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Empowering Leaders With Trevor Houston

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Sometimes you feel like you have a heart connection and this is what I have with Trevor Houston. He has such joy (which is amazing) and he uses it to propel his why and empowering leaders. He is busy with a full-time job, church, and more, but he is still saying "yes" to what God has been putting in his path. Listen in and learn how he is empowering others and finding his own place in the midst of it.

Key Takeaways:

We don't have to be famous in the world's eyes, but only in God's eyes

How serving people and loving God can give you peace

How he is giving people hope

About Trevor:

Host of the Who Ya Know - Job Networking Show, Trevor uses his networking strategies to build a community of leaders; empowering job seekers, entrepreneurs & business owners to follow their passion & embrace being uncomfortable. Recently featured in Forbes, Trevor was recognized for his “Job Search Trojan Horse” strategy that helps job seekers infiltrate the hiring process and close the deal.

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Show Notes: Empowering Leaders with Trevor Houston

Okay. Sometimes you just connect with people. Sometimes you just feel like, I don't know family right out the gate. I feel like today's guests, Trevor Houston is like a little brother. I to like link, arms and skip through the forest with him because I see such greatness in him. I see such greatness, but I also see one of my favorite things.

I see such joy. And I think ultimately as an entrepreneur, we need that. We need that in order to stay aligned, we need that in order to keep our sanity, we need that in order to propel our why, our deepest, why? And Trevor has a really phenomenal why he has a really massive vision. And I know God is just going to come in and just expanded in such a way he couldn't possibly imagine.

But right now he's doing the hard thing he's saying, yes, I missed a full-time job, a missed a ministry and mission work and service work that is hard against COVID its rules and regulations against all odds. Right? We say, yes. The bigger version of ourselves to the bigger version that God has planned for us.

And that's what Trevor's doing. So Trevor Hughes, Dan, I'm so excited for you guys to connect with them. Tune in here, his bio, and get with the program on his live show. I cannot wait to be on it later this year. You guys tuned in. This is your God wink. The moment that heaven says for such a time as this it's time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover your wealth and exude your wholeness.

It's time to become truly fit. However, this isn't a fitness podcast though. I'm a retired personal trainer and nutritionist, this isn't business jargon or tips and tricks to landing your successful passion project though. That's totally why I'm a business coach. This isn't a quick fix health detox ploy though.

I'm all for therapy and I love whole foods. I do have a Yolo side sweet tooth though. This isn't confusing religious banter though. I'm an ordained minister, still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus. It's really none of that. So I'm wondering if you're wondering what is this? Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers.

Innovative. Yeah. And lifestyle shakers, as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you fellow passionate seekers, the fit and faith movement was birthed through my own trial and error discovery of mind, body, and soul alignment, and to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash and burn experiences.

I've learned firsthand that being fit isn't about our physique at all. It's not about our qualifying abilities or titles. It's not about our potential. It's truly about our God gifted passion meeting our purpose. You are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, and your purpose, whatever you want to call it.

And I want to be there for the moment that you say yes, in freedom, clarity, and confidence that you are living fully fit and who, and whose you were made to be welcome to the fit and faith podcast with me, Tamra and dress, there is no better time than now to get fit.

Yeah, we go so excited to be with you. I feel like there's so many things that I could say on how to start that we would both get, but nobody who listens to my show and understands cause not all of them are on clubhouse. So this is not a clubhouse show, but this is a clubhouse reunion because that's how Trevor and I got connected.

And this show has been a long time in the making. We've had to cancel on one occasion or another. And we know now just from the conversation that we had offline before that there is greatness to come, not just in our relationship, but in the listenership of every single one of you, because God is before us in this moment and in the moments to come as we serve.

Um, and Trevor has been serving, he's been doing this thing and his passion and his heart for a long time. And, um, I'm excited to see how it comes to fruition, but I want you guys to know that he is. God, and he is a serving he's already serving and you guys can listen and tune in to his show, the who, you know, job networking show.

Um, but there's so much more than a person than just that one thing he's strategizing and networking community building and empowering people. Um, not just job seekers, but entrepreneurs and business owners like myself. And he's got a radio show that you're not going to believe in. I'll let him talk since it's his podcast.

Now I'll go welcome to the show, Trevor. Well, thank you. Appreciate it. Yeah. So it's all about, it's all about who, you know, right. It's all about who, you know. Yeah. It's all about who, you know, we got started doing this show. Um, let's see. It was January, 2018. So, um, we're on episode 2 65. I think something like that anyways.

Yeah. It's been, it's been a journey, right? It's been a journey and, uh, it all got started when I walked into a local church. I walked into alert local church, and they have a career transition group, uh, called Frisco connect. And I started serving over there. Um, but in the beginning I walked in there and I was kinda shocked at what was going on.

And it was like, these people were fish out of water. You know, a lot of people get, let go, uh, from big companies and they haven't had to look for a job in many, many, many years. And so they end up, you know, fish out of water. They're, they're going to these different networking groups and everybody's telling them, you need to network to get a job.

And they're like, I don't know what that means. Or what do you mean network? You know? Yeah. They might've been like in it or something stuck behind a computer or whatever. And now all of a sudden they've got a network. They don't know what that means. And, um, anyways, so we walked into this church and I saw people were really hurting.

They were really upside down and luckily. Uh, that church was there to, to help bring these people together and build community and serve. And, uh, but I also noticed that in the room that we were in, um, these people had been doing it for a long time. They'd been, uh, this group has been around for, for quite some time and some of the members were a little bit older, um, and nothing wrong with that at all.

But their energy, the energy in the room was just very, very low. Right. Very low. And so I came and brought a whole new, fresh perspective and a new G and I was like, oh no, we got like, to me the missing element, it's not the resume tips. And the LinkedIn tips all day long. We got that. Yeah. It's the motivation.

It's the inspiration. These people are down here and we got to bring them up here. You know, they're hurting. Yeah. Yeah, I think it sounds like, and I'm envisioning like walking into that room as well, and even witnessing it with people in my own life. Um, maybe veterans who are out of the military and their, their whole life has been turned upside down and their purpose is the word that I keep thinking of their purpose has gone.

Their identity is stripped because that's what they were proud of. That's what they got to go to a non networking social event and say, proceeded their name. I am this right. And so many people ask that, what do you do? It's not about what you do. It's about who you are. It's about what you're passionate about, but we were never taught that we were taught you go to school to get a degree, and then you go to work for that degree.

And then you stay there until you get tenure and then you retire. And when you retire, you die after I think it's all that usual and that's terrible. That's truly not alive. And so a purpose is what I hear. So tell me about like, How do you then activated beyond just the inspiration and the motivation and your natural born energy?

Like what, what became of that about what you just said a minute ago about the, I am, I am this, I am the identity, right? And it's so funny. We talk about this. I've been thinking about it a lot lately actually like, especially in the climate of where, you know, the United States and the world is in today, this identity politics, and everybody's looking for their identity.

I think people are really, really lost. I think a lot of people are lost job seekers and just people in general, they're lost, they're trying to find their identity. And when I think about identity, I go back and I'm like the alpha and the omega. Right. I am the, I am. Everybody's looking for their, I am this.

I am that. No, no, no, no, no. You find your identity in Christ. The beginning in the end. Hmm. Right. Cause we're trying to figure out who we are. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You're, you're asking the wrong question. Who is he? So good. We're just asking the wrong questions. We're trying to figure out our own and we're trying to be, I think mankind is like, we're trying to be our own idol, our own gods.

We're trying to figure out who we are so, so bad that we're missing the big picture. Right? We're missing the big picture. So you guys, that's a punch in the gut for someone, even me thinking about it. I mean, it's wild because this is like a consistent thing. And it's not just for somebody who doesn't have a job or just lost a job or is age out of a job.

Right. It's for the person who is in a position that might be high paying and you're letting that position precede you into a room when he actually is what proceeds you. He's the one who got you into that room, like cleaning. And she's not getting the glory, you're using the name and you're using your name.

And I think of that song of, I don't mean that name in lights. I'm not a singer, but I'm famous in my father's eyes. Oh, there you go. Yes. I know what you're talking about. Yes. Such a good song and it, and I had to sing that song out loud for years before I actually believed it because I was on the opposite.

I was like, I'm a CEO of two positions. One's global, one's local. I have an online boutique and I do this and I do this and I am this, I am a wife and a mom like, guess what? I am a daughter of the king, the king. That's it. That's it. That's the only title. I it's so cool. When you think about that, cause why, why did he say that when you really think about it?

Like, why is that in the Bible? Why is that so important? The most important thing. Like I am the, I, it break every political oppression. It's break every massive conversation. That's keeping people separated in color and politics and everything. And that's right now what I think our country is so lost.

Everybody's looking for the identity, in something, in something, whatever that is. They're looking for, the identity in something be in this people group, I'm going to be in this position. You're so right. You're so right. Yeah. Work the enemies that work. He's trying to direct people. Yeah. Oh yeah. That's the thing I said this earlier, um, to some gals that I was coaching is that he's, he's conniving the enemy and he also knows what he's doing.

Sure. But he's not creative. He's not doing anything different. He's not doing anything new. Cause he doesn't know how. And he's been doing this for generations and generations and generations lutely. Did he? He's like questioning, he's putting doubt. Did God really tell you? You're you'll die if you eat this, you know, he was planning that down and that doubt, that doubt was the other word that came to mind outside of purpose is that they doubt that they are worthy.

They doubt that they are not earned, uh, to have a position when we know that they're already qualified. Yeah. They get all the rejection because especially the way the system is set up now, where you apply online. And you know, as soon as you hit the apply button, you get a rejection right away. And they might not have a college degree, but they've been in business and doing the thing for 25 years and their tenure doesn't get it to them because they want tenacity over tenure.

But tenacity, Byers out like it burns. Yeah, passionate about what you're doing. That's true. I was, uh, when I came, my background was in the auto industry and boy, I tell you what I was top producers, six years in a row dominating. The auto industry was amazing, great times, but I got burned out. All right. It happens, happens to the best of us.

You get burned out. And so it just wasn't my, it wasn't my forever home. I had, I learned a lot of great lessons and a lot of great things that I took with me. But, um, yeah, that tenacity does burn out if you're not passionate about it. I, the only reason I was really passionate about doing it at the time was because I found something I was good at for the first time in my life.

It was. I was like, wow, I'm really good at this. So I'm going to lean in, but man, I leaned in, you know, so far that it just burnt me out over time. How did that transition happen? Cause that's an interesting, that's an interesting transition, especially when you're the best at it. Right? Well, I was really good.

I was, yeah, I was really great. It was, I was winning all the awards and stuff like that. And I wanted to, I wanted, I saw a future in the auto industry. Right. My vision was like, Hey, I'm going to move up to sales manager, finance, finance, director, GM, you know, I'm going to move up the ladder. And I really saw that I'm like one day I'll own or own a dealership, you know, stuff like that.

Um, thank God for unanswered prayers. Come on brother. Right? Right. I be really thank God for it. Cause I look at some of those folks now, too. Uh, I'll go back to that same dealership. And I see them in there just like some of the same people that were there when I was there and they just look burnt, they look burnout, not like they're, they're caged, uh, Cajun the lions.

Like they need to be able to run three, but they're just in this cage for 13, 14, 15 hours a day on every holiday, every weekend on every big occasion that their family is having. I, my dad was actually in car sales for quite a while and saying he was phenomenal because he's good with people and you're clearly really good with people.

Um, and so it's interesting that he chose to get out for different reasons, but, um, I'm proud of you is what I want to say. And to know that you probably did so, and I'm, I'm curious about the story risking something risky. The money risking the money. Yeah. I have a formal, you know, educational background or anything like that.

Um, and so I remember, you know, thinking my fear was like, this is the best job I'll ever have as far as like income potential and this, that, and the other, I mean, I was 22 years old making 150 K a year. Like that's big money for 22. You know, I bought a house, my first house at 24, you know, I put $45,000 cash down on it, you know, like was Megan bruise her young age, you know?

And like, that's not my, I didn't come from money. My background, like, we were poor. Like we didn't have lights or water growing up or food. It was bad. It was rough. And so I'm like, yeah, I'm afraid if I lose, leave this thing, what. You know, what does that look like? I was always afraid, like this is the best job I'll ever have.

Um, and I had a financial advisor and he was actually the one that recruited me into financial services, what I do now. And, and, um, but he told me something, he said, he said, Trevor, I understand your fear of leaving the auto industry, but here's the deal. Any dealership on any corner will be lucky to have you.

And you know that. So what do you got to lose? If you leave, you got all the upside, you got none of the downside because you can always go back. And I said, dang, you're right. It immediately took the fear away. I was like, man, you're absolutely right. I can go to any dealership on any corner and be successful.

What do I got to lose? And that was what I needed to leave and, and to make that leap of faith and, um, best decision I ever made. I have like people in my spirit that are, um, coming to mind, as you're saying, this exact thing that I know are in positions where there's fear of this comfort. And this was said this weekend, and it was definitely something I am taking away from the embrace.

Your ambition conference is this knowing that the people who love you most often want you to be comfortable and safe. I'm sure your parents probably looked at you and they're like, we're so proud of you. We're so excited for you. What are you doing? Why are you doing that? Don't do that as a horrible idea.

Stay comfortable, stay safe. Even though financial advising is also very lucrative and amazing. There's a season of time where that is not the case. And I have people that I'm thinking about who risked it all for years before there were awards. Yeah. And they put a lot to the side and risked and feared a what if, but I love that understanding specifically for people who I know who have already quit their job, that they could go back to that other thing.

Yeah. You got to swallow your pride at that point. Right? That's the only thing. Yeah. Yeah. I am a failure is what you say when that happens. Right. If you have, you're not, no, you flip it, right. You don't have to go back with your tail between your legs. You can go back and you can spin it and you can say, you know what?

I left. I realized I absolutely love auto sales, so yeah. Yeah. Right. That comeback story. I love that. And it is everything we do is about, uh, perception and perspective. And if we can change our mind towards it, it doesn't feel as scary. So the fact that that one sentence for you was the one sentence you needed to say.

Yes, You did it. And cheer was absolutely terrifying and rough and it was, it was awful, but it was excellent. You know, I think about it and I'm like, you know what, thank God it was awful. I needed that. I needed that season of my life. I needed to go from being at the top to hit the bottom, you know, a little bit of a humility.

And you know, I'm going to tell you at that point, I was, you know, uh, really, really, really close to God. Right? You get real close to God when things are falling apart, you know, I mean this real, what was the parallel like when you were rolling in the 20 4k or the 24 year old house and dough? Yeah. I mean, I just, when I w my first year in, in financial services, um, you know, it was just a different, whole different industry.

You're learning, you're, you're trying to figure everything out. And you're trying to, I relate it to like going to college and starting a business at the same time, because I was having to go through and take all my securities licenses. I didn't have all that stuff. So I'm studying in and trying to, you know, make a living and, and, you know, the first year they want you to go talk to your friends and family.

Oh, that's a horrible idea. The worst, worst idea I tell, I tell new agents now I'm like, don't do that. That's amazing. And I agree because I had such a hard time, even when I opened like a local boutique and I was, I was pregnant at the time and it was a maternity and infant boutique and I was doing so knowing that like all of my friends were either pregnant or about to be pregnant.

That's the kind of season of life that we were in. And none of them shopped there. None of them would come through the doors and I'm like, what what's happening right now? And this is a message for somebody that your friends and family are not your target audience. They're there to love you. Yes. And they could be at some point, right?

Like, like now my, my parents, you know, see me in a different light now they see me. As the financial services professional. Now they see me as the CEO now premium after I've put in some time. But like when you're first making that jump, I'm the car salesman still in their mind. Yeah, you're right. I'm still a car salesman.

And I'm trying to go over there and talk to them about their 401k and their IRAs and the retirement and stuff.

And like, so you gotta think about that. Like I tell people, you know, let them know what you do, right. Because visibility is really key. You know, if people don't know that that's what you do, then you never know. Right. So like, let, let your friends and family know what you got going on. Like, Hey, I made a transition.

I'm, I'm moving into financial services. These are the services that we provide. If you ever need anything, this is where I'm at. Come holler at me. You know, like no pressure, you know, don't, don't try to get an appointment with them, let them come to you, then come, you know, and they will, some of them will.

It's interesting that you're saying that, and this is a little bit of a flip of the script, but it's kind of going back to what we talked about at the beginning is that isn't that similar in your faith, right? Like you, you have to go alone sometimes and most times, because you need to create a connection.

That's only yours. You need to have that moment with Jesus. That's only yours. Nobody else can go for you to do that thing. And maybe with you, maybe they're alongside you, but still it's your one-on-one experience. It's you studying every hour, every night. It's you opening the word, right? It's you crashing and burning when you make that first sales call and it's you crashing and burning when you're going to try and live this align life in use line, back to what was a hundred percent.

Yeah. I think that a God will meet you where you are. He's not going to force it. Right. He's going to let you approach him. You know, he'll always be there. He's always there. He's kind of like that quiet, whisper, you know, you know, he's there. Um, but he's not just gonna be like loud, like he did in the Bible where he's like miraculous signs, that all kinds of things were happening.

Not anymore. It's not like that. It's going to be like, um, you'll know it when you feel it though, you're going to feel the spirit hit you and you're going to be like, oh, something's different. And right on this room, something's weird. You know, it's interesting that you say that Trevor, because I've been really leaning into this idea or not idea this truth of miracles and healing and what does that mean?

And I, even though I know that the spirit lives within me, can I. No, I cannot, he can, but I want so desperately to be able to serve as a vessel in that realm, miracles, healings, like help people know by laying my hands on them, that they have access to the holy spirit for the first time, maybe. Hmm. Powerful.

I think that does exist. Right? I do. I, I do think that exist. I think that's, um, you know, is there certain people that they walk in a room and, and they, they are ordained and they've got a presence to them. I mean, they you're like, whoa. Yeah. You know what I mean? There are certain people that are like, that just are that they have that closer relationship and it's the faith and it is the faith that they have their belief that they can do it.

Is why they can do it. Right. I think about right. Yeah, exactly what he says, your faith is what made you whole, your faith is what he'll do. Not me. Jesus didn't even take ownership. He said your faith, he did it to blind men. He did it to unclean women. He did it to people all through the Bible, uh, at service.

Um, this was two weeks ago and my pastor was talking about speaking in tongues, you know, which can be kind of a controversial subject. Why it's controversial. I don't know. But yeah, like it's controversial. I'm like, whatever, it's not to me. But anyway, so he's talking about speaking in tongues and he was talking about a study now.

I don't know where the study came from. You know, he was just talking about the study that they did about the brain and. At first, they did it on people who like meditated, right. And people that just did the, um, you know, and they're, they're like meditate. Um, and there's a lot of power in just, um, the vocals of meditating and all that anyways.

And they did the brain scan on it and they were showing the portions of your brain that were activated when you were doing that. And then they did the same thing on people that were speaking in tongues and people that were speaking in tongues were activating a part of their brain that it never gets used, like ever interesting.

Like, yeah, I don't know the science or the study again. I'm just like, wait a minute, hold on. Cause I've always said, you know, man only uses 10% of their brain. That's what they say. Right. You only use 10%. Imagine if you could use 11% of your brain, just one more percent. How, how much more powerful would you be than every other person on the planet?

Like what, what is possible for you? Could you. You know, heal and do things, you know, right. Speaking in tongues, all of a sudden you're activating another piece of your brain that never gets used. Like, and I'm like, whoa. When he said that, I was like, wow. Cause I've always, I've always said, what if you could use 11% of your brain?

I've always said that. And then he was talking and it kinda like puts it together for you. Well, wait a minute. Yeah. That's in order to speak in tongues, you gotta get, you know, you gotta get really, um, really in tune. Yeah. Connected. Yeah. And that was one of the things that it brought up as you were talking about that is that, like you mentioned that like God's really in the whisper these days and I believe he's just as loud, but how quiet are you?

And are you willing to listen? Because back then we didn't have these look how horribly dirty my phone cases. It's not dirty. I think it's just wearing that regardless. We didn't have these, we didn't have this. We didn't have the amazing amount of vehicles that I'm looking out of. My office building, driving by.

We didn't have light pollution. We didn't have trash. Like we do. Now. There's so much that has been infiltrated into society, including all of the broken generational bondage that we were talking about earlier. And so there's a lot of noise. I think it's less about it not being the same and more about he's constant and he never changes.

And we changed. We are the product. Hold on. Hold on.

are you going to do a mix backdrop on your own show? How are you going to do I, my grandpa on your own? So that's the holy spirit. Holy spirit. Oh my gosh. You're I mean, that's, as you're talking, I'm like, hold up because if I want eagerly that access, I got to get really quiet to even be able to receive my own answer to a request.

And it's so hard to be quiet. That's why meditation and manifestation are biblical terms. Yeah. Taught and they're told, and that's what prayer is. That's why Jesus himself, even in the time where there wasn't all this noise had to go to the garden. He don't go somewhere else. I got to get away from all y'all and people crazy.

Cause I I'll go on like hiatus vacations, and I'm say vacation, I'm going on a writing retreat to like hotels for one to two nights, um, in order to write. And they're like, would you just check out of your life? Like what what's your husband doing? I'm like, he's enjoying his kids solo. Like he's not babysitting, he's enjoying his children.

And I am doing what God's called me to do and I'm writing and I cannot write, I cannot listen to what God would have me share with people fully in his way, in his word without allowing myself to get quiet. And so how often do you get quiet now? Curious, you know, that that's so good that you're saying that, uh, not, not often enough.

Um, I used to prayer journal and that was my, my, uh, coffee with Jesus. Right. So I would wake up first thing in the morning and grabbed my coffee and, uh, and prayer journal. And I just don't do that enough. I like I was talking to you about my morning routine has been shattered, uh, in a positive way with, uh, the group that I met you from the campions, but no positive and negative.

And you can say both and that's okay. Like I get lifted in that room because I get to meet people like you and an inspiration and people that are just inspiring me to become better and this, that, and the other. But, you know, it's a, it it's. Kinda mess up the morning routine. Right. For, for me anyways, cause I'm in there all the time, uh, you know, speaking and stuff, but it's um, yeah, so I need to get back to that routine part of it.

Um, it, which is just quiet in the morning, first thing, cause that's where I'm sharpest actually is first thing in the morning. And I like, I like a good 45 minutes to an hour with, with my coffee and, and my journal. And, and so anyway, I'm going to be praying over you afterwards, just so you know that God comes in with a roar, not a whisper because I think you need that.

I think you need to know his power in that regard. And I don't know why I'm saying that right now. Somebody needs to hear it in addition to you so well, I appreciate that. Yeah. All right. Quick pause. I love that you're tuning into this show. Really your shares, your subscribes and reviews. Even your listens mean a ton to me personally, and honestly, to all of us who put these shows out weekly for your listening pleasure.

But are you ready? I think it's time that I put you in the hot seat for a question. If you're resonating with all of these, multi-passionate God loving success stories, then I bet you move one of your own. Maybe you're even in the midst of that comeback regardless, there is a deeper message inside of you.

I am sure of it. It's your why factor for living life? So here's the question. Why not turn that mess into a message by starting a podcast as your very own it's time for you to amplify. And since I've been broadcasting for a couple of years now, and I've trained dozens of shows into launch, I've also hit time.

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Tamra, and check out the course tab. Once you get there, there's even a free mini course option. If you want to see the behind the scenes and not really take my word for it. So you should take my word for it. You're here listening to me right now. So I appreciate you. We love you. We encourage you, but girl, boy, man, woman, father dogs, whatever.

It's time for you to amplify. All right. You tell, let's get back to the show. I'm curious. I have, I have a follow-up question to everything we've been talking about, both from the financial perspective of what you experienced when you were doing car dealing to being a financial advisor. Um, because I think that industry in and of itself there, like seems to be a perspective of slimy Venus, both of them.

Yeah. A hundred percent. You're right. You're so right. So tell me as a Christian man who stewards his finances as well and stuff. People well, because we are all in some regards, a shepherd, what does that look like? Yeah, no, I love that you brought that up. I don't. Okay. So my perception of financial services was not that okay, because I didn't come from money.

I had nothing. Uh, I remember I started making money and I'm like, okay, I got responsibility here. I gotta do something with this because I don't want to be, I don't wanna just want to blow this money. I've got like, I've, I've got an opportunity here. I need to seize it. So I went out and sought out guidance and I was like, that's the financial advisor?

And I was seeking him out. And I was like, that guy knows all the answers. He's he's the financial guy. I got to talk to him. Yeah. So the, my perception is different, but. Like I got into it and I'm thinking that's what everyone else's perception was going to be like, I'm just here to help you. I just want to help steward your money.

Everyone else's perception. Was that a financial services guys, like way up here, I got in real fast that I was like, why do people, why are they still treating me? Like a sales car guy? You're groomed for it. You're prepared for it. You didn't know it, but you were exactly. I'm like, dang, they're still treating that and looking good.

I'm like, no, no, no, no. And then, you know, what's funny about that is like I built my business completely different from the way most people I'm totally different from most financial services firms, completely different. Um, we serve first. And we let people that want the help come get it. And we don't, there's no pressure.

There's literally, I mean, zero pressure of anything. It's like, Hey, this is what we do. We serve people in this, in this way, too. If you want help, you know, let us know we're here and people come get it. And it's so funny when you just give first, the rest happens. Um, and I don't have any, any worries about the money or any of that.

Like the where's the business going to come from, uh, you know, how are we going to survive? How are we going to pay the bill? Now? I wouldn't worry about any of that. I let God do that. I like, I got the guy to take care of that part. I just serve people. And so like with the show and, and all the things that we do, um, you know, we do training and all kinds of different things.

It's all free the community. And that's how we serve the job seekers and we're coming alongside them at a point where they're, they're really kind of hurting. We serve them, we rebuild them. We, we get them back to their glory, bring them, put them back together. And they remember that they remember that.

And a lot of them come back. Some of them, some of them will work with us right there in the moment in the, in the midst of chaos, they'll they'll want that help. Some of them will wait until they get landed and get back, you know, things calm down a little bit, but they remember they remember somebody was there to help them and serve them and never asked for them.

That's amazing. And that's, I've, I've, don't think I've ever heard of that in that industry at all. Maybe I just haven't sought it out, but, or it doesn't proceed them. Um, but that's really a radical way of approaching it and also biblical, um, which is really amazing because as you said, serving first and giving first, like that's tithing, right, exactly.

It's exactly what it is. And the more it's so funny, the more we, um, you know, the more we elevate and get elevated, I just take, take a lot of that profit and pour it back into the other side. I'm like, how can I, how can I just build this side? I need to build more. I just pour it into folks. Like it's some of the stuff we do.

I mean, we were given out, we bought a bunch of, uh, like, just to give you an example, we bought a bunch of camera equipment and we were, this was pre COVID, right? Given out, um, headshots in the community and, uh, at the church, which was awesome. There's a lot of them need updated headshots. Now we're actually doing like free video editing and marketing for them.

Cool. They make the video and we market it and promote it and, uh, get them visibility and, and, um, all kinds of different stuff that we do for them. But it's awesome. That's so cool. It really is. And I love that, you know, everything nowadays, you, you're trying to, you're seeing this more often that there's like a back program with a company or there's a service-based piece to what they do, or there's a mission driven, the purpose driven, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I don't mean it like blah, like it's bad. I mean, it's amazing, but sometimes I think it's an afterthought. Rather than a thought. Um, this is the thought, like we are in the middle right now of completely doing like our site and everything. And it's, it's solely dedicated. We're not just a financial services firm.

Like we can serve anyone. Okay. We could literally, in financial services you could do, you know, doctors, lawyers, high net worth the fluent. Right. And that's what most people do. Yeah. They want the, you know, the, the millionaires and billionaires and all that. They want to work with. Some, some people are more, will they say my money?

Yeah. Oh, totally. I mean like, no, that's not, that's just a, that's not who we are. Like I'm serving the everyday, you know, middle America, you know, I'm serving people and like, Uh, you know, uh, we're we're, I guess we're kind of a niche firm in that way that, um, probably our primary market, I would say 95% of our client base is job seekers.

So it's. It's really cool. It's really unique. And I want to, I want to bring up because I'm connected to tons of pastors and so grateful for that community. That's literally just like, I don't know, emerged on the rise even. Um, and, and I want you to be able to speak life into this conference concept that you have.

Um, because I know that there are people who are going to eagerly and first out of service help bring it to life. Um, so tell us about this idea that you have. It's one of the reasons I reached out to you originally when I heard about it, um, not only because you're an amazing game show host, but also because you have a heart, you just have such a heart for it and it comes out in the way you share about it.

Well, thank you. Um, yeah. So if you can imagine the, the Tony Robbins style conference, you know, 10 X, whatever you want, these big, big, big conferences that are built for entrepreneurs, they. They motivate their motivational conferences. Right. They also educate these people, right. They give them practical tools and tips and things that they can take in and apply into their business.

And, but really the big part about it. I mean, shoot, a lot of these places, they're like concerts and they got, I mean, they come in through and it's like a high energy, those types of meetings. And I'm like, well, they don't exist for job seekers and they need that. They need that motivation. Right. I can imagine like I've got a vision of, especially with the church because they need that worship music too.

Right. You were, we were talking about their, their identity is their identity and purpose and all that stuff. Like they need to connect, they need to reconnect to that and to come in and you know what, maybe some of them break down. They'd probably be good for them. It's probably going to be some of that.

I hope there is. Yeah. Yeah. Well, like, just like we talked about that identity is skewed and it's actually a skewed identity based on American dream status. Right. Based on the title that we're supposed to have, uh, based on the timeline that we're supposed to have. And so here they are at whatever age and likely it sounds like you're working with, you know, middle age, upper age people, and this, knowing that yeah.

They didn't get it right. And so they do have that component of I'm not worthy. I'm not deemed connected even. Um, because I don't have what, the one thing I was taught to do since I was little and that's have a job, but you have still have purpose even without a job. And the job is just a tactic. It's just a mechanism.

And with, or without your financial firm, you still have a purpose and your purpose is to serve. And so ultimately to meet people that will be introduced to Jesus based on the way you live life. And so the fact that you would do worship is the only way that they can get a job and exist in it. Joyfully.

And that's like a huge passion of mine for people to exist joyfully and their life every single day. Not because they have to go to work because they need the money, but because they get to go to work and money is just a secondary get to, that's such a key word. I love that you said that for me, my biggest thing is like watching somebody that, you know, you know, when you come across somebody who like, there's no, there's just no light in their eyes.

You know what I mean? You just see it. And they're just hopeless. They're just full of hopelessness. And to lift those people up and to all of a sudden, see that level of light come back in their eyes and they start to, um, they have those light bulb moments of hope, right? A light bulb moment. It's just hope you get that light bulb moment.

That's just hope, you know? And so they get that and they're like, did you see their faces? You see just the light come back in their eyes. And they got hope and they're just excited. All of a sudden, I love it. My number one compliment that I ever, ever, ever get when somebody tells me, they're like, ah, I'm excited again, like I'm excited about the job search.

I've flipped their mindset, you know what I mean? And that's, to me there's nothing better. Like they're all going to land a job. So I get, I get, um, people telling me all the time, you know, oh, when they land and I, and I celebrate them and I'm like, oh, that's awesome. That's great. But they're all going to land.

So I get that all the time. The biggest thing is when they tell me, like when somebody's broken and they come to me and they're like, I'm excited again. I'm like, yes. What is so interesting in that you did a couple of things that you have to take note of one it's like, you were maybe not at this conference that I was just at this past weekend, but the title is called embrace your ambition.

And the next one's in Dallas, which is near you, right. You're in Texas. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Um, so really excited about that. You got to be there to the first message, which was hope, then you're speaking to the class, which was my message. Um, the last day, and there's this place in between, and this place in between is that shift in posture that I was telling you about is the knowing that it's not about the ego, it's about the knowing of the one who gave you your name, who gave you your ability and to clarify which direction you're supposed to go in.

But the thing that really means a lot in the midst of that hope and that clap is connecting with a community. And when you're in this place of isolation, which is I'm sure what they feel almost above all other things, maybe even shame and guilt, but they feel completely alone. And could you imagine bringing together hundreds, if not thousands of job seekers and they're going to see other people and they're going to be like, they're just like me.

And that's ultimately what keeps people in the lockup in the shackles is because they think they're the only one doing this thing by themselves. And, you know, I'll tell you pre COVID, uh, these groups, these churches that are out here and, you know, in Texas, this stuff's existed for a long time. The job networking groups here in the churches are phenomenal, actually.

Um, the, the difference that they don't have, um, this is going to sound conceited in a way, was me, ah, come on. They didn't,

they didn't that the energy was. So I would go into these churches. It was like, wow, what is happening here? You know? And there was no one there, like, you can do it, you got this, like, come on, let's go like lifting these people up. There's nobody. And so I was like, all right, I gotta, I gotta, that's my, that's my calling.

That's my job. Right. That's what I have to do because everywhere I would walk into every single one of these churches, it was depressing. And I'm like, you're, it's actually, yeah. You're bringing people together. They've got the community. They feel like they're not alone. Hmm. But they leave depressed. Oh, right.

Yeah. Looking around. And every week they come and they see the same guy who's been here and they look over and they talk and they're like, okay. Um, how long have you been here? And the guy's like nine months. Oh my gosh, that's depressing. No, I'm going to be here for nine months. You know, what's so interesting, Trevor, as you were saying that, and you were like hyping up and your energy.

I mean, it literally had this energy before I press live. So you guys see as the same person off camera as he is on camera and his live show is amazing by the way, it's like stage and people not stage, but it's got a stage and it's got people coming in person and they're sitting on couches and it's like a talk show.

You've got to gotta tune it. It's amazing. Um, I was talking about how I'm going to pray that God comes in like a roll or you're coming in like a roar to every single one of their lives. And so it's already in you, his voice, his loudness is already in you. And it's pretty wild that I even had that kind of like visual just now.

I was like, holy cow, the thing I want for you, you already had, you're just not witnessing it. Like you think he's going to come in with like trouble. Hold on. I want to be Marcus as black Trevor, that butter voice, right? It's it's this knowing these already within you, it that loud, and you are letting him proceed you into those places because you're that passionate and you're that called into it.

And I'm speaking it right now that Virginia Beach or Hampton roads, Virginia will have this conference run by Trevor Houston in the coming years. No doubt, because it is such a need and to amplify, every person is our calling. But specifically to know that this is your passion one, because you probably witnessed your parents.

Maybe. No. Tell me that my mom was, um, my mom was disabled, so she, she didn't work. My dad's a business owner, entrepreneur owns his own business. Um, you know, I'll tell you for me, it was like the only time that I've ever been out of work. Uh, was just for one month. Okay. That was the longest stint that I went without work.

But work is what saved my life. Okay. I was, I was running crazy as a teenager, got in a lot of trouble, breaking rules, doing stupid stuff. And, uh, work is what saved my life. I ended up moving to my father's house. My father taught me how to save. He taught me how to, to, to work hard and, and to, um, to build and to be an entrepreneur and all that.

And for me work is what saved my life. Because if I didn't have a positive place to put my energy, I was putting it in a negative place. Right. I was putting my, my energy in a negative place. So I remember that one month that I was out of work and this was probably when I was like, I don't know, 20, 20, 21.

You know, something like that. 21, 22. And, uh, right before I got in the auto industry, I, I was in a Harley Davidson. I was selling Harleys. I got fired from Harley Davidson. They made up a bunch of lies about me. They made people write false statements so that I wouldn't get unemployment benefits. Yep. This was right before the holidays.

And I was like crushed because my identity was in Harley Davidson. You know, I'm like 21, 22 year old kid. And I loved Harley. Oh gosh. You know how stupid that was? Yeah. Like I was crushed and I, I started drinking and you know, and then I got the job selling cars. And again, work, I went to work and I saw that, whoa, hold on.

I I'm, I'm good at this. Um, I can, I can do this. And like, so I dunno, I think that's where it comes. I was, I was in a dark spot even in just that one month of being in in-between in my early twenties, you know, it's it interesting that like people's timeframes, don't matter to God. Like he'll use you real quick or he'll potentially just sit with you for a really long time.

And my story was a lot longer, a lot longer, my wayward ways, if you will. And so you're blessed. Um, but so am I, uh, and our purpose in that season is exactly why we're called and qualified, even in spite of what the world might say about that season of your life. And I think that's the part that can sometimes keep people shackled, even in the season of life that you're serving them in is because they do that.

They, they feel depressed. They've lost their identity. And so they turn to coping mechanisms that allow them to feel something, whether it's sex, whether it's drugs, whether it's alcohol, whether it's TV. Yup. And so I'm sure you've seen a lot in the timeframe where people lose the job to the timeframe they get the job.

And so your pact, your punch, your roar is intended to get ahold of them faster. Yes, I see. Oh my gosh. There are certain people I have in, in like my mind right now. And you see a transformation, complete transformation. I mean, like, it's awesome to watch that happen and to see where they're at now and to see when they're, when they're just excelling and shining and it's really, really cool.

Um, There were a couple of people that I have in mind right now. They they're, they're like, uh, they're like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon. Right. You see the cocoon and then all of a sudden at the end of it, they're just, they're beautiful, you know? Amazing. Yeah. That's really cool. Trevor. Maybe you're speaking into whether they're in a slimy market, they don't have a job right now or they're lacking purpose or identity or whatever it is.

What would you, what would you speak into them to get them fit in their faith to get them in the zone to do the thing they're called to do? Yeah, I would say, you know, one of the things that you, you, you were just talking about that I need to get back in the routine of is getting to that quiet place. I mean, some of the best revelations I've ever had have been in those quiet spaces, those quiet times where you're just asking the right questions.

Um, I told you about the prayer journal, um, And I need to get back to that. That's something that, uh, I'm glad we're having this conversation because it's something that I do need to get back to. It's um, it's amazing when you write it down and you write out your prayers, it's like love letters to God, right?

It's like your love letters to God, your thankfulness, your gratefulness. And then at the same time you're asking the questions, right? You're giving him your needs. And um, all of a sudden you start to write down your own answers and you're like, Hmm. And you're writing them down. And then what's cool about that is like, you'll go back and look, six months later and you'll go, oh wow.

He answered this one, this one, this one, this one. Right. And that starts to build your confidence. Right. When we were talking about, um, earlier in this episode, we were talking about. Um, the people that, that speak with the spirit and they're, they're able to heal people and things like that. It's their confidence, it's their faith.

And it, and it's rooted in, in activities like that when they've seen God work over and over and over, and they've got that evidence, right. If you write it down and you go back and you look in your journal, you're like, wow. He answered these prayers that starts to boost your confidence so that when you start to proclaim things, you're, you're like, you're bold.

Yeah. Yeah. So good. Yeah. So amazing. I'm like thinking of so many things I want to say. And it's like the knowing again, that your faith proceeded you even in that boldness, even in that confidence, but the fact that it becomes your evidence. I was thinking about like, people like Scientology, who they go on this exploration to prove that God doesn't exist.

Right. Or that there's a different God or whatever it be. And they come into their faith because there's so much evidence that he exists. And there's so much evidence in your individual life that he exists. And if we dissected every listener, every viewer, our lives, we will find evidence even in the seasons when we were wayward.

Yeah. And, and, and I it's about reminding yourself too. I think that's another thing too, is, is to write those things down because you forget how blessed we are. You forget all the things he's gotten you through up to this point. So for the job seekers listening right now, think about every obstacle, every challenge that you've gone through, maybe you've gone through a, a divorce.

Maybe you've gone through, uh, like for me, I remember when I was 20, he got a motorcycle accident and almost died. Right. Internal bleeding in the head and things like that. And like, you know, I mean, think about just every challenge you've had in your life. He's got you through it and you'll get you through this one too.

Um, but if you don't write those things down, you almost forget that's the crazy part. That's the, it's almost sad because I remember when I got off the motorcycle, when I was 20, I was the most grateful I'd ever been in my life. I was so grateful. Every breath I could, I could taste every breath. Everything was just so sweet.

I cherished every moment. Every if I was, I was just living the life. Right. And I remember praying to God asking him that he never take that feeling away from me. I would pray that don't take this away from me. Don't take this away from me. Well, it's my own fault that it started to fade because I stopped practicing gratitude.

What the difference was gratitude. I was thankful. I'm so grateful every day. And I'm so, so to write those things down and remind yourself right. To go back and go wait. Okay. You know, um, cause otherwise you just, life gets so good. Life gets so busy is there's so many distractions. You forget, what are you thankful for?

You've start to forget what you're even doing. Like what, what are you even thankful for? You know, that is incredibly wise so wise. And you know, I think it's more than just the practice of it's the being within that gratefulness, not just writing it down, but actually being in that breath, being in that gratitude being in that place, that posture of gratitude because it's not just an action.

It's an, oftentimes we live chatbox chatbox. Okay. I did the morning five. Thanks Glen. Right? You did that. And you did the check and now I can go to the next thing. It's living every moment of gratitude. It's showing up every time someone's deposited into your spirit and sending them that text message.

It's not just in the morning that you should be treating your body well or practicing journaling or any of those things. It's every day, it's all day. And it's being present in the midst of that. And I think the way that you serve is so unique, um, even though you might feel like other people do it, but you, the way that you said that, so boldly see I'm different than all of those.

We do it differently. You did that so well. And I know you weren't marketing or doing any tactic. It was just your truth. It was your evidence because you've seen it happen over and over again. And so I'm so prayerful that that energy, that ignite gets across not only our amazing country, that we are so blessed to live in, regardless of political strife that we were talking about earlier, Amen, but to the nation, cause that's the nations because that's what they need to is that ignite.

Amen. Well, and I really appreciate this conversation too, because you know, I'm not perfect by any stretch. I got a long way to go and, and, and I like, uh, cause this is one of those iron sharpens iron conversations, um, where just us talking is, is sparking some things that will, you know, cause when I are in classes, there's some sparks, you know, there's friction and uh, but it's a positive friction.

Yeah. So true. I'm so grateful. How can people get in touch with you other than obviously listening to your incredible show? You know, I will tell you if you're a job seeker right now, you need to get on there, who, you know, mobile app,

just go to Android or apple, download it, get in the community. That's what we're building. It's all about community. Um, or you can go to who, you know, dot show. That's our website. Um, connect with me on LinkedIn. Um, yeah, we'd love to love to serve you if you're not seeking employment and you just want to connect with me.

Um, you know, we, we do a lot out there in the community. Maybe you're a coach, maybe you're a recruiter, hiring manager, HR, something like that. And you you're just, you're led by this conversation and you want to support. Come on connect with me. Let's go. I love that. That's incredible. Um, that's incredible.

I'm like, wow, that was different than I anticipated you saying. And I'm like, so excited to connect you with different people than I already know. I want to connect you with, and this is what's so good about being with people. Y'all like actually being present with people and not just asking them what they do or what they don't do, but who are you?

Who's God called you to be, and God's called you to be someone great with a roar, like a lion coming in with tenacity. That was actually the adjective that I used to use when you were like, okay, say your name and an adjective. Tenacious Tamra right here. That's so good. I used to always be my word. Um, so I, I hear you and your Trevor, so tenacious, Trevor, you guys so good.

Get in touch. We'll talk soon. Yeah.

Hey, y'all it's me again. I hope in today's episode, you send, send ignite to an Ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey. Before you go, let's solidify the plane. I'd love for you to take a step right now and declaring your takeaway by snapping a pick of the episode you tune into share your spark moment and tag me at bitten, faith underscore podcast, or me personally at Tamra Diane dress on Insta.

I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the fit and beta podcast listeners. We're totally in this together. Community over competition is the motto, right? I'd also be incredibly grateful. If you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I'd love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project, a big shout out.

You know, I'm a writer. So I love words and I can't wait to read what you have to say. I'm ready to fuel the plane with you together. And until next time, blessings over your joy, how well and wholeness tune in next time.

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