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God’s Path is Always the Best Path with Amy Klutinoty

Today’s guest is Amy Klutinoty from Your Path His Plan. She’s a podcaster, a writer, a wife, and she’s an evangelizer and a pastor in her own right. I was so amazed to hear her storyline, the depths of things and places that I have mildly traveled, but not to the same extent. God showed up for her during a dream. She tells us about this dream, and through the details of this dream, I’m living it out with her.

Have you ever had a moment? A second in time that, you know without a shadow of a doubt, was an experience with Jesus? A time that you hold so tightly to when the storms get heavy, or the dark shadows of life try to bear down on this present light that you’ve experienced? Maybe you experienced Him in the midst of the dark, and that’s what makes Him all the more tangible.

Today’s guest is Amy Klutinoty from Your Path His Plan. She’s a podcaster, a writer, a wife, and she’s an evangelizer and a pastor in her own right. I was so amazed to hear her storyline, the depths of things and places that I have mildly traveled, but not to the same extent. God showed up for her during a dream. She tells us about this dream, and through the details of this dream, I’m living it out with her. I can sense Him and His very being and His very nature amid this dream that happened to her over a decade ago. And yet it’s still so present in her life, and so I pray wherever this episode finds you, that it just engulfs you, that it embraces you, that it creates hope within you.

He exists in such a grandiose way, and no matter how hard-headed you are, He will show up on your path in His own unique way to pull you back like the prodigal son, into the place that you’ve always been destined to go. And He will use those hardships, those difficult spaces and places, and even character traits for good.

Guest Bio

My name is Amy Klutinoty, and everything you will ever need to know about me can be found in Acts 20:24. I’ll tell you why that is…

I grew up in church and functioned out of man-made religion rather than a Christ-centered relationship.

I was sexually abused as a child and learned early on that the word “trust” didn’t exist in my world.

At 14 years old, I rebelled and ran with sin as far as it could take me. The destination? Rock bottom.

At 23 I was a high school dropout, raging alcoholic and frequent drug-abuser of illegal narcotics. I found myself in and out of jail, bound to probation, slept around to gain “love”, and bounced from one abusive relationship to another.

One night, I had a dream of Jesus that completely changed the entire direction of my life. A few months later I laid everything down to follow Him.

Today, I live in Nashville, TN with my husband Adam, and we both have dedicated our lives to pointing others to Jesus. I’m a firm believer that wherever you are; that’s your ministry field, and I specifically enjoy speaking and writing.

My purpose is to be a voice, calling out to the world with one simple plea, “BE READY-THE KING IS COMING!”

My passion is to encourage others to be bold enough to do the same.

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God’s Path is Always the Best Path Show Notes

Tamra Andress

Have you ever had a moment? A second in time that, you know, without a shadow of a doubt was an experience with Jesus? A time that you just hold so tightly to when the storms get heavy or the dark shadows of life try to bear down on this present light that you’ve experienced, maybe you experienced Him in the midst of the dark and that’s what makes Him all the more tangible. Well, today’s podcast guest, Amy Klutinoty – yes, that is a mouthful, but I nailed it.

Amy Kluntinoty from Your path Hstorylineis way. She’s a podcast or she’s a writer. She’s a wife, she’s an evangelizer, she is a pastor in her own right. And I was so amazed to hear her story line, the depths of things and places that I have mildly traveled, but not to the same extent. And yet God showed up for her in the midst of a dream. And she goes into the details of this dream and through the details of this dream, I’m actually living it out with her. I can sense Him and His very being and His very nature in the midst of this dream that happened to her over a decade ago or almost a decade ago at this point. And yet it’s still so present in her life, and so I pray wherever this episode finds you, that it just engulfs you, that it embraces you, that it creates hope within you.He exists in such a grandiose way, and no matter how hard-headed you are, He will show up on your path in his own unique way to pull you back like the prodigal son into the place that you’ve always been destined to go.

And you will use those hardships, you will use those difficult spaces and places and even character traits, and use them for good. Hope this blesses you.

Hello, hello. We are here live for the Fit in Faith podcast, and I am so excited to have Amy here with us today. You guys, it has been an effort to get us here, right here in

this moment we have been having all the email glitches that you could possibly imagine. But thank goodness for Instagram, it can be good for some things. To be able to connect with people who just have a like heart, a like spirit. And you guys, there’s so much more to Amy than just her testimony. It’s the platform by which God has gifted her through it and the way that she serves in and of itself. So I am so excited for whoever’s listening.

We have a couple of people on live right now to just hear from her heart and hear from a fellow sister who just loves Jesus as much as I think I do, which is pretty awesome to say. Amy, thank you so much for being here.

Amy Klutinoty

Thank you. Thank you. I’m having a little bit of audio difficulties, by the way. On your end, it sounds a little robotic, but I just want to thank you.

Tamra Andress

You guys, we’re doing this. This is happening whether we want to or not. Do I still sound like a robot?

Amy Klutinoty

It was just a little bit. Yes, a little robotic like that audio. It’s hard to understand. It’s going in and out.

All right. If you are live you can be so interesting when you especially when you have to go live and you have to your end, everything seems fine and whatnot.

Tamra Andress

You guys are live and you can comment if I sound like a robot. That would be really helpful. I see all the live eyeballs, so we would love your support.

And, you know, OK, I’m not going to move. I’m not going to move.

And I’m not going to tell everyone who you are, where you come from, what’s going on, what has God done in your life that’s just been so transformational to get you to the place of just wanting to share so deeply.

Amy Klutinoty

So my name’s Amy Klutinoty. Last name married into that one. I’m right now living in Nashville, Tennessee, and I love it here. I’m originally from Michigan, small, small town in Michigan called Oxford. And, you know, I guess in a nutshell, to kind of sum up, because I could go any which way. Right. You know, it’s like where do you even begin? But for me personally, I kind of grew up in the church a little bit and really fell away.

You know, my parents always used to joke with me and say, Amy, you’re so stubborn and that kind of nature that God’s given me. It’s a good thing when you use it for his kingdom. But when you don’t use it for his kingdom, it’s a recipe for destruction.

So I learned the hard way and I fell away from the Lord for a long time, really rebelled at the age of 14 young age, and then went from there on to just this downhill slope of bad choices, bad relationships, bad addictions, all that kind of stuff. And, you know, I liken it to the great story of grace, right?

Because when you fall so far away from God, especially like the prodigal story, as you see in the New Testament, when you fall so far away from God and you’re never too far gone, meaning that he can reach you in that darkness. And when he did, which we can go into that more when he did reach out, I had such a super natural experience that I feel like that’s the only way God really could get a hold of me, because I was so strong willed and stubborn and just wanted my own way.

So he got a hold of me in twenty eleven and I’m so thankful for it. I was about twenty three, twenty four years old and told him from there on out I’m going to follow you for the rest of my life. I don’t care what it looks like. I don’t care how hard it is. I don’t care what I’m signing up for. I don’t need to see those contracts. Yes. I’m like, just give me the bottom line where I have to sign when I’m in love.

It’s so good.

So that’s what I did. And I’ve been on that journey for almost ten years now. And it has been quite the adventure. So amazing.

I love the understanding of separateness because that is definitely something rooted in my own storyline. And I connected from my dad and my dad’s family. And you know how that goes. It’s all tied to a route of some sort. But realizing that you literally had to be sleeping for God to, like, get control of you to talk to us about that dream that day that like this dream happened and how it was there, like a quick 180 after you experience that, you know, it was in a sense.

So basically to bring you to where I was, because you have to appreciate understand where I was and why God had to reach out and what that looked like. So at this point, you go to about twenty ten of twenty ten going into twenty eleven. I’m so far at this point I’m in a three year relationship with an incredibly abusive man who I just didn’t think I deserved anything better. So that’s why I stayed in that. And leading up to that, I was sexually abused as a child.

It really messed with my self-esteem, my confidence in my identity, I went to high school, found out I had a learning disorder, I had a hard time studying, dropped out of high school, became a drug addict, alcoholic, and went to jail twice in that three to four years after I got out of high school or dropped out, went to jail twice, was going to commit suicide. Now, that’s that’s the story. And that’s such a small part of it.

You know what I’m saying?

Like, every single time. Oh, yeah. Every single situation is a story in and of itself.

It is that everything led me to this point. And that’s why I appreciate all of it. People ask me if you could go back, Amy, would you change anything? The decisions, the choices, the people you slept with, the drugs you did, would you change any of it? I’m like, honestly, this is gonna sound so crazy now because I, through all those circumstances, have been able to reach people now that I never normally be able to reach.

So anyways, full circle bringing all that now to this dream. I went to bed one night. This is a normal night. I was living in my parents house at the time and I’d say probably was about twenty two, twenty three years old. And I went to bed and I had this amazing dream. I was not a dreamer. And keep in mind at this time also as well, I wasn’t very knowledgeable of the word of God. I didn’t read the Bible, didn’t understand.

I knew some things from my past. But that’s it. That’s important to say, because some of the things in this dream. Looking back, now that I know the word, it’s phenomenal, the things that I saw and the things that I knew in this dream, that back then, there’s no way. There’s no way. So I have this dream where I was walking through this beautiful desert land and I was with a group of people. And I will say this when I have these dreams, I’ve had three dreams in my life of where the Lord has really come to me and given me something.

And I was never somebody who believed in dreams, too, because there’s a lot of people out there who are like, yeah, whatever that’s New Age or whatever. But I’m like, don’t don’t limit God, do not do that. So I’ve had a couple of dreams where the Lord reaches me. And I want to say this. I end up in these dreams. I somehow have this strange full knowledge of everything around me. It is the strangest but yet most amazing thing.

I could look at the wall and tell you how tall it was in inches. I could look at the ground and if there was tile in the ground, I could tell you how many tile was on the ground. It was like this. Wow, insane knowledge of knowing it was amazing. So in my dream, I knew I was in Jerusalem. I was walking in this beautiful desert area with these people and I knew I was walking in Israel.

So I had said to the people I was walking with, I said, Where is Jesus? I need to find him, where is he? And I was very, very urgent. There was an urgency in my ask and they said, he’s down there in that building.

And I turned around and we were kind of up high. And when I looked down, I could see the small city. Now, looking back, I I’ve come to know now that I see present day Israel and Jerusalem and even Israel, Jerusalem back what it could have looked like back then. Right in a dream. I was clearly standing on the Mount of Olives, looking down onto the small city. And back then during Jesus’s time, this city would have been very small in nature, walled in.

Right. Because, in fact, I’m Walden, big white building in the middle, which we know now to be, would have been David’s temple or the wall.

So I look down in this building that he’s in there, but you can’t go in there because everybody in that building is sick. And if you go in there, you’re going to get sick. Well, with my personality, I’m going way for sure. And now you have got me.

So I left that group, which was very symbolic in that in that time, because there was a group of people I was running with, including the guy I was dating. And in that dream, the Lord was beginning to show me that you are going to have to come after me, but you’re going to have to leave a lot of stuff behind.

And that represented the people group. I was a part of the relationship. I was in everything basically that became my identity. So I left that group without a second thought, you know, ran down my dream kind of skips then to me, walking into this beautiful building. And the only way I can describe it to you is this building looked like a hospital. It was white, beautiful, stone, clean, very, very clean, very minimal.

There wasn’t a lot of stuff inside. And I was walking down this long hallway and I was walking down this long hallway. I looked at these rooms and all of these rooms were empty and they looked like almost like hospital rooms in a way. What’s so amazing is, of course, the rooms are empty because Jesus is in this building. And who’s going to be sick.

You say that the great physicians there.

Right. So I’m walking by all these all these rooms, they’re all just empty. And I get to this big area and there’s like this big round circle kind of area in the middle. And I look over to the right and I see an elderly woman and she’s hunched over and I see Jesus standing there in my dream. Now, I will say this. I did not see his face. I did not see his stature in the sense of what he looked like.

I believe God keeps that very hidden. I do have a dream because, I mean, personally, I don’t want to see that until I get to heaven. I’ll be honest. I do want to see Jesus.

But at the same time, I want to wait, you know. So I saw his outline and I did see his feet and I did see his hands by his side. So he seemed like a taller man, not super tall, but just regular statue of a man, was an elderly woman, was speaking in another language, and I couldn’t understand what she was saying. However, I knew what she was saying once again, just full knowledge of what was going on.

And she was crying out to him to be healed. And he listened to her whole story. And that’s something that really stuck out to me in that dream because he ever tried to share your story or your life with somebody, or maybe you’re going through something really hard and you try to share with them and they kind of just they’re like, am I interested? But really, they’re somewhere else. And they’re thinking of something else. And you can tell because they don’t seem very engaged.

I’ve been there and I almost kind of shut down when people do that to me because I’m like, well, they’re not very interested. Yeah, but in this. He was very interested in what she had to say and was very in tune with her and he leaned, you could tell he was leaning in very close to her and she was just crying and pouring her heart out to him. And he waited until she was done. And as soon as she was done, I saw his hand reach out to her.

And instantly, this elderly woman who was, like I said, hunched over, shot straight up. And it was like this light came out from her. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. And yet at the same time, scary like I was. I remember feeling a little bit of fear, not the fear of the demonic fear that’s associated with that darkness, but that was a wholly reverential fear.

And so all of a sudden, she kind of pulls away out of the stream and Jesus turns his body and looks straight at me and once again, can’t see him. But I will tell you, I put my head down instantly because in his presence, it was like this pureness and this holiness and this power. And all I could think about in that moment, in that type of presence was my lack of holiness and my lack of purity and all the dirty and ugly things that I was a part of and the things I had done.

It was like it was almost like the screen came up in my mind and I started just seeing all these things that I had done that were wrong. And I knew I’m done like that was it. I grew up in the church. I knew a little bit I knew what was right or wrong. I knew I was doing all the wrong and not the right right in its presence. I knew I was I thought to myself, that’s it. It’s done.

It’s over. Like, I could have followed him in my life and I didn’t. And now I’m standing right before him. And I made the I made all these big mistakes. And I did want to like all this, just regret, honestly. Yeah. So I went to go verbally, say, I’m so sorry, because that’s all I could think about saying and I kid you not. This sounds so silly because if you think about the seriousness and the severity of sin, I want you to understand when I say this when he responded.

He I could see his outline, his shoulders like this. OK, that’s it. There was no long, drawn out speech, there was no, like, eloquent words, there was no parables that he gave. You know, Jesus is the word. He’s already spoken. It’s all in the Bible. You want to know what you has to say about you. It’s all right there. You want to know what you have to do in life.

It’s all right there. There’s nothing that Jesus could have said in a dream to add his word. We know that. We’re not supposed to add to that. Right. So for him just to say, OK. That’s like you bumping into somebody at a grocery store, right, and you’re like, oh, I’m so sorry. It’s OK. I couldn’t believe it, but here’s the thing. Some people might say that that’s blasphemy and not OK.

So why would he say it’s OK? Well, what if it’s OK because he already died for it? What if it’s OK because that’s what he’s done. It’s already been it’s finished. You just have to say yes. Yeah. You know, we like to complicate it. It really as simple as that, yeah, believing that he has died on the cross. So anyway, I ought to say he says it’s OK. I’m like. But like, let’s say in my dream, he reaches out and touches my head and I woke up from this dream, but have you ever heard of sleep paralysis?

Yeah. So it’s like you’re awake, but you can’t move. So I feel like I woke up from a dream, but it was like I had sleep paralysis. I couldn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t move. And I’m laying in bed now. This is this is the end of the dream. But this is so crazy sounding.

I felt like there was something in my room and I have this fear in me, but it was like this holy fear of whatever was in front of me at the edge of my bed was so big and so massive and so large that I was going to get crushed. That’s literally what it felt like, like I was going to get crushed, like here’s Amy and here’s this big God or whoever, and I feel like I was going to get crushed.

So in my dream, I am trying to wake up and yell to my parents where the next thing I know they come help. Literally.

I’m trying to say you can hear yourself in those days how like how I could it.

All of a sudden I felt this hand grabbed my hand. Now, listen, I’m not saying I was fully awake. I don’t know, like this is the part I dream. I do not know. But I felt this hand grabbed my hand and it felt like, here’s my hand. This little nail in this huge strong, like every bone in my hand felt like it just turned to mush. But it didn’t hurt. It was very strange. But in that moment, I can tell you this.

There was this love. That spilled all of these empty places in my heart, in my body, it was like just rushed through and I had no fear.

I had no I just had peace, I felt loved, I felt complete, and as I was laying there, I heard in my ear this voice. I only can explain it like this. It sounded like a very low, low voice and yet a regular tone, voice of a man, so it was like a regular man talking, but then a lower tone of the voice in a way. And it just echoed. I mean, I thought I remember thinking of the moment this must be shaking my house because it was shaking my bones, like I could feel my body vibrating.

And it was this loud voice. But the man was speaking in another language and I couldn’t understand it. So it’s really interesting when you go back to when I first had that dream and I wrote my notes. I don’t know what this was, it sound like he was speaking in Arabic or some kind of whatnot. I had no idea, but this person spoke. They never took a breath. And that’s very interesting to me because they just constant it was like this constant line of words.

They didn’t take a breath to stop the sentence and start well, says in the Bible that his voice is like a voice of many waters. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that scripture before. Think about water to think about a stream.

It doesn’t stop going. And it was beautiful and loud in any way. So I woke up from that dream. I was shook up like I tried to call anybody I knew who was a Christian, like anybody, because I like what just happened, because I something, you know, it wasn’t just a dream, because it changed something in my heart.

I grabbed I actually literally went to a store and grabbed a Bible at a Christian store that was down the road that I knew was there. I bought a Bible and I wanted to know who I knew. It was Jesus in my dream, but I wanted to know who he was like, who is the I told my boyfriend at the time. He thought it was crazy. He’s like, you’ve lost your ever loving mind, you just had a regular dream.

And I said, No, you don’t understand.

Like, you don’t get it. So anyways. Fast track I watched, it was probably about three to four months later, I would not give up this relationship. I was so bound in this really, truly, I found and I had a dream and it was very short, but it was just really in that dream, the Lord, it was a picture of Jesus on a wall, of all things so strange. But the picture came to life and was talking to me and said he was stern.

He was not happy with me, like it was loving. He was stern. And he said, I told you, you have to get rid of this relationship. I told you, you need to let this go. I told you that this person is dragging you into dissent. He will destroy you, Amy. He will destroy you. And I woke up from that dream, and about a month later, I went to a young adult group, gave my life to the Lord, was filled with the Holy Spirit, and literally in that moment was like, I’m done.

I called him. I said, it’s over. He didn’t believe me. I said, I don’t care. Get used to it. It’s done for real. And I literally went on a fast track after the Lord date, didn’t go on coffee, didn’t do nothing. It was literally me shut up in my room with Jesus every single day. So. Oh yeah.

I love to forget about it. And reminiscing about that story. I’m not saying that you have to have a. Huge moment like that to be found at all, but what I’m saying is I was so weak and so weak minded and so weak in stature, just weak in general, that I needed something big like that because I couldn’t just listen to the gospel message like somebody else and just accept it. I needed something so much bigger. Yeah.

And that’s like the most amazing thing to realize and recognize. Two things. One, what you’re specifically just saying, knowing that it doesn’t have to be and it won’t be the same, no interaction with him will be the same because we are uniquely me. And just like me as a mom, I uniquely communicate with each of my children. And there’s only two of them. Right. God’s ability to uniquely communicate to each of his children is so critical to who we are innately and also calling us to who we are meant to be.

So knowing that your stubbornness, like you said, utilizing that for the Lord, he’s like, yes, I made you this way and we can use this for good and we will use this for good. But it’s the shaking moment of I’m I’m going to stand here and knowing that God fear peace, I think is really important because that was a I had to unpack that a lot. Like what is Thiering God mean? And how do I live in this space of, like, staying fearful of him, but not fear, like you said, shaking of like a dark beam, but more so the fear of all of his greatness.

And how do you stand in that as a Christian? And then the other thing that I wanted to notate was the fact that. Are similar stories in the weakness that I was when I met Jesus, like officially met him. I too was introduced to him when I was young and it wasn’t until I was twenty nine sitting in my own home with my two babies cribs in the other room, my husband with me and I call her my fairy godmother because she truly is an angel of the Lord.

But where I literally felt Jesus like take that cast that shame that I’m sorry moment that you had in life. You lift my chin to the point that the two people in the room basically said I was a different person. Yeah. Like they were like, you are not the same. You are you are glowing. Like your shoulders are risen. You’re like everything about your stature is different. And I think that that, like, resonated that like it’s OK.

It’s like that moment of knowing that in one instant he he already forgave you. And I love looking at it from that perspective that he knows. He knew that was why he sent Jesus. Yes. And that gives us a freedom to say, OK, and just admit to that. Submit to the fact that it’s already been done, that it’s already spoken, that the words are already way like they were reverberating through time, like a water like you said.

Yes. It never stops. Never. It’s we are unaware. Of the continuation of the love of God, like we are limited to this, this flesh, this messes everything up, like we are so unaware of just the level. You know, Paul, I love the apostle Paul talks about the New Testament, which I’m so happy he said this, because where do you go through sometimes where you need to hear this, that nothing can separate us from the love of God?

Nothing. Even before I was saying before you were saved, like living in sin, having wrong mindsets, whatever, basically walking in the flesh. Yeah. You know, there’s there’s certain denominations and stuff out there that say that God doesn’t meet you when you’re in your sin and all this stuff.

Well, it’s like, well then how salvation. Yeah. Even possible. Yeah. Because when you look at Jesus, if you ever have a question about God and I get that a lot from women who have questions about the Lord, why did you have questions about God? Open up the New Testament and read about Jesus Christ because he’s God in the flesh. Everything he says, if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the father that should answer everything. So the way that he dealt with sin, the way that he counterattacked it, self-righteousness, the way that he called out things in love, but then offered truth, the way that he was bold, like all of those things wrapped up, that just everything, the peace, it all is a reflection of God.

And that has helped me through the years, being able to know him more, because that’s just the starting point right now.

That moment with the Lord, you’re like really lovey dovey stage where, oh, I got goosebumps every time I heard his name and like all and it’s wonderful.

But you mature and you become stronger in him and you had to go through some stuff. And, you know, a lot of people don’t realize when you become a Christian, you are not exempt from a really, really, really hard situations. And I’m honestly, as you mature more, you become thankful for that because it’s those moments that cause you to know him more. And you look back and you’re like, I would have never known him like I know him now if I didn’t go through that.


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It’s going to be fun. Yea, I can’t wait to connect. Let’s get started. Right. So is that like even in that process of becoming, as I always say, this like that we’re always becoming is yeah, if it weren’t for those seasons, we can’t even testify in the same way of his goodness, of his boldness, of his grandiose myth. Right. Because that was our encounter. That was our experience. And I always wonder because I see people in so many different seasons of life is like, does it have to be this broken state that he finds like I so desperately want for my own kids?

Obviously, prayerfully, as a momma, like, can’t I steward them well enough that there doesn’t have to be in a place of shame, in a place of guilt, but in this place of knowing that they know that they know. Right? Absolutely. Knowing that everyone has to experience him on their own and their encounter one day for them. Right.

And you know, what I find to be so amazing is I did a post about this I don’t remember a couple of months ago, but it was something that the Lord had put on my heart when I was in prayer. And basically, I, I like to in prayer. I like to talk with God and he’ll put things on my heart. I don’t hear him audibly and that like that dream, whatever, that what I don’t it’s not like that.

There’s more of that thought and, you know, it’s not you. And so anyways, he had laid upon my heart, you don’t have to have a radical testimony to be saved. You don’t have to have a radical testimony to be Christian. And what does that and what that means is, you know. I have people in my life who I know that they didn’t go to jail, know they were addicted to drugs, they didn’t sleep around, they weren’t part partya partier in high school and whatnot.

They faithfully serve the Lord because they were brought up in the Lord and they stayed true to it. And that’s the testimony all in, in and of itself are real. My sister, 30 years old, she grew up in the same house. We went through different situations, but my sister faithfully followed the law in her entire life. She got married at 18 years old. You know how her two children, I was still trying to get my life together, like you look at our lives, that is two separate things that I’ve asked her know now looking back.

And she said, you know, Amy, I prayed for you so much and I used to have a resistance to her. I almost had this hatred towards her because deep down inside, I could admit I did not understand what she had. I didn’t get it. We went to the same church. We’re learning the same stuff. You seem so infatuated with God and still in love with God in me. I can barely even read one word in the Bible without getting bored to death.

What about it? Like a secret.

And then I started looking at her in a way of, you know, you just think you’re better than everybody and you’re just not outgoing like me. So that’s why you don’t want it.

You don’t have friends, guys.

Oh, gosh, I was so nasty. But, you know, looking back, she has such a great testimony because think about that. Yeah. You could go through elementary school, middle school, high school, get out high school, find her husband, had two children. You went through all these life changes and you never walked away from the Lord. Now, of course, you’re going to fall here and there are certain things. But she didn’t find herself in a jail cell crying out to God.

You know what I’m saying?

It’s possible his family, very, very, very strong Christians and every single one family of six. Every single child is serving the Lord and some type of capacity. There was no major blowout’s. There was no they have their own issues in there. My husband went through some things when I first met him, and he’s a Christian artist and he got thrusted into the Christian world and your small town boy from Pennsylvania. And you go into this music world where all these girls, it’s like a little Christian.

Hollywood is crazy. So anyways, they have their issues and stuff like that. But, you know, looking back, they raised them in the Lord and they found the way that they should go and they stuck to it. So it is possible to be able to serve God, have a great testimony and to know him even early on and not have to go through the garbage in life that we had to go through. Yeah.

That’s my hope, right? That’s right. But I’m also so, like, amazed and it makes me like, more passionate about the word, more passionate about pursuing him and like the Bible being like dry or like so bored with it. Right. And the weird thing was, is when I was in high school, I was trying to live like this in tandem life of this is the place I wanted to be. This is the place I knew, like I found peace and joy.

But I was with all the guys, right. And, like, not paying attention and like lying behind closed doors and just like not being the person that I was being called out. And always the secret, the dark place was where I was doing the thing I wasn’t supposed to because we don’t do the things that are bad and the light. Right. And so there’s the recognition of him, Jesus, God being the light of all time and the energy being present in the dark all the time, just like the dark that was within that person that you were with, too, was trying to pull you into that space because that was his comfort zone being led by the enemy.

But it’s like all of those times, even still even pressing in, even if I was doing so in boredom or doing so in trying to keep faith or save face for this specific in crowd.

15 years later, I will be driving just a couple of weeks ago, this happened to me, I’ll be driving and a song came on that I had not heard since I would recite them and know them in a song, deposited even all those horrible ones that we used to listen to in the club.

You know every word, right?

You can move to every like apple bottom line, half of every single day. So that song comes on and I was like, gosh, I know this, but I don’t know this. The kids were with me and I turned up the song and they’re like, we all know this one, Mommy. And like, me neither. And all of a sudden the words I just start singing these words and I just start bawling because I’m realizing that this has been in my spirit this entire time, even in the time that I was in the dark.

And those words never came to mind their present within you. And so it’s my prayerful like experience for as a mother, but also as a friend, as people, as your sister who is praying over you when you two were in the dark. It’s like I know that this penetrates the dark and it is there and it is present. It is prominent even if we don’t see it or feel it or know it at that time.

Well, you know, words are so powerful. And I love that you brought that up because I was just having a conversation with somebody about this the other day. I worked in not right now I’m doing freelance stuff and my own stuff now, but I work in the Christian music world for a while. Yeah. And my husband’s been on the artist side of it. I did more logistics side and, you know, I was thinking about lyrics and words.

And I don’t personally I’m not condemning anybody in this. This is just me. I don’t listen to secular music merely because music for me is very powerful. You know, some people just have a deeper connection to music than others. I don’t know what it is totally. But when I go back and I look back on my life, I related to music to be able to help me understand and process my feelings and what I was going through.

And I used to listen to some dark, dark music, rap and all that. But I mean, like that was when, like the you two early two thousands when that like, I don’t want to name some of the bands, didn’t want to listen to look them up, but like just some really dark alternative type to sing it on depression. My life’s nothing and whatever. Well as we get older and we came to the Lord and now we serve the Lord, we know that words are powerful.

And in the Bible that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. And that struck me the other day because I had saw a commercial and one of the really popular artists during this time right now came on the screen and I just shook my head and not in a condemning way, but just thought, your words are so dark and your words are leading people to such destruction. And it just got me thinking, well, it comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and what’s happening to the hearts and souls and the minds of those who are listening to secular music right now.

If they comes by hearing, hearing by the word and what’s coming through that, you know what I’m saying? Like, oh, my gosh, absolutely.

I have had a crazy transformation from secular music to the point where it’s pretty extreme. And the only time that I will listen to it is if I’m in the gym because it’s on and I don’t really have control over it. And I am telling you, girl, sometimes I am like Jesus, Jesus. Yes, legit like saying it over and over as I’m sweating and working out because I love this gym so much and a lot of my listeners know what it is.

But and it’s always like that is just whomever is whatever playlist is on. But it’s realizing that those things too, as we are listening to them on repeat, because it’s the tops top of the chart is being deposited in your soul. And what happened for me, even something I was like light hearted. So you say as Christian or as country music, which was what I really love. Listen to your Nashville all about it.

Is it ever really dark? And and I say that because it’s light hearted and maybe they’re talking about being on a pontoon boat. Right. But if you listen to the words like none of it is is steeped in joy. None of it is steeped in truth. It’s actually not good for the American woman. It’s not good for the woman as a whole. It’s not good for the marriage. It’s not good for your children, your mother, like all of the things.

And it’s really sad that this is the word that’s penetrating the homes and households. But it’s also more of a calling for us as disciples and for us as Christian women to like advocate for the fact that there is goodness and there is freedom in the word of God.

And so the thing that felt dry and boring to us is now that we’re like, hey, you got to hear this, you got to check this out.

And my pastor was actually just joking this past Sunday about how the different generations and the different genres of Christian music were like there was all of you literally would sing scripture back in the day. Now he’s joking that, like all of the top things that we listen to, Maverick City, Bethel, all those things, he’s like, these are the same exact words over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, saying that there’s a necessary blend in the church for us to know that this repetition is what breaks through the repetition that’s happening in our society right now.

And this, like hierarchical like feels dry is actually exactly what we need to penetrate our soul.

Right. And so and music, it shifts and shapes culture. And the music industry knows that, by the way, like I’ve worked with. I worked with some big people in and out of Christian music because a lot of the labels are owned by secular labels, whether anybody knows that or not. And I’ve been in rooms with people whom we’re not serving the Lord at all. And I’ve seen strategies and marketing plans.

I’ve been on that whole side of it. Yeah. And then there’s the other side of it where it’s just like I come and bring to the table the Holy Spirit and I’m like, let’s be Spirit, lad. Let’s do this. Let’s do that. And it was almost like foreign to people sometimes when they like. Really? Oh yeah. I don’t we don’t really do it like that here. And I’m like, I’m sorry, what are we doing?

And, you know, people could say, I’ve been ripped to shreds by people in this area where they’re just like, you just need to relax. It’s not that big of a deal. Secular music isn’t that bad. You’re way over the top, Amy. You’re too religious and whatnot. But hear me out for me. If I hear a song, it will get in my head. And we are supposed to be what I think first Stik first reached first I’m I’m actually adding the thinking to reach, but yeah, the first kingdom of God and all these things will be added on to you.

That’s my mandate. And when I get for my yes. I gave him my yes and I said no to everything else. So for me what that looks like is getting the music done. We have to have Spotify and sometimes when he’s at work here, listen to a secular song here and there, and I’ll show off my Spotify and I’m like, what was it?

No, I was like, if somebody looks at my my playlists or whatever playlist with you, don’t you, to make your own account.

I’m not I don’t worry. He doesn’t anymore. He’s like, you’re right. I don’t know why I listening to that. But yeah, you know, if you don’t you can’t get religious with that aspect. I’m going to and it’s plain you don’t just storm out. We’ve got to have balance in it. But what I am saying is whether it’s in the music realm or it’s in the company you keep or it’s in the TV shows that you watch out.

I know because a lot of people are like, oh, that one stings, I get it, but you have to you have to draw a line and you have to be able to say no to things even when the world and dare I say other Christians are saying yes to it when it’s the personal conviction and the Holy Spirit tapping on your shoulder. And he’s like. I know it doesn’t seem all that bad, but for you. It’s not the best.

Do you want the best or do you want mediocre? And that’s something I had to differentiate and really learn through discernment, understanding. And Martha. Yeah, Martha wasn’t wrong for serving and getting everything ready, but her heart and attitude was wrong in it. And she was becoming angry at Mary for sitting and gleaning and listening to Jesus. Now Jesus mentions and kind of calls her out and says. Martha, you’re anxious and worried about many things out, because that would be me.

I have been Mary in life and I have been Martha. Right. And Martha, she doesn’t even go to Mary and gets upset with her.

She goes straight to Jesus, tells her, and she’s not doing anything because you care to tell her to get up and help me. Instead, he lovingly calls her out. And the reason I bring that up is because if you are doing this Christianity thing right, and you are allowing the Holy Spirit to do exactly what he has been given the power to do, you will be called out on some things, whether it’s a friend, whether by somebody’s leadership or whether it’s by the Holy Spirit.

Just having you on the shoulder.

And I honestly don’t know about you, but I am thankful even to this day being married. I’ve been married for three years. Yeah. When I got saved, I waited about five years. I think I felt like it was an eternity and never married. But the Lord called me to be a single woman. I’m going to have to do this.

First of all, what I’ve ever known and I prayed for it, at least now that I’m married 13 times whisper, it’s like, hey, remember, you want to if you keep thinking that it’s going to come out of your mouth and that’s going to cause a fight and that sin.

So we need we need to get rid of that. And boy, I have a sharp tongue.

So sometimes I think that’s the biggest thing for us to know is that maturity process that you mentioned before is is a process of conviction and conviction similar to that concept of fear, feels uncomfortable and it feels unknowing and it feels I don’t want to face that. And so we often will go the opposite way. But that opposite way is like a greyscale and there is light and there is dark. And gray is is like the lukewarm church that Francis Chin is talking about, like why be lukewarm when you can be hot, which is winter here?

And I’m like, give me the hot chocolate. Right, or cold if it’s the opposite, whatever that be. But ultimately he’s calling us to be on fire for the Lord. And I have said this so many times on my podcast because it’s so true that my time spent with whomever is on the show is always a testament to a personal conviction. Like there’s always something that like, oh, wow, I never thought of it that way, or I never felt called to that thing.

And a couple of years ago, I felt by the person talking that I was like, I I need to stop drinking. But this isn’t something that I can do. And so I’ve been like twenty something months in or something and not been drinking. And I have plenty of friends that drink. I celebrate my birthday with my best friend and every single person at the at the table got a drink knowing that I don’t drink at all lately, women of God.

And they don’t judge me and I don’t judge them. And it just is because it was my personal conviction. And to know in that process of maturity, everybody seasons look different, everybody’s convictions look different. So to call somebody quote unquote religious and I’ve actually feared that in this of my own show is to be like, gosh, I sound really stuffy right now. But it’s not that. It’s just I used to party and drinking used to be a crutch to suppress emotion.

And that’s not everybody’s story line. They just have a glass of wine every once in a while. Right. And so be it for them. But just like the music is for us, it’s the same thing for me, for alcohol or for rom coms, if you will, or for some thriller movies like I just cannot because it is not safe for me and it tells me to armor up. And then I do the exact opposite by choosing something that is penetrating some part of my showing armor is the point of that.

Like I’m just hurting myself. It’s like an open door. Yes. So careful not to give the enemy the foothold in it because he roams around like this does in the word like a lion looking for those whom he may devour. But what’s interesting about that is he’s roaming around like a lion, not a lion.

Right. Not on the line.

That’s Jesus. So he’s not a lion. So he’s a fake and a fraud, which I find that to be very funny in the sense that he tries to be somebody he’s not. And in return, he tries to entice us to be somebody that we’re not. And I used to have a fear, kind of like what you mentioned, of being ripped to shreds or being called religious or whatnot, because God, the lane that God has called me to, it’s not a popular lane.

And I don’t say that as a pat on the back is actually very painful. Yeah. The lane that God’s called me to is to look Ephesians five eleven exposed the unfruitful works of darkness. And I love that scripture because it says to not to partake, not to encourage, but instead. To expose the unproven works of darkness and that bold claim that God has called me to it happened over time because it wasn’t just right away, it happened over time.

He led me to different preachers and pastors that what’s funny is all the preachers and pastors I listen to besides the one church we go to. Yeah, they’ve all gone on to be with the Lord. They’re all very old time revival preachers like straight to the point. Let’s call it what it is. Keeping the word of God in the forefront and as the standard, because I believe in this generation to at least for a lot of the people that I meet, knowing the Bible, knowing scripture, understanding scripture, apply it to life, the reason why we’re so deceived and falling into deception, especially in the culture, I want to go on that.

Really just the reason why we are where we are today is because of the lack of scripture being taught not only in the church, but in the small groups for choosing to be a part of the pastors we choose to listen to on YouTube or the people we follow.

I did a mass exodus on my Instagram where I got rid of. I followed the popular preachers just to follow because that’s what you do. I’m not going to give names, of course, but you do. You’re Christian, so you’ve got to follow X, Y, Z, because you’re like everyone.

Yeah, yeah. And then I started listening to their messages and start hearing their theology and understanding what they were teaching. And I thought and I’m not saying that this is wrong in this sense, but I’m not I don’t need a TED talk. I want a TED talk. I’ll go find TED talk and all he has on his show I want to hear. But when I go to someone who is a Christian, I want to hear the word of God.

I want to understand how to defend my faith. I want to understand how to be able to distinguish between between grace and law. And I want to be able to understand the way of the cross and what it says to pick up your cross daily and follow him. What does that mean? And how do I live that out every single day? And also to be six going through the full armor of God. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal legacies.

I believe in Corinthians, but going back to Ephesians when it talks about we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against principalities powers in these rulers in the high places. That sounds like a movie not really talking about here.

What does that look like? I want to know.

So when I realized that these popular preachers and whatnot, nothing everybody but just through the course of my life and what I followed, I thought, nope, that person’s got to go. That’s got to go. That’s got to go.

I pray for them on their way, but I need somebody to explain the word to me. I want to understand Hebrew and Greek. So I started to literally dive in by myself for those years that I first got saved and thrown out the Lord. And you called me to do ministry and I thought, you’ve got the wrong girl. Like, if anybody finds out my past, they’re going to just completely write me off. It’s like, no, that’s the fun part, because I take those who the world has disposed to have the foolish things right.

And I found the wise with those kind of people, the ones that everyone says, not her. She went to theology school. She doesn’t know this. She doesn’t know that she don’t have a doctorate behind her name and that I’m not bashing anybody who does what I’m saying. She didn’t even finish high school. Guys, that’s that’s who’s talking right now. That doesn’t matter, because that’s not the qualification.

Complications are not.

What I’m saying is what I need. And so my whole line is to be bold and to call things as they are. You know what? It’s a scary lane to be in. You will be ripped to shreds. You will have people tell you that you’re hateful, you’ll be misunderstood. I always tell people for fit the want and desire to be understood. What I mean by that is being misunderstood for me is very fearful because I didn’t want to leave somebody away from Jesus.

That was my biggest fear. I don’t want to be a bad testimony. But then God gave me this analogy. I’m going to, you know, for the sake of time, give it to you like this. Yes. He said if somebody if you were to look out your window right now and you saw somebody, one of the kids across the street standing in the middle of a busy road, what would you do?

Would you go to me and pray and say, Lord, please tell him to move? That’s really dangerous, or would you book your bottom all the way down to the bottom of those stairs, run out your front door, and then would you yell at him from your yard, your yard and say, please move.

There’s a car coming. Now, the point is, I would literally look downstairs, go out that front door out across the street, rip that kid from the road, explain to him later why I’m being so aggressive in this. Want you to take him away to safety. Yeah.

And God said that is how you need to always view eternity. You need stop coming to me and intercede for people.

Yeah, sure you are. The hands and feet you go out and you be loud about it, you’ll be bold about it, but you do it in love. Saving somebody and ripping that boy from the street so he doesn’t get hit by the car coming doesn’t seem very loving in stature because I’m very abrasive, man, and I’m in a way of pulling him away.

It seems very violent in a way. Yeah, but, you know. It’s amazing because Jesus didn’t do everything so fluffy, dusty all the time either, which helped turn the tables away and that temple that you’re talking about, the biggest scream.

So all that to say eternity is always on the forefront of my mind and I actually have it.

I’ll show you really quick this. I keep this on my desk. Yes, girl, but on me, every time I’m working, every time I’m doing podcasts, any time I’m doing my Bible studies that I do, I look at that. Every time I walk upstairs, I see that it’s just a little one dollar little thing. And I printed it out at, I think, Walgreen’s. But it is a remembrance and a encouragement to keep the main thing, the main thing, and that eternities always in the forefront.

We could literally go home to be with the Lord tomorrow. Anybody you meet at the gas station, at the grocery store, they go home and be with the Lord that night. Tomorrow. What could you do to change the course of their path, even just a little bit? Even just a little bit. And when I started seeing things that way, I remembered how far I’ve come from how far you’ve come from or those who are watching how far you’ve come from.

What if you meet somebody who’s right there? You God is utilizing your hands and your feet. You are safe just right now. Such a time is this to be able to give them a word of encouragement or to be able to tell them the truth of the gospel or be able to tell them about Jesus like that’s my life. I do streams of money. I make money here and there and do little side things and whatever. But my my my goal, my focal point, my why my yes, my everything is to tell others about Jesus, because that’s all that matters.

That’s it.

That is so true.

And that’s like my heart, even in the comparison of like what I do on a consistent basis of coaching is God didn’t not create a lot of things that are happening in the secular world he didn’t like. He created music with pure intention. He created the ability to have movie screens and all these big things, even entrepreneurship. And yet there’s something about every single one of these things in the Bible which gets us to that understanding of the word and that the word is true and that the word is alive and active.

Right now. It is our job to show up to help other people who have been skewed or manipulated or given that greyscale the whole their whole life and show them what it’s like to be living in the light and show them what he says, not what we say, but what he says about each of those things. And so I believe the same is true for what everyone thinks is horrible of social media and all. Like I believe God exists in those spaces because he’s the creator of all things.

He has this hand at play in all things and now at all times. Absolutely. And see all and this is the thing when we look back, you and I on our testimonies were like, wow, I see how that horrible area of my life that felt so shameful, so wrong. Now, is that positive play on his behalf? Yes. And there is no one like you. There’s no storyline like you in the fact that you have had all of those experiences exactly the way he intends for it to be.

And the fact that you put eternity in the forefront is a conviction for me. Right. Like I told you, this is my area constantly knowing that every given moment, every word spoken. It could be and should be a reflection of him. And so you have your path, his plan.

I love that. I love the areas that you operate in. How can people be in touch with you more often? And I want one thing, too, from you before you leave. Who is it alive for now, pastor or preacher, that we could be listening to?

Sure. All right. So let me answer that one first. Yeah. So I don’t forget that one. The people who I listen to right now who are still alive and moving and ruling and trading that earth is Pastor Jack Hibbs. I guess he thought of California and I really enjoyed listening to him. He is somebody who really stays true to the word of God and is very strong. The pastor also to that we fit under my husband and I at Grace Chapel in Tennessee.

His name is Pastor Steve Berger, and he is wonderful as well. I actually chose my husband. I chose to go to that church because he is. So his theology is correct, obviously, and he stays in the word and you’re strong in the word. You teach us the word. But he also is not afraid to speak on what’s going on in the world right now and things for what they are. And he tells you, hey, you see this?

You see the political figures doing this, this and this. IT alliance here. Does the line here, lines here, the line there. And I need that. And I love that because it is crucial, very crucial for our opinions. We still need to be anchored and rooted in the truth. So those two people I’m trying to think of, anybody else that I listen to, that would be I’m probably I think somebody after that.

Yeah, I love it will be somebody who just passed away. But I highly recommend his teachings. If you’re really looking to understand the Bible and understand it more, I mean, he he opens it up in a way that is phenomenal. His name is. Chuck Missler, Dr. Chuck Missler, he’s an old man who just passed away a couple of years ago, it could seem a little dry maybe, but I, I give all all the honor to God.

But I thank God for Chuck every day because I’ve learned everything I know today because of him.

But other than that, I’m on social media. I’m on Instagram more than anything. I do a live stream Bible studies every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. Central Time. Since I am in Tennessee, I do those live streams on Facebook as well, but I am one hundred percent more active, I’d say on Instagram. I’m in the process of updating my website, so that will be within the next month or two, transformed and revamped entirely. And I do have all the live stream videos that I do on YouTube as well and everything just under my name.

Amy Klute. Naughty Hornady.

I love it. I love it. It’s for on email, which is how this started.

I’m going to get a call Google and be like, what is it like. I like I have it sent here. You guys was such a pleasure. Amy, I love learning from you today. I feel like more than anything I just like, OK, keep going, keep sharing, keep teaching. So I just pray that whoever was here listening, whoever listens in the future, just knows that wherever you are, he’s there to just like shrugged his shoulders.

But more importantly, to just embrace you. Yes. Return and that experience of as my friends ministry is called from prodigal to Princess. I love that it’s your time and I love you so much. And I just pray. Continued blessing and stewardship and all that you do.

Thank you. You as well. I appreciate. It was a lot of fun talking to you.

Thank you guys for tuning in. Chat Zun. Hey, it’s me again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go, let’s solidify the flame. I’d love for you to take a step right now and declare your take away by snapping a pic of the episode you tune to share your spiked moment and tag me at Biton Face Underscore podcast or me personally at Tamara Androscoggin.

Instead, I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the Bitten Faith Podcast listeners. We’re totally in this together. Community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to lead a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app. I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out. You know I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say.

I’m ready to fuel the flame with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, help, wealth and wholeness. Tune in next on.

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