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FUEL for the soul

“Not that you should own nothing but that nothing should own you” -Author unknown. I love this quote on living simplistically. We often get caught up in the run and go, the rat race. We lose sight of true joy and happiness because we want it all. We want the riches, the fame, the fancy dining experiences, and the adventures so much that we lose out on the beauty of true peace and joy.

We want to be happy, so we eat those doughnuts that we know will make us feel sluggish and fatigued within 5 minutes after consumption. Were we happy while eating them? Yes! Are we happy while experiencing the tummy ache from the sugar overload? Not at all. Turning the doughnuts down may not feel good in that moment, but once you have walked away and realize that you have kept your peace and joy over temporary happiness, you feel amazing! Happiness is temporary however, joy is everlasting. Do not chase the thing that may produce temporary happiness knowing that it will leave you bankrupt physically, mentally, and spiritually in the long run.

My name is Sabrina Hoggard and I am the founder and lead consultant of Fuel Meal Prep and Plan. My desire to start my business was driven by my passion for healthy living and clean eating. I started my healthy lifestyle journey about 7 years ago after giving birth to my second child. I gained a total of 75 pounds during that pregnancy and dropped all but 65 pounds after giving birth (that’s right, only 10 pounds of that was water weight). Initially, I just wanted to lose the weight and then get back to my normal routine in life, eating what I wanted, when I wanted.

I was pretty committed and dedicated to the weight loss journey and, with the help of Weight Watchers, I lost 50 pounds within 6 months! I loved how I looked and felt in my clothes and I was ready to live life! Although I had lost the excess weight, I began to feel self- conscious about all of the lose skin I had left over. Going from 145 to 210 and then back down to 140 had my skin stuck trying to figure out where to go and what to do! So, I began to do research to figure out how to get rid of it. I began lifting weights for toning. With weight training comes proper eating, of course. Well, Weight Watchers taught me all I needed to know, right? I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I did not exceed my number of points for the day.

Well, I was not noticing any difference after months of going at it that way. I began doing research on how “weight lifters” eat and I stumbled upon the term “clean eating”. What in the world is that? Do I just clean my food really well before consuming? How does one eat clean? The more I researched, the more intrigued I became with the lifestyle. I was ready to give it a try. No more fast food, no more processed goods, no more sodas, no more sugary juices- I was ready! Initially, it was tough, but after just two weeks of cutting all the junk from my diet I realized it was all worth it!

I noticed immediately that I no longer experienced bloating, I was not overstuffing myself during meals, and I had a crazy amount of energy. I was hooked! Within a few months I noticed that the bad adult acne I had was vanishing and I just could not trade how great I felt for the world, I continued to feel better and better. Throughout the years, I have continued my research and healthy, balanced lifestyle. It has been beneficial not only for me, but for my family and friends as well. What started out as just a temporary journey has become my life’s passion! I knew that I had to start a business that would provide me with the opportunity to educate and encourage others to also begin living healthily because I cannot keep this gift to myself!

I also feel that I am doing my part in God’s kingdom by helping others live healthy. The word of God talks about how our bodies are temples. A temple is the most sacred place to be honored and cared for, treated with the utmost respect. If we are temples, we must respect our bodies and use wisdom in the way we FUEL ourselves so that we can be well and prepared for the plan and purpose God has for us. He has called us all to be great. Having health issues, struggling with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, are all things that can prohibit us from being our best. These are just some of the many health issues that stem from poor and improper eating.

Living healthy is something that is to be done wholly; mentally, spiritually, and physically. You deserve the best because our Heavenly Father has created us for greatness! Greatness does not amount to having the most “stuff”. Greatness is having a grateful heart and attitude for all of the people and things you have been blessed with. Live simply, love much, and always keep an attitude of gratitude.

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