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Family Foundations During a Critical Time of Quarantine – With Kati Evans with Family Conversa

Family is foundational and so often as busy claims are normal, we forget the amazing opportunity we have to truly get to know the inner workings of our children’s gentle hearts and creative brains.

During this pandemic and Quarantine time, as a family we’ve started practicing more regularly on practicing dedicated time for gratitude, self-reflection, and deep exploration on the WHO of each of our family members. It’s so fun to get to know my 5 and 6 year old in a new way – especially with this forever treasured journal that Kait has created!

But this is no new experience for Kati and her family. She has decades of journals from her homeschooling and raising her 4 children and Rv’ing around the country. Learn more about her mama heart, how she’s cultivated a trusting, open environment to express and share. And how this would be the perfect time to grasp hold of TIME and create memories.

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Show Notes: Family Foundations During Quarantine

Hey, I have a camera address, I’m your fitting podcast, so I… Up to me, your… Just me. No words. no scripts, no. incurs no altos. I love authenticity, I hope to breed vulnerability, and I usually do this alongside another Dreamer mover shaker entrepreneur, passion is A… Is what I love to call them, if you’re a dude, then a dude, but I am loving just coming together in community with other people to share their high and low stories, to share their journeys, to come back, because I believe ultimately that for God would have us he would have us on the mountain top, and even though we learn a ton in the pit and in the valley, God would manuscript now, especially in this season of life, in this time of our culture to shine.

And so here I am, I want to teach you how to shine, I wanna be alongside you when you get your glow, I wanna capable to into your calling.

Whatever that is. So this isn’t a fitness podcast, this is not a religious banter that week, Jesus all day long, and this is not just about nutrition or health or… Well, now I lack some greed and I know you do too, it’s not okay for us to not be okay, was talking about all of these things that… Edison, you guys, we don’t miss… Need a mental health podcast, we don’t just need a fitness podcast, you don’t just need a religious spiritual protest… It needs to win.

This is what fit in things all about, it’s all about frontline men methane, it’s about pursuing your wholeness and playing it over your life and over the line, a loved one that you have around your career. So thank you for coming again. I would love to get to know anymore, you can subscribe, whatever it is in an email is… I have an amazing team alongside, but you guys are gonna get for now so enjoy, I’m so have to have a pocket conversation with you is what I’d love to call up, don’t have my coffee right now, but I have it in my system. As you can see, all the love. Let’s do this together. And keep going, free.

Alright, we are live and on Facebook and low everybody… Can you hear me case?

Yes, I can’t, I, I get it. You, he found going, you never know with all the technical things happening, so I’m so come to be here for another recording of the fitting face podcast, you guys know I love to be live, this is one of my favorite and past times, honestly, it’s becoming a hobby since I started it last year and bringing on new people this year has mean that means that I’m not in the studio with my big heavy likes that we have, but we’re just Here go stuff. And it works really well, but I get the opportunity to bring people from around the country and hopefully eventually around the world to share with you, and this is someone I’m excited to share, and we were just talking about how wild God has layered conversations and plans into this season of isolation into the season of quarantine and how perfect it is, and above all of the overwhelm that have been happening, this specific conversation and Y-K and I had been brought together is gonna really touch and bless your lives, I hope, and I know so Kate, thank you so much for being here. She is a woman of faith, and her family is…

I didn’t even realize she’s a grandma, she was like, seductive the no way. You’re a grandma. Well, come to find out, she’s got older children, some were on missionary trips just recently, and so we’re gonna just dive right into conversations and you guys can learn as I’ve been learning alongside her, who she is, what she does, and why we’re connected, and we’ll continue to share that. So tune this. For being here.

Thank you, I’m excited, it’s gonna be fun. So tell us a bit about who you are, where you’re at in the world right now in your quarantine, and a little bit about how you got started in the journey.

Yeah, so my name is Katie. I have… It’s funny, I always start with, I have my family ’cause they are really who I am, I have the most adorable, amazing husband burn, and then we have four kids, we have our daughter, avian, her has been who lived about two hours away, and then we have a daughter and her husband, and there are two kids at live right next door, which is so much fun.

I have my door, and then we have a son and his wife in Wyoming, and then we have a son that just came home yesterday from a mission trip, and we just… We’re in Utah, so we are right now, we’re in self-isolation, a couple of our counties are having stay-at-home orders, but ours hasn’t yet, but we’re definitely self-isolating just to kinda wait curve for… Yeah, that’s been it. This week has been an incredibly interesting journey, I… So many amazing things that I’m finding, and there’s so many silver linings in so many highs as I look around that we’re experiencing even though it’s just so difficult right now.

Yeah, and it’s so necessary like to… To be able to relish in those and to not feel like guilty about the fact that we are finding high as enjoys even in a national and worldly pandemic.

Of course, there’s a lot of her, of course, there’s a lot of sorrow as we are losing lives, but there’s also a lot of silver lining, and I love that you brought it in that way. Because silver lining doesn’t mean that it always exists with abundance, and you have to really sometimes look for it, but I believe even with conversations like this, that God already had this plan, all this has already been on our calendar, the topic of conversations already been planned out God has already presented this passion to ten, her family, and now something that is being brought in and about through the nation, I’m excited to hear how from a business perspective that has has begun, we’ve got people jumping on my own mama is here.

I don’t know, so it’s gonna be fun conversation for people to just kinda take a break and join us on this journey, and she shares what it is that’s been laid on her heart into her calling in… Okay, to go ahead and tell us what it is, why are you here, what’s going on and what you gonna to do with our community?

Yeah, man, it just kinda hop into… So we have a product that is kind of was designed and made because some of the things that we wanted to share with our children, so we have something called the highs and lows.

And as I noticed when my children were younger, and even as an adult, in fact, talking to friend the other day, and we were talking about being resilient in these times, and a couple of those tools that she had given us was to be able to talk about our feelings and be able to share those with friends, and I noticed when my children were younger, they had a little bit of a harder time just being able to share what their high and their low is what we called it every night at the dinner table. And especially as adults, don’t you feel like I have a daughter that’s having a baby in a few weeks, and it’s kind of a funny time to have a baby, right.

The state.

So much joy. I was still excited, I know I was gonna be in the room, and I was just filling all the grandma fields, and now I’m not able to be in the room. And her husband may not be able to either, because of restrictions, and I was having these personal loans and just worried that I won’t see her in the baby for months because of isolation, I don’t wanna get them sick, and I actually felt kind of guilty for a moment when I was sharing those feelings with a friend’s mind, I felt like I couldn’t share my Low, I felt like by doing that, it might kind of drag her down, and even as adults, we get caught in that, right. And I think there is so much power and so much drink of sharing our low and our high moments with our families and our friends, and that’s how we started this journal, was being able to open those conversations, because I think our kids, especially as they become teenagers, how was your day?

I would… You totally in an… And so our goal was to just open conversations, and that’s what we started when our kids were younger, and it’s just a way of being able to share how you’re feeling and being able to really have those conversations with your kids, so you know what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling in their life, especially in times like this.

Definitely, and I think this was actually a practice that I have been also practicing since I was… I think it was middle school, but more so high school where I can really tangibly remember it, and it wasn’t necessarily at my dinner table, it was a part of my young life experience, and so it was a way to kind of allow people to become vulnerable in their expression of faith by coming together with your own… Again, when you’re a teenager talking about emotions is like totally not what you do normally, everything is good to go and hunky dory, even when you’re mad at your parents… That’s an okay emotion. Right.

So to talk about your highs and lows of your day, it was a little bit less transparent, it was a little bit less invasive, it felt like because you could share or something comical or something fun and exciting or thrilling, and then you could share something that just made you maybe upset or angry or sad, where you weren’t really going to the root of the emotion necessarily, but as a mom, I now want to get to the root of the motion because I understand from a therapy perspective, ’cause I hadn’t had therapy when I was in high school, from the therapy perspective, like the importance of actually going deeper when you have the high and low conversation and sure there are days of the dinner Hebrew, don’t go there where it’s just like, Oh wow, and then… I’m sorry, that’s how you felt today and giving them a fresh perspective or from an outsider looking in, it’s a lot easier for us because we are not holding the weight of that low or even experiencing the fun or joy of that high, but it’s been really amazing for us to help our children navigate our emotions, and so this has become a practice that we’ve been putting into our home, and so when I saw this and we interact in like…

It’s amazing, this is so much fun. So I’m gonna show you guys and it’s gonna have a little bit of a glare ’cause there’s this really awesome non-stick baby fingers, I can’t get it all dirty ’cause it’s a beautiful soft material, but this is how beautiful the high low book is, and it basically just goes through and as we ask each other around the dinner table now, we have this opportunity to write it down, and I think it’s so beautiful to see what our little ones are saying to each other and to go back as a journal years from now, around the dinner table that we have these high, Andes lows, and an opportunity to have closer community and conversation with people that matter most, so the times that we’ve done… I have actually been… When grandparents are around or I continues are around and we’re like, Hey, let’s talk about our highs and lows and to bring them into what we experience on a regular basis, but tell me about why you guys decided beyond just the high and low piece to add the questions, ’cause those are so fun.

Yeah, so I… Now we the… We would write down the questions just their high and low the day, but then we had a little piece of paper in a jar and we pick out a question, and I found that at the dinner table, especially because that was the one time my sister does it at bed time, whenever you want, we want it to be no stress, so if you miss a day… No, mom guilt, right? It’s just a cursory. Our family’s life.

And so the question of the day, we have silly questions, we have meaningful questions, thought-provoking questions, and it was a way to get our kids just talking and use their creativity. So some of the questions are things like, if your friend is sad, what do you do to cheer them up and it’s so fun to listen. I was talking to my grants and the other day, and he’s like, I would give them bubble Com and it’s so fun to look at the age that they’re at, or if you could design an amusement, right. What would it be the… Or if you could write a book, What character would you be an assistant to get their creativity going and sharing… And you learn so much about them.

The other fear it is… And my kids loved it. And we still do it to this day.

I’ve learned so much about my son-in-law is my daughter in love by doing this, but as siblings, they really learned so much about each other, and it was really important for us just to have as much communication and as much just…

I think in building, I find that as my kids as they get older, they naturally kind of grow a little bit more apart because they have their friends at school or they have these experiences, and we really wanted to tie them together and these questions… They were literally nights where we would be there for two or three hours and someone would say, Oh, I would make a…

I don’t know, here’s an example of real cost, do this, well then I’m gonna design this to help you with this, and it was just kind of a family building experience, you love the questions of the day, there’s so fun, and it’s done because the family building as a round conversation. It’s around eye contact, it around gathering and while like family games or things like that can also be fun, one thing that we love to do as a family is puzzles, and you’re not making eye contact during that, and while we could even have conversations about highs and lows again, that connection is so necessary as we are so disconnected and during this time of quarantine, it feel even more so, so I love seeing people jump on and say, That’s so cool. That’s so fun. I love this idea because it’s giving us reality to the fact that people are yearning for this, and I don’t really know how to tangibly make it happen, and so instead of… Even when my mom brings all of us kids around the dinner table, at this point, the grand babies are running everywhere, we’re just trying desperately to have one heartfelt conversation.

It’s almost impossible. It really is. And so by the time you leave, we’re all like, Well, the isle grand day, she has three kids and all of our spouses, and so there’s in dogs everywhere.

Right, I tend… If we could all come together, I think other than maybe the little… We would all be able to converse around this from three years old on, and everyone would really feel connected because it’s giving people an opportunity to take the floor and share, and as a family of loud people who are all public speakers for the most part, except for maybe some of the spouses that have married, it’s hard to get a word in and with all the babies, so when you ask and prompt a question that everyone wants to know the answer to, everyone’s listening, everyone’s engaged, and it really does give you this opportunity of just… Building each other up and hearing each other’s heart without that guilt or without that prejudice or without that… Or sibling rivalry, because at that point, it just is what it is, and that’s how that person feels and you’re giving them space to feel… And I think that’s so important.

I was at a conference with my daughter and we were talking about just ways to communicate with your family, and someone asked her what was your greatest benefit about doing the highs and lows as a child, and she said My parents were so tricky, and I was like, Oh wow, we didn’t even know what we’re being tricky. She said, But we started doing this when we were so little, that as I became a teenager on… My parents would ask, hit in the low, and I would tell he’s, I just spilled the beans. I would just tell them everything because I was so used to that, and they were so tricky because with the question of the day, I was so used to not being… I think you said become teenagers, you get a little more inhibited… Right, and you don’t wanna share.

And you’re not as willing to share creativity and all these things. And she said, You guys kinda trick me because I was so used to it, and I was so used to listening, it taught me the skill to want to sit and listen to my siblings, so I love it as they’re younger, if we can kind of create these habits, and these conversations and these skills as they become adults, it’s so much easier, and so when we are at the table, even our little three-year-old grandson, we will start these questions and the… It’s just silent. Everybody is like this, they’re just… They’re waiting, it’s like, Oh, are they gonna say… And it’s fun. It’s like you’re at a movie. Everyone’s looking at that person.

I think I say, what are they thinking? And I love that skill, I love watching my children be so engaged with their siblings and really having a desire to want to listen and learn, and it’s such a great takeaway for me as a mom afterwards, I think, Oh, this is just… This is wonderful.

So two things one, someone in the chat box was saying that she thinks this is an awesome because it prepares them for working with a team later in life in the workplace.

I just say listening skills is very important thing, just as much as the public speaking component, so you’re really getting both during this experience, which is really neat, and then the second thing, and this is out of my own curiosity, is, at what point did you decide to go from a little three-ring notebook to actually sharing this with other people, did other people say This is a really cool idea? Or you know what, we just… So we actually just started doing this in November when my grandson, my son, my youngest, the one that just got home yesterday, honestly, with literally refuse, it was sometimes we’re like are… But he would refuse to eat dinner until we did the Hilo and we wrap, and my grandson was just it just the cutest three and a half year old talking, talking, and I thought, this has been the greatest thing I want my children to have this opportunity, so we actually created the heightens journal, just so I could give it to my grandkids. I wanted to share it with the world, ’cause it’s been so great, but I thought as long as my own children can continue this tradition and that’s how we did it, we just thought, okay, now that our babies are having babies, they need this, but you know, in I think the biggest takeaway for me watching my kids grow up with this, and this is why I really wanted my grandchildren to have this experience was as we were doing our highs and lows, there were days where the low was… I E my hotdog fell on my button or the dogs on my pillow, and there were days where there were real lows and my husband, I could go, Okay, we’re gonna check in with this child later, but there were days where it was like… Kilby wouldn’t play with me and my siblings, there’s siblings with… Watch each other and go, Oh, I helped my brother have a low, but what we found the highest point for me was the gratitude.

They would often say, What is your low? And they would name one, we… No, no, wait, this… And so we noticed that our kids would watch through the day, so when it came time for dinner, they had 50 lots and they, Oh, this is so good. Oh, but this happened. And then the same with the lows, I’m sorry, a 50 his when they… So as a…

They often couldn’t think of one and they would say, Oh, but then they would say, push, but I don’t know, I’m so lucky I have this, or my friends going through this situation, I feel so blessed that my family has this, and so really what we found was just finding gratitude, I wanted my grandkids to have that open to every day look around them and find those tender mercies and find those silver linings and have that gratitude, and that I think of the high-end loads was one of the biggest things for my kids was we are so blessed, and even when we had some hard things as families happened… Right, and we all have challenges. And I want to support the loads and we wanna celebrate the highs, but during that, we want our children to feel so grateful for what they have and to find those Westin… And so to me, that was the one thing I told my husband, I want my grandkids to have that experience, and so we wanted to create that, that’s kind of the same lining with him a lot.

It’s so good. It’s actually reminded me, I didn’t really realize until you were saying It is, my kids school does a mindfulness practice in the morning, and it’s called Morning Meeting and there’s a 15-minute… Like check in in the morning when they get there. And instead of it being highs and lows, they do joys and concerns, and so it’s another election of the day, it’s the preparation for the day to… And so this is a really… So I’m thinking business, my entrepreneurial brain is going, the rent should have the morning and half the book could be morning and they could flip it the other way, and the other half could be reflections that I… Some mornings I’m good and I’m like, I got this mom thing on a role, we have breakfast. We’re good to go. It’s a great conversation on the way to school, in it, on the way back, you could have the reflection later in the day of what your day is, but I love… Any of you have an opportunity to check it. And with yourself, and this is the whole process of mindfulness, it’s also the whole process of spirituality, like God knows our heart, and so often we don’t explore our own emotions, our own heart sets because we’re on a supersonic Pace, I worked… We are ignoring something that we know is there, and it just feels like a vacant whole because of the fact that we are ignoring it, and eventually it comes to the surface, and so if this is something that we can practice daily… And I wanna speak to the people who aren’t moms yet, like if you are just getting to know your spouse, you could be dating, managing… If we brought this into the experience of the dating world, if you have the opportunity to, you’re a significant other and ask them their highs and lows or joys and concerns of the day, and ask them these creative out-of-the-box questions, how much more would you know and understand the person that you are eventually gonna marry, this could be done with your best friends, how much deeper you would go, and even like Michel, imagine doing it in a workplace and starting your meeting like that and just saying, Hey, we’ve been doing that a lot this week as a mindfulness practice and at the school that I work at is like, Let’s just take five minutes of silence, which is impossible, ’cause I’m in my house with my kiddos ring around, so everyone else is like… And I’m like, but in a normal world, we do practice a couple of minutes of silence and then we check in with people’s joys and concerns, and it makes you realize the humanity of someone, and I think so often… And like you said, from the sibling perspective, they’re just your brother and sister, that’s the only hat they wear, they’re annoying me, or they’re great today, right.

Versus the fact that they have a creative brain, something that they can explore how they build this roller coaster, and they can explore how they would fix this problem, this pandemic, and our art teachers often, when I’m giving tours, he’ll talk about how we’re cultivating the brains of the future, we’re cultivating the solutions of the future by giving our kiddos and opportunity to creatively express, and every person is born an artist, person is born a creator, and so allowing them from a thought pattern process such as this high and low practice to go there to say, What would you do if… And so we’re in this really wild situation right now where my kids are just like Happy Go Lucky, mom’s the new teacher schools out, recess, 247. imagine if we started probing them with real conversation about, This is what’s happening, what solution would you think of to create more mass for people because we’re out of MAs. How can we do that? I saw someone the other day in our local community who she used vacuum bags and started cutting the vacuum bags and making her own mask for people locally in a… That’s really it. And is giving herself the opportunity to think and create and be an artist, and so just such a beautiful practice, and I think now more than ever, what are you gonna do for the next 30 days? Let’s get real with each other and let’s like Practice your highs and lows and practice these questions, so I’m gonna pull a random question for you, Kaiju to make it fun.

Let’s see. Oh, this would be great for our kiddos ready, if you could walk into a toy store and have anything from the store… What would it be?

We had a fun time with this question when our kids were younger, and it was such a fun experience ’cause we were in Mexico, so we traveled full-time when our kids were younger, and we went to Mexico to help rebuild an orphanage. And every single one of my kids, I expected him to say, Oh, I thought this on this, I would pick out something for these kids, or I would do this, and those answers sometimes as parents catch us off guard, but I think they’re good because you’re like, We’re on the right check, right.

We’re headed the Restoration formation, we need affirmation as moms right now, the deal… And a simple question, we are right now, it’s so on that you mentioned dating and coding in your spouse… We do have a high, a low journal that we’re making for husband and wife, ’cause my husband and I do this still, and then we have one just for individuals, and I think when we ask these kind of questions to each other, or even a high and low, that question of who would you buy a toy for, it wasn’t just about buying the toy or what to would you want… It opened up the conversation for my kids of, Wow, look what I have, look what someone else doesn’t have, what could I could give to someone that they could use to help a friend or clay with the friend. And I think when we ask these questions, especially right now, when we’re talking to our kids, they have these feelings, but they may not know why, so your low might be this, or your high might be this, but you really don’t know why, and so having the chance to really say, how do you feel about being inside right now, you know…

Do you understand why we’re not in a school, they may have some celebrations or some lows, but by asking that you’re able to go deeper, and I myself, sometimes they’re having emotions and I may not know why, so when we look at our teen… It’s such a way as such a great way to go. This is how you’re feeling. Let’s figure out why, and let’s figure out how we can make you feel better, or let’s figure out why you feel so great.

So I do love, just a simple question, opens up just these doors that as parents, you are so grateful to have those conversations… I think it’s so cool. One that you traveled. One that you’re in Mexico, building an orphanage. All of that is amazing. I have lots of roots in Mexico, my sense. So I’m like, Oh, I wanna do that. That sounds amazing.

And my immediate response to this situation that was happening, it was Fight or flight, I’m literal flight. Where are we going?

What you’re in a… Getting on and where are we going to get out of this data? And I can go, I would literally go to Mexico and my in-laws are there. Also for in teams when that great… ’cause we gotta be adventuring Reese too, but I think that it’s so necessary because of that natural response of myself like, Okay, Tamara, you can’t go anywhere, So let’s be present in the emotion, let’s be present in the situation, and my son, his low just the other day, was that he doesn’t have any friends right now, and I’m like, Sorry, buddy, so how can I as a mom, and my husband and I have a conversation about what can we do to make him feel connected because I get to have experiences like this… It’s a part of my work. My husband is still in the construction industry, so it gets to converse with people all day long, and he can’t wait to get home and I can’t wait to leave, I can meet… And then my son is just like here living his best life, but at the same time, I didn’t know he was lonely ’cause he has a sister, so when you said that, I’m like, What could we do? So we’ve created FaceTime play dates with his friends, and he got so a Pokemon cards off yesterday to his other buddy and talk to his coach from jujitsu, and so we have an opportunity to nurture and soothe and teach, and even as a parent in that perspective, I’m growing right along side them, they’re giving us opportunities for growth as a parent, as a mom, to be a better version of ourself as we are nurturing and guiding them into being the best version of themselves, so… But a beautiful practice, I’m thinking also from… I always go to the business perspective, which is just right, but you are talking and it’s fine, but you’re talking about as you nurture these experiences and these emotions that they’re having and their thought patterns and where it is that they’re living, because I feel like after a while you’re gonna see a tendency of trend in their low or a tendency of trend in their high… Are they adrenaline seekers? Is their high always around the fact that they got to go jump out of an airplane, or is their low always around the fact that they’re lonely, and so for us to really check in, I think that there would be a whole another component of trend setting in your high low journals as a therapist, I’m pointing to myself. I’m not a therapist, I don’t… As a therapist, you could really learn the ins and outs of this human and what it is that they’re doing, but then more importantly, and from a kingdom perspective, you can find what it is that they’re good at, what it is that turns them on that triggers them that makes them excited, that really at the end of the day, becomes their life pursuit, we nurture that. And so, in knowing this about them, knowing that the high is always the adrenaline that they’ve been shoes at an 18-year-old, I’m gonna be a financial advisor or gonna be not an accountant, not a financial user, ’cause I think of financial advisors have lots of highs and lows essentially right now, but then in a constant… Even in that perspective, yeah, I don’t know that you’re gonna be happy if at the end of every day, you spent eight hours in an office… We’re at a computer.

Where’s the adrenaline? Where’s the excitement? So there’s so much more to this practice than just bring your family together and learn each other more.

That’s awesome.

But there’s literally, I would love to know the trends that you saw from our kids perspectives, where they are now to where they work, so we took the high and lows, and then what we did is we made… We ended up honing our kids since we traveled, and so Monday night was kind of like your show night, your show and tell night, wherever we were, we’d be at a campfire in the RV, and that is where we would listen to what they were saying and we’d say, Oh, okay.

So I kinda give an example. When we were in Florida, we did see World several times in my daughter was so passionate, just… She wanted to be a marine biologist. I had no idea.

She walked in and it was like all the fields, she just was this light bulb. And so we would take Monday nights as their show night show and tell, or create night, and we would say, Okay, we noticed that you’re really excited about XYZ, or we notice that you are really struggling because one example being my three kids had a dad in the areas, we had three dogs and my youngest one to dog and we were like, There is no way we do, I… We were able to take that constant sadness for three months, I don’t have a dog as his low, and it was like, We want you to find the perfect RV pet for you.

We want you to do all this research.

So for my funded research and ended up building this aquarium with these lizards and these fish, it was after I have what? And that sounds like such a little thing, but we were able to take this low and make it a passion and make him feel good about himself, or if they’re excited about something, if you’re driven, then I now know you’re excited in your driven… I’m gonna do everything as a parent to help kind of push you, navigate you to that direction, to help you find that passion to… That we got a… It is so good. So that was really fun. That was kind of our, Okay, Monday night is best.

We’ve reflected… We’ve, and we have grown now. What are we gonna do with it?

So that was a goal.

It is me so excited, even as I’ve been doing it, I haven’t even spent the time to reflect on the benefits and the value add as we’re talking, I’m like, Oh my God, I can’t wait to have conversations with my husband about those and analyze my children in this new way.

But just like an opportunity.

It is so fun now, because our kids, we literally have these old nasty notebooks with chocolate sauce and getting… That’s why we have a basic cover, you can be in a dinner, it’s fun, and we sit and we read, and they laugh and they remember, and I think too… This is something I’m really passionate about. I think it’s really important that we have memories and traditions and the solid foundation of who you were when you were a child, who was I with my sibling, because you might have been best friends from 6 to 80, and then when you were 13 and 14, you’re like, Oh, but to have this solid base that you can go back on, so we flip through the books and our kids can say, Oh my goodness, we were in Virginia when that happened, and I was filling this way or that way, or… They would be kind of some of the answers that they had. ’cause they were… Some of the lows were just ridiculous, silly, some of the highs, we had the opportunity to just travel and to go where we wanted, and there was a few… We have two whole journals, we went to…

Oh, making County. He was making County Tennessee about, I think it’s about 12 years ago, he had a big tornado, and I know they just had one and we spent several months, they’re just helping families clean up, and we actually pulled out that journal the other day, just whipped it out and we were reading, and to listen to my kids as they read through and to share those experiences with their spouses… My daughter said, I forgot that feeling.

I forgot how I felt.

I now know that I wanna do X, Y, Z. and so looking back, I think it’s so important to read that with our kids and remember that solid foundation of how they were feeling, what they were doing, and so I loved it, and I got a one in a like resource as an adult now… Your kids are so fortunate because even the process of therapy, right, when you go and you’re reflecting on that and reflecting on who you were and what you went through, your brain, you really don’t know, you know, and you can remember trigger points and highs and lows, but you don’t know on a day-to-day or a month to month, and surely not from a relational perspective of my siblings, I…

I can tell you this, and I can tell you this, but I can’t tell you this with it with them rather… And then the as full on experiences that I remember, and my mom all the time to this day, I remember when we did did it over that, and I’m like, Remember when we went here, the one… And she was like, Yeah, I remember your whole childhood, and I’m like, I really don’t… And so if I have a place that I could go beyond a picture, now everyone has their phone out or beyond a video, but really tangibly, how are you feeling in that photo… How are you feeling about that Higbee that you went on? And actually have those words written down, it’s just… I really believe that it’s such a beautiful legacy, it really is, and I really… I think that you’re sibling, your relation with ship with your parents is extremely important, but I do really feel like that relationship with your siblings…

I have four siblings, I’m so grateful for those relationships, and I really want my children’s relationship with their siblings to be solid, and when I say solid, we all have ups and downs or whatever… He took my Legos or however you… But as you become adults, I think that sibling relationship is such a foundation for you and it’s so important, and especially in the age where I’m starting to see that a lot of my friends, their parents may be passing on, and I’m constantly thinking to myself, I am so grateful for my siblings, I want my children to really rely on each other and know each other because that is going to be such an important…

I think your family is core, and so to me, sibling relationships are just icing on the cake.

I don’t know that I’ve ever cried in my eye, but that’s really convicting for me, and I’ve been… I’ve told so many people, I’ve bet on the Verso tears like all We just from the overwhelm of everything going on, and it’s so true and it’s so beautiful, and so we’ve spent such abundant time with them and yet… I know for me personally, I feel really disconnected from my siblings right now, which is why the emotions sets in with that from a lot, not a high… And knowing also that this is an opportunity that we can check back in with those emotions and check back in with those relationships and… And I saw a, a-a note and it was like, Ask for my quarantine Day, and it had four or five things that they could not… Notate on it. And one of the things was, Who am I checking in with today? And I immediately thought of my grandparents and my siblings, and no matter what happens between family members, what happens in your life, you have those such strong roots that were designed and purpose, like literally biblically purposed, and so not allowing the enemy to destroy what was a purpose. Not allowing the enemy to destroy a root that was so much more deeper than anybody else could comprehend, and not allowing other people to get in the way of something that is necessary, and ultimately when as we grow and our parents are getting older, recognizing the importance of that sibling relationship. So thank you. And I do think, just kinda go off on what you said, I do think that the enemy, if he can attack family, like he’s attacking family on purpose and for a reason, and if he can separate those family bonds in those relationships and he can just get in so much easier. And so I hold my family so dear and so tight, we all do, because that is our biggest defense, if we can build that armor and keep our family strong and tight, then not many things can come in and affect us because if my armor might be down today, my daughters is stronger to help me and her sister can help her, and so… I love that you said that because I full-heartedly believe that. Yeah, it’s interesting because the timing of when things started to go kind of Arian haywire in the relationships of my family happened when I started pursuing Jesus, really pursuing Jesus, I was walking through my ministers and ordination licensing and like chaos just ensued. And it has been a rebuilding point, and then a falling point, and then rebuilding point, but I have said so many times because when I share it with people who are intimate in relationship with me, they’re like, I just can’t even imagine that your family seems so tight knit your family seems so perfect, your family, it seems so happy, like You guys have it all together, and I’m like, You have an inside… It’s crumbling. And to understand that if we can come together and unite in what it is that everybody sees from the outside and ultimately find our core in Jesus on a train, the strength, the abundant light, that would literally just be like an explosion if all of us could intersect in that goodness, because ultimately that’s who we are, that’s who we all… We were on… And even as the enemy comes in a tax and you might see negative colors of other people based on how they respond or how they react in situations, ultimately, we’re still good, and I always say to… And share this with my little guy who is learning about evil forces and good forces with good guys and bad guys, I swear they’re born with this, Tomas good guys and bad guys, and I was like, Oh my gosh.

But teaching him that, I always say, the good guys always win. The good always prevails. And even if it seems like the bad guys are gonna win, just wait, just wait, and I always put that promise in his area, God is always good, he’s always on the throne, he’ll always win, he’ll always persevere and to give people hope that are sitting at home right now, feeling like the enemy is winning, that’s not true, and so we have to take back the words that we say over our situations, over the fight… Whatever the good fight, right? That the good guys always win. And ultimately, even the bad guys, even the things that look evil and demonic and hard and that seemed to be winning at the root of them is good.

And so I’m like, Well, I had… They want to be good, and what a fun way to share that with your son. I had a conversation years ago with one of my second… He’s my 30s, my oldest little boy. And we were talking about something very similar. And I’m like, You are that good. So if you wanna help, you are gonna be the one delete a in his little mind, I knew he just saw himself with a shield is short and I have to be the good guy, I have to help. Good for the… And you don’t know how these little kids internalize things, but really when you look at it, it is that way, we need to be our best, we need to be the good guy to help everybody win, and I love that you break it down with him that way, because he told… Can see that like that and get that so easily… Yeah, yeah. And the end of the story and was the very story, thank God it hasn’t in the other way. It is the way that it is. So Mommy is also affirmed because the story lines that way, and most of the things that would be portrayed the other way, I don’t let him watch anyway, so I do want to in… You can on to this day, it is… It’s really wild, just the journey of parenthood, the mother, the journey of even growing ourselves as individuals and that self-identity and self-awareness, this is a practice that we all need, that self-reflection piece, and I just think it’s so neat that you’ve put it into a book and you put it into action. And something that people can hold on to. We love tangible. And so even to think of it as a product, I can’t even do that. It’s so much more than a product… Right.

Is it so grateful right now, you know what? I don’t know if you mind if I ask… Probably just had this thought. I have been giving… People have been asking me for just PDF versions, and so I’ve just thinking in a way, free PDF versions of part of the highs and lows. Could we do that? Is that okay there? And I, I just have 10 days word that people can just reuse and try it.

Can you imagine? I love imagination and I love to look at my kids and I think What are they thinking or in bringing in right now, and this is kind of terrifying, we understand it’s a virus, it’s academic, it’s gonna go away, there’s this… But I always think, What are these little minds thinking, and I think these questions help them be able to share with us, so if you don’t mind, I of people wanna send you to emails or however you wanna do it, I would love to be led to send out, because we do have to… I think part of situations like this is, as a parent, we wanna provide that piece in safety, and I think safety is a really big word right now, and comfort, and we don’t know what these minds are thinking. And so when I think about things like the high Elo journal, either friend that calls it ring posing clouds, and I’ve a friend that calls it Roses and Thorns, we don’t know when they’re listening to mom and dad talking, and we don’t realize their listening as we’re talking about the death hole or this and that, in their mind, it could be something completely different, and so these conversations are so important to kind of help let them… I think probably, I would say Navigate is a good word of it, to help them navigate what’s really happy in around them. And so as you were talking about your son, my imagination went off to the hero and the sword, but we don’t know what their little minds are thinking doing and it’s… That’s what I love about traditions and habits like these and creating that safe place, and right now we really do as parents need to provide that safe place, and I think that also introduces those conversations of our saviors, love of our saviors, peace and guidance, and I… It’s easy to get lost, isn’t it? And not… Keep that as our focus.

Yeah, I was just thinking about that. Do you have paired Bible verses at all in here?

You know what, I don’t… And we actually right now have one that’s being designed with Bible verses, so we have four different better coming out, he… And we didn’t… We kept it very, very… Just across the table on this one, just really fun, but we are going to be doing one and it’s more of a tender mercies, so it’s looking for your tender mercies in the day because… So my goodness, really, if you sit down and count it, I think… I had a son come home yesterday, and we didn’t know he’s been gone, and he’s my baby, and I used to… He made it home from a mission trip yesterday, and how that all worked out, he had some health issues, but we were just talking about him coming home and then this happened and we said, Okay, let’s wait a little bit longer. And as I look through the timeline, ice, where there were 30 tender mercies that were given to us, and so we are having one that’s gonna be focusing on those tender mercies because God is good it in a… Yeah, and these words. These are great.

Yeah, it’s so good. And to have that as a reflection point for testimonials down the or obviously from a self-identification standpoint, knowing your highs and lows and knowing how you might really creatively reflect on a question, but to see God literally find him in your day is just incredible. I had recent podcast actually that just launched today on the audible component in, and she was talking about how she had just found out that she had breast cancer.

She was rocking her little baby in nursing still, so just that’s how little the little one was, and she was in this… Just upset and crying, and she just said it, she felt like this overwhelming heaviness, like heavy presence of the Lord in… She doesn’t speak about her faith and has never… She said she always pray, but wouldn’t say in a Christian type faiths on, I think heaviness, I think burden. And she was like, No, it was like the most beautiful heaviness. And I knew in that moment that I was gonna be okay, and that I had God with me the whole time. And I was just like, oh, like a… What a mercy that is. A tender mercy that I literally brings chills to me because for for the rest of her life like that will never go away, she’ll always remember.

And so there’s gonna be so many mercies that God gives us daily, so any silver linings that if we have them notated, you can never forget.

Can I have a journal for my own personal self why? I write down those and there’s been times where I’ve had… I’m not usually a crier.

The outer, the… And I had something that was really hard. I was going through that affected my kids and just randomly flipping through, and an experience that happened to me 20… Well, 17 years before that was there, and I was able to re-read that in my testimony, and to know that God loved me and was there for me, to have that written and me to remember, we forget… Isn’t it funny of the things we forget, but when you see it, every emotion and every feeling came back, and I was able to push through that trial, and it’s so important to write those down because we need to rely on those faith-building experiences that we had because it’s just step upon step, right, and so you’re right, you’ve got to write them down so you can… All on those later. And use those for strike later, I was just thinking of biblically, when they were writing, somebody had said the other day, Do you think when we all was writing, he knew what the Bible was gonna be, or God had already told him This is gonna be for generations to come, what had been pressed on his heart that he had to write it down, and really, if you’re writing the AT down, if that’s what it’s like our own personal Bible, really in something that your kids will be able to flip through at one point that your grandchildren and that I have such a belief in the concept of a ripple effect, and I like there’s so many ripple effects happening in the kingdom right now, and this is your ripple effect, and for you to know that from a testimonial perspective that you overcame and your children may not even know those hardships to this day, and to see how God has been merciful in your life and… I see, beautiful.

Can you imagine just flipping through a journal and seeing your mother’s handwriting and her thoughts and her testimony, what is strength? What a serious strength that would be… It’s so true. Well, you have so many people raising their hands saying they want the PD, you have so many people saying that the people in their lives could so use this, that this is so good that this is exactly what they… Do you want them to email… What’s the easiest to the… All the context of what I think I’ll do is just share the link to the PDF via this Facebook page once we’re done, and then everybody want… They just thought about it as we were going through and we need to serve each other right now and help each other build out… I love that, I love that. And I also had seen the video that you guys had done… Are those your kiddos? In that they are…

I had one of my sons, Dom was on a mission at the time, but… Yes, so I would be in… So we’ll share that too in one at first hand, but it’s really, really a beautiful thing that you’re doing, and I had just done a challenge, it was called The love serve, grow challenge, and it was about kingdom entrepreneurs. And I don’t know if you consider yourself an entrepreneur, just a creative, that’s serving someone, but this is absolutely that, and so I just pray, blessings over your family, I pray that you can continue to just be a resource in a light for people, especially during this time, but I have a feeling it, you’ve always been a light, and that’s definitely something that will continue.

So thanks for doing this. I found you through Instagram.

It was kind of a funny thing. My aunt’s daughter, my aunt’s daughter-in-law, my ass daughter lost, somehow told my daughter about you and anyways, my daughter helps you with social media, and I was so excited to find you, so thank you for what you’re doing and Eno just… You’ve got one of those smiles that make me just so happy in a sign… Yeah, it’s so many. It is, it’s actually so a plan or somebody said that you are so sweet, thank you for sharing your heart and words and I seen her, ’cause not only do I share her opinion, but she’s my mom. So a back Group, A, the intention, the Celeste Moore, the best. They’re really all… They really are. I can only hope that as we continue to plan these little scenes and nuggets for my little ones, that they have that same reflection point in it, I know that they will, and they are at the best age you are in that fund in age of money, all stages, in fact, my 20-year-old just walked out the door to go to my doctors, and just to see him walk by… Oh, I just… And you guys… Can I just give you one plug for Mother hood here?

So the E-E-E-E.Grandma being a grandma is the best. So as these kids are locked in the house with you and they’re riding around and you’re like, What did I do, I promise you they are gonna give you the cutest baby, I mean, never had anything that can make you more happy, so hang in their moms ’cause it can be hard to lady the church, he used to say to me, My kids are all about 18 months apart, and they would say, You can’t miss this stage one day, and I was like, I am never gonna miss this, and I also… Anything to go back. And so they do that. Teenagers are worth it. You can keep babies true, and it is very hard, but here, I already find myself missing yesterday, so I, I, I, so I… No, about a shadow of a doubt that it’s gonna go by fast, it already has gone by fast, and when my little boy is, he’s 60 now, so cuddling up in a ball when we’re snuggle like, Oh God, you used to fit inside my belly, I could not fit inside your belly like, Well, not right now, but used to be the same just right here, and it’s so wild and it’s such a beautiful thing that even as mothers… And I think this is a self-check point for myself, my husband is out providing… He’s out doing the work. And this is biblical, this is not because we’ve cultivated this way, but just because it’s how it’s happened, and I’m at home tending to the home and tending to my children and tending to the cleaning and still growing a business, and I have been praying so much and I’ve said that these verses over my core creative women who are also entrepreneurs and wearing all these mini-hats as well, about being a Proverbs 31 woman and like All we’re doing it as… We are doing it so in the process and in this season of this time is quarantine instead of leaning into the overwhelm, and I feel you, I feel you. But can we lean into the fact that we are? Where we are for such a time as this, and we’re gifted this opportunity, and if we can take a lot of loose, lot of de…

I come into knowing that this is purpose, and with all of the take ways that have happened, with all the distractions that are away at this time for us to just really pour into that place of solitude and that place of heart, ’cause ultimately I think that that’s what? God would have us do it this time. And I… The one more thing from you.

Yeah, did you homeschool your children?

Do you know? It was one of those, it was just a calling. I just had never would I ever… My kids like the play that game, and everyone I ever did have asked me, and everyone I ever home school, I didn’t… At that point, I hadn’t been to college, I got married young. And it was just something I knew we were supposed to do, and by homeschooling, it opened the door for us to travel and to… We had a program for a while called feeling up on friends, and it gave us that chance to travel and teach our kids to serve, and so again, it was one of those things where God was like, This is what you should do, and that whisper was a whisper, but a capetian ladder, a ladder. I’m like, Alright, we’re just gonna try it. I resign, I’m gonna do what you say that. So it was amazing, it would work for a while and then change that decision…

No, we started… So my daughter would… I started kindergarten the year that water at home going… So all of my kids were home-schooled, except my youngest went to high school for two years part-time because he’s the youngest, he’s like, I wanna…

I’m gonna show that I think a high school… No one else graduated from high school, and I’m like, Oh my heavens, they’ve graduated from college, I… So we did, we graduate went all the way through college with our kids, and it was such an amazing experience, so I’m loving all these Instagram and Facebook posts from all the moms, we’re home schooling, I’m like, the whole world is a homeschooled. I loved it. I deal, he… That I don’t think it was as stressful from a virtual standpoint as when you probably did it ’cause… So this virtual experience, I’m trying to let… Get them off devices, I want them to be on.

So it’s different. And I was talking to my sister and she’s like, How did you do this? And I said, No, how are you doing this? It was so different, and to do it the way that you’re doing it right now is… That is hard, like a kudos to you moms because I don’t know how… My neighbor was just seven kids, and she’s like, That’s… So she added it up, it’s 22 hours of computer time to get all of her kids, and I’m thinking, Oh, might have in a…

I’ve done the bare minimum. And then mine are so little in 5 and 6, I teach them every day, we do adventures every day, they’re learning and processing, and they know how to count and they know how to read.

So we’re good to go.

It’s really a thing. Are gonna learn naturally. But one thing that I did think about the other day, and I hope that other people are integrating is on the way to school, and I’ve told this to multiple people and I share on my social media ’cause it’s just such a special time, it kinda goes along with the high… A low concept is we would listen to a two or three-minute audible of Bible reading, and it was from… There was a voice, and it’s a children’s Bible stories, but there were two or three minutes, so it kept their attention, but the different voices and what was happening, they just really were engaged, and then for the remainder of our ride, which was another 20 minutes, we would converse about what that means and how it applies to them, and how we can interact and do it at school and all these different things, and so that was my only time other than when we went to church and just being an example of my reading my Bible or us praying or listening to worship music that I really dove deep with my children in Biblical sense, and so instead of doing maybe a science project or PE or music, ’cause we do those things all the time, I have started to do this practice, but with making eye contact, because before I was driving to work, and so utilizing this time as an expression of teaching your children the Bible, that at the end of the day… Get rid of the 22 hours at the end of the day. We’re raising good humans, and we want the heart to be nurtured, their brain’s gonna be nurture their brains nurtured all the time, if we can nurture their heart and doing so in ways like this, like, Oh my goodness. Imagine the change in the world. I won’t be having these good guy, bad guy conversations as often, like I just get to be look at the good in the world and we… That this is so great, you can do the… On the way to school, I love that.

It was like a… Stressed about school a lot. I would be like, Oh my gosh, he’s a ninth grade English, but he’s in seventh grade math or whatever. And my husband would always look at me and he’d say, Is he a good person? Does he know God?

Does he have a testimony? Is he kind?

And I would say, but it’s not gonna get him through bed school or support a family or whatever, get really, truly… You’re right, it is. He does. He know God, does he out the Bible? So I love that that is so, hey, that’s what we need to take into our day. That was so amazing. So good, good, good. I hope that these needs people, I see people over on the commons… Yes, yes, yes. Love that, and I’m just, I am so grateful that this was aligned before this all happened, I know that it was just such a timely expression of love from God himself, and so thank you for being here with us, Katie, You are such…

I feel like I wanna hug your whole family, I wanna come out for dinner.

Okay, here’s Soni, wish I live now. You… We were written The Virgin. Yeah, no, I in time, you’re out West, come and see us in to you all and I love to travel, so I might have to do that.

We… We’ve got everyone in it now to the desert, I go, Yeah, well, I’ll wait till the war. No, I’m a best… Unless it’s knowing and we do wanna take the kids snowboarding, Holliston… It’s not, we have… It is, it is not in… Palani is still snowing, and I’m thinking, This is… We had a huge earthquake you guys last week, and it’s knowing and I’m just going to… You know, there’s so many weird things, and so today I’m going to build a snowman with my grandson and I… It’s three.

What happened in that is… So while I can’t even think about that, a lot of love, friend, it was such a joy. I feel so connected to you, and now when I get to do my highly family, it’ll be even that much more like resting with all the reflection that we had today on it, so thank you for a testing there. Thanks so much a… Alright, y’all see later, but I think you the… My address on your kid in a post, and I am so excited to just be here to share with you other metres shakers on to Eastern, whatever, if you go ahead and you got a heart, I’m so excited to flora is…

Who is you are?

And discover your wholeness or how your well… Well, and your joy, I love to… Soon happiness, I want people to know that this is not… This came a to you guys, this came with a lot of effort, I came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience those together, this is our wheel community of dreamers, and I’m excited to help catapult your calling, your kingdom experience the purpose of your imprint on the world, wherever, however that is. So come along for the ride. I’m excited to chat with you a like comment, review in means cold need email, it’s me responding. Even though I have an incredible team.

And so I’m just excited to get to know you. Let’s connect, Let’s create and let’s walk in our call.

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