to that greater component of drive, which is HECM within you. Right. For him to activate within your life, within your body, within your flesh, and then to shine through like that to being fit in your faith that’s being that’s thriving. Because then what happens is you don’t become exhausted, thriving becomes a place out operating out of overflow because you’re plugged into the ultimate energy source.

And so I think it’s so powerful that you’ve tapped into that. And really after was that really a part of your faith story, your walk? Were you, like, raised in the church or. Talk to us a bit about that. Where did the spirit man come alive? Yeah.

So young, you know, Sunday. You know, I think my my grandma, she she’s an evangelist in Church of God in Christ.

So we would go at some Sundays, we would stay the night over and she would wake us up early morning. We have to go to Sunday school.

And so, yeah, God has always been a part of a part of my life. You know, I’m not perfect. I’m not saying I was I was walking a good walk every every step of the way now.

And I mean, when you go through things, I think you really get tested and your character is tested. You know, the the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in terms of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Martin Luther King said that and truly that that is the case, man. And, you know, I know for me, when I had that that devastating injury in my career, I thought I was the. How one percent of athletes in the world, I didn’t have character straight up like I was, I was like, you know, this sucks. Let me let me do me right. Everybody wants to do do me when things aren’t what you want to do, be right.

Let me just do me. But that’s that’s not character. Are you staying true to who you are in the hard times? Because if you can stay true to who you are in hard times is easy to make it to.

Success is easy to bounce back. And that was just a learning thing for me. I had I had to learn it for me. Like during that time, I remember my coach, he wanted me to to go to nationals with my team in college, FSU, Florida State University. And I was like, Coach, I want to go. I got this injury. I don’t want the fans and the media to be looking at me. I don’t want to have a conversation about it.

And I saw all my needs which were valid. Right. But I didn’t have character. So, you know, I think during that walk he showed he showed himself like he showed me like, you know what? You can go through the hard times and still be strong. Yeah.

And and in that process, you know, like you can you can go through it, you can go through hell. But if you have character you won’t break.

Yeah. And so choose to walk in character.

And so like for me that’s what allowed me to, to tap into that where I am now. You know, without that, that faith, without having God in my life. I don’t know what I don’t know honestly. I don’t know where I would be like how that would how that story would look. And I’m pretty sure I don’t want to live that story.

Yeah, I agree. I was living it. I felt like the only option was not living honestly at that time because I didn’t know the Lord. And so walking outside of character, walking outside of integrity and not having anything to grasp hold of not having faith, it feels really heavy and it feels really dark. And I actually know a lot of people in that place personally and locally. We’ve lost quite a few lives to that dark place, which I thought those people knew faith.

I thought they knew the God within them. And so it’s a really like hard, controversial understanding of the role that God plays in our life and the fact that he is our savior. And yet we can still feel ultimate loss. And if you think of so many stories in the Bible, the story of Joe, the story of Joseph, the story of Moses, Naomi, like all of these people, went through a lot of hardship. Even King David like, oh, he’s a king.

And so he is all the glory, you know, like his character, his integrity was at question and he had choices in that season. And so realizing that God’s with us in the pit, just like he’s with us in the palace, and we have to then recognize our character, the him within us in those times to say we can stand up. You don’t want to hurt.

Yeah, I think. Got got got won’t get you the next level until you embody the character that’s required for that responsibility. So good.

And like so I know you thought this Bible verse greater citizen me than you like it. Not now, that ain’t it. But you’ve got to learn to that. You you are part of that. So you just don’t just rely on God’s grace because this is sufficient. Right. But do you part. Yes. Yes.

Because you won’t be honored. You won’t be rewarded for what he got for you.

Do I agree? I think that’s the piece of activation. Right. And so many people are like, oh, God, I’ll do it. God, I’ll do it. But if God’s asking you to step through a door, God can’t step through the door. You have to move your body through that opportunity or through that trial in order for God to show up in a different way. And it’s always different than what we anticipate. Right. Like, can you imagine laying in that bed in your mama’s house that this is where you’d be this many years later?

Probably not. I couldn’t imagine that this is where I’d be. I thought I had a whole nother trajectory for my life. And so it’s going to be really cool to see what that evolves into, even more so, again, out of our control. But it took action for us to be right here right now in this podcast. Right. Like God wasn’t going to, like, connect all the wires and say, OK, you guys are having a conversation for the world to hear.

Like, we do that. And then we have to steward through character, through integrity our vessel and speak life. Right. We have a choice right now. I could share all of the deep, dark spaces of my life and I can. And I’m vulnerable and willing enough to do that, which is a part of sharing your testimony. And there’s power in that. But instead, like my heart for you, is to know that there is hope.

My heart is for you to know that there is an opportunity to thrive. And it’s it is going through the trial.

Yeah. Yeah.

If you don’t you don’t go through something. I mean, that’s that’s the process of being molded. I what was this quote from Chattaway Bozeman.

He said, the greatest hero movies have like he was saying something about how you have to have a tough villain to. Yes, I wish I knew the quote, but pretty much like you, you just can’t be a great hero alone.

You’ve got to go through some things.

So that was real good. You know, let me let me check myself. Am I am I going through the fire? You know, like the furnace, like. All right, put in the work, go the pain now and celebrating victory later. But if you if whatever wherever you guys are right now, just understand the accepting the process allows you to get to success.

No, no other way around. You got to get uncomfortable when you experience discomfort, successes and if it’s any. It’s true. You got to get there, get uncomfortable. Yeah, that idea might seem crazy and nobody else is doing it but get uncomfortable.

Thinks that villain face your fear and facing your fear. You’ll see on the other side of that is your promise.

Oh so good. It’s so poetic.

Slam poetry sessions now.

It’s so true though. And I think what ultimately people have to understand, even in that process, is so often I was listening to Darius Daniels this morning and he was talking about how we so often live in retrospect. We so often live in like the past of what has become and the appreciation comes after you understand what that process leads you to. And so it’s been a prayer for mine actually all year for me to live in the foresight to live in the foreground of my actual present being, like be present for sure, but to live in that foresight of knowing that this process ahead is going to be the place that I look back on and I say, I get it.

God, I understand why we did that. I understand why I had to go through that. I understand why that confrontation existed. I understand why I had to pray so deeply for so long over that one person, because now I get to see them rise into their own drive. Right. And so desiring deeply for people now to hear that message that like it is amazing to look back and understand where God has been. But what if you had that faith to understand peace through that door, the one that the very one that puts you out of your comfort zone that he’s asking you to come into?


Yeah, that’s just true. It’s so good to walk through the darkest valley. I shall feel no fear, no evil.

Right now.

He’s with you no matter what.

Yeah, there’s peace in it.

Is it I mean, like truly there is so much peace in that like. You can be going through it all by sitting right beside you. Yes, yes. And that’s I actually did this journey mapping process and I would encourage people to do this as well, to actually go through my life since I was in Venice. Earliest memory. Right. And and map out the highs and lows and ask God, like, literally put it before his feet and say, God, where were you in this moment?

And like I said, like, I wasn’t in my faith when I was a child. You had people praying, a hedge of protection over you. And maybe I didn’t I just didn’t know them, but I didn’t really have that that story. That’s not part of my story. And so I was actually laying it before his feet and saying, God, like, where were you in that low point? And he revealed himself every single time. And he was in that room.

And did you ever see the movie The Shack or read the book The Shack? Well, think of who it is is really amazing. But it basically follows the story of a father’s daughter got murdered and he’s obviously irate and he’s losing his mind in anger and and worry and fear and guilt like he should have been there. And so he ends up meeting three different facets of God. There are three different characters. It was like a woman is one of the characters, two characters, actually, of God.

And then there was like a Jesus. And he asked he like, walk the line, like, where were you? I’m so mad at you for not being there for my daughter. How could I have faith? And it showed through the video and this visual that he was actually in the room while she wept, while she cried. But what was happening was the enemy was in control of the person who was the perpetrator. And so it’s like this wild perspective to know that he is with us all the time and at the same time that comfort of peace in that pain.

And this is where I think when you’re talking about tapping into that thrive, is that you can have that transcending peace if you know him. But in the time it feels like torture if you don’t have anything to grab onto. And so journey map your life, ask God, where were you in that season? And he will respond. He will answer. He is a conversational God that wants to have interactions with his sons and his daughters. And instead of you carrying that anger or that guilt, you get to exchange it for the truth of what he has to offer you instead.


So true. So ok, ok.

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So thanks Mom. Anyway, book your call and simply email me coaching at Tamara Andrest Dotcom.

Either way, I cannot wait to see you activated and this is going to be an incredible opportunity and a beautiful season to see you design the God dream that God has planted in you since your mother’s womb. It’s going to be fun, y’all. I can’t wait to connect. Let’s get started. So tell us more. Tell us some more about what’s to come for everything thrive, you have a quote that I just love and it’s surviving should not be your choice when thriving is in your DNA.

And to realize we are all made up of DNA and so we all have access to this. This isn’t some like thing. You have to go out and search. It’s already within you.

Yeah, I think it’s you got to understand your purpose, you know, like for for any of the abundance of your life that’s available to you to be discovered, you you got to tap into purpose. And God tells us everything that we are.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel for that. So reliant on this truth will allow you to see that greater purpose for sure. But I think like a man, I think I’m really excited about a lot of things that’s going on, you know, for one marriage. The the other thing is, you know, of course, we’ve got the three planner and that’s been doing really well.

That actually is two years since we released that that that planner. And so now actually coming out with a new journal.

So get excited for this because it is really about how can we become more intentional with our learning, whether it’s at church, whether it’s a podcast or conference.

A lot of times we take notes and then we forget those notes where we don’t implement that information.

So I created a journal that’s literally going to help you increase your comprehension and your retention and create more action behind everything that you learn.

You know, our idea is to yes, we need to be students of life, but we need to be doers of life, too.

So really back into action. Come on. The water at heart, he’s a winner.

So that and we’re ready to ramp it back up with the drive events that we got carried on. So it might be something going on in Virginia Beach.

Pretty soon we do our retreats. So if you ever come to Tampa, that’s what we do. Our events on the retreat so that the tribe retreat, it’s about escaping your fear and finding your true power. We go over all of those those things of understanding your purpose greater. Why tapping into that that abundant life, escaping your fears. And so, yeah, that’s that’s really the exciting things that are coming up right now.

And tell me, like, you have a podcast, too. So this platform to share all the things that tell them about your. I got that.

A whole set here. OK, come on, man. So I do have so we actually have one podcast right now that’s available. It’s called the Thrive Try podcast, which is about unfiltered future success stories of everyday people who crush failure and discover the inner champion. So the last season was really me for twenty two episodes. So like a quick little sound bites, probably about three to four minute episodes where you just getting how to tap into that, that, that level of drive that you have and really mindset and implementing strategies in your life to create success.

And we’re coming out with a new podcast. So anyone who is a writer or speaker and are looking to get on the stage to start to communicate their story and transform other people’s lives, we’re going to be interviewing other speakers around the world and you’re going to hear how they are able to create success for the business. Are they able to get on the stage and speak to tens of thousands of lives each year?

And I think ultimately two people want to get paid to do what they love.

So, you know, with that, we’re going to share a lot of those secrets on how you can do just that, how you can make a living being real with your life so good.

And honestly like that in and of itself, I think is the all encompassing point of thrive, right. Where it’s not just this personal or spiritual walk, it’s your professional walk to. And so I know we both have an entrepreneurial kind of target market that we are talking to most of the time. But realizing that that’s where it really overlaps is that is bringing both ends right. We get to be both and but bringing that all to the table at any given point.

And to know that your past and your present and your future all can align into this place of of actually operating and serving others, because I think ultimately all of our purpose is to give back and to serve in some way. And so what’s that motivating factor? What’s that unique selling proposition that only you can have? This is where our identity this is where our thumbprint. And our personal DNA really matters and really comes to life and how we thrive is because nobody else, even if they they were the number six man in the world, and then they also hurt themselves and lived in their momma’s house, they still don’t have your story, even if there’s parallels.

And so this is where I love that piece that you so desperately desire for people. That motivation factor, that activation factor is realizing there is a there’s a release zone, just like at the starting line of your race. Right.

You hear that gun go off and it’s like go and so preparing people into that space of of adrenaline because I’m an adrenaline junkie and a good way since coming to us.

And so it’s like I want to infuse that in people all the time.

I want to get them excited. I want them to be wanting to jump out of their seat and the excitement of anticipation because every time God shows up and so it’s just a matter of us, again, activating off the starting line and knowing that there’s something ahead that looks like a finish line.

But that finish line might be really far away. But we still have to take a step to get there.

You got to be on fire for your life.

Like like you be excited to wake up, like stop hitting the snooze button as I tell people, like the average person sleeps for nine thousand four hundred days of their life. And I think it’s absurd for us to say when we get our first conscious breath that God gives us and we say, you know what, I’m tired, not yet. I need some more sleep, you know, get your butt up, do what you got to do.

Because the thing is that excuses are infinite, opportunities are not made. And you got to understand that the opportunity that before you it will not last.

So somebody else might grab it and hating on them because they live in your dream.

That’s so true. That’s so true. And we are creative. I was in a conversation with a client the other day and she’s like, I don’t I don’t find myself in the creative space. I don’t really consider myself a creative.

And I’m like, who made you literally who made you you were created by a creator. And if you are made in the image of God, which you are, you are creative. Your creativity might not be that you are, you know, Michelangelo, you might not be that you are an author or a speaker or these things that seemingly have a spotlight, your creativity might be to teach in a classroom that impacts generations to come. And that’s amazing.

And so just tapping into those those super powers, because ultimately everyone’s gift is a super power in and of itself, I think is just a freeing place to be. And so I love that your conferences and your speaking and your podcast and the book and all the things that really parallels under this understanding of activation in order to thrive. And it’s not a sitting, stagnant writing.

You’re not like needing to thrive.

No, no. It’s a it’s a doing. And that happen at any moment. It’s just a choice, right? Yeah. I like what you’re saying. Like, we got to we’re creative. Like I procreate. That’s what he told us to do. And I like that idea is like you have a legacy then. Yes. If if you’re creating that means the book, don’t stop it. You yes. It don’t stop at your insecurity. It don’t stop at your troubled marriage.

It don’t stop it. You know, your your failures. It doesn’t stop it. Any of those things, all those things that people might have told you, it doesn’t stop there. Create beyond those things that God can use that and end up you end up connecting with more people because you were real, you were vulnerable, you were transparent.

And that connecting piece might just start your business.

So true. So true. And there’s a thriving in that. Like, it’s so incredible to know that you have access to it. And there doesn’t have to be this element. Yes, there’s an element of unknown, but there does not have to be an element of fear. Right. One, because nothing new under the sun, right? Yeah. Everything’s been done in some capacity. What’s happening is you’re taking something that hasn’t been done in your unique fashion and you’re developing it and creating that separate identity piece, that identity factor within the thing that you love.

And so use mentors, use, you know, relationships. I really believe that so often we think we have to do these things in our own might, whether it’s something in your personal life, whether it’s even fixing a relationship.

Right. They think, OK, if I just do this, then this will get fixed. You know, you have resources around you already that God has put in your path. Are your eyes and your ears and your hands wide open enough. To receive them, maybe not, and that is then I think you’re snoozing on your life at that point. Yeah, so it’s there.

Yeah, I like I like what you had me writing down. Something in the Unknown is the place where you’re supposed to trust me. Like like we won’t we don’t know all the guys planes, we don’t know every little thing, but he does give us access to those things, some of them, but in the unknown of knowing everything, because we won’t know everything anyway. Trust like and if we are, I understand God is with us and be against us.

He’s beside us in that dark valley, unknown God.

You got me. I’m straight. I’m straight. Like like truly like the next time. You go through that might, in fact, think about that time you went through that hard time and you made it through because you are where you are right now.

And it might be another episode of that hard time, but you’ve made it through, so you might as well just trust.

Yeah, because when you try to take in all of that worry and anxiety and call us to do that in the first place, like it’s holding you back from moving forward, because the thing about his gratitude is that it allows you access to new things. Right. It opens up doors for you abundance. But if you’re in a place of anxiety and frustration, like you are concerned about the unknown, so you cannot have access to the next level of the plans that are for you.


So good trust. Yeah. And I think, too, that even in your activation and this has been such a huge part of my testimony as like as I’ve activated those resources or those people that are around me like this isn’t a singular situation. Like Kingdom is is a collective. And so I have the utter joy of bringing people alongside me in these visions. And so if you don’t activate, they don’t get to either. And so then if you if you want to look from a non selfish lens like this is your responsibility to activate this is your responsibility to step into your calling in your purpose.

Because without that transition, without that shift in the atmosphere, without somebody else recognizing the thrive within you, they can’t recognize the thrive within themselves. And so, yes, it’s by God and through God that things are activated in that sense. But at the end of the day, they see you in the flesh and blood and they want to know, what did that person do? What did that person activate in order for them to propel to that place of joy, purpose, abundance, wealth and knowing wealth is way more than just money, but realizing those things.

And it gives me a reason to wake up, because if I don’t wake up, my kids don’t wake up and my kids don’t wake up, my grandchildren don’t wake up. Yeah, right. And so I’m I’m not looking in the natural when I’m thinking of those things, I’m looking in the supernatural of if I don’t do this one thing, that person that one person who might read my post that never comments that never likes that, never shares that I don’t even know exists.

They don’t get out of bed. Yeah. And so stop doing it for the followers or the fans. Do it for the outcome. The ripple effect on the kingdom.

Yeah, I when I got out of Rentrak, you know, what would be an athlete and especially a world class athlete, you are trained to win, you’re trained to compete. You’re trained to beat everybody on the track. Yeah.

And it’s so different to living a life of purpose now. You know, of course, as athletes who whoever listening you’re an athlete right now doesn’t mean you still kicks people as they are still.

The idea is this in life that when I want if you can’t, I want you to write this down. When you put others first and you make yourself second, you still win.


So and that’s, that’s the best form of winning that I’ve ever experienced in my life, because I remember when I first got into speaking to a this teenage girl, she came up to me and she said and what you said on the stage, it changed my life because I felt like killing myself today. But you made me live my dream.

And at that time, you know, like I told you, I was at my mom’s house. I’m trying to figure out my life.

And I thought all all of what I needed to be respected and appreciated was to have a gold medal. That’s when I that’s one that I can be love. Right.

But the the true winner in me came when I’m when I put other people first.

So whenever you have a moment of, like, thinking like I ain’t good enough, I don’t know how to do this or you’re scared or whatever, put other people first. You’re going you’re going to end up winning. Yeah. So much. Yeah. It makes so much sense. And like realizing too in that, in that ripple effect. In that less of me. More of him. Right. Even more blessings come to that in that state.

Humility in that state of I am waiting my white flag. I don’t need the medal, I don’t need the trophy. I don’t need the light. I don’t need the name. All I need is for that one person to come up to me and say, you’ve just saved my life. And even if that doesn’t happen, there’s still the silent factor of impact. There’s still the silent example of you activating like man it. She is on stage, I can be on stage if he is on the mic, I can be on the mic.

Mm hmm. Right. And so that’s where the power comes, even in your in your testimony. In my testimony and everybody’s testimonies, because I can assure you there are current athletes who are in that state of I’m at mom’s house. I cannot do the one thing that I and I have been wanting to do since I was seven years old. And now I’m who am I? I’m no longer the athlete. I’m no longer the superstar. I’m no longer getting phone calls from my agent.

What in the world do I do now?

More than realize that you’re more than enough? Yeah, I honestly realize that you’re more and I think the phrase that a lot of people are using now is like more than an athlete. It’s a cool saying, but you truly got to know what that means. Yeah. Yeah. You truly got to understand what that means. Your voice matters, right? Your your your impact matters. You’re doing matters. And it doesn’t just stop at catching balls and running on a track and, you know, jumping over hurdles and all those things you sow is so much more in you.

Yeah. And if if you just allow yourself to be used in other places, like you’ll start to see more of who you are because it’s cool to know, like the greatness of who you are right now.

But keep going as there’s so much more so much harder than you like. And I’m I’m so excited to see what’s next for my life. But I’m right here.

I’m in the ball. Yeah. So tell me, because this has been a new title, right. That you’re taking under your wing is how have you discovered a new part of who you are by being a husband?

I think selflessness to. A degree of, you know, you do things for other people, but I think until you get married, you truly understand selflessness.

Yeah, sacrifice. But on the other end of that. When we both are selfless, we both we both are fulfilled at the end of the day because we’re meeting each other’s needs and I don’t have to meet my own needs now, you know, so good.

It’s so much better when someone else makes you coffee.

So that’s amazing.

That’s really amazing. I am looking forward to meeting your wife in the future, and I just feel like that’s a perfect kind of ribbon to the conversation is really realizing the power of putting others first and how doing so allows you activation to thrive without without having it to be all you like, without feeling like it’s in your own strength. It’s the knowing of the God within you and the knowing that the other people alongside you are going to propel just as much when you step into your purpose.

Yeah, for sure. So good.

Charles, you are amazing. And you guys have to go listen to all the things he puts into the world. It is absolutely just a joy. That smile is contagious. And I do hope and plan to see you in Virginia Beach in the next few months. So y’all keep keep a lookout for that. And if not, get down to Florida, because I know there’s lots of people listening from Florida. I want to come to a treat.

Sounds amazing. So I don’t doubt it exclusively. Come on. All right. You guys have a blessed day. Thanks again, Charles.

No problem. Hey, it’s me again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go, let’s solidify the flame. I’d love for you to take a step right now. And declaring your take away by snapping a pic of the episode, you tune in to share your spiked moment and tag me at Vitton Face Underscore podcast or me personally at Tamara on.

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I’m ready to fuel the flame with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, help, wealth and wholeness. Tune in next time.

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