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Empowering Others to Be Happy with David Meltzer

This interview had a special moment - like right after the interview and before he jumped off - before we go on to do the big things that God's calling us to, which is exactly what David Meltzer does. I got to just bless him for just a moment and give him a seed for the massive seed that he planted with today's conversation.

It's not about all of the massive conglomerate organizations that he's developed. It's not about the money. The evaluation exchange comes because of who he is - because of the identity factor, because of how he shows up to teach and educate and train and give every second of every day. I've never interacted with this human without feeling like a breath of fresh air blew through my life.

He has some amazing deposits for you today. Enjoy.

About David:

David Meltzer is the Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh (“Lee”) Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire. David has been recognized by Variety Magazine as their Sports Humanitarian of the Year and awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. He is also the Executive Producer of the Bloomberg and Amazon Prime television series 2 Minute Drill and Office Hours. His life’s mission is to empower OVER 1 BILLION people to be happy! This simple yet powerful mission has led him on an incredible journey to provide one thing…VALUE. In all his content, and communication that’s exactly what you’ll receive. As part of that mission, for the past 20 years, he’s been providing free weekly trainings to empower others to empower others to be happy.

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Show Notes: Empowering Others to Be Happy

You guys don't get to see what happens off camera, but, or off mic, I guess I should say. But this was a special moment, right? Like right after, before he jumps off, before we go on to do the big things that God's calling us to the place setting of creating happiness in our day, which is exactly what David Meltzer does.

I got. And I got to just bless him just in a moment and provide a seed back for the massive seed that he planted with today's conversation. It's not about all of the massive conglomerate organizations that he's developed. It's not about the money. It's not about the impact, even though the impact.

Evaluation exchange that comes because of who he is because of the identity factor, because of how he shows up to teach and educate and train and give every second of every day, I've never interacted with this human without feeling like a breath of fresh air without feeling like I left with more than I can.

He had some amazing deposits for you today. I pray that you have a pen handy. I pray that you do not listen on supersonic speed, but instead, rewind and listen again, rewind and listen again, rewind and listen again because it's that good? It's that rich. And you will not be sorry to listen to the one and only David Meltzer.

Oh, by the way, you know, show me the money from Jerry Maguire. Yeah. He's agency. That's where it came from. So the movie is affiliated with. Humans, but there's so much more than just that never let somebody's backstory or their resume dictate where they're going. That story was the start, but man, is there more, you've got to tune in, not only to this show, please follow subscribe.

You can get all of his resources. He tells you exactly how at the end of the show, and you can tune into the playbook with David Meltzer, which is his podcast. So be sure to tune into both and tag us, you guys are in for a treat. Thanks so much, David, for.

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Welcome. Welcome to the fit and faith podcast with the one and only David Meltzer. You guys, his intro, doesn't say enough about him. We needed like a body of texts to come across, like the star wars eulogy at the very end, because you have. Just a wrap sheet, really? And I am honored to be here with you today.

Oh, it's an honor to be here and talk about some of my favorite topics. So very excited to explore how we can help empower people to be fit and fit. That's right. And I think that empowerment piece is so important. Right. And I think at the, at the root of people who activate at the root of people who actually do the thing, they're going to say, they're going to do, which you've been doing for so long.

I want to know, like, where did that empower? I started with you as, as little David running around, right? Like tell me the backstory. Yes, sir. But initially it was my mom. Uh, I had a single mom, we raised six kids and where she was most empowering is through education. Uh, very strict on empowering. To invest in ourselves to expand our minds through academia and, you know, had many different philosophies from the fetus wasn't fully developed till after graduate school to doctor, lawyer failure.

Uh, you know, uh, you know, getting a, B was unacceptable. Uh, she led by Jewish guilt. So, uh, there was no disappointing my mother, but it really was. Um, the first experience that I had with empowering myself, nobody was going to be able to take away my knowledge. Everything else had been taken away from me. I grew up poor.

My mom worked two jobs, pack my dinner in a paper bag. And somehow all my siblings went to the Ivy leagues. Graduated super cute. Loudy I was kind of the low end of the gene pool, but graduated law school. One of the top law schools and did fairly well for myself, but it was really. Understanding how you can empower people with education that led me through my journey to empower people, to be happy.

And that is, seems like a simplistic concept, right? To empower someone to be happy. And yet you've experienced a lot of things that aren't necessarily happy that have that hardship that have that trial and tribulation. And yet happiness was the root of what you want to give them. So much so that your goal, your dream, your empower method is 1 billion people to understand how to unlock happiness.

What would you say is, is the fundamental starting point for that? I think when I look around, especially in a season after COVID right, two years that we've been dealing with this as a society and knowing, you know, we've dealt with so many other things COVID is just the next thing. I think happiness is one of the factors people yearn for.

And yet I feel like also something people could perceive as fleeting rather than joy. So unlock the words, happy, enjoy it to you. And what's the basis of being able to help others do the same. Absolutely. And I want to clarify one thing, don't limit me. I'm going to empower over a billion people. Not just

that's going to die in my life has limitations in my embodiments, the ultimate limitation that I have. And so, you know, it's interesting when people ask me about happiness, the definition of happiness and the key to happiness is gratitude. Do you know that the only common denominator. Amongst happy people is only one thing.

There's only whether they're rich or poor sicker, healthy, tall, or short, skinny, or fat white or black. It does not matter. Gracious people. Gratitude is the only common denominator of being happy. So what I try to do is teach people about gratitude, about how can I find the light, the love, and the lessons in all people in all situations.

And how can I determine in a pragmatic world where to spend my time to find the light, the love and the lessons, because I think, you know, one of the nuances. Makes me a little bit differences. I take very simple, common theories that everyone agrees with, but I give it a practical application that very few have thought about.

And so one of the difficulties about gratitude is number one, coherence. Most people don't remember to say thank you. And most people don't say. Even though they all agree that gratitude's the common denominator, happiness. They all agree that the world thought leaders, physics, metaphysics, quantum physics, all tell you that gratitude is the most powerful thing.

And the reason is that the human embodiment finds it difficult to remember to do stuff and to do it. And so, as simple as saying, thank you is 0.1 seconds and it's. I even I who have been teaching this for years and years, trying to get people to say thank you before they go to bed. And when they wake up, even I forget to do it someday.

And it's just an incredible thing. So I create different challenges, different, uh, empowerment tools to help people utilize coherence. In other words, let's remember what's most important to you. And I think when I think about the gratitude practice, which is, you know, a commonality and top performers, high leaders, entrepreneurs, all of those things, it's really just like the gratitude points you in the direction of the focus.

Right? And it'd be the same thing. If your focus is on the problem, the problem appears to grow, right. But if you have that sense of gratitude and that's where your heart is pointed, that's where your head is pointed. You realize. The problem. Isn't really the focal point at all. It's just something you're going to pass by eventually.

And gratitude always has a foundation. And ultimately the, I believe that foundation is our faith. I believe that foundation is the fact that we are breathing and I know you speak and teach a lot to like the foundation of having a body. Like that's a non-negotiable right. If we're having this conversation, if you're listening, if you're talking, if you're walking around, you have a body.

So talk to us about that side of, of just the mind, body soul. Yeah, I think, you know, faith is intertwined in there and my faith has changed over the years and I have simplified it to two things. One, you need to believe no matter what your religion, spirituality, or philosophies are. I think that you need to believe there's something bigger than you.

There's an ammunition, all powerful, all knowing source that makes you a resource by loving. That all knowing all powerful omniscient source loves you more than you love your own children more than your mom loves you. And if you have that, it's quite easy to implement and execute and cohere to gratitude because now when mistakes failures and setbacks occur in your life, when pain is an omnipresent in your.

You know, you're being promoted and protected, not punished. The analogy that I use is it's like a three-year-old that goes as I did to reach out and touch a burning stove. And my mom who's never hit anyone. In fact, my wife always says, you know what? Your problem is, David, your mom never hit you. Uh, my mom never yelled at me or hit me, but when I was three, I went to go touch that hot stove.

My mom's. Me hard and screamed at me. No, no. And I started to cry. I'm like, mom, why are you punishing me? What did I do? Why are you mad at me? Why are you punishing me? And she hugged me and she said, I'm not sweetheart. I'm protecting you. Right. I'm promoting you to a safer place. And this simple. That I know there's something bigger and almost all times I'm human.

So I spend minutes and moments out of faith, but in my faith that there's something bigger than me. That loves me as much as my mom did that day to protect me and promote me when I don't get the job. I want the deal doesn't go through. When somebody breaks up with me or something happens in my life that I was not planning on.

I simply say. Once again, instituting gratitude to find the light, the love and the lesson in being promoted and protected in turn twined with my. I love those two words together from the perspective of parenthood, right? Like protecting and promoting. I mean, isn't that what we all need and, and from a parent perspective, whether your parents here or not, whether you're the parent or the grandparent or any of the things we all need that.

And knowing that that source exists for me God. Right? It's like, I I'm sure. And the fact that in Christianity, knowing that God did it through Jesus, to example that very thing to us, that he was like, I'm going to put myself in this position to be able to showcase and shed light based on the fact that I get it as a parent, I get that it's hard.

And yet I'm still going to promote and protect him even when all odds are against him, which is exactly what happened when he was here. I'm curious as your teaching and training other people. Especially in the realm of kind of the sports agency that you were kind of starting in when you co-founded that, and then the CEO of Liam Steinberg sports.

You know, I think about, I think about the mentality of an athlete and I was in gymnast for 16 years. I am. I'm so ingrained in watching my son who is now very ingrained in jujitsu, develop the energy and develop the mentality towards sports and protection is a big component of that. I always call him my little David and every time he goes out, he's about to fight a Goliath.

And I'm like, you've got this. And I remember the very first time he got off the mat at a competition, he comes running towards me, so excited and he puts his fingers and he said, I got to right there. Right? Like. The Slingshot Goliath and knocked him down and he tapped out. But how do you help, uh, somebody who is so for driven in the outcome, the outcome being the win, understand that there's a promoter, a protector, and that there is more to life than just the win.

Knowing that failure is equally as good. It's so interesting because obviously I have four children and deal with this all the time and I call it the zero sum game. I talk about abundance that everyone can win and everybody wins when everyone does their best. Everyone learns lessons and everyone has fun.

So it's not everybody gets. There's still a competition of doing your best and some of the sports out there and in academia and other places that your best can quantifiably be less than somebody else's best, but it's the same value. You're both winning, uh, although they're quantitatively. So what I try to do is attach the emotions, the energy and motion to enjoying the consistent.

Every day and persistency without quit pursuit of your own potential, it takes a rare mind, a rare athlete, a rare celebrity, a rare entertainer. We are a billionaire that can rejoice in their pursuit of. Of happiness, not in happiness itself. So, uh, you know, Chris gardener is a friend of mine who wrote the book pursuit of happiness.

I always tell him he got it wrong. You should have named the movie. Happiness is the pursuit. And so if I can teach people to pursue their potential, uh, instead of. It's still quantitatively look at a result, but not attached to the emotions to the result, but more into, did you do your best? Did you learn lessons and have fun?

We can have best of both worlds in a non zero sum game, a world of more than enough of everything forever. So powerful. And I think the pursuit, right, this is a conversation around purpose all the time. Is everyone searching for their purpose? What is my calling? Why am I here? Right. It's so existential.

And at the same time, the protector, the promoter, the creator, God, he's just like your purpose is the fact that you're breathing in this moment. And so can't today be aware. Can't today, be a celebration can't today. Be happy regardless of the circumstances around us. And I think it's hard for people to flip the script on that because there is such a massive comparison game out there.

How do you help people with the like unlocking of the potential and the process of purpose acquisition, which really is a destination eventually, which I think is on the other side of heaven, but how do you do it here on this side of heaven with our feet planted on. Well, I tell people thoughts come first.

And your thoughts about your purpose are your purpose. And I shift the paradigm and perspective when it comes to purpose, passion, and even profitability. I let people understand. I am happy. I am healthy. I am well. I am worthy. Let's figure out what I'm doing to interfere with it. You see if I'm connected to, and through the ammunition, all powerful, all knowing if I'm living in a world and more than enough of everything for everyone, then all I need to do is figure out what I'm doing to interfere with that abundance.

And I think once you shift that perspective about our thoughts, about our purpose, our purpose, that we already are passionate, purposeful, and profitable, we just have to figure out what we're doing to interfere with it. Usually with. Ego-based consciousness is the interference of the ego with the need to be right, the need to be offended, the need to be separate inferior, superior, anxious, frustrated, guilty, resentful.

All of these things will just accelerate us in the wrong direction. In multitudes of places, they call it the enemy. They call it the interference. It's really simply, you have to take root in the fact that you are connected to and through the. Source of all, you are a resource. And with that resource, let's figure out what we're doing to interfere with the light.

Instead of going to find the light, you don't have to go find happiness. You don't have to get wealthy. You don't have to get healthy. You don't have to get worthiness. You are happy, healthy, wealthy, where the figure out what you're doing to interfere with it. Oh my goodness. It's so it's so hard and yet so simple, right?

I mean, you just didn't. Slew like a massive list of all of the interferences. And often, like you said, so many people point to the fact that it's an enemy thing. Like somebody else is doing this to me. And I think a component of recognizing happiness and only that I am happy is also, I am the culprit of the lack of happiness in my life.

Right. And yet who wants to wave a white. Everyone doesn't want to stand in a space of surrender. Everyone wants to stand on. I've got it all figured out. And I think the surrender, we say this in our household all the time, specifically in our marriage is submission is victory and understanding that it's not about the confrontation.

It's about the recognition of the confrontation, that communication that happens secondarily. And then how do we act thereafter? And the action should parallel to the truth. I am worthy. I am happy. I am connected and I am aligned. And so talk to me, I just got back from a conference that was all about alignment.

And I believe that, you know, there's this understanding, especially when someone's in pursuit of something specifically wealth. Let's talk about entrepreneurs since we're talking to so many who are here, live with us, listening. There's always, they put this as a priority, right? They put the, that success meets prosperity means that they've achieved something and their bank account looks nice in the process that happiness often can be a tie to a financially driven outcome.

How can we eliminate that understanding and get them to a place of realizing that the resource right. The resource is then rather than they are trying to attain the resource. I'll often say that you are the opportunity you're looking at. And I feel like if we can stand in that strength and we can stand in that awareness factor, then the money it actually is, is fictitious.

It's not even real

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And cast your future together. Go to in faith, Again, that's fit in faith, Book your call. If you're a founder, an innovator, a trailblazer or a wannabe, we can help you get there. Let's do it. How do you, how do you conceptualize that for people? I think first defining money itself as a currency, right?

Mon money. As you stayed as an object of energy that we put into the flow to get what we want, but so. Right. Faith is the currency. It's an object of energy. We put into the flow to get what we want. And, you know, not only is gratitude important in the detachment of the emotions to defining ourselves by our bank accounts, by defining ourselves in our happiness, by how much we made today, or we lost today.

But to understand two other components tied closely in with gratitude. And the first is for sure. But I think that people that understand forgiveness and understand that we only have to forgive ourselves that there's two types of people in the world, ignorant people and ignorant people. There's ignorant, humble people that admit they don't know what they don't know.

And then there's ignorant, arrogant people that are so afraid of. That the fact that they don't know what they don't know that they pretend as if they know, in fact, a lot of them pretend as if they are experts or they're certain about things. I will tell you this, there's no certainty, uh, in human life, a journey.

There's no certainty. In fact, if anyone can tell me exactly what's going to happen tomorrow, uh, I know how to make billions of dollars. I'll give you half of it and donate the other half to charity. But please, if you're certain about something, there is no, sir. And so moreover forgiveness allows us to live in ignorant humility.

Now, one thing to be aware, wary of is that a lot of people think ignorant, arrogant. People are just people that lie to us, manipulate us, cheat us, oversell, backend, sell us, but moreover, the most dangerous ignorant, arrogant people in my life are the people that love me. Uh, my mom, right? You, you should go to college.

You should do this. You Internet's a fad. Don't take that job. They're so afraid of you being hurt more afraid than them being hurt themselves. That out of fear. They become ignorant arrogance to protect you, even though just because they love you. They may be giving you bad advice out of ignorant arrogance.

So forgiveness is crucial in this, uh, journey of detachment of defining ourselves by how much money we make. The third one you mentioned as well. Um, there's a difference between liability. Relates to the quantifiable results that we get the liability of the zero sum game of if I receive someone else lost, or if I win someone else loses, or if I made this much, somebody else lost this much.

Um, and this liability game lives in three areas. Blame shame. And justification and all three create interferences between health, wealth, worthiness, and happiness. If we can live our lives, not in liability, but in accountability. And to live in accountability, we ask ourselves two questions. Number one, what did I do to attract this myself?

And to most importantly, what am I supposed to learn from it? When I asked myself, what am I supposed to learn from it? I'm tying in gratitude, the ability to find the light, the love, and the lessons and forgiveness, the ability to meet that. I don't know what I don't know. So I'm going to forgive myself because all I'm doing is my best.

All I'm doing is learning lessons and all I'm doing is having fun. Therefore, I'm going to forgive myself. And once I forgive myself, I'm so less critical of others. I don't have a need to be right. Offended, separate inferior, superior, anxious, frustrated, angry, guilty, worried, or resentful. Therefore I'm living at ease instead of dis-ease.

And it's that simple. So live with gratitude, forgiveness, and accountability. You will be able to detach your emotions and the quantitative analysis of happiness to how much money you've made, or you will. And one of the things that you've said it multiple times, and I want to make sure that we talk about it because this is a, a root value of mine is adventure or fun.

Right. I put them two and two together and everyday I'm searching for fun. Like right before we got on here, I was having a tickle fight with my son. Right. And so I'm looking for an opportunity to have an adventure and what that. Like to me is understanding that there is freedom in whatever that is. Even if an element of fear is presented in that adventure.

So I'm skydiving, which I haven't done yet. I need to do. Um, but like cliff jumping or something like that. How do you, how do you actually encourage people to recognize that fun is associated to creating a magnet towards the outcome of prosperity? For me, that's been true. And so I'm curious how, how do you do that?

Because every time I've seen you, you're always just exuding joy. And I think that it's because you're having. Yeah, well go to the basis of my mission statement in life, which is to make a lot of money, help a lot of people and have a lot of fun. So I won't do it unless I can figure out how to have fun with it.

Uh, Xander's wrote about rule number six, right? Rule number six. Don't take yourself so seriously. And somebody asks, well, what's a rule one through five, go to rule number six. So that's easy for me to have. I have daily practices and, you know, as much as I live with my core values of gratitude, forgiveness, accountability, and inspiration through faith, I also have a new day resolution that starts every day.

Yes, it takes into account my new year's resolutions, my midterm goals and objectives and milestones and my longterm vision of myself. But in the context of that, I start every day by asking myself, what do I want personally? What do I want experientially? So I don't live my life. I want to skydive. I skydive several different times because that is what I wanted to experientially.

What do I want to give, to provide value or be productive with? And what do I want to receive? What, you know, can I ask the universe to add to its expansive nature, to add to the value, add of appreciation, adding value, a good knowledgement giving away and asking for more. So for me, Asking what I want then leads to the easier question, who can I help with what I want and who can help me, how best to get it done, which is the pragmatic realm.

The how is, you know, all the different rules that I talk about the power of 64 students that calendar five 20, the 25, no rule the three, no rules, productivity, accessibility, and gratitude, efficiency, effectiveness, statistical success, the unwinding routine activity to get paid for activity. Don't get paid for activity.

A plan don't have plan, whatever it may be. That all is hosted in the how. And then most importantly, if you know your, what your who, and your, how, then you got to know your now, and that's a simple thing that can be quantitatively confirmed in your life. If you know how to prioritize, you'll never feel overwhelmed and you'll never procrastinate.

Prioritization is the antidote to procrastination in feeling overwhelmed, feeling overwhelmed. You should say thank you because that means you're living in a world of more than enough, too much to do too much opportunity, too many people, too many invites the birthday parties. I can't tell you how many people get overwhelmed with so much joy and they think they're being punished.

And I'm always say, take a deep breath and say, thank you. And then learn to prioritize because you can't, if you live in a world and more than enough, how are you going to get it all done in one day? So of course, you're going to feel over with. So instead, focusing on figuring out what's important to you using urgencies, a subset of the, what the who, and the how, and if you know your, what, who, and how, and you prioritize knowing your now you'll learn to apply your why you'll realize you're happy, healthy, wealthy, and worthy.

You'll start being able to indicate what's interfering with that. You'll expand, grow and accelerate. I'll be happy. Like I said, I will send anyone in my gratitude challenge. Daily practices, my book, any of your listeners that want it, just got an email. And I'll send you all of this stuff for free.

It'll change your life. I guarantee. Can you guys just see the well of knowledge that he is? He's like rapping he's poetically performing. He might. Sing for us. I mean, it's like music to my ears there truly, because I really do believe that if people were able to put things like this on repeat that they would see that the happiness factor that they yearn for, that everything else falls to the wayside.

And that, that is so much more attainable on a given basis. Any moment of the day, no matter relationships, situations, no matter, uh, political situations, educational, I mean, literally. Strips it all away and brings back to identity and brings back to self and to recognize that you're still breathing therefore purposes, it's associated to all of this information that he's providing you guys, he teaches on a daily basis.

He comes on clubhouse for free. He has free masterclasses on Friday. So when he talks about doing it for a billion people, billion is not necessarily associated to a billion dollars. That is right. He's not exchanging money for those people. How. There will be the people that come and help support in that financial exchange because they to yearn for what he is already pursuing an unlocked.

So I think this is how, when people understand, like how can you have such fun? How can you create something so big and have this massive dream? And yet you aren't really you're, you're showing up everywhere. So talk to people about that cause they can't unlock how they're affiliated. Oh, they're totally related.

In fact, I just filmed a TV show on the secrets of happiness and I was blessed to be invited and it's the same people that had put together, you know, think and grow rich legacy and some other financial stuff. And I said, you know, the first time I met you 10 years ago, when you did your first TV show with me, I wanted to prove that I was the most successful.

I was the richest person that you were interviewed. And one of the producers said to me, uh, and gave me the greatest compliment. And she said, I just have to tell you, you're the happiest person that we've filmed. It just exudes. You're the happiest you're just having. And I said, I can't tell you how much that means to me.

Uh, and look, here's the simple truth about. Money follows the, I used to think it lead. I think I follow it. I thought that was my, my lead money was going to lead me to the promised land, no money fall. It's an energy, money's an object of energy. And that object of energy, it flows to where it goes and it flows to where you go.

And if you live in abundance, I promise you. Money will flow. It will follow you wherever you go. It will come about. And the strangest, most simplest ways I have anyone's ever read Michael a singer's surrender experiment, uh, for a guy who literally just wanted to build a shack way out in the middle of nowhere and meditate and ended up a billionaire.

Um, you will learn that money flows and it will follow you. And so. Be kind to your future self, do good deeds, provide value and value. We'll follow you. Wow. Wow. I love learning from you. I always try and come to all of the experiences you guys need to do the same. He gave you his direct email, so you've got to reach out and get all of those resources for free.

You can find him on all the platforms. My favorite spot is clubhouse becomes, becomes with Jakey Bakey and that always makes me happy. It's a side of bacon. Every time David shows. Uh, so it's been such a pleasure, David, thank you so much. You guys also have to tune in to his podcast called the playbook and his newest book, which is game time decision making.

It's a number one new release, and he's got so many more resources for you to take hold up so you can live happy and know at some point that a little seed was dropped from David Meltzer. So he can add you to his billion dollar number. Thank you so much for being here, brother. I appreciate. I appreciate you be kind of your future self.

Do good deed. Email me, Anytime you need me just ask, I'll see you on clubhouse with my side of kosher bacon, the jiggy Bheki blessings. Y'all thanks for hanging out on the podcast.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories.

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And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that we are speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and bake team could not do this with. Until next time, blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is a bit vague way.

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