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Find the Fire in Your Purpose with Chavon Thomas

I feel like I want to start this episode with the special guest voice…her voice truly reigns power and that is alllll of what we spoke about on this episode. Unlocking our inner power, which of course is HIS power within us. What that looks like to operate within. to be called and to understand that we are leaders of the kingdom.

And I am so honored to have Chavon Thomas standing alongside me as we share tonight…creating holy fire for people, holy fire through the mics and lens. So I know, without a shadow of a doubt that this is going to bless you. And I just pray right now, that if you are feeling led to say YES to the experiencies of standing in your power, or propelling that power into a place of business. That would essentially be a package deal, with a really beautiful ribbon between Chavon and I and we talk all about it in this episode.

I’d love to hear from you. Get to know you. And hear your thoughts on this podcast. We would be ignited right alongside you in this experience.

Thank you for tuning in!

Chavons Bio:

Chavon is a smart, enthusiastic, and kind woman, and she married her husband, Corey, in 2012. They went on to start a business together called Purpose Unwrapped, LLC. Furthermore, Chavon’s love and ability to teach the Word with accuracy and power carries over into her everyday job. She is a special education teacher in the public-school system, and she works within the secondary level of education. She earned her master’s degree in Special Education.

Chavon is currently working on obtaining a Doctorate in Education in Christian Leadership from Liberty University. She is a certified Leadership and Life Coach. God has lead her to the area of leadership, and her passion is empowering and equipping Millennial Women in Leadership.

She is a woman who loves God, and through worship, the Word, and prayer she builds her relationship with God continually. ​She has spoken at youth events, women’s events, and church events. Chavon has published 4 books that are available on Amazon. These books are sure to empower, encourage, strengthen, and uplift every reader. ​

In 2018, Chavon was nominated for ACHI nominee for Author of the year and Educator of the year, and in 2019 she was nominated for ACHI nominee for Educator of the Year and Orator of the Year! She is a volunteer leader in the Young Life Program, a Christian Fellowship Program for students, where she works. She is also a part of the mentorship program for young ladies at the school she works called Pretty Me. Finally, she hosted a book club with the high school basketball team where she works and a tutoring program in connection with her church’s youth ministry.

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Show Notes: Find the Fire In Your Purpose

All right, everyone, I am so excited to be here today with my firestarter. It was funny because I was actually thinking about this light coming on this evening. And literally over the course of the last two hours, I have been putting out fires for clients, for myself, for my family. And I was like, oh, gosh, where are the fires burning at this time? And then I was like, OK, that’s because the fire started is coming.

And we’re going to just blow on. We’re going to blow on those embers in a good way. Everything is settled now, but holy moly, welcome, Chavon, to the Fit in Faith podcast.

I am so honored to have you and I really can’t even do your bio justice after all the reading that I was doing about your back story and your testimony and your passions. So I’m just excited to share you with my community and and have some goodness and some glory resounds right now on the Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, live world and then on to the podcast later. So please introduce yourself, share more about who you are and we’re going to dive deep today.

Look, I’m just so honored and excited to be up here with you. It is definitely my privilege and my honor, because you are a woman doing incredible things yourself. If I’m a firefighter, you are a fire blazer. You’re the best. And I just thank you so much. But my name is Chavon and I call myself the leadership coach at the end of 2019. Got really revealed to me that there was a plan for my life that had to do with leadership.

And what’s funny is I was already in school studying to be a doctorate of education and Christian leadership. I was already a life and leadership coach, but I had no idea that God said, no, I want this to be your focus completely. And so it was just been really beautiful. But it’s been an amazing journey just to empower women in the area of leadership. I believe that women should he, with power and grace in that power, is from relationship with God as well as women who educate themselves.

And then the growth is just doing it with grace, doing it as a woman, like not trying to be anyone else but who you are. So I hope women overcome obstacles and challenges so they can really show up in the world and be who God has called them to be.

OK, we’re done. I’m leaving. I’m off. But it’s so incredible. I am like I’m just so amazed that the way that God orchestrates our life right. On a consistent basis and we don’t even know what he’s building and then all of a sudden is just in a drop of a hat, he can literally and I use the word illuminate all the time, because that is my heart. He can illuminate it before our eyes. And yet it still takes action for us to grasp hold of that illumination.

We still have to activate. And that is where that power piece of what you share and what you do and who you are and and the people that you, you know, activate in that space. It’s all about that power. And I love that you put power first because I think oftentimes you see grace first, right? Yeah. Did you really, like, unpack that when you were deciding the name?

Yes. And it was just so interesting because I was like, God, what should this name be, what she this name be? And God gave me power like because everything that I do, I know it’s because of God. I know it’s his goodness, his mercy, his plan for my life. Like Jeremiah, I’m twenty nine and 11 says that he had this great plan for you. And so when I thought about that I was like, OK, I power and grace.

And so the power had to come first because without his power, I am not who I am.

Oh, it’s so good. And I do believe that just in your voice and the way that it resonates, I every time that I get to pop on to one of your lives there, always happening during like crazy dinnertime in my household because of the kiddos. But I’m like, oh, like, who’s that? I’m like, oh yeah, that’s me. Chavon, check her out. Like, we’re always listening to you during dinner. And I just I love that.

And I love the people that you bring on to your show and you’re like specific audience like share with us about like that ideal, you know, person that you hope to activate and come into relationship with. Yes.

And so I really want that that woman who is stepping in leadership, they know that God is calling them to that area of leadership. And it can be any realm, but it could be because of business. It could also be because of ministry. But it’s that woman who needs to take that next step of faith, needs to launch further into what they know God is calling them to do. But for some reason, there’s this blockage. For some reason, there’s this level of fear.

And so I want to empower those women by interviewing other incredible women who are thriving, who who have been able to overcome that fear, overcome that anxiety, to overcome those feelings of will I actually be a. Well, to see success in this arena or in this area and they decide, I know that I can do it with God, and so those women come on my show and we empower the women who need that extra push, that extra encouragement, that extra empowerment to not give up, even when it’s hard, even when it’s challenging, even when it looks like I don’t have a clear picture just yet.

But I know that there’s this tug in this pull in my heart that I have to say yes to God and girl, that’s so incredible. And like our missions in that are so aligned because I am all for propelling women into that space where they’ve been dreaming and where they’re stuck and where they’ve been sitting. And I’ve been talking a lot this week about the women who are straddling that space of the place that they’re stuck. And it’s like the enemy has them, like shackled to the bench versus they are so desperately wanting to, like, get on the field and play.

They want to be alongside their sisters and friends and like they’re even willing to, like, take the brunt of the work, but they just don’t want to be where they are. And again, like, how do you get unshackled? And I think I just immediately just went into the prison cell with Paul Wright and and just let’s worship. And like, I really, truly know that in my heart of hearts, the transformation that occurred in my life was when my obedience and my white flag flew and I was like, I cannot do it in my own and my own my in my own power, as you like to say.

And those that was the moment of change. That was the moment of release and that bondage being broken because I realized everything that I was doing in my own will, in my own flesh and fight was not for the sake of the Lord. And it was not it was exhausting.

It was like so many emotions.

So talk to us about what did pre doctoral student pre coach pre, you know, just space and teaching and preaching and sharing and serving that you’re in now. What did pre Shivon look like and what testimony piece led you to this space?

Right. So pretty everything that I’m doing right now, everything that I’m doing right now, it was just a journey of kind of just going through life, knowing that there was a call, knowing that God was calling me to more, but not being able to see that it wasn’t just going to drop in my lap. So it was me doing the best I could with whatever was given to me by others, really what others made available to me. And so there was a lot of fear.

There was a lot of insecurity. There was a lot of I don’t know if the things that God is saying to me, are we going to come to pass? Because I’m just sitting here waiting for someone to give me that chance, waiting for someone to give me that opportunity. And what God had to show me was it wasn’t about it’s not going to be about someone else giving it to you. It means you need to know that your relationship with me is most important.

And if you could just get in line with my will and my plan for your life and you allow yourself to sit at my feet so I can show you what I want you to do. So in 2016, when I was having a hard time in my life, I was dealing with a difficult place in my life. And God said, start a blog. And I said, what? Like, who’s going to read my blog? Like, really?

You want me to start a blog? And he says, Yes, start a blog. So my blog was just to encourage and to empower people. And then since then, it’s been this journey of more and more being willing to take steps of faith. So the next thing he told me was write a book. And I’m like, whoa, really write a book. I’ll write a book. Okay, let’s do it. And so it’s just been this beautiful journey.

But there was just so much fear, so much doubt, so much insecurity that I battle with and so much waiting on things to drop in my lap, not realizing that God is like, look, I just need you to be willing to let me lead you.

That’s so, so powerful. And I think that willingness is that space where those shackles break, because right now, aren’t you? Honestly, I think a lot of times we shackle ourselves and even unknowingly, like no one would rightfully be like, yeah, sure.

Let me just shackle myself here for a few years or a few decades or a lifetime. Like that’s not generally done by choice. But the enemy is so good at disguising what those shackles look like that we then become succumbed to what his tactic is and where that comfort zone resides. And so I love that you have just continued to say yes when he, like, put something on your heart, pressed something on your heart. And I think this is like a conversation I’d love to see you’re into is what does that look like from a voice perspective or a hearing or a knowing perspective?

Because we. Here all the time about calling and living a life of purpose, and my husband was saying today, what was the word he used? I loved it. He said, oh, what was it starts with an a shoot. I can’t think of what it was, but it was really good. I did write it down at the time. But to come back to it as you’re talking, I’m sure I’ll think about it, but it’s alongside calling and purpose.

And so how do you hear and know from God? Like, what’s that intuition experience like? What’s that prayer time like in order to activate in the space? What if it’s wrong? Right.

So for me, it really started with journaling. So journaling really opened me up because I allowed myself to journal my prayers and they also allowed myself to journal what I believe God was saying, because hearing God for yourself is a faith activation. Like, there’s no way that you can just all of a sudden just say I you know, I know for sure this is God, but it’s a faith activation. It is beyond our human kind of rationale when we say we’re hearing from God.

And so it’s been that and then also available God to kind of lead directly to what my passions are. So there are certain things that I looked at, I admired and I was like, I just feel compelled that I want to do that. So there are certain things that will literally compel you. So growing up in the church, I did. And I just admired so much those amazing women who would get up and speak and preach the gospel.

And it will blessed me, you know, even being young and just being so enamored with it. And then from there it was like, I would love to do this. And so I started even to pursue that in my faith journey. Like, God, this is something that I would love to do for you. And I’m in college. I’m taking public speaking. And the professors so impressed with me like you are just so good. But he had no idea that at 12 years old, I spoke my first sermon at a youth event and it was just and I loved it.

And even it was amazing because when I did that first speaking when I was 12 years old, it was like the adults were just like like, did your mom help you with that? And then we’d go to my mom, like, I know you helped her with that. And my mom was like, no, that was all her. But it was just something because I love the word of God. I love Sunday school. I love the word of God.

And I love speaking that it just came so natural to me just to be excited to get before people and share what I had learned. And that’s what was amazing to me. And so for me, it was like figuring out this is just something that I’m really excited about and I love and I admire. And so I’m going to keep going in that direction because obviously, God, there’s a reason why God is like allowing that to get my attention.

One hundred percent.

I think that was really. Yeah, I think that’s exactly it is like that. And just hearing you speak like there is no like shadow of a doubt that like this propels you, this gives you electric energy. This is what I call our firestarter because it’s just like you just like the margin is like woosh everything is here. And so I love this about you. And it’s truly how when somebody comes to me and they’re they’re unpacking, like, what do I do and what does this look like for me and how do I build this?

It’s it’s all goes back to childhood. It all goes back to those places of passion and sometimes those places of pain that can actually put you into that space. And I remember the word like, I promise when you’re talking, it was assignment, so calling purpose. And he was like, it’s kind of like an assignment. I’m like, it is. And when you can actually willingly receive an assignment and know this is for me, this is uniquely mine.

And in now in that assignment, like, I want to turn it back in one day and him say, like, well done, good and faithful servant. Right. We want to we want to help others do the same thing. And so that that inspiration, that motivation, if we can reside in that space of energy, in that space of fire and heat, he above all, is fire. Then then we have this electric opportunity to continue to plug into the source and the power and then able to pass it on to others.


It’s so good. I love that so much. And it’s so funny because that assignment is something that someone that I follow prophets or prophets of Ruffin.

She was talking about that, the importance of the assignment, and she was talking about the fact that it’s not necessarily in just the gifting, but it’s also in the adversity that you overcome those things build something new.

And I’m telling you the the moment. My greatest adversity in different phases of my life, there was something produced, there was something beautiful produce, and it’s like I did a lab the other day, just yesterday, and I said, we have to embrace the process. And God told me that. And he said, sometimes we want to get past the hard part. We want to get past the challenging part. But the reality is we don’t need to get past those parts because there’s something that is literally growing in us that that difficulty, a lie allows to rise to the surface.

And we see that there’s so much strength and so much kind of confidence that is really alive in us that has been dormant. But it’s time for it to live this time for so good. And like obviously biblically pulling that into the understanding of pruning and pruning is never fun. It doesn’t feel good. It’s actually hard work. If you are the pruner, it’s not fun. And also if you are the one being pruned. And I went through a long season of pruning and I was in 2018, I believe it was, it might have been 20, 19, it was 2019.

So last year when I started actually actively coaching women, I declared the word over my life fruitful because I had walked through three years of pruning and I was like, I’m done.

I’m going to clean this word over my life. I am completely finished. And I laugh to this day because I swear God was like, no, sweetheart, like there is fruit coming. But let me tell you the type of fruit that you’re getting. Girl, I was getting like rutabaga and like passion fruit and like the things that you had, you look at and you’re like, I have no idea how to get into it. Then you finally get into it and it’s all seeds.

And I’m like, how do I eat this? So it was almost like he was laughing up in heaven, like I’m going to give you fruit, but it’s going to be the hardest fruit for you to even obtain. Like just a taste of the sweetness was what he gave me last year. And I feel like this year in twenty twenty, even though my word has changed, it is it is the residing in the room and knowing that if we align in the vine, the fruit will come and the pruning process that always becoming space, it becomes this space of thankfulness even when it hurts, even when it just flat out sucks and they’re like, oh man, something’s doing, something’s brewing.

I’m about to learn something big. And even as I said, I was walking through these fire things that happened earlier today, they were they were pruning process. They were a challenge and an act of obedience where I had a choice. Do I listen to this? Is this right or is this what you’ve taught me? Is this what you’ve affirmed in me? If this is what you’ve validated and it’s hard to do that, especially in business, because, you know, you come back with what the world says, then you’re combating with different perspectives and heart sets.

And what is God say to this person versus this person girl? All these people who are coming into power and grace. It looks pretty, but I promise you I promise you, you have to stay on your knees.

And that’s right. That’s it. And I love what you said about the fact that it was like God gave you a little piece of the sweetness. And I love that because I feel the same way. About twenty nineteen, twenty nineteen was a year of so much clarity, so much realignment for a purpose, for destiny, for my life, because again, God gave me clarity about empowering the women in leadership. And so it was just so amazing, all the things that started to shift after that clarity came and it was so beautiful.

And and then again when I go to twenty twenty, I’m able to see more fruit. But God gave me something more kind of intentional to me to focus in on for this year. And that was being authentic. God basically told me, look, I brought you clarity, but it’s important that in this clarity you remind yourself that you allow me to show you how you’re going to move in this area, how you’re going to be able to thrive in this area to really make the impact that I desire for you to make in the world.

And I think that’s so big and so important and that authenticity has literally been my focus. And it’s changed my life because it allows me to show up different. It allows me to be confident. It allows me to be brave because I’m being who God made me and no one else.

Isn’t that crazy how that works, that being your vulnerability and authenticity in the place that’s hard, in the place that feels raw, in the place that could break that you are able to serve that and then literally exchange that experience of confidence, exchange that experience of clarity. And I literally talk about this all the time. Are you familiar with Bernie Brown? I’m sure through leadership training you are.

And oh, girl, I am going to send you all the things after we get. Top of the show, you guys, if you’ve never experienced Bernie Brown, she is one of my my mentors, I’ve read all of her books. I’ve listened to all of her. Audible’s she had a Netflix series that my husband literally refers to for his guy friends all the time. It’s he’s watched it two times. That’s like a lot because she’s speaking to women and he’s like, yes.

So you guys would love it. But anyway, her whole heart is about she’s a research storyteller, is what she calls herself by trade. Right. So you’re a leadership coach. She’s a research storyteller, which I just love. And she did an entire segment around the study of vulnerability and the power of the transformation that occurs when you stay in that space. And she she’s a believer of God, but she doesn’t approach this stuff from a Christian perspective.

So obviously, everything we take through the lens of the Lord. And so she I was receiving all of her messages and I was just like, this is this is the transformation point, because God sees you, God knows you. But are you showing up in the mirror in that same space of knowing that you are showing up to your friend, to a stranger, to your children, to your spouse? And I can raise all my hands and toes and tell you I was not either.

And when I finally did when I finally just submitted to the fact that, like, this is me and this is all of me, good, bad, ugly, great. All the things right. The whole kit and caboodle, I was finally able to just. Live like live in that freedom that and I am I am so excited because you are you are literally is a school that you’re calling it a it’s an academy academy, y’all.

This academy is going to give you the freedom because I know the transformation factors that you have had, because I’ve experienced them. I’ve also witnessed them in this transformation. You guys, I got to have her husband on the podcast. I think it was late last year, which is crazy, it seems like yesterday. And Corey is incredible. He’s a man of God and a worship leader and a rapper and and a talented, creative and a clothing designer and all the things.

And so I actually knew Corey for a long while before I even knew I knew Trayvon existed. Of course, he spoke highly of his wife, but had no idea that our lives were going to like, intersect like this. And I’m forever grateful for Corey and always like listening to his music and dancing with my kiddos. So this is interesting. Do you realize that your husband puts, like, sound into our house because we rap and dances and then you come in with sound in our house through your voice?

Oh, God, what are you doing? That is good. I just realized that, like, literally your voice is resound in the homes of your community. And so I’m getting, like, crazy chills right now that God literally has this right here. And I know that there is global impact coming. There is no doubt in my mind. And so things like this academy, his music, like the blend of what God is doing in your home, I’m just swoop.

Well, I praise God.

Praise God. God is just so amazing. And it took until 2016 for me to really step out. We got married, Corey and I got married in two thousand and twelve. And so I have always been that encouragement for him and that supporter of him to say, do your music, go for I believe in you. And so, you know, it was him and I and most of the time still it’s him and I teaming up together with his music and his ministry.

And it’s just been a beautiful journey. But for me, it was like I didn’t make the connection that Chevon, you’re seeing that it takes the work and the effort with the faith for your husband, but you’re not seeing that with yourself like you need to step out here. Wow. And I think it was just my mindset growing up the way I grew up in church, where the elevation came from the church. And so that’s the path that I thought I needed to take in order to really minister the gospel, in order to encourage and empower people from a biblical perspective.

And so God had to show me know there’s another way that I want to use your voice now that you don’t have to sit and wait for that moment, the opportunity to be handed. I will give you a platform that you can bless and empowerment of people, because that’s your heart. That’s the heart that I gave you. So why wait? Go now?

Gray says it is so good to go. That’s what happened. And so now we are both moving forward and purpose and allowing God to continue to give us clarity and direction for where he desires for us to be. I just love that so much. I think that there’s so much of a now message in that for women specifically, and I know that that is who you speak to, but also knowing that you’re going to transform the lives of men, too, because they’re going to see their women ignited and they’re like, oh, I want to go do that one.

Like, I want to be in fire, in flame. I want to be ignited and engulfed like that. And so I don’t know that it’s just a women’s ministry for all that you have, all that he has and that collective. But what I wanted to say to that specifically is like that, that we often fall in that space of encourager, that space of supporta, that space of like you can do it, honey, I believe in you.

Whether it’s your kids, whether it’s your husband, whether it’s your sibling, whether it’s your best friends. And we often take the back seat and we say we’re not worthy of that. We’re not called to that. My role is here and we take that. You’re like poor me, poor my mentality, which again, is a shackle like we talked about at the beginning, because you are individually called, you are uniquely made, you are worthy.

You are enough, just as you are today. And in that process that you so highly speak of that you love to stay within that process is the process by which he builds you, by which he continues to elevate you. And you’ve got to start. But if you don’t start, you stay in that victim mentality. And you stay stuck.

So tell me about the academy and its Lobaton, OK, so the Academy I’m really excited about the academy is launching in November and there can be people who sign up now as the founders kind of injury, excitement moment, but it launches in November and I’m so excited about it. And so God revealed to me with women in leadership, the reason why people don’t launch forth and go for it is because they’re battling with this fear. They’re dealing with this fear.

And what God showed me one time is it’s not just fear in general. It’s important for us to identify what type of fear are we really battling? Is it the fear of rejection? Is that is it a fear failure, the fear of success, the fear of the unknown? There are so many different dynamics and levels of fear that can cause you to not truly show up as your best self. And that’s what I want. I want women to be able to show up as their best self, whether they’re entrepreneurs, whether they’re in ministry or whether they’re in a career job.

And they just want to continue to see elevation even there. I want to help women be able to build a confidence, walk in their authenticity and show up on fire, knowing that they add value to a room, knowing their strength, knowing their passion, so that when they show up, they’re ready to make impact. They’re ready to confidently present themselves to any audience of any size of any background, just saying this is who I am and this is what I know I can do to add value to what’s going on, where I am and what I’m called to do so that we can show up in the world and really change the world.

Because if we are not overcoming that fear, if we’re not being authentically who we are and walking in purpose, guess what? The world is missing out. The world is missing out on what God has placed on the inside of us. And so I believe that there’s a flame in every single woman. And so my desire is help to help that flame to expand so that they’re never the same again, because that’s what God did for me. That allowed that flame in me to explain.

And I was transformed. I was changed forever. And that’s what I want to continue to do. I want to continue to burn. Right. We all have to continue to burn to be who God has called us to be. So incredible.

I am just so excited for you because I know that this is like the next step, right? It’s the next part of the process. We’re just going to be so fulfilling, so fruit giving and bearing. And so when people sign up now, it’s like they’re waiting until November, but they’re getting this awesome Founders’ promo, which is so cool. And then how long is the program? Tell me about that part of it. Yes. So the program is one year long.

And so I’m really excited about that because I’ve been a life coach for a few years and it’s really been amazing to see the transformation in the women’s lives that I’ve been honored to coach. Right. And so I see the value of, after a year, how much transformation is taking place. And so in at the beginning of the year, I did overcoming in twenty twenty. So there’s people that I literally have from January up until this point and continuing on.

And I’ve just seen this transformation that they’ve undergone and I want to help more women in that 12 months. You’re getting that accountability and it also has a group dynamic which I really love too. And that group dynamic is constant ability to communicate with myself and others and get feedback on the different things that you’re doing, the different things that you have planned to launch. And we can support and we can encourage and we can empower. And so I’m excited.

So it’s coming with the course. So every every week there’s course content that’s going to be available to ignite that fire, expand that fire and these women so they can take that leap and do what God is purpose them to do. This is so amazing. And I really value that time frame. And I think a lot of people, they want something quick. And just like we talked about the pruning process, just like we talked about the fruit growing process, like it all takes time.

And and I, you know, coach alongside people who are like, ready to activate. Right. Like, they’re they’re probably the people that leave your course that are like, I’m on fire, but I have no idea what to do with my fire. Come see me. I’ll help you figure out what to do. But it’s like that was the evolution process for myself. It was the evolution process for you. It was like, oh my gosh, now I understand.

Like, I can see clearly now the rain is gone and it’s I can not sing. So I apologize to all of our listeners. But it’s just knowing that this year long commitment is a commitment to yourself. It’s a commitment to yourself. It’s a commitment to God. It’s a commitment to knowing that it takes time. But that you’re willing to put the time in and a big part of programs like this in this duration is that there is going to be weeks that you are totally thrown off and the enemy is going to try and combat everything that you’ve just learned for the last half year.

And you’re going to feel like at a complete loss and you’re going to have this program, you’re going to have these people that were perfectly placed for such a time as this to ignite you and propel you past that point of pain, past that point and give up. And so it’s just like Moses when Aaron in her had to hold his hands to the sky. These are the women that will do it. And so I would just it is somebody is in a space of like feeling less than a feeling unworthy of feeling cold, but having no idea how they’re supposed to activate in that space.

You guys go check out Chauvin’s Academy. It’s going to be on fire. It’s going to be lit.

It’s literally going to be lit. I can say that it exists. And I am honored to, like, just support you in that space. I’ll show up and I’ll speak and I’ll give you guys all the goods to it will be amazing. But I’m I’m just thrilled to know that God is, like, so active right now. And you guys, we’re not in person together. We could be, but we aren’t. But we are in the same exact area code.

And so if I know the amount of people that are being infiltrated to my program, the amount of people being infiltrated to your program and all of the programs that are coming alive right now because of covid, so it’d be gone because we we win and God still reigns in this process is to know that like there is a revival, there is a revival, there is a revolution in God’s women right now. And this is the time for us to continue to rise and continue to show up.

And I’m thinking of my daughter. I’m thinking of my peers. I’m thinking of the women that are in their centennial years who who never felt purposed and who now are able to say, you know, I have a story, too. I have a purpose, too. I’ve learned a lot. My wisdom is in this section because what you’ve walked through is what will release the chains and the shackles from the person who is now straddling the space of desire.

Right. So, yeah, it’s good. You guys, this is this is unplanned. These are unscripted podcast. We have no idea where they’re going to go, but this is how God infuses microphones, earphones like he is present when we are obedient and we are expectant for what he’s going to do and what he’s going to say through us. Absolutely.

So, Chevon, this is the academy. This is everything going on right now. You’re on fire. How much longer until your doctoral program is done? So I finish next fall. I will be done. And I’m so excited. Oh, my gosh, I can only manage. But a lovely jurga. Lovely. So incredible.

So with everything that we’ve unpacked today, one additional question that I want to ask you is kind of in the space of a fear, in the space of doubt and working through that as somebody who maybe is even fearful of joining your program. Right. What things can you say directly to them? Right.

I would say to that woman who is thinking about it in there, they’re considering is this really going to make a difference, you know, taking this leap, taking this step, will it make a difference? I want to encourage you that it will. And you have to ask yourself, is this a moment where I’m tired of doing things and doing life like I normally did? Am I really ready to launch out into purpose and be who God has destined me to be?

I know that it takes action. I know that it takes work. I know that a transformation needs to take place. And I haven’t been able to do it by myself. But I believe what is on the inside of me, which is God, what God has literally birthed me to release into the Earth, that it is your time. It is your time to show up. It is your time to be on fire. It’s your time to not just admire your another woman, but to be that woman that someone else can admire.

So that next generation, that next set of women can launch forth and be what God has called them to be, because every one of us have have lives attached to us that we are literally supposed to cause them to step out of one level of living, one level of expectation, one level of glory to the next. But it takes us opening our mouths. It takes us working with our hands, whatever God has to ask us when it’s time for us to start showing up.

It’s so nice to be the best version of ourselves. Literally, as you were saying that and right before he said it and I thought I was like, come on, God is speaking to us so good right now, is that that you said we’re all attached to other people’s lives and my, like, logo for my coaching women is like a ripple effect. Right. And it’s knowing that, like, my ripple effect can only reach so far.

But when I touch one and they touch one and they touch one and those ripples start waves, that’s where the transformation occurs. That’s where you can’t even get in the seven, five, seven vicinity.

If you’re trying to meet Jesus. Come, come now, OK, because we are creating waves in this space and I want that to go across our nation. We need it now more than ever before. I want it to go across the globe. And as I’ve created Global Connections this year, it’s been insane. I’m like New Zealand is on fire. Who knew wheat volleyball is on fire?

Who knew Canada? You’re on fire. Like, who knew?

And so if we just open our eyes and we open our eyes even outside of, like, those limiting beliefs of like your home, of your neighborhood, of your of your workplace, like you are called to more, you are you are literally activated and seen and known by so many more people than you could possibly understand to you guys. I rear ended somebody yesterday. I haven’t even told my husband this yet. Not yesterday. This morning. I’m sorry.

My day has been very long this morning on the way to taking my children to the EMT.

And I just like it, you know, like a little little tap, right? Like nothing. Nothing to get out of our cars about. And my kids, like Mommy Wars just happened. And I was like, man. And so I can see the guy, like, turn around. I had no idea how old he was. He had a bigger truck than me, thank goodness. And I was like, OK, I know I didn’t mess anything up.

I’m just going to back up. Maybe he’ll just keep driving and he’ll just wave and it won’t be a big deal. And Cooper is like, are you going to get a ticket? Are the cops going to come? What’s going to happen? And I’m like, I don’t know about you, but like, we’re going to see where he goes and I’m just going to follow in and it’ll be OK. So, of course, he turns the blinker on right when the light turns green.

And I did it at a stoplight. So we weren’t even barely moving. I was moving. He wasn’t. And so we pull into the gas station and I get out and he’s like a young you looks like a military guy. And Cooper was like, is it safe for you to get out by yourself? And I was like, yeah, it’s no big deal. Like, you’re in the car, you’ll protect me, call daddy if something happens.

And so I go look at his car and I’m like, I am so sorry. I’m all on the way to the doctor’s with the kids. You got to love driving with kids. And he was not old enough to have kids. And so he was like, it’s no big deal. I needed gas. Anyway, let’s look at your car. So I look at my car and I was like, you know, it’s scratch free. No big deal.

It’s a lot of bugs on it. And you go for a car wash, but this is what it is. And he was like he said, you know what? You have a good day. And I was like, you be blessed. And he was like, I haven’t heard that in a while. And I was like for such a time as this. And I just got in my car and drove away. And it was like, those are the seeds.

Those are the opportunities where God’s like be the change. You speak up, be vulnerable, be transparent, share with him right now in this moment that you’re a Christian. Right. And allow allow Jesus to be known and to be declared in everything that you do. Those are the transformative ripple effects. And without going through programs like this, because I’m a coach and I have a coach, having a coach when you’re a coach is one hundred percent necessary.

And so I see the value in you, Shivon. I see that power, that connectivity to the Lord is just something money can’t buy. And I want to talk about that really quick, because before we jump off here, I want people to unpack this concept of wealth. This was one of the fires that I was putting out a little bit ago. So I often say that I believe that I will that God wants us to be wealthy and that God will activate your dream and he will provide the wealth that you need through the dream that you say yes to through the activation of saying yes in obedience and submission.

Right. And and to I have a definition of wealth and I would love for you before I share mine, unpack what wealth means to you and how you’re currently living in this state of wealth and then to what you first see through vision that God has given you for the wealth to come. Right. So I would say I think that’s a great question and I think that well, the thing about God is he’s a holistic guy and so well, initially you will automatically think finances.

But the wealth of of God, I believe, goes beyond that, because God is concerned about our emotional state, our spiritual state, our psychological state, as well as our financial state. And so for me, the Bible

says that I wish above all things that you will prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers. So as we get into this good place of well, and in regards to our relationship with him, knowing that we can have peace and joy in the midst of chaos, when we look at the world that we’re living in right now and how uncertain beings feel in a lot of ways and a lot of perspectives, we know in God there’s security, we know and God there is safe.

There’s a refuge that we can run to. And so when we have that spiritual wealth, we have that emotional wealth, that psychological well, where we are just in a good space, we know who God is. We know who we are in him, and we can continue to move forward from that space. And so then the final financial piece is going to it’s going to be there as well. But the Bible says that your gift will make room for you.

Right. And bring you before great men. So right now, even before a great woman, because of my gift, because of my yes to God. And so as we continue to just follow that path and be, I would say, more focused on our relationship with him first and allow him to get us in a good place mentally, psychologically and emotionally. The financial piece in health wise right now, I just started watching them pretty excited myself, so I’m pretty excited about it.

I lost four pounds so far, but it’s definitely holistic.

That wealth piece is just totally holistic and God will just continue to bless and take the right heart posture. And that’s why the spiritual piece is so important, because what is it for you? The Bible said, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? And so I don’t want that to be my story, but I do further along. I want to be in a greater wealthy place financially because I have dreams of giving people full ride scholarships to school.

That’s my dream, right? I have dreams to be able to. My husband and I have talked. I want to just surprise someone in their mailbox. There’s the money for them to pay off their mortgage like we want to do. Oh, come on.

Yes, like, come on. You know, that’s what we want to be able to do and God will take us there. But you just have to go on that journey with a girl that is so good. You don’t even need my definition because it is

literally on par. And I just think that that is so critical for us to understand. This is a massive mindset shift that has got to change from what the secular world has deemed as wealth, because the wealthy who are currently in charge of things are they’re not giving you a face of the Lord.

They’re not giving you scripture. They’re not they’re not holding your hand. They’re they’re like rising and rising and rising and they’re stepping on people on the way up. And the difference between what she just said versus those people. And I can point to lots of people, but that’s not my call here, right, is that we take that wealth, whether it be in health, whether it be in our mental stability, whether it be on the emotional side, whether it be in our spiritual gifts, whatever that wealth looks like for you, the ripple effect comes in the serving of wealth.

And God will not bless you when you are not openly receiving those things in order to give them back, because this is the cost. You’re right. This is the posture, not this. This is what this is greed. Yeah. This is wealth because it’s a blow. It’s a process of saying in exchange you say, thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Let me give it here. Let me give it here. Let me give it here.

And I get so excited about this conversation because I see the poverty mindset that is blanketed over women. I see the poverty mindset is blinkered over this community in and of itself. And I had a coaching client the other day who said that she was going to offer this service that has been curated over decades, that has been curated through huge pain points of her life. That is our transformational things for thirty five dollars.

I love you guys and I love your thirty five dollars. But she was drinking out of a Yeti cup that was double the cost of her thirty five dollars. And so she is now undervaluing herself to the point of the coffee that was inside of her mug. Yeah.

And I was like, whoa, and we’re good friends, so I could totally make a joke out of it. But with, like, another client, that would take me a lot of time, not one session that would take me months to break down and help them rebuild. And so when Shimon is offering something that’s a year long, do not be afraid, do not be fearful, be obedient, be expectant, be anticipatory of everything that God is going to do in your life, not only through her, but by him, through him in your life, because wealth is abounding and he is a prosperous God and he wants that in your life.

So wherever you are today, whoever is listening, you might have no desires or dreams to start a business. But you have a ministry that’s just been laid on your heart or you just want to activate within your corporate setting and you want to rise to the top and you want to be the CEO of that Jan girl. You go for it and you there and you will by the grace of God. And so you could be a teacher, which Chevon, I know you have the background and that to you could be teaching little tiny minyans, little tiny people.

And I love tiny people because they are the change. They are the next generation. And I was told that when I was young, like be the change that was the whole school of what GMU offered when I was there for four years. And I’m like, are we really changing or are we really doing it? And so that was an implanted gift. Thank God that I now still think about like be the change, but it had nothing to do with the Holy Spirit.

You take the Holy Spirit and you take that message and that’s where the fire exists. That’s wow.

And you know what? Even with you just sharing, that is so amazing because the school that I attend right now is Liberty City Liberty University. I think Liberty Online. And they’re the flame that that’s so good. I didn’t know that. And be the flame, not the change. Come on. It’s so good to mine. You are an absolute gift. An absolute pleasure. When I’m around you. My cheeks hurt from smiling. You guys, I have to tell you about her servant heart.

One more thing about Shabaan. She’s incredible. I was having a branding photo shoot for a bunch of my clients and I had publicized it because anyone was welcome to come. And I see Chevon well, I don’t even know who it is, but I see a car pull up outside of this coffee house, which is really like retro and fun that we were doing this shoot at. We’re all glammed up and seven steps out and I’m like, hey, girl, like, what’s up?

We just seen each other. I had just been on her show, I think a couple of days before, which you have to go. Listen, I’m going to put that recording on my podcast, too, so you can kind of listen to both parts.

And she was like, Oh, I’m just here to support you.

She had no idea what she showed up for. She had no idea that she was going to be in a bunch of photos. She didn’t know that they were for her personal branding. She was literally just there to just be a supportive sister and, like, come along for the ride. So she got fed dinner and beverages and doted over and connected with a bunch of other fire starters. She’s now and so many of my branding images were just so fun.

And I this is the kind of heart that she has, like she is for you. She is for you. She is for you. And that is the servant of the Lord. And so he is going to continue to bless that through all of the wealthy deposits that you are desiring and that you are capable of receiving.

And so just continue to propel friend, continue to activate and be the the flame that you are referring to.

Look, thank you so much. It has definitely been an honor and a privilege just to be up here with you because you are definitely a woman on fire, you know, and and I just love everything that you do. I love what you’re about. Your smile is genuine. Everything about you is just so genuine and real. And you get that with every single encounter with you. And so I know that everyone that you’re partnering with, that you’re coaching, they’re being challenged because that light on the inside of you shines so bright.

So thank you for being willing to bring people on like me and just say, hey, support her. And that’s what that’s what it’s about. That’s Kingdome relationship, what we are able to support one another, push one another and say, look, sister, I love what you’re doing and I want you to keep going forward. So thank you for this wonderful opportunity today.

So good. And I just want you guys to hear like that Kingdome Sisterhood, that Kingdome partnership, that Kingdome community, that message is so needed right now and even just from having. More voices in my home to everything that’s been going on around, like the racial conversations, you guys. This is what Kingdome looks like, like if I could smash my face next to you right now, Shabaan, I would.

This is Kingdome Love and this is Kingdome support. And this is the this is the heart of God. And so I’m honored. I’m honored and so excited to see where God continues to fuse us together in our fires because it’s going to be big. It’s going to be all right.

You guys stay fit and faith and we’ll see you soon. Love you, Sharon.

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