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FaceTime with God

We’re going to talk about something that has consumed our lives over the last decade…

Americans check their phones 8 billion times a day! The study says that we individually check our phone 80 times a day, about once every 12 minutes.

It’s the way we get information and the most consistent way we communicate and unfortunately text has taken precedence over the original invention of a phone call.

I remember getting my first Nokia phone in high school and being able to change the face-plates to it, similar to our cases now. Texting was just starting – fast forward 20 years – Now businesses have automated texts instead of calls or emails. Texting has evolved as a predominant form of conversation. Now we can even talk-text.

Our society has taken the basic gift of communication and stretched it so far from the human heart that words can now so easily offend and never go beyond the first layer of thought and emotion. Words are even being replaced with icons, at least those reflect a bit of emotion – though I’m still trying to dissect what some of the facial expressions actually mean.

Has anyone ever had a text misconstrued? It’s the worst and ends up taking an additional day, two or sometimes the next face-to-face conversation to dissolve something that was completely intended another way. It can also be detrimental to a relationship depending on how a person deals with offense.

I get we live in a microwave society – we want instant results. It’s not our fault that it’s all we’ve been conditioned to know. I can get my coffee without stepping foot in a coffee shop. I can get my college degree without ever having a face-to-face conversation with a professor or even stepping foot on a campus. I can stock my fridge without ever going into a grocery store.

It’s meant to create convenience, which I won’t argue that it doesn’t, but we miss the entire human interaction of relationship building, eye contact, energy exchange, and overall human development.

Think of one firm, good, healthy relationship that you have that you don’t EVER actually talk to the other person (whether via voice phone or face to face)?

They don’t exist! Our relationships flourish when we can talk to someone!

Its the same with God. He wants to talk to you. He prefers calling not texting. He wants to hear your voice. He wants to understand your inflection instead of trying to decipher it on its own. He wants to see your expression not experience an emoji. He wants to talk it out and walk through it with you not just read the scripted Surface level post that neglects the details. He wants to sit and brew the coffee with you. He wants to be with you as you walk through your day even at the grocery store. He’s fully interested and engrained in every fiber of who you are.

I have a friend who ever since I first met her I’ve been so amazed by her communication choices. From day 1 she chose FaceTime. She’ll FaceTime you while she’s driving and you get the joy of looking up her nose. I haven’t gotten a Toilet call yet, but I imagine there is one coming in the near future. The girl is amazing at cultivating relationships. And I feel like from that simple gesture and time commitment, no matter how much time passes between our hanging out, I feel so much closer to her.

Imagine if her and I did that everyday – at different times – at different integrals. She’d fully know me. In my “I woke up like this” look, to my sweaty workouts, to my stressful days, to my “losing my mind” mom moments, to my relaxing pj times, to my date nights and dress up events. Imagine the kind of friendship we would develop.

Prayer is our constant face time with God. Sharing and communicating with him no matter the time of day, no matter the emotion.

The ease in communication with God is something you’ll likely never experience with another human, even your spouse. He knows you so intimately.He doesn’t get offended. He understands your heart.

He yearns for us to be in His presence talking with him over heart matters.

And the best part about face-timing with God through prayer is that there are

no records of wrongs,no grudges,no lost in translation,no static, no low service, no dropped calls with Jesusno reminders of the late night text you shouldn’t have sent,no inconvenient times to talk,no time zone issues.He hears you. He sees you and he understands your misinterpreted texts.And best of all He has the ability to Erase – there is no “cloud” that your wrongs are kept on for safekeeping or reminders.

Stop trying to put God into your Texting friends category – He is more than that.

If you aren’t sure how to start praying to God. Simply view it as a conversation with your closest friend, the one that doesn’t judge you, the one that reminds you you are loved no matter what, the one you can trust will keep a secret and give you the best advice. God is that friend, ONLY amplified. All you have to do is “figuratively” of course – pick up the phone and dial. He’s already on the other line.

You are an alka Seltzer packet. Built up walls. Sealed sections of your soul. You may close your most vulnerable parts of yourself from the outside world. You may be afraid that if you let it out, you wont be able to sustain yourself.

Secrets. Worries. Frustrations. Angers. Hurts. Weight. Fears. Burden. Confusion. Regret.

Perhaps something positive but intimate – Hope. Dreams. Wishes. Desires. Cravings. Longings. Visions.

You can come to the table at your friends house and break open the seal by venting or even attempting to problem solve or dream together. You let out a little of yourself, in hopes of being lighter or fuller. But you can’t grasp the blessing without fully praying in to what it is you want out of the hidden agenda.

He already knows you. There are no sealed compartments. And your secrets and intimacy with God is safe. But it isn’t until you rip away the entire shell and release it to God that it will dissolve.

Pslam 145:18 – 18 The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

Be honest with God. Like I said, He knows you – He knit you together in your mothers womb.

Your dissolve will be your resolve!

Another component of conversation is listening.

He’s an active listener. He will answer. He has a response. He will talk back. He’s waiting for us to call.

But the beauty of a relationship and even a phone call is that they are no one way.

It’s up to us to also listen. You don’t just dish all of your worries and problems out to your friend and walk away (or maybe sometimes you do and that’s ok), but if that was constantly how your friendship was – one sided, it would get exhausting for the silent friend. So be prepared amidst your time with God to also play the active listening role too. Otherwise you may miss the blessing. Two ears, one mouth – remember. Use it adequately.

The Bible is filled with stories on answered dissolved prayers. He doesn’t just take one piece of the prayer and dissolve that – He consumes every part. He is great.

Hannah, who was the second wife (of Elkanah) was barren and prayed for a son. Not only did God heed her prayer with Samuel. He was the greatest prophet and in constant communication with God. She then went on to have 3 more sons and 2 daughters. Remember, initially barren.

Jarius, a synagogue ruler, ignored all religious tradition and asked Jesus to heal his dying daughter. On the way to answering his prayer, God tested Jarius’s faith and went on to heal another sick woman. During that time his daughter died. But God showed up and he raised her from the dead and healed her from her sickness. He wow’ed Jarisu – imagine the growth in his faith.

When King Hezekiah was on his death bed, the prophet Isaiah came and told him that he would die. The King cried out to God in prayer. Isaiah was instructed by God to go back to the King and let him know “I have heard your prayers and seen your tears; I will heal you. AND I will add 15 years to your life.”

Are you seeing a trend here? God isn’t about answering mediocre prayers. He wants to wow you and increase your faith. He wants you to be catapulted into deeper belief of who He is. Our prayers are a fraction of the goodness God wants for us. His limits are not contained by our worldly definitions of joy or peace or love.

I want you to think about what it is you want to talk to God about. Is it something that you have left unsaid with God. The parts of yourself that are hidden, a past mistake or constant issue that you can’t seem to erase on your own.

Or it doesn’t have to be negative necessarily. Maybe it’s the dream that you have over your own life that you have never spoken into existence, never shared with Him. Or maybe it is a prayer for someone else, a broken marriage, a grieving family in texas, a world leader, a loved one, the list goes on. I want you to write it on your alka seltzer tablet and drop it in the water!

Know that He is the living water. He will consume your prayer. He is waiting to hear your voice. And ready to dissolve it or even illuminate it. He wants to be your first call with good news and your first call for help. He’s actively waiting on the other end of the face time call. If you touch your phone 80 times a day – imagine if even a fraction of them were to talk to Jesus how it could change the trajectory of your life.

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