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Before I get started – NO, I’M NOT PREGNANT. Ok, now that all of those thoughts are out of your head…let me get started.

As I sat in reflection of my past year and really my 20’s as a whole, I realized the lessons I’ve learned can’t be summed up in a 10-minute V-log or even a lengthy blog for that matter…life dishes out daily lessons that are mind-boggling and I wouldn’t be doing myself justice or you if I crammed that into a short segment or “highlight reel” as we’ve coined social media platforms like Instagram.

But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have intention to share – I do. In fact, it’s part of what propels me to into my purpose. I want to write a book. I’ve shared this with a couple of my inner circle loves, but I think it’s time I state it outright. 1- for accountability 2– for anticipation And 3 – for action

The time is now. And instead of adding to a bucket list, I plan to start checking them off. My 30’s have been freeing. I’ve been standing with my palms wide open instead of clinching my fists to obtain and gain things that weren’t ever really mine to begin with. A new year – a new me. Another step in the direction of my intended purpose here.

So since I don’t want to ruin the prelude to my book (and also because I haven’t actually sat down to write it) – I will clue you in on my word for the next year. A couple of years ago I started seeing a new New Year’s Resolution trend going around and I really loved it. Instead of setting up a list of action items you most likely will forget about or dismiss come mid-March, people were scripting one word to describe their next year. And while the calendar year surely starts on January 1…I’ve already missed a ¼ of MY year by then. So I might as well stick to my motto – and simplify!My word starts now. (As of 10.17.17).


I come into this 31st year with great hope –

with great expectancy for what is ahead.

I’m expectant about my personal growth and knowledge base as I continue to read and listen and watch those who have gone ahead and have the wisdom in topics I want to know more deeply.I’m expectant about the evolution and intimacy of my marriage. I see us leaning in to one another even more. I see us falling deeper in love. I see us learning new things about one another and going on new adventures.I’m expectant about my children. The leaps and bounds they will take in this next year of life as a 4 and almost 3 year old. They will exponentially grow in knowledge, fearlessness, and most importantly love.I’m expectant about my family. I see us developing closer bonds. I see us utilizing each other for comfort and love. I see us sharing memories and conversations that we have never shared in the past.I’m expectant about my relationships with my friends and new ones I will forge along the way. For a while in my 20’s I felt stuck in stagnant emotional connections – mostly because I wasn’t growing myself in that realm…but in the past 2 years I have blossomed in the desire to deeply connect and know the people that I do life with. To push each other, to lean on each other, to encourage, enjoy and immerse myself into them and they into me. I’m lucky my family is close in proximity to me…but friends have also grown to be family. (You know who you are.)I’m expectant about my faith and ministry. After all I know my life isn’t meant for just me. God has opened my eyes to an entire realm of the world that I have never seen in such a beautiful light. I’m anticipating deep wells being filled with His water. And while I may not know the intricacies of the path He has before me…I am expectant that He will continue to show me, teach me, guide me, prepare me and use me – all for His glory.I’m expectant about traveling. I thrive off of grounding myself in different places. Learning their soils, their cultures, their loves and blending them with my own. The world has so much to offer and I can’t soak it all in if I’m not willing to get out and explore it.

So there it is – my 31st year in a few lines. Can you see it? I think it has adventure written all over it! Which excites me to no end. The time is now.

I had a pretty incredible moment a mere 2 days after stating this word to my husband on the car ride to my birthday dinner. I was at the Kari Jobe concert and they did a video opening and then spoke as the first artist came on stage. While I think often a message can feel like it’s touching everyone individually in the room and I hope that it does, God used their words to affirm my expectancy. They said the word about 7 times. Loud, proud, and without hesitation! I was in shock, actually giggling and had to share it with my sister standing there, even as the first song started. It was a WOW moment for me and I knew at that moment – my expectation is not only affirmed, but already being met.

Have you ever participated in the ONE WORD resolution or birthday year? I’d love to hear your word…

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