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How to Remove Your Mask and Unlock the Passions that Drive Your Business - Rebroadcast

Today's episode is from one that I did with David Hill for The Path to Mastery Podcast. It was a great conversation, so I wanted to be sure I shared it with my audience in case you missed it.

Part of Tamra's life's mission is to see shame obliterated so that we can stand and walk in the light with purpose. But oftentimes we get pigeonholed into this place of ego, pride, and shame. And I think that's those mountaintop experiences or that place where you think you've mastered it are really false are where we realize we have to focus to stay in the path of life and purpose.

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Welcome to the fit and faith podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit as space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories.

Talents. As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith. And you can barely see the road. You have to like, kind of even look at the yellow lines on the side to stay focused and knowing if you take a quick turn that you're either in one ditch or the other, and the conversation was talking about how we either get to exist in the light, or we exist in pride and eat.

Or on the contrary where existing and chain. And so part of my life's mission is to see shame obliterated so that we can stand and walk in the light with purpose. But oftentimes we get pigeonholed into this. Ego and pride. And I think that's those mountain top experiences that place where you think you've mastered it.

And then you realize I have not yet hit this summit. It's a false summit. And so striving to stay in that path of light and teaching others to do that. Hey, what's up masters. Welcome to another episode of path to mastery. And today we are with. Mrs. Tamra, Andrews. How's it going? Tamra. It's great. I'm so happy to be with you guys.

Thanks for having me. Thank you. Appreciate you. Uh, you're doing this and we know each other from clubhouse, which I've actually done a lot of interviews lately from clubhouse. I just finished one as a matter of fact, from someone else from Clovis. Simple dimple a dimple, dang this, they have not met her. No, this is awesome.

It is great stuff on Instagram. You know, it's really interesting to me, because same thing for my podcast is, is the interviewing and the connection, the access. And it feels like for us, that we're in this. Um, intimate yet huge ring, right? Like the people who know each other, know each other and you're in, you're running the same groups in that space.

But when I talk to someone who doesn't know about clubhouse or they don't, they're not on the app, they look at me like I'm an alien and I'm like, oh, you totally are missing the boat. Like you don't get it. And it it's its own little, like hub of the world right now. And so it's been interesting to, to be very present.

Base and realize that a majority of the population has no access or, um, hasn't said yes to it, right? Yeah. Well, don't even know about it, but I am starting now. It's it's recently, if you ask people, you are starting to get, maybe one out of every three has heard about it. They may not be on it, but this.

True, especially in the entrepreneurial realm otherwise I found no. Amen. So, all right, so you, uh, you run, uh, have the fit in faith podcast. Uh, and let me, let me just go through your bio. I'll do a quick, quick bio. Um, uh, so your, uh, Timur is the nation's number one thought leader in spiritual entrepreneurship.

She is an ordained minister in purpose, activate on a mission to. And propel entrepreneurs globally to make their unit. Uh, purpose. Well, you hold on. They're uniquely purpose, kingdom impact. So I'm butchering the heck out of your bio. I'm going to ask everybody to just read the bio.

I am just like, yeah, today's just one of them days, but I'm going for my COVID test after this, I've been tired for two days and it's just all good. So, thanks. Thanks for joining us today. It's really my pleasure. Thank you. And, and I think that one of the things I was thinking through, and even as you're talking through the first couple of sentences, it's always weird to like, hear your bio being read back to you one because you don't, we don't like talk when we introduce ourselves, like, hi, this is me.

Let me give you my entire spiel. Usually there's one component. And I remember when I first had a chance to really have a conversation with you. I didn't go for the bio. Right. Remember the question that I asked you? But it's funny to your point though. Some do on clubhouse. Like they come in like, and like it's like, whoa.

Yeah. But, and then you have an immediate response of whoa. And so how can we as a humanity, get better about leaning into. People rather than things. And rather than that, that bio or business card. And so I I've had a hard time with stepping from a life of straight CEO, straight business, straight entrepreneurship for a decade into a season of a stay-at-home mom and ordination and ministers licensing where you're, you're kind of.

Small knit community of people who think that because you're getting your ordination and ministers licensing, you're just going to be a pastor. And knowing in that season that I was going to step back into the entrepreneurial realm, but in this new identity, in this new recognition, And how then do you tread the water of having a conversation with someone, but not putting your business card in their hands before you put essentially your heart in their hand?

Um, and that's something I'm really passionate about helping other people, uh, not only stand in the understanding of who they are, but being able to represent that from a branding and a business perspective as well. Yeah. So I derailed you earlier on the question you asked me the first question you asked me, so.

Uh, I remember a very variation of the question. It was really about my purpose. And like you knew, I was just like, wow, you just start right deep, right?

Yeah, exactly. There it is. Yeah. And, uh, I said, uh, I dunno, it was one, it's one of those questions. Like everyone, if you're listening to this right now, what are you most passionate? Why don't you didn't really stop. Think about that question. Cause that's what Tamar did to me. The first time we met and I'm sitting at the table like, Hey, how are you?

Nice to meet you. What are you most passionate about? That's awesome.

No, it's good. I'm, I'm messing with you, but it was awesome because it made me think and uh, and it created a, literally it created a, um, uh, I'm trying to are the right words for it. It just got me into some action about some things that. I haven't really focused on it in a while. And now, because of that, in some other things, I'm, you know, I just submitted my application to be able to go in and start bringing goal planning into prisons around the country, through zoom.

Um, so I mean, that's just a starting place, but ultimately comes as a result of you asking me that question and continuing. To ask me, which is great. And I appreciate it, uh, through like Instagram or, or DM, like how you make it out, how you make it out. So it's at accountability. That's fantastic. So thank you for that.

You're welcome. And I want you to know, I, there, there's not one other person from the conference that I've done that with. Um, and I don't know if you would even know that or need to know that, but, uh, I think it's important. That people recognize that sometimes there is just that see, that is planted in a conversation.

And because you took the time to actually answer the question with quality and you actually took the moment in the midst of a cocktail party. Y'all, it's not like we were in this own little, like intimate conversation. We're in the midst of a hundred people around. Um, having a good time music blaring and, and you were willing to go there with me in that moment.

And I just, I greatly appreciated your vulnerability and transparency and being like, I'm not sure that I'm fully there yet. And then I'm still on that mission. And that's also a part of who I am is to know that we're all in that state of becoming, um, there's no, even in your word mastery, right? Do you ever get to the full state of mastery?

I don't think so. And I think the fact that we yearn for that, especially as entrepreneurs or impactors or motivators or whatever you want to call yourself, it's the knowing that there's more, that keeps us ingrained into what I believe. Um, the depth and the joys, uh, both the valleys and the mountains of, of living this life that we're gifted every.

Mm, I love that. Yeah. And I would with mastery, with path to mastery means that's the path. So the path doesn't end, I don't believe the path is. I mean, you, you will get to some super high levels. Right. But I believe there's still another level. There's always another level. Totally. And I, I, it made me think of this vision in this conversation I was having yesterday, um, of the path.

And what does that path actually look like and understanding it's not straight, right? There's lots of twists and turns, but I do believe on the past. Uh, component a trail where it's either that yellow brick road or that Hansel and Gretel, like there are small crumbs along the way, right? There is a lit experience, no matter which way it twists and turns.

And then there are dark crevices on either side of that path. And so you imagine driving down like a one lane, right, where there's like D deep ditches on the side. And you can barely see the road. You have to like, kind of even look at the yellow lines on the side to stay focused and knowing if you take a quick turn that you're either in one ditch or the other, and the conversation was talking about how we either get to exist in the light, or we exist in pride and ego or on the contrary we're existing in.

And so part of my life life's mission is to see shame obliterated so that we can stand and walk in the light with purpose. But oftentimes we get pigeonholed into this place of ego and pride, and I think that's those mountain top experiences that place where you think you've mastered it. And then you realize I have not yet hit the summit.

It's a false summit. And so striving to stay in that path of light and teaching others to do. It's a hard thing to do. I want us, I want to switch gears in a minute and talk about your podcast as well as what you're up to with an event coming up. Um, when I'm listening here and you talked about pride and ego and then shame, do you think sometimes, and this is just the thought I just got is if somebody's in shame, they almost, you they'll revert.

Pride and ego, maybe unconsciously because of the shame, because they're not really sure how to deal with the shame. So it turns into the a thousand percent. I think the private ego becomes a mask at that point, right. It becomes a mask to hide the shame. And that's legitimately why I started my podcast because I was in that experience of my own life for far too long.

And I realized in the becoming side of it, where I realized I don't have to wear that. Anymore. Um, my business card, doesn't define me. My name doesn't define me, um, all of these titles and all of this suppression, which I think is a part of the shame piece, the coping mechanisms, um, they don't do anything.

Long-term, there's no, definitely no mastery in that. And so I started the fit and faith podcast all around that exact thing. So the. I said that I just, I love it so much. And it's such a revelation, um, that we have to recognize in people. And I think the experience when we were together in person allowed us to see that in other people, not necessarily to say, oh, they're prideful versus they're sitting in shame.

That's not how I go about meeting people. Um, but I do, I do like to look to people's like souls. When I look in their eyes to. To see where they're at and to be able to support and support either in the coming down of man or the coming up in man and realized that there's just an alignment that we all have access to.

And so the podcast is to explore that with people and hear about their messy comeback stories and the stories that they're still currently on. And allowing people just like this to, to open up and be transparent and hopefully inject, um, something that is enough to, uh, create. Uh, I want to say the word, the word céline keeps coming to my mind.

And I think it's only because I want saline. Yeah. Right. So saline, in the sense of like, I'm thinking of a salient solution that cleans it cleanses, it provides neutrality. Um, I don't know why that just came to me, but I just see that injection maybe because I know you're getting the COVID tests later and then I'm thinking of vaccines and all the other stuff that's going on in the world.

But I love that that concept of neutrality or. Um, let's, let's re clean, let's clean the system. Let's start again, um, both in relationship or even on the path to mastery when it comes to entrepreneurship or a topic or whatever that be. Um, so I don't know if you remember this when, when we I've, I've been hanging out in breakfast with champions for a while.

And when I first, uh, started coming to the room, you had reached out to me through DM and you asked me something about, um, How maybe faith or God or something to that. I don't have the exact post, but it was in how was that in, in involved included in my business. Do you remember that you probably could, since I met you, you've been driving me down.

I'm not, I don't know why that's so interesting. I love it. It's all good. But, um, and I was like, I honestly was just like, no, that's kind of a weird quote. I'll be honest. I thought it was kind of a weird question. But then the more I got to know you, I, I, you know, I understand the question and I, and I, I forget I've begun to like the question, because I think at, and the reason I'm saying this is because that was a point in my life where I probably wasn't wasn't God centered or God focused, although I was still getting on my knees every day and still going to church and going through the routine, it wasn't really.

I don't know, I'm trying to think the best way to describe it. Just wasn't there, it wasn't. And I found myself, you know, I don't talk about this lot, but I found myself in the afternoon, like laying in bed, just cause I didn't didn't know what else to do it. I didn't even know. I, you know, I got a nice house.

I get great kids, you know, all this stuff, but yet I'm find myself laying in bed with. And, um, and then I ended up having a call with, um, uh, believe it or not, Glen Lundy was, was the first call and then Tim's story and it just kind of snapped me out of it, which is strange. That's incredible. And thank you for sharing.

And I think, um, when I ask questions and I can't remember pinpoint the exact question, I'm going to have to go back through our feed just to find it is. Is not, is not a point of necessarily needing the answer, but more so probing the question so that you find the answer and that is the path to mastery because there's no succinct outcome.

And even when I asked you, what are you most passionate about? I know that that's not a finite answer. I know that that's something you're going to continue to unpack just like an onion, like layer by layer. And eventually when I ask you that question again, next time I see you, I am going to anticipate that it's something different because that is the journey.

Right? And so I love that you have aligned yourself to the understanding. God can be within and surrounding. Um, anything that we're doing is especially business a master's. I'm going to get you right back to the show. I want to connect with you and I'm going to share two links. The first one is David

Just go to there on any browser and you'll get access to my link tree, and it'll show you all the different ways that we can connect. From clubhouse to Instagram, to you have my phone number too. You can watch them a YouTube videos. So everything's right there. David, or if you're a real estate agent and you want to get involved in our community, our membership site, we've got over 35 lessons right now and growing every.

Just go to David You can get some details on joining our community, man, the community is growing fast. So Hey, I look forward to connecting with you really soon and I hope you appreciate and enjoy the rest of this show. Yeah. Why do you say, especially. Well, because I am looking and the corner of my eye out my window and I see businesses, right?

Like just business after business, after business. And even when I traveled to Mexico and a place that you think is like, um, you know, vacation oriented, you walk down the streets and it's business after business, after business. And those businesses look really different than the business that we might see out of our window, out of a city scape, but everyone is in the business of business and.

If they aren't positioning God within that business. And they're trying to do the routine, like you were mentioning, go to church on Sunday and get on their knees occasionally or pray when they're in traffic or do the things that it's like outside of the thing that they're doing nine to five, they're spending a third of their life rejecting something or someone.

Some, whatever you want to call it, universe, God, spirit, energy. They're rejecting the very nature of who they are and therefore, how can joy be in the midst of what they're doing? And so I feel like at the end of the day, no matter what your business is, no matter if you are at the, a janitor or. Uh, jingle or, or like the CEO.

Like, I don't really care about that. What I think is most important is that God is in the midst of those things. And so if you pursue joy, which is one of my like key phrases and the way that I like to evoke my brand and everything that I do. You're pursuing love, joy, peace, serenity, right? All of these things that we so desperately wanted our core, but we don't say on our business card, we don't talk about the why at that point.

Um, then you're pursuing goodness and you're, you're pursuing God. And so I think that without that, I think our world will crumble. I think we'll be in a state of chaos. And if you look around might be happening and I feel like that's the reason why. Hmm. Yeah. Well, I, I can, I can tell you yesterday. I had a challenging conversation that we had to have with somebody that handles our transaction processing.

We, he has, we have a lot of transactions going with him and he's, uh, he's been to, to, to understate. It he's been very difficult. Channel is he's said things to a few of our agents and. Um, I w I w I made up, I was almost going to have to let them go and we didn't have to, to be honest with you, we kind, we worked it out.

I helped him. I asked him a favor. I told him that, you know, um, these, these people are good friends of mine, and I would expect him to treat him that way, but I'll tell you what, what, what I did before the call was that was, I prayed on it in the morning. I wrote down, I journaled about. Because I wanted to go in and now I tell you Tamra, I didn't do that, but I wouldn't have done that.

And I, and I think it's because I am bringing that into. Business now too, not just like, right. Like does it does. And I think a lot of us separated. Yeah. A hundred percent. And I say this a lot to people, especially women, because they feel like they have to wear all these separate hats in their identity.

Um, I don't know that if it's the same for guys, if you guys feel like when you're at work, that you're not necessarily playing the husband role or the dad role, but women often feel like they're doing all the things all the time. Right. And they feel like when they say. Specifically into business that they have to be this like suited up powerhouse.

Right. And I, and there's that equality equity issue at stake, um, or their, their opinion or reputation is at stake. If they don't show up in that fullness, right. Emotions aside facts, not feelings and. I always remind them that if they're not a mom, if they're not a wife, if they're not all of the other hats simultaneous to the hat that they're currently wearing, they are living out of alignment and they're living separate ideas.

The mask then becomes easier. So you get out of the car and you show up at work and you gotta to put on the mask to show up in that egotistical. And I don't mean egotistical in a bad way necessarily, but all of us have ego in that realm. And then when it's time for you to. Cry or you have a COVID test and you have actual role human emotions.

You feel like you'd have to put them decide, or you feel shame over them. And so I always encourage people to come in the entirety of who they are. And if the, who you are is proceeded by whose you are, which is exactly what you're doing. Then when you go into hard situations like that, you don't have to be the one fighting the fight.

You already have the right words. You already have the clarity. You already have the empathy to be able to treat that person like a human, rather than to teach that or treat that person as a transaction. Yeah. And I, I wanna, I want to be a better person because, uh, I wasn't, I was, I was brought up to fight.

That's what my father taught me as a young kid. I mean, I'm not going to get into my whole childhood, but you know, it was, it was a mess. And so I was, I've always been a fighter. I've not been a communicator. I, you know, you do me wrong. I punch in the mouth. I mean, that was a boxer as a kid. I learned to Kickbox that's, that's what I did.

Um, so I, but I don't want to be that anymore. I want to be the person. Okay. Let's let's, let's talk this through. I don't want to have to raise my voice additional decibels and swear at, in tell you, you know, I just want to work it out or not work it out either way. Like, you know, it would have been a huge pain in the butt if, if I had to let them go because we got to deal with this, but at the same time, nobody's going to hold me hostage.

And, and I'll tell you the book, uh, Tim Tim's story. I got me reading. Daily, uh, Jesus daily. Are you familiar with that? Every morning? I pick passage and I'll write a little bit on it and that that's super helpful. You know, it really is. Yeah. It brings perspective. Um, and I, and I think as a part of the morning, five, a part of the 67 day challenge coming up, um, It's the knowing that gratitude and goals and what that looks like to a common, um, I say common person.

That's hilarious. I don't mean it belittling. I just mean the vast majority. They think goals, they think of smart goals. They think gratitude, they think thinking right. And I think gratitude and goals can also be in that, that postured heart of. Receiving and receiving from things like that. So Tim's, um, referenced in Jesus daily is a great one and there are so many more, so I'll be sure to pass those along when you, is that one at 365 or did you get a 30 day?

I know it's a, it's a 365 11 leather bound desk. I it's a Bible right next to it. So I appreciate your question because although, and this is the thing for people for you listening. You know, there's, this there's that old saying is, is once you ask a question, it can never be unasked. Right. So although you asked the question, I may not have received the question at the moment.

The question was still there and it was still in my thinking. Right. And eventually I understood the question.

So good. Yeah, I'm simmering, I'm lingering. Um, one in gratitude and two in, how can I ask better questions more often? I want to ask more. I literally want to ask more. I. I know, I know I need to probably just stay succinct and keep going. And maybe it's the more people, not the one person more questions, but ask the question more.

Sure. Because you've asked them, you, you, you and I haven't had a ton of interaction. Right. But when we have you've both, you've asked me questions that have challenged me and made me think. At a deeper level in now have helped me have breakthroughs in some areas. So I just want to say that's amazing.

Thank you, David. Thanks for sharing. That means a lot. Um, and, and the interesting thing, as you're talking through kickboxing, and I've imagined you raising your voice, like I cannot, I cannot imagine you like that at all, because I feel this like gentle spirit within you. Um, and it's, it's your voice in the wee hours of the morning when I'm just now drinking coffee at your voice right now?

I think. Sometimes we are taught based on trauma or childhood experiences, or even in a mentorship experience that we didn't choose such as parents or, or adults. Um, a way that is so contradictory to our very nature. And that's all we lean into because that's all we know. Um, but as you're shifting in.

Season and you're shifting and you're being, uh, I think you're coming back into alignment with your true nature and, uh, it's cool to witness. And so I'm grateful to be here for this. No, I appreciate that. Um, you know, it's funny 36 years on the phones and I hadn't shared this on my podcast before, but it occurred to me recently.

The first time I used the phone was when I had to climb out my window and run down to the payphone on west street to call the cops on my. And then run back, climbing the window and before the cops got there. And then ironically, I built a 36 year career in multiple industries using the telephone. It's kind of wild, right?

When you think about it. But, but the reason I share that is because I am. Uh, I, I, I'm pretty, I'm good on the phone. I'm not gonna not saying that to be egotistical. I'm saying it to be, I've got a lot of, a lot of hours in, I've got a lot of time on task. Right. And, um, and so that helps with what you said with my tonality, the voice.

I don't take things personal. Um, people call me like a lot of people say, I sound like Chris' boss, which I take as a compliment, been on my podcast a few times. So I liked that. So, but anyway enough about. A couple more things, then we'll get it. We're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna wrap it up today. Um, tell what's the 67 day challenge.

Cause I heard a little bit about it, this one and thinking maybe I want to do that one. When does it start? And if it starts after this release, then I apologize. Okay. It's okay. People can, people can jump on at any point. And I think that's a part of like asking the question, just like you said before, like I can talk to you about 67 day challenge.

It could be in the middle of a 67 day challenge. It could be years from now because podcasts are evergreen, which we love. Um, but I think. Every day is an opportunity for it to be day one. It starts officially August 30th, 2021. Um, but it can happen any day for you. And whenever you're listening to know that if you start your day off, right.

Which is what the morning five is all about, um, which is from Glen Lundy, uh, it's about saying yes to waking up without hitting the snooze button, not touching your phone. Setting your gratitude and goals for the day. I know I'm going to miss some movement, get your physical on and send a message of encouragement to somebody else.

And so it's unlike any of the other traditional morning routines that you might see even for high achievers or in seventy-five hard, right. That challenge. But it is something that. Seamless integration that allows you to become the best version of yourself before you ever activate in the flesh. Um, it really has you in this experience of the spirit and, and that's something I've never even spoken to Glenn about, but I've experienced firsthand while doing it.

So the intent is for 67 days because that's how long actually I found this out today when researching. Six days is actually the, uh, proven research for creating a habit. But I think Glen likes the number seven based on the number of completion. And so, yeah, he shifted it. He shifted it to 67 days. So the average to start a habit.

And so the intent is that you will start your day with us for the 67 days that lead up to the, grow your business for God state conference, which is taking place November 5th through the seventh. And Kentucky. And so we're going to celebrate there, uh, and, and see how people have been changed because.

Awesome. So for if people want more information on the challenge, they can get in, get info on that. How? Yeah. So they can either literally DME the word pledge that might be the easiest, or they can go to the link. Glen backslash 67 DHS. Got it. And since not everybody knows you, your Instagram.

Yeah. So Tamra and dress, and you got to spell my name, the plain Jane kind of way. I don't have the extra aid between the MNR. So Tamra and dress I'm on all platforms, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, but I hang out most on Instagram and clubhouse. Cool. Cool. Um, what would you name this episode here? I am not there on a name yet.

I usually have one, but I don't have a fun question to ask at the end. I would name this holy cow. I'm such a word person. So words matter to me. Um, oh my goodness. Something about. Something about passion, I feel and something about titles like titles, aren't titles, I wrote take off your mask is something I wrote down.

Um, that's good. That's good. Because it's a secular, it's a secular experience that we do every day without thinking about it. It plays into every part of the conversation and a huge part of my story. Uh, and my book is actually coming out. I have, I have a couple of co-authored experiences, um, and anthologies that I've been a part of, but my own first book is coming out in a couple of months.

And so it talks a lot about that very thing. So that's perfectly fine. So tell us about your book and how does somebody get a copy of a book? Yeah, it's called always becoming, so stay tuned on all my social media platforms, but it's about sex, shame and love. Um, and so it's, it's going to be an enthralling one.

Uh, it's a bit about my story, but more so activation for. Specifically women, but I know there will be guys read it in intrigue. Um, in regards to, how do you release what you've experienced in the past and how do you step into intimacy? Not only with yourself, but with God, with your partner and with the people that are you're meant to be called.

Excellent. And I don't want to forget about the event. So you have an event coming up, right? Hopefully the books in hand at that point. Yeah. So I had a conference going on that had been planted in my heart several months ago. And Glen had. Passing me seeds. You've been throwing them to me and I just kept them in my pocket.

And eventually when I got to spend some time with him in person, we realized the power of what the mission is and the mission ultimately is to help people create impact and also income. And that's where I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi, uh, by some friends here locally. And it. So beautifully with the mission of grow your business for God's sake.

And, uh, you can use different tonalities to that, to that phrase. And I love it so much. Um, I am definitely the softer in Glenn's like get with the program, right. And so it's a perfect, uh, co-hosting experience that we can't wait to bring people together of all walks of life, of all businesses, um, of all backgrounds and helps them create the legacy that we know is meant for their life uniquely and also collectively.

And this event is this the event that's happening in Kentucky, December. And what's the it's through the seventh and that's grow for Grow for God dot grow for And this is my final question, like, and I just have to ask it cause I've been thinking I learned this years ago, doing podcasts, like whenever I think about a question and I don't ask it, then I regret not.

So why it's so important to. Incorporate God into everything. We kind of touch on a little bit, but I don't think I asked you specifically, like why, why is it important to incorporate God into your business, into, into. I think the ultimate, why is because it's the great commission, right? The great commission is to create disciples.

And if you're spending a third of your life on a business that doesn't incorporate God, you're actually out of alignment. And in disobedience to the one thing, the one thing we're all meant to do and that's to share how we're here and who we're here for. Um, and I feel like that's ultimately love. And, and so if I'm to.

Well, I have to incorporate it in my business because without it, I'm not doing the due diligence of my being and my very being as to love just like yours. Amen. Appreciate you. Thank you. Yeah. Pleasure. Thanks so much. Hey, masters. I want to thank you for checking out the show. My friends, if you made it this far means you listen to the whole show and I just want to say, listen, I so appreciate you.

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Hey, y'all it's me again. I hope in today's episode, you sends an ignite to an Ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go, let solidify the flame. I'd love for you to take a step right now and declaring your takeaway by snapping a pick of the episode.

You tuned it to share your sparked moment and tag me at underscore podcast or me personally at Tamra. On instead, I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the fit and faith podcast listeners. We're totally in this together community over competition is the motto, right?

I'd also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I'd love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project, a big shout out. You know, I'm a writer. So I love words. And I can't wait to read what you have to say.

I'm ready to fuel the blame with you together. And until next time, blessings over your joy, how well and wholeness tune in next time.

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