• Tamra Andress

Finding the Rainbow in the Midst of the Unsurvivable with Sonya Hunter

God promised Sonya Hunter something in a dark area of despair over the life of her child and there is so much to it.

You can hear about it in her book, Unsurvivable: Even In the Darkest Storm, Always Find Your Rainbow. In this episode, we talk about how do you get past something? How do you pursue His goodness in the midst of the worst time imaginable?

I pray that this blesses you, I pray that you, if you know someone who might be in the midst of something dark, a loss or grieving experience, that you would pass this on, maybe even gift them the book from

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About Sonya:

Sonya Hunter has launched her debut book Unsurvivable, which encourages readers to look for the rainbow through their darkest storms. “My passion is for this book to give someone going through a trial in their own life hope,” Sonya Hunter shares. “You just have to get through today. Technically, tomorrow doesn’t exist yet. No matter how dark the storm, always look for the rainbow around you; it’ll point you to the sunshine.” Sonya Hunter is deeply equipped by personal experience to speak into life’s storms. At 29 years old, she was a stay-at-home mom, married to her supportive husband, Kris, with whom she had two sweet young sons. In the span of a heartbeat, a car wreck left Sonya widowed, bereft of one son, while her remaining son fought for his life in the ICU. In the wreckage of the life she’d hoped for, Sonya was driven to discover desperate trust in the life God was creating for her. “I remember thinking, ‘I have to survive this,’” Sonya Hunter recalls. Unsurvivable details how Sonya and her son Conner survived the unsurvivable, one prayer at a time. The experience forged an ironclad faith for their family. Sonya says, “Miracles do happen, even if you’re being told that there is no hope. Faith over Fear!” For Sonya and Conner, that miracle has taken the form of a totally new family built with Sonya’s second husband, and the countless lives impacted and changed by their story. Despite ongoing medical challenges, all of it has been worth it to Sonya. “Conner is the glue that gave me a reason to live and hope,” Sonya says. Although their story is unique and powerful, Sonya also recognizes that she’s not alone. “Everyone will face storms in their lives. They may be big or they may be small,” the author acknowledges. “Through my storms, I have learned that the only way to get through them is by keeping Christ at the center of the storm.” Sonya is the first to admit that although she doesn’t have all the answers, what she does have is hope. “Do I understand why He doesn’t answer all my prayers the way I want? I don’t. But if I let Him handle it, there’s beauty that can come from the unsurvivable,” she concludes. You can find Unsurvivable now on Amazon, and learn more at Keep up with Sonya and Conner’s journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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Facebook and Instagram is @realsonyahunter

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Show Notes: Finding the Rainbow in the Midst of the Unsurvivable

So y'all know rainbows and me are like, Hmm, I could just hang out. And the pot of gold all day long, cuz I don't ever not see a rainbow anywhere I go physically. Yes, because of a issue with an eye surgery I had, but also just spiritually and today's guest. Sonia hunter has a similar scenario. God promised her something in a dark area of despair over the life of her child.

Well, I won't give you the way this story. It's so good. There's so much to it. And she writes a book called UN survivable, even in the darkest storm, always look for your rainbow. Y she prays over you and in this specific book, and in this specific episode, she shares, how, how do you get past something? So dark.

And how do you pursue his goodness in the midst of it? I pray that this blesses you, I pray that you, if you know someone who might be in the midst of something dark or a child or a loss or a grieving experience that you would pass this on, maybe even gift them the book UN Again, it's the beautiful Sonya and her son Connor.

I just, I told him at older, at the end, He's famous. So let us let us know Connor and know his name and know his mama's story and I'm honored truly, uh, tap her on the show. And so I pray that it blesses you. It's a little bit of a different episode than usual. Definitely a lot more somber in many ways, but.

As a community of supporters, we support every walk and every experience and every element of exposure to the Lord. And he has revealed himself so much to her. So I pray he does the same to you as you listen. And remember, you can follow us, share, uh, the more that you do, the more it blesses others. And we're already at the global.

Y'all we're literally listened to across the world on oddly number one in Pakistan for a while. And so I'm, it's wild to me. And so if you're over in foreign countries, that I've yet to even put my feet on. Bless you. God loves you. And I'm so excited for us to connect one day. And if you are interested the sooner, the better let's get in person, I have so many in person experiences, you can check it all out on.

The fit infa app is available on apple and Google. So drop that now into your search bar and let's get connected more deeply. Love you guys. Thanks again, Sonya tune in.

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I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high the, there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories. And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission.

So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Guys we're here live in, in action, and I cannot find my screen. we're hiding. Where are you? Sonya? My screen is literally here and nowhere. Can you see me? I can see you guys. You know, this is the tech world. I was just telling Sonya I have not been here for the last several days. This is the first time I'm in studio.

After being in Mexico. And literally, I, I have no idea where anything is on my device right now. I found you. Yay. my gosh. You're literally hidden inside of 20,000 tabs. Can I get a name in from all the entrepreneurs in the world?

Didn't to the show, but it's usually like a little jig and it gets us in the, in the moon, but I saw it go silent and I was like, here we go. So welcome to the podcast and welcome to my new friend, Sonya, you guys, she is just a woman of, of great valor. And if you don't know what that word means, you're about to figure it out real quick.

Um, as she shares her testimony with you, and I know it's gonna meet so many, um, broken hearts, but also those who are healing. And so I'd love to just jump right into that. Sonya and I have so many questions to ask, but I wanted to just hear it firsthand versus reading it through the, the bio that I know of.

Yes. Yes. So in, um, 2006, my worst nightmare as a mother and a wife came true for me. Um, I was 29 years old and my husband had a car accident that claimed his life and our six year old son Adam's life and left our 19 month old Connor with a final cord injury, high level, leaving hemo quadriplegic, and on a ventilator.

and, you know, I wasn't given much hope for Connor's life. Um, I was pushed pretty hard actually to let him go, but I just believed, you know, that, that wasn't a survivable wreck and it's kind of the, how I got the name of my book, UN survivable, um, because everything we've been through has been UN survivable, but we have survived it by the grace of God.

And so that's kind of. Kind of how my story came about of course, with the, the book. So of course there's so, so much to our story along the way as well, but that's kind of the start of it. Yeah. Which is a pretty, you know, I say catastrophic, catastrophic, but also hope filled, you know, start, I was even chatting with someone earlier and they were talking about the fact that they were at a Memorial service for a life that had been lost.

And, um, how the, that life, they were able to rejoice. And now I know that there is so much heartache when we lose someone, especially abruptly like that, and then struggling through saving the life of, of a child. That's still left over with you there in that spiritual realm. I mean, um, what was going on with you physically, for you to even be able to mentally process what was happening?

You know, it was really tough cause you know, trying to. Grieve my husband, my other son, and fighting to keep con alive. There was a lot going on kind of at that moment. Um, we were in the hospital for three and a half months before we actually got come home. And we were at a children's hospital in Dallas, Texas, which is two hours from where we live.

But I do think that that probably was a good thing, cuz I think that if I was close to home and I was having to come home to my memories immediately, I think it just would've been too much to bear. I can literally see the hand of God in the steps of everything through all this. But um, you know, I couldn't, I had to grieve in spurts.

Of course I couldn't bear grieving Chris and Adam at the same time. Um, and then I had to also focus on being a mom and you know, Doing everything I could to keep Connor alive, cuz it really was fighting for his life because the doctors just didn't agree with my decision to move forward with his life cuz they didn't think he would have any kind of quality of life being a quadriplegic and on a ventilator.

And you know, part of my story, which my book cover has a rainbow on it, but I'll never forget. Having our family meeting with the doctors when they sat down to tell me the worst case scenario, which totally understand they've gotta give all that to you. Um, and then whenever they told me, you know, that they thought I needed to let him go and they'd put him in my arms and just basically let me rock him to his death.

I was like, my gosh, there's no way. And I'll never forget walking out of that room and just tell my parents, I needed a minute. And I walked out into the ICU waiting. And one of my friends was in the waiting room with me. And then I called another friend on the phone just to tell him what, what they said.

And I was just, you know, crying my heart out to him, just saying, I just wish God would gimme a sign that I'm making the right choice. And I'm not being selfish. Cuz that's what I was told that I was being selfish to go on with his life. And I'll never forget the most beautiful rainbow at that. Very moment appeared over downtown Dallas.

And I remember looking at my friend with me going, is this real? Am I dreaming this? And he was like, no, I think that's your sign that you're doing the right thing. And so from that moment forward, I knew, I didn't know how we were going to manage this new normal life we had, but I knew that God had a plan and I just had to keep trusting him.

Oh, like the, it just gives me chills, especially the part of you saying like, imagine holding your child to death. Right. We rock our babies to life every day. Yeah. And so one that like just visual is, is, is tr trembling, but simultaneous to that, having. Anyone tell a mom that she's being selfish in that scenario.

Like that has me questioning so many things about humanity, right? Like I feel like a lot of people try to help a scenario go one direction, not with ill will, and I'm sure their intention wasn't ill will even towards you. It was out of protection or, or out of their own limiting belief of God's possibilities ultimately is what it really comes down to.

Um, but it's, it's wild that even in the midst that there was friends there, you know, it wasn't even necessarily your parents. Um, but that God's God's grace was right fully present in front of you. It's we have so many amazing stories along the way. And like I said, a lot of heartache, I'm not discrediting any of that.

Oh gosh. I can't imagine. But you know, I just, just, you know, I tell people all the time, it's real funny. So we, we raised the boys up, going to church, you know, before the accident happened. And, you know, we prayed with him at night when we tucked him into bed, you know, we did all those things, but. Almost now looking back, it was almost like going through the motions where, and it's hard to explain that to somebody until they go through a tragedy, like I walked through and then my relationship with God is just totally different.

Now it's more of like, literally that. That daughter, father relationship that I thought I had before, but I truly didn't because in all honesty, he's all I had. I mean, he, that was the only hope I had to be able to survive what I was going through. And, you know, it's, I'm so thankful that I was brought up in a Christian family and that I had the support of my parents.

I mean, you know, I can truly look back over all the years and literally see how. Lined everything up perfect for this storm that was about to happen. It's just, it's truly amazing when you look back at that. And at the moment in the midst of that, I did not see that. I tell people all the time it was, you know, a year or two down the road that I'm like, wow, You know, this is, yeah.

I mean, I could only imagine that three months you're released and yes, there was favor in being able to grieve in that space, away from home, but you eventually did have to go home. Yes. You eventually did have to walk through the, the heartache and heartbreak of clearing rooms and, you know, doing things that you would never imagine having to do one as a mother, but also as a.

And so fast forward us through like the rehabilitation of where Connor is now and, and how life then trans you know, transformed in its new version. Yes. So, you know, of course when I left hospital, we have, and, and don't get me wrong. They, the doctors were amazing there. They kept Connor alive, even though, um, actually the one in particular was not a Christian.

We actually asked him if he believed in God and he told us no, but you know, so they gave me no hope. In fact, they were like, you're just going to take him home, keep, you know, Dark room. Don't stimulate him too much. Just, you know, you just can't do much. There's no hope for this. And I'm like, I just don't believe that, you know, I was a little girl that sat at the table and was determined not to eat my food and you know, was strong willed.

And my mom I'm like, my mom used to get so frustrated with me. I'm like, look, that strong will paid off though. The road yes, it did for a whole new life. Yes. But, um, so my sister actually had started doing research because I'm like, I just don't believe that this is. The end. There's nothing you can do for spinal cord injuries.

And so I was too busy, you know, trying to have this new normal life. So she actually started doing research and she had found a place in Baltimore, Maryland called Kennedy Krieger Institute. And they're a part of Johns Hopkins. And so a year after the accident happened, we got him down there for a consult and, um, It was unbelievable.

I mean, they didn't, they don't give you false hope. I'm very careful to tell people that it's not like they were like, oh, you're gonna come here and he's gonna walk away a walking miracle. But, um, we now go, um, twice a year, every six months for a two week outpatient stay and they just do intensive rehabilitation with him doing physical and occupational therapy, but then they also train.

What to do, because clearly if you're just gonna go twice a year, it's not gonna help him much. And so he has regained movement. Um, we do know he has all full sensation throughout his body. Now he's not a, it wasn't severed. Um, he can actually like move his arms, helping to roll over. He can actually be off the vent for a few hours a day.

Um, he's just truly a miracle. I mean, clearly I would love for him to be. Walking by any means, but, you know, I was only given a year. Tops is what they told me. He would survive that he would have chronic pneumonia that would claim his life. And you know, it's been 16 and a half years and he's. Never had pneumonia and he's still here, so, wow.

Wow. Had eventually, uh, a new man come in to support and love and kind of fulfill a role that I'm sure was a void for him, because for him, like mentally, was he able to process and grieve and go through that? Was he capable of, of having those same emotions that you did as a grieving wife and. Not, not really, I think cuz he was so little, so he, you know, he, he knew in the beginning he knew something that was different.

But now I mean, you know sure. This normal, that's all he knows. Yeah, for sure. That makes sense. But um, of course we have pictures of all over the house of Chris and Adam and we make sure he knows who they are. They'll never be forgotten, but the yes. Um, God brought an amazing man into my life and it's funny because you know, I truly thought.

I would never be able to move on cuz you know, it wasn't like a divorce. I still was in love with Chris. And when Robin came into my life, it was, it was tough, but he's such a great man that he stuck it out. Cuz I mean, there were times where, you know, I felt like I was cheating on Chris. I mean it just, there was a lot of emotions that went through all that, but he stuck around and God had a plan.

I mean, I'd say all the time. I think it's amazing. The second I was conceived. God knew he was gonna come into my life at the right time too. And it's funny, cuz my mom told me at the very beginning, she started praying that one day when my heart was ready that God would send someone and I wouldn't close my heart off because she was really afraid of that.

But you know, he just, in fact, if you didn't know our story, like. We, we travel a lot. We take Connor, we just go, we want him to see the world. And, you know, people who don't know our story, when we go, places are like, oh, your little boy looks just like you. And it's funny cause he, yes but you know, I just, he has just stepped right in and he's got two boys of his own that are just like my own.

And you know, it's, it's a, it's an awesome blended family. You would, I mean, God is just good. I just don't even know what else to say there. And they all, I mean, Chris, and Adam's a part of all of our lives, his boys, him, I mean, you know, it's just part of our life, so, well, it's so neat to know that like the legacy of someone, you know, continues, right.

And we hear this like, What does that look like when someone passes and yes, you infuse it into your child, but more so than just the legacy of, in a human from, from father or grandfather to child, same for moms. It's like, this is a legacy that's infused into generations that are not even connected or couldn't have been connected prior to, and.

God has made a way for this to say, Hey, this storyline matters more than just this one. Person's human experience here on earth. And I think that's the power of storytelling. I mean, even thinking through the concept of I'm survivable and how many of the people listening to this can raise their hand and be like, yeah, I've survived.

I I'm a survivor. Right. I think of that song. I won't break out. I could, but I won't um, but I'm survivable. It, it has this different element because it's a consistency. Yeah. I'm a survivor feels finite. It feels like, uh, I, I did this thing and now I've overcome it. But survivor bull is, reminds me of mine.

Um, kind of statement is always becoming that I'm not anywhere, right? Just like I've not just fully survived. Like I'm sure there's moments where. Even in positive triggers, things trigger you into memory and trigger you into happenstance and trigger you into grief. And so I just love that, that statement.

And I think that if we could all be a little bit more survivable, what it would do for humanity and empathy. Yes. I totally agree with that. Quick commercial break. I know I hate these things too, but it's so critical that you grow your business for God's sake. And I mean, that pun intended with all the love in my heart to get you from a place of ideation to activation, stop dreaming, start doing stand up, start saying yes to the call that God has in your life.

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And we cannot wait as good. And I say to hug your neck, see you there. Okay. So talk me through in, in where you are now and the way that you have the book out and sharing that, are you really leaning into the spinal cord injury realm? Like where do you find yourself serving the most and really having the most.

Actually through all of it, because, you know, I, one of the things that's funny, cuz God had put it on my heart for years to write a book and I kept pushing it off. No, God, I'm not a writer. I can't do this. You know? And he kept throwing it back in my face. Yes, you can do this. I want you to do this. You've.

You've got a powerful testimony that can help others. And so I finally just dug deep whenever COVID came down, hit because clearly we were all kind of locked down. So I decided, okay, I'm gonna make this happen. And you know, my, my heart is, is that I wish that when this happened, that I would've had something like this that I could have read and seen, oh wow.

This person survived through this horrible tragedy because. In all honesty. I lost my whole family that day because Connor Connor's all the same, but God has blessed me tremendously through Connor's life, the way he is. And so I wouldn't, I wouldn't, you know, change anything about that as much as I would love to have him up walking, but I have, I have just been so transformed through Connor's life.

So, but that's one of the big things is I just want to be able to help people through grief and all that as well. But the other thing is to, yes, from a spinal cord perspective, I have met so many parents along the way, and maybe not even just spinal cord injuries, just parents of special needs kids that like, they're scared to just get in the car.

Take their kids to the beach, you know, and do things like that because their comfort zone is their home. And that was one thing with Connor. I wanted to make life as normal as I could for him. You know, when we came home, they had already come in home health and transferred, transformed his whole bedroom into a hospital room.

And I was distraught by that. That was actually one of the first things I changed was the hospital beds leaving. We are going to find another bed and we're not gonna, we're gonna make life as normal as we can for him. And so part of that is in traveling too. I'm like, we're not gonna hoard up in the house.

We're gonna go places. He loves the beach. He loves to be at a beach. So. We just do things like that. So I also have a heart for trying to help parents where I can give them ideas of, Hey, you just make sure you have this checklist of everything with you that you might need. Literally, we take the whole house when we go somewhere.

I bet. I bet.

You know, it's, it's worth it. It's totally worth it. So, you know, I want. I just have a heart for that, cuz I, I, it breaks my heart to see these special needs kids that don't get to get out and see the world just maybe because parents are unsure or scared, you know, cuz it can be done so well. I think there's an element too, of like parents, um, in any former fashion, when they go through a hardship with a, with a child it's feeling like, are you feeling resentment or are you suppressing.

Right. All of these emotions that could be notable emotions, right. And emotions that make sense, emotions that if you were to sit with a therapist, they're like, I don't blame you for that emotion. Right. But I think when we hold up and, and COVID was a perfect example of this, when we hold up or we isolate into these things that no one's gonna understand me.

They're not gonna treat my child this specific way. And so I'm not gonna travel. I don't wanna put them into harm's way. And I don't wanna deal with all the stresses that come along with it. I, I mean, just traveling, just like I did with my child over borders or, or something in that regard. It is, there's a, there's a huge element of risk in anything that we do going to the grocery store.

Right. There's a risk, but I think about how much power and how much strength there is in saying yes to still living life and how much that can actually transform not only his existence. Don't you think that he's here for 16 and a half more years because he's seen life and you've given him that gift.

Yes. and, you know, it's, it's funny because unfortunately he's, since he was injured so young, he didn't have his vocabulary built up. Sure. So it's really hard to learn how to compensate talking over a ventilator, especially if you don't have your vocabulary. So he's he's nonverbal, but we actually he's, I mean, a hundred percent there, we have ways that we do things with this homeschooling.

Like we use flashcards and he blinks twice for yes. And blinks once for no. So we, he has ways he communicates to us. It's just different. , but I always say, you know, it's amazing, especially like our community, cuz they have just embraced him. And I said, it's just amazing how God has used him to touch so many lives and he's not, he's never even spoken a word.

And that truly is just amazing to me. And we'll never know on this side of heaven, you know how many people Connor has truly touched in with his life. I just, yeah, so we just, you know, that's, my passion is just to be able to, to show people that even if you think your worst nightmare, which mine was came true for me, you can still overcome anything with the power of God and the power of prayer.

You truly can. And you hear all the time, like the simple saying of actions speak louder than words, and it's the action of his resilience in the midst of it as well, because he's been fighting. Yeah. And you've been giving him the platform to fight in such a beautiful and generous way. And it's just, it's such a testimony to God's love in the sacrifice of the love that you've given as a mother.

And so it's one of those things where I'm sure. You've prayed a thousand times over more than you could possibly count for him and his comfort and, and him to, to keep being survivable. Um, but I know that there is a backing of massive armies for you to, to maintain your sanity, maintain your security, maintain your even relationship with the Lord and trust in that.

And so from, um, I guess, a self-help or a self love, or a personal development perspective, how do you safe Harbor? Self in the midst of still serving someone else in such a huge capacity every single day. That's where I really have to get some alone time, which is tough because I mean, I kind of tell people, we, we kind of run a 24-hour ICU with him being on a ventilator for sure, out of our home.

And I have a great support system though. My parents were very involved along with our friends. And all of our family, but, um, I really have to figure out, I have to find time for me because when I get me time, then I can have time with the Lord. And sometimes that's hard to do. And you know, I don't wanna sugar coat it either, cuz I'll be honest in the beginning, you know, I mean I had all the whirlwind of emotions.

I mean, I had. Jealousy. I went through a jealousy issue that God had my baby and I didn't, you know, and wow. And I think that God gives us all those feelings and those emotions, and I've asked why a million times, and I probably will till the day I die, but you know, you can't stay there. You can't stay in that spot.

I think it's okay that we have those questions and that we might be upset. But I think it's important that we, we know that and we don't stay in. Season. And we get out of that season because truly God's the only hope we do have, but I have so many people say, how are you never mad at God? I said, I had those feelings.

I went through all those feelings, but I made sure I got out of those feelings as quick as I could, because, you know, without God I wouldn't be standing here today. I truly wouldn't. And without all the prayer. That have gone for us, but, well, and that's a miracle in and of itself is like your capability.

Like you having one child who is incapable physically and in so many ways having lost two others and you are, you know, standing, walking, breathing in order to support and survive. Yeah. And it's just that in and of itself is a miracle. And so I think through. All of the people and, and the experiences that I've witnessed.

I've had a friend who, um, her husband was essentially had a brain tumor and she was a full-time caretaker for him for, for nearly eight years. I believe it was. And he was slowly, you know, Debilitating and what it did to her home life, what it did to her, her life as a whole, in, in general, even as a mother, cuz she had multiple children with him and watching somebody's life go away and, and deteriorate was is just as traumatizing, but it happens.

Slow. So it was like all these questions that you're asking God about. Like, when are you gonna take this away and not really ever having a solidified answer. And so I think for you, it's like, there's no real solid answer, even in the what's next for Connor, but it's this he's here. And what has transpired so far has been nothing, but the grace of God, like you said, touched so many countless people that you couldn't even count.

Yes. Yeah. It's truly only I say that all the time. It's only by the grace of God that, yeah, we're both here today. And that kid has such a fighting spirit. Yeah. I mean, he loves to do therapy. We'll do three to four hours of intense. Therapy with him. And I get on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I'm like, oh my gosh.

And he he's ready for more. He's like, gimme more, throw it at me. I love that. He's a, he's a teenage firecracker. , that's incredible. Now from a socialization perspective with like your other children, does he come in because he has communicate and has that capability, will he be in on family conversations or like, things like that?

Oh, yeah. , that's cool. He, he gets involved in everything, so , I love that. Usually he just sits back and laughs at us all because it's. It's always. Yes, . Well, I think like, even for me, when I was just on my, I call it a second honeymoon, which sounds really weird. Like I got remarried. It was my same husband, 10 year anniversary and renewal.

So we went on a 10 day honeymoon and on it, I was processing like how often, especially as a podcaster, as a speaker, as a coach, like there will be days where I will literally talk out loud for nine. Straight. Wow. And to think through having to communicate without speech, what would that look like? What would I be?

What could I do? What couldn't I be? And it gives people such a different perspective of hope and we know the power of listening. I can only imagine the wisdom that he has, and even you've learned as being quiet and sitting with him. Yes, absolutely. Well, I am. I'm curious as you say, like where you're going and how you anticipate to continue to serve the, the world, what does that look like?

You know, that's all in God's hands and that's, that's just what I pray in my God, you orchestrate our every move and wherever you place me is where I wanna be. So I. You know, I just, I know we have a great testimony for him and I just, that's just my prayer every day is God, you just place us where we need to be placed for your, for your kingdom, because that's truly what this is all about.

I feel like Connor was my mission field kind of that's the way I kinda looked at it parent, for some reason that was what God wanted me to do. And that's, he's been my mission field ever since the accident happened. And, you know, it's funny cuz people are, are like, you have such a great relationship with Connor Mike it's cuz I have to, you know, we're together all the time.

So it's totally different than it was before with my kids. Cause you know, you get busy and you have things going on and they can take care of themselves to an extent, you know, with playing and that kind of stuff. When they're little. I said, I have to help him play. We have to do all that for science, a teenager.

So we don't play now, but we play, we do have a way to play some video games. We do that. Cool. Cool. Well, I am just, I'm in all of you from mother to mother in, in how you've sacrificed so much, but done it out of not a place of. Looking at it as a sacrifice. I can sense that about you that even to, to perceive it as a mission field, it's just, it's in your nature.

And I know that that was probably a sharpening season to be able to stand up and face that on a consistent basis. But look at God, right? Like, look at God. Exactly. It's so amazing. So I want people to get their hands on this book. I want you to be able to share how they can connect with you deeply or directly.

I know we've got UN survivable UN survivable Uh, and you can get that on Amazon as well. And Facebook and Instagram, is that correct? Yes. yep. Real Sonya hunter y'all and I'm just so excited for you guys to get this. I've gotta get my hands on. I actually wanna gift it to a couple of people that I think it would really, um, serve.

And I, if you guys have the same, when people are on the podcast, I think oftentimes in life where what's in it for me. And this might not be a direct connection to something you've walked through. It might not be a direct connection to something you'll ever walk through, but what about all the people you're connected to that?

It is it's there every day. And so it's our job as kingdom builders to also connect and to serve through the way of connection. And you're such a resource to so many, and I'm excited to see. People travel with their children who are deserving of getting their toes in the sand and experiencing one of my favorite things that God gifted us with, which is the beach as well.

Yes, that's what I said. I was like, I was meant to be a beach baby. I dunno what happened?

Hand handicapped, um, play area at our beach right on the ocean front. And it's. Yeah. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah. We also have a really cool, um, wakeboarding park for quadriplegics that was built here a few years ago and they, like, you rented out for yourself and it's really amazing. Um, so you'll have to look into it.

Yeah. Cool. Cause we don't have anything like that around us, so that's awesome. Yeah, it's right up the road. I've never actually seen it put to use because I'm not in, I don't know anyone directly. I haven't been connected to it, so we'll have to get in touch. And if you come in town, I would be honored to come and support and cheer him on.

That would awesome. He would love that. So is there any final words or just even heartfelt prayer, perhaps for the people listening, who, who might have walked through a trial or tribulation similar to yours? Yes. Yeah. I would love. Pray. And if someone's listening that needs it, I would just, I would love that, that God, we just thank you for this opportunity today.

Lord and Lord. Thank you for letting me share my testimony. If there is someone out there right now, God, that's listening. That that truly needs your hand on them. I just pray God that you show them your love and your mercy, and that they're open to letting you in to, to see that God, we just, you are so amazing that you do.

The power. Prayer is just unbelievable. And you do still do miracles, like you said, you do, and God, we just, we love you. And we thank you for everything in Jesus name. Amen. In Jesus name. So good. It was so good to meet you, Sonya. I'm so grateful to you and please give Connor for. All the love. Tell him that he, I wanna get a picture of him, cuz I would love to be able to share, um, in a different way on social media.

So if you wanna send me either a family photo of him on the beach or something, that would be really special to me. Yes. I will email that to you or I guess just email to the person. Okay, perfect. That's perfect. All right. Y'all thanks for hanging out with us on fit and faith podcast. And again, make sure you get unviable

We'll see you soon. Thank you.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway snap APIC of the episode and share it on your stories or.

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And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that. Speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and faith team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is the fit and faith way.

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