• Tamra Andress

F.I.T. Biz Tips - Mobility, Endurance, Momentum


Mobility and endurance are all connected, even in business. The mobility and endurance create the momentum to move you to the next level. It is important to strategize to ensure you are creating momentum in the right direction. Mobility ensures your focus is in the right direction.


This week I featured my content strategist and virtual assistant, Janis Rodgers. Janis is a long-time CORE sister, a client, and a lover and follower of God. Her heart for God is clearly seen in how she comes alongside her clients to showcase their talents using her own talents. If you are an entrepreneur, one of the first people you want to bring onto your team is a virtual assistant.


Staying rooted in the place of truth, it is only possible to move forward. Jesus started His ministry in secret and started flexing and practicing with His gift and talents before He ever started gathering followers. The cool thing is He never asked them to follow – it just happened organically. Wouldn’t that be amazing for your business? Those are the footsteps we follow.


This week I am in our garage gym. This is where we stretch and flex to grow stronger and more mobile. It is hard work, but having a strong body prepares us for whatever God puts into our path.

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