• Tamra Andress

Finding Your Purpose and Calling Through Challenging Times with April Likins

I was blown away in this episode because I think oftentimes I come to the show with the anticipation of where the direction of the conversation will go, and this one I thought would be around that mind, body, health, and wellness vein. She's a coach in that regard.

However, we learned so much more about the crises she went through, the struggles, the loss. About the atheism and agnosticism periods she went through and how God got ahold of her and spoke to her - leading her to the place she is now.

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About April:

April is a nationally board-certified health and wellness coach trained at both Duke Integrative Medicine and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Driven by her own health struggles of battling Lyme Disease and Endometriosis, she’s extremely passionate about helping empower women to optimize their health, reduce their stress levels, find balance and start nourishing their bodies from the inside out. When she's not working with clients you can find her sipping a matcha latte with her fur babies, writing, or traveling on an adventure with her husband.

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Show Notes: Finding Your Purpose and Calling

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast. It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit as base for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leader. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories.

And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Oh, right. All right. You guys are at the fit and faith podcast. Again, live it in action. And we are so excited to have today's guest on April. Lincolns is someone that is going to blow your mind with her testimony, with her energy, with her love and her light. And it's going to come from a place of the Lord.

Um, but it wasn't always that easy. And so I'm excited to learn about that story. April, April, welcome to the fit and faith. Hi, Tamra. Thank you so much for having me. I felt like I, it was like a little dance party in trouble, always in the back room in the green room, but we figured out we're both in Virginia.

I know she lives in Lynchburg, which is awesome. I've got family right there and that's where Liberty university is. If you live here, you know? Um, and so I'm excited to just hear how, how did you get there? Is that where you're from? Uh, Nope. Lived in Northern Virginia, nine, 10, and then moved here quite easily.

It is especially to the city life, to the farm girl life. Yeah. Cool. And so you've studied at duke integrative medicine and you are a board certified health and wellness coach, but, um, I love titles, but I don't like titles at all one because I can put you in a pocket and two, because God has more expansion for you.

And so I want to know kind of out that transition. And what was your life like prior to even exploring where you are? Yeah. So I, you know, as we were talking chatting before, you know, I was, uh, I'm a former agnostic who leaned atheist for a lot of my life, turned Christ follower. So God has an amazing sense of humor and it's just amazing how he works in our lives and pursues us, even when we want nothing to do with them.

But a four, we can end the show right now because that is true. That is necessary. And I think it's a four time conversation. I'd love to explore that a little bit. Before you go into other realms of your identity in and talk to us through like, why agnostic, why atheists? Like what was going on in your life where you didn't even sense, like the presence of the Lord or didn't have information or education around that?

Yeah. That's a really great question. So I grew up in a house with two religions and, um, and I won't name them in that just today, but it was kind of a war of who was, who was going to raise the kids, what sort of thing too. And it was a huge battle and, and was up until. Death. And so that was, that created a lot of hypocrisy, you know, in the home.

And then of course, growing up in the Bible belt, you know, I saw a lot of hypocrisy too. And so I kind of had it from both angles and it really, for me, you know, so I. I just though I was, I grew up in church, so to speak. Um, I had never really seen it, walked out with authenticity too. And so I kind of had to get to a place of, um, crashing and burning and to actually be at a place to want to look up and look at God, but, you know, Kind of walked away from, from God 18 on and then studied world religions, got into Buddhism for awhile.

I actually really liked Buddhism because it's got some Christian tenants to it and the underlying foundations, but the end of the day, you get to be your own God sort of thing. And, um, and so I kind of leaned up Buddhist for awhile until God finally got ahold of me. But it was what was that experience like where you were like, okay, it's, it's no longer if it or.

When or where, but like an assurance to it. Well, it was a process for me, like I said, you know, so being a Christian was never my to-do list. I mean, I was hostile to two Christians to organize religions, all that. I mean, I'd spit nails at you. If you tried to talk to me about God, I was not having it. And so I rip you a new one.

I mean, I was not going there. This, yeah. I was like Paul. And then that's how I very much relate to Paul and Peter both. And that. And so, like I said, I just, it was a series of things going on within my relationship with my husband. We weren't married at the time and then my dad dying of cancer and it was, it was just, you know, layers of trying to do things on my own and carrying that book bag, you know, that got heavier and heavier and weightier and weightier over the years.

It was the two of those things at once that simultaneously, I just couldn't carry it anymore. And so I, I that's when I walked back into church, my sister invited and, um, it was pretty cool. I actually heard God speak to me before even becoming a believer. So I walked into that church and he said, very loudly you're home.

And my first thought was. Oh, my gosh, I've gone crazy. This is like, I'm hearing voices. Like what the heck? You know, that was like the first like millisecond thought. But then I, um, I knew who had said that even as an unbeliever, because of such turmoil growing up with family life, you know, I always kind of felt like an orphan always felt like.

You know, I could be in a room full of people and I would still feel alone. And God is the only one that knew that. So when he said you're home, I knew exactly who had spoken even as an unbeliever. And then I just gradually started, started coming, seeing people that had things that, that I didn't have, you know?

And, um, and eventually I gave my life to Christ and it's been. And a journey and exciting, exciting journey ever since that is incredible. And I think you started the story in a place that can still be a conversation that people are wrestling with at this point, which is that concept of hypocrisy connected to religion, world religions of all sorts, but even within Christianity and like denominational sectors.

And I was at a retreat recently with some women and we were all sharing our stories and just like showing the love of the. Fruit of the Lord that had been transpired in our different walks of life. And she, it was her turn to share and she just very boldly and almost like with anger. Where have you all been hiding my whole life?

Why are you hiding under a rock? And she, again, grew up organized religion lives in our backyard. And it's to think for a couple of things. I was immediately convicted like, whoa, I'm not being a very good neighbor. If this person feels like they've been isolated. And to another reminder of the fact that even in the.

That's where a lot of isolation and hypocrisy are taking place, and it's hard for people to even experience God or the holy spirit in that space. And so it's really interesting that you had that, that growth. And yet it's something that still is transpiring. So you have such an empathetic lens towards. I do.

And I'm, you know, I'm sensitive to talking about my faith too at times too, because I see both sides and I get like the hostile side, you know, in that, and, you know, being able to speak, um, speak about it when it, when, when God's prompting and it's near the timing is right in that. Yeah. So it's interesting too.

Cause like, as you probably stepped in that space where you, the concept of sanctification or becoming Christ-like or concept of being convicted and wanting to lay down some of the ways of the world versus the ways of what God would have you do or act or say, how has that journey. It's been a wild ride, you know, that it's, you know, falling God, there's never, uh, there's never a blueprint front.

Right. You know, he's, he doesn't tell you what, like the next 10 years, 20 years are gonna look like. And I think I know for me and how I'm wired, I'm thankful that he doesn't because, you know, I think I'd freak out if I knew kind of what he was up to all at once, you know, it's that little stretch, little by little in that, and that having that dependence on him.

And that, but it's, you know, it's been cool. Cause there's so much in my story and my background and that, you know, I used to pre-K Christ really feel like what was me? Oh my gosh. I've been through all this stuff. But then I came to Christ and I was like, man, this is an asset. This is amazing that I have all this stuff in my background.

Cause you can put just about any woman in front of me. And I'm like, I understand, I understand what you're going through. And then that's really powerful. Well, I think that's when God is always talking about the fact that he. All things for him. Right. And so to be able to have that and a part of what you were sharing, even in the loss and the experience of losing your father, having a marriage that was kind of in shambles towards that specific religion divide is massive.

And now even I'd love to hear a bit more about like the nutritional side or the, the, um, dietary lens or the integrative medicine lens. Like how has that been playing out in your personal life while growing in the midst of all of these other stories happening and unfolding? Yeah. And that was kind of a series of events too.

And it was, you know, it was when it was way back when my dad was first diagnosed with cancer, that I really started looking into all of this stuff. Cause I was, I was devastated when he got that diagnosis. In my early twenties and our relationship had just kind of been repaired. And so, you know, then he gets this diagnosis and like, I was just totally devastated, but I was really motivated to figure it out and figure out, you know, what is what's going on?

But there's, so there's been such an exponential rise and all this, you know, disease and things, things happening, you know, and that's when I started diving into all that stuff. And once you see it and you learn it, you can't like unlearn it. So take notes. Um, man, sometimes I just want to eat the bad stuff right.

Doing, yeah. So I was really, you know, motivated to help prolong his life. And so he and I, you know, revamped our diets and lifestyle together. And I really believe that that helped to prolong his life too, with some of those changes and that, and then, um, I had a health collapse, a major health collapse a couple years after he died.

And that kind of started the chain reaction of kind of where I am now, but it was, it was a pretty wild collapse. How was that like a part of your rock bottom or that was in the midst of, well, I was a believer, so I became a believer at 28. He died 30. So I was a believer at that time and still growing in Christ, but, um, I was, you know, it was, there was a lot of things going on.

So it was a lot of, it was just kind of burning the candle at both ends, you know? So I wasn't, um, you know, taking care of myself, I was working really late, crazy hours, not working out consistently, not eating healthy and it, and I think that chronic stress just really took a toll on, on my body and my health collapsed.

So I went in, it was, it happened actually during, uh, we were on vacation at the Caribbean during one of the. Mosquito outbreak second to Zika. And so I went into that vacation, like in the best shape of my life, shredded top of my career, come back. I can't get up. I can't think straight. I can't finish my sentences.

I don't understand what you're saying to me. I've got neuropathy. I'm laying in bed. Shaking twitching. I can't function. I mean, it was a late later. I hadn't self encephalitis and a lot of other things too, but it was, it was a really devastating time for me because I ended up seeing probably 30 different doctors.

So cardiologists, regular doctors, Lyme doctors, you know, um, hematologist. I mean, everybody's scrambling, trying to figure out what the heck is, you know, going on with me, for it to be that drastic of a collapse. And. And I just felt like the longer it went on, you know, the, the more hopeless I started to feel.

And it honestly, it wasn't until a friend connected me to a health coach that it, you know, that it just changed my life. I started working with her and she was, she had been through a very similar experience in her own life. And she had had a health class and, and health coach and an integrative practitioner out in California changed her life.

And so she. Fiercely for me when we were working together. And I'd never seen that in healthcare. I mean, she was like, we're going to get through this. We're going to have a plan. And she was just, you know, on, on my side a hundred percent, and that was so different. And that kind of got my wheels turning, but it was still years of, you know, just helping people with health and wellness and people would say, oh, you should be a health coach.

And I just laugh and say that I didn't go to school for that initially. Like, I'm good. Thanks. I'll help you with whatever. Sort of thing too, and it, and it, um, and I just finally, one day felt like I had given away so much power to, um, all of these other doctors trying to figure things out. And I was like, you know what, I'll, I'll, I'll take a class and, you know, and figure it out myself sort of thing.

And I just fell in love and it kind of was a series of things. It's amazing. I think, I think through that realm of, of coach and a lot of people, especially in the health collapsed concepts, you think doctors are the only answer in that regard. And so to have someone who was in that mindset and has had something like that, walk through their own life, I'm thinking through a bunch of women specifically who I know have gone through similar things and are stepping into the coaching career for themselves.

And how powerful it is one to have that empathy factor. And two, to know that there are alternative resources outside of just the traditional medicinal realm that we're exposed to and kind of like catered into and, and, and not in a healthy way. It's just like, this is what you have to do. I remember even going in and having my daughter halfed, um, to get her checkup, her annual checkup right before.

School and, and knowing before I walked in the door that it was her vaccines and I was like, I don't want to get, I don't want her to have these. And I already had been discs, like discontent with it. I knew I was settled on this decision. And by the time that the conversation yeah. I felt like I was being forced into doing it, did it and felt immediate remorse.

And I am not pro-vaccine anti-vaccine so don't let this change like political conversation, but it's the knowing that there should never be something that's outside of like your own sense of gut instinct and your own ability to research and have information given to you that you feel comfortable and confident in and trying, but having someone who's an advocate, both sides.

Spectrum I think is so, so critical. So I'm grateful that people can now come to you, right. For that expense. Definitely. Yeah. And then it's been a journey the last few years. It was like in 2020 God, um, really spoke that Isaiah 43 verse over me where he said, you know, he's going to do something new. Do I, do I see it?

I know. And then he later said, you know, I'm going to help. I'm going to use your story to help thousands of people. And I remember that. Okay. That's interesting. You know, like, I don't know what that means. I'm not going to think about that too much. That sounds scary. Um, but then in my, in my human mind, I was like, well, that, he's probably just gonna want me to write some more blog posts for him or something, you know, like I got that covered, not realizing like it would take me down the podcast route and some of these other way outside of my comfort zone.

But it is. It's incredible because I know so many people who are struggling in this realm in homeless, every part of the conversation that we're having at this point, but also knowing that there is this culture that is just in a cycle around deteriorating health. And a lot of the times they don't parallel stress or overwhelm or, um, any of these other burnout conversations.

Connected to their health. They just associate it to the speed at which they're living or the workload at which they're living in. And to know that it's actually taking a massive toll on their bodies is a whole nother realm in depth that they need to touch base with. And

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I cannot wait for this energetic room to just light up the world because that's what we're going to do when we leave this conference. But you've got gotta be in the room. IRL.

I really talk a lot in the fit and faith podcast. I'm at the beginning of this show, uh, four years ago, about the mind body, soul integration and the critical element of alignment in that. Can you talk to us through like what your revelations have been in that regard after walking through it and then studying.

Yeah, well, it's just all interconnected. And I think science is now showing that too, that you knew they used to think that they were all separate things in that, you know, and I describe it kind of like a computer, you know, and that the body can take can only take so much, you know, before it collapsed as much like a computer, you know, Getting more viruses on your laptop.

Eventually, you know, the thing's going to crash. It's not going to perform optimally or it's similar to, you know, driving a car that's out of alignment. You know, if the, if the wheels are just a little bit out of alignment, you can get away with it. Right. You know, you can drive it for a little while, but if you keep on driving it and keep on driving it, you know, over time, it's gonna tear up your tires, it's going to tear up your suspension, you know, and, and it could ultimately lead to.

You know, with things being completely out of whack too. And so our health is very much that way. And I feel like chronic stress is one of those kind of domino things in our health where, you know, it can very quickly lead to a lot of other things, you know? So for example, somebody stressed, you know, then they are there.

They don't feel like cooking. So they're grabbing stuff in the evening. And so they've blown their, their diets. So they're like, why, why should I even work out? You know? And then it just causes this whole chain reaction of things. I'm curious when you were away. Through that. Did you ever like blame God or like God I'm following you and.

All of this is happening to me from a health realm. Did you guys battle in that conversation or did you feel like you had clarity? No, definitely. Cause it was yours, you know, and that the hardest symptoms for me, where it was the endometriosis. So I always, always had bad stuff. But when that happened, when I had the Lyme disease west Nile and all the other things all at once, it very, um, the next cycle drastically changed.

And so I went from, you know, I could like take a model and sleep it off to, you know, I'm on the floor. Uh, every 21 days not able to move for hours, turning blue from the pain, um, projectile vomiting sometimes from the pain completely paralyzed on the floor. No, there's nothing anyone could do. There was no pain med, there was nothing in that.

And so, you know, it was like weeks turned into months that turned into years, years of that. And it was, it was hard. It was grueling. And I think it's, you know, for honest, we all get in those places, right. When we, um, we questioned God and we start to wonder, and that's where the enemy comes in at times, you know, you wonder like, is he good if have done something wrong?

You know, what is he punishing? You know, and, but I think the big one that, um, can be dangerous is that, you know, is he, is he good in that? You know, and it's, and it's the cool thing about God is that he's big enough to handle those hard questions. And so I took those things, you know, to him in that. And it was, it was, again, there were little glimpses of things in it, but that, of all that I went through of all the other things I didn't haven't you'd have mentioned all of them.

That was the hardest. Spending 5, 6, 7, 8 hours on the floor, you know, in that, um, it feels, feels really hopeless in that. So it's, it's just been amazing to be able to help other people through it and be on the other side. And it's just why I'm so, so passionate about helping other, especially women not to have to walk through the stuff that I want.

Went through. Cause it's, it's, it's hard. It can be really dark and devastating and isolating, isolating a hundred percent. And especially having someone, whether it's a spouse or a loved one or a friend who's like seeing you in that state, that they feel helpless. And then they're questioning God of like, God, like I know that you said the greater in me than it was in him and I want to heal and I want to fix, I don't want to create.

Stain for this person and then not having that ability to see change. Um, and even though it's happening, but just in that like granular level, right? Yeah. You see a baby and they changed so fast from the first time you seen him to the third time you see them, um, if they're a friend of yours, but then we as adults, don't look to change very much and yet God can be working in the same instantaneous amount of time.

Um, it just takes more of that inside work for us to be able to have faith. And so it's really just that mustard seed through the dark. Um, that gets you to the other side. I'm curious, like when you were in the evolution and the years later, Was there like an awakening moment or was it more just like compounding benefits that we're finally to a place where you could breathe and sustain and not have to deal with that?

It was, yeah, there was a couple of things. So he hasn't spoken to me. I would say audibly, you know, many times in my life, the one was your home and there's been a few others in that. Um, but there, he spoke to me. So I've been praying for years, you know, did you, do I need to have a hysterectomy? Do I, or am I supposed to have kids?

You know? Cause we, we were always kind of up until. Up in the air with that. And, um, and obviously, you know, I was dealing with infertility too with immature socialists. And so just didn't have a piece about that for years. And that's where I didn't go down that path because I didn't have, I didn't feel like I had the green light.

And so I continued to suffer and separate suffer, prayed about it, prayed about it, prayed about it. And then it was, it was finally in. It was 2019 that I was praying and God said, cut it out. And I was like, oh, okay. All right. It's time. And then it was interesting to see the series of things that had happened.

The, um, an expert had moved back to Charlottesville that had been working in Atlanta. And, and I really didn't want to have to travel long distance. So that aligned, you know, when I finally ended up having my surgery, it was literally like two days before the entire world shut down. And so I feel so grateful that I, you know, I was one of the last surgeries in the nation, you know, to happen.

Cause I don't know that I would have been able to make it through COVID, you know, with another hopelessness. When I'm laying on the floor every three weeks, you know, that that really got old, you know? And then, like I said, than him after the surgery, him speaking that to me, that, you know, I'm going to do something new.

Like, do you see it? Wait, watch, you know, wait and see what I, what I do through this, that this, you know, God wastes nothing. And it's sometimes I think you, you get to, you can get to a point in your life where you've walked through some hard stuff or you're in the middle of something hard. And you think like, God could never use.

Or, you know, your story's over and that's often when, when God really chooses to work in a three-year. Yeah. So talk to us about this word that you realize associated to that truth is this idea of leverage. Um, and, and it being a component of him utilizing this, this hurt and this pain and this struggle for leverage towards what.

So meaning like how practically clouded, you know, what, what are some takeaways for people? Like if they're yeah. Or just, you had mentioned how God can leverage your biggest challenge for your greatest purpose. Yeah, well, for me, I think it's a series of a few things. Um, if it's okay, I'll mention them.

There's maybe like five or six, please come to mind. You know, so first, you know, it's, it's really do, you know, God, you know, do you have that relationship with God first? And do you know him intimately? You know, has your life been changed by, by the cross? And there's, you know, there's a really big one. Um, the way my past was of just knowing about God and having the head knowledge and actually having an intimate relationship with him in the same way that like you can know all the Tom Brady's stats.

Right. You know, but it's very different than knowing everything about his career and like being one of the. Close inner circle, friends, radically different in that. And so, you know, it's, it's first, you know, knowing God so that he can really, you know, move in and through you in your life, you know? Cause he's got a purpose and a plan for all of us.

I think it's, for me, this was so crucial in the middle of the dark seasons. That seemed like they went on forever. You know, it was focusing on God's truth. You know, our feelings are fickle and they can get out of control. Right. You know, and, and, and just really focusing on, you know, God's goodness and how he's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

And so, you know, I had to really meditate on scripture. And so, uh, there were times when. You know, my health was at its worst or thinking back when my dad was dying, you know, and if you've ever lost a loved one, you know, those last few days or months or whatever, there's this grueling. And I remember at that time, you know, I was just thinking like every day it was like, how am I going to get through this sort of thing?

And I have. Versus with me everywhere. I had them, I had them in my purse and I'm on my phone. I had L sticky note on the dash of my car. I had a sticky note on my, on my computer. I had sticky notes in the bathroom. Like that's just where I was the Headspace that it was, it was so hard that I had to see.

His truth everywhere, you know, and really to meditate on that. And the, the awesome thing about that is, you know, our feelings follow, right. You know, we can focus on God's truth and then not feel it, but eventually they follow suit in that too. And I think it's, it's, um, it's asking him to reframe the situation too, because you know, we're are.

Vantage point is so small down here. Right. You know, and it's, it's so hard to see his eternal perspective and what he's doing. And so it's not focusing really on our circumstances, but instead focusing on who God is, and like you talk about a lot on your podcasts who's we are. You know, in that and claiming, you know, and claiming that, and then kind of changing the, the wide of what, if I'm honest, I think a lot of us too, right?

It's so easy to get into the why. Why, why, why God is this happening? Why are they acting this way? Why, you know, and you just get in this spiral. Cause that's a really easy thing to do with the wise. And instead changing it to a what, you know what God are you trying to show me? What do you want me to see?

How do you want to use this? You know, and changing it to a different question. And then there's a couple more that kind of come to mind if we have time that I can share them. So good. I'm like you guys better be taking notes over there. That's great. I think it's, um, the second, the last one is really kind of thinking about others, you know, and God always.

Us to be thinking about others and the, um, I'm a visual person. So I like to think of having our antennas up, you know, I know on the days that I'm not looking for those divine appointments, they don't typically happen. Like if we are alert and we're asking for those things and we're asking. You know, for God to use us, he will answer and he'll put people in our paths and it seems, it seems really counterintuitive, especially in your, if you're in the middle of it, you're in a dark place and you're really, you know, it's hailing overhead and you're, you're struggling, you know, to think about.

You know, others, um, in that, but the beautiful thing that I found in that is there's, there's healing for them in that as you're able to comfort them with the comfort that you've received, you know, and encourage them, but there's healing for you as we, um, you know, we. Leverage our stories, you know, and it's really just asking God for those divine appointments, asking him, is there one person that I can encourage today?

One person that I can encourage this week? Hey, I've got to go pick up my kids up at, you know, whatever today. Show me one person that I can. Talk to and connect with and maybe just bless them today and that sort of thing too. And it will change, you know, it would completely change your lens. Makes me think of the, uh, it was a Joyce Meyer, like years ago where I just picture her doing the, like, what about me?

What about me? And honestly, in the flesh, that's our default. Right. And it would wake up and it's like, what about me? What about me then that? And so it just makes you look up and look out, you know, And just, don't be afraid to let God use it, you know, to use your story. I think, um, you know, as women too, if there's tempting to want to like, hide your scars and hide the hard things that that you've been through, but we've all been through stuff and you live around, you know, live long enough, like you're going to go through some stuff, right.

There's none of us have arrived, but I really believe. Uh, you know, often it's in those hard places in our lives that God will birth those passions and those purposes for something far greater far, far greater in that, that he's got a purpose and a plan, you know, and he's got a he's good in that. Isn't it.

It's really interesting. That very last piece is you're talking about associated to like, let him use it. Is that release component it's like, continue. The surrender, because even as you becoming, you finally got into another side of health or you've gotten to another side of the story, or maybe you're even in the midst of it is like the enemy is trying to attack you in those spaces.

And that's why that's so good to talk about the truth of God, the affirmations that you had around you to really resonate and be meditating on his word, because otherwise you're going to stay stuck in the shame. You're going to stay stuck in the comparison. You're going to stay stuck in the dark. And the intention is like, if we can put these things in the light.

Yeah. Um, find out like very quickly actually, how you are not alone. And it's the moment that you say something out loud that that thing goes viral or that thing becomes the isolating factor for somebody to not go through the same exact situation that you did, because you were brave enough to speak out about it.

And so you become then the recent. And the conduit to which we get to point people back to God, which is ultimately the whole reason that he says to testify. Right. And so I just think that's incredible and I really liked your comment of your feelings follow, right? Like we are actually the ones in control of our feelings, not the other way around.

And oftentimes we're taught otherwise, or we're taught to suppress them and then not understand or read them at all. And I do think that we were given the ability to have emotion and to feel. Full purpose from God to help and connection of who he is and the character traits in which he follows in suit of those, but that we are in control of our mind and have that ability and to release it to him, to understand the, the what versus the why.

I think that is so good. That's so true. It is. And you know, he's always writing a story. I think in it, through all of us in that we've all got a voice in a story. So it's just a matter of not being afraid, not being afraid to use it and finding it. And I think that antenna component of like, taking that perspective, like going back to that 30,000, 50,000 foot lens and like standing at like, how does my play of showing up and actually saying yes to the breath has been given to me on purpose today.

How does my showing up for that one person actually affected the trajectory of the entire plan? Right? When we step out of alignment, we become back into that Meese. Space of, of what about me? What about me? It's this understanding that we're actually one blocking other people's blessings. We're acting in disobedience.

We're not stepping out of the boat. And recently someone said this to me and I never thought about it that like God works in duplicate pits. He works in multiplication factors that there's always two, just like two by two of the animals. There's a second. I saw a fall on a David, um, and, uh, Moses, Moses, and a Joshua that he works in too.

And that if you don't actually step in to what he's calling you into, because we do have free, will he already has somebody else plans to step into that gap when you don't say yes. Whoa. When I heard that, cause I'm like, holy cow, where am I not stepping into that? He's actually having to tap someone else who it wasn't their first destiny, but it will be their last.

And it just kind of blew my mind and shook me for a moment of like, where am I not stepping up to the plate? Yeah, it's true. It's you know, that, that whole God doesn't need us right. To his mission here on earth and with people, but we get to partner with him in that. And you do your point. You wonder how many things you're missing.

You know, we don't have our antennas up and we're, we're not paying attention and he tagged somebody else, you know, who's ready and waiting. Yeah. And there are plenty who were like, God send me right there. Ready? And, and I think that it's so beautiful that you've come to the place through all of the different components of your testimony to be able to show up and show out for him in such a beautiful way.

And so I want people to be able to follow along. I want them to utilize you in the resources that I know that you have. Can you talk to us a bit about like what you do now through health coaching and how you can be a resource and an aid to these, um, these incredible listeners of the. Definitely. So, as I mentioned, I'm fiercely passionate about just helping professional women.

Um, really just find balance, reduce their stress levels, optimize their sleep, you know, just reclaim their health ultimately, so they can live their best life and they can walk and their purpose and their passion in that too. And so that, you know, my, my specialty is really are. And resilience and in sleep optimization and the, and the, you know, I've got some great free resources online for them too.

And I work one-on-one as well with a lot of different clients. It's unbelievable. Yeah. Yo guys, do you have to go, just check out for all the resources, the writing that she does, she's got a whole hub on her site of just insight. And I think sleep optimization is like, everyone can raise their hand to that, but associated to like get in self-love and, you know, avoiding cravings.

And so. It really is a resource tool for you also, please make sure that you're tapping into the links all provided the low on the show in the show notes and get in touch with April. Uh, where do you hang out most? Are you on socials or, um, all over. So it just depends. Um, for people listening, you know, they can connect with me on my pot of my slash pod.

You can reach out to me too on Instagram at it's. Globee lovely. It's different than my name. I just left it the way it is, but, um, you can definitely reach out there too. And you know, if anybody's struggling with just things like stress and sleep and balance and just feeling like they're not sure where to start after a free one-on-one consultation to where we can kind of dive into what's going on, what might be holding you back, you know, and some next steps to.

So good. And I think, you know, I am so blessed with the community that, um, has just come alongside me in this journey. And so many who just feel so activated and purpose driven. And yet there are these limiting factors of body, mind that is keeping them inhibited. Right. And so I love the niche that you've carved out and the people that you want to serve.

And it's obviously directly connected to where you've been and obviously to where God has you going. Um, I would love to is just this understanding of like, as you continue to say, To him. And you're in that exploration phase is to know that you have been a family here. We're so grateful for, um, women like yourself, who just show up to say yes every single day.

And they're not afraid to say yes to the gospel in the process. So it's pretty amazing. And I'm grateful to get to know. Yes. I'm looking forward to staying in touch too. And for anybody that's listening, if anything resonated in my story or there's anything that was encouraging, you know, reach out. It's always good to hear feedback and hear takeaways too.

So don't hesitate to, yeah. Yeah. Two guys. Leave a review. Yeah, leave a review and hang out and tag April. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Kelly. Who's listening live. She's dropping off. Thank you. She said it's been great. This has been a blessing. Um, and she has a lot of relation factors. So Kelly, be sure to touch base with April and we are just blessed to have you and get to know you April.

Thanks so much for spending your time with us on a fit based job podcast. We'll chat soon. Thank you for having me Tamra. It was awesome. Take care of.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories or.

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And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that. Speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and bake team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is a fit faith way. .

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