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Jesus at the Forefront of Business with Michelle Schaffer

I have just an overwhelming sense of heaviness today for multiple reasons, different things going on in the coaching world, with clients, but also just the world as a whole. And at the same exact time, feeling God just through full-body chills, gut instincts, whispers, conversations that you’re diving into today with Michelle and conversations with friends. 

It’s incredible how God is aligning so many things at one time, and when we take that aerial perspective, we can see the fruit. Still, sometimes when you’re in the midst of the tree, all you can see is the things that are falling off or the bark that has scratched you or the encompassing storms that are trying to take down the beautiful tree of life. 

So today, I come to you specifically in regards to standing firm. Standing strong on the roots that withhold and withstand the promise of God, the fruit of who He is, the fruit of our lives, the intent of our very being. And it’s specifically through keeping Him at the center of it all. Keeping footed on Him as the foundation. 

And as entrepreneurs, as dreams, as mamas, as wives, as authors, as writers, as women…Kingdom sisters and daughters…this is a high call for each of us. To stay footed and to keep Jesus at the forefront. 

So wherever I’m finding you today, whatever title – whatever life circumstance has you where you are, I just encourage you to look down with where your feet are planted, to get present where you are, look up towards the vision and the promise of God and know that you are called to greatness. You are called to purpose and love, and it is a beautiful thing, and it’s also a hard thing. But friend, you have a sister in me and a sure sister in Michelle. And we’re not feminists, but today you’ll understand once you hear the show why I end this intro with Girl Power.


Michelle’s Formal Bio:

Michelle Schaffer is a Biblical Leadership Expert and the Founder and CEO of Girl Power Alliance and her drive is powered by Christ.

She believes the world is served at the highest levels when women are empowered to pursue their God-given dreams and are bold in their faith. Michelle is a mother of three.

She was a teen mom and a single mom for six years. She built a six-figure a year business as a stylist and make-up artist.

After more than a decade in that profession, she knew she wanted to both have a bigger impact and create more freedom in her life. That is when she fell in love with the network marketing business model. She became a multiple six-figure earner within her first 9 months in the profession. Michelle has earned multiple seven figures building teams. She is passionate about helping to build women’s incomes and their leadership. She is passionate about teaching and equipping women to become the person God created them to be. She is a passionate and powerful speaker. She has trained thousands of women and has helped them to generate millions in earnings. She has generated sales into the hundreds of millions.

She has worked as part of a corporate team as Marketing Director and Field Trainer. She and her husband founded their own company in 2010 where she served as Founder and President.

She is the host of the wildly popular podcast Souled Out Entrepreneur in 2017, she knew God was calling her to raise her voice and raise her impact for Christ.

In 2018 Michelle authored 2 books, ReDefined- Turning Adversity Into Your Advantage and The Residual Life – Building Your Network Marketing Empire, both books were published in 2019.

Girl Power Alliance was born from a call that God has placed on Michelle’s life that she could no longer ignore. She knows that now is the time for women to stand boldly in their place. Women were created to serve and achieve in the world in massive ways. She has created a community that offers incredible resources and training and is filled with like-minded, kingdom-minded women. This community of women will serve to encourage, empower and equip each other to fulfill their purpose and pass the torch to help another women do the same. Girl Power Alliance is the place ‘Where Women Grow’.

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Show Notes: Jesus at the Forefront of Business

Hey friends, I have just an overwhelming sense of heaviness today for multiple reasons, different things going on at a yin, the coaching world with clients, but also just the world as a whole, and at the same it is a time feeling God just through full body chills, gut instincts, whispers, conversations that you’re gonna dive into today with Michelle and conversations with friends, it’s incredible how God is aligned, so many things at one time, and when we take that aerial perspective, we can see the fruit, but sometimes when you’re in the midst of the tree like all you can see is the things that are falling off, or the bar that is scratched you, or the encompassing storms that are trying to take down the beautiful tree of life, and… So today, I come to you specifically in regards to swimming for standing Strawn the roots that withhold and withstand the promise of God, the through of who He is, the fruit of our lives, the intent of our very big, and it’s specifically through keeping him at the center at all, keeping footed on him as a foundation and as entrepreneurs, as streamers, as mama, as wives, as authors, as writers, as women, kindest and daughters, this is a high call for each of us to stay footnotes at the forefront, so wherever I’m finding today, title, whatever life circumstance has you in the place that you are, I just encourage you to look down at where your theater planned, to give…

02:18 S1: Present with where you are, look up towards the vision and the promise of God, and know that you are called to greatness, you are called to the purpose and love, and it is a beautiful thing. And it’s also a hard thing. A friend, you have a history, you have a shared sister in Michelle, and we’re not feminist, but today I want to dive in, you’ll understand why I’m gonna finish this intro with… They’re on power. So you go here, this is… Or is your God-wing? The moment that heaven says, for such a time as this, It’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover your well and exude your wholeness, it’s time to become truly fit. However, this isn’t a fitness podcast, though I’m a retired personal trainer and nutritionist, this is in business jargon or tips and tricks to Landing Your successful fashion project though. That’s normally why I’m a business coach. This isn’t a quick fix health detox ploy though, I’m all for therapy and I love hoods, I do have a yellow side me too, so… This isn’t confusing. Religious banter? No, I’m an ordering minister, still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus.

03:45 S1: It’s really none of that. So I’m wondering if you’re wondering what is this… Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you fellow passionate speakers. The fit-based movement was first through my phone, trial and error, discovery of mind, body and soul alignment, and to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial Brasher experiences, I’ve learned first hand that being fit isn’t about aphasia at all, it’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles, it’s not about our potential. It’s truly about our God-gifted passions. Meeting our purpose, you are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you wanna call it, and I wanna be there for the moment that you say yes in Freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living a fit and do POs. You are made to be. Welcome to the FIBA podcast with me, Tamara Andres. There is no better time than now to get it, he looks…

05:00 S2: So our video trailer that I usually do is still uploading and I didn’t even realize it, so it’s gonna be our ultra today, and you guys are too right into the conversation with me and the lovely Michelle, you guys are in Friary AMI. And I’m grateful to have you here for the Fitness podcast today. Michelle, thank you for being here. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. Thank you so much for having me and I just… I’m honored ’cause… You are so remarkable. Thank you so much, you guys. It’s so cool how God connects his girls and this specific conversation was established through like Facebook groups and all the things, and so a lot of people try to give the enemy the glory in that space, whether it’s how they show up personally or the words that they use about social media, and I just always indicating that I’m the gating, that the devil has control on that, and I think that God can show up in such a beautiful way, which is why we’re alive and in action, and being able to just share the good news with people in the midst of the chaos. So I hope that it speaks into your soul, and I know Michelle with the Girl Power Alliance and everything that you do from a Biblical teaching to just your Spirit that you’re gonna be able to infuse goodness and sweetness today.

06:17 S2: So thank you again, and I would love for you to just kind of Let’s dive in to getting to know you and share your own bio ’cause they’re so much in there that we’re gonna unpack today. Cool, yeah, well, thank you again and thank you for what you’re doing, your contribution, your commitment to really serving, and I just have enjoyed getting to know you and hearing your story, and it’s a no wonder you’re doing what you’re doing, ’cause you definitely have fit into your purpose on this earth. And I think that’s the powerful thing, I’ll do a Cliff Notes version of my… Right, ’cause we could be here for years, otherwise… You really could. So I am a mom, I have three children, I became a mom at the age of 16, I had my first daughter at 16, my son when I was 19, I got married to their dad, you were… And I got divorced by the time I was 21, so at 21, I was a single mom with two kids, and I was single for six… Almost seven years, and I met my now husband, we’ve been married for 20 years, and I had my third child, who just turned 18.

07:27 S2: So my journey, when it comes to, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom, I’ve been a single mom, I’ve been a working mom, I’ve been a work from-home mom, my first career, I stood behind the chair as a makeup artist and stylist, and I did that for 12 years and I loved it. I really was looking to have more impact and freedom, even though I love that career, I desperately wanted to be home with my children. I don’t know, I think a lot of women struggle with this, maybe we’re thrust into the working world as I have to, and then maybe you’re there because you like it, but by a desire, I kind of had this dual desire, like I really enjoyed being in business and creating and creating income financially, I really enjoyed participating in that part of the world, but I also had this equal desire to really just be home and be with my children, be a good wife, be a good mother, and so I stepped into the network marketing world, about 16 years ago, and I found great success there, my husband and I get it together, which was… That’s a whole another story.

08:38 S2: Working together with your spouse, it’s been a huge blessing. And we worked together literally the whole time we’ve been together, and with my third child, with our 18-year-old, I’ve literally been able to be home with her for the last 16 years straight and creating and come together with my husband from home and into… So here’s the thing for me, I was always taught this, and I know you share this, ’cause we talked about it in the business world, in the secular regular world of being an entrepreneur or being in business, you never talk about politics or religion, it’s just… It’s what everybody knows, it’s kind of the spoken and unspoken rules. Right, so I follow those rules well. In around 2017, I really felt God calling me and saying to me, If you weren’t worried about fitting into that box, if you were worried about offending people with who you really are, what would it sound like? And the truth of the matter was, my faith was the biggest part of me, that it impacted everything I did every day in my business, in my health and nutrition, in my relationships, it was literally the biggest piece of the puzzle that I was a cherry in 2017, I started a podcast called us all that entrepreneur, and I just kind of let loose.

10:00 S2: I talked about who I was and my perspectives on business, a nutrition relationships, personal development, leadership through the lens of faith for the first time ever, really authentically, and once I opened that door, it was never to be close to a… Yoko does, can’t because there’s so much sweetness there, and I think that’s what’s so beautiful about what it is that you and I do, is that we don’t have to segment ourselves, and God specifically doesn’t want us to segment or put him in the closet… Right, that’s the complete opposite of our desire as a complete opposite of his desired, it’s totally the complete opposite of what the word says and the call of our lives, and so… I love that, I love that you took that leap of faith, was there like a prompting within you, it was that conversation that you had with him that he was just like, what would that look like? And why aren’t you doing it? Did you feel convicted or challenged… All of the above. I felt super convicted, I felt terrified. I was really, really scared because of this conditioning in the business world, that if you show that part of yourself, you are going to be limiting your market, you’re gonna be alienating people, you’re gonna make less money, you’re gonna lose people in your business on all these things that literally were so loud, but I kept hearing God say, but this is what I’m asking of you, so when I was preparing to launch this podcast, I had such trepidation in such nerves, I was so afraid of how it was gonna impact as our soul income with R, and I was really, really worried about it.

11:44 S2: So I feel very soft launched it when it came to my network marketing business and everybody involved in there, I didn’t even talk about it. I was always trying to invent myself in a new way to me from this one, and really… I don’t wanna say that it was just this up how thing to happen, but God very, very gently showed me that it was the opposite effect. I was so worried I was going to offend people, I’m sure I did a better or what I did, but alongside of that, people were now being attracted to me because of the fact that I was being so bold in my faith, and that I believe wholeheartedly that God used that experience, starting that podcast and doing that for three years, that was literally the foundation, it was the training ground for what I’m doing now with Girl Power Alliance, and like I said, once I opened that door and I started really… What I realized was I was… I never was authentically me before those moments to kinda point to fit into what was appropriate, what was being asked of me, but I was really closing off this whole part of me, and once I opened it, I could not not be that person, it filtered into everything my vernacular change, it was just an interesting thing, God, like he refined to the people that were around me, he proved some people off and brought me people in, and as a process over, it’s been years at this mature…

13:19 S2: Yeah, of course. But I think it’s… At hindsight, I always at the… The things that God was duly, I’m so happy that I did that. Even terrified of what the outcome was going to be, because of the fact that God has really allowed me to step into who he says I am more than anything else. The process, so good, and I always kind of attributed error or call it like the freedom factor and that free of actually feeling what freedom means to the Lord and through the Lord and by the Lord and all the things that he gives us. And the ultimate thing… ’cause a lot of people will ask, Well, how did you do that? Or, Why did you do that? And like, it doesn’t mean that we’re not scared, it doesn’t mean that there’s not that trepidation or that worry, but God says do it anyway, and if he’s standing at a door and he’s opened the door, which she clearly did for you, not walking into it then is more of a fear factor of, Oh man. What would happen if I said no to God Himself? And so knowing that he speaks to us and He showcases things, but when we walk through it, even though it says that there will still be storms and there might still be fired that we’re to walk through, he’s with you in such a different way.

14:38 S2: So you got to walk on to every platform knowing that you are freely speaking on behalf of who he’s created you to be, on the Father who has gifted you all the things that you have and you’re taking ownership of now and before, but it just allows… There to be this experience of true freedom, mind, body, spirit, waking up, you said you were already standing in this space with God every single day… I’m sure in your prayer closet, and so to like break free of the prayer closet and say that every day, every action, everything that I do, especially with my mouth is an active prayer is an act of worship, is an act of showing up on behalf of who God has created us to be. And so that’s the freedom, that’s the place where you cannot go back after you’ve experienced what it feels like to live in this space of abundance, and abundance looks like so many different things, and we have this conversation before, being in the secular world, being in the business world and being successful in the network marketing world, especially everyone’s like, Oh, you… I’m a 60, you’re on a seven.

15:42 S2: Think you’re earner, you’re like, That’s amazing, but there’s so much more to it than just the money, so talk to us about that experience, that change of changing from what people were viewing as simply as monetary value or monetary effect, how then did you get to pour into the people around you… Well, the interesting thing was I was doing it already, I just was doing it kind of valine of my skills. One of my things that I think it has really helped me in general and business all the way along, no matter what I was doing, was a guy created in me an ability to desire to develop leaders, that’s just not always on my parents to develop leaders. And so in my business, it was really a really, really big thing in my network marketing business to help create and develop leaders, and I use biblical principles, the whole way along here I am studying for the trainings that I’m doing right out of the word of God, then I go into the training and I would just change the miraculous so it would fit like this… It was inoculated, it was like, This is a white wash kind of, but it was all principals and painless, you were a Christian or a believer, there were certain…

16:53 S2: There are certain words that people could tap into, but it just wasn’t out in the forefront in the way that I believe that God actually calls us to be and so on. Okay, so in 2017, I did this push, I did this podcast, I never mark… I didn’t do it for marketing, people say, Oh, you’re trying to like… What did people say to me, You’re trying to build a brand. I was never trying to build it, I was never trying to create this thing, I literally was just trying to be obedient and just have a different impact every… When I look at my journey from working in the salon to then go into the network marketing, we’re marketing to be in a podcast host, podcast host, to now then starting grower lines of every step of the journey for me was like, okay, I had this impact. You, when I didn’t hear I was in… Do you love her? Hoodie, audience sitting in my chair and I could impact in the ways that I could impact and impact their self-esteem, speak life and to improve on them with the whole… All these things, right? But I had a desire then for more to impact their lives on a larger ship, when I got into Norman HASA, that I could impact their large lives on a larger scale.

18:06 S2: And then when I started the podcast, I realized I wanted to have an even deeper, bigger impact and impact their life spiritually, and then so from there it came to then now what is down procreate and I wanted to have… I wanted to have an even bigger impact that I had before it’s God Take me in on this really gentle growth, these steps of growth of how he wanted to expand the way that I obeyed Him to help impact other women to go out and do that same exact thing. That’s so good. So there’s so much goodness in this you guys, these kind of conversations and what you’re doing specifically just brings me so much life and it brings other people so much life. So two things that you said, one conversation around this idea of expansion, but before we go there, this concept of putting him in the forefront, because those are the people that I’m working alongside on a given basis is they’re like, I want to shift this ministry mindset and I want to be able to feed my family. It’s not this hunger for Richness, like a boot of monetary though that comes as a part of your obedience to the Lord, but it’s this, I want to experience this freedom, I want to experience this abundance, but I want to make it established and firm that I am a follower of the Lord, I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and people are so afraid of that.

19:37 S2: So tell us about how that shift, and you talked about before the pruning experience and that he brought other people in the refining experience, talk about that. How would you change and you put him in the forefront versus putting him through this lens, veiled vernacular… What shifted? Well, it’s an interesting conversation, I’m having it all the time, because specifically in the church, when it comes to money, the conversations get really out of whack, and deep has been this… I don’t know where it came from, I believe it came from the enemy specifically, but there has been this kind of thought process that to truly be working for the Lord, then you need to be a popper, right? You can’t make money, you can’t have a desire to make money, you can’t be in… Or in the business world, to be in ministry, you basically need to be living like hand a mouth and a missionary in some other country or working for the church and like so broke that you’re forced to take on all the Hammons from people. And I believe that… And this is, don’t be offended by what I’m saying for me that are listening, because doesn’t everybody has a different call, everybody has a different thing.

20:57 S2: I’m reading this, I’m reading five books right now, but when I go is called anointed for business and still be up, it’s an excellent book, and he talks specifically about how an athlete and an athlete’s life, like an athlete as a cult to win, they have… That’s their call, like That’s rename that competitive edge. But an entrepreneur that they’re called, their drive is to profit. And why is it that in the Christian world, we’ve twisted it around, and we’ve taken a couple of birds as a couple of key things that the Bible talks about specifically, there’s a couple of parables that Jesus talks about where the young rich man comes to Jesus says, I wanna follow you, and you say, Sell everything that you have and follow me, and the guy turns away and he’s disappointed because he’s like, Why would I do that? I’m Rich, I have all this stuff. But then you have a visit, Dacia says to the Lord, he says, I’m gonna sell, and he was a tax collector and he was unfair to people in need, the guy, and people were so pissed off that Jesus said, I’m gonna go have dinner at your house, connect they were like, What? You’re going with that too.

22:04 S2: He’s like the worst guy in town, a cheap… Everybody’s horrible, but Jesus said to him, I wanna come at dinner with you in your home, and that case was so moved by the power, who God was, who Jesus was in the form of man, that he says, You know what, I’m gonna sell everything. Half of everything that I have, I may give to the poor, I’m gonna make… Right, all the wrongs. Everybody that I swindle, I’m gonna pay them back. And Jesus was like, You know, this is my God. And what was the difference between the two? Why was one called to give away everything and Jesus and half was enough for the other guy, it’s about… It’s about the issue of lordship, and I can tell you, somebody that’s had a very big success financially, that there… It can change your mind set, if you are not a deeply grounded and you do not keep the God where he is at the head, very easy to replace that with money and success. Very, very easy. And so the issue is not about the amount of money, it’s about the amount of faith and trust, and where you keep Lord…

23:03 S2: And so what happens for so many people, I think is because we’ve been… And I know I’ve kind of gone all over the place. So you’re on, I’m following you. You’re so good. I think what happens for people is because they really have a desire to serve the Lord, and then they’ve been told money is the root of all evil and all these things, and… Well, if you’re in the business where they can’t really be administered there two separate things, I think what happens is you have all these people who have a desire to serve the Lord, and they are filled with fear because you don’t mix the two… You’re told that in number one, over to, you’re told in church, and if you have a call and desire to be profitable, creative business, build a financial empire, but basically you’re like the spawn from hell, you can’t be… You can’t have those desires, cannot be put there by God himself. That you’re too worldly. And so I think it gets super, super muddled and hard for people to figure out, and not because they’re bad people, they really have such parts to serve, and so for me, I never actually had that issue, I never had the issue of feeling like my desire to succeed and create well, was anything other than what it was? It’s just the way that God made me.

24:21 S2: And why wouldn’t the Lord, what wealth in the hands of the people that love him so much, I can do good with this with this money, and I did have… I did a couple of times. I had identity issues, specifically my network marketing business last year at the end of the summer, which is really what… When God, I knew he was calling me to something else again, kind of like he was in 2017, he’s like, Yeah, hey, I’m gonna ask something of you again, and it actually felt really scared to me again, but even bigger this time, because it felt like I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but it kind of felt like he was calling me out of the space that I had been in for 16 years, 15 at the time. And I had just written, I’ve written two books, one of them was on network marketing, I just launched it like A… And here at the end of the summer, I thought to was like… And I was like, Are you calling me out of the space? First of all, it’s how we make all of our income, so… Yeah, what does that look like, right? I’m like, I hope you have a winning the lottery or something.

25:24 S2: I can hate… There was that, and then second, I had a massive identity crisis, it was like, If I’m not this person, this person that has achieved this in this business, what’s my identity? Because I have grown children now, I had all I converted, my day was wrapped up in me as a team month and be a single money… Know what I mean? You go through these phases. And so I felt the Lord really saying to me that you have made that your whole identity, who you are in this space as a leader in this profession, in this company, and it scared me, but I learned through very hard times that I walked through, but the faster that I can surrender to God’s will the factor that I can move forward and not get stuck there. So I just said, You know what, God, I don’t know what you’re doing, and I don’t know where you want me to go. And I’m terrified, but wherever it is that you’re telling me to go… Oh, go. Scared or not. And so I wanna begin this journey of… I did a hiatus, my podcast, I kinda push something besides that I could really just spend months in prayer and listening, and I shared this with you when we talked at the end, at the beginning of 2020, I told me two very specific things.

26:41 S2: Number one was that there was gonna be a massive shift in the church in 2020, and number two was that there was gonna be a global revival in that revival, the catalyst, where the revival was gonna be women, it was being women in the marketplace. And so, not along with all these other things that he had been downloading to me was really… I just stepped out, I just said, Okay, God, I’m gonna start this thing where it’s gonna be a place for women to come and they can be fully themselves, if they’re women that feel called into the marketplace, they’re gonna feel supported, love, they’re gonna feel affirmed. We’re gonna equip them with valuable information done by other women that local Lord with these mini courses every month, we’re gonna mentor them and grow them and create a safe space for them, and so we started the groceries podcast in April and… Good, Friday. And at the end of May, I did my last sold out Entrepreneur podcast, so I kind of put that one away. And for the new one, and then we launched the platform for girl power lands in June. And the interesting thing is, just like when I left my…

27:56 S2: I literally retired from the profession of her addressing, got into network marketing, and I felt like that was such a beautiful… I had such a good experience doing here and I was so excited about the next phase, I haven’t done that officially, but I feel like it’s… The transition that’s happening, I feel like God is kind of moving me into something different, and it has been our sole source of income, so it’s not like I’m just like, Hey… Yeah, but I do know that God is definitely… My heart is in a place now where it’s like, all I wanna do is talk to women about this…

28:39 S1: Okay, okay, you know my feelings over commercials, but this is so good at timing to pass up the chance, tell you about this incredible opportunity that I have cultivated with you directly in mind, you the passionate kingdom entrepreneur, stop running the race on a treadmill to nowhere, stop the analysis paralysis and the overwhelming, honestly, the isolation of Business Building, You know, I am all four women supporting women and the concept of community, but this newly developed program takes that concept to an entirely new level. I am giving you an all-access pass to my team of experts and strategists in order for you to develop your own business to the fullest extent. I’ve taken my business with these incredible people from an idea to five figure months in less than two years, and I want to provide you the keys to this freedom and center to joy. This is a coaching program with direct conversations with real people in real time, ask the confusing hard question that have you lingering in rabbit holes, get the direct insight you need to design the dream into a fully operating abundant business. You’ll listen to this 18. Okay, there is a branding and content strategist, a mindset and financial success coach, a biblical foundation teacher, a marketing funnels and ads expert, and of course, yours truly your Christian business coach.

30:05 S1: If you are ready to truly invest in yourself in your god dream and the people that God is calling you to, this is the only place to start, that gives you a full lens development strategy that you can lean into as a trusted knowing source on a firm foundation. Now, I am Uber passionate to see you flourish and illuminated within your purpose, you can enroll now by heading over to the 1001 coaching tab at Tamra Andres dot com. Remember, I’m at the simple version of Tamara, T-A-M-R-A. I don’t know if you know that story, but it’s from the price is right about a week before I was born, so thanks, mom and anyway, who booked your call and simply email me. Coaching at Tamara Andrews dot com. Either way, I cannot wait to see you activated, and this is going to be an incredible opportunity and a beautiful season to see you design the god dream that God has planted in you since your mother’s who… It’s gonna be five year. I can’t wait to come. Let’s get started

31:10 S2: It. And I think that’s the piece of submission that you’re talking about too, is like… My husband specifically, always says that submission is viewed as a negative, it’s viewed as like your week, but it’s actually such a beautiful strength when we can wave… I always use the analogy for waiving that white flag, when we can actually be in that place and say, God, it’s all yours anyway, the money that I’ve established to this point, I didn’t do that. That was a gift from you and you stood in a place of complete surrender to Him, even without putting him in the forefront every morning in prayer every evening and worship all the things that you guys were doing with your money. I’m sure tithing was a part of that, ’cause he’s not gonna continue to bless in that space, and I’m sure you were helping not only your family, but other people’s families and all of that along the way, and so it’s that experience of continuing to submit to him and you’re already submitted this new podcast, letting go of an old podcast that was doing beautifully well, that’s a submission of success in and of itself, so this transition of you stepping into the new space, whether network marketing is a part of that or not, that will continue to evolve and God will continue to speak to you in that regard, maybe it’s just that you’re showcasing on stages, two huge, massive network companies that aren’t necessarily what yours are now, I’m just speaking life right now, ’cause I could see this like you transitioning it to say, there’s more for you, you are made for more, not to seal other people’s slogans in that regard, but this is a biblical concept of you being on stage and saying You are purposed for more than what you’re doing, and if it’s in this entrepreneurial business mindset, which is totally.

32:54 S2: My shared heart is to know that as you proceed, as you walk into the calling of your life, wherever that be, you could be in a corporate setting, you could be a stay-at-home mom, you could be a work-at-home mom, whatever those things are, that you’re a Proverbs 31 woman, regardless of what that title looks like, actually, in spite of what that title looks like, because that title is What can skew that identity… I experienced it too. So when you said that, I’m like, Yes, that is such a real struggle, and sadly, I am seeing even as there’s this Christian revolution of entrepreneurship in women specifically happening in 2020, ’cause I see and I’m in a whole different coast than you, which when we… Terai was like, Jessie can play it in his daughter’s the same exact heart-centered vision. And yet, I can’t do it alone. Michelle can do it alone. There’s way more people out there, but I am so desperate that we stay on our knees in this space of submission, that greed and those fleshly desires and that monetary and that success in that same doesn’t take away. It only adds to the name of Jesus and that we can stay centered, and that writing and pruning thing that you said happened with the friend groups in the circles, that is a real, real importance as we establish our businesses, giving people that you’re…

34:23 S2: What you’re doing through girl power, allowing that resource of saying, This is the firm foundation… Yes, that’s great that finances are doing this, but this is the firm foundation… Yes, that’s great that you’re going in that direction, but this is the firm foundation and keeping people in that space, so I share that so much to tell us more specifically, what is girl power Alliance beyond just this education space, what are you hoping to see? What is the vision? Was the god dream? Well, it’s kinda… He kinda rolled out like a three-year plan, and so we’ll see how that all goes. I’m kind of patient. I wanna, I have to be honest, if all the stuff with this covid had happened, I would have… In January, there’s no way I would have taken one step. And so by the time all the things started happening, I had already invested in the beginning to build the platform and everything, so I was like, Well, I gotta keep going now, so I don’t wanna act like I’m just this completely break. So God knows I wouldn’t have been brave enough, so he had me started already first… And so I see a lot of things.

35:36 S2: So yes, this community, this platform for women to grow, that’s kind of been something that he has had built in me, is the desire to keep growing and that that is something that we need to continually be pursuing. I like to use the example of in nature, in nature, nothing just still… It’s either growing or it’s dying. There’s no just existing and it just got there, it’s either continuing to reach to the heavens or it’s traveling nine, but that is exactly what I believe for us, especially as biblical leaders, we need to continue to pursue growth, and I believe that that is kind of an all encompassing thing, which I think is overwhelming for people, ’cause the envy wants people, especially women, to feel frazzled in chaos, tired and over-exhausted, over stimulated, but I believe that really to truly lead whoever it is that you’re leading, even if it’s your two children at home, and your husband or it doesn’t matter, but it doesn’t matter if you’re leading one or you’re leading a million to truly leave, we have to continually pursue growth and we have to continue pursue it with intention. So the idea behind what we do within the membership with the courses as we give these mini courses and by a variety of women on a variety of subjects, so that women can just keep growing in these small bites every month…

37:06 S2: Small bites every month. And so we try to have things specific for business development done by believers, so that alone is different than what you’re getting out in the secular world, you listen to a class on marketing with a woman who has Christ at the center of a heart, that’s gonna be a completely different subject in the secular world, because our foundations, our strategies are different as believers, it doesn’t follow the true little stuff. So we do that. So that’s been going on since June, and we’re doing our first virtual summit in low of a relevant… I’m dying for a really bad bimah next piece to be launched will be in what I’m calling radio Leadership Academy, it’s a 16-week in-depth biblical leadership discipleship program Certification Program that I have based in prayer, it’s been years in the making in my heart. And so that’ll launch in January, and that is the precursor. Anybody can take it, you don’t have to be even a member to go through this certification course, but if you are a member and you go to the course, the 16 weeks, they’ll be all kinds of stuff, accountability and lots of things and wrapped up in this.

38:20 S2: But it’s the precursor for what will be our advisor program, our master program is going to be taking this online culture that we’ve built of empowerment, equipping, encouraging, enabling women to really truly be themselves and to boldly walk in their faith, and we’re gonna take it into town so our Ambassador program will be women that actually do a monthly event, a live event in their area, and so in order to be in Basel, they have to go through that ’cause I wanna equip them to beat, ’cause this is a… Leadership in general is a high call, biblical worship is a higher… There’s more required of you, and so I wanna put them as much as I can with as many of the tools as God has asked me to share in this program to them, so that lunch is in June of next year. And then there’s other things I foresee, kind of a subscription box with things from the membership, like women in the membership that do all these amazing things, and I’m not… Things that God has kinda laid out and we’ll just… I’m just trying my best to take it one step at a time…

39:32 S2: Yeah, it’s so good, and I so share that necessity of connection and being with people in person, even through the screen, it’s so hard, I wanna just hug your neck and be with you, and I think that the biggest thing is like just like we stepped into the space of entrepreneurship, just like you stepped out of hair dressing, that was the comfortable and was the space of you creating money into network marketing, and now you’re doing this in a huge way with Girl Power Alliance. We do it scared. I just stop back from Mexico, and I could have easily said… And my husband had to, because he is the financial provider in that regard, like, I can’t get on a plane and risk being in quarantine for this amount of days and this happening or this happening, and like we did it anyway. And so much goodness came from it, like the retreat that’s gonna be housing February, a lot of the people who are hosting retreats next year, they cancel them, and I’m like, No, because now more than ever, people need connection, people need connectivity, and more than ever, they need this biblical foundation for all of the things that are being risen within them because of this season, so covid to music is in of itself, of course, health aside because I’m prayerful of all the people who have been affected in that regard, but it’s a season of turmoil and in silence and pandemic, that will actually birth something incredibly beautiful if we allow it, if we say yes even when the fear is around us, and that’s ultimately what God calls us to anyway, on a daily basis, it just always looks different, that season always looks different.

41:13 S2: There’s never been a time of complete piece, right, ever in that Old Testament, and that’s New Testament, and it’s just flooded with trouble and worry in all of those hardships, and so it’s necessary for us to be and carry the piece and be and carry that challis for other people to realize like, I have water for you, sister, like Here you go, you don’t have to be starving, you don’t have to be in lack of… There is an abundant father who loves you, who sees you and who knows you, and even more, which is what I love about what we’re doing, is you’re not just introducing them to the father, you’re introducing them into a sisterhood, to a space where you’re not… You’re physically not alone because there are women who wanna hug your neck, and there are people who wanna connect with you and hear what you’re walking through, and it’s about sharing your testimony, it’s about coming into the space of full purpose and identity, specifically through Him and you’re providing this beautiful path, this beautiful arch way for women to walk into that, so… Honor you for doing it. Scared, honor you for knowing the vision and also having to do a patiently…

42:23 S2: That is definitely an Enneagram. Three thing that I am not good at, I’m like, Can I keep going, keep going? And I realize all the time the importance of being 100% present in the current moment, just like right now, like my phone was going off and I threw it on the floor and it’s like, there’s always something happening. But where are you intentionally putting your time, your energy, your heart, and end the call of your life. Yeah, I actually, I think it’s interesting because to watch the news and all the stuff that’s going on, there’s so much fear and unknown, and I get it, I feel that my spirit has been sensitive to the warfare, I believe this is in Revelation, the… We all were taught growing up that that was gonna be like… Or warri actually believe we’re in it right now, and that it’s a spiritual worker… Global spiritual worker on a level that we have never experienced. And so I feel physically my by fields, but there is, but my spirit, my spirit feels joyful for what is coming up, I feel like something so remarkable is coming, and I feel like…

43:31 S2: Now, I just believe the Lord, I believe him when he told me there’s gonna be a shift in the church, and I’ve seen it, I’m sure you’ve seen it. Then when he says that there’s gonna be a global revival like we’ve never seen, and that women are gonna be the catalyst, I believe that this is a very special time in the world for women to rise up and not in some weird… Feminist is in like an estate where if you’re listening to this, wherever you are planted, you are there for this time and for the impact that you’re gonna have on the people that are around you in this time, for a big purpose to save many lives. And you know the story of after I just did a thing on within the membership, talking to like… We kind of were taught, it’s this little beauty pageant story, it’s really not… She was like Take… She didn’t wanna be Take entitling young girl somewhere between 12 and 14 years old, being trained for a year to be a concubine, really is what she was a sex slave to His King, and knowing that her people were the people that…

44:38 S2: Where they need people buy the King that she was being trained to please, and so she… She said, you know, her uncle says to her, maybe you’ve been placed here for just this time, and she says, I’m gonna go to him, and if I die, I die, but I’m gonna do it because I believe that this position that I’ve been put in, I’ve been put in for a reason. And so maybe we… It’s not like for death, but I want to empower you, if you’re listening to this, whatever the consequence is, I believe that God put you where you’re at right now for a reason, and so just ask him for the courage to step out and do it regardless of what the result may be, that type of I that says, If I perish, I Parsi gonna do this anyway, it’s hard, it’s so much rain to do, and all it takes is one… A terrified step forward. That’s all it actually takes. You don’t have to… There’s this thing, well, I’m scared to it must not, I must not. This must not be the path that’s alive from the pinhole, every one people say, I don’t know if you’re going from, but I’ll tell you, for me, it’s usually something that scares a crap out of me and something that I don’t wanna do it, but I feel like I’m supposed to do this thing I don’t actually wanna do.

45:56 S2: That is how I know, okay. It’s usually against this flash that goes bad or safe, or in a protected bubble, and God’s like… And take the step. Go for it. This is our time on the earth to have an impact like never before. It’s so good. And I think the world uses the word intuition or whatever that be, but that is the spirit of the Lord, and he’s speaking to you and… No, it might not sound like, Oh, Michelle, I’m here to do. It might not be a burning bush like Moses, but it also could be the burning bush figuratively, that… That’s what you want to stay away from it. Like when you’re little and the Sto is hot and you say, Oh, touch the stove. You’re never gonna touch it again. But when it comes to the Lord, he’s like, I’m gonna give you this hard thing so that the next time the hard thing comes, ’cause it will come, you have more brave or you have more boldness to go into it, and so in all the transitions that you’ve experienced in your life, even since when you were young and had your first baby and then young again, and it’s still young and getting married and all of the things that you walk through, and you shared with us at the very beginning, that was iron carpeting.

47:11 S2: Iron, that was him preparing you for this. And it looks different, and the seasons change and what has grown or what was hard might have a different title to the world, but in your spirit, girl, you’ve been strengthened since day one, and that’s where God is like… I’ve already given you the tools. I’ve already provided this to you, and so that fear factor becomes easier as we grow a wiser in the trust and the knowing that he is always good, and He uses all of those fires for this opportunity to make us into what it is that he designed and intended since day one, like the potter knows eventually I’m gonna come out with a really pretty piece, but it’s gonna take me a couple of times of the whole thing mashing together and having to put more water and re-establish what that idea is, but in the beginning, just as he did when you were conceived in the beginning, he knew your purpose, he also knew when you were gonna go stray, he also knew when you were gonna say no, or when you were gonna be two fearful step, and so that he opens another door.

48:15 S2: And that’s how loving He is, that’s how good he is, and that’s how aware and in tune he is of being fully known, and I think ultimately that’s what it is, is it’s stepping into this space of being fully known, not only to the God Himself who knows everything about you, every hair on your head, but fully known to the people around you, and that’s what you did when you said yes to the show, to the first podcast, that’s what you’re doing as you say yes to this. And my core creatives women concept is that C is that ripple effect. If you look at the actual thing, it’s a labyrinth, because I don’t believe that there’s a dead end in our life and the maze, there’s no me as God’s not trying to trick us. Right, he is a good father, he’s intentional and the labyrinth has spaces that you just keep evolving, but you’re creating the ripple effect, opportunity for that one person, wherever she, wherever that Esther, who is you, who is listening in this very moment, you are called and purpose to the people around you that Michelle and I could never touch.

49:18 S2: And so, so often we inhibit ourselves and we say, she’s already doing it, it’s already been done, that person’s got it on lock down, they’re already able to do it, and yet God says, No, I position you exactly where you are with this exact thing, and it might look the same, like Michelle, your heart and my heart. They’re the same. And that’s amazing. That’s incredible. It’s beautiful, it’s a beautiful thing. There’s no such as another line that we’ve we’ve going on, or there’s a why that women have been fed for decades, hundreds of years, centuries that we’re in competition with each other, and I believe it’s because the enemy knows that when we align with this like heart with this one vision, because it’s the Holy Spirit, it’s God that gives us the vision, like we each have a bit different skills, different people we’re gonna impact… I believe exactly that. You believe there are specific people that will only… They will all only be moved by you… That’s the assignment. They will only be moved by… Were doing the exact same thing, saying the exact same words, but they were supposed to be… They were designed to be moved by you, and so this idea of competition between women is so sickening to me, and so I want…

50:32 S2: I’m hoping that within this community, with what we’re doing, you and me even here, that we can literally change the narrative on that forward. Good, I’m so hopeful and so expected and so trusting that that that is what’s gonna come, and that these words that have been given to so many women are not just for the one… It’s for the mini… It’s for the globe. And so I can’t wait for your conference, so we can bring all of them together and we can all be in one space, and I’m just… I’m really grateful that there’s this extra knowing, even after having this conversation, this extra knowing that there is a deep-rooted purpose and there is a deep-rooted rise, and the rise is coming from women who have said yes before and who are willing to say yes again, so I’m honored and humbled and excited to see all the things that are gonna come to fruition, even in your three-year plan, it’s not gonna end in three years, it’ll be many, many decades in the making. The legacy that you’ve already left is incredible, I know to… So new women. So I’m grateful just to have this conversation and to be able to spend this time with you, I feel exactly the same about you in it, so excited to just deepen our friendship and see what it is I…

51:52 S2: I don’t have as contacting together, and I just, I appreciate what you’re doing, and I appreciate the fact that God brought us together, and I just couldn’t be more proud of you. I know we don’t really know each other. I just really feel like the Lord ones, you know… You’re so proud of you. Thank you. Thank you so, so amazing. You guys, if you feel any sort of connection or any sort of curiosity or any of those things, remember, this is a prompting, this is a time for you to just lean in, to lean into the god dream that’s within your own storyline. Michelle, were specifically, can people find you other than… Obviously, Girl Power Alliance dot com. Yes, I’m on social media, my handle is Teen Mom, a millionaire, and the funny thing is, I really feel like I’m supposed to change it, but it’s like in so many of my website that I strive been for for years, I’m not in different areas, but that’s where I am on Instagram, we can just find me regular Chaser on Facebook and stuff, and of course, through girl Irelands dot com, just email me or one of the girls on the team and just dig into these teachings that Tamara is sharing with you and take all of them take ownership of them.

53:12 S2: And just be brave.

53:13 S1: Yeah, so good, thank you so much, you guys. Have a blessed day. We’ll see you soon. Thank you. So, oolite me again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey before you go, Let’s solid I… By the plane, I’d love for you to take a step right now and declaring your take away by snapping a pick of the episode you Tonio share your spark moment and tag me at these podcast… Or me personally at Tamara, Diane on and stuff. I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the bit and based podcast listeners, we’re totally in this together, community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out. You know, I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say, I’m ready to fuel the plane with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, Elwell and wellness too.

54:29 S1: Next time.

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