• Morgan Hart

Know Your Worth

Local love is imperative to community growth! After owning several small businesses in my 20’s, I really grew a heart for shopping local and supporting my neighbors. Not only because my money can go a long way in their own businesses, homes and families, but because I know all that went in to the development of those websites, store fronts, designs, item choices, etc. and I want them to know and feel the depth of my gratification from those efforts!

Have you ever stopped to think about the magnitude of time, energy and money invested into 1 item and then leverage that to the steal of a cost you actually got it for? I’m talking years of sweat, dreams, extra hours and many other investments!

I under valued myself for so long. I cut deals and lowered cost points in order to reach more clients and customers, yet meanwhile struggling to make ends meet. I spent countless hours working IN my business instead of working ON my business. And it took hindsight to finally get it! To finally know my worth. To finally see the worth of others.

So next time you want a product or service from a company, especially a local one, stop yourself before you think “that’s expensive” or “that’s not worth the cost” or “Target will have a better deal”. That may be your minute perceived pocket book talking, but shouldn’t we invest with our heart?! Shouldn’t we recognize the beauty of the process that person goes through to design, to develop, to establish, to market, to brand, to provide that to you!? Shouldn’t we spend the extra $ as a pay it forward to say thank you!?

As I have been pouring my knowledge into other entrepreneurs, dreamers and shakers, I’ve been helping them by way of my own mistakes, to start out strong. To know your worth. To stand proud at your price point. To not waiver for the masses but provide value to the loyal customer. To not minimize your gifting by a $ sale. To be Ok that some people will say no. But to remain consistent for the people who say yes!

Be a valued consumer and a cheerleader for your community! Be the person that skips the #starbuckslatte to say YES to the local coffee shop. Be the person that values the lifetime durability of a handmade bag vs the one that will fall apart by the end of the season. Be the person that eats the eggs from the local chicks farm that then puts dinner on the table for her family. Be the change for your community and then be the positive word of mouth that keeps them afloat for years to come.

I see you small business owners of Virginia Beach!!!! (image from my fav purse with

Deuteronomy 15:10

Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.

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