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Invest Something: Dreaming with Jesus – With Demetria Stallings

Invest yourself by dreaming with Jesus. My guest, Demetria, is a light – a person who I know is invested in pursuing Jesus in such a way that her life is a living testimony to His presence, voice, and spirit. And hang on tight…because this conversational ride will have you stripping off conventionalism, trepidation, confusion over your identity, and lack of vision.

But ultimately…as she teaches of her own example of investing to receive…your time investment in tuning in will be worth every minute.

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Show Notes: Dreaming With Jesus

Hey, I have a camera. Andres, I’m your fitting-based podcast, so I pull to me your just me, no words, no scripts, no incurs, no altos. I love authenticity, I hope to breed vulnerability, and I usually do this alongside another Dreamer mover shaker entrepreneur, passion is A… Is what I love to call them, if you’re a dude, then a dude, but I am loving just coming together in community with other people to share their high and low stories, to share their journeys, to come back, because I believe ultimately that for God would have us he would have us on the mountain top, and even though we learn a ton in the pit and in the valley, God would manuscript now, especially in this season of life, in this time of our culture to shine.

And so here I am, I want to teach you how to shine, I wanna be alongside you when you get your glow, I wanna capable to… Into your calling, whatever that is. So this isn’t a fitness podcast, this is not a religious banter, that week, Jesus all day long, and this is not just about nutrition or health or wealth, now I lack some greed and I know you do too, it’s not okay for us to not be okay, was talking about all of these things that Edison, you guys, we don’t miss… Need a mental health podcast, we don’t just need a fitness podcast, you don’t just need a religious spiritual protest… It needs to win.

This is what fit in. Things all about, it’s all about frontline men, Ativan, it’s about pursuing your wholeness and playing it over your life and over the line, a loved one that you have around your career, so thank you for coming again. I would love to get to know anymore, I subscribe, whatever it is, then a email me, it’s me, I have an amazing team alongside, but you guys are gonna get for now so enjoy, I’m so up to have a hockey conversation with you is what I’d love to call up, don’t have my coffee right now, but I have it in my system, as you can see, all the love… Let’s do this together and I keep going for you. Rejoice.

Hey, hey, we are love and in the studio.

Excited to be here with you.

This is the me to your selling, I go. And if you have yet to meet her, I think I’ve tagged you a few times because your music has been overlaid to videos and the retreats, and we’ve gotten pictures together, so I as you and stuff like that. But this is gonna be the deep dive and I… So I wanna get to a… So I… So is a sister or a… And somebody that I have gotten connected with through Joseph sings, who is her older rider, now he’s actually… And I rather, I am the oldest.

But thank you.

What do I see like maybe because he has five kids… Yes, maybe like that hits with some Wister lion the kids side, maybe maybe wisdom on the kids side. Okay, we take it sorta… We love to, but he was on one of the first podcast that I had way back last year, and so it’s really cool to be starting this new year. You’re the first true official in-house podcast has won 20, which makes total sense.

I need is a lot as… And so I’m pumped to start this year with you, ’cause I know at the end of the year, it’s gonna be a really different view point… Oh, but also really excited with where we are just right here today… Come on, that’s present. Right in the moment it… So Dmitri is… A lot of things does a lot of things. And ultimately, I think I would love you to start from a personal standpoint on your experience of your faith, walk your spiritual part of who you are, and I know that there’s a mental play in that as well, and… Yeah, that to cool. Well, I would be remiss if I didn’t say my parents are very intricate part of my childhood, and that anybody who has parents who are very involved in their life, and my mom and dad, or both in what we call ministry in a church, they were leadership in a church, and they also were very big on mature… That we knew who Jesus was, we grew up in that type of environment. And so my mom would actually have devotions with us and actually it is on the bed, me and my two brothers, Joseph, as you haven’t mentioned in another one, the wars at the who’s in Texas, where my parents are and… Wow, that’s really it. Just in the role.

It, it was great. Like right there, right?

I, I got out in that I’m ever at in… Yeah, this celebration, we’re taking awesome where we don’t…

I have a teeter taking on, and I just feel it for people to… I feel like that’s gonna really happen taking, also interesting that I’m safe because that was really the… That was my take off into my faith and spiritual walk with Christ, and he have emotions with us, and the emotions after that we would pray and we would literally see that and a worship, which is interesting, all three of us are musical comics to… Yeah, Tim is musical as well, he’s in an amazing singer, I always…

I do, I wipe. does different things. Yeah, but that he… Yeah, the incredible… A crazy voice. Yeah, yeah.

Radios voice like a tease.

Your Esperance?

Well, my mom… She would say No.

None the less, my dad told us when we were growing up that my mom would get awards for singing… Well, she doesn’t do it.

No, my dad did, he did sing often with us, he would pull us aside, we would rely as much as he could the piano, and then we would see in the liver and stuff, so in the devotions, like after that, we would sing and pray, and in that we came to be recognized and what we call, what I like to call the presence of who Christ is, and it’s a difference when you read about Christ, you talk about Christ, and then you get to really know Christ because anybody you can know for IE, I knew about you, before I met you, and I met you via… Was it? It was online first, right. Then I talked a little bit, but when I was in your presence, it was a whole different thing because I can tell you I can send… Man, there’s something so pure and beautiful about Tamara that I want to connect in whatever way that is supposed to be like… So it was like an invitation, there’s a difference of talking to somebody on the phone, a difference to even face timing somebody, but when they’re in their presence, you feel the energy, you feel their spirit. You feel like all that stuff.

So we are the spirit of Christ in that moment, and that just really blue I… So that was the launch as the jets, when I did her, that was the launch of all that for me, and there’s so many stories I could tell you, but I’m gonna jump walked a lot for it. Do it? I wanna say I was in my early… And so many… Well, yeah, might have been like 2 205 graduate from region university with my Masters in practical theology, and my focus was coaching and mentoring, but while I was there, I went to an event that I did worship at with my father was doing a scripture at this conference and I had a… To worship, like I had lead, we had a whole team, nine people singing a panel, the grandest in speaker was a missions conference, but type of thing, and the main speaker was Gordon Robertson, who is the co-CAND, he was speaking about missions and when he spoke about missions, something in my heart just pricked is like, Oh, this is something about the nations, like I’ve always been… I bent group in a one the more in Germany, didn’t really remember different Baht was, but why was America still? And on, so I feel… Yeah, Holly, if you guys know anybody has been there, it’s only different. Yeah, very relaxed and is a… So after we’re done with worship, I go up to him and I was like, Hey, I just wanna say thank you for what you and your father have done, because Rodin University has had a huge impact on my life, ’cause my life was really changing… Well, just the practicality of what ministry is, is not just feeling like you have to be in church, or honestly, it’s just being the hands of feet of Jesus in the practicality of what that even looks like. I felt like I got a lot of depth.

So caring that at run university and hands-on things, and so… So after that, he looked at me any item era didn’t smile, and we joke about it to this day, like he said, Yeah, he was rude at about it to this day, and he was like, Why aren’t you singing in prophesy? And for those who don’t know what POS prophecy is just really saying, the voice of God and what you feel, what God is saying to others like is encouragement. The Bible says, and it talks about, privacy is to encourage and to build up the sin that build people up, and so a… So he was asking me, why aren’t you doing that and combining it with your singing, and I looked at him like, First of all, I… All I want… It honestly was like small to… And I wanna try to be real. Like it was, I just wanted to say thank you to do do my BA-I. right, right. And when he said it, I would look like, is there… Somebody got me. He’s not even saying it, I say nothing, you know?

And then he said the second time, but the second line, we said it’s something in my heart, you know, that moment where you feel like this is a moment that I cannot let pass.

This is a moment that I have to be in. We just talked about just recently, being present, I…

I feel like anybody listening are watching just to really, really listen really closely, is be present in the moment where you fill your heart, jump and a heart Lee… It felt like my heart leaved in that moment, and I felt like desha met me. And the opportunity and Esther were meeting together. When I jump into the opportunity, because destiny was knocking on my door, what… I opened it, so I opened the door.

And so, Oh, I just felt that it onto… They’ll remember that.

The antenna is… And so the same time he said it, that’s what happened, and I could say I didn’t have anything to give him because he said, you hear the voice of God and you encourage people and you see, he said, But why don’t you putting them together? So he explained it and I have no…

I had no answer because I felt it, but I didn’t… No, ’cause this is before there was… For those who are in this R, the worship area, this was before there was a Bethel, this is before there was the known that people can sing and share the voice of God while they’re single.

So I didn’t say anything and he was like, I want you in my class. He was doing a class. He’s like, Man, in my class, in the spiritual gifts class that he was doing, He, I call this person. And in this is very important and very interesting.

When he said that, he said, he didn’t just give me a free bet, he said, Call these people, tell them I want you in the class, but you’re going to pay for half your books, not even all… Yes, you’re gonna go for a half your books because you have to invest… Okay, yourself was into something, but the class, you’re gonna enter into the class free, you’re going to… Half your books will be paid for, but you must invest something into it.

That’s good, right? Yeah, so it’s not just test an opportunity when we allow ourselves to invest into that delay and opportunity, are we going to allow our… To just write for… Give it, there is no cost for ourselves, sometimes we’ll… And not that we mean to, but we can take advantage and just ride and not take it as serious, but when we put something into, anything we put invest into, it changes the whole validity of it, so I… And for him to teach that essentially 20 years ago… Yeah, that’s powerful. Yeah, are oration… A spiritual standpoint too, because I really do feel like God calls us when He asked this, he calls us with action and our investment though of course, we immediately go into a financial place with him asking to buy books. It’s more than just that.

I see, he’s saying, I will you go.

Yeah, and there’s gonna be more to it because I know that… I can say was, of knowing you have invested are so much more than monetary. God, it’s not just even giving of your gifts, it’s what you laid down in order to be where you’re at right now, so good and laying down things of the world that feel good on the fleshly side are probably even more hard then a throwing over some cash yeah, even though that’s hard to come by for others… Yeah, and so those sacrifices is essentially what it is, but God rewards in such a Grandes way, and we’re able to do that, I love that you said, laying down those things that are on the fleshly side, because fleshly side doesn’t just… We think of sin, think of things that are bad, I think of things that get us distracted as opposed to… Yes, distraction is a big word that I’m feeling right now to say because it’s almost as if the fleshy side is also the things that we feel called to, the things that we are excited about, the things like I e, the businesses that some of you might have or the businesses or projects that some of you might have, or even, let’s just be real family that we might have some of the things the Lord might be asking you, or you might feel this very sense of huge call. I’m a woman of faith, so I speak a lot in that department of Christ and things of that nature, but there might be something pooling, which I think I believe with all my hardest, Jesus or the Holy Spirit asking and inviting you, heaven, inviting you to lay something down, it doesn’t mean you abandon, it might mean don’t worry, it might mean you’re constantly worried about your children, and I feel that really strong right now, I feel like there’s somebody listening to or watching that might have a teenage daughter or son that they are very… That is about to graduate and they are losing it because… And I say losing it, and it’s not a negative one, it’s more of your losing who you are because you feel like it was so attached to your son or daughter, and I just feel like what does it look like if you will allow yourself to come into the invitation of laying and down, what would it look like if you allow yourself to say yes to that invitation of… And How do I lay down? I wake up in the morning, I say, this doesn’t belong to me. They, at the end of the day of my child, my job, my… And I’m talking to all of us at a my friendships house, my, whatever you have that is causing the distraction of the connection, ’cause at the end of the day, there is something that would try to distract you from connecting to your real source that’s really with the true sources. And so, yeah, like that. When you say the fleshly side, it just really did something like… Whoa.

Yeah, the sacrifice of Langdon and investing is allowing it to let… Let it go.

If we make it simplistic, letting… Right, absolutely. A, so he asks you to do this, he has coming to my class. You’re gonna invest something. And then what happens?

And then so I did so, and I entered in the class and there’s so much I could say again, my story is crazy, but I entered to the class and I remember him pulling me up and giving the mains like saying, and whatever the Lord gives you sin and I like to do the inside of craving is interesting, it’s funny how we can be intimidated or fearful or… And I’m saying those, for the lack of a better… I feel like there’s another word, but that right now, my book Cavalry is not pulling, but… And it could be those things far floor intimidated based because of what we don’t know.

Yeah, and because we’ve never seen it, the reuse, that just is… Hang nothing. Yeah. That you’ve ever accomplished. It’s so uncomfortable over the UN-Comfortability of it, and the mind will turn… What do people think? What is this? Am I gonna do it right?

On doing this.

But in that moment, just being just still feeling its right to do so… Right, right. So screaming, but something… Yes, in me, and I feel there’s a lot of us, especially in the beginning, Jane, this is so beautiful, 2-2. yeah, there’s a lot… I feel like a lot of us are saying yes to, but inside we’re screaming, but we know it’s a yes, and it’s okay. Yeah, it’s okay. You and I were talking to… Or later… Yeah, you can still keep going in that vein, I think another work with the fearful or entity is like the trepidation, because it’s not all grass is green, especially when it’s something that is done out of worry or it’s not for that God is giving us green pastures with purpose. And so it’s up to us to say, yes, but it does take effort. You get to go through and judge through an unknowing field… Yes, to get to what his promise is. Yeah, and so with your professor to what, say like, I see this in you. Yeah, and that’s such a heart space for me because I love to call that on people and encourage people and be like, I see this in you, I know that there’s more, but there’s constantly push back. Yeah, and we were talking a bit about it before, that concept of impostor syndrome, because there’s so many other people now with it being very different than worked it was 20 years ago, you can see now all these other people doing something, it might be similar to your gifting, and so you are met like what, I’m not good enough to really know how to do that, or am I the right person, or am I the girl for the job, which is a book recently ran… You should check it out at a good… It’s just Connolly as familiar with… No, she’s a harness on a hot of God.

Oh yeah, and so she’s talking all about, you’re the girl for the job, and so for us to get past that impostor syndrome and saying yes to what God has come for us, it’s not always easy, but once you say Yes, God shows up with response for you and let it always a gift, it’s always a surprise, and I am a huge proponent of surprises, I think everything, every part of who Jesus is is surprised and he can surprise you on a daily basis if you just let him… And you have to say yes to that invitation. It’s an invitation to get to know him, and I love how you said your mom gave you this opportunity and your dad too, to steward… Understanding His presence, it’s such a call for me to do the same for my children and for all moms to create a space, and that’s what I think so often in every form, both personally and professionally, we are not doing enough of… Just like you said, be present in that moment when your heart Jones, are you creating space in your life to allow God to get you something… Yeah, and for you to say yes to it. ’cause if you… We were saying early before, at a constant speed of go, when had you used… Yeah, when have you looked around to see if you’re even in the dangers of it, you don’t even know… Yeah, you couldn’t be in that grass is greener, or you could be in a place of like, This is not good. You went the complete wrong direction, and the fleshly side of you is saying this feels really good, and yet you’re in the wrong space also… I love it. It’s very interesting.

That’s so good. I love it.

Yeah, like he was saying, when I said Yes to it, that’s when he showed up, and I felt the presence of what I knew back then, a… And so when I felt the presence… What I knew back then.

Yes, so neither is. So were you practicing prophesyi?

That though, just completely separately from your use, there were things that I would… Yeah, because I was just leading worship, I was just leading. ERI would see a leash, but there was no… If I heard a song like, there was nothing that I would come up on the moment and so spontaneously, and but I would feel things in a share with people, but it was like on the slate in the like that… So like from there, life took off, just the journey, I started traveling… Well, after the class, it turned into this thing cost much gift webcast, which was strains all over the world. Cool.

So my brother and I started doing worship for that or a different people that would come in and be guests for that, that end turning into a show cost a 700 Club and are active. And for a time I was doing worship for that and then also helping with on the air things of that nature, so much I said, different places. who travels a Cretan? I had a first CD and I… And bringing my brother’s on board with me, somebody wanted me to do a C, So they sold… They gave to CBN specifically for me to do a… They sent it through that for me to do a project, and so I did… It was just so interesting. So incredible, everything was going at the speed of white by Ben and so long story, Suri, there’s just so many things that end up having a very difficult time, and maybe one day we’ll get into the depth… So this is a very difficult time in the high place in on top of the mountain, on top of everything, and I feel like somebody need to hear this is… You might have been at one point in your life where you were at the top.

And that does it at the top of your business, the top of your class, the top of… To re so, or you felt like the momentum was going so well, like, Oh my goodness, in those moments I would… And I love it, and faith because this to my body, so and spirit, it’s the balance of all… We were talking about that earlier, when you’re in this high place and season of things going so wonderfully well, do not forget to balance the spiritual side, the emotional side, the… This is all the physical… All of it. It shouldn’t just be one. And I love what you said earlier time, you said that if you are so doing so well spiritually, and I forgot how do you say… How did you say If your spirit obesity and all of a sudden all these things, don’t think this be neglected, and so not that we have to have it all together, but put systems in place or regimental… And this is something I’m working on, putting systems in place, regiments in place, that you can allow yourself to be balanced… Yeah, yeah, holistically. So the holistic approach of life, and so all this is going on to… There was something that happened as traction and all hell break loose in my life, and I literally had to stop doing worship, I literally had to stop doing the on-camera things that I was doing, how everything changed for me, and I was on this big high everything changed for me, and I had, I walked through a depression, there was just a lot of things that… But in that, it was a lot that I have to learn that did not define me, and so we think of these… And I love… My mentor that I was talking about earlier, she said something so keen to me a couple of weeks ago, I was asking some things like, why does it feel like you go, go, go. It seems like it’s right there and then them it’s gone, and then it’s like you’re going through these Evan flows of life that we’re feeling like we’re not making it… The evils of life were filling like it’s big, it’s going very well and all of stands, it feel like anything… It’s like we’re losing something. Or there’s a loss or something.

And he looked at me and said, sometimes you have to look at your life as Joseph.

There was a process, but… But God was always with him, the presence.

So toiletries is always that we cannot forget the present on you, and that’s a key for somebody, when you can get to the point of understanding the presence, then everything else out of that flow, so… And so, no matter whether there’s a crisis and life, there’s going to be some that’s gonna have again, not evil, I guess going to happen.

So in a Tierney world, hence.

So when that happens, you know the presence… Everything else can flow.

Yeah, no, that whether it’s crisis, you can then take the lens of… And I love this, I heard somebody save as before in a message, take the lens that God is good and I… Because you know the presence, and so now I put on my glasses in the crisis that God is good and I work out of that, that is a tool, Odette, things that the EVA flow. So Joseph’s life was like… It was up, down, up, down, but it was interesting because he was on this high… ’cause he had the street tells his dream, and it’s funny ’cause people say He shouldn’t told The Stream, but would he had walked through the process that he… If he did tell his drink when he really walked through the process, he would have been… He would held it, I and he would have buried it.

And things would have come like big in your onion, A… So it’s like you have to speak a dream sometimes, doesn’t mean you have to everybody that somebody’s good or bad, it’s just you have to know… And I dream with this person, let me just talk about… And you’ll know good that is, but anyway, so he was saying The Evan flow of life, Joseph was… He’s told a dream, he was sold into slavery, his brothers, its very own, called him an outcast, but in that he was blessed.

So if you don’t know the stories I would amass you to really look at a man of study is… And in that process, he went to go from that elevated to part of her soul, all that stuff, going up and down on two levels of what would you call a elevation in the situations that he was in, and then time again. Yeah, I, I just want to… It was what it was Black, he matured in the place that he was in, and he did a low his heart to get hard and in those places, the presence was with him, he was so good at saying… Focus, yes. So good. Yeah, and I know from personal experience of when you’re on a low, you lose spoke is so easy, we… You’re on a high is actually easier and you’re like, Oh, thank God, a… You pray to Jesus amendment, and then I was in your life with it, are you?

Yeah, and it becomes… You take off your glasses and you’re looking from a worldly perspective of This isn’t… You’re no longer present when in fact, you saying, I am right here with you. So good. And so the same thing, Joseph never took off those lens, and he was always like, I feel you, I sense you, I know there is more.

I know a new day will come, I know the sun is going to rise. Yeah, I love it.

You said something and it goes back to the fleshly side, it’s a… Of classes. There’s something about the presence in the fleshy side, I feel like there’s something to that for us to really understand, Lord, help me to remain in the present so that the flesh side of me doesn’t get in the way in a Leaside can be our spirit, soul emotions all that, that… We should have emotions, we should have those things or… But again, the glasses and the lens that we’re looking, tough to live, so I don’t even know where I was with that with the story of Joseph, go looking at that was… Yeah, I go to do that.

And what to do that… So pretty much at the end of it, he did eventually become second in command of a a nation where has he deemed his entire family, even those that did him wrong, but his heart was part… But I say all that to say what I was talking to my mentor. And I said, Why does it feel like… So I just, I, I, I now, I like What in the world.

But I went through a very hard time, and out of that, I learned the presence in a different way, I learned the presence, not as a child anymore, my eyes, an understanding of a child, of knowing that Jesus was real was beautiful, but I learned him in the circumstances of my depression, I like to… He was the presence of… He was, ’cause I remember, I would say, I don’t wanna talk to you, but will you just sit here with me? Wow.

And so my life begin to change and so stole it, surely I begin to heal in such a capacity, and I feel like we’re always evolving the Lyell in such a capacity that now I don’t live through the lens of my flesh side, I live through the lens of, he’s good.

And so now the spiritual walk is constantly… God is open doors for me to speak at different places, to travel and do worship in different places, he’s continue blowing my mind in these places, and even down to the point of him even asking me now that you’ve done the ministry portion of a ministry for those who don’t know, it’s just really… Spreading the gospel.

Yeah, yeah.

I read the gospel, right?

So the opportunity that the Lord is open up for me, now used to ask me, Can you kind of lay some of that down, and now can you work on the business side of you, and he might let on a that… And what is this man? This is what I know.

The corazon. Yeah, the COMPASS. And so that can be the fleshy side is, what I’m so comfortable with, even in ministry, even in many more so… Yeah, is that the scary part is, or I’m already doing your job, I’m wearing doing your work, why would you have me do something different that’s not Sally of you as social media is my developing of this… Yeah, and so that’s so hard for us to comprehend and wrap our head around, but we have to know that God is in all things home, he makes all things, and though the world can change things in to negativity and we can own them in Him and to Him and say, God, I’m gonna use this to build your kingdom in this way… Yeah, we were talking about earlier, the perspective that when we put the Kingdom… Yes, yeah.

So what is the motive behind it? Is it for the kingdom where you’re doing this and that?

So it does change late hole, not again, I lead… Try the land, just so weird because… Your blue glasses.

Oh, right, right.

I see when looking at the computer screen, I think one… So we’re putting on the lens that he would have for us to… CAN is going to literally block out the bad light for your life for what it is He has in store for you, for you to be able to see longer with Him by Him through Him, so I go…

That’s so great.

So I at… Yeah, they were all on this journey now of putting the blue light glasses on, see everything through Him by Him for him, like it does change a…

I love that, and I see that that was gonna be a part of the way, but I’m like, Yeah, I know we were just… No, we weren’t actually a part of that.

It’s interesting, I love how God works. So now you’re at this place where you’re being called into… And I think when you were saying that, I wanted to share that one, that was a place for you to grow in wisdom, but mostly in empathy for other people, and I learned in my pits that I would not be who I am today or have the capacity to love the way that I do today without understanding my own brokenness and how that brokenness plays in the beauty of who you become, and that is ultimately what God would have us do, and I… I, it sucks and it doesn’t feel good. You don’t wanna be pulled off of the pet when you’re in a high place, going to a low place, especially quickly is we really hard thing to swallow and stomach, but it makes the outcome that much better even if the outcome is another high place, and I think that’s a place that we have to understand, especially as we’re developing new concepts and bigger dreams and visions, it’s like, does that mean that you’re gonna be in a higher place than when you were then a man, not… But maybe you’re escalated in a different way, I love that. And so we have to be able, again, continuing to look through the lens of the Lord, that what we would have for our lives is different than what he would have for us, and it’s hard for people to understand that… Yeah. And to trust that it is the best thing for your life. There will be more peace, there’s gonna be more joy, this doesn’t be more serenity, there’s gonna be more self-awareness, and I think when we are self-aware and one, there’s a reason why marriage is so the two become one, because there’s something of alignment with spirit spirit.

We do the same in him for him, through him, like a say, if we can do that, then everything else shifts and changes.


Yeah, yeah, I eaten the day we home… Like This has been more than just our spiritual journey, because every other part of you is at play, it’s knowing as you’re stepping into something new and as we go into a new year, and wherever it is that people are in the newness of their life, that they recognize that they’re standing them in their wholeness, whether you feel whole or not, you could feel complicated… All parts of who you are.

So if you’re willing to focus on a really… Yeah, and I think you go back to that spiritual… He was our fleshly eyes, people who are super spiritually, a bees who may walk into a very big physical ailment and it’s cancer or it’s one during another, and I can’t comprehend what that means in… Of the world one day, I’ll ask us is in heaven. But you can see those things happening and it’s… There’s so much important to stress factors and focus on that as earlier, we get to grow faster than beautiful flowers, they do, and so in a comparison-based world, we see these people growing and we see these platforms for… Got it all together. They figured it out. They’ve got the golden ticket. A meanwhile, what’s uprooting in their life? That’s negative.

Yeah, possibly comprehend all of what’s going on.

Yeah, God has their plan in store for them, some of… Or the reason, but we need to know that it takes longer to grow something… Bella beautiful. His day milk weeds. Yeah, the roar, you… And you’re like, That’s a really pretty so… Or where did that come from? And they’re like, Take it. That is a big mouth.

I the, A, it… Everything else is still in Bloomington.

Take that even in our brokenness, the wholeness, he is there and he feels so up, and even if you have to rewind that guys like Go this… So when you said that, it just makes us today, okay, we don’t let him not… So today, I’m getting in my car a vehicle, get out my field, my be. So faith and faith, you probably can’t read… Well, you, I can read that to Lutheran the bat, which is camera like to drink my water out of this cup, and then I have my friends, burning ones that are… They’re originally at Orlando, but they go every amazing Mian anodes. I like to drink my coffee out of this one because it’s a yet and I…

Yeah, he’s an amazing as Mike, he’s an amazing… And so I like to drink my coffee out of this one, so I had both of my cuts with me, which was interesting, cause a meeting time today, I just came from Orlando being with the bring on and… And I have them both that I’m sorry guys, but as pre, he is a law talking about some teeth.

Okay, that’s a bother to me to go…

I don’t know the online.

So I’m grabbing my cup, grabbing my bags, ready to walk into the office, and I always feel something on my foot, and I’m like, What’s going on… What is this gun?

So I look at my…

YOU GOT A… So you gotta go on my stories to see the fullness of this… What’s going on with my shot when I look… Okay, so I’m gonna take my shoe off. So I have these little prints with… I like fashion, so I got this lever print with my red and my blue on white, so… So you got a way the mass listeners aren’t gonna able to see this A… And he was in a sogod, the Erie.

Yeah, so fine, not where this is going to be, so you can watch this portion a lot, so if you’re just listening… So this large shoe, black on the bottom, LeBron top.

Oh, I have read palani, the re a lot, learning.

So I feeling this wobbling thing, I feel like something stuck on my bottom, I thought what the head is going on, so I look, and all of a sudden my shoe literally is talking to me like it’s flapping, why mouth wide open as if it’s a crop, it down a very holy… I love this go.

Why go to the office and I can leave it. So I’m like, What am I supposed to do? So I was like, Well, you can’t do anything.

I… Anything that… And I was looking, listening to a podcast on the way there, talking about decisions, if this is a problem, just look in a Gilgit in the building, that’s the solution, and then find out what’s next after you make it to the building. So I’m flopping like living goblin because I can’t do it, she… ’cause don’t have a into wobbling and on that sort… So two co-workers like, Hey, one of the departments can help you out and we laugh. We had a good time.

I put on my social media, my stories, but one of the guys had a hot glue gun that could hold me over time, ’cause I said really doing these shoes away ’cause I’ve had them for a long time, and normally, most first time this has happened, is it never happened to me. So I was like, What is that? So I like to pay attention that’s going on in my life, and so when you were talking about the brokenness and stuff like that, and just the things that are temporary, we can’t just glue in tipperary, but this is what I felt that came from it, is that if you will allow yourself to just, again, focus on the solution, focus on what is at hand, focus on the perspective with the glasses that we were talking about, the presence and walk into the building, just go… Just go into the building and the solutions will slowly but surely fall into place, there was a to coworkers at different times to help me, I had to walk and I met somebody in the elevator that is a good friend of mine, help me take the shoes off and carried my shoes into my kid with me, me bear foot, and I have to get… I’m a bit of a German VO, so my feet on the carbon… Okay, even though like that’s a lot to… So you are telling you, but I would like conduit is Okay, life is not over. I have to talk myself through this tire that I myself, that is… But there was a solution and there was help, and there were people along the journey to… To help me what I need to get to, there’s a full day ahead so that I have… And after I’m being here, the Amite pocket as a full head dated, and so I lived 30 minutes away from where I work, there’s no way I could have gone all we back home to do all the things I had to, but there was a solution to get me through my day. And so I just want a current, somebody an in a broken as much she was literally falling up, but never that I can’t mobile…

I would have heard my sons, you are doing a… Yeah, a five into the water, I attend regain the rose, definitely.

But I allowed myself not to, which is a big deal for me because I would morally, in the past, I would have stressed like I… What I get it to, I don’t fear this out, and it’s like, Dude, breathe, what’s the solution is on that, don’t focus on what the circumstances are. So I feel like that was for somebody. And I feel like simultaneous to that though, I was focusing on the solution, it doesn’t also mean that we get to control… A process is paper and… Yeah, yeah, or not you get to the solution, because that is so my fun speaking right to myself and that is that I’ll see a solution and I’m like, This is definitely… This makes the most sense, right? This is how this is gonna work out.

Just not, this is little more data.

I’m a special out, I’m just gonna fighting… The problem with that is, God has another plan for the person you’re gonna meet on your path in your solutions and a new other bigger, deeper, harder lessons for you to come by in order for your shot to get things you’re gonna have to walk on a taller going to have a walker, gonna have a… And we’re not gonna speak that there could potentially be a fun guy situation that I… After that, and there’s another learning loss, and then was all about next mobbin, you never know.

And so the fact that you were able to just be less in control and just say, Okay, I’m gonna walk into the building, ’cause at this point it’s all… I’ve got that’s one. So again, we keep going back to the conversation, but it’s, don’t be stuck in the analysis paralysis phase of you sitting or car nor late.


At Lynette, and there’s just so many other elements to that when you’re just stuck in the stand still, and so keep moving forward and keep pressing into what you know the solution is gonna be a lot, it definitely… You gotta keep moving forward.

I don’t know, I’m just thinking, what would that happen if I allowed myself to get stressed out like their wonder, he has… Right, I… Big thing that we have a problem with a… And I really don’t know specifically what it stems from in my life, it probably is more like this concept of You can do it and you’ll need the help, like in a test… Us too is taught so soon is like, get to the top right, and you don’t need anybody to get there, you need every single person to get there, so… Yeah, literally, it’s the exact opposite from what I learned when I was younger, what I actually had to put into play, I stand… So learning then the grave importance of community, I just have to sit everything and had you not been in community with your father to practice worship alongside something that was his calling, you would have never met and had that conversation with the now mentor. Yeah, who has propelled you into every piece of your life when it comes to your profession… Yeah, yeah, it’s crazy and it’s… And even where we can be to the point of, Okay, so I feel like we need to turn it a little bit too, because we can be so independent, but community I was just talking to… I was just talking to a friend about this, the importance of community means everything, because you cannot do this alone, and it’s not a competition, it’s a celebration, and when you allow yourself… And I have learned in a continuous… Yeah, to celebrate people. The things that open up. That’s ridiculous, you don’t… But too, right? Doreen is… There are things that happen that no one could have made up a… He would be like, is only God, there’s no way this can happen.

But with community, but also to the point where we can’t… There was a point, and I have to be very transparent, there was a point where because of my mentor at open the doors, because of the relationship that I had with my profession with media and different things of that nature in the television world, with my job, I had a point where I was so dependent on it that I didn’t allow myself the other outlets because I was so afraid of… Oh my gosh, and I was so broken.

Literally, and it’s funny in that it’s funny ’cause I…

I was so broken to the point that I couldn’t even see beyond the man, it was almost as if I was putting a man in front of God so broken that I felt like he owed me something, I wanted everything to come from that person, because it had for so long, just like baby… Sure, when you’re waiting a mono-breast milk or when you’re meeting them on for the bottle, Hythe are like, This is what we know, why are you trying to take something for maybe it’s only the source of it, but they don’t know that there’s better… They don’t know that there’s fine food, you have teeth to C, and so you’re going to be able to taste other things than what you’re just getting from the nutrient of someone else, and so like… I feel like this imperative Tuesday, and that’s something that I’ve worked through and continue to work through to love, honor and respect my mentors, and I said because I feel like we’re not just supposed to have one… I believe there might be two or three that you can glean from that will allow you to be your best self like you, the holistic approach, find those people and they could be a bum, it could be somebody that you admired. Watching them constantly was you have to be in relationship as a face, you’re in relationship with their knowledge and info ’cause at the other day you’re trying to gain the information and the knowledge to relation that they have so that you can be what God has called you to a good easiest estate at that because I…

I lived through that.

Yeah, and I think that a lot of people don’t feel like where I’m gonna pull a mentor out of my hat… Yeah, I gotta have a mentor. What do you mean? Yeah, so they’re probably already have one point and loose by knowing that that is if they’re like hearted in in the same space as you are in a… Your your old. Yeah, but we do neat community, it’s just… Are we gonna allow the… Okay, I say this too, in the community also, are we gonna allow ourselves to be transparent to the point where we are allowing our Socionics and to heal and it’s good until a low iron sharpen iron.

So I don’t know, that concept comes up to me, so have community that can do that, but then also don’t depend on mentors because there’s a difference of You need to depend on your community, but don’t depend on your mentor to be your God or Savior, are the only ones that can or answer the problem or at the with you that’s… Yeah, that much so, yeah.

Ultimately, you would hope that that mentor is relying on God to do that anyway, but it can easily become because we’re taking off the line and we’re viewing them with our own eyes… Yeah, they are doing all of this. They’re magic.

I just like to get people who receive from you, and when I went to your recent worship and prophetic experience, I had never seen you in action that… Oh my God, it was the first time I come out to see you other than when you came to the retreat, but that was such an intimate experience, I felt like too, but from a stage… And people can easily idolize that and not Italy the… Where the gift came from, a good… And so then people… And you’ve experienced it, want you to lean on you, to learn from you, to glean from you and all the wrong ways versus you constantly putting back to the source… Yeah, as it… There’s some… But by Him. Yeah, and so just the conversation I was having earlier today, where someone was like, I feel like when I see all of the things that you put out into the world, it’s all pretty package. Just the way it should be. How did you do it? Yeah, I fall forward every single time, I love… That’s all I have an option to do A and so either a stand still or keep going again, Lohan and I built to me The… So it’s for someone is to you to know that where you are right now is holy. Perfect.

So in God, when you… Right, that was holy. Perfect, it is wholly perfect, Amazon.

But it’s still not saying that you are holy you, because God has so much more in sort of… And so that’s my place, and that’s why I’m like every day you hear people say their version would be the best version of yourself, be the best whole you, you can be each day in every element, because if you neglect one, you’re gonna be starving in another… You gonna be… The baby was like, But I want this.

Yes, that’s a part of life, but I think it’s so necessary for us to just come into that place of submission in our community, which that leads strictly to vulnerability. Yeah, and so you can have so many people around you, but without that transparency and the authenticity and the being okay with being broken and allowing other people again, to help you with your shoe, this file, you can’t get by with the…

I give a what about… And so if we relied again on your independence and only you Demetrio fix this… Yes, that’s all you’ve got.

You didn’t have a low gun in your best…

I, I did not… The Tata, I know blonde women actually on a donated…

I mean, the tree, she… I swear her bag as Marianas, he then girl has everybody you could ever need it on A… And we were… We were trying one day to open a wine bottle at a meeting, it went right now I like it A… And they were literally getting a screw driver, and I was like, Y’all, this is really sad right now that this is like… It’s so important.Girl walks in, he’s… We’re like, Hey, do you a line battle over said, Oh yeah, here you go, this…

We are… You want to be in a…

I like that.

No. Okay, maybe we’re gonna have a different conversation, but it’s just really on to know, you have to rely on other people, and when I tried to do it, so and I tried to…

I was completely where I wanted to be. Completely alone.

So when I fell, you earned, I was completely alone and so rebuilding… And this is what the conversation we were having at Port, I value my relationships so much in such a different way than I ever did because I’ve shown up that to them, totally different than how I ever showed up to a relationship and time… You do so well in relation, I’m honored that I can call you a friend and sister, you do very well with it, and I love the relationship that we get to grow with… Yeah, so it’s pretty being… See what? I got a A at that. Yeah, I love it, it’s so good. So we could literally sit here and talk forever and we can’t, but I, I… But I do, I wanna touch base on a couple of things… Okay, one, where can people find you? How can they get in touch with you at… So to me, just in out com, you can see a couple of things at least know about me, and then all my social media… I’m very active on social media, desert on Instagram and Twitter, I’m not good on tote, but I’m gonna get better.

But a Facebook is to meet your songs, and I have a public page and then I have a personal page that I just honestly share everything from the public, but… So it’s just like I don’t really do anything on that, a probe as a antalya, everything is on the poorest… The teacher… One thing, you could put the light button, that’s the public bath, so… Yeah, so that’s where people can find me and like whatever I’m doing… Yeah, and we have… You have a local event coming up, I do, I’m super excited because Regent University, as seen with Ashley, who is an amazing individual in a friend of mine, she is hosting an event call uncooked, and last year she did an event as well and brought some people in to interview them. And now it’s like Punahou world or trying to show where you can have purity, but this event specifically focuses on that with pornography and things of that nature, and so how can you be pure and when it’s always coming at you in every light or every one. Every outlet media is coming on to, and so it is going to be junior 17 at 70 PM after they’re gonna have a panel, I’m gonna just say, I don’t know if you guys know these people. Chat Smith, Richard de la Mora, Bethany de Lamar. Frank Meadows, sharing metal, he’s local and an amazing author and yeah, just amazing to… And Jessica Harris is going to be on the panel.

But after the panel, this is really cool, everybody’s gonna be together. I’m just gonna get that after the panel there, one break up in sessions of with just the men and then the women, and I get to be a part of that portion of the women where I’m leading worship, and I have a friend, learn able, who’s coming to play in a good friend in the eastern a she who is going to be singing with me and we get to do worship and through that, they’re gonna have a ministry time, we gonna ask questions, so actually have prayer or just conversations. That’s going to help you actually. It’s not just, Let’s have the discussion. It’s after the discussion. Let’s heal.

So you’re not just going out there in the world, I just thinking… And so you can go to a key social media, you can find it that way, or you can go to CBN or region university and get more information, I’m gonna be posting about that even more, and then after that… I have something at the end of the month, 26 and the first of February, I’m gonna be a river bencher once for a woman’s event in the day time, which will be the first and mentor having a worship night, and I get to lead worship there, and I’m really excited about those.

Those are the things that are coming up in January. And I one post on a post about my Canada on… I normally have my dates to the domes, all over the place, all over the map, honestly, which is so… And right now, I’m looking vicariously through you when you go to other countries, but I know that that’s gonna change, so I… In the taounate guess he’s always excited about it, and I was just in Mexico, but I’m looking to go to a place to a super pumped about that.

So that… Do something. alongside you in the coming years.

Oh yeah, I was gonna get… So can I share one more thing?

There’s something that’s coming up and would love for anybody who feels like they wanna partner with me in this capacity, I’m going to Eleanor in the market.

Yeah, I know, I’m glad you Walter else out on Mark and we’re raising the funds to go to El Sauer submissions trip, ministry, chichim.

So we’re going there, and so raising funds we have already with on a super God is so good, and people that have been there have been very generous, but we’ve raised already 10-070, and we raised… We’re getting to 30-9300955 was the goal. And so now we only have 2000 something left, which I’m super gate, which there was a only been to post about it because we’ve been so busy with other things, so I’m really grateful for that. So how you can partner, you can definitely pray for us, really, those who feel led to please pray for us going and pray for it at the heart of Christ, be now that people really know that there’s love out there and that there’s answers for them through the loving Christ, the presence.

Yeah, and the prices on all of us, and we will be very sensitive to them, that’s important in the second, if you want to give a capacity of monetary, nothing’s too small, you can go to loot Com and they’re more information on that or you can cash up L, the dollar sign by… You give me all those I… Yeah, I guess I… Yeah, I can do… Okay, the seashore listening, you can go into show notes and get all of the links for… We’re in by Demetrio. All of that information, I am super pumps, I likely will be at the UN-hooked event, so I’m excited to… So you guys there. And it’s just such a pleasure any time we have a conversation to go on forever and in so many different directions, and the fact that all of those things just aligned is just another… A reminder like God, the only dog.

Because literally, we don’t prep for these conversations, we don’t know where they’re gonna go, it’s whatever is like spirit-led and so it’s so good to have you here and I’m grateful to learn just from the hour that we were together, but every time… So I love you so and I.

I came and I’m your kitten paid posts, and I am so excited to just be here to share with you other movers, streamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, pastors, whatever, if you got a head and you got a hard… I’m so excited to explore, that is who you are and discover your wholeness, your health, your wealth… Well, and your joy, I love to Zoo happiness. I want people to know that this is not… This came at trial, you guys, this came with a lot of effort, I came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience those together. This is a real community, a dreamer, and I’m excited to help catapult your calling your keeper, the purpose of your infant or wherever, however that is. So come on for the ride. I am excited to chat with you a comment review in museum in email.

It’s me responding, even though I have an incredible team, and so I’m just excited to get to know you. Let’s connect plus get me be, and let’s walk in or call in

#activateyourdream #dreaming #goddream #podcast

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