• Tamra Andress

How to Be a Prayerful Entrepreneur

Today we will explore how to use the BRIEF strategy to be a Prayerful Entrepreneur!

Learn how to practice the B.R.I.E.F. Strategy from The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur by Kim Avery. Buy here:

B - Business-Related - Get God into the Granular, not just the BIG Dream

R - Relevant - Pray specifically

I - Inside Out - Start inside your heart before serving or receiving

E - Expectancy - Expect him to work the miracle and have Him precede in the room

F - Frequent - Frequently and never cease to pray.

Becoming a prayerful entrepreneur is all about where you put your focus. God needs to be at the center of your mission-minded business. Take time to find scripture on prayer and find morning prayers for entrepreneurs to get your heart in the right space.

Are you a Christian entrepreneur? Prayer for entrepreneurs is an essential part of getting your focus and mindset in the right place. How do you ensure you keep your entrepreneurial focus on God and His will for your business?

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