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How to Create Unstoppable Momentum with Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco

Can I just say thank you to you as a listener? I thank you for just being here consistently, showing up, following the show, dropping reviews, and sharing it on social media. Your commitment has been incredible over the last four years. I couldn't imagine not having you and I'm so grateful that you continue to show up. And so please, um, just know how loved you are and how grateful I am.

In today's episode, I have Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco, who is all about gratitude. He encourages us to get our gratitude practice in habitually without a second thought and see how it changes your day.

C-Roc is a man of God that is literally taking life by storm in an unstoppable way, and that is ultimately his mission for you. He wants to help you create unstoppable momentum to your life and create a space of propelling in untapped levels of success. He does this through his speaking and teaching and coaching in his own podcast called What Are You Made Of?

Let's get rolling. Let's be unstoppable.

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About Mike "C-Roc":

Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco is the Co-Founder of the innovative tech platform blooprinted, the powerhouse behind the "What Are You Made Of?" podcast, and the best-selling author of ROCKET FUEL Convert Setbacks. Become Unstoppable. He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, tech visionary and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build unstoppable people. He is consumed with the passion to help people break free from the confines of complacency and propel to untapped levels of success.

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Show Notes: How to Become Unstoppable

All right, we're gonna follow suit with our guests that you're gonna listen into today and start with gratitude. Can I just say thank you to you as a listener, to just being here consistently showing up, following the show, dropping reviews, just sharing it on social media, your. Commitment has been incredible over the last four years.

I couldn't imagine not having you. And I'm so grateful that you continue to show up. And so please, um, just know how loved you are and how grateful I am. And now to chat a little bit more, by the way sea rock is in the house today and sea rock started the show. I didn't even have words yet, and he was already pouring out gratitude.

So make sure you get your gratitude practice in habitually without second thought and see how it changes your day. Tip. Number one, but y'all, there are so many incredible bombs dropped in today's conversation. Relationally, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. He is a man of God that is literally taking life by storm unstoppable.

And that is ultimately his mission for you. To help you create unstoppable momentum to your life and create a space of propel in untapped levels of success. He does this through his speaking and teaching and coaching in his own podcast called what are you made of? So I know he'd be grateful if you tuned in over there too.

I was just on his show. So look for our episode, you'll get some of the gr I need juicy details of my life. He had a space of just vulnerability and he does the same today. See rock. Amazing. Thank you for being here and you guys be sure to tune in not only to his show, but to some of his incredible businesses, six, all inclusive that you wanna get your hands on, especially blueprinted all the links are in the show below.

Let's get rolling. Let's be unstoppable.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast fit is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life holy, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs and kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamara Andres and this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience.

I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high the, there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories. And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission.

So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Oh, what up C rock in the house. What's up brother? What's up Tamara. Great to be here. I'm so excited. Yeah. I'm full of gratitude today. Um, anytime I come on a show, I always like to start with that because get rid of everything to complain about. Not that there's anything they complain about. With being on your show but just gratitude's done such wonders in my life.

And I just always like to thank you and thanks for the, uh, audience for showing up today. Absolutely hot out alpha gate with some gratitude. I know that I've got people in the chat who can, uh, simmer with that, right? Wherever you are in the world, wherever you're listening to this, it's just that moment of pause.

But to do it habitually like that is. I think something we need to practice more often, uh, especially at the start of our day and the start of just interactions with other people too. So I am excited to introduce you. We've got Brian HES in the house too. What's up brother? Uh, so fun. And this podcast has been one where I've had the opportunity of interviewing men like yourself, like Brian and so many others that were connected through clubhouse.

And so it's awesome that we were even there this morning and being able to deposit. Love and light and wisdom and knowledge and energy. And that's something that you bring everywhere you go. I was just on your podcast just a couple of weeks ago. And he has a podcast called what are you made of? He has an innovative tech company called blueprinted, which I'm sure he'll get into.

He's a co-founder of he's a bestselling author and so many other things that we'll get into, but I don't know how often the podcaster is in the guest seat. And I have to know what are you made of. I answer that question differently. Every time you have to depends on what's going on. Really. Um, you know, I, I made of, uh, rocket fuel, of course, that's my, that's my book.

I wrote rocket fuel convert, setbacks become unstoppable, but you know, I think more than anything, uh, I've been talking a lot about recently, uh, belief. Like I'm made of full belief that I can achieve anything and that I can help others understand that they're unstoppable to live in the life of their dreams.

So, um, really firm belief. When you think about belief, was there a time in your life when you didn't have that same essence of belief? Yeah, of course. I think we all go through that and I think. You know, growing up, I grew up around a lot of brokenness, a lot of broken people, um, watching people struggle, but watching people live out the stories that they told themselves, and maybe they were stories that they were told themselves by someone else.

Right. Right. And I just never believed in, in, in their stories because it didn't make sense to me. And I didn't wanna just go along with it and let 'em, let 'em keep telling their stories. So I would call 'em out on those things and. But in the meantime, I remember though that I had to, I had to, if I was gonna call them out from a young age, Tamara, I don't know why, but some reason, you know, I think three or four years old, my mom used to tell me that I was like a leader.

Yeah. I was gonna be a leader. And I inspired her. And I think that stuck with me because I think she was programming me because subconsciously she knew. The environment that I was growing up in and I was gonna grow up in. So I was just never afraid to call people out. But I also lived to the standards that I always talked about yeah.

At a young age powerful. And so I would tell myself stories of why I was gonna be successful. And I did believe for the most part, but I think there is moments where I was like, oh man, is this really gonna be able to happen or, or not, you know, Yeah, well, first off, kudos to your mama. I, I need to implement that as well.

I, I call my, my son specifically, who is in juujitsu a fierce warrior all the time. specifically talking about David because he's the little guy on the juujitsu mat, but man, he brings some heat. And I just think the more that we implement that, even for my daughter who out the gate, people always would call her shy and I'm like, Too.

You can't tell if she's shy, I'm like, she's just reading you. She's trying to decide if she likes you or not. She's not shy. She's the, she'll talk your ear off. And so I think that there's an element that as parents, you know, you being a parent yourself, we're constantly looking like, how can we even do it better?

But there are also the, the gratitudes that we can give and pass back to our parents, even in, you know, rough situations, trauma that might be infused, but it's, there's so much more to even that trauma because of generational. Um, and so it's interesting to hear you say, like the environment in which you existed, you were able to rise above what were some of the tactics besides like speaking truth, which it sounds like that was something you sharpened other people in that speaking.

What were some other tactics to get you to the other side of that situation? I would, there's another one. Um, so when I was eight, my mom was moving onto her third marriage. Mm-hmm and, um, I didn't wanna move into another man's house and learn another man's rules. So I decided to try my dad's house out. So one, I was very.

Uh, willing to give something up. That was good to try for. Great. Wow. And it didn't always work out. Um, I ended up moving with my dad, um, broke my mom's heart. I later found out she used to cry herself to sleep, cuz she let me go, which is cool. But um, obviously hurt her. And I, I live with my dad from eight to a.

10 ish 11. And during those two to three years, my stepmom, my dad's second marriage, she ended up being very abusive and she had problems with my mom problems with my dad's family. And it generally was taken out on us kids mm-hmm . And I used to sleep with my baseball bat at night when I was about eight or nine years old, because I was, uh, you know, concerned with what I was hearing from people, you know, from, from her and, and the fights.

And man, there was like, it was violent, loud. And, um, but at that moment at like about 10 years old, I realized like, wait a minute. I don't need to, I did this once. I don't need to stay here just because I made a decision once doesn't mean I can't change my mind. It's not quitting. It's, it's changing your mind to change direction, to still go where you want to go.

Cause at the end of the day, Tanner, I wanted to live the life that I wanted to live. Yeah. Despite what anybody said, despite what environment I was in, despite anything. I've always been, I guess we can call the word stubborn. Yeah. And I think stubborn is a good thing when it's on the right thing. Mm. If you look up the definition of stubborn it's perversely, unyielding, inexorable is another, it's a hard, say hard to say word, but that's another favorite word of mine.

Unyielding, unable to be stopped. I think that's the characteristic. I'll say that, um, has got me through a lot. I went through all those stages, including my dad throwing a hundred dollars bill at me and saying I was gonna need to live it, need it. When I was living on the streets with my mother, if I left his house, um, all, all these things that happened, I'm just like, nah, that's okay.

I never let it stop me. Yeah, that's powerful. And so I think that's the characteristic probably stubbornness. Yeah. And I love that at you parallel it to UN yielding, right? It's like that never ceasing it's that recklessness that God even pursues us in. Right. He recklessly pursues, and most people would take that as like, well, that doesn't feel very safe, but when you know that you're running into him or he's running into you, there's a safety because of the strength and the end.

And the process and the love that's connected to that. And so for you to have stubbornness associated to belief, it's like, I'm gonna keep going this direction, whether your direction changes or not in the knowing and the belief that there is more. And so that is the element of hope. Ultimately. And you know, what else too?

Like I've always, my mom introduced me to Jesus when I was about four or five years old. And I have always since then had a great relationship in talking to, to God, through prayer in the mornings nights and any time that I felt, uh, I needed to. Yeah. And I think that's important for people. Some people I notice and I fall into this, this, uh, habit sometimes of checking the box.

Mm-hmm with prayer. Right. You, you sit down at the table and, you know, you should say grace beforehand, so you really, you're really hungry. And you just thank you Lord for this food. Thank you so much. Appreciate the day. Bless my family, Chris name. Amen. Yeah. You know, and check the box and, you know, I, I know what I'm doing that.

And I think all of us do, and I think it's, um, something that for, for some reason, though, I've had a great relationship, even when I was off track, uh, in talking to my friend, Yeah. You know, and I, and I look at God as a friend, as a, as a father, as a, you know, mentor. And, uh, somehow he's always got me through these, the stupid mistakes that I made decisions that I've made.

Um, and I, you know, and I, I never understood, I never understood this part. You hear the stories in the Bible and you hears other stories out there. I never had heard or understood when things are going bad and you have a setback. Why people say why God and blame God for it. Yeah. For some reason, never got, I I never, I'm not just putting myself on a pedal.

I just never felt that way. I was like, oh, help me. This is when I need you, you know, like when things are going good, give him credit, give him glory. But when it's bad, like why would you ever blame him? You, you need help to get out of there. so I never understood that. I think that that's a really interesting, you know, thought pattern to shift though.

What is traditional in that and what can actually hinder people? I hear a lot about this idea of church. And how the church has hurt someone and therefore they've fallen away because this person or that person, and it's the same concept of like, it's actually not God hurting you. It's human. It's a fleshly situation.

That's transpiring. God didn't do anything in that scenario other than to stay ever and never changing right. To stay. Step fast. And so it's us that shifts it's us, that falls away. It's up us that moves back away from him. But I think one of my favorite analogies that people have used, my pastor specifically says that oftentimes prayer is associated to a need or an ask.

Right. You always will hear people. God, I need you in this moment. Or, um, can you make this happen? Like it's a request on his behalf. Like he's a genie in a bottle and what we should be doing too similar to how our children will come and ask and mama, can I have this? Hey dad, can I have this? Hey, can you do this for me?

But some of my favorite conversations, no different than how, how I believe God, you know, favors our conversations, even though he likes all of their voices, all of our ear, all of our attention. Simultaneous to that. When I guess to get, to just have a conversation, one of gratitude or one of just curiosity or getting to know my child, how their day went and things like that.

Um, and so instead of always going to God in request or an ask, even though it's to present and request are a petition, our prayers to God, what if the, the days that are the off times or the seasons that you're on the high and the mountain? We're just praising him or just in, uh, still in conversation.

Right. And it sounds like you've been doing that even in the ebbs and flows of life. Yeah. Um, I agree with that. And also, you know, a lot of the times our goals are not the goals that God put us on this earth for preach and they become programmed from, uh, other people experiences that we've had, um, things that we've observed on, you know, whether it's social media or television, But not only that people that die, believe it or not, when you're around people and even pets, believe it or not, this happens, you will pick up the goals that those folks or those pets have failed upon.

And then you will take up those goals and fail upon them. This is a phenomenon that's happened. I've done a lot of research on this. And what we get happens is we start getting caked up with what they call dead man's goals. And when those are not the goals that we were put here for. So one thing I pray for a lot is that I see like God's will, and I, and it's put inside of me into my thoughts, words, actions, and my environment.

That's something that I pray every day, because I don't wanna like there's things that I think I want. Right. But I don't want 'em if, if it's not in the plan, And, and so I wanna make sure I go back to my original self me, like crock the original, not me plus all the worldly things and the people that I'm starting to understand this stuff a lot more.

Cause I'm reading more and studying more. And then I'm also building upon my study habits and abilities to understand and, and see things from different perspectives and the world puts upon you goals. And then you, then you start grinding. Then you start stressing out, then you start start setting expectations that are not in the plans for you.

And then you wonder why you're not making progress to it. But Tamara, let me tell you, when you're aligned with the mission, the original mission that you were placed here for, and whatever that may be, that may be getting a lot of money so that you can help people that may be living in an awesome place.

It may be materialistic so that you have something that you're gonna do with that. But at the end of the day, when you get that alignment, man, life is so much, uh, more filled with joy and, and. Laughter and calmness and peace. And so that's, I think to me, what I'm searching for is that freedom and peace and joy.

Yeah. And I think what's neat is that that doesn't have to be a, a waiting thing. Right? You don't have to wait until the end of your life to get to that place. I think a lot of times people work towards retirement. When I get to this place, then I'll travel. When I get to this goal, then I'll be happy.

Right. And we know when it comes to money. Well, we say we know, but people still strive for it all the time. Well, when you go for tangibles, the thing that is tangible doesn't necessarily result in peace, joy, contentment, and the fruits of the spirit are not necessarily something that will ever hold, but.

Feel will be, will reside within, and then those other things might organically come. I don't think that money is bad. I don't think that tangibles are bad, but what we do with them and how we receive them and the gratitude in which we consistently show up with them. Can change everything. And so to know that joy and peace and contentment are literally attainable today.

What are some of the actions besides prayer and belief, even though those are massive, um, that are things that you're consistently like moving towards, even within your business. So one is not tie my emotions to outcomes, to money, but when I do have a win, I'll celebrate for a little bit, but then I'm onto what's next.

Yeah, because I think I, I always have to have a game I'm playing. Like I wanna, okay. What am I shooting for next? You have win, celebrate next. Yeah, because you know, I think that. You see this a lot with people that retire, they don't set a new game for themselves. Sure. And then they pass away or a wife or husband passes away and an older couple and, and the one that's left dies.

Right, right. After cuz they don't set up a new game for themselves. Mm. And so I think that's for me one and then the other thing would be confronting when I have a concern or issue that's going on in my mind, I confront it. I, I establish a situation, whether it's a true concern. If it's just my emotions, which I never trust my emotions.

I, I just always say, you know, emotions are, it'll be changed tomorrow. Yeah. And so confronting the issues. So many people have issues, they have concerns, they have thoughts, things bother 'em, they don't confront them. And then it persists what you resist persist. So confrontation's a very important thing.

And what I mean by confrontation is not. Attacking someone or, or being rude or disrespectful to someone. What I mean by it is handling it, taking time outta the equation and handling a, an issue because here's the thing, like one thing that gets me, like recently, for example, like mortgage rates are going up and I'm a mortgage company.

It's one of my six businesses and business is down. And I, I could sit here and be like, oh, no business down rates, this and that. Or I could say, okay, this is happening. I knew it was gonna happen. So we did already prepare a little bit for this, but now like, okay, what do we need to do to get back to where we were based on the current conditions?

Let's deal with this. Let's write this out. Let's get clear on it and let's start an attack plan. Yeah. And then have fun with it. Turn the problem into a project because look, there's a, there's a lady that works with me, Tamara that just lost her daughter a couple weeks ago in a car accident. She was 23 years old and she just read a letter today on our sales.

We meet every day for 10 or 15, 20 minutes. She just read a letter that came from a nurse who was first on the scene. And she was telling, uh, Renee at our company, she was telling her about her daughter that she wasn't in pain, that she looked like an angel when she arrived. And she gave her hope and, and, you know, it made me realize that the stress that we go through with our business in our everyday lives, like we are, we're only on this planet for a short period of time.

Why, why would we not have fun while we're here? Yeah. Why are we taking things so seriously? You know, so, um, and I do believe in an afterlife and eternal life, but while we're here on this world, we might as well, like. Have a good time and, and, and serve a purpose. Yeah, I really love it. I think that as you were saying, problem to project, um, one of my biggest things that my husband and I always speak to and, and train up our kids and lead by is, you know, come with a solution, not a problem because.

So many people, society, even media, even, um, they're, they're resonating on the problem and they're not coming with effective solutions when solutions are all around us. If we get creative and I think looking at it as an element of let's have fun, let's gamify it. You're talking kind of about like gamifying, even your loss or your win.

What's next. What's the next, the vision. The next gamification of goals is that we can do that by playing like really, truly leaning into play. How would this be more fun? How could this be an element of joy rather than it detracting from us and us thinking of work as this place that we have to go to like sit in a dungeon at a cubicle, like that is how it was portrayed.

And so that was like the confines in which I was like, I'm never going to do that. And so I ran. In the opposite direction as an entrepreneur, cuz I just didn't want to not have joy in something. I was gonna spend a third of my life doing. And so I, I wanna hear first what you have to say about that, but I would love to get into some of the other businesses that you have and give some wisdom to the people listening.

Yeah. So first of all, the people that are sitting in cubicles, they decided to be there. So they gotta remember that like we have control, but what you were talking about before with playing a game and coming with solutions that not everybody can come up with a solution. So, what they people need to understand is that they can ask for help and that not everything is supposed to be done by yourself.

Like that's why God put other people on his planet. So asking for help. So what, when I started on my journey to help people, my mission that I created. For myself, is that all people are unstoppable to live in the life of their dreams. I, I was banging my head on against the wall a lot of times, because I couldn't understand, I have answers for people, but they just wouldn't listen or they wouldn't take the, the help.

And they would resent me sometimes. And , and I, I was trying to figure this thing out, but then I figured out a formula after doing a lot of research, that the first thing you have to talk to people about is. The word help, the definition of help. And the fact that help is a good thing. It's good. We, and, and we have to make sure that people have not made a decision in the past after they've tried to help someone and failed.

Or they, somebody tried to offer them help. They failed and, or they took advantage of them because every time we have a failure in life, Tamara, we make a decision and that decision dictates how our life goes goes going forward. So when you're, when you're talking about help, a lot of people that won't listen to you or won't take help or never ask for help, or try to do everything on their own, they just have a warped sense of the definition or connotation of help.

So if you get people in a conversation about help and say, Hey, listen, when's the last time you tried to help someone and you couldn. Or when is the last time somebody tried to help you and, and they took advantage of you or they failed and you get people talking about it, then they realize that they can differentiate between that situation there and the current situation that not all of things are just all lumped up together.

Once you do that, then you get into conversation, talking to people about control and con understanding control is a good thing because some people don't think control is a good thing, cuz they've been controlled in the past and it was abusive situation or they tried to control. So. And they failed at it.

Again, going back to any time you failed, there's a decision made afterwards. And when you get into these conversations with 'em, it opens 'em up. And what you're doing while you're doing that is you're communicating with people. And the more you communicate with people, the more your affinity goes up when you're talking to people with that person and they have an, a, a connection with you and they can relate to you, you can relate to them.

And then from there you have agreement and when you can agree with someone, then you can help them. And they will listen to you when they agree with you, because then your realities are similar. The reason that they resented me back in the day and I was banging my head is cuz they had different reality than I did.

And that not to say that they were right or wrong or I was right or wrong. It was just different. And that's what's going on in politics right now. Yeah. That's what's going on in clubhouse rooms right now is people's realities are all different and they can't imagine how Tamara can think that way. Big, big lightning thunder.

Um, I dunno if you heard that. Oh yeah, I can. Oh man, I can that yesterday. So, so that's the, that's the thing like. People aren't crazy. So to speak cuz some people think they're yeah, they just have different realities and they can't that they're not, um, in alignment, that's it. Right. Well, and I think when you think of alignment, it's also that, that view of perception, right?

People say that we see with our eyes, right. What has been deposited into our mind and our mind having that element of neuroplasticity and also the connection of emotional intelligence, which you've talked a lot about without necessarily saying that, but. The things that you were mentioning as far as help, as far as control, as far as communication, even they're really dictated around that internal alignment because when we are aligned, we aren't promising our.

Ego or our worth off of somebody else's opinion and perspective, because our worth comes from within and therefore help feels more like a partnership rather than help. And like, you are less than can you help me? Because you're superior now. It becomes more of like let's lift one another, right? The rising tide sinks, all ships or vice versa, lift all.

And so, um, that's just what I was like processing is to know that we have to be self aware of those things because communication outside of, uh, open mindedness actually inhibits the perception and therefore those realities become, um, dictated by the box in which you live. Yeah. Right. There's no open door in your house.

You're like literally never opening the door to a stranger 100. um, one thing I know a lot of people can relate to this too. Like growing up when I was in that abusive situation, my stepmother used to say all the time you're pathetic. Mm. That was her favorite word. I'm you're pathetic. Mm. I didn't even know what that meant.

It just sounded nasty coming outta her mouth, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And like, I'm UN pathetic. I don't, I still don't know if I even know what that word means. I should look up the definition. Yeah. Yeah. But I never listened to. I was like, you know what? You don't know what you're talking about, lady. Yeah. But like, I was just like that, but growing up then I moved, uh, schools a lot.

Yeah. And so then when I moved schools a lot, what happens is a lot of times, and you get into these situations where realities are different for people. So there's not alignment. And I got jumped a lot. Mm. I didn't know who to fit in with, who I was supposed to. I was in one school and I was hanging out with Latino kids.

Mm-hmm cause their parents would come up and work in the mushroom houses from Mexico, Guatemala. And I would hang out with those kids and I was learning Spanish and all this, I go to this other. and I didn't hang out with white kids at first because I thought I was supposed to hang out with, uh, different, like different people.

Like, I don't know. I just didn't. So I would try to hang out with African Americans. They would jump me because they're like, you don't belong with us. Ah, and so then I was like, you know what? I gotta figure this out. Then I realized it doesn't matter what they say. Like you're just talking about it.

Doesn't matter what they say. As long as I'm working on myself and I'm committed and I have conviction of where I'm going, what other people say does not matter because of the fact that they don't have a clear. Or clear picture of the vision that I have. Right. So if they can't see that, whatever they say can't affect me, I gotta keep going on, on the journey.

Yeah, that's good. And so that's something that's helped me as well. And if you can relate when people. Chattering. Oh, you're starting a podcast. Oh man. Why don't you go do some motivat? You know, I used to get digs all the time when I went on this journey from people and I'm like, they just don't see the, the vision, right.

If I would've stopped and quit, there's so many people that I've helped that I wouldn't have been able to help. And I wouldn't be where I am today. If I listened to a couple of those people that just didn't have the same reality as me. Yeah, it's massive. And if you guys are not watching this live, this is over recorded live experience.

You would not wanna jump sea rock. Like that's not a person you wanna mess with. So at least whatever learned lesson you received in those times, you really put into not just the emotional and relational health, but also your physical self, which is a component of what I first started the fit and faith podcast around.

Because I had gone in this massive physical transformation, this huge mental transformation, relational, spiritual, all of these things, but ultimately it was all rooted in my physicality because I started working out when I was really little, I was exposed to it when I was really young, I was a gymnast for 16 years.

And so exercise has just always been a huge part of my. Um, personally and professionally. And so I'm curious for you, how has, uh, really being focused on your physical wellbeing also been an implementation of your, your journey and your success in your version of success? Yes. I played football since I, well, I've played sports since I was really little, but I played football since I was 11 all the way till two years in college.

Okay. And so I was good, but then I lost focus when I was into college. I started partying and drinking and carrying on chasing something that I shouldn't have been chasing. um, and lost focus. And when your mind gets off and you're off your target and purpose, then your body suffers. And then I did, I was in great shape.

And then I actually gained weight. By the time I was 29, I was. I mean, I'm only five seven. I was 235 pounds. I got fat pictures I could show. And, and you guys would don't believe it. It would look like Ryan Reynolds in that movie. Um, what was it called? Where fat suit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'd really have pictures like that.

You look bad. I'm like, I can't even believe that I couldn't. I was a mess back then. Like I went through a stretch of my life where I was in darkness off track. And, uh, I look back and I was going through a, um, a situation recently when I was talking to somebody about this. Yeah. And I was just like, I'm embarrassed to even say that this was me.

Mm. Like, I, I, I just, it, it just wasn't, it wasn't me, you know, it was something that I don't know, but I, I think that your mind and your body are connected and then when your mind's off and you're not on track, your physical health will suffer. Yeah. And I feel that to the degree you get your mind. Right.

And you're getting an alignment with your spirit. Then you, you can have, uh, actual physical effects from that. Yeah. Without even, without even really, uh, I mean, you should diet, you should exercise, but it, it, it can affect your physical, um, being and your, um, your, you know, you, you can have somatic illnesses from your mind being messed up.

Like there's so much, I, I believe in alignment with your mind and spirit. Yeah. Uh, with your. Yeah, it's really powerful. I am totally on board with that. And it's been, I never had a quote unquote bat suit season um, but I, I definitely can see this like pre and I to call it pre-Jesus honestly, or pre quarter life crisis, whatever resonates with you.

Okay. And, and that, like, I had just a different physique and a different element of present. Than I do now. I mean, there's literally, to me a vast difference in those pictures. And so I just think it's so interesting to see how transformation occurs, not just even physically, but that interior actually creates that exterior, um, self image.

Uh, for me, it was a massive element of just actually being able to look into the mirror and be like, wow, I'm really proud of you, you know? And not ne not having any of it to do with my body complex. I think there's a lot of validity to that. Well, I will say this though, and I'm not talking about necessarily like looks cuz everybody has beauty to, to the yeah.

You know, different views of beauty. But I will say that when you take care of yourself and you have yourself together mentally and physically, like there's an attraction there. Not, I'm not talking about sexual attraction, but I'm talking about attraction that, that person's like. Taking care of themselves.

Yeah. They, they're happy. They're filled with joy. You can tell by looking at them and looking at their, the way they appear. Yeah. So to me, I think appearance is important to the degree of, um, You know, being well, let's say, yeah, well, I mean, and we know even likeit like, I can't say it, simplicity is the one I'm trying to say simply that if you see somebody, you know, it takes more muscles in your face to frown than it does to smile.

And so when you see people who are just naturally smile, we're attracted to them and are also like, wow, there must be an ease to their. There must be something that's creating like that joy, that momentum versus the other person. You're like, Ooh, I I'll stay away from them. Right. Like they look so mad. Why are they so angry?

And, and we've all can raise our hands to the moments and seasons that we've had to go through that, or we are going through that. But I just think that there's in that even that control element of choice of where do we fix our minds.

The most powerful thing you can do to unlock your greatness and step into your next level of abundance is to get in the room with others who have been where you wanna be and perhaps are going where you wanna go. But oftentimes we can put ourselves in the wrong room based on exterior, a vantage points, what they wear, where they go, what they do when we know in our heart of hearts, that we should be following people, standing along people who.

Find in true wealth, stop feeling alone in the journey of growth as a business leader and an entrepreneur who loves God, stop struggling to find the right answer. When it's already been written, stop giving up on the desires of your heart when God place them there with intention. Stop standing in this lack mentality.

When your prosperity is critical for all of us in the kingdom, come find a seat at the table at the. Impactful faith driven business conference. You will ever experience alongside ministry driven marketplace leaders. You will evolve, unlock and activate your next level. That just sounded like a video game.

This is not the meta. Okay. This is your I R L you're in real life chance to be in the room with some of the greatest kingdom entrepreneurs of our time. Founders, innovators, trailblazers, who are God centered are coming together to grow their business for God's sake. That's an inside out job. You will leave this three day intensive with action plans, new income strategies, fresh mentalities towards business and life integration, and a sense of freedom that will have others magnetize to what you are selling by the way you freshly and uniquely serve it's happening on November 4th through the sixth 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.

With a highlight VIP event on November 3rd, there are seats at the table for you, but they will go fast. It's a limited. Reservation. So get your tickets Again, that's grow for I cannot wait to hug your neck. I cannot wait to see you there in person. I cannot wait for this energetic room to just light up the world because that's what we're gonna do when we leave this conference.

But you gotta be in the room. IRA. Let's go.

I'm sure. Especially running six businesses, there are days that there are storms happening. And so how do you keep that, that sense of joy in the midst of what could feel potentially like chaos or have you gotten it to a place where you don't even feel that, that pain or that twinge anymore? Because there's things in rhythm based on your alignment.

I think you will always feel something creep in, but it's a speed that in which you can cut it off and re redirect it or convert it. I think that's the thing. Like we, I just know that all problems are solvable. Um, and I believe that, you know, we're on a mission where it's not gonna be always, uh, known and, and we're gonna have things pop up.

And we just, the biggest thing for me, Tamara, is every problem that I've really had in my life stemmed from allowing the wrong people in my environ. So I've been really very sensitive and, and focused on keeping the foxes out of the henhouse, so to speak. And since I've done that, my life is more simple, less chaotic.

Um, and I wanna continue that. Like, I don't, if I, if I start a business and my business partners have to be in alignment with my core values. And if they're not, it's nothing personal. It just don't. We just don't go forward. And my life has been a lot simpler. And you know what? The other thing is like, my marriage has been better because I don't bring that stuff home.

Like you, you have problems at work. You have problems in your employment, in your job, your, your business. You're gonna bring that stuff home a lot of times. And then you don't even realize that you're doing it and your wife or your spouse is, uh, acting up so to speak or they're, they. Like just not easy.

And you're like, wait a minute. What is your problem? But it's you. Yeah. Right. Most of the time, it's you, for sure. You know? Yeah. And that's that element, you know, the Jim Rowan quote of you're the sum of the five people that you're connected to. And there's so much truth to that. I think one of the things that you had just mentioned that triggered a question was, um, when you were talking about purpose or alignment, Connected to a partnership or even vision and goals.

Like you've been talking about a lot of the people who come to me from a business coaching perspective. One of the reasons that they come is because they're, they want clarity, they want clarity. And you had mentioned that there is this sometimes unknowingness of our purpose, even though we have a vision, even though there might have been even a God vision connected to that, how do you decipher clarity on what things to move forward with what not to move forward with and to keep like, just focus.

Well, you have to figure out what your mission and purpose is. Yeah. You have to, and if somebody says, well, I don't know how to do that. Well, that's okay. Not to know how to do it. Ask for help. Yeah. And how you do that is what lights you up? Like what gets you excited? What would you have to accomplish? Like, if you knew you accomplished it in the future, what would light your butt up right now?

Like what would you be like? So for me, it's like, I remember Rocky movies back in the day and when I watch Rocky movies, I liked how he kept going and he'd get knocked down. He'd get back up and you're like, yeah, Rocky, let's go and you come and leave that movie and you're fired up, you know? Yeah. Or any kind of movie like that.

And I just realized like, unstoppability man, like that is so cool to me. Yeah. And so that's what lights me up. So that's what I go with. Everybody's unstoppable to live in the life of the dreams. And most people just don't realize it. I need to help 'em realize that whatever that is for you, some people want to help people.

I don't know. I mean, everybody has a different one, but whatever lights you up. So figure out what that is now. The job that you do can be all different things. You have your, your, your business can be all different things. It's, that's just a vehicle to get where you are going, and you just need to make sure that it aligns with the mission that you establish.

So like, for me, all my businesses align with people being unstoppable, to live in a life of their dreams, houses, mortgage, right. Coaching, um, the podcast, the book I wrote. Blueprinted if somebody wants to achieve something we're giving 'em a step by step process to achieve it. They to get rid of the excuse of not knowing how to do something tipity is another, another tech platform.

That's a tipping app. It makes tipping easier with the innovative way that we created to make tipping simple and also encourage giving we're creating a generosity movement around tipity where people will be encouraged to give more. They'll be rewarded to give more. And we will increase tips by 50% in the service industry with this platform.

So, wow. Every, but everything aligns with all people are unstoppable to live in a life for their dreams. It's just yesterday I created a mastermind group that's gonna have for men, and then it's gonna have a spinoff, like a little division for couples. Cool. It's called I N X. For inexorable, cuz it's tough to uh to a little, it's a little inside joke with someone.

Um, yeah, but inexorable. So it's INX Legion and that's gonna be in a mastermind for men that are that to create unstoppable men, to live in the life of the dreams so necessary. So all that aligns again. So I have a bunch of things. and then also some people say to me, Tamara, like, how do you do all this stuff?

Like, how do you, well, I create situations where I do not have to be a hundred percent involved. That's the help thing. Yep. Right? Yep. And so I get people that can take care of the things that need to be taken care of. And I can focus on what I'm good at, what I love doing. And that allows me to do a lot of that because I don't care about doing it.

Like it's, it's something I look forward to. So I'll do a lot more of. And all the other stuff I don't like, or I'm not good at, I get someone else to do. And they're good at that. And they like doing it. Yeah. And I think that that's like where we recognize when people have these like, um, momentum, this momentum associated to their brand or their business, or just life in general.

It's this knowing that they're not doing it alone, that actually brings us freedom. And knowing that like, we can raise our hand to help and we can also raise our hand to the element of how we can help, right. When we need help. And then also how we can help. And if we look at it from that lens, there is no element of sales associated to that.

It's, it's going all the way back to like, um, when trade was a conversation, right. And there wasn't necessarily like monetary association, it was. Hey, I'll give you my bushel love. I don't even know bushel of potatoes. Is that a thing? mm-hmm I have a bag of potatoes and you can give me your milk, right. And yep.

It, everyone saw this valuation. And so I think a lot of times people even think in partnership, like I can't partner with someone like what's the 50, 50 split, what's the finances gonna be? Like, what if we just talk about value of humanity? First, and then that is a, a secondary element. Yes, it matters. But it does it really at the end of the day, I think you said it best when you said the people that you're connected to.

If they're not in alignment with your values, it's kind of off the table and no same. Would it be if we were trading back in the day, Yeah, a hundred percent and tolerating, tolerating things below your standards and below your values, too many people will tolerate things so good. And to me, I would rather nip it in the, but early on when you see something that's not in alignment than let it go and persist.

Yeah. And then remember confront yes. Confront. Yes. Yes. Um, so. Yeah, I think it's so good. Mike, you've been awesome today. I'm so grateful to have you on the show. I definitely want people to get access to blueprinted. I know it's in like creator phase and all that, but I want them to be able to get into it as soon as possible, uh, should just listening to their, your podcast.

Be an element of timing for that. Well, no, if you just go to Cool. That's B L O O oh, oh yeah. You can actually look at the blueprints that we have up there. Now. There's how to start a podcast, how to develop your personal brand, how to craft the perfect pitch, how to start a yacht charter business in 90 days.

I mean, there's some wild blueprints on there, but we also have become a creator and there's two options to become a creator. You can do it yourself in our creator studio. Or you can help get our team to help. And it's basically a project manager that's assigned to you. There is an investment for that, but you also become a part of the blueprinted creator's mastermind group, uh, where we meet once a month and we have live events.

And so it's exciting. Grant Cardone is a part of this. He's a partner

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