• Tamra Andress

Inspiring Honey with Founder Gabrielle Wescoe

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to Gabrielle (Gab) Wescoe from Inspiring Honey. This 22-year old just blessed my socks off with her testimony and sweet words. She has been through trials, but she has come out even stronger in her faith and full of joy.

Key Takeaways

What is Inspiring Honey all about?

Her testimony and life

How holistic health has changed her life

All about her new book

About Gab:

Gab is a wife, mother, childhood cancer survivor, entrepreneur, national public speaker, writer, and mentor.

Her testimony is one filled with God's redemptive grace. Her story is one that showcases how God can take any situation and turn ashes into beauty.

At the age of 10 Gab was diagnosed with cancer, which was a catalyst to the Lord opening doors and showing her true calling. From her cancer diagnosis, the Lord planted seeds of faith in her heart that grew strong and gave her perspective and maturity beyond her years.

At 15 Gabrielle started her first company which grew to have products sold in stores across the USA. At 19 Gabrielle founded her second LLC and ministry designed to give women the tools they need to fully live out the calling God has for them and inspire them to speak with intention.

Today Gabrielle is still working to make an impact in the lives of others through Inspiring Honey.

She is married to the Love of her life, Ethan, and the mother to two beautiful children

Where to Find Gab:

Show Notes: Inspiring Honey from Founder Gabrielle Wescoe

Tamra Andress

Holy connection today is so good, Gabrielle's Wescoe from Inspiring Honey, it's not just her name, it's just not her voice even or her heartbeat, because she is so sweet, sweet, sweet. But it is her testimony. It is the truth of every part of her life. She had trials. You guys, she was ten years old and she had cancer and she is 22 today. She has had two businesses since the age of 15.

She is a momma of two and a wife to one, and she's still just exuding joy. And I say still I mean, that's a lot of blessings in the midst of all of those things that I just said. But I am just honored, honored to stand with her in the partnership of alignment, in the knowing the importance of mind, body and soul alignment, connection, gifting, serving. She does all of these things day in and day out, and she does it with the sweetest honey like spirit.

So I hope that you just enjoy this entire conversation. She even gives us some incredible nuggets on how we can get aligned. How she got aligned, and how you can stay connected further with her new book that's coming out. And it might be out by the time you hear this podcast. So be sure to check it out all about social media, which sounds contrary to Inspiring Honey, but I know there's going to be some Jesus gems in there.

So enjoy today. Gab is what she goes by for sure, which I totally love, because when I was little, the name that I chose when I played house was Gabriella, but you can call me Gabby. So no Gabby. Just Gab, but sweet, sweet, sweet. She's got the gift of gab, as you're going to find out real quick.

All right, y'all blessings. Enjoy.

This is your God wink the moment that heaven says for such a time as this, it's time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover your wealth, and exude your wholeness. It's time to become truly fit. However, this isn't a fitness podcast, though I'm a retired personal trainer and nutritionist. This isn't business jargon or tips and tricks to landing your successful passion project, though that's totally why I'm a business coach. This isn't a quick fix health detox ploy, though I'm all for therapy and I love Whole Foods. I do have a YOLO side sweet tooth though. So this isn't confusing religious banter, though I'm an ordained minister still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus. It's really none of that. So I'm wondering if you're wondering what is this? Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you fellow passionate seekers. The Fit in Faith movement was birthed through my own trial and error discovery of mind, body and soul alignment. And to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash and burn experiences. I've learned firsthand that being fit isn't about our physique at all. It's not about our qualifying abilities or titles. It's not about our potential. It's truly about our God gifted passions, meeting our purpose. You are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you want to call it and I want to be there for the moment that you say yes in freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit in who and whose you were made to be. Welcome to the Fit in Faith Podcast with me Tamra Andress. There is no better time than now to get fit.

OK, that just made me so happy.

Gab Wescoe

The music had me like dancing. I was holding it back.

Tamra Andress

I was like, this is so good. I don't know what's going on, but I'm so excited! This conversation is going to be so good and I am so blessed to have you here today in the midst of all the things that you have going on, which you guys it's a lot, right? So she's got a five month old and a two year old. That's intense in and of itself. And that does not define you, which I'm so grateful that there's more to that story.

But it is such a sweet time frame for us to just be in existence, to be a mom. Right. Like, it's such a treasure. How are you holding up?

Gab Wescoe

Well, it is such a blessing. I have always wanted to have kids. I've always known that I wanted to be a mom. And that's always been a huge priority for me. And thankfully, my husband is such an amazing dad and he grew up with tons of siblings. So having him and having his experience as an amazing father has just helped me as a mom so much.

Tamra Andress

I love that and I agree. I concur. If you have a partner in that process that well, they don't always have to love the infant stage because most guys have a hard time like in that connection. My husband's a baby whisperer. So literally, when my girlfriends will come over with newborns, he's like, I've got them. Because you just see in a mom's like face, especially in this age that you're in, they just we just need some space, sometimes.

So I'm so grateful that your husband is in partnership with you in that regard, because it's a special thing to have. You guys, I haven't even told you her name. You guys don't even know who she is.

You're just some cute little Auburn. OK, I like it. But she's so much more than just a mom. She's so much more than just an Auburn. Gabrielle actually started her first business when she was fifteen. And I know we have a huge sector of entrepreneurs that listen to this podcast. And so I can't wait to just dove into that conversation alone. She also started her second company when she was nineteen and a ministry. She loves Jesus. She is an author, a national public speaker, a writer, a mentor, and something that I know is not the only part of who you are, but probably something you talk about often is that you are a childhood cancer survivor. So, Gabrielle, it's amazing to have you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And I just want to drop one more thing. Everything that she's done and the way that I discovered her is through her company called Inspiring Honey. And when I first got representation, excuse me, of the name, I'm like comprehending what does this mean and how is it relevant to you?

Because it means something to me. And I can't wait to just unpack that and hear hear so much more about the starting point to your life.

Gab Wescoe

Thank you, though, is such a sweet like intro. I really appreciate it.

Tamra Andress

So tell me all the things. Where do you want to jump in? What part of that bio kind of struck you in this moment? I am. I'm very much like just on the cuff. I want us to just get to know each other and showcase your heart and your life to to the people who are listening.

Gab Wescoe

I guess I'll start a little bit where it all started for me and for my faith and for my businesses. It all started back in 2008 when I was ten years old and I was diagnosed with cancer. As you can imagine, that's a huge impact. That's a huge moment that can either impact you for good or for bad. So when I was going through cancer, I was super, super sick. There are times when the doctors told my parents to say goodbye to me.

I watch a lot of my friends pass away dealing with the same thing that I was. So God really started putting roots of faith in my heart that and from that experience, God led me to that, pursuing him and started opening all these doors that led me to where I am today and what he's doing with my work in this current season. That's amazing.

And and to know to in the process of that, like you were watching other people past, like, where was your faith and how is it being tested in the in the process? Because was there that fear of what if what if it is me or did you feel like a sense of peace?

I definitely felt a sense of peace. So I actually was on a podcast over the summer and I had a conversation with somebody about dying specifically. And I remember being I think I was 11 years old at this point, sitting at my kitchen table with my homebound tutor. And I sat there and I said to her, this is right after one of my best friends had passed. I said, you know what? I'm not scared of dying. I can't wait to see this.

And that is something that the much younger child version of myself said that really sticks with me and something that I pray that I'm always going to be able to keep and and growing in my faith. And that time is really when I was most rooted in most fearless and most bold, because I really believe that when we're at our lowest, God is able to work on us. So, so much. So good.

This is golden. I hope you have. I had to pull out my notebook over here and take notes because you. You have like a sense of of wisdom about you at such a young age, but additionally, there's just this I feel.

And since your piece like through the screen, you guys, it's it's really tangible and it kind of parallels in a way that I didn't know it would to the concept of honey and like the almost like the healing balm. Right. That that God provides to us when he comes in intimately and can soothe every sector of our lives. So you said when you were there at that stage, you were the most fearless as you've gotten older. You know, it's like a common thread in people's lives that they become less fearless.

They don't want to go out surfing anymore. My story, because, like, scares me. What if I fall? If I crack my head was the board hits me. And I didn't have that fear when I was younger. What if I get a car accident when I leave? What if when I'm on the airplane I can't see my kids anymore? Do you feel like that growth, that aging and perhaps even just the state of motherhood that you're in, has that implanted any sense of fear?


I think I think mostly that has come from motherhood because I am so pretty. I'm pretty young. And when I look at people that I went to school with and grew up with, they're still in a completely different stage mostly than what I am because I'm only twenty two. So my kids and being a mother has definitely employees. I don't want to see fear, maybe anxiety or anxiety in me and a lot more worry over what I do, which can be good, but it also can definitely hold me back a lot more than it used to.

Yeah, that makes total sense. I'm curious in what that lifestyle is like in those shifts that have been made, being a mother so young and kind of having that sense of wisdom really early because you you hit what most people would say would be like their midlife crisis. Right? I claim a quarterlife crisis. So I was a bit older than you, but also younger than most. And I'm so at this point grateful in my life that I hit that roadblock early so that I could help serve and be a part of the kingdom and invested in my own well-being sooner, knowing my identity.

Do you feel like cancer was a part of understanding who God sees you as, that identity piece? And how has that added to where you are today? Oh, one hundred percent.

If I did not have cancer, I do not think I would be strong in my faith. I don't think I would be where I'm at. I honestly. Well, I know that God is sovereign. We know that he ordained it for a purpose. And I've never, ever once doubted that and ever question that. That was ultimately supposed to be part of my story just for me to be able to be humbled and point people to the cross, which is just so incredible.

And and one thing I always talk about is just how no matter what we're going through and I know you can talk to this to you, that within our pain there is so much purpose and its purpose that goes beyond us, its purpose that ultimately serves the kingdom.

Yeah, that's amazing. When people ask you questions and I know this is something that happens a lot, like why me when there's that cancer that hits or why would God let this happen? And you said it really beautifully. This is the reason that I am able to stand in my identity today and stand in this intimacy with God because I pursued him in a different way than you would have as a ten year old. I'd I definitely wasn't pursuing God when I was ten.

So I wish I was I wish I knew him. I wish I was implanted in an environment that allowed me to do that, but I just wasn't. So how do you help people through that now?

I think that's a really tough question. I honestly think that one of the ways that we can help people through anything is just by pointing them back to the cross and just by saying, hey, look, we know God is sovereign and we know that life on Earth is going to it's going to stink, right. Like our time here is going to be like troubles. We're going to have lots of troubles. We know that. The scripture tells us that.

We know scripture doesn't tell us. As a Christian, we're going to have an easy life. We're getting everything we want. It actually warns us that life is going to be harder when we're living for Jesus. So that's how I really mentor people in that area. And I say, listen, like your life is going to be tough here, but you have God who brings you the most peace and the most comfort and the most joy. And that's firm foundation.

You can cling on to you and then also cling on to the hope of eternity being imperfect, peace and basically Jesus. Even just saying that brings me this sense of warmth and chose love so good.

It's so true to because looking at my kiddos and knowing that they know Jesus in a way that I didn't know Jesus when I was their age, it brings me a lot of peace and it brings me like that sense of prosperity here on Earth, knowing that there is a deposit into them, regardless if I was to not be here tomorrow or I was, I'm with them every step of the way. So I'm curious, how did it affect your parents in that process?

And and who who do they are they Christian? Are that were they Christian at the time, what did that look like? It definitely affected my parents. So my dad is a Catholic and he grew up Catholic and my mom is a Christian. And my mom really started reading her Bible and bringing her Bible to us. And my mom really meant taught us a lot in her faith, but so did my dad. And during that time, it brought my whole family.

I think I don't want to speak for my parents because I was only 10. I don't know where they were spiritually, but I think it really brought home to them. And I think it really brought their relationship with God to a forefront in their life. And I know that impacted them so much to have a deeper appreciation for God and just a closeness with Jesus.

So you're so young and you saw, obviously, marriage example through a really hard trial in their life. Right. And they still they're still together today.

Yes, they are. And so, like, I love that that emulation of you being able to step into that identity and marriage. I want to hear like, what was it like meeting your husband? That sounds so amazing. And like, how did you guys meet and how did you end up together so young? Like people I know who are in their 40s are still looking for that perfect love. And obviously perfect love is only from God himself.

But like this perfect match, I guess I should say.

Yes, I can 100 percent say that my husband is a perfect match for me.

It is so funny, your husband. But I was put on one situations.

Your sound is like, holy gee, maybe it's my headphones. Keep going. Can you hear me? I can hear you.

OK, but what I was saying is now is my husband and I have been married. We've been married two years now. So as we've grown in our marriage, maybe you can relate to this with your husband. But it's so funny because we'll be thinking the same thing at the same exact time. And one of us will say it and be like, well, I was about to say that. I was just thinking that. And it happens all the time.

And my husband and I work together now, so it's happening even even more. But the story of how we met was super, super cool. So we had gone to a church together, but I had started going that summer. My husband had been there for years his whole life, and he was really involved in the worship team. Anyway, I started fresh out of high school, about to go into college. I started going to the young adult college group and there is a summer pool party.

Did not expect my husband Ethan to be there. He showed up, he played his guitar, led worship that night. And I was like, oh, he's really cute. He got my Snapchat and we started Snapchat and he got my Instagram. We started Dmae and then we hung out a few times at an adult group and he actually invited himself over to my house to teach me how to play guitar. I never learned how to play guitar. Still have no idea.

I know like one or two. But long story short, we ended up hanging out every single day after that. And it was just so clear in our relationship that it was a God thing because he was definitely pursuing me. I definitely had a lot of feelings for him and it just naturally happened. It just kept progressing and God kept pushing us together.

That is so amazing. I mean, this week he is twenty two as well.

He just turned 22 this February evening. I am so excited for you to like just consistently example, like a marriage rooted. Right. And and again, my story is very different than that. And so I'm eagerly expected and prayerful that my sweet Waverly and my sweet Cooper will have a similar situation in scenario. How did your parents feel when you were like, we're getting married and you're twenty?

Well, our I don't know if you know this, but our testimony is kind of crazy because we actually so we got pregnant before we were married.

It's a huge wrench in things. And it was a very crazy time. There was a lot of emotions, a lot going on there. And obviously we had to walk through a huge season of repentance. We actually walked through a season of repentance and then we started going to our church, which is our home church that I had been going to previously. It's meaning my husband, Ethan, I was able to get baptized. There are our pastor who married us, actually walked through the same thing with his wife sixteen years prior.

And so it was such a God thing that that pastor, Pastor Matthew, was in our life at that point. And to be able to pour into us and help us walk through that and see an example and see like, hi, I'm a pastor now. I have four kids, my wife and I love Jesus. We repented and he he ended up marrying us. That's our home church still. And God has been able to work so much and just remind me of his redemption through my son Caden and through our marriage.


That is beautiful. And I. I love that you pursued even still, because I feel like there could have been and I'm speculating here with the shift in church and things like that, some rejection or some abandonment based on this choice and this new identity that you had as a prospective mom.

Yeah, it was definitely a very hard season. I can say that I witnessed a lot of people respond to us in ways that was very unloving. It was really lonely. And it was probably one of the hardest times in my life. I would even say it was probably harder than going through cancer because of the shame, because of the ridicule, because of the comments we heard and because of everything that was going on. But still through it, God was so good and he put so many people in our life to witness to us, especially my mother in law and my father in law, they all through the same thing.

They actually had my husband before they were married and they are so strong in their faith. And my mother in law just prayed over me and showed me so much love. And it was just God just did such an amazing thing with the people he put in our lives. Wow.

And even that like for them to be able to witness that and then to be able to help you guys walk through, I mean, that's literally the point of our testimony, right, is that we go through these trials, we go through these tests so that we have a testimony that can not just serve the people horizontality, but serves the kingdom in the name of Jesus, because that that points to him in every single step of the way to say, I have somebody already planted for you to pray for.

You have somebody who is already going to catch you when you fall. I somebody is already going to protect you when they say something different. And so I love that that part of your story. And I think specifically speaking from the church. Right. And the church being the little church, I heard a pastor yesterday call it church unity versus Christianity because oftentimes people will hate on Christianity because the church is, if you will, are not kind. And it's that imperfection in humanity that provides this understanding in this blanket that that Christians are bad and therefore Christianity is bad and therefore God is bad and people will run.

They'll run from church. And I have this exact example happened to me. And so I totally parallel in that I didn't get pregnant. However, I was a senior in high school and I was living out trying to pursue Jesus. I was in the leader and young life organization. I'm not sure if you're familiar with that or not. And so, I mean, I was helping lead worship and Bible studies and all of these things. And simultaneously I was living in the shadows and somebody called me out on it.

And instead of just like being what they call us to do and talk to them directly right in the Bible, it says to go to your brother and sister and first have a conversation and confront something before going and telling the world about it. Well, the world was told by School of two thousand found out about it. I ended up losing all my friends almost like a couple months before graduation. I actually was demoted from every responsibility and young life and completely left isolated.

Not one leader pursued me to pray over me, to do those things, to try and catch me from the fall. Right. And I felt completely abandoned in the midst of that. I actually didn't tell my parents about it at all because I knew what they would think if I continued to hang out with the people that I was hanging out with who are happy to have me run back to them when the other people who should have been stating and claiming my identity left me in the dark.

And so I need people to know and to hear this message to the storyline of both of our stories that it's not God and it's not the church who is hurting you or who has hurt you or who will who will hurt you.

Because I'm not perfect. I can surely say that I have to catch my words sometimes or my emotions or my quick judgments. Right. We are always becoming we are always in this path of becoming more like Jesus. And that doesn't call us to perfectionism. It calls them to us to be more like Christ. But Christ is the only thing perfect. And so if you're putting your hope in a church, you're in a house or in a denomination, there will be brokenness in that denomination and there will be religion in that denomination.

God didn't come here for religion.

He came here to love then. So I hear you when you have that you one thing that came to my mind and I'm so thankful that I heard this sermon early on, even before all this happened, I was able to carry through with me is that our church is not a home or a Jeffrey Barker. I always see names wrong person. I don't know if anybody watches Christian videos. You'll know it's spoken word. But anyway, he he did this spoken word video and he said that church is not a museum for perfect people.

It's a hospital for the broken. And I always have that with me. And when I started going through what I went through and. I had a home, my husband's home church, and the people on there react and not such a loving way and felt that shame and felt that criticism and didn't have anyone reach out. But we had another church who I had been going to who God had ordained for us to have our home church and be mentored by and to be poured into like that's the Christianity that Jesus wants us to have.

Those are the people that Jesus wants us to be. Like when you're going through a hard time, if you want somebody that's going to love you like Jesus, you want someone to say, hey, this is a sin. This is not how you're supposed to do it and help you change. You don't want somebody to shun you and then walk away. So I think it's important to note that one person is called out. And when we realize, oh, I messed up, we have to walk away from it like Jesus talked to the woman at the well and she was sitting and he told her, go and sin no more.

He didn't condemn her. He just told her, don't continue in your sin, walk away from it and walk in the light and go and walk freely.

And I love you even still. Right? Like he loved you through it. He'll love you through it. He's always loved you and he always will. And I think that's the the abundance factor of being able to be inside of his perfect love. And still the recognition that that church. Right. Or young life, the organization, they're not they're not wrong. Like what their mission is and their vision and their values are good and they're rooted and they're founded.

It's, again, the people holding the torch. Right. And so it's the understanding, too, that there's probably conviction in those pastors or those people or whomever was a part of that organization that now sees you continuing to thrive, continuing to be in God's fruitfulness. Right. And seeing your family just restored and also serving in the same exact thing. So.

All right, quick pause, I love that you're tuning into this show, really, your shares, your subscribers and reviews, even your listeners mean a ton to me personally and honestly to all of us who put these shows out weekly for your listening pleasure.

But are you ready?

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Tell us about flip it up here a little bit. Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey, because right now, you, sir, from a place of love, you serve from a place of just deposit and peace and that joy that you sense in her spirit, that's what she does with inspiring honey. But take us back to the first business when you were 15 and how you decided to say yes to that.

OK, so the first business started when I was fifteen, like you said. So at that point, I was already public speaking. I was getting asked to be on TV shows, to public speak. I was a writer, so I got asked to write for the Huffington Post, like out of the blue. I wasn't out of the blue. Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks wave had heard my story and wanted me to be featured on it was called Stories of Strength or something like that.

And then I wrote for that got featured on the Huffington Post. They asked me to start being a blogger for them, started writing for them, and this whole time I loved business. My family goes back five generations in business, so I just have that entrepreneurial spirit in me. I love it. My husband actually just got him into entrepreneurship. He loves it. It is so ingrained within my family for generations and then now my current family, the four of us.

But anyway, so my sister, my sister and I started a business together because when I had cancer, I was really into natural beauty products. I am now a certified holistic nutritionist and everything you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. So at that point we are making a bunch of products and somebody said to us, why don't you sell them? So we're like, OK, so we started, started thinking about it, went to the drawing board and we formed an LLC, started selling our products at Farmer's Markets on our website, just like random things.

And then eventually it like exploded. We got put in Whole Foods, we got brand reps. We were in stores. I think by the time that I left the company, I think we're almost every store or every state across the nation in stores. So it had grown exponentially. And I started my second company at nineteen, which is inspiring, honey. And basically when I started it, I just wanted to be a place for people to see Jesus.

And I started sharing online. I started sharing about Jesus. Eventually I started getting brand deals and I was like, OK, I can do this. I see that God is going to bless this to become my full time. So through that I started doing that, I started doing business coaching, inspiring how Honey became an LLC and today inspiring Honey is a ministry and we help women and their everyday lives. We help them live inspired. I actually have a book coming out next Friday at the end.

Well, it's actually in the beginning of April, we have our own line of essential rollers coming out to help people and it is just so, so cool. We have been inspiring honey shop. I could talk on and on about it.

So I am my brain is all business all the time. I get to help build it too. And so. When I'm hearing is like, oh, what are you going to do, this is going to do this, I have so many ideas and so many thoughts to take that conversation off line. But if we were alive coaching right now, it would be a good story. And I would be asking you about membership. I would be asking you about a potential app.

I would be asking you about like a series of books that's probably and should come out. I'm so curious. Like, what is the vision? What is the dream that guides deposited as the long term? Knowing that you're so young, do you even like can you even see that. Yeah.

So long term. I really would love to have a membership site. That's something that we're actually working on and we'll hopefully be done by the summer. I want to continue writing. I want to continue a series of books in public speaking, and I really love to have a conference as well as have these natural products in stores across the United States again. And I really just want also to you, part of our mission is to inspire women to just grow in their faith and inspire.

Honey comes from the Bible verse Proverbs 16. Twenty four. Kind words are really sweet to the soul and soothing to the body. So add inspiring. Honey, we not only deal with your soul, your heart, we also deal with your body. So as a cancer survivor, I feel and as a nutritionist, I know how important it is to have natural products. And a lot of companies out there are just greenwashing. They're slapping labels on giving tags to things that are actually really harming people.

So that's another part of our mission that we're really going for it in this year.

That's huge and so critical. I was in a very interesting clubhouse room the other day. Are you in clubhouse yet?

I'm not, but I've been hearing so much about it. You've got to. You've got to. You've got to. You've got to not only from your story, but your passion and your mission. You connect with so, so many incredible people. If you need an invitation, you've got like seven. I think. So I'll tell you afterwards and get in line.

I will, because it's transformed by business. It's transformed my day.

I literally am part of a moderation room called Breakfast with Champions. And today, in fact, we are dropping a flash mob. It's going to be the first ever virtual flash mob. I got to help orchestrate it with an incredible choreographer, a local and musician who created the song. And it's amazing. And it's a God centered message that we have millions of viewers and tech talkers who are going to be seeing and experiencing this viral video. The reason I tell you this is because clubhouse specifically has opened this just ability and doorway for people like you to come in, to get investors to share, to showcase, but also to propel.

And I just believe that God is utilizing the space in the app and the people to just really support one another. And I can see it through the vision of what you have to come and what you currently have going on. You definitely should go immediately.

I wanted to and I download the app and said mentation. I was like, oh, that is where they're not intending to be like a cool kids club.

But right now it's iPhone users only. We know they're cooler than everyone. Sorry, guys, love you. Android users. And also only two percent of all social media users are currently on the on the app, which is mind boggling to me. But I'm telling you, girl, all everyone that I've met that I've actually developed actual relationships with not just like a one time D.M. They are so like spirit lead. And I'm like, what's happening? Jesus like, come on.

I actually had a gal recently who was not in her face who said this statement. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on it, knowing like the reality and the potential of your business and how you guys operate online. She said, what if the second coming? What if Jesus had this plan and that the Internet is the second coming?

I was like, what? First off, I don't even know what to say to that. But second off, I know that part of his mission in the process of the second coming is that every nation will hear right. Every I will see and every nation will hear the goodness of his name and have access to who he is. And the Internet is is the thing that's making that happen. And I really believe if there are people like you in a space like this, we have the ability to touch souls.

I don't agree.

I am excited for you. I didn't mean to take a clubhouse tangent. We derailed, but it's so powerful and specifically around the entrepreneurial sector of what it is that you do and the mission behind inspiring. Honey, I had a question as you were sharing your story around the business. That was when you were 15.

Is that still operating or was that sold or is your sister running?

That my sister runs it completely. So you're saying she's still running it operating and it's doing great? I just stepped away from it. And what I do feel to. Know what my husband does full time is inspiring, honey. That's amazing. So tell me more, because one of the things that I'm really passionate about is the mind body, which you've also share and spirit alignment, like having this vertical knowing of self and health before you try to activate to the world, to the population, to horizontal giving.

That ends up being horizontal taking when you're depositing negativity. Right. So tell me about obviously we know from a health perspective, from cancer, there was a lot of healing in that process. What more have you unpacked in that process of not just maika, but how about mental health and things like that?

Oh, one hundred percent. I much so, so much. I've recently finished my certification and holistic nutrition, which is something that was huge for me.

I actually finished my test and got certified last week, which was a new war and that's like a supersonic speed. I love it.

Yeah. So that's one thing my husband I joke about all the time. We just we feel like God has put our life on a fast track and the opportunities he's given us and the joys he's given to us, we're just going to keep going.

And he we actually had a conversation this morning and I was like, how come so many people don't like work or don't want to don't think that they can pursue certain things or how how come so many people have so many ideas but they don't act on it? And he was like, it's just your mindset. It's just where you're putting your hope. And I was like, wow, that is such a great reminder. It is our mindset. We're going back to your question about how so in holistic health and through my courses, we were taught that your body, if your mind, body, spirit and your soul and God literally made so much for us to be healthy.

He gave us herbs. He gave us essential oils. He gave us plants to cure our bodies. Literally, when you get a pharmaceutical drug, it is derived from a plant. It's just this synthetic version of a plant. So when we all know corn sirup is terrible and corn sirup is literally fake sugar derived from a strawberry or a blueberry, and that's how drugs are. And I'm not saying that you should never take drugs or drugs or terrible drugs saved my life, but I'm saying that there's so much benefit and there's so much power to be unlocked with herbs and oils.

And it doesn't have to be this new agey thing because it's not new and it is from the Lord. And when we're using it to honor him and glorify him and we know that these are gifts from him, we can use them. And I know as a Christian, a lot of the times are like, oh, holistic, that's new agey. I'm like, no, no, no, no, no. We're about Jesus and we're about things Jesus has given us.

It's so true.

And I'm like, I am trying to say still, because I need to say on the screen and inside of this tiny box that I want to just like jump up and down is you jumping jacks, because this is like such a hard message of mine in the understanding that the woo woo stuff is a lie. It's the enemy has taken what is already designed by God because everything is here and implanted from a Holy Spirit deposit and something negative, just like we talked about the very beginning, the human, the imperfect human has take it and twisted and changed what was originally good.

And yesterday I had on an incredible pastor. You've got to check out Myron Golden. He was amazing. He blew my mind a whiteboard up on the podcast, first whiteboard experience I had. I was taking like pages of notes. I'm like, holy God. He's like, is this OK? I'm like, keep going.

And he taught us all about how gold is actually mentioned eight times in Genesis. And people have destroyed and disrupted money as a thing of evil.

When it was actually first called Good God made it good and he said gold is good. And so he gave it and deposited it to his people. And it was just amazing to unlock the fact that the things that you you two are talking about, even this holistic understanding manifestation, God's idea, it's in the Bible, there's literally manifestation terms, phraseology actually in the Bible. Meditation, meditate on my word does not say that. Right. All these things, energy or how do you think we're here?

Like the all of the things are established by God for God's purpose. And yet it's just been misconstrued. And that's what the enemy that's his that's his role. That's Dark Angel. That is Satan's literal only identity is to mess things up because that's what he's done with his own life. And so as you were speaking and I love, love, love the conversation that you and your husband were having this morning, that's powerful, impactful. That conversation alone could be an entire podcast.

But it made me realize this quote that I had said earlier and I wanted to bring it back. I was processing some information about being humble and also being an alpha and an alpha, being connected to the Alpha and the Omega and what that looks like when we establish our identity in him. And it says when you know your identity, you can identify the. Purpose in your placement and your path? When you know your identity, you can identify the purpose in your placement and your path, and so what I mean by that is the reason you have this supernatural fuel, the reason you have your health, and the reason that God has given you this gift not only of your family and the sweetness of what it is, but of inspiring honey, of your legacy of cancer, pain and and purpose and passion all have a reason is because he is your energy source.

He's the one connecting you to every open door at a supersonic speed and giving you the energy to show up well for it. However, as a nutritionist, I know you can partner with me in this is if you were to take that authority and that that path and you were to be depositing McDonald's simultaneously, what would be happening right now?

Yeah, it's it's kinda it's just like the idea of garbage in, garbage out. We know that when we watch garbage, when we listen to garbage is going to come out through our mouth. We were just finishing the last and it's over my book. And I talk about this a lot in my book. It's actually about social media, but I talk a lot about what's influencing us. And and just as important as it is to be mindful of what we're taking in spiritually, it's so important to be mindful of what we're taking in physically digesting.

We are consumers, right? We consume this conversation. Anybody listening to this is a consumer. They're listening to us. They're being influence even if they think this conversation is going to affect me. Yes, it is everything you listen to, everything you watch, it's going to affect you, everything you eat, even on a cellular level, your body breaks up that food on a cellular level. So you got to be responsible. You have to be a good steward of your health spiritually, mentally and physically.

Oh, gosh.

All this is like literally the Fit in Faith Podcast is made for this. Literally. This is the deposit of my spirit is the reason I go on international retreats with women to give them the time out and the recognition that this is all connected. You are not a different like your arm doesn't exist on the other side of the room. Your leg doesn't exist in your bed while you're out and about walking around. Right. Like we are a body. We are a vessel.

We have purpose in this placement. Wherever you are listening to this, whether you're running, whether you're driving in the car, whether you're taking a bath, whether you're trying to work, and you should be focused on your work and you're doing this instead. I love you. I appreciate your listenership. But listen, you cannot be an incongruent being. Our wholeness exist in the physicality, the mentality and the social emotional well-being, the spirituality of who you are.

And if there's no separate, there's no separateness, when there are separateness, there is failure. When there are separateness, there is pain. When there are separateness, there is sickness. When there is separateness, there is a lot of things that you don't want to experience that it sounds like from your life story and mine.

We have. And so we're literally telling you, if you are in a place where you're like, I can't figure this thing out, I don't have energy, I don't have hope, I don't have I don't have light. I don't have I don't know what this path looks like. We're telling you a couple of things. One, not to have fear, but to also understand that you have to get into alignment for there to be this supernatural flow that you're witnessing in the life of Gabb and the life of myself right now.

Not perfect flow, not perfect. I'm becoming every single day.

I do have water and vegetables, literally, and hour. So you're proud of me? I know you're proud of me, but I'm there and I'm really sad about that. I'm trying I need to not drink out of plastic. But regardless, it's the recognition that everything you do, every single thing you do matters. Yes. It has it has an impact and it has an impact that lasts far beyond us, it has an impact that lasts into the kingdom.

That's another thing that I was writing in my book, and I was rereading it yesterday for the final edit. And just like, wow, OK.

Like what I wrote here about our words lasting into the kingdom, we know that the Bible tells us one day we're going to be face to face with Jesus and he's going to ask us, God is going to hold us accountable for every action, every word, every it says, every word and everything we do we have to be accountable for.

And we have to understand that we are children of God and God is so great and he is so awesome. And he's given us a responsibility as his children to steward his gifts. Well, our bodies are a gift. Our bodies are literally temples from him. Our health is a gift. Even knowing the Holy Spirit and having the Holy Spirit in us is such a such a gift and we have to be stewarding it well. And if we think that we can be lazy about it or we're just kind of on the fence about it, taking care of one part by not taking care of the other, then we have to really step back and say, how are we doing what the Lord gave us?

Like how are we treating what he gave us with honor and with glory to honor him?

It makes me think of this analogy that I had one time of, like, OK, everybody is talking to like, you're welcome at my table. That's like everybody saying right now, come take a seat at my table. And I love it. I love I'm a host at my heart. And so I love to do that. I'm at breakfast of champions. They talk about being at the table every single day. I honor it. However, I have this perspective, just like the final supper, right.

Is the last supper. The final supper is you have this table and you're when you welcome Jesus to it. And I'm talking about your physical table in your home. If you were to have him sit down, what did you eat for dinner last night? Are you feeding it to Jesus like Jesus himself? Imagine if he came into your kitchen. This is not that I'm telling you to practice this meditation. Right, that so that you can manifest something different for your future, because I would guarantee that a majority of people wouldn't feed that exact meal to Jesus.

Right. You want to give him the most fuel for him to go out and do his mission. He was walking from city to city to city. Right. And he couldn't have done that specifically just on carbs or junk or sugar because he would have fainted. He needed water and not maybe what you drank a bunch of yesterday, regardless of what that is, soda, alcohol, the things. And so I just want people to like perception. Right.

Is everything this understanding of perspective, if you have the Holy Spirit within you, Jesus is inside of you. You're feeding him at your table every single day. And so therefore you have a choice. Are you feeding him greens? Are you feeding him McDonald's?

And I have been harping on McDonald's lately. I feel terrible, but my kids literally like it every time they pass it.

And I'm like, yes, I did something right. I love him. From an entrepreneurial perspective, they're genius. It's amazing. Their marketing, a spot on their brand is great. But what if it was good, right?

What if. Yeah, I mean, come on. So I just I honor you.

I partner with you in your message. I love that there is a multitude of people who have unlocked this. I love that you unlocked it so young. And I know that there was a lot of hardship that came with that. But I see you and I just I am amazed by you and amazed by your husband. I don't even know who he is and your kiddos and just the home front that you're leading because you literally are the example of the proverbs.

Thirty one woman, right? You are doing it in the middle. It's in the mist. We wake up early, we go to bed late. We're we're we're serving. We're getting them clothes. You're nursing or feeding your mommy, mommy, mommy to the toddler. Right. Like it's exhausting. But when you have this this knowing this deep peace and this purpose because of your knowing of your identity, you're able to operate in just such a different head and heart space.

Oh, one hundred percent. That's really sweet that you even brought up the powers of one woman or even compared me to her because there has been a prayer in my heart every day. I want to say for the past maybe year and a half and I'm praying, Lord, help me be more like thirty one woman. Help me show her through my ministry, help me the who you call us to be as women. And as I've been studying that it's really helped me and my own entrepreneurship and my motherhood walk forward to be like, yeah, I don't have to feel bad about owning a business because of the publicity one woman did.

And I don't have to feel bad about. I'm simultaneously doing that while raising children because the publicity one woman did, because God has given us gets to operate in to glorify him. And if we're negating some parts that he's put on our heart, then we're not fully serving him if we're not. Being obedient and I know that I'm walking in obedience to him when I when I am working and when I'm loving my children because he's put those things on my heart and he continuously opens the doors and leads me when I when I am obedient and when I'm humbly serving him and laying it out at sea.

Goodness gracious, fire, fire, fire, fire, like there's a fire, there's usually fire trucks that you can sometimes hear them in my podcast because I don't like the podcast both in our office. But, wow, you just brought a fire truck. You guys, I hope you take note of that. Rewind. Listen again, because mom guilt is such a thing and shame and guilt around pursuing your purpose is a thing. But what if the purpose that you're leading isn't segmented from your motherhood?

Because what's happening is, as you're leading that front in your office and your workplace, in your entrepreneurial journey, you are leading your children, you are establishing the legacy. And I will tell you that this conversation that we're having right now meets my soul as well, because I've had some incredible doors open in the last couple weeks. I've been incredibly blessed and so humbled and so grateful. And at the very same time, I felt guilt because that those opportunities require my presence.

And that presence is in our additionally another hour additionally away from my babies. And so I got this opportunity and I was like, so ecstatic. I was getting flooded with messages of positivity and gratefulness from friends and family and coworkers and my team. And as I was doing that, just grinning ear to ear, I walked by my thigh, my six and seven year old, and I just asked them for an hour in order for this experience to exist, for them to watch TV, which I am not for.

I am not a device driven Motlop. It happens all the time. But that's not me. It's not what my heart is. My heart is experience and travel and cuddles and books and all the things. And so I walk past them in this moment of simultaneous joy and the simultaneous guilt. And I turn on the shower and as I turn on the shower, my mom calls and I'm talking to her and she's so happy for me and just giving me such words of affirmation and I just start bawling, crying.

It was like the shower just brought these tears of emotions out of me and I'm hysterically crying.

And she's like, oh, it's OK. You've been working for this. And I was like, the only words I could say is, it's so hard. It's so hard, Mama. And every day you don't get you don't get it right. I know I don't I'm not fully present in every single moment that I want to be fully president. But guess what? We have a couple of things to note here. And it's going to take us full circle back to the conversation because we wrap it up here in a minute.

We were gifted the husbands that were gifted with purpose. They get to fill in the gaps when we are not there. They love them just as much as we do. And secondly, our purpose is our legacy and our children are now having not only deposits of the Holy Spirit that we're providing them, but they're also witnessing they're witnessing the fact that they, too, get to live in abundance, that they, too, have an opportunity to know their purpose, know their identity and walk out their path.

And so you get to move the needle today, you get to move the needle and your mental health, your emotional health, your physical health, your spiritual health, in your home, in your head, in your heart, and most importantly, in your walk to know him more. But that doesn't mean because we are not perfect, that we do all of those things all the time, every minute of every day. We do each part well so that at the end of our days, we can say I move the needle today, I move the needle towards my calling, I move the needle and my purpose, I stood in obedience, just like you said.

And so whether you're nursing or you're working, I like to call it creating because I don't want my kids to have a negative connotation.

That work means I'm separate, I'm creating and I'm serving. And so are you that he sees us in every single moment. And that's where that full alignment comes into play. So thank you.

I love that that connection of me literally depositing that is it, I hope, a word from the Lord and just affirmation and security that the prayers that you've been praying are real and the praise that you've been praying are heard and that you are activated in that Proverbs 31 space. So can tell you that is such affirmation and just so sweet to hear. I just feel so humbled by it.

So glad, friend. Is there any ways I know you're going to buy your book? I'm so excited about your book. Is it called Inspiring, Honey?

No, it's actually called How to Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Life.

Even better, we all need that. And here I am preaching clubhouse. It's hilarious. Don't like clubhouse distract you from your mission. This is so good. But how amazing to know that you can put yourself into social media. Right. And use it for the kingdom of God and also not be consumed by it.

Exactly. That's exactly what the book is about, because I know I was addicted to social media. It was a distraction. But the book is really about how to use it as a tool for the kingdom, how to allow social media to be a place that is not causing you to fall into comparison. It talks a lot about identity and comparison and rooting yourself in Jesus and using every opportunity you have to be a witness and to be a light, whether you're speaking about Jesus or whether you're just showing up being yourself and you have the Holy Spirit in you.

If you love Jesus, that's going to come out. That's going to be the overflow overflow of your heart into your words.

I love you so much. I feel like we're like kindred spirits that I'm so excited about it. And is there I know you're on Instagram under inspiring, honey. They're right. Yeah. How else can people get in touch with you? How can we support you as a community buying the book for certain. What else?

Definitely. Check out my website. Inspiring honey dot com. I have a podcast. I also have blogs going up there and all of my products and everything will be found there inside. is like my hub.

I love it and I'm so excited about the rollers. That's going to be so cool. And also people need mentorship perhaps in is this mentorship and business coaching either or.

Yes, but oh gosh, all the things I've decided. This is good. You guys. This is a whole, like she said, hub of the heart of the Lord.

And so, so much goodness coming out of that. I can't wait to keep in touch with you. I've got a conference coming up later this year called Kingdom Club House. So once we get you activated in Club House, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. But until then, you guys, it's just such an honor. Inspiring honey. Gabrielle Gabb for sure, if you want to call her. She is now in the community of the Fit in Faith and I am so amazed by you and just humbled that we are connected.

We give God all the praise in this connection and we just want you guys to know it's not about our names, it's about his name. And thank you for being here wholeheartedly and in your in your health. I'm just so grateful that you got through the thing you got through so that you can do the thing you're meant to do. Thank you.

So like you said of the glories to him, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be doing any of this and I wouldn't be here.

So good, you guys. All right. Have an awesome day and take notes, relisten, take notes, because she really did drop some gold nuggets.

Thanks again. The. Hey, it's me again, I hope in today's episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go, let's solidify the flame. I'd love for you to take a step right now. And declaring your take away by snapping a pic of the episode, you tune to share your spiked moment and tag me at Fit in Faith underscore podcast or me personally at Tamra Andress on.

Instead, I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the Fit in Faith Podcast listeners. We're totally in this together. Community over competition is the motto, right? I'd also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to lead a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app. I'd love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out. You know I'm a writer, so I love words and I can't wait to read what you have to say.

I'm ready to fuel the flame with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, help, wealth and wholeness. Tune in next time.

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