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Equipping the Church to Worship & Pray with David Fritch

Today I am sharing my interview with David Fritch – Equipping the Church to Worship and Pray.

Have you ever taken an online course on a platform that is difficult to use and maneuver? David Fritch is the founder of Thinkable, one of the most popular course platforms. He is also a mentor of mine and has been for years. We are both kingdom entrepreneurs and I love this conversation we had.

Key Takeaways:

How our testimonies intertwine together

How David’s mission helps people share their message

How many think Christians shouldn’t be “selling”

equipping the church

About David:

I’ve been in ministry for over 25 years and my driving passion has been to call and equip the church to worship and pray unto revival and the fulfillment of the great commission. I’ve served as a missionary in South Africa, taught Bible College, helped pioneer a global prayer movement, and launched an online ministry school. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would add entrepreneur to my bio.

In 2017, I set out to launch my first business called Thinkable. I started it because so many of my friends in ministry kept asking me questions on how to start online courses. Most of them had no clue of where to start, how to market it, and what technology to use. So, I took everything I learned from the ups and downs of pioneering a global online ministry school and created a step by step process to make the path to releasing powerful and profitable online courses simple.

The results have been incredible! More lives are being changed because world-class leaders are releasing life-changing courses.

Where to Find David:

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Show Notes: Equipping the Church to Worship and Pray


Have you ever had the opportunity to sit down with somebody who is a mentor that you actually never told was a mentor? Or somebody that you’ve looked up to, that you’ve never actually told you’ve looked up to them? Or somebody who has had an impact in your life that you’ve never had the opportunity to tell they impacted your life? Well, today I had this privilege. I had this honor and had this moment of gratitude and this moment of reflection. The one and only David Fritch, and you don’t know, as I say in the intro, when we first started, you have the opportunity to know his heart, to share his vision, to press into the promise that God has given you.

Here we are ready to partner and serve alongside each other as kingdom entrepreneurs and I just loved diving into this conversation. He feels like a newbie in this space, but in fact, I know he was actually before me. Learn about our testimonies and how they intertwine. Share this episode. Screenshot it. Have a blessed day.

And this is your Godwink, when the moment that heaven says for such a time as this, it’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover your wealth and exude your wholeness. It’s time to become truly fit. However, this isn’t a Fit in Faith Podcast, though I’m a retired personal trainer and nutritionist. This isn’t business jargon or tips and tricks to landing your successful passion project, though that’s totally why I’m a business coach. This isn’t a quick fix health detox ploy, though.

I’m all for therapy and I love Whole Foods. I do have a YOLO side sweet tooth though. So this isn’t confusing religious banter, though. I’m an ordained minister still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus. It’s really none of that. So I’m wondering if you’re wondering what is this? Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you fellow passionate seekers.

The Fit in Faith movement was first through my own trial and error, discovery of mind, body and soul alignment. And to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash and burn experiences. I’ve learned firsthand that being fit isn’t about our physique at all. It’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles. It’s not about our potential. It’s truly about our God gifted passions, meeting our purpose. You are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you want to call it.

And I want to be there for the moment that you say yes in freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit and do and whose you were made to be. Welcome to the Fit in Faith Podcast with me Tamra Andress. There is no better time than now to get fit.


Hey, hey, hey, welcome to the Fit in Faith Podcast, the one and only David Fritch, and if you don’t know him, you’re about to get to know him. I am so honored to have you here today and just get to know you on a deeper level that you have come into my life, gosh, in a season of chaos, not even knowing the imprint that you made at that time. And I just think it’s such a testimony to who you are and to what God can do through people when we say yes to the mission that he lays on our hearts uniquely. So, David, I would love for you to just take this time to introduce yourself. I could go through your bio, but it’s so much more fun when you share from the heart.


Hey, it’s great to be on and I first wanted to say I absolutely love what you’re doing and you have been inspiring me every day with what you’re doing through your business and your ministry. So thanks for having me. Yeah. So I’m David Fritch. I actually live here in Norfolk, Virginia, same area that Tamra lives in. And we reconnected because we’re working in the same office space, the coworking space called Gather and so that’s been really good. I have a wife named Heather and we have four kids under the age of five, so basically we don’t sleep.


You look good. You look good for no sleep.


So yeah. So I have been in ministry for over twenty five years. I’m a preacher’s kid, a missionary kid. I lived in Africa with my parents for years of my life and but I’ve mostly given my heart and life to ministry. I taught Bible school. I helped launch non-profits. I helped launch a global and worship and prayer ministry, online schools, stuff like that. So the core of my heartbeat in ministry has been I just want to equip people to run passionately for Jesus and to know him deeply and to really find out what their purposes and to give their lives to that.

And so I’ve done that for years and never in a million years would I have imagined that God would call me and open up new doors of opportunity and the realm of business. I never, ever saw myself doing any of that. And in fact, you know, I don’t I don’t know where you guys are all coming from as far as our viewers. But my world, we believe that God speaks and God uses people to speak words to each other, to encourage us.

And about, I don’t know, seven years ago, this young college kid, he said, I see you in business and I see you starting things. I see an entrepreneurial spirit.

I just inside I was thinking, this kid’s like, really not accurate. Then God just caught me off guard with and maybe we’ll get into some of this a little bit later. But I ended up starting a business called Thinkable, and that’s one of my main passions and pursuits right now alongside of ministry. But I basically help people that were just like me, that have been in ministry, that our worship leaders, evangelists, teachers, people that have messages that long to influence and impact the world.

I helped them take that message and craft it into an E course and then give them the tools to know how to market it and get it out there and reach new people with the life changing messages that they have. So that’s what I’ve been doing lately, is so good and it’s so true.

And it’s just you can hear the heart of persistence and obedience and all of the different like areas and past that you’ve taken. And I just believe that God uses every single one of those pieces to culminate. And while this isn’t probably the finale, right. There’s still a long life to live. There’s just this culmination, it seems, in all of these different sectors and all of these different relationships that you’ve built that is now coming to a head of a really being able to utilize what you’ve built and what you’ve known and what you’ve pursued and ultimately that being him, but being able to do it through the lens of entrepreneurship and ministry.

And my heart is so synonymous in the fact that mine I want to bring life into the marketplace.

I want people, specifically women, for me to to know that they can get to know that they’re called to know that we are capable of actually not only owning a business, operating in a business, but having a business that thrives and serves the kingdom simultaneously.

So to know that you can create prosperity and God will create prosperity through the thing that your purpose within. And so it feels like even through that prophetic word from that kid that didn’t know you, that like there is so much prosperity and what it is that you’re doing.

And I was checking out your website and have known you from the ministry side of things with Burn Twenty four seven. And that school just literally changed my life pursuing the heart of worship. And I am not a worship. Well, I am a worshipper a thousand percent. I’m a worshipper.

But if you catch me on stage in. Morgan, who has a beautiful voice, she would be up with the worship team leading the song or playing an instrument, and that’s not me, but I will be the one up right front and stage and just encouraging them to continue on into pressing into who he is. But I think we’re all intended to be worshippers. And so when I found out about that school and the concept of just twenty four seven, I was in a dark, deep place in my life of trying to understand who I was.

And I felt like it was a gift from God that you came and spoke at our church that day to just share what it is that he had laid on your heart and your heart for discipling people into intimacy with them. I didn’t know what intimacy meant. I didn’t even know what really a relationship with Jesus looked like at that point. It was just I felt like he was my only salvation because otherwise it was suicide. And so it was literally a season.

I actually was redoing my bookshelf the other day and just looking and touching all of those books again and just thumbing through them and the people that you cultivated in as a mentor. Then to them who came and spoke on your behalf for that school, just they blew my mind, like following Sean Foyt and what he’s doing now and so many just incredible people of God and honestly, men of God. And it was the first time I was actually exposed to understanding that God uses men to pursue him to.

I didn’t have that growing up. So just so many pieces to that conversation led me into what I do today.

Well, that’s incredible. I have never heard this part of your story. So it’s like really blessing me to hear it. That’s amazing. I’m so glad.

Yeah, it meant the world to me. What propelled me into getting my ordination licence, my ministers license, and I think of it fondly. I talk about it a lot when I meet people and talking about the face of Jesus and who he is to me. So I appreciate you for stewarding that. And now knowing that this is like that was a part of the journey that led you to think of. All right. Talk to it’s about because Thinkable is not just your business and you bringing to life courses for people.

It’s actually a resource, correct?

Yeah, true. Yeah. I want to tell you about that. But I do want to say when I ran into you here at the coworking office. I it was so important for me to hear what you said, because you really validated this whole crazy journey that I’ve been on and you’re one of the first people that got it because you were like, so explain to you how bipolar I felt like this ministry thing and I’m traveling and speaking and writing books.

And then it’s like I got this business thing over here and you looked at me like it made perfect sense and you just gave kind of gave some language to that. I wanted to thank you just for that encouragement. So really, what you walk it and that’s you know, I remembered that conversation many times and so thinkable is a resource. And let me tell you how it started. So back when you were in, you have Morgan said she’ll bring a group so that when you were a student in our online school, like there wasn’t a lot of great platforms back then.

So we had somebody build one for us. And, you know, we spent like five thousand dollars to build. That wasn’t a very great platform. It was full of bugs. And I’m sure, as you remember, as a student and I was constantly frustrated with this platform and there wasn’t a lot like there is just a million of these today, like, you can get them. They’re pretty simple. And I reached out to a guy and I said, I need you to fix this thing.

Like students are emailing me every day. It’s draining so much energy, the technology side, because it’s not working the way we want it to. And I said I wanted to do these ten things and he answered me back, kind of laughing at me.

This, like, developer. Yeah, sure. Yeah. He’s like, that’s all he said. I can’t do that to your dinosaur of a platform, but I can rebuild a new one. He said, in fact, that is a great business idea.

And I said it, I just sort of, you know, in the moment were like, oh, that’s that’s cool. And he said, if you ever want me to build it for you, contact me. I’ll give you a good price. I’ll you build it. And I could not get that conversation out of my head. So I thought about it. And then I started praying about it. And then concurrently, the miracle of this whole beginning, it really happened.

And then a miracle, a financial miracle. I was in the final stages of paying off my student loans and I was really reaching to get out of debt. And I paid my last payment. And when I when I sent it in, they. I said it in, zeroed out my account, debt free, big congratulations, and I would go into my bank account in the six thousand dollars that I said did not come out of my account.

And I was like, man, they are slow and process, so I called and said, hey, I want I paid my last payment. You guys don’t have the money yet. They checked into it according to our records. We received your money. It’s paid. And I said, OK, but I’m going to be I would love to be like, I’ll be honest.

I have to be honest. When I said I’m going to be honest, I want to keep this money, but it’s still on my account. You do not have my money. And so they went back and I called them probably 12 times and they said, we’ve got accounting on this. They’re digging deep. And they said, if you don’t hear back from us of the turn of the new year, consider it like this is a done deal, like just keep the money.

And so we waited it out. I waited until the end of January beginning and I said, OK, so I contacted him one more times that you have the money and I’m letting you know.

I just know know this money, which was this crazy like mistake, became the seed money for Thinkable. And I hired this guy to begin building a platform that I wanted, something that could be easy enough for anybody like me to use, love their content and start teaching online and start impacting people. And little did I know how hard that was going to be. In the beginning. I would go on so thinkable really began as a tool. And then as I was building, I started having lots of friends contact me as of course, it started getting more popular and they knew my history with the online school, The Burn, asking me, how do you do this?

How do you do that? Like just getting advice, input. And I realized, OK, I have some skills that I learned over these eight years of pioneering and, you know, when technology was backwards in the area of online ministry. So I just started taking writing down everything I learned. And I eventually put it into a framework where I could walk people through a simple process. How do you take this content that you’re so amazing at teaching in person and translate that into online content, which is a big leap, and how do you put it together?

But then most of those guys are so good at teaching, but they have no idea what to do with them after they create it. So a lot of them had created stuff and it sat on the shelf and they just didn’t know, like how to get it out there to people. And so I educated myself. I started taking my own courses, learning how marketing works and how do you take a course and not let it just sit on a shelf and get it out into the hands of the people that need to be changed by what you took so much time to create, so, so good and so necessary.

And this is like the part of being able to go to the nations, right. That people often are like, I have this idea. I have this desire for global impact. I have this dream.

God has told me that I’m going to speak on stages across the globe.

And all of this is real this year, like real visions.

And I believe that there’s an intent for God to allow us to do that. But there are limitations to our reach. And he is the only one who can make the algorithm right. You can fully blow you up. But there are tools. There are resources by which he, too, has cultivated within people like yourself that we can use in order to do those things. And people have to realize that your vision is true and your vision is real, but you have to activate in order to get that mission out there.

And Facebook live or Instagram live. Those things are great.

But what is really needed is the resource. What is really needed is the evergreen content that you can create, and that is what an e-commerce is. And of course, you go back in and you enhance and you do all of these things.

But I love specifically that yours is a missional driven that’s such a hartke that I think is is a unique factor in what you do and also the back history of where you’ve been. So I’d love to hear when you are partnering with people to bring this to fruition, mainly people, I’m assuming, from your history of connectivity. How do you bring in your faith into those relationships?

Yeah, well, into the coaching process. I think that’s the advantage that we have as believers with everything that we’re talking about with like marketing, because you and I both know you can do your best job marketing, but there’s a dynamic when what you’ve created is from the Lord and from the Holy Spirit. And he’s just as passionate about seeing that message touch the world as you are. There’s a Holy Spirit dynamic that causes that to extend way beyond the borders, even of your best marketing attempts.

Yeah, I found that in, like, doing the burn on my I didn’t know anything about marketing those early days, but we had people we kept having people sign up and we had to do that. They had to put it on a website which is marketing. We had to like, you know, put something on Facebook. We did our best but got amplified to. Took our little offering any amplified it, and that’s the advantage that we have as believers is that we give our our hard work and our skills and we learn what we can.

And the Holy Spirit breathes on it. And I think that coaching process, it’s I love inviting the Holy Spirit into it because it. He breathes on everything that we do and, you know, we often pray at the beginning of those sessions and invite the Holy Spirit, his wisdom and his teacher to be a part of it. And there’s always these moments in our times together where things that neither one of us could have uncovered in our own strength, that he just flips on the lights and there’s these aha moments or there’s obstacles that people are facing that, you know, that they were blind to and they didn’t know.

And Holy Spirit joins the consultation and he gives illumination. And but I will say this. What I find and I’m sure you can testify to this with what you do that would when you’re going after something and coaching and you’re teaching somebody something, you almost never expect the Holy Spirit to bring up so many issues that are in your heart that need to get removed before you can release the message that God’s got inside of you or you. And we kind of think of it in mechanical terms and I’m going to learn the skill and I’m going to do this thing and I’m going to make it happen that as believers, our whole being is tied up in what God’s calling us to do.

And he said, yeah, I want to give you that dream. Oh, but there’s all these things in your heart. And that’s the more important thing to me. And I want to take you on a journey of pulling those things out, of healing things, of removing ungodly mindsets that creates feelings over you. And so I find, you know, it’s this weird dynamic that you’re helping people. I help people learn a skill, but at the same time, we almost always hit the very issues that have kept them from succeeding and growing.

That has been in a looping pattern with anything that they’ve tried to do. Yeah.

And honorable enough to address it in the moment and let the Holy Spirit do something. So not only helping people start their equals, but we’re we’re just watching their hearts break through in their cells so that they’re actually standing at not just with the product at the end, they’re standing in a new place in their heart, ready to conquer new territory because they’re transformed in the process.

Yeah, I so agree with that. And I think that that’s like the part that God and I was not partnering with him in because I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade and a half now. And like for the first decade, I was like, I’m an entrepreneur. I know.

And and then when he brought me down, say, he, he he like we we we write me and my husband say we me and we are together like without that connectivity piece, without us being connected in that. And that was a gift from we call our fairy godmother. You might know her, Sheree Bowman. She gifted that that saying to us that phrase to us. And it’s just been so imperative as a part of my pursuit into sharing and partnering with people in their dreams is that I couldn’t do it without him.

I can’t do it without him. I can’t exist without him. And so there was this this juggling between me of like I just did burn twenty four, seven. I just was in a two year ordination process with Pastor Robby, and I was just like literally at the face of Jesus on, on, on the floor, on my face really as he was just teaching me who I am and that entrepreneurial bubbling just like continued, continued, continued.

And this is kind of the conversation we had when we saw each other again, is that we don’t have to be separate entities. We don’t have to show up in the workforce with our Susan Taione and then go to church on Sunday with perhaps your jeans on depending on what type of church you go to and then go home to be your husband and a father and then to your friends. And you’re like, hey, you know what the buddy is like.

You get to be that same person every single place you go and so has a coach.

Now, that’s something a new title that you’re taking on or an entrepreneur is that knowing that you’re not just that person in that moment. And so you now have got to lean on all of your wisdom, even being a a preacher’s kid. Right. Even having all of the resources of being in different cultures to bring that to life inside of these experiences of other people and let them have scales removed over other situations of their life. I’ve had a specific client who first session we were like just in the ideation phase of like, what is this that lets you want to do?

What’s this business? What does it look like? And we ended up getting to this entire conversation around her showing up to this meeting in the wee hours of the morning. And she look like glam, right? I was like, girl, you look good. How are you looking like that right now? It’s still like, oh, dark 30.

And she’s like, well, I got up and got ready before I got on the camera with you. And I’m like, OK, first four sisters. I don’t really care what you look like.

And secondly, like, what do you mean? You never show up anywhere without makeup on. And she’ll love listening to this podcast later because it’s been the massive breakthrough, a part of our session, a part of her journey over the. So the last four months has been realizing the root of why she was so limited in everything that she did, was the people pleasing the perspective of everyone else, even even though she had a heart to serve, she couldn’t get past her own self to serve.

And so it’s just it’s incredible and such a gift and such an honor to be able to steward that with people. And at the very same moment, I always say that it is teaching me just as much in the process because we, you know, don’t have the answers to everything. And that’s where we give way to the Holy Spirit to work. So as dropping a nugget like maybe you should try to walk to the mailbox without your makeup on or go to the gym without a makeup on, it actually burns something incredible in her relationship and her own thinking process that now allows her business to thrive even more because of this.

And I think people pleasing and validation is is such a common factor that people go into and they don’t feel worthy of this massive calling. And so how do you speak to people in that regard, like knowing that so many people and I’m thinking of even all of the the people who are alive with us right now who have these dreams to to do more, to do something bigger, like how do you break through that ceiling of. But I’m I’m stuck right here.

Yeah. Yeah.

I mean, I think it’s the journey of everyone who wants to take the risk to dream. And dreaming is very risky because, I mean, it’s safe if you keep those dreams in your head, in your heart. But if you really want to realize them, it’s a very risky thing because as you push beyond your own boundaries, a dream is way beyond your skill set. It’s way beyond even your emotional development where you’re at the moment, it’s it’s beyond you.

It’s the future you that has been developed and can fulfill this dream, you know what I mean? So when you dream, you’re reaching outside of that and you are always going to hit your walls, your mindsets, your fears, your issues that have kept you from succeeding in life. And I think when we first face those things, it’s so hard because you get the dream and your energy is alive and you’re like, yes, you’re going to conquer the world.

And then you face your limitation. And it for the believer, it’s such a good thing because our limitations, if we let them their assets, they pull us into this place of connection with God. Oh, I need you, Lord. If I’m going to fulfill this purpose that’s burning in my heart, that that I know is you that I can’t get off of my mind, that I write in my journal. I need you because as I reach for that, I’m hitting me.

I’m hitting the end of me. I’m hitting my my limitations. I’m hitting the limitations with my finances. I’m hitting the limitations with my skill set to go where you’re you’re calling me to go. And I think there’s a there’s a trust level with the Lord. There’s a history that God wants to develop with you as you reach out for those dreams, that he wants to build a history with you, of trust with him, that he wants to walk with you through those things.

He wants to gently show you those areas, whether they’re sin issues or emotional issues, so that he can heal them. And then some of it is just surrendering fear to learn the new things required to go into the new season. And every new season requires a new skill set because you know, that person you and the future possess in your dreams that somebody who’s acquired a skill set and an emotional agility and a perseverance to be able to possess that promise and that dream, and you’ve got to be willing to surrender fear and stared in the face and say you’re not you’re not going to take away this.

I’m not listening to your voice. I’m going to listen to the voice of the father that’s calling me out of the status quo where will always be. I’m going to take you by the hand and you’re going to father me and disciple me into this new thing that you’re doing. And I’m going to learn the skill. Every marketing. I hated the word marketing. It was like offensive to me, like it wasn’t a Christian word. This is like a business people use to manipulate people to buying their products.

And I had to learn this whole thing of marketing and what it looked like for a believer to do that. And that was intimidating. Yeah.

And so we have to talk about this because this is so good and people are constantly like, you know, you’re a Christian, you shouldn’t be selling people. Right. You’re utilizing your faith to to manipulate.

And I ho whoa, whoa, whoa. Like you’re on the wrong side of the fence over here. Like, come over here and let me show you let me experience this with you. So I want to hear how how did this evolve, this idea of marketing, this idea of entrepreneurship, how do it evolve and how did you partner with God instead of feeling like it was people over there that were doing this? Things, yeah, you know, like I said, it’s like marketing was sort of a dirty word and it’s.

I had to get as I was pressing in. And hitting these walls and figuring out like, if I don’t do, you can create the most amazing thing and all marketing is just telling people about it so that you can serve people with the very thing that God put inside of you. It’s just getting the word out, you know, and I think especially preachers like we have this idea if we’re super anointed and like we do everything just right and we’ve been fasting and praying, people will find it and they’ll just it’ll go viral.

And sometimes that happens, but it doesn’t always happen. And so when I think that thing that helped me get through that whole marketing hurdle, being a dirty word, is understanding that anything God put inside of me is to serve somebody else. And if that is the purity of my heart that I’m not just looking at you as a dollar sign, a way to make money, a way to enhance my life. But if I am constantly focused on my life, serves you the skills that I have to serve you, if that’s the priority and the focus and the purity of my heart, then marketing is really the overflow of your passion to serve people put in a strategic way to put it in front of the right people who need what you have.

So that helped me a lot. And I’m still I’m still learning. I’m watching what you’re doing and I’m like learning from you. I’m taking notes and my you know, I’ve got a long ways to go, but I had to cross that first hurdle. And I love. Oh, God uses everything that we can go through, any connection with the people that need your breakthrough, because almost every client that I’ve had there, right there, they’ve got to get over this hurdle of like, oh, I’m going to create this and then you want me to market it.

You know, that’s like, you know, ricin territory now. Yeah. You know, and so I’ve had I can share my insights and my breakthrough that help them land on, you know. Yeah. I mean, it’s just really telling the world what you’re how you’re passionate about serving them.

OK, OK. You know, my feelings overcommercialized, but this is too good a timing to pass up the chance to tell you about this incredible opportunity that I have cultivated with you directly. And mind you, the passionate kingdom entrepreneur, stop running the race on a treadmill to nowhere, stop the analysis, paralysis and the overwhelming, honestly, the isolation of business building.

You know, I am all for women supporting women and the concept of community. But this newly developed program takes that concept to an entirely new level. I am giving you an all access pass to my team of experts and strategists in order for you to develop your own business to the fullest extent.

I’ve taken my business with these incredible people from an idea to five figure months in less than two years. And I want to provide you the keys to this freedom and centered joy. This is a coaching program with direct conversations with real people in real time.

Ask the confusing hard questions that have you lingering in rabbit holes. Get the direct insight you need to design the dream into a fully operating, abundant business. Y’all listen to this team, OK? There is a branding and content strategist, a mindset and financial success coach, a biblical foundation teacher, a marketing funnels and ads expert, and of course, yours truly, your Christian business coach.

If you are ready to truly invest in yourself, in your God dream and the people that God is calling you to, this is the only place to start that gives you a full lens development strategy that you can lean into as a trusted knowing source on a firm foundation.

Y’all, I am uber passionate to see you flourish and illuminated within your purpose. You can enroll now by heading over to the one on one coaching tab at Tamra Andress Dotcom. Remember, I have the simple version of Tamra a.m. are a I don’t know if you know that story, but it’s from The Price is Right about a week before I was born.

So thanks, Mom. Anyway, book your call and simply email me coaching at Tamra Andress Dotcom. Either way, I cannot wait to see you activated. And this is going to be an incredible opportunity and a beautiful season to see you design the God dream that God has planted in you since your mother’s womb. It’s going to be fun, y’all. I can’t wait to connect. Let’s get started.

Will you use the word pioneer earlier? And I’ve actually heard you say that a couple times. And Morgan, who’s on here, that’s like a prophetic word over her husband as well.

And so I have this word in my spirit like that is the part.

Yeah, that’s part of Anthony Hakata and Anthony are so just understanding this idea of pioneering it, if you parallel that pioneering and marketing are actually the same thing, it’s actually going ahead.

It’s actually going before people and having them come behind you because you’ve cultivated this thing with God, that you have this revelation, that you’ve had this learning. And my son has a learning specialist that he’s been with for two ish years now. And she had the analogy for him that she was just giving him extra tools for his tool belt and that every person has a tool belt and that when he goes into first grade and he’s alongside of all his peers and then of his peers had gotten this special tool.

So when they’re learning something, whether it’s math or language, he gets to pull out his tool and have kind of a secret weapon. So if you’re speaking to six and seven year old boy, this is like amazing, right? Like, I’m a superhero in and of itself because I have this extra tool. So I started like processing that and thinking of it. And really, this is where partnership and collaboration are so powerful in the kingdom, because ultimately all of us have a tool belt on.

And so you get to go alongside someone. All right, let’s pull our tool belts out. What do you got? What do I got?

Let’s here and partner and build together because I don’t have the tool that you have and you don’t have the tool that I have and that’s purposeful in the kingdom. Otherwise we would not be here and God didn’t make us like that. That’s not his intention. It’s we’re uniquely designed. And so our weaknesses are actually our strengths if we can lean into the power of connectivity.

So I just I hear this word pioneering and I’m like, why can’t we just change the. Where why can’t we just not utilize something different than marketing? It doesn’t have to be this language.

I was having this amazing conversation the other day on clubhouse about imposter syndrome, and that’s probably a parallel experience of how you felt when you were walking into being an entrepreneur. Well, you’re like, I don’t belong here or I’m here and I’m having this conversation and I’m an entrepreneur, but I’m not really an entrepreneur. Talk us through, like, what does that mean? You talk talked all about different language that we can use for imposter syndrome and that the concept was only derived a couple of decades ago and that they did a really a disservice to humanity by calling it that.

So I’d love to hear your processing of that and perhaps maybe a different language that we could cultivate for that, too.

Yeah, for the imposter syndrome. Yeah, that I think every single person who steps out, whether it’s business or ministry or whatever it is, you face this at some level or another. And I remember when I first started and it was like. I felt like I was deceived. You’re going to pay me to do this like, you know, like who am I like, you know, like you start to really question, like yourself, your abilities, your your worth.

It goes back to all those, like, core vulnerabilities that we have as human beings, you know, like, am I really worth something for somebody to pay me to do something? I mean, it touches on all those tender parts of our life that gets poked at one point or another. But entrepreneurship will poke at the hardest.

It’s so true. And I yeah. And I think it goes back to like, yeah. I don’t know if I have new language for yet. I’m still wrestling with it. Just be honest with you there, but I can share with you my journey. I think it always goes back to a couple of things that goes back to identity of walking with the Lord and letting him speak over you, where your security comes from, what he says about you versus maybe your history or your past or your current performance or whatever.

And the second part of it is, is understanding that in the end, anything that we do for God, it’s like our best attempts cannot really fulfill God’s purposes. I feel like we will always fall short. But there’s this dynamic of walking with the Lord that we just get to give him our little offering and let him take what we have and make it into something great to help or serve our minister to somebody that we’re that we’re called to and we get to partner with him.

And I think when you understand that your business or your ministry is a partnership and you really actually have the lesser role, yours is just surrender and offering and like and getting over yourself and trusting that the Lord wants to do use you to do great things. I mean, I think those are that’s the only way I’ve forged my way through that, that those mental thoughts. Yeah. The God’s so good to you because, you know, when I face those things, he sends somebody to encourage me.

You know, it blows my mind. Like, if I look at my first client to like where I’m at now, what I’ve developed in between, that is so much better at serving people. And yet those first people were so help and would look back with only like glowing testimonies about that experience, not maybe all glowing, just always like that.

But they had a positive experience. And I think I just took the little that I had and I served somebody with it and got used to it. And I’m developing those skills and they’re getting better. And so now my current clients are getting the way better version. And so I think we’re always in process. And if we wait until this is something I’ve learned because it’s definitely like a hindrance for me, if I always wait till something’s perfected before I actually engage and do it, I usually miss out.

I’m waiting past the date of actually where I can help somebody because I’m waiting for something to be so perfect. And I did that with my platform that I developed I had been working on. I was like looking for at utmost perfection. And God sent me this Canadian couple who do marketing and tech stuff, and they’ve been doing it for 20 years. And we just felt let to offer you our services for free. And they went through my platform with a fine tooth comb and they got on a call like this and they looked at me and they said, What are you waiting for?

Like, get it out there. And it’s got this and it doesn’t have this. And they said, if you wait, you will never get anything done. And I think that’s how it kind of is with us. It’s like we feel like impostors. So we go into this cycle of like ultra self-improvement to make our self the thing that we think that we need to be. And sometimes it works against us if we just show up with what’s in our hand and trust that God will use it because it’s so good.

I just keep envisioning the little boy who brought his fish and loaves right into the little, the very, very little. And somebody brought it into a vision like a visual for me. And I’m such a visual learner of understanding the size of these loaves and the size of the fish that were likely in a lunch box, not like the biggie size, not the super size me situation that we experience.

Now, I’m thinking of fish right big and I’m thinking like a loaf. I’m thinking like a French bread, like I’m looking at this point. And there was like literally tiny crackers. And so when we bring God, the little that we have and you briefly mentioned about finances and I hear this, this is like one of the biggest challenge points or objections, I guess you could use Elize it from an entrepreneur language that people had towards. Pursuing what God has called them to is I don’t have the means, I don’t have the capability of doing that.

And I think all the time, just like you did, you’re like, I have this money.

I am sure with that many children, your wife could have thought of a lot of other things to do with that dollars. And this is where the risk comes into play. But the reward is also waiting right there.

Yes. Go through, as you said, yes to the disciples to break bread, to multiply based on the obedience and the discipline of saying and showing up and saying, OK, use the little I’ve got God. And that happens not just from finances, but from education. I hear that as a objectional. I don’t have this certification will have to do this, go to the school. I don’t even have a college degree.

And I’m like, how long have you been working on this? How long has God pressed this into your life? How long have you been cultivating this in your head, in your heart, in your actions, in your home? You can do it right now.

Certification school. Should we always be learning a thousand percent? But it’s not required because God is the partner, not occasion, not the school. The school likely fall short.

I think we’re often so many people are waiting for everything to be put in their hand before they actually do something. And I found the opposite to be true. It’s like if I’m faithful with the little that I have, that’s when things get moving and things start multiplying. I mean, I worked for I started my business in a Starbucks coffee shop. I sat at that table with all the noise and all the people. I had no office. I had no place to meet people.

But I said, OK, I’ve just I will use what I have. It’s a free place to work and I’m going to go there. I wrote I wrote my entire book like there was no space for me to write a book in our house. I didn’t have the time to write a book. I had little kids. I had a pregnant wife. I had a wife working on her Ph.D. and there was never going to be the time. So I said, OK, we have a Panera Bread by our house.

I wrote my entire book in a Panera Bread.

But if I would have waited for all the circumstances to fall into line and all the things to come in place, I would have never done it. Yeah, and I think at some point you just got to go, OK, if this is in me and God said it, I’m taking the little fishes and loaves and I’m going to give them and watch God do miraculous things. Yeah.

So, so good. So powerful. I hope that this is speaking to you as you’re listening, that you’re just receiving open handed our little fish and our little loaves because this is what we’re giving you and realizing that David and I both I would never say that we’ve made it, that we’re still on the journey, that we’re still learning that we still have an entire toolbelt to be filled. We’ve just done a quarter of what we’ve got. Right. And so I would be curious for what your next season like as you’re continuing to step into this journey.

What is your heart towards continuing to serve? What are you looking at? If you keep dreaming, dream big with us for a minute. And what does that look like?

Yeah, man, there’s so many things. Of course, I. I want everything I’ve set my hand to do with business to prosper and grow. And I’m and I’m very much I feel like I’m in kindergarten. I’m still learning the ropes and God’s been gracious to send me people to that I can help and serve and it’s only getting better. But I would love to see Thinkable grow into kind of like the go to platform in the Christian world. And I have like dozens of ideas that need money to be put in, to be activated, but to really serve the Christian community in a really unique way.

And but I have a kind of a bigger dream and I don’t have lots of language for it yet. But in this new season, as I’m stepping out doing new things in twenty, twenty one, God’s kind of put in my heart years ago that to start a university of Revival and reformation, and that sounds like so big and grandiose, you know, I mean and it’s like been the seed that’s been growing and some of it through the online school and getting prophetic words and developing my own course content.

And I’m just realizing that there’s this there’s this need in education for for a model to emerge that breaks the mold, that creates environments that are saturated with the Holy Spirit, revelation and wisdom. And what does it look like when the Holy Spirit is honored in an environment and given a place to unlock people’s hearts and give them ideas and wisdom? That’s beyond the traditional intellectual. And I don’t even know what that all means.

Tamra, I’m not sure if you exaggerate saying this before you said this and we were talking, I had this idea that you’re that Thinkable was actually going to be a hub for all of these.

Horses and that people were actually going to pay thinkable like a university, and then they would have access to the different educators and they are actually the teachers, they are actually the resources. And they have to be a part of your portal so that it was going to be a hub and a resource center for everyone to access versus these individual pastors taking it and maybe owning it with parish or their ministry.

And they have to go and market by themselves with deposit into this marketing space marketing. Right. This the stewardship space where you guys could serve. So I mean, literally before you said that, like he needs all of this is going to go together, this is all one thing.

Yes. And that concept and all of that is together in this whole thing. And it’s interesting how callings and dreams work, because sometimes it’s not till you get moving in one thing that you really get the next directives or insight for the ultimate big thing. And and so, you know, I’m looking at my life and feeling sort of like multiple personality with like all these different things that I’ve been doing throughout the years and have been part of a prayer movement and part of education, online schools now coaching and technology and all this stuff.

And like, how does all this stuff fit together and come into the twenty, twenty one God really begin to speak to me about prayer and that, you know, that he was going to begin to raise up these groups all across the world. And there are programs all across the world. But there was going to be a new emergence of people that it wasn’t going to be part of, like the system or the, you know, the structure of the church necessarily.

Not that it couldn’t be, but that these organic groups are going to spring up in people’s homes and coffee shops where people are just going to really begin to cry out to God in a fresh way. And when I started dreaming about helping raise up these programs all across the world, I saw the direct threat to like if I prioritize the presence of God and teaching people to come after him, then all of these things they flow from that. It’s the birthplace.

Prayer is the birthplace of all kingdom expression and activity. It’s our union with God that we find the calling and the destiny. And I saw the school being raised up out of that crane people and getting resources to equip people in every area. Now, I feel like now that I did my toe in business, it’s like I’ve got some insight. I want to raise the people that don’t just know how to utilize the the world, the marketing systems or the skills that you can learn anywhere and you don’t need a Christian label on it.

But what does it look like to be a Christian business person? What does it look like to partner with the Holy Spirit in those expressions? We teach people how to do that, which feels mystical. But so, you know, it’s like and and I feel like there’s a there’s room for a new expression of education that helps people discover their calling work through the heart issues, which a lot of education doesn’t take you through that, but also equip you with the intellect and the actual skills to make a positive impact in the world.

And so that’s good.

I’m so excited to be able to experience something that has very little language, but it doesn’t matter.

That’s the thing that’s so amazing. And it’s in in prayer looks different in so many different ways. So even as you’re speaking it out loud, which Morgan was talking about, dreaming and dreaming out loud with people, it’s it’s actually an act of prayer in and of itself because you’re bringing it into fruition. I’m partnering with you in that belief system and we’re sending it to God because he is here and in the midst of this right now. So thank you for sharing and being vulnerable and that and also recognizing that, like, I feel that like literally in my bones feel that need, that desire, that passion.

Kingdome entrepreneurship is just like I could jump for joy, just like thinking about the ability that there there is and that everyone in the Bible in some regard had an air of entrepreneurial spirit like inside of them. And I don’t think that it’s like this this unicorn of a person that’s an entrepreneur.

Yes, there’s different gifts and talents and we use them all in different ways. But I believe that you read the Proverbs 31 woman, and that’s exactly what she was doing. And I could think of so many different people. And so people have materialized it as something that is is just abnormal.

But ultimately, it goes back to the fact that, like, I couldn’t do what I’m doing right now without prayer, I couldn’t do what I’m doing right now without spiritual alignment, mental alignment, emotional alignment, physical alignment like that is my heartbeat.

I was actually talking to somebody the other day. You might know Bryant Borghese and Jesus ministry. And he was talking all about, yeah, he’s amazing. I get to partner with him in this next season, which is going. So fun, but the recognition that one thing that I wished that there was alongside Byrne twenty four seven, which I think would be really important as you go into this next season, even from the education perspective of what the school could look like, that cohort that you had created within Burn, just like you have cohorts when you’re in a doctorate program or anything like that, it needed a finale in person experience.

It needed a finale twenty four seven burn rate. It needed that like face to face interaction, because I actually don’t talk to any of those people in that cohort. And yet it was the most transformational time of my life. And I remember their stories and I remember the deposits they shared in the vulnerability that they had. But it was a very intimate experience and maybe God had that in store for me. But like the reason I do retreat’s with women and the reason that I think conferences are so important and I’m praying in person conferences come back twenty one.

And so I just I think that there is an element of need for people to realize that there’s other people like you. And so just like we have that conversation when we got back in touch and you’re like, oh my goodness, she gets it. And I feel affirmed. God continues to resource people to affirm us every single day if our eyes are open to it and we’re willing to receive versus reject. I am not a words of affirmation type person.

My husband will often give me words of affirmation. And because I have the desire to like just better myself all the time, I reject them and I often will just say like, oh no, it could have been better. I could have done better. It’s like that Erith necessarily took action. Right. But knowing progress is a part of that and I lean into that every single day. I asked my team, they know just do it. It’ll be fine.

We’ll fix it later because sometimes you just have to activate.

And ultimately it’s the same thing with prayer. Stop trying to make the perfect word. Stop trying to come up with the perfect language. Stop trying to come up with the perfect website or the perfect platform.

Just say yes to what he will cultivating and multiply. I think that’s kind of the whole conversation that we’ve been having this entire time.

Let’s start with a little start with a little mustard seed of faith or a call to, you know, so good.

So, David, I want people to be able to connect with you, get all the things Paul is in for the school.

He’s all right.

Call we I, I’m excited. I am expectant and hopeful. And I think thinkable is the place that people can come in resource for this next level of of stepping ministry into entrepreneurship and partnering in the marketplace for Kingdome growth and discipling. So I’m grateful to have this time with you to learn more about your passion, your heart, and how can people get in touch with you beyond going to thinkable dotcom or think of a sissy, in fact.

Yeah, I mean, there’s Facebook and Instagram on there and you can follow me on there. And if you’d like to follow me, I mean, I have like a ministry email list and I got my business email list. And if you’d like to be, it’s not regular input and encouragement there and just keep you informed about courses and things that I’m developing with ministry that you could be a part of. That’s coming up. But if you’re if you’re an entrepreneur or if you are a minister or I have clients now that are actually not ministers, which is great, too, but you just got a course inside your heart and you need you want a little bit of feedback.

I’d love to talk to you. You can contact me on the website or Facebook or Instagram and just kind of give you some insight if it’s if you’ve got something that is ready to get going. So it’s so exciting.

I think you had mentioned something specifically. Let me go back to it that you wanted to share about. Is it a specific oh, the three keys to unlock the power of that word? Let’s talk about that. Really, we get up.

So I yeah. Just real quick, I’m hosting a free online workshop tonight called Three Three Key to Unlocking the Power of God’s Word. And it’s a real passion topic for me of teaching people how to read and study the Bible, because when I when I got a hold of God’s word for myself, it really transformed my life. And my confession is I went through all through Bible College and never knew how to study the Bible, which is not a great testimony to my Bible.

And I think also God is everything that God set me up.

And my parents, when I was serving with them in Africa, they asked me to teach a Bible college course on how to study the Bible. And so I had to dig and figure out how to do it, to teach my students. And that’s what I learned. And when I just learned basic skills and tools to mine out the treasure and the wisdom and the beauty of God’s word, it was like that was standing. All of that was there on the other side of me learning a few skills like to access it.

And if, like so many, are there malnutrition and. Are not experiencing the depths of crisis because they need a little bit of guidance, they need a little bit of tools to help them to access that. So tonight at 9:00 p.m., if you’re up for a late night or we’re going to go on and you can register on my website, David Fritsche dot com. If you’d like to be a part of that, it’s free. I’m just going to I’m going to share a little bit of my journey and get some real practical insight and tools about how you can approach the word and hopefully learn some stuff that will inspire you to really just dive into God’s word this year and let his word transform you and as a result will transform the world.

So far, so good.

David, I was so excited for that. For you. That’s amazing. You guys, the link, if you’re listening live, is right there in Facebook and on YouTube. I hope to see you guys there. And David, as a close out, would you be willing to pray for us?

I would love to. And thanks for having me on. And it’s such a good time just talking about all these things right in the midst of the journey.

So, yes, I agree. Thank you. Yeah. Oh, Lord, we’re just so thankful for you and what you’re doing and all of our lives and those that have gathered and listen to this and those that will listen to this in the future. And we just pray that you would take our conversation and things that we’ve brought up from our own journey and our own insights of pursuing you and failing and getting up and pursuing you again. And I ask that you would just encourage those that need encouragement today, inspire them, strengthen them to stand up and move past the resistance and to start creating with you things that could change their life and change other people’s lives.

God, we just commit all of this conversations, do anything that that need to be said or wasn’t. You just let it fall to the ground and let your heart shine through. And everything we talked about today was Jesus name.

Amen. Amen. Thank you guys for being with us for the beautiful day.

Hey, it’s me again. I hope in today’s episode you sense and ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go, let’s solidify the flame. I love for you to take a step right now and declare your take away. By snapping a pic of the episode, you tended to share your spiked moment and tag me at Fit in Faith Podcast Square podcast or me personally at Tamra Andress on Instagram.

I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the Fit in Faith Podcast listeners. We’re totally in this together. Community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to lead a review on iTunes or your podcast. Listening up. I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out. You know I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say.

I’m ready to feel the plane with you together and until next time, blessings over your joy, help wealth and wholeness. Tune in next time.

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