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Jesus in Healthcare with Rochelle Walsh

Many people believe that it is a sin to take care of your mental health. But is it a sin to go to your dentist? Should you just pray for a root canal? Right?

God allows us to take initiative and be our own advocate sometimes in our health care, mental care, and physical care. He has given agency over all, including therapists, doctors, and other healthcare providers.

What we can do is to trust our discernment, and who is leading us. We are not a failure because we need mental care.

About Rochelle:

Rochelle Walsh is a licensed, clinical social worker who she specializes in using EMDR therapy to help her clients overcome anxiety and trauma. In addition, she has an online coaching business, helping women to overcome emotional overwhelm. Rochelle loves Jesus and is passionate about sharing the message that mental health issues do not necessarily indicate a crisis in faith, but can instead be used to grow in both faith and resilience. Rochelle and her husband Jim have been married for 26 years, have three beautiful children, and enjoy the simplicity of life in the midwest. She enjoys the outdoors, deep connections with family and friends, lattes, and playing 10pt pitch when she gets a chance!

Where to Find Rochelle:

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