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Just Start, Activate Your Dream with Melody Durate

Alright, I have a question. I need you to be honest with me. But more importantly I need you to be honest with yourself.

Are you sitting?

Are you waiting?

Are you dreaming?

Are you hoping?

Are you praying?

Over something you’ve never actually activated or moved the needle on?

Not even taken one step toward the direction of the place you want to go?

Well, today is going to be the day you stop sitting, stop only hoping, stop only praying (because I want you to keep praying of course) and really move the idea closer to reach, bring the dream closer to fruition…by activating the dream not by taking the God Dream Design Course, though that would absolutely get you in the right direction. It’s a great way to start and you know you can find it under the course section of my website.

But this about Just Starting, on your own timing, your own terms, just like Melody did. She’s a beautiful inspiration in that regard. I love that she didn’t have all the critical pieces lined up, that all the answers weren’t gifted to her. But she took everything that she’s done in the past and she put it on a plate and she said “ooh this looks yummy” and she took advantage of it and she started to eat. Y’all we could sit and look at the meal and hope and pray its delicious, but if you never take the first bite, what’s the point right? Why even sit down at the table?

Yet, God invites you to sit down at every table he communes with and he wants you to enjoy the nourishment of the calling. So I hope you feel called and pulled just the way she has been formulating her own thing. The meal still sits at your table to enjoy, you know where to find me and I’d love to help activate that dream and I know Melody would too!

Just start


Melody Durate

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Show Notes: Just Start, Activate Your Dream

Alright, I have a question and I need you to be honest with me. But more importantly, I need you to be honest with yourself. Are you sitting? Are you waiting?

Are you hoping? Are you dreaming?

Are you there in over something you’ve never actually decided to move the needle on, that you’ve never actually activated, not even taken one step towards the direction of the place you’re praying to go.

Well, I eat… Today is gonna be the day that you stop sitting, that you stop waiting, that you stop only praying, ’cause I want you to keep trying, of course. And really move the idea closer to reach, bring the dream closer to fruition by activating the god dream, not by necessarily taking the God denounces, so that would absolutely get you in the right direction, and you know you can find it under my erection of my website, but this is about just starting on your own terms, at your own timing, just like melody did, today’s guest is such a beautiful inspiration in that regard, and I love that she didn’t have all of the critical pieces lined up, that all the answers weren’t gifted to her, but she took everything she’s done in the past, and she put it on a point, and she said, And food this came, and she took the vantage of it and she started to eat. Guys, we could sit and look at the meal, and we can hope that it’s delicious and we can pray that it’s scrupulous, but if you never take the first fight… I mean, what’s the point? I… Why even sits down at his table, yet God invites you to sit down at every table he used with, and He wants you to enjoy the nourishment of the calling, and so I hope you feel called, Hope you feel pulled into what it is that she’s offering in the way that she has been formulating it in her own life, especially through this co, a time you can still do it, and the meal still sits at the table waiting for you to enjoy. And again, if you feel like you can’t take that step even after today’s podcast, you know where to find me, I would love to help activate that dream, and I know now what I want to… So it is is your God when I… The moment that heaven says, for such a time as this, to your joy, prioritize your health, discover or wealth and exude your wholeness, it’s time to become truly fit. However, this isn’t a fitness podcast, though I’m a retired personal trainer and nutritionist, this isn’t business jargon or tips and tricks to Landing Your successful passion project, though that’s formally. Why am a business coach?

This is in a quick fix health detox ploy, though I’m all for therapy and I love Whole Foods, I do have a yellow side me too to… This isn’t confusing religious banter, so I’m an ordained minister still figuring out the many things and facets and basis of Jesus.

It’s really none of that. So I’m wondering if you’re wondering what is this…

Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers, as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each new fellow passionate speakers.

The fit-based movement was birds through my phone, trial and error discovery of mind, body and soul alignment, and to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial raion Bern experiences, I’ve learned first-hand that being fit isn’t about our physique at all, it’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles, it’s not about our potential, it’s truly about our God-gifted passions, meeting our purpose.

You are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you wanna call it, and I wanna be there for the moment that you say yes, in Freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fleet and do and who you are made to be welcome to The fit in base podcast with me, the camera and dress.

There is no better time than now to get fit.

Well, hello. No, I am so excited to be here for another episode of a live recording at the ten faith podcast, and our guest today, I am thrilled to introduce you to, I think one of the coolest things about being virtual with the podcast experience versus just our local community is that we get to bring people in from all over the world, so many different just starting points for their adventures and now us coming into community and still staying in connectivity through that. And so, Melanie, it is a dream coach, which I was just unpacking with a client yesterday, and she was like, What is that? And I’m like, I don’t fully know.

So I’m so excited for her to enter herself and kinda share a little bit of her back story and tell us about her company, just start, which… The website is amazing, so it’s already linked in the show notes right now, so you guys have to go check it out while we’re live and listen to everything and who melody is? It’s gonna be a fun energetic podcast. I have no doubt. So thanks for being here.

Yeah, yeah, thank you so much for having me. Honestly, when we connected, I was so excited because I love your messaging, I love everything that you put out into the world, and it’s so awesome, like you said, This whole corn time period, I’ve been able to connect with so many different types of people because we’ve been more online, that more on mine than ever, and I was so excited when we connected, I’m just so excited to be here. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for having a is so fun.

The tales about, how did you get started in this? And I’m sure it’s one of those things that you’re like, Well, since birth… And you can start wherever you want. If you wanna start since birth, let’s do it.

And there’s like an aha moment, we’re like, I have to do this, then you could do that too. Whatever feels right to you.

So I’m a… I’ll just start where I started. Okay, I love… We… The… It’s been a year since I started the business. I have been a coach now since June of 2919, so really it started… And I was telling you earlier before we got on here that I wasn’t feeling that well, and it started because I haven’t demetrios, and every single month… Are you familiar with the monetarily? A couple of people in my circle have been mentioning it lately, I know that it can have a limiting ability for you to get pregnant.

Yeah, yeah.

A whole mess of different sense.

Yeah, but one of them is a lot of it’s extremely painful every single month when you have… You are menstruating and it’s clean and then it just… It mentally fogs you, so you’re emotions and hormones are all a walk and really you just become a different person, it’s kind of crazy, and so there’s a bunch of different things that come from it, there’s PM, which is a mental… Just a mental state that you go into during this time when your hormones are all at a way… Yeah, and so every month I was working as a property manager and I was run… And I was actually running two commercial buildings, and I also managed to other ones to total for commercial building we…

I was managing, I was working like 60 hours a week, and everyone… I was getting sicker and sicker, just sick and just… I would have to call it a work every single month, I would have to work from my bed, I would be crying, I’ll never forget, one month I even called the mental hotline because I just had all of these thoughts that I just didn’t even know where they were coming from… And I didn’t wanna call anyone that I loved and break them out or… Sure, I… That was kind of in the midst of that. I don’t know that that was necessary, but I love that you did that because a lot of people will choose that, just not saying anything to anyone because of the same exact reason… So good on you for doing that.

Yeah, I was like, I need to talk to a professional. Because this is just crazy. I’ve never had these thoughts before, turns out it was the birth control is on that The tiepolo ist was like… I know the health system is a whole other topic for a whole story, but long story short, I was just getting pick every month, and I was just praying and telling God, God, why is this happening? How do I get out of this? And how do I not stop this suppression because I was in such a deep depression because every month I was calling out, I felt like I was not fulfilling my purpose, and I felt like I was just off-alignment, which I was A… And so every month I was just coming to the Lord and I was like, Why? What is this?

What do I do with the in… How do I move forward? And so in that season, I had to do a lot of soul searching and really it started on January 20, and then I didn’t finally make the decision to quit until May of 2019. okay, so I like five months. Yeah.Wrestle like, What do I do?

Yeah, I do, yeah.

Yeah, so it is funny enough, my boyfriend was like, melody, you have so many talents on my skill sets, you already have entrepreneurial skills, because I do have a non-profit, which is five years old… Yeah, I have a non-profit that’s five years old, it’s called changes hours, and if you want, I can also send that to you. Yeah, please do.

Yeah, it’s changed is hours of an underscore at the end, and then it changes our… Is that org online?

And that non-profit I’ve been running for five years.

So I had a non-profit and then it was time to know the side he was gonna do with the other time that I had to devote to making a profit, and so bringing in an income.

Yes. Good.

So he has a sticker on one of his dressers and it said, Just start on it.

Okay, it really did. One night, like you have to just start… Just start, just start Melody, just start and start helping people with their businesses because people would naturally come to me to ask me for business advice, even while I was working in the non-profit, I would as on myself, consulting different non-profits a lot.

Also a very busy one… Yeah, yeah, it just came together because even when I was doing the property management, all my tenants who were running their businesses inside the building, they would call me too and be like, well, one of my speakers just cancelled for this training that we’re doing, I think you would be awesome. Can you please come and just jump in and I would be like, I… Okay, I like… Or like, Oh sure, yeah, sure. I ate, I would go and do these random things, like people would call me for it, just to help them with their business Sesto, help them promote a girl or organize a structure. I have a background with operations, with finances, with accounting, with marketing, I’ve always been in a position where I’ve been underneath the business owner or working directly with a director, so I’ve always been a situation where I’m helping the longevity of the business and the big picture of the business. Yeah, so I honestly, I was like, Okay, well, I’m gonna just start because it didn’t… When I started looking for other jobs, it started to not feel right, I was looking at these other jobs and seeing a job description, seeing what they were gonna pay me for the stuff that they wanted me to do, and it just didn’t feel right out of it so like, you feel it, you just know this is not what I’m supposed to be doing. But then on the other hand, I was like, what the other option is so very… A idea, what I… Yeah, the jumping in of that, especially when you do come from being in a physician where there is a monthly income, and then you’re like, Okay, I’m about to just start and just start being broke, is what it feels like you’re doing with this, and you’re like, I don’t wanna just… That part of it, I wanna help people and I wanna grow and I want my business to thrive, but part of entrepreneurship is knowing that it ebbs and flows, and that’s that launching point, like launch. So there’s no money coming in.

And so that’s the part that can be really hindering for people because one, they need that monthly income or two, there’s just that huge fear factor of, Okay, I’m gonna start and I all my eggs in one basket, and then I’m never taking off of the launch pad.


So tell us about that. So you made that, you made the choice, you’re like, Alright, I’m gonna just start, tell us about what happened next and what that leap of faith was like, ’cause clearly God was already gifting you so many enolate… I’m here, I’m serving you this opportunity, I’m giving you this thing, wake up, I think that’s a huge part of your whole concept of just starting like you… Just like your day-to… The first thing that you have to do is you have to open your eyes. And so you had to open your eyes to what was right in front of you, so… Goodness, it makes me wanna cry because this whole journey really has been surrounded and rooted in my faith, and I really… I will say that that’s what gave me the courage to just start, and I was like, Okay, if I’m gonna do this, I know that I need to focus and really hone in on my faith and I need to wait… And what you just said, I need to wake up every day and I need to go to God, and I need to make sure that I’m on a alignment every single waking moment of every day, because if not… Who knows what’s gonna happen. I don’t even know ’cause that’s what happens too, for everyone in the world, if you’re not conscious of what you’re doing and you’re just moving through the day, it’s like an ocean, it’ll just take you in a true… So the… So you have to be the one like, I’m going to shore and go in a short in consort, and that treading of water is in that direction, and that’s where that alignment piece comes into play. I love that analogy. That’s so good.

Yeah, yes, and I was like, I really do now, I wanna find myself five miles away from where I’m supposed to be going, I do not want that to happen, and because I don’t know exactly where I’m going, ’cause I didn’t… So when I first started, I didn’t even want to take on a name coach, I was like, I’m not a coach, there’s a million coaches out there… That’s not who I am. I am a business development executive. Is I do business development.

So he and I… And that’s my focus. A, not a code. So people would ask me like, Oh, you’re a coach. No, no, I’m not a coach.

I think this is development, the… You’re like neglecting what it is that God was like, Here you go, and you’re like, That’s golly won this piece.

So I ate half of what the gift is… Yes, and I will say that something too, that’s always been something that I’ve had to overcome is just my age, again, because I was… So I started working when I was 16, and I became a manager of 18 employees around 91. wow.

Yeah, so I’m 19 years old, I already had 18 employees and I was the… And I always had this thing where I was too young to be in a room.

Even as a property manager, I was 23, so I was sitting with the lawyers and sitting with the accounting, and sitting with all of these investors and going to these different functions. And I was the youngest one in the room, always. So I’ve always had something… I’ve always had to overcome the fact that I was too young and just embrace my age and at that they like now… Yeah, that’s a good word. First, yeah, that’s such a good on-time word for women right now, and I think that we are already are doing with the gender gentrification of women versus men. and you’re like, Hold on a second. I also am only in my 20s, why would somebody trust me versus trusting the person who’s in their 50s, and I think that’s what people need to realize is that one, we started earlier… We just started when we were 16, and you were just starting like serving tables, you were starting with already having a team by 19… That’s incredible. And now with MMS and growing businesses that way, and it’s not to say that people who are older don’t have additional wisdom that we don’t know yet, that for sure is also a certain… But there is, I think, an energy standpoint and a… What’s the word I’m looking for?

A trust factor in the fact that people our age are saying Yes sooner, and the generation that’s ahead of us is like, Wait, how come they can do it, and why have I been living my life in this way for so long, and I want guts like that, I want that confidence, I want that ability. I wanna live in that freedom, you see all these travel bloggers are like living all over the world, and it’s not hard, it’s really feasible for all of us to do, it’s just a matter of starting. And so, I love that you, you speak that word age is so different than what it used to be, and that confidence factor comes from Jesus himself, and he doesn’t care old you are if you are submitting to him, If you’re really saying what it is that He’s instilled in you. Wisdom is a fruit of the spirit, it comes from him. So everything is on a flow saying, let’s open our eyes, let’s stay awake to what He has in store for you, because that is where the clarity comes. That’s where the confidence comes.

So I love that it started with alignment, and then you had to walk through these essentially limiting beliefs in order for you to continue to continue on the journey versus just starting since you already were there.

It’s so good.

And it’s so funny that you say that about being able to tap into that wisdom, ’cause it is a proof, the spirit.

I actually tell people that all the time, ’cause that’s something that I had to or I had to really put it into my heart and say, No, what… God made me. I didn’t make me dim… Not just melody, I am something that God created. I literally have everything I need, and I think that you hear that so often, especially if you’ve grown up in the church, and especially if you’ve grown up going to church, you’re growing up on a Bible study, you kinda hear that, but you don’t really… It doesn’t really think am what that means, that means that you are not just who you are, if you are so you… We’re created by the ultimate creator, so that means there’s nothing in perfect about you, everything that you have, including your weaknesses, which again is such… It seems so simple, but it’s not ’cause I didn’t… Man, understand it. I hated my I… I was like, I hate that I can’t do this, I hate that I can’t do this, I hate that I have to overcome that. But when I started to really realize I E-God created me with all of those things perfectly, to be able to carry out the mission that He has for me, I was like, Oh, this is on purpose, this is also… So that now I can bring in other people if I was perfect or I had no weaknesses and I could do everything myself and I would… Yeah, the God doesn’t want that. He wants us to work with other people, He wants us to bring in other people, so we’re a body together, we’re not meant to do things a lot alone, so I love that you said all those things because again, part of that alignment was everything will say waking up and saying, Okay, God, what is it that you want me to focus on today? I’m gonna make my plan, but again, because I’m not sure, I don’t even wanna call myself a coach. Yeah, I’m just gonna wake up today, I’d focus on today. And so every single day I would do that, I would wake up, I would work out, cause I knew I had to take care of myself, and I was like, You know what, at the very minimum, what I’m gonna get from this time off to… Yeah, yeah, what I call is I’m gonna focus on my health and I’m really going to focus on that help and get myself to a point where I’m healthy enough to not have to take off it well, especially because on the whole concept of the nimt… Just component. So yeah, I wasn’t even thinking about that actually, because I was so homing in on the entrepreneurial part, but yeah, so it was a part of… Canal was this place of discomfort physically, I-E And I… Mentally, I is spiritually knowing that God, there’s more for me than what you had, and why am I struggling with this, and so activating in that space of really focusing… And I talk about this, and I feel like as the podcast launch, and I was talking about mind, body, soul and spirit, like everywhere I look, those words are… And I’m really glad and I’m really thankful that God is again, waking a lot of people up to this concept, in this Knowledge of you aren’t just one entity, if your mental health is struggling, everything else is… If your physical health is struggling, everything else is because we like Father, set, Holy Spirit or the Trinity, our body is all three of those things, and spirit and knowing that equally, it’s kind of a bit twisted a bit in the sense of a worldly mindset, mind body and soul, let’s come into center with their energy and all these things, and I don’t not agree with some of them, because I think that there’s more than I could possibly understand about energies and shares and the way our systems work and all of that.

So it’s not to discredit that, but it’s to know that ultimately it’s kind of me into connection with God, of all of those things could be operating in unison, but we just have to sit and rest in that place and also activate, which you started doing from the moment you were waking up.

So you started in, you woke up, you went to God, you started that plan, you went to the gym, and tell us what not… Tell us what… How did it unfold?

So I took on a ton of clients because I was like, again, I’m not sure what I wanna do here, all I know that I can help businesses. Girl.

Yeah, so I… Tell me what the time…

’cause some people are in their launch on and they’re like, I can’t even land one person, so one to 10, 10, five or is 10 50 in.

Oh, okay, that’s a lot. So it out the gate, you had 10 people based on the conversations and the things that you had already established, God had established on your behalf without you really knowing is what happened.

Okay, and so they were like literally paying clients… Yeah, I… Okay, I took a…

So how they… You did that as a business development person, right. Not the dream coach yet. Okay. Keep it in co. okay, so I did that in development and I was charging super little… I think I was charged 30 a month per person because I was like, I don’t know, again, it was just so many questions I had to know idea, so I’m like, What’s a good number here? The, I don’t know, I was like 300. let’s start off with a probation period, Dr on… Let’s see what happened.

Again, thankfully, because I do have so much experience in corporate, I wasn’t that it contracts and all of that stuff, I do have that background, so I… Thankfully, I was able to started out up with… Yes, so yeah, I start off with a good structure for what I didn’t know what I was doing, but still there is this… Sometimes they didn’t know that, right? That’s good at that. I would tell them I’m very transparent, and any of my clients can tell you that that I will… I will just put everything on the table, so… Good, so I would tell them, Look, this is what I can do. I can help you grow your business, I can help you create operational structures, I can help you with your marketing, I could help you basically structure business so that way you every month or know what track or going on and we’re gonna create a plan for you quarter by quarter, so I knew some what Elon as a… You… Yeah, yeah, and I have always done one-year plans for myself for my business, for every business that I’ve worked in, even for the property management company, I would do one year projection ’cause that’s what you’re posed to do, so I would do… Yeah, I would do the one-year projections, I would break it up at quarters, so I tried to implement that with my clients, but now my clients are boutiques and jewelry company, and weight loss drops and all of these different one-off type of companies as a… That was definitely challenging, but it was so awesome, and I feel like I learned so much in those first three months, and then the next three mines I got figured point, so I finish with the smaller clients and then I started and then I was able to land the bigger clients and now working up… Pay me 500 each a month. Awesome.

So yeah, so I was like, Okay, I made it. Now I’m bringing in 450 of mine on top of whatever other clients I have, ’cause I would still do one off… One-off thing, like if Oregon help. Yeah, yeah, exactly. I still, I was like, Wow, this is a… I made, I’m making way more money than I.And what you were… What? You’re amazing. Yeah, and yeah, yeah, hot like this is it. But then it just, I just started to not feel good again, not physically, but more emotionally, because I was starting to get stressed out when I would speak to these people, and I was seeing… There’s some kind of disconnect there.

Wait, just to back up really quick to feel like pressure based on your results for them or what was… What was that? Yeah, emotion.

Yes, it just felt like how I always felt before in other jobs, it felt like this wasn’t really what I was supposed to be doing. I see, I just felt like… Or to a stand-out Finland?

Not freedom. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Okay, yeah, keep on. This is what I was like a clear flow it… Do you feel like you’re in a flow, do you feel free in that my vice star, all of those parts of you should be operating on a Freedom, so we have people in the comments who are like, What, 1500 and months tell me more.

What happens? But this is the thing, right?

There’s a valuation exchange, right, so they’re giving you money, you’re giving them a service, however, alongside their money you’re giving that they’re giving you, you’re also feeling a burden, you’re feeling like out of sorts and out of alignment. So this is where you have to win, and you have to wake up and say, Okay, God, thank you for the blessing. Thank you for getting me to the place of affirmation that I am doing what I’m supposed to do, but I still don’t feel whole… I still don’t feel free. What’s next?

And again, I’m like, This is my business. Why do I feel like now I’m an employee again, when that’s not what I set out to do, I try to set to break away from that, right?

So I had to struggle with that. And again, because the money was still great and I’m like, Woo making so much money. I felt like maybe it was something else, so I’m like, Okay, is it me? What is it that I need to overcome so I can feel more… Replica feel more free.

And it wasn’t until… I’ll tell you.

So bad.

Yeah, it wasn’t until March when a… Okay, so let’s say from September… So it was June, July, August. Yeah, so August, I started right at the end with those three bigger clients… Okay, so from September to March… Well, yeah, from September to Martin two quarters, I was just… I felt weird, it was still better than before, but it still was just not my school perfect, and I actually went down the other end, I gained a bunch of weight.

Really, I was so stressed out on like a… What is… Okay, this is so good. I keep sharing, I love this at it for you, but I love that you’re sharing this because it’s such a true entrepreneurial path, it’s so real. So I keep… Yeah, I keep going.

Do you feel like you’ve been sitting on the dream God has given you for far too long, do you feel out of alignment or obedience because of it, or as you’ve been spinning your wheels on hell to answer God’s call, he can’t quite define. Or design it into a business.

Maybe you’ve titled this gorm a ministry.

One, you whole-heartedly give all of your time and energy to yet your passion isn’t providing the profit you need to stay in your home.

Your first ministry, do struggle with the idea of earning money doing something you believe… He want you to do in serangoon.

Do you feel it worthy as a woman in that… Well, I get it. I’ve been in every one of those shoes, and I can promise you the moment I traded those worn out sandals for his intended comfort, I was able to finally walk the miles of his taken to grow the tree from ideation to activation, catapult my true passion into my full purpose.

And now, well, I had a joy, real coach, many women over the past couple of years in a group setting, I still sense there are listing straps to their well, niches.

So I designed this course to dream design course to walk alongside you into until you’ve played the gift of the shoes he has always wanted for you, you’re probably wondering if this is the sure fire way to claim your roots and discover your wins as a kingdom on entrepreneur, why are we talking about shoes?

Help these art nines, they aren’t easy, whatever the kids call them these days, and I am not getting you sandals like Hermes either God’s shoes to Lewis.

God chose have limitless souls that never wear down, they are promised to get you where He has shown you that you were intended to be, so come along for the ride out of that stuck analysis for as the state of limitation and develop the mindsets, methods and models to bring to light the vision, he is planned for you before you were it in your mother’s womb, sign up today for your self-paced program where I will actually provide you live coaching a community of women to walk this journey alongside a package of goodies, right at your doorstep and many more incredible deliverables, you can find all of the details on my site at Tama address dotcom, don’t forget to Tamara, is a tamarind, R-A-I got the good version… Thanks mom, were there. It’s time to fly. I promise it’s a spring as it sounds, these… So I gained a bunch of weight because I wasn’t focusing on my health anymore, I still was praying every day, and I still was doing my spiritual solar, but I wasn’t doing the physical aspect, I wasn’t working out, I stopped working out because now all my hours increase because I had these three big clients, so there’s a lot of pressure, I have to do a lot of things, and in March, I actually got another client in the meantime who was one of my really good friends, and she came to me and she’s like, melody, I really wanna do a healing retreat, I wanna do a healing retreat, and I wanted to have yoga and I wanna do meditation and all this stuff, so we did that project, that one-off project, and it was just start and then the retreat is called the return home actually, and I can send that to you as well, and retreat right before cover hit for real, it was March.

I tattoo in the…

I like like the four… See, there are something that… Yes, the world shut down the… For two.

Yeah, so yeah, so this retreat, and we go on Mr. tree, and it was the most magical retreat, I really reconnected with God, I was able to… Everything down is through meditation, through yoga, that whole time I was just releasing everything and I was like, Okay, God, like I’m ready to walk in my purpose for real.

I know there’s something off here, I don’t know how to get out of it, I don’t know what to do, but I know there’s something off, and I know that there’s something more you want me to do… I know I’m almost there, yeah.

But I’m not there a… Yes, yeah, yeah.

And so when we came back, I felt so much better and I was like, Okay, you know what, I’m just gonna put my best foot forward with these clients and I’m gonna see them through, and I know that God is gonna provide a…

March 14 comes around and the world just down, and my client call me and tell me, malady, we can’t afford to pay you anymore, and we have… Yeah, and we have to follow your services until September or until a later day, ’cause we have no clue what’s happening. And so I was like, Wow.

Alright, very… Not a land. Not the plan go.

Oh yeah, yeah, that… Well, it’s funny because I kind of knew it was gonna happen when everything started going down, because the main thing that I do is business development, it create partnerships, go to events, be part of the Chamber of Commerce for these clients. So all of these events are now not happening, all of this stuff’s not happening, the world is not pushing for new deals or new partnerships, the world’s in a stand-still. So I was like, Alright, God, now what do I do? So my boyfriend actually has… His family has 500 acres in Georgia, and so we decided to go warning there for a little bit because we couldn’t go anywhere as… Surendra, I didn’t even ask for your a… Were re-you located?

I’m in Hollywood Beach, Florida. Okay, okay, cool. Alright, yeah, that gives me just a friend of mine on the math… Yeah, so we’re in Florida in the Metro, the 10 hours to go to Georgia and we say there for a month and a half. Okay.

And in that month and a half, I reconnected to go again, every single day, I was coming to God, meditating, starting my day off with that just like, what Lord I’m gonna call… You are the creator of this universe, you created this entire world. You are the ultimate billionaire, you have all the money that there is, I don’t have to ever worry. So I’m gonna now look at my planner and I’m gonna start writing sense down and I’m gonna trust that you’re gonna leave me and you’re gonna show me what it is that you want me to do, because I know that you want to make an impact. I know that the value that I have is to this world is to really help people follow their dreams, and that was my biggest thing, and it’s funny because in my early material that I was making for just start, I still had that tainan aging your dream, like a. okay, at that… Okay, yeah, it would still say, just start managing your dreams, that was still a tagline, but I…

I didn’t really understand it myself, I was like, and it sounds good, it will… It sounds cool, and I really did. I would help, but ness owners, I wanna help you make your dream business, but I wasn’t… I really focused on their dreams, I was just focused on a bit buses. Yeah, yeah, I… Exactly, I, I… So during Cove and I was doing all of this, I was like, You know what, I don’t know how men get clients right now because no one spending money, but what I can do is I can offer free one-hour consultations. So I did that, I just felt it and I was like, You know what, the Susie, I need to continue pushing the wheel forward regardless of no money is coming in.

And ultimately, at that time, money just didn’t matter, there’s… Nobody was making money, everybody was getting for a lot to everybody was losing all kinds of money, so I was like, You know what, money doesn’t matter, the world didn’t have money, we would still have the earth to live on, we still have people… We would still have connections. We would still have all of the stuff. So I was like, Okay, I don’t need money right now. I still need to inspire and connect and motivate, and I still need to fulfill that purpose, because again, if there is no more money now in this entire world, we would still have that purpose to bring people together to make the world a better place solely. So I started doing the one-hour consultations and… Oh my goodness, you have no idea. That was the most amazing thing I could have done. I made so many amazing connections, I was able to do so many needs, so many different people, I had people from in the UK, I had people in Portugal, and I was like, Oh my God, I never even… Mid was below. Now is I, I never even considered that I could even be come in… Or national and international clients. So that was never even a dream at a tea… Yeah, that’s so good. This is where God takes something that we give him just like that master set of faith, and he just blows our mind ’cause his plan is so much more grandiose, and yet we limit him all the time because we just put ourselves in this little corner and he’s like, No, I don’t want you in the quarter, I have this whole building is yours, right?

So I love that testimony, you have so many people in the common sum saying that every day I was starting my day off with God was a money statement for me, and that you’re framing them even just with the things that you’re sharing about the struggling beliefs that you had during covet, what am I gonna do? How is it gonna… So just freeing people as you’re continuing to talk, so I just know that this is so intentional, and I just love that God plans things for such a time as this, and beyond even my understanding of when this is gonna be scheduled or my reaching out to you, We out to people, I literally, I just feel something about their presence when I’m in their social media or on their website, and I just try to explore things that I think would help other people, and melody does that literally every day.

And another thing that drew me to her was her just start logo has a sunshine, and if you know me, my word is Illuminate and eliminator, and I am all about some sun shine, so I was like, I… This low, I want this sticker on my water bottle, I need to just start sticker, so I just… It’s so good what you’re sharing, that authenticity piece is so my heart for this show, and people need to know that this is… It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, but then it is like there is a component of that where the rainbow shows up and God’s promise is still what it is today, as it was yesterday, as I will be tomorrow, and that’s the resting point for where we get to sit as kingdom entrepreneurs, it’s about the people, it’s about the community, it’s about the connection, it’s about that kingdom impact, regardless of money. Yes. Money plays a role, yes. We got people excited like 200 a month per I… Let’s do it.

God wants you to have that wealth, he wants you to fill that richness, but it’s not about the coin, a speaking of coins that we’ll talk about that later on, line because we know what’s happening with going, but it’s not about the greed or the money or whatever, you wanna say it’s about the richness that comes alongside that, so you could have all the money and the money could be not the problem, yet you’re still sitting unsatisfied and not living out the fullness of who He intended you to be, and the fullness of His promise. Until you seek harder, until you go further and you give up less control and you submit more and say, God, I’m willing to release this money, just for you to show me what it is that I’m missing. And that’s exactly what you did. You were like, I’m just gonna serve out of a heart of God, out of the heart of wanting to help, and… That’s so beautiful. So keep going. So you have all these people that you’re connecting with. worldwide global impact, right.

So cool. My heart too. So now what… So this was what? April-ish time frame.

This was April. Yeah, so I did this for about a month, April. I was able to bring in, I think probably a 1000, but that’s okay, because we were able to call our credit card company called everybody, we can’t pay. Sorry. So it was okay. And I was like, Wow. Are you have everything planned out so? Perfect. So perfect. I could never have imagined this or plan this, even if I tried… This is just out of this world. So all of April, I’m like, You can salespeople my planners books for April, literally free conversation, ’cause now people are referring me… Yeah, melody. Oh my God, this was amazing. Every single call was this huge thing we would pray after the call, it was this magic after Magic, after magical moment, and I was like, Oh my goodness, this is worth more than any money that I could ever make. I wanna wake up, I’m ready to wake up and get on these calls and go through a run and do all this stuff, and I just felt so fulfilled that… Again, I was like, Wow, this is what God wanted for me. This feeling like this freedom, this Joy, ’cause I just had so much joy every single day, even though all of this stuff was going around in the world and everyone was so depressed, oh my gosh, I… So I, I felt like a crazy person, I was like, Don’t look at me, come… And it’s sad.

Yes, I was so happy. I was gonna call it like, Hi, how are you? They’re like, So I see, so happy.

Yeah, I like what’s happened is what like a Malawian, like a… Everything’s amazing, everything was perfect. And on time. This is exactly where you need to be, you need to be thinking about these things right now, God has you in this space because he needs you to really focus on what you really wanna do, what do you really wanna do if money is not a factor, and they’re like, I E, This is the money, the faster… Exactly as everyone… Money is a fact that I’m like, But I say won’t, and if it’s not in… Right. Today this month, it’s not… So you can’t say it, is that so good? That’s so… Yeah, so as the ones going along on making lost connections and I was… One day I was meditating and I was great. I pray first to kind of relief, and then I meditate to kinda close… How to listen.

It’s a… Yeah, so I pray, I release everything in my heart, God, this God, this is what I need, this is what I want. And then I sit in silence and I receive… And so I really kept seeing the brand, I’m like 55… I was like, What are you trying to tell me? 55. you want me to charge 500? 500, 500. 500, that sounds good. I sit, I, I… But what I’m getting and… Yeah, exactly, I’m like… And then I was like, No, it’s way too much on one… No one’s an able to… For that, what do you mean? 55. and so I’m wrestling with these numbers, writing it out, and then I saw five people for 500, and I was like, what… I was like, 500, no, my service is 500.This is not… Yeah, I don’t wanna go back to… Back to now, a smaller amount. I don’t wanna do that. Right.

And so I really… And it was only thankfully, because I feel like again, I worked so much to be in alignment, I only wrestled it with it for about a day, I wasn’t a week or anything, it was literally an hour of me saying, No, God, I don’t want to… And then maybe I… Fine, I trust you.

Yeah, right, yeah, I… The R500 at… Yeah, I… Alright, I’m gonna get five times for 500 till 2500. that still a salary. It’s still great.

Even though it’s a lot of work, I’m just gonna suck it up, I’m gonna do it. And I’m also going to trust that the people that you bring to me for this season and for that 50 or any people that really need it, so I and other situations would not be able to pay the fits in 10… Yeah, for coaching, so I was like, I’m really, really gonna trust that and I’m gonna just open on my heart and really allow you to bring the people to me that you know need my health is good. So I did that and I got all five clients in a matter of a week, literally all of them, and they all send me the money in a matter of a week, it was like, Boom, boom. So seeing it all came through, all was ready to go, or now I was like, Wow.

Alright, here we go. So then all of a sudden now had five clients, and it’s funny because I got a six-point who I had pitched the 500 to, so this is not something, by the way, guys, that I put on my social media, I wasn’t like five times or 500, I was not marketing this because it was such a… It was almost a secret, the he… Only told the people that I had spoken to was like, Hey, God really laid it on my heart to offer my service for five or… As I would never do this, if God didn’t tell me to do this, but I really feel that he put this on my heart. So I’m offering the few… When I would tell, I told the key people, and I told it’s photo of seven… Oh wow.


And so five people, Odetta, one person didn’t do it, and then another person, she came back to me two weeks later and we melody, I really wanna do it still, but I can’t do the IT and hundreds, you still have a 500. and I was like, Oh yeah, I only was doing fine.

Yeah, yeah.

And I’m like, No, I… Yeah, I was like, I’m only doing five. And she’s like, Okay, well, I really need it. And I’m like, Okay. And I was like, You know what, Lord?

Fine, I just said you a more that a Keith.

So I actually did a to clients, but I will tell you that those six clients have opened so many doors in, again, worth so much more money than the 500 that they gave me. Each one of the clients, I’ve done all of these amazing projects, actually, one of them is an acupuncturist, and she had a fertility clinic called hoole.

Yeah, and so she’s creating a collective of practitioners for holistic healing, we have done so many things, she put me on a panel with 11 and other practitioners from all over the state, and I was like… For me, that was crazy. Come, I’m not a doctor.

I never said you had to say and… Yeah, and so now I have all these doctors reaching out to me, all of these doctors are wanting to work with me because of this client, and I’m like, I’ve never… Wouldn’t even thought I would be working with in the Medical antiso.

Just so amazing again, how long we really listen, we don’t doubt what we hear, because I could have been like, Oh, I don’t know what that is, I or whatever, that’s a good… Or… Yeah, I could just ignored that and kept going, but I didn’t… I saw it clearly. My meditation, I felt on my heart. And I was like, God, what are you trying to tell me?

And I didn’t ignore it ’cause I’m like, No, what? And I know when I encourage everyone that’s listening today, so really practice that the lake got a at T. he does, he’s like, Are you gonna list and are you gonna trust me? And the more that we do it, the more he trust us with the next thing, alright, so now you trust me with that, let me give you another little thing here and let’s see what you do with it, I… It’s so true. And is that part of just starting even in your relationship with the Lord and starting to hear and starting to listen and starting to take the time at… Starting to take the time to receive, because I think oftentimes in our prayer life, and I can be convicted of this as well, based on what I have going on already in my plan… Right.

I practice my prayer, I will pray with God, I’ll be talking to him like you were saying, talking, talking, talking, then like, Okay, now I gotta go into this meeting and it’s like, Wait, when did you… When did I take the time to receive… And that’s one of the most beautiful things about this podcast is every single time, because I’m so on it, and I’m so intentional on listening, because we don’t get to do that a lot, is I get convened every single time, and so it’s so far that being like You know what, tar? I’m like, You’re right, and there has to be more, and God knows when to talk to me, he knows it’s 300 I am in the morning, and he knows that’s when I’ll hear him, and that’s when I’ll respond because there’s nothing else happening.

And so you’re… Hopefully for you, it doesn’t happen at the end, but for me it works and I’m rewarding person and I’m happy to get going, but it’s just this matter of us realizing that just starting… Doesn’t have to be all of the things at one time.

You did like a jump it, let’s do it. I wanna do a whole transformation, it can be piece by piece, and then there becomes this emergence process that works… That’s beautiful.

So I love even… And I wanted to unpack this as well because you said for the first time in this April transition, when you started taking on these five… For five clients, you said the word coach, so is that when you started realizing like, Okay, I’m coaching now… Yeah, I was A… Okay, because I was on these one hour calls and I’m coaching these people, and I’m literally like, I’m passing all this stuff and I’m like, We’re gonna do this, and I’m seeing myself from a… Yeah, I like to see… They’re a part…

I got the outside looking in, yeah.

Yeah, I was just like, Oh my goodness, I am a coach. I am a coach. Okay, I’m a coach, and that’s really when I was like, Okay, I’m a coach, but I’m not a business coach, I like to go deeper, I like to really go into the heart and stole the person, and why do you have the street… What is it that… What is that call do to stream in the first place, and we’re gonna pack that first, and actually on my website, you guys can find the sheet that I created is called Purpose and dream awesome and… And yeah, and it’s a sheet that I created and not the first sheet that I go over with my clients, we go over their cool purpose and dream sheet, and that’s where we start, that’s the beginning of our coaching is like we start with your purpose, you start with your long-term vision, and we unpack all of that, and then from there, we create a one-year plan for your goal, for your dream.

And so, yes, in April, and I finally sending it and I was like, Okay, I’m not gonna call myself a business coach because I’m not gonna go down this path again where I’m not a business coach, I’m deeper than this. I like to really go in and I do bring faith into my conversation, then I do pray with my clients, and I have no issues with that, and I think that that’s my target audience. I want to talk to people that are looking for something deeper, that they’re looking for, that fulfillment, that they’re looking to have that in their business life, so I… They talk to so many people who are business owners for five years, some are just starting out, some people have had multiple businesses, and every time I was able to bring the conversation back to, What’s your purpose? What is a dream that called you to do this in the first place, was it just for money that I… Was it just for financial stability or was it for something else, did you lose that along the way, how can we bring that back in more now, ’cause this is… It’s fine. This is a potatoes. Pause. Yeah, to say, Yeah, what do I wanna do with the rest of my life? What I wanna do in life turns back into the busy or back into the not normal, normal, like what does that look like? And so I agree, I think Coho was such a time frame where I was praying over people for that time, where the people who were really stuck in the media or the sound or even the craziness of the calm, if that makes sense, versus taking the calm as the gift that it was an activating in that… And I love that you use this term, dream coach, and I was with a client just this week who was trying to unpack what am I… What do I call myself in? My life coach, so she was Googling all these coaches and I was like, Listen, created, make it up, like it doesn’t matter what it is, if you’re connected to God, that you’re a… And goal is to help people find their purpose and live in freedom and get restoration and half healing, like Who cares what you’re gold, people want the transformation, they want that, they want what you have, they wanna come to you and Melody, why are you so… And I want that for me, I want that unlock. Share with me what that is, and so I’m grateful that you’re stewarding very similar clientele and guys, this is where… This is where a powerful connection in collaboration and connection and community and all things, linking arms with people who are like-hearted and like-minded and doing the same thing as you, but doing it with their perspective and their lens, because God gives us that with intention. If I was the only person doing this or I knew the results, multiple people and I just never talked about them along just me, Hey, be mine. That’s not the way this works. God needs an army, because there’s an army out there trying to fight against us and it’s our job, the…

I literally be and build that linked system… What is the red Rover line, right?

I wanna stand with valid and the red Rover lie and say, come at us, we’re gonna take that one that’s yours, and they’re gonna commonly Gan with us too, and enemy, what are you gone for us now, and I… That’s the root, that’s the root of the god dream is knowing that we wanna stand in freedom together, not solo because sopron EUR-ship is not real, that is a lot of the enemy to keep you stuck in the place of your dream, so here you are unlocking these doors for all these people during a time that God or the interview wanted to lock and shut them in… Right, and you’re like, No, no, no. Open the doors, this is the time to open the doors like air out the dirty laundry, get out all the mess… Go back to the root of what it is that you want to do, what is it? The root of this god dream, and I helped devise a course is specifically around that because I know the importance of it, and so… So I love that there’s synergy between the two of us and our passions, and that’s all birth from God, all from listening to God because my story doesn’t look like yours, it doesn’t sound like you’re to the build up, but ultimately we’re helping women unlock that. So keep sharing what else has emerged, it’s on our… Okay, basically, so we only had a month, we did you have this website? ’cause I love your website. It’s so pretty… Was that there? Before coved, I sit… So I see a year, things you do in an Italian.

So actually in April, again, I brought in 1000, right, and I was like, What am I gonna do with a 1000? Because I don’t have to put my bill yet, and my boyfriend, thankfully, he has had his job for over five years, it’s very stable, and he has been such a support for me, no idea has, and he has pushed me to always continue down this path, and even my mom too was Melody, this is a time for you to build your business set through because I wish I did, I wish I didn’t get 20 years of my life to another company and now I have to start doing my own thing, I like the peers old so yeah, I was like, I’m gonna be smart with this money, I wanna do something, I want it set back, so I invested in my website and I was like, I’m gonna create my website to really showcase… Really What is I wanna do, I am a drum coach, and now I’m ready to step into that. I’m ready to not be afraid of that title or let even this stigma that comes with it, because it might sound silly to some people, or maybe it’s too kits, those are all limiting beliefs that I had ’cause I was… Again, I come from this executive world for per world, so I’m like, we…

I had a disconnect, I thought I had to more blazers every day, and I thought I had to be in suits, and I had to show up as this professional person, and professionalism is so funny because you can be professional and still be yourself like the genes and be professional. Yeah, the… That’s a good thing, I love that.

Yeah, so that’s why I have professional dream builder because I am professional, I do have professional skill sets, operationally, marketing, all the self-finance, but we’re gonna talk deeper, this is not it. There’s more to the pie, there’s more to it as a a… Yeah, as the…

Oh, good. See this, I was like, I don’t know what it means. Tell me more. This is so good, I love that.

And I love that freedom that people can experience because people do have this understanding of like, Here’s the box, and I have to stay in the bomb, he… You don’t… Jumping out of the box, it actually looks really silly when you look backwards, you look into the box, you’re like, Why did I do that every single day? Why do people wake up and do that every single day, it’s so restricting, and it’s not about a suit, I can rock a suit and it feels great, but I’m doing it out of fashion and out of passion, and it’s fun versus… I have to put on a suit and tie. That’s horrible. I was, You wanna live your life like that? So I love that lock and it seems… And just like you said it, it seems silly, but if you actually dive deeper into the why of that, it’s the freedom that you feel when you get dressed, that then leads you on the house with an energy and a love and a passion of… An excitement for what your day is gonna be, and we had a gallon just, I think last week, she was live, Maria Swan, she was amazing, and she is a style expert, and she does Capital Ward drop, she’s a pass, a wardrobe coach.

And like You made that… Like she didn’t see other people doing it, she was just like, This is what I love, and this is how I wanna serve the world, and I wanna do it with the heart of Jesus, and He blesses that.

So listen to into the words that are imprinted on your heart, tune in to the things that God says, the number is the people, the everything that comes into your frame and scope of mind, it’s purposed if you’re aligned to the Lord.

So I, I… We’re gonna talk for four hours on this podcast, this is so… We’re going to the time here, and I mean, all the goodness. What else? Keep going all day. Keep going, I… So I made the mess and for my website, I invested in my tripod, which I never had done. And I also made an investment in Mali, which is money, I don’t know if you had a beta… You’ve heard of that? Yeah, okay, so it’s funny because I had been using the Mona products for a year, and people have been trying to get me into the business, and I was like, No, I don’t wanna do the business, I have my own business, I don’t need another… But during a gender-ing coat, I was like, Wow, I do need multiple streams of income for real, I can roomy client pain me, I need different things happening… Yeah.

That’s gonna bring in income. So that was my focus, I was like, How can I bring in income in multiple streams, and so I created a webinar series with a friend, and it’s called the joyful hustle, which again, the link in my bio, in my Instagram. So if you wanna look at it, it’s awesome, you’re gonna love it, honestly. It’s a two-hour webinar, and it’s 20 bucks actually, it’s coming up on July, a 24 in the at another round to it. Okay.

Yeah, yeah. And so we created a joyful hustle, and we did that three times, and it may… And it was of phenomenal, amazing, still, just the God-driven and the people that came. We just received so much on that webinar theories, we created that I started one, which with money, I didn’t really… My intention was, I was silly, make my money back, I wanna invest them in self-care products for myself, Oh, I wanna take care of… Better care of my skin and my hair. I’ve always been a Walgreens girl, which don’t tell me and him after me, guys, I’m sorry.

That’s all I…

I really just like… Yeah, I just was never a Sephora or Alltel personal. I just didn’t… I felt like it was overwhelming and I… That’s cool.

For me, it was a huge investment to buy good product… Yeah, yeah, yeah. Give me a sticker price. We’re like, Oh my gosh, it’s how much…

I’m not getting that.

But then you see the outcome. And it’s, yeah.

Oh my god, Tarim hair is beautiful. This is my natural hair, it’s so long my gain, no make-up, just learned so… And then I also found that in through money, I can now coach people more, and I was like, Oh my gosh, now I’m coaching people more of how to overcome their mindset and how to just put themselves out there and how to make exchanges and how to not be salesy. But makes tale.

Yeah, people always come to me, how do you make sales and not sales and not be pushy, and so I started coaching it more nation. Now, through this webinar series, now coaching the word Cotes everywhere I can state.

So as a… Not really brings me now to today, today… Again, I can’t even believe it, sometimes I have to pinch myself a real… ’cause I can’t believe that I get to wake up and really just do what I love, even today, I didn’t really feel well, I told you, because it is that coming around that time in a month, and I still have some off month, but today I didn’t feel good, but that’s what I’m so excited. I get on a podcast and I do have a… A great conversation where before again, I would call out or I would reschedule or I would like… And that happens to people when you don’t feel good, it’s hard to bring your best energy or here I am like all the energy, I was hard.

You wouldn’t even know that I don’t feel good and I’m gonna lay down right after this, I… And you should, I used to.

So a good think there’s so much wealth to that, there’s so much power to that, there’s so much… Again, back to that word freedom, there’s so much freedom in that, is to know that you can lean on him and that strength for that strength for that energy because you’re logged into the source, right. And it’s not by you that you’re able to so pass, ’cause if in our own flesh, we would say in bed, so go. And that’s what I wanna help people tap into because I have never had to do as a today, ever, I’ve never had reschedule something, everything that I schedule, I’m able to see through. Because I’m excited, I’m ready for it. I can’t do this. Nothing feels like it’s a chore. Everything fields, even if it’s challenging, it’s a challenge, it’s like, Yes, I got a rise, the Asian, it’s not like, this is like a tour, don’t really wanna do this. And now I challenge people when they ask like that, where is that coming from? Why do you have this disconnect with what you’re doing, because ultimately your work should be coming from your heart, and if it is, that’s when you find wealth and success, like you said… Yeah, what… What you do every day and what you create every day, it’s coming from your heart and coming from source and coming from who you really are as a person, it’s so everything just follows and everything just comes in and you’re able to release those worries more so… Definitely with cover, there’s still some financial struggles and the… As I will tell you, this is a great testimony is last month I had to make 600 for… And I didn’t have it, and I didn’t have a… Or you know what, I was like, God, you haven’t failed me ever, so you’re not gonna fail me now, I’m not gonna allow myself to wallow and be in this state of worry and depression when I know we’re not gonna fail me even if I don’t know where the money is coming from, I guess, what? Two days before I ran and I had 600 in my Cause, come on in, that is A… That there like that right now, and I was like, Thank you, Lord, and I was able to praise him and I prayed in even before the money was there, cause I’m like, I know that you’re gonna bring the money. I know that I’m never gonna be a need, I know that I’m never gonna have to worry. Every single day I’m gonna have exactly the amount of money that I need in my account, for the things that I need to do for that day, I never have to worry, I never have to think about where it’s gonna come. All I have to do is continue walking in an alignment and continue working every day towards the purpose and passion, and during that you give a man, I too… That’s where I am today. I… Now I have a team of eight people or one, so it’s amazing to me, girls, we’re all working on their business and we are all recruiting other people and who are all on a self-care journey.

Oh, I have over had of clients a dabble that or a double that Lord, and so I… Yeah, I… And I’m still signing on more people, and now I’ve created a system to where it’s still a 500, but it’s over a course of either three months or six months… Okay, and that’s… For the remainder of this year, I’ll adjust depending what happens in funny 21. yeah, and so it’s just, again, every day waking up and seeing what you’re doing, bringing the things that you worry about, still Word and pushing the wheel forward. I never let a day go by that I don’t push something. I’m gonna push something I’m on, even if it’s just talking to one person. I’m gonna talk to one person today, I’m gonna talk to… Well, for me, I’m definitely an overachiever. So for me, I’m like, I talk to five a set of people a day, but that’s okay, let’s be realistic review, but one work, one work.

I just have a lot. A little, for sure. It’s so funny you say, move the wheel, like move… We… Are you saying like, Push the wheel. Push the wheel. So mine is, move the needle, so it’s like you’re pushing that and it’s gonna gain momentum, right. And it’s gonna start moving on it, so… Yeah, nine moves the needle, and I don’t think if you don’t, you start moving the needle and probably stops, so that might not be the same analogy, but I just love that we as entrepreneurs, we… Us as people as humans, even connected to the Lord, you can use these analogies and these one-off lines that can create motivation for you and it can create motivation for others, and that motivation leads to momentum, which leads to that overflow, and that’s where not only are you fulfilled, but you’re operating out of a place that you’re so filled that you can just naturally, it just flows out of your cup, right.

And that is what I pray, that every person can come into the knowing that they know that they know that God is the provider of that living water that allows us to overflow… If we were tapped into Him, if we’re utilizing him as our resource, and just like you said, like I love… I’m totally think about that all the time now, that God’s the ultimate billionaire. And you have on your website, I wanna help a million people become millionaires. Right. And I was like, you, yeah.

Is it, I wanna be a help… I wanna be a millionaire by helping a million people… It’s so cool, it’s so cool. And that’s the thing, like people… I get this valuation experience all the time with my coaching clients where they’re limited by their desire and they feel like I only need this amount, and it’s like, again, at that point it’s, I wanna replace my current income and then I’ll make the jump, right. Not just starting, I’ll start when I’m safe, I’ll start when it’s comfortable, I’ll start when God gives the provision already, and just like you recently said, just a couple of minutes ago that I prayed before it was there, you started before I was there.

But ultimately, you relied on his promise that it was coming, and that is ultimately the Bible, that’s the really front our existence, the promise of our freedom, the promise of our going to Heaven exists, and he doesn’t want us to just show up to Heaven, starved and depraved and hungry, he wants us to experience it as it is in heaven on earth, just like the nightly prayer. Right.

And so I am just amazed by humility, I love your story, I love everything and how you’re serving people, and I just continue to pray that God would continue to operate on overflow for you, and that people who are listening today just feel incredibly inspired and moved and all the things, and it looks like you’re frozen and it’s the end, so I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing or a Jesus thing or a connection thing, that regardless, for everyone who is listening today, deity, your rock star, and I know that today. blessed so many people. Just in the comments alone, thank you for everyone who is tuning in and chiming in and commenting, and you will see the full episode come out in a couple of weeks, if you wanna play it back or listen and melody, we wish you nothing about the best. And I just pray that God continues to bless you in the clients that you work with, and I’m so excited to be in community with you so… Less link arms, Red Rover. Red Rover, who are we calling? Over today, the A-

I as…

Hey, it’s me again. I hope in today’s episode, you sense an Ignite, to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey before you go… Let’s go, let it by the flame, I’d love for you to take a step right now in declaring your take away by snapping a pic of the episode you tuned in to share your sparked moment and tag me at bitter score podcast.

For me personally, at Tamara, to Andres on instant, I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the fit-end face podcast listeners, we’re totally in this together, community over competition is the motto, right?

I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you an your passion project, a big shout out. You know, I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say, I’m ready to feel to play with you together and until next time. Blessings over your joy. Hole.

Well, and homeless.

So the next time I

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