• Tamra Andress

Finding Identity Aligned Success with Kelly Baader

You will need a pen and paper for this one, and maybe not in the way we usually do when it comes to copious, notetaking, but more so in the revelation that's going to occur. As you listen to this amazing woman, Kelly Baader, the host of her own incredible podcast called the Christian CEO podcast, you will be inspired and encouraged.

Be sure you stay tuned for the bomb drop at the end, which was nuts about the COI versus the ROI. Not gonna tell you what it stands for. You probably know ROI, but COI is incredibly important.

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About Kelly:

Kelly is the founder of SheInherited LLC, which is a Kingdom-Advancing Leadership Development Company that empowers you, the Christ-Centered Entrepreneur, to Grow & Scale Your Business Elegantly with Identity-Aligned Positioning, Compassion-Driven Marketing, and Confidence-Fueled Selling. Kelly's approach to individual identity aligned success has made her a sought after-speaker on renowned stages like Tedx Basel, Youpreneur Summit, Agency Transformation, and John C Maxwell Certification event. She also has hosted a top-ranked podcast - the Christian CEO Podcast since 2016. Kelly is happily married, has two lovely adult children, and after traveling the globe, she and her family have now settled in Switzerland. Where to Find Kelly: Linkedin: Instagram: Where to Find Tamra: Let's Connect! Book a Call today to see how I can help you grow your business! Want to write a book, start a podcast, or create an ecourse? Visit us at TEXT Me (yes, it's really me!) at 📱757-906-3734

Show Notes: Finding Identity Aligned Success

All right. Y'all are gonna need a pen and paper for this one. And maybe not in the way that we usually do when it comes to copious, notetaking, but more so in the revelation that's gonna occur. As you listen to this stage of a woman, she is incredible Kayleigh Bader. She has her own incredible podcast called the Christian CEO podcast.

It's a top ranking. She is someone who's going to inspire, but also maybe help the holy spirit with some conviction elements as well. She dropped a bomb at the end, which was nuts about the COI versus the ROI. Not gonna tell you what it stands for. You probably know ROI, but COI in incredibly important.

Such a passion of mine when it comes to purpose activation. So if you are looking for six figure level up in the next 10 months, you are gonna wanna get in touch with Kelly. And if you're just looking to grow in your Christian centered results driven business. Yeah. She's in for that too, which you know, I am as well.

So two women taking the world by storm. She's in Switzerland, I'm here in the United States and we'd love to get in touch. So make sure you follow us. Tag us in the process of this show. If you're listening, give us your biggest takeaway, Kelly, and I can't wait to communicate with you. And if you haven't already followed the big food podcast, I mean, if you haven't, where, where have you been?

This is, this is four years in the making. I love you guys. I appreciative of you every single day and you definitely are gonna be blessed by this TEDx speaker, John Maxwell. Amazon best seller Barnes and noble extraordinaire speaker identity aligned, just human being Kelly. You're a gift.

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Welcome to the fit and faith podcast fit is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life holy, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamara Andres and this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience.

I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high the, there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories. And tips as a purpose activator and brand builder. I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission.

So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Well, well, well, you guys are in for a tree today with today's guest who is so similarly aligned. I say that I think often that we bring people on the show that I already feel kindred spirit with, but often I am talking to strangers. And so when you hear the symmetry of our passions, the ministry and the marketplace and business, that's rooted in faith, you.

Wait, how do they get connected? And ultimately we can always point to God. So Kelly, before I even introduce you formally, I just want you to be able to say, Hey, and get connected to the. Hello and I'm so I feel so privileged and honored to be here. Uh, I'm greeting you all from a place where the coffee and chocolate super yummy gets.

Where is that? That is the Switzerland. I love that I wanna come. That's incredible. And definitely a place that I think at least the women's palettes are satiated, right? Chocolate and coffee. Amen. prayers answered. Well, you guys, if you don't know Kelly, she has grace. The stages of TEDx, she is familiar and connected to the John wa Maxwell team.

She is a best selling author and she has a program that I wanna talk to you guys about really. Um, development of it or where it came from and how it's spawned on from her own testimony. And it is a Christ centered results driven experience that offers you the opportunity within 10 months to hit six figures.

And I know a lot of people who would be raising their hand to this opportunity. And so Kelly, I'm excited to just hear where it started and how God prompted you into this experience. Well, thank you for asking that. So TA obviously you are talking about the power one framework and, uh, I wish I could say, well, I was so smart to come out that framework.

Uh, so. You know, I, I was kind of a little bit context, you know, uh, I had started my virtual coaching consulting business since 2008. And from, from a get go, you know, I did not put on my banner say I only help the Christian entrepreneurs and kind leaders and you know, but God has a different plan. Um, about 2012, he showed up in my kitchen on my birthday.

And if you guys wanna know the whole story, I mean, I can tell, uh, turn the link and you guys can go to, to look at it. Cause that's a hidden page is only for the crazy ones can story. Okay. So. If I got super short, basically birthday, I take, I took communion at the time, my little show with the Lord and five o'clock in morning and all of a sudden, I sense such a strong presence behind my back.

And I thought, oh, that's my husband came downstairs to say, hello, that time we living Las Vegas. And it was so real strong, it made me turn around to about greet my, my husband. And when. You know, turned around and, well, there was no body that's I mean, human body. Okay. but the prices was there, but now as if, uh, somebody took a square pan over my kitchen, that's the best way I could describe it because I, I couldn't see anything except my elements of communion and the Bible in the cough.

And wow. All of a sudden, the voice, the older voice, happy birthday, Kelly. Um, and a male voice and I kind of shock, but then about three seconds. Kind of just totally knew what's going on. And I totally knew I'm such a big trouble. I'm in huge trouble. That's what I thought right in my mind. I thought I trouble.

Oh no. I thought, gee I'm to be a bad girl that he had to visit me on my birthday. And, uh, I say, thank you. Thank thank you father. And at the same time, the presence was so thick. Uh, I had to put my both hand on the kitchen counter to, to kind of still can able to stand cuz my knees is not, not helping anymore become kind of just checking.

Then God said, you know, What do you want? It's just like father, you know, I'm a mother of two children, so he just like father say, Hey, what do you want for birthday? You know, just like happy father. And I was like, whoa, you know, thinking,

um, the first thing came to my mind was like, Well, a couple days ago, you know, we were train our kids in the toddler age, you know, now they're in the 20th. I say, Hey, oh, thinking we just wrote letter to you. You know, I mean that later we are teaching, we were teaching our kids about faith. And so, you know, the list is all the way from Teddy bear to the biggest.

Uh, item was my own mother's salvation. The same women. Oh yeah. To me. Other house. Yeah. Uh, I wanna become a Christian and anyhow, so he say, I was thinking why you ask it's all on the list, you know? Yeah. I already gave it to you. It's like's the,

and then the father said, oh, What do you want for birthday? And then a whole moment, I say, oh, thinking Camerado, if this is the only time in my life, I could answer that question. I thought, okay. I said, Lord, this gonna sound cheesy. But since you say there is no respect in person, you know, in the Bible. Can you kind of gimme that wisdom sentence that you gave to my brother king Solomon , you know, I, I sense he has such a big green on his face and he, since you ask, then you shall have it, oh, by the way, you know, those things that on that piece of paper, that 30 something items are also.

Oh, my goodness. I know. Right? Let's pause that moment. And then three weeks later, every single thing on that later, including my mother's salvation came two parts. Wow. Jesus. That's wild. Yeah. And then I'll come to the, my mom and say, uh, he say, oh, After he say, you know, those are granted. And I kind of say, you know, here is our women's problem.

You know, here is a women's problem. We, what do we, we like to help, right? Mm-hmm so after he say, oh, everything is granted, although I haven't seen yet that moment. And now women's part come to play. Lord. Can I do anything for you?

right. That's so true. That's so true. The moment the, the words came up, my mouth, I totally regret it. I said, what did I just do? Right. What kind of thing? What can trouble I get myself into? Right? And then he did not, he did not stop up there. He said, Shirley, there really is one thing I need you to do for me.

I said, here we go. And um, he said, After this place, which is Vegas, you guys still have one place to go to, which we did. I know we still move. Cuz in that, that 17, 18 years we be relocated over three talking minutes. He said you still have one place to go before you guys go home home in Switzerland with my husband.

Okay. Then he say, after you guys go home, I'm gonna need to do that one thing for me. I say, sure, Lord. What is it? , you know, he say, I need you to feed my she in the marketplace. I said, whoa, the Jonah inside of me, start to activate it. Yes. Listen, I think you find wrong, you find wrong women. Right. And I say, listen, I have, you know, I have clients in, nobody kind of have a question, half a non-question right.

I have the business going well. So, you know, and uh, he say, No, let me repeat again. I need you to feed my machine in the marketplace. I say, so I still can feed the goat. Can I still out here? He was for a few seconds. And as my experience walk with him, I know if he's quiet, I'm trouble. I say. Okay. Well, okay.

Okay. I was thinking that's far away. Anyway, I still have to move one place. There we go. Yeah. You're like, it's fine. I'll take it's it's fine. Yeah, it's fine. It's later fine. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I'll clean my room later, mom. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So about seven years, uh, ago we relo came back to Switzerland and first year we spent time just to help our kids to settle down, you know, from English speaking all the way, had to learn German, French all the same time.

So, wow. Yeah. Anyway, so we got that and then God sent me up to attend a business conference in England. And when I say he set me up, he really set me up because after I went and I figured. That was that all the attendees were like podcasters and I am like, oh, and then even worse they had, they are British podcasters.

Oh, you know how beautiful they're British accent. And then if you guys now listen to my totally messed up accent, you know, it's kinda messed up between the Chinese, Japanese, German. I mean, everything it's so messy. Right. . Even worse. Now this year is a lesson three, about three days before that. And I was in a.

Very well known online business coaches program and he shall rename re nameless. Uh, he asked me, oh, okay. So what is the next move I say, because he, he's not question. So I just say, oh, you know, I kind of feel like I should start podcast. And he said, oh, you mean in Chinese? I said, no, because most of my clients are in.

North America. Right? So of course it's English. And he said, no, Katie don't do that to yourself. I say, what do you mean? He said, you know, I'm American. I won't listen to your podcast. I said, why? He said, I said, he said, oh, come on. You're a big girl. You have a different asset. So that's three days before the conference right now, he sent me out to go to this conference.

Right. And so everybody was so beautiful British accent. Right, right, right, right. And I was sitting there, I thinking, okay, Lord, why you send me here? And I say, I understand networking made friends and all that. Now there is, uh, American speaker, probably some of you guys know Dan Miller. Yeah, I do. I love Dan Miller.

Yeah. Yeah. Here we go. So then was there talking about his thing? One, the keynote speaker, after he finish, you find me finish and he had five minutes my time. Right? Everybody wisdom, hand ask question. And then I raised my hand. I was the last one be called everybody. Ask business question, but. I asked a different one because before I went, I went to his Facebook page and I saw his wife.

Lovely. Join me, say something about the work. He, she was working with their granddaughter and all that, and it is a kind of, I feel it spirit like kind of pop across in my mind, said what are earth? They can do this in their three generation. Entrepreneur at home. And so I asked that question, how do you guys raise our three generational entrepreneurs?

And then, uh, he had smile. He said, oh, I wish that more people would answer, ask this question. Right. And he said, I can do better. I will like my wife answer your question. We did not know the wife join actually all the way in the back and then in the ballroom. And then she walk all the way in the front.

Right. Oh. And then now, while she was answer question and God was here. Yeah. Little face, right.

You did not think that I would be able to bring joy, come to England, right? Oh my God. Gosh. And then, so be honest with you. I was so guilty. What they're answering. I totally did not hear. Cause I'm I'm here. You were just like, wow. Me, me, Jon spirit talking to the almighty God thing. Yes. And then after, so after that finish, you know, coffee break, everybody wanna take picture with speaker and I was staying in the distance.

Purposely. I was still in all, like what just happened? And they weigh me over, right? Oh yeah. Well, I, I, I kind of Shiply walk them and say Kelly, right? I say mm-hmm, say, oh, you know, that was a great question. I would say, don't ask me, what did you just answer? Cause I did not. You're right. I didn't take notes.

I didn't do it. And then, then say, so Kenny, what is your podcast? Because everybody's podcast today. Yep. And I say, I say, I don't have one. And join said us, if they did not hear what I said, join said, what topic is your podcast? I was thinking, I just told you I don't have a podcast. And then said, yeah, yeah.

What kind topic will it be? I said, well, the topic, if ever will be something helping Christian entrepreneurs, I guess. And they say, oh, that sounds so awesome. And they say, so do you need some help? I was thinking I can use all the help I need. Right. sure. And Joan said, that's great. How about that? We come on your show.

I mean, people cue up to ask them to go on their show. Now I'm, I'm sitting here. I don't have a show. Oh. They wanna come to my podcast. See, holy spirit. Isn't isn't, he's very sneaky, right? He's so good. That'll make you jump. Start a podcast real quick. You're like, yes, I'm starting a podcast tomorrow. You'll be my first guess.

Yeah. And then they come, they say, I, and I still like, I still try to escape. And I say, okay, well, since now you are in UK and you say on stage, you guys gotta go to do a tour. Why not? We figure your day and time out after you go back to us home. I still try to just kind of get out. Oh my gosh, Kelly, uh, well, consider that business coach said he won't listen to my podcast.

Right. So then. Joan say, oh, come on. Now it's a woman. Right? Woman power. Joan, say, let's get it done. let's get it done. Joan said what? We're here. We just, we, we just, we just record it. Oh. And then I say I'm LA last, last struggling. I said, listen, I don't have any, uh, equipment. I'm telling you guys how far that holy spirit will go to set you up.

Here's the thing, when I say I don't have equipment and a day before, because the second day of comfort, the day before, when I go, when I went to have my lunch break and I saw the AV team, they're still busy. My corporate background was director of sales marketing. Us in the hospital industry. So I work with AB team a lot, so I kind of just, I, I just asked them, Hey, do you guys want something to eat?

I can go to grab some. And they still boxes for

equipment. Join, say, I'm sure every team has some. And it just happened that moment. Uh, every team leader passed by say, sure, what do you need? Oh, wow. I, in my YouTube channel, I literally had these two influences join and see on my bed cuz the hotel room is small join and see on my bed, then sit on the chair and I'm in this side.

So we three people and we got many that gimme a two microphone and we. Just recording my first episode without a show. And then, and then, then say, oh, you, you gonna need more guests? I say, I guess so since we get started, he said, just tell them that Miller was on your show in your email and just invite.

Yep. No, P the first year I had like all the influence that you want. And then people say, how did you get those people? How thinking, ask that God only, God only knows. Wow. I love like every element of your story and how present you. Are with God, how Jesus is with you. But I love that. You're honest in the fact that you have that like Jonah spirit, because I think we can allow so often even what other people are saying, like you said, your other coach basically implanting fear or inability into your head, just on a whim.

Like, I don't think he really meant anything terrible by it, but he was just saying his personal opinion that then planted a seed that could have been what inhibited you. Any action. And yet there are people in the world like Dan Miller that are, and Joanna Miller that they are right there for you. And only by the grace of God.

I mean, there's so much to, to understand that if we were to live with our eyes wide open, as the spirit does every minute, the Spirit's not ever at rest. Right. But I think often we allow our flesh to supersede our spiritual eyes and we then stand. Mentality of black, this, this mentality of, I couldn't do that.

I don't have the equipment. I don't have anything in the flesh to make this possible. And they were looking with their spirit eyes. They're like, yeah, we got this. Let's go Kelly. It's so cool. And obviously you guys think, well, Kelly, you think I answer time question so far? Well, I'm coming to it. . In that, in that event, there's another well known speaker.

That name, Chris D. So that was the first time I met Chris in person. And after that, I kind of joined his, his, he just start a community called you pronounce community. And then I was part of his community and daytime, uh, you know, just inside community. I just answered question, whatever other members. You know, and somehow, you know, I got noticed by him and we be long story short, we become friends and stuff like that.

And then what, then that was a year. Well before COVID then, uh, he has a signature event annually. In London and, uh, uh, conference, uh, venue is super cool. It's called, uh, queen Elizabeth, second conference hall. And so it's kinda the conference hall, you know? Cool. And then his speaker is, yeah, the level like that mean the Michael hire that Michael.

Hi anchor the field. Nice. Oh, so that was, that was a year I think about July-ish and the, the conference is in November. And he came to me with drink coffee. He said, Hey, you're come on stage in November. I say, for what? I hold a microphone.

I can do do he, he was laughing. Do for what do you mean for what? Come on stage to speak. And I say, huh? I say, Chris, I know that is. Because you, you know, you be nice to me, you know, I understand, you know, he say this a girl, as much as I love you. I won't let anybody ruin my annual signature even. Come on one, three months before that God told me the stage is about open.

Why open for you? So when he really hit from your face, he's like, uh, okay. And then I asked him, so what do you want me to talk about? Right? He said, oh, very simple. Don't worry about, you'll be a cup of tea. You know, that's how British say I know America is a piece of cake. Yeah, exactly. There you go. I mean, that's, that's bad news right there.

Just share that one big idea that had been worked for you and worked for your clients for the last 10 something years. I said, okay, that shouldn't be too difficult. Right? So. The problem is we are entrepreneurs, right? So entrepreneurs, we are not short of ideas, right? Not one idea, like one idea. exactly. So the ne the following couple weeks I couldn't sleep well.

And counterpoint that, that week, I need to sum in my topic. I need to saw me in the slides if necessary. And I was, you know, standing front of my flip chart in my. Like shameless to say I was in my complaining more with the holy spirit and I was taking a big marker. Right. I was writing Gini one, right.

Because it's one idea and I kind of talk, talk to Jesus. I said, Jesus, here's the thing I did not ask for this opportunity. It's your thing. And I am now hard to send me the topic and I have nothing. I've been pray. I've. Know, do everything I know to do. I've got nothing. So why is that? The one stuff, one thing you want me to share and the holy spirit kind of just say, just look at the whiteboard.

What did you say? Did you write? I say one. I know it's one. It's the one idea he, he say, yeah. So what is that one thing you always done for your clients? The moment it got stopped and no matter which stage of business they are and they, they will be able to brace it. Oh, then that moment I have epiphany.

And because I'm sure you guys have that experience, right. Uh, there's a moment like, you know exactly what you be doing and you cannot pull yourself to do. Please tell me I'm the only one, right? For sure. No, you are not alone. I know. I know. I know. Without a shadow doubt. Well, God was saying that is a gap of the identity.

Because from where we are now. Okay. To where that God call us to become the next level leaders. Right? Yeah. There's a gap. So that moment, right. There's no amount of a marketing strategies or any external thing can help you to hop over. Yeah. I feel that you really put on the honest with yourself. Right. Uh, I always say the deeper self awareness, you are willing to accept the faster you will grow.

Yeah. And that moment is you need to really understand where you are. And, you know, we need to really start to take inventory, you know, go to God, go to talk to God about and understand where you want to become is I don't care. You are from, just get started or you are his six figure or you want scale to seven, whatever.

Each stage is the, actually those result is byproduct of the different person you are about to become. If you don't fix this person self it's, it is no use. You can be kind of touring around the bottom of the mountain. You won't be able to go to the summit, right? Because each stage you go, the higher you go that mean also mean.

The higher responsibilities we gonna bear. And that mean you better arm your knee even yes, you're right. You're right. Gosh. I hope people are recognizing and seeing the visual of what it is that she's creating for us as we essentially all want this element of Ascension, right. Everyone wants to have more get higher.

They, they look to the mountaintop, like that's the place I wanna go. But that's so interesting to think about that. It's not necessarily just about physical strength. It's not even just about mental strength because all of these things have to come together in our identity awareness that every layer there's something higher that we're gonna have to hold and we're gonna have to stand and maintain, right.

It's like a, this. Beautiful mantle that God gifts us. But if we can't carry the mantle and we're not aware of it, each layer, it you're just gonna fall back down. You're gonna fall back down because you're not having the, the mental, physical, emotional, relational, communicative leadership. Like there's so many elements to ourself.

Yeah, exactly. And it's from there. So, uh, then I developed the power one framework. So actually it's the four ones, 1, 1, 1. It's what is your as a business owner, right? Your best ver current version of you, what is your number one client you should be serving? And so you create that transfer number one, transfer measure, result for them, and then you need to be able to articulate that.

Communication the value to them. So it's 1, 1, 1. I share that message on the stage. And I won't say to my surprises, but obviously now look back, shouldn't be surprising because it's God. Oh God. It. Well, it realized that that, you know, over like 390 people there from different from, he says 39 countries.

And so it is not a question event, right? It's a pure business event. Right. So when I finish that, that was the only standing ovation presentation in that three day conference. Wow. So I knew that. Is the message that God really intend to do it. And then after, after the conference, we had 20 better tester meet with believer and nonbelievers, and then God said now official launch during the COVID and that's where totally, you know, uh, change you for just purely for question and kingdom leaders.

And then we saw result after results, wherever they got stuck. We had to be either I, but he thing is work. Right. That's why I'm sure Tamara, you know, know this, you know, probably 90% of our there talk about marketing business programs. They all tell you this. Right. Find your avatar. Yeah. I talk about her cause I always think about cause two people anyway.

Yes. I about her and, uh, Figure out their pinpoint and queer solution. That should be it. Yep, right? Yep. Yep. And cookie cutter. Everyone's doing the same thing. The same thing. Exactly. Yeah. If that is true. Why, why, if so many people got burned and then still struggling get a business up, right? Yeah. So, so there, there we go.

That's how power one framework came along. So guys that's on God, not on me. it's so good. And it's, it's such a journey, right? Like we just got to go through this evolution of the last couple decades. Of even your faith emerging in the process, not to mention you're raising children, you're moving from different places.

You're, you're leaning into what is working business oriented wise

fit and face media co is dedicated to activating mission driven leaders in the marketplace by way of publishing. And play because your story doesn't just matter to you. It matters to move others. We help you dissect and share your message through podcasting book writing and business development. These three areas are exactly how my team and I have opened doors to stages become the bestselling author.

I always dreamed I'd be. And even the entrepreneur that energetically and joyfully shows up to serve. In every day, literally nothing I do feels like work every day feels like play and we'd love to help you live the same life of freedom and fun. If you're a speaker, a writer or an aspiring business owner, let's jump on a call today to vision cast your future together.

Go to In faith, Again, that's fit in faith, Book your call. If you're a founder, an innovator, a trailblazer, or a wannabe, we can help you get there. Let's do it. I'm curious as you're really leaning into like the ministers in the marketplace, the ministry and marketplace, the business is ministry concept, which we talk about here on the show.

What element do you think was the. Besides God telling you that might be the thing that he, that you felt called to say, okay, it, I'm not gonna lean into as you called it, the, the wolves or the swine or the goats you said was there. Cause I know there has to be a leap of faith associated to that. Cause I have a lot of people who I get to serve.

I love wholeheartedly. They love Jesus wholeheartedly, but they feel like when they pick that avatar, if they position themselves into this small niche, it's going to kick out a bunch of other people that they feel like they're meant to call, to share their testimony and preach Jesus or teach about Jesus to those people.

What's your thought pattern to that? So maybe I should answer that question in kind in two, two different, um, uh, uh, aspects, some of us. Like me and Tamara that we put a banner up, right. We are called to serve, you know, within the kingdoms, right? Yeah. The, the Christian entrepreneurs and kingdom leaders. Yep.

But a lot of you guys, you yourself is Christian, but it doesn't mean you call to only serve Christians. So I think, first of all, you need to, you know, go to Jesus, the figure this out first, right? Yeah. Yes. Right. um, is not everybody called to, you know, uh, just purely a certain question only, right? Uh, that is one aspect of it.

The other aspect I wanna talk about. So this will answer both either. You talk about kneeing. Right. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Again, you're Europe or USA. Yeah. So here is a lie, right? From an enemy, right? Uh, let me just ask you question. Think about if you have, if somebody have a problem in their brain, if that's the have brain tumor, where do they go?

Do they go to general family doctor or do they go to specialist? Yeah, special for sure. Right. And in this context, actually, who can make more impact specialists? The specialist, right. Is exactly good. And who is making more money? The specialist. Yeah. Good. Okay. So the other thing, that's the talk about what Bible said?

Bible said narrow is the. Right. Yeah. And Nero is a tough way. And that's why I know that's why not many people willing to go, but Nero is the way to bring you to the success. Yeah. Niche down. It just mean you will be able to articulate a whole lot better that your, the value of your service, of your programs, who, your specific clients, you can always later on extend in a wide, in a wide, then you know why, you know why then you will reach, I, I call them, you know, S.

Okay. For example, if somebody, um, I, I have appear that from the beginning, she said, oh, I help. Um, I help, I help question women to lose weight. Okay. She doesn't get anywhere. Well, we know that in the fitness area is like very competitive, right? Yes. Although she said, well, but I can't narrow down that question woman.

I say, well, there is still. You know, right. Yes. Right, right, right. And then she nailed down to, I help question, fly attendance, lose 30 pounds in next 90 days by my micro system, whatever. So now, yeah. Right. So now you see. All the fire attendant. If you are fire attendant, right. You look at that and say, Hey, that's for me, right?

No question, no confusion. I say, oh, that's not for me. Right. Your marketing message. You should do the, uh, track and prepare them at the same time. Right because now whenever she create podcast episode or go to YouTube video or instant girl story, they can, she can speak directly to that group of women.

Because she knew cuz she was far attended before. So she knew the, you know, exactly the headache. Okay. They travel from place to place. And then when they're about to say, even arrive home and now she look at the car, she say, my goodness, I don't have time to do grocery shopping and all that. And she give the tips.

She give the meal planning specific for that woman in mind. And you know what? There's so many women and you don't need. A lot of them, when I say a lot is relative, right? You don't. I think most of us, we are not building the, I call it like influencer type business. Like you wanna have millions, millions followers and you try to get a brand deal.

Most of us, we are not right. We just try to serve enough clients. And when I say enough, think about even seven figure business, right? If you, uh, offers $1,000, you only had to find 1000 people. 1000 people divide to 365 days. That's only like three people a day. Okay. That's good. It's good. And then that divided to that say, Hey, Katie, I'm just get started.

I'm not, I'm just struggling. I'm not seven figure too big. That's a shrink it to six weaker, right? Six figure E view again. So that's one, 10% of that. Yep. So don't tell me it is not possible. Well, I mean, you are looking at the, the women here. Yeah. We got it. Totally mess up with all D language accent, you know?

So it's like your mindset. Don't, don't allow enemy tell you, oh, you need to be like, don't mess up with like formal, right. Don't mess up with anybody, you know? And you are talking to everybody that you speaking to. Nobody. Right. Yeah. Christian often say they come to, oh, I say, what do you do? I wanna help people.

I say, what do you want help people for? Oh, I want, um, help them to give you anxiety. They have hope. I say, what do you like, what, what does that mean? You know, That is a very vague, vague. Yeah. Yeah. They have this like ethereal idea of wanting to serve, but they don't have a finite way for somebody to hold it and understand it and then apply it.

And you know, when you don't niche down from the beginning, I always say, not even beginning before your history hundred thousand dollars. You better niche down that's thence because if you don't niche down, you know what you just did, you, you just set yourself up to compete with the top tier influencer in your field.

So what do I mean by that? That's goods. That's really good. I'm part. Yeah. I'm part of a I'm I'm first batch, uh, Johnson. Mewell certified coach. And speak, right? So if, if somebody say, oh, I am a leadership coach, I say, so what, what is your tag line? Oh, I help companies to build better team. I say. Awesome. So why should people hire you?

They could, they could hire John. Yeah, because the, the Palm is so vague, right? Yeah. John can say that. Because he has his audience. He has his, you can go to anyone. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I said before you are Oprah Tony Robbins Johnson as well. Yes. Yes. You sit there, right? None of us are there just yet. Right?

So before you hit there, you need to become a specialist for a specific group of people. So you can really create that impact. Otherwise, you will end up you help nobody and yourself is struggl. Yeah, it's really good. And I think what's interesting. I, I think people get confused because in the past I've, I've talked about nicheing, I've talked about target audience because I think it can get muddy.

And I think people can do it for the sake of doing it, but they're not actually attuned to it. And so utilizing biblical example, I would always say that Jesus never a niched. He never niche down. He didn't. He was for. But when he went into a specific region, when he went to speak to a specific community, when he went and sat dinner at a specific household, he star stories and parable, and he spoke directly into their field of interest.

He was able to talk directly to them. That's what we're talking about. It doesn't mean that you're ostracizing people by having a meal with the tax collectors. It doesn't mean you're ostracizing everybody else, just because you had a conversation with the woman at the whale, he was open to everyone. But he was able to communicate because he is the almighty with multiple.

And so I think that's, when, if we can start like dinner table by dinner table, we can start community by community, but we can really hone in to know that there are. Thousands tens of thousands of dinner tables that look very similar. Yeah. And we don't have to find and go to all the different regions of the world to, to search that out.

But I feel like as we gain more clarity in that communication, as we gain more momentum, God will open the new doors. So if I have a question for you, Kelly, cuz I'm I'm feeling and sensing and seeing that God is opening new doors for me, where I had boldly and confidently out the gate been like I help Christian entrepreneurs.

And now I am seeing these doors open to more secular stages, which feels hard, right? It feels like stretching. I feel a little bit of that imposter syndrome. Why are they asking me to do this? Like, I don't have the same, this, that, and the other simultaneous to that. I know. And I'm reassured every day that I am the head and not the tail that they're probably drawn most to the light that lives within me to the energy and the spirit that dwells with inside of me.

and so what would you say to the person who's expanding to new territory and it's new to them and it's secular versus Christian? Uh, I think whenever that you feel that you about to go to the, um, charter water, right, right. Um, exactly. Yeah. Obviously the unknown always brings fear. Yeah, right. Well, remember, uh, Peter war on water, right?

So the moment he started look at water, then he got into trouble, right? Yeah. And, uh, I think, first of all, uh, you gonna have to, you know, looking for even more than before. Yeah, yeah. Right. Uh, especially if you say you go to the secular secular world, right. Uh, but notice they are just human as well. Yeah, it's true.

It's good. You probably won't go to like a preach. Hey, can I talk to them? Hey, this is my verse, Matthew, whatever. Yeah, sure, sure. No, obviously you cannot do that, right? Yeah. But you know, uh, you surely can treat, you, treat them. It's just the, you know, the, the fundamental, the respect, the care, the sincere care, the love, right?

And if God has you, right, if you, if you, God can mention, God has sent you, God always will give you grace wisdom because grace wisdom in the business mountain in the mission is always in season. Not the past season or future season. Okay. Got it. So a lot of people, they forgot like that God is a God season.

So whatever you call that, your assign assignment in season assignment, then God will give you the grace and wisdom go into. Right. That's really good. Yeah. So don't try to. Go ahead of the Lord or, or behind him just chasing up to him, you know, yeah, yeah, yeah. That, that is one thing. And the other thing is, um, again, you see, I just read, uh, last week, uh, article for HBR, uh, the Harvard business review.

Yep. And they talk about these 10 truths, 10 new truths about marketing after pandemic. And one of it is say before pandemic, they say that, uh, our consumer are expecting to get, uh, somewhat. They want, you know, that if we can kind of provide yeah. About similar what they want, they, they satisfy. But the new truth is they, uh, they are expecting, expect us.

That we need to have exactly what they want. Mm. Because in last two years of pandemic, right. People lock at home. And so what do they do? They consume content. They consume way more content than before. And that mean the level of surface, all of self sophistication of the consumer have increased. A lot of marketers forget about that.

They still using the old way to communicate so they don't get anywhere. And also the lifespan, because now since they consume a horrible content before now, their mindset, they become more skeptical than before. Yes, because now they're more mature. So for. For us, you everybody's marketer. Just, just, you know, you guys, Don.

Yeah. Yeah. Don't wanna be a marketer. I'm sorry. You are because even Jesus every day, Jesus one. OK. That's right. So marketing, it just mean communication, right. Is the way you communicate your thing to the other end of people. You need to really figure out you also had to prepare longer term from conversion, right?

Yes. For sure. So you had to think about the fundamental of sales marketing, right? No, like, and trust. Yep. Right. This align to actually, I was about teach that in my YouTube channel TLC. Traffic. Yep. It conversion conversion. Yeah. So good. Right. So you have to see if you don't have a specific audience, what on the earth?

You can a you, yeah. What do you say? Okay, right. Yeah, exactly. Okay. That, so then they can like you, after they, they watch your content or listen to your content. And so as the time goal, they'll be able to trust you, trust you that moment, the money come up on the pocket. Right, right. It's good. Okay. Now I know some of the question now here, what I just say and oh, email, email.

They think about the sales thing. Right? Okay. So that tell you something. Okay. Now I know that's, that's that voice sound funny, but I'll get your attention. Yeah. Yeah. We heard of several mountains. We are in business mountains. Yeah. Every mountain had its own measurement stick. Yeah. You know, what are the measurement stake in business, mountain revenue number and the people you impact.

And Christian said, no problem, Kelly. I wanna impact people. I wanna help. I said, yeah, but you forgot in the business mountain in the context, in the business mountain, the transformation. Only happen after transaction. So good. You guys better be writing notes right now? Transformation result, what you want to create is only after transaction Katie.

No, no, my email, I, I, I give free out there. I say, yeah. How long can you get free? How can you sustain? This is an iPhone a lot, right? Until I buy, I buy this iPhone. It's not possible for me to enjoy the benefits, the features, right? I mean, I can walk up and down front of the apple store. I can go in and out, try to play around.

And until I find right, it's not possible here TA creates such a great content all the time for you guys. Right. You can collect all the lead magnet free lead mechanisms. Yeah. I haven't seen in my last 14 years of business, I haven't seen somebody. He see figure with all the lead magnets. Okay. So this right.

So it's not possible. Transformation result only happen after transaction also kingdom principle. If you don't invest, you are not qualified to clean the harvest. Remember kingdom pre trade trade that he was about to buy a piece of lead to build out. And then when he walk to the land owner and then say, oh, I want this piece of land.

And the land owner said, oh yeah, you are keen. Go ahead. You take it right. He said, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I need to pay for it because king gave me understand if he doesn't pay, he cannot claim the harvest. Come on y'all so you have to remember that. So it's your responsibility to sell your thing. So then the other end, they can have the transformation result, so you can have that impact and then that money cycle back, so can sustain your business.

So then you can create a whole lot more impact. You see how this goes, but if you don't. I always ask people, I take a cup inside. I put half water and I ask questions. Oh, this an interesting experiment I say, is that half or hot cup empty or something full? Oh, there we are. Positive is half of empty. I say, yeah, Jesus is Jewish.

He's very good at math. Okay. this, no matter how you look at it is a half cup. Only, no matter is half cup full or empty, right. Until you fall that until you overflowing otherwise. You cannot sustain your business. You cannot create that impact that you desire and you will be counted on phase for servant.

Mm. And I just, I keep seeing the parable of the talents and what they did with, or didn't do with that gift and that investment. And I think if we think about it without even the monetary concept, though, it's critical in the business realm. For sure. I think about you in that kitchen. Right. And I think about when the holy spirit had that interaction with you and then many situations that transpired afterwards, God was gifting you with something and if you didn't receive it and then actually invest.

In that gift. It would've never come to fruition. He could have put Dan Miller right in front of your face. As a gift here you are. And nothing have transpired. Had you consistently rejected, rejected, rejected, or said no. No. Don't worry about it. I know you have so busy. I know you've got so much time on your hands.

I don't wanna inconvenience you. Like there could have been so many conversations that transpired, but you took the gift. You invested the time you invested the energy and now look at you. And so it's not even just that moment. It's everything in between. It's the one, you know, it's the one message that came to you and I am so honored that we had time to just sit with you and be with you and learn from you today.

And I'm excited to see the kingdom expansion that's transpiring, because. Of your work and your bravery and your boldness. And thank God, thank God you launched that podcast. You guys choose the Christian CEO podcast. So if you've never listened, it's got five star global ranking. I mean, it's amazing. And I know that it's gonna have just as much changeable action as this podcast did today.

And so I'm excited. Are there any like final messages on your heart that you wanna share with the community before we say Taha for the, for now? Well, no, I think, um, I would just really encourage you guys that, you know, uh, don't hesitate, uh, to take action, uh, because there is a cost of in action and I call it COI cost or in action.

A lot of time that in business, we only focus on ROI. Right. Uh, but you there's a COI as well, especially as a question, if we Don. We, we, we rehear and we don't obey so good. And that cost is really high. So, you know, it is a time to move forward with WACA has called you to do. So powerful C O I versus ROI.

Oh my gosh, Kelly. I am so blessed by you today. Thank you for being present with us and teaching and all the things that is just the joy of the Lord you can tell is in your spirit. And I'm grateful to know you. And now I have to come to Switzerland cuz I love chocolate and coffee. oh please. So we'll, we'll definitely commute.

I would love that so much. Thanks for being on the show today and we will be in touch soon. Yeah, thank you for having me. Blessings.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway snap APIC of the episode and share it on your stories or posts.

And you can tag me and the guest, and we will surely feature you on our Insta. Hey, you might even unlock a new accountability buddy in me or them. We're totally in this together. And we appreciate the extra step taken. I would be so grateful if you even took the extra step. Come on, give me that extra sauce and leave a review on iTunes.

For the podcast listening app that is of your choice. I'm going to be featuring your thoughts in fact, and this is gonna be so fun an upcoming episode. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to.

And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that. Speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and faith team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is the fit and faith way.

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