• Tamra Andress

F.I.T. Biz Tips - The 3 Pillars of Your Business

Transform: No matter where you are in your business growth, you need to focus on one thing – your mission and then work from there. Having 3 pillars of your business - 3 access points - allows people to come into community with you on different levels and in different ways. Once you have a foundation of three, you can then add other things as you grow. You don’t have to squirrel and do it all at the same time. Start with a strong foundation of three.

Testimonial: This week I featured Yasmina Prosser from He Made Her Whole. She has her three pillars - workshops/coaching program/podcast. Even those these are 3 different things, they have one heartbeat and one mission to drive her forward. This allows her community to connect with her on different levels – at the free level with the podcast up to the next level with workshops to the next level, which is one-on-one coaching.

Truth: The thought of three immediately brought to mind the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Although He is three, all of these come together to create the One of God.

Travel: Today I did the podcast from the comfort (and fun) of my backyard aerial hammock/trampoline. This bouncy and fun space is connected in three places to give it support - just as we need 3 pillars of business and our God is 3 in one.

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