• Tamra Andress

FIT Biz Tips - Refinish Your Vision

In this episode, we were in a midst of a renovation of our home. I talk about how we had to share our vision with our contractor regarding the hardwood floors of our home. There were layers of shellac on them and we wanted to restore their beauty after 20 years of wear and tear.

Sometimes we have to do this with our business. We have created this business, but have gotten used to doing it a certain way. Going back to the basics, such as we did with our floors, can give your business new life and new vision.

Renovating and refinishing can apply to much more than a home or building process - it can apply to your business as well. I have been refinishing in both my home and personal life, as well as my business. Here is one thing I want to be sure you know about refinishing/renovating. Do not try to create a brand based on what others are doing. Be you – imperfectly.

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