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Embody Life, Business, and Faith in a New Way with Krystelle Lorraine

All right. We're talking about something new on the show today, and I really hope that it meets you where you are. It's something we've never spoken about, and I truly know is an essence of who we all are. We've talked about being, we've talked about a state of being, we've talked about identity a ton, but today's conversation is about embodiment. Krystelle Lorraine, today's guest, is the embodiment of so many things that I love - vulnerability, transparency, truth, creativity. She embodies life in such a beautiful way and embodies peace, openness, and space.

I'm so grateful to have shared stages with her and excited for everybody to take part in the embodiment of life and business and faith and all the things that I'm passionate about at Grow for God coming up in Nashville in November.

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Show Notes: Embody Life, Business, and Faith in a New Way

All right. We're talking about something new on the show today, and I really hope that it meets you. It's something we've never spoken about. And I truly know is an essence of who we all are. We've talked about being, we've talked about a state of being, we've talked about identity a ton, but today's conversation is about embodiment and Christelle.

Arraigned today's guest is, uh, gosh, the embody. So many things that I love, vulnerability, transparency, truth, uh, creativity. She embodies a life in such a beautiful way, but also peace and openness and space. It's just, she's an interesting human, and you're going to gather that very quickly. And if you. To experience or actually see how she embodies all of these pieces.

You should surely watch this live too. You can go on our YouTube channel and see bits and pieces, or you can go to Facebook and watch the whole thing live, or just stay tuned in here. Cause you're going to feel it just through the way that she presents herself and her words and her language. It's an embodiment feature that we could all practice.

We're often. So Christelle, I love you. I'm sorry. No, you I'm so grateful to have shared stages with you and excited for everybody to come take part in the embodiment of life and business and faith and all the things that I'm passionate about at grow for God coming up in Nashville in November. Yeah, it feels far away.

It's not far away. Get your tickets now. It's going to be amazing. We are so excited to just welcome you into this conversation with crystal and I on the Fitbit.

Welcome to the fit and faith podcast fit is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom leaders. I'm your host, Tamra and dress.

And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience. I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories, talents and tips as a purpose activator and brand builder.

I believe our successes and failures are derived from who. We are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission. So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Oh, man. I love watching people dance in the green room. I was like, this is getting me.

It makes you want to run around that house of yours. It's so much fun. I am so excited for you all to meet my dear friend, Christelle, Lorraine, you guys, if you don't know her, then you've been missing out or you're not my friends because we're connected at a heart level. We're connected at an entertainer level or connected.

Spirit level. And, uh, today's going to be special because we're going to go some places that maybe we haven't even gone. You and me we've been in like Dolly Parton world. What is that place called? Something that ezine pink limit, white limousine, the light limousine together. Just like talking about life.

We've shared stages together. We have shared tears together, intimate spaces and masterminds. So really what I love most about crystal. And then I'm excited to bring it to you today is just this sense of. She is so good at just creating space for people and allowing people to express themselves in their unique way.

And so I want her to bring that out of you today and, uh, yeah, I'm just grateful to have you here. I feel like I could keep talking just about you, but this is not my show. It's your show. I'm so grateful to be here. I, um, I feel really at peace right now. I feel just like. Just, I feel really, really warm and present and connected.

And I, I mean, I don't know about you, but that's, those are the feelings that I live for. Goodness gracious. I mean, I think we just take down my tonality and the sounds of that intro. And we just go back to what you just said. I think. Warm and present and at peace, unlike yes, Jesus. Like, that's what we do yearn for, especially with a little bit of snow outside in my hometown in Virginia Beach, Virginia fire on I've got my cozy slippers on right now.

So I'm feeling all the things, but then that internal peace in presence and warmth that you provide, I want to know, like, where does that stem from? Has that always been something like, since you were little that you've had, or you feel like that's something you're developing. I think that's something that I've been developing and continue to develop because as a child, I think I was the opposite of peace.

I think I was, um, you know, I grew up in, in a home where I was the middle child. Um, one of my siblings was, was ill. And so there was a lot of conflict in the house and things like that. And so I played the role of the achiever and I played the role of. Watch me dance, look at my fingers, you know, I would just, I would entertain and I would, um, and I would achieve.

And, and so I think a lot of that growing up, um, made me feel like I had to fit into this box of what I was supposed to be. I know you've talked about this in your book 2000% and. I didn't start feeling peace until I started to shed myself of that identity. My brother says it's like I put on these coats and it would happen when I moved.

I moved away. I grew up in Connecticut and I moved away from my family of origin, love them to death. But when I moved, it was the first time I ever had an opportunity to really go over. Taking off this layer, you know? Um, so when my brother, one of my brothers said to me, one time, you just, you put on jacket after jacket, coat, after coat.

And I realized I don't have to be wearing those coats ever so good. And I feel like so many people are doing that. And especially even coats of like fear, coats of shame, and we can name every single one of those coats. And it takes seasons of deliverance and seasons of release. That's my word for the year, but like releasing those coats and like being okay with not just putting them in the closet, but more like let's burn that line.

Let's have no remnants of that one, not to say that those things aren't important to who we are, but it's more of that testimony of spirit, rather than that testimony of shack. Absolutely. And to know that, and this is something that I continue and continuing to learn as well, is that, um, sometimes we can have even shame in that, right?

It's like, I'm going to burn this jacket because this jacket is bad or whatever. And it's like, no, this. Protected me when I needed it. I no longer need it. And I'm so grateful. It's almost like the Marie Kondo, but

like super heady space, um, abstract space. It's like, you know, like to hold it and to be so grateful and to say I'm so grateful for the warmth and the comfort that you provided. And I don't, I don't need you anymore. Yeah. Yeah. And what's beautiful. And especially for women, I think a lot of women are like, they don't want to have the language of like, that just doesn't fit me anymore.

Like, that's not what we want. We want everything to fit us. And I think that's one of the reasons that we're probably more likely and I, and I'd be curious. Study. We're more likely to put on coats that are not meant for us because we want to fit in and we want them to look good. And so we're actually utilizing somebody else's crutch, which is their blanket, their coat, and it's not even good for them to have on.

And isn't it interesting that we do that. And I think living in the type of society that we do. And knowing that achievement is associated to that. We think that the glitz and the glam and the nice coats are really what we want, but it's really that inside man that we want to grow. Absolutely. I, I think that comes from comparison and my calls that compare comparisonitis, you know, um, uh, and when we compare, and this was especially true for me, I know growing up is I wasn't competing with anybody else, but myself.

But when I saw somebody else excelling in something, I thought, oh, I'm not good enough unless I'm at their level. And I would never look at one person and be, and look at them across the board. It was like, who's the best of this. I need to be like them. Who's the best of that. I need to be like that, or I'm not enough.

And I think we always, I think it's a human, a human, I think it's just a part of the human condition to think that we're never enough. I think that that's still ingrained in us, in society. And, and also just, I think that's what, what you have stepped into as well is just, I am, I am all of it. I'm everything, you know, with, with God and with, with your, your faith, you have been able to step into really your power.

And that's what you want from this space is to create. Uh, microphones for peop for other people who are in that journey as well. Yeah, it has been, and it's so neat to see the evolution of it. And it doesn't mean that the conversations, the conversations are only different because. The education has been different.

The learning zone has been different. Like I've evolved. The human race has evolved, even though I think if you parallel COVID to evolution, maybe not synonymous, but really I think that it actually is. And if we look and took space and we took witness to what actually occurred, there was even in the fear of the blank.

There was actually a lot of freedom that happened. We heard about like the great resignation. Um, but I think that what happened in the isolation is people realized that they came back to the center of self of like, what do I actually need? And so, as you were kind of processing that in association to where you've been, and now even stepping into this.

Uncovered even more vibrant human and you guys didn't even do you a appropriate intro. I just talked about all the fields and like, yeah, she has a rap sheet and we could talk about her incredible history and we will, but I, I just love that there's this new factor of what's being added to your resume if you will, at this point in your journey.

So talk to us through, like, what were you kind of emotionally dealing with during that transition and where are you in. During the transition from childhood into womanhood. Yeah. That, and even the connection as like how COVID played a part of that, the pivot into such. Yeah. I know. Punch in the gut. If you guys couldn't watch her, if you weren't watching it live, it's like that.

Oh, Yeah. And like my whole, my whole life back contracted. Um, yeah, so let's just go ready to COVID. So I, um, I was in a really good place when COVID hit. I mean, I was personally, professionally just feeling really fulfilled feeling really, um, I felt like I was on the precipice of the next chapter of growth and all of these things, and then COVID hit and it was like, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I was planning on there being a big transition happening, but it was going to be a different transition and I was really excited about it. And, um, and you know, me more personally where I'm a very, I need human. And, um, and what I was doing for work previous to, I work with Mike seller now, who is one that he's your, your business coach and one of your mentors.

And, um, and before I worked for him, I actually was a spokesperson for Chevrolet and I would travel around the country and work at all the auto shows and give presentations on cars and trucks. And it was so fun. Um, but also it really fulfilled that need in me to connect with people. And so when COVID hit, I, all of a sudden had just moved to Nashville from Los Angeles.

Didn't know anybody. I lost my job because we can't be in person with people. I, um, I didn't know anybody in the place I was living and I was isolated. I was so isolated. And I think what you were saying before about really understanding what do I actually need is so true because it was, it was, it felt so bare and for so long, um, And nobody really had an answer or a solution.

Um, and so I just put one foot in front of the other and slowly found my way. With one. I had no idea what I, you know, like I, in one of my songs, right. I like some, like, you're like, you're imagining this thing. Like it's a prophecy or whatever, and it's, I didn't have that. I had no idea what direction I was walking and it felt, but I had to in some way, surrender to that because I was not in control at all.

So fast forward, we're still in this, this world that we live in, but I feel like I'm in the best place I've ever been in, in my life because I stopped fighting and stop trying to figure it out and just took the next step and then took the next step. And it felt. I'm just going to say, it's smell kind of shitty.

Like, am I allowed to say that, like, it was uncomfortable, but, um, but ultimately I'm still in that journey, but I get to, actually, this is a really cool story. Mike. Um, do you remember when he had us do, um, you may, you may remember this where the morning affirmations, he said record record a bunch of morning affirmation.

Yes. Oh, yes, for sure. Okay. So I recorded a bunch of morning affirmations, 10 minutes of affirmations. And I remember I looked at one, I recorded it. It was the day after I had, um, ended a relationship with someone that was really important to me. And. So I was really, my mental space was not in a great space, but I had 10 minutes of just like I was speaking it into, I was speaking this in life.

And so I started listening to that two, three times a day. When I woke up, when I would start to feel a little anxious, when I start to feel uncertain, I would just put this on and I would play it. Okay. So about a week and a half ago. I'm thinking. I just, I just, I wanted to share it with somebody. I said, you know, I want to share this.

And so I played it and as I'm playing it, I'm thinking to myself, I've manifested almost every single one of these things that I did not believe was possible for me, the time I recorded it. And so just reflecting back, I see that I'm on this journey still. And I see that I have so many. Opportunities. And there's so much abundance around me and I'm so grateful and I feel like better than I've ever felt in my life.

But I also have the perspective looking backwards to say I put in the work I put in the intentionality. I didn't know really where I was headed, but I kept on putting out there what I wanted. The next thing I want. The next one. I think what's really beautiful about that too. And it almost brings the conversation full circle to the very beginning.

Was this, when the isolation occurred, when the connection stopped, the connection is not exterior towards achievement. The connection is interior towards desire and the desire and the affirmations that you spoke out weren't in conjunction or parallel to what other people were doing, because you couldn't really compare at that point, who was attributing.

Everyone was in a state of chaos. Everyone was a, just like, what do I do now? Situation? And here you are manifesting the thing that was meant for you rather than manifesting the thing that was meant for somebody else. And, you know, it's cool to kind of going off of what you're saying is that it really wasn't external.

The stuff that I was, that I was one of the manifest was not externally. It wasn't. I want to achieve this. I want to achieve that. It was like, I want to. I'm trying to think of some of them. Um, I want to bring magic to people's lives. I want to. I want to connect deeply, you know, I want to feel at peace. All of these things were the things that I was saying for 10 minutes straight, you know, I want my, can I add this to the show?

Like, is this something that people pay for too? That'd be amazing. I loved it to get like run meditations and so good at it. And, and that's one of the ways that I connected with you on that deep level was the first time that you actually did your sign language connected to your voice, which your vocal ability is amazing too.

And when I saw that connection, because actually have a childhood memory and just amazingly fond experience of the American sign language, a language in and of itself. But the beauty behind it, you reignited something in me. And it was connected to my passion of movement and dance associated to sound and words and how they all play together.

And so you have just this incredible ability to evoke emotion. Based on your body, like your body language and the way that you, you almost can see what's about to transpire. And you can see that you're seeing the vision of what's going to come to life with that magic component of who you are. I mean, I think magic associated to your name is makes total sense.

It makes total sense, and it's just really neat and beautiful to watch you evolve in that knowing even two years ago, you didn't even have that magical. That's um, that's just like brings me life that I just did the sign for inspiration inspire or inspiration. It's like, what you just said is exactly. Um, and it kind of goes full circle to what I mean, we're kind of like going, because it's true that like, um, I think that my gift to the world is that I do create space for people to feel.

Safe. And I create space for people to feel that they can show up as themselves. And where that comes from for me is, um, connection. I value connection. I value trust and authenticity and integrity so much. Um, and I, I really value inclusivity too. And it's because those three things I struggled having in my life growing up.

And so. If I can, if I can bring that to someone else, it's almost like, I feel like when I'm performing I'm it's, it's like prayer. I don't know if I've ever, I think I've shared this with you. It's I found growing up, I would shut my door, closed the lights and just sing. And I wasn't performing for anybody, but I was performing, you know, and it was because I was, it was the thing that would make me feel most present to them.

I could be so present to my power. I could be so present to God. I could be so present to too good. And I didn't have any other way growing up to connect to that part of myself or to connect to that piece like we were talking about. Um, and so now when I do that in front of people, It's I'm giving the same permission.

I'm giving myself permission to be just so present. And that there's a vulnerability to that, that when people observe it, it almost gives them permission to also be that present lately completely. And I feel like honestly, when we shared the stage of growth for God, it was like that actually was a tiny seedling of an emotion that then was allowing me to become.

All that I was intended to be. And so knowing that like your freedom in that it was, it was just in the back of my mind unknowingly. Right. But when somebody else expresses. Like truth, the way that you do and the way that you allow other people to you eagerly want to like taste and feel and see that again, because it is such a multifaceted experience.

And I'm curious for those who have either never witnessed you doing your vocal sign language or witnessed me dance or. How could you think people can tap into this? If they feel as if they don't have that creative expression, is there a way, is it through writing? It is like, what does that look like for them?

So for me, the thing that immediately came to mind when you brought this up is, um, is movement and it's not necessarily dance, but it's just, I'm really, I have this kick right now where I'm listening to. Are you familiar with, and. I'm not. Okay. So it's a musical, it's a great musical. Um, it was on, I think it still is on Broadway actually.

Um, but they came out with a movie version and their opening song to the movie is, um, it's actually. Um, it's called waving through the window and the whole, without giving too much away, because I don't want to give any spoilers, but it's about depression and it's about feeling isolated and it's about like tap, tap, tapping on the glass, but nobody can see them waving.

I was like, hold on. Why do I know this? He, that movie. That movie is amazing. I watched it on the airplane ride and I was in tears and like, could not wait for the next scene. Did. I won't look just for people to understand, like the emotional side, the integration of like mind in parallel to connection and what we all really are seeking and needing.

I thought they did a phenomenal job, plus it's a musical, which of course we connect over that, but oh, so good. That is, um, he is so. Disgustingly talented watch come from. He was the original character on Broadway and I'm, and this goes back to the speaking about how I love embodiment and like the word embodiment to me.

It's something that I've been meditating on recently a lot more lately, because when I've always thought of it, I thought of it literally like it's embodying like what my physical body does, but it's, it's so much more than that. It's taking ownership, it's embodying truth. It's embodying my values. It's, it's showing up in a, in a difficult situation or a difficult, difficult conversation and being in integrity with my values and that doesn't have to look like a body moving in a certain way, but it can, and.

What I was going to say about that flat. I'm a little obsessed. I went and I watched the progression of his embodiment of this character. And I watched it him at the Tony's the year it came out and I watched him performing it on Jimmy Fallon years later. And then I watched him perform it in the movie and I was just like low.

Uh, way at the way that this person was able to continually, because it's look at he's, he's on a huge stage with all these people. It's going to be some way, right. This one way, then he's at, he's performing on live TV. It's going to be a different way. Then he's performing it where the camera's right in on his face.

And he's got it. He's gotta be as honest and authentic as possible. And he was so connected to the moment. That it just gives you, if you haven't seen dear Evan Hansen, please go watch it. Um, because it's just incredible. And that particular song, um, to answer the very long way around to answer your question, I've been putting it on because it just inspires me and I can't help, but just like, I'm like moving around and my boyfriend's kind of like laughing because I'm doing my own Broadway show for him and I'm not doing it to entertain him.

I'm doing it. Cause it's just like. Okay, I'll put it on you embody it. That's the thing. And you know, I don't think honestly, crystal, and this is like something for you to tap into, even in your realm of teaching, you know, when you were at grow for God, or even when you were at, um, some of the masterminds with Mike, you would always have a different words.

You know, vulnerability was one and we spoken up Bernay brown in our love for her courage was another one, which actually propelled a lot of my development towards the grow for God conference, because there was a. Fear associated. So that courage really brought me to the place and the unpacking of what happened.

But I feel like more people, corporate settings, ministry, settings, business settings, children, like they need to understand the depth of this word. And not the physicality of this word. And I think utilizing the understanding of watching that evolution first off, I had no idea that what dear Evan Hansen was, I just press play.

Cause I'm like, oh, I have to watch something good. And like hearted, I always watched like the first couple of minutes, if it's not good and lighthearted I'm done, it was so provoking. But if you could like. Claim a word like this is your word more so than vulnerability, more so than, and then courage like embodiment a really?

Yes I do. It's very, and I don't say it because it's brandable. It is brandable by the way, it'd be a great book. But I think about who you are and also who you call out others to be. Um, like you have always since day one, without ever having this conversation, you have called my greatness out in me. You call it out, even in those who aren't willing to dance or sing or be vibrant in that way.

But their vibrancy is more meek and beautiful. Like Aaron. I mean, you have helped her embody the beauty that she is, right. Yes. And for those who don't know, Aaron, Aaron is a wonderful, like my right hand woman. Um, she works with me on Mike seller's team and she's his executive assistant and she is, she, she came when I first met her and was just so small.

And I mean that not in the physical way. I mean that she just, she shrunk herself and. The thing is, is that I'm attracted to people like that because it empowers me to be able to empower other people. And, um, and it's something that I've worked on too, because you, if you do it too much, you know, if you're not careful, you can be like, can you stop?

Yeah. Yeah. You don't, you don't want to do it where you're not invited. And you also don't want to tell someone how to be, to empower themselves. You just want to stand in your own power next to someone else. And that's what you do. And so with Aaron, um, I recognized very quickly that, um, I read so untamed by, um, Glen Lyndon, Doyle.

Yeah. She inspired me in reading that book to really isolate what is my gift? What is my gifting to really other people? And what does it, I think she calls it your super power. And I read it with my mom actually, cause we're dorky like that. And we do a book club. With just the two of us, just us two.

And, um, and we were talking about it and I was like, you know, mom, I think my, I think my superpower is that I can make people feel comfortable in their own truth and comfortable sharing their truth. And so. You know, I, in reflecting back on my relationship with working relationship and personal relationship with Aaron, I see how I was able to just allow her to be who she was, even in that feeling small, but she didn't have to put on a mask.

She was able to take the mask off and be like, I feel small. And here are the reasons why, and, and. Seeing the evolution and anybody who does know Aaron and has experienced this transformation. I don't own any of it. It is a hundred percent her, but it is so. It's almost intimidating to see the power that she just is harnessing within her because I'm like you grow up because you are stepping so fully into who you are meant to be.

And again, it's not a comparison of who am I and who is she and who is Tamra? And the way that you go Tamra is going to be a completely different way than, than I go. And this person goes, and I wish honest to God. I wish that I understood that when I was in my. Because don't we all. We thought we understood it.

Right? Like we have our own way, but then it's like so much power, so much courage, so much I'm so vulnerable, vulnerable. And like, I know that like my way is going to be different than her way, like totally. But then you just get somehow. Going in this pattern of like, it's almost the re react versus respond.

Totally. Another thing that I've been focusing on this last few years of my life is I would see someone else get ahead in something. Even if it wasn't something I wanted to get ahead in and I would, and this is retracting back to my childhood of like, oh, they're achieving in this way. I'm less than because I'm not achieving in that way.

And my immediate reaction. It's like my nervous response is you've got to figure out how to be just like that. You've got to change your, your, your profile to be just like that. Or you've got, you know, you've got a book of thing.

the most powerful thing you can do to unlock your greatness and step into your next level of abundance is to get in the room with others who have been where you want to be, and perhaps are going where you want to go. But oftentimes we can put ourselves in the wrong room based on exterior vantage points.

But where were they go? What they do when we know in our heart of hearts, that we should be following people and standing along people who are aligned in true wealth, stop feeling alone in a journey of growth as a business leader and an entrepreneur who loves God, stop struggling to find the right answer.

When it's already been written, zap, giving up on the desires of your heart when God placed them there with intention, stop standing in this lack mentality. When. It is critical for all of us in the kingdom. Come kind of seat at the table at the most impactful faith driven business conference, you will ever experience alongside ministry driven marketplace leaders.

You will evolve, unlock and activate your next level. That just sounded like a video game. This is not the Metta. Okay. This is your I R L you're in real life chance to be in the room with some of the greatest kingdom entrepreneurs of our time. Founder. Innovators trailblazers who are God-centered are coming together to grow their business for God's sake.

And that's an inside out job. You will leave this three-day intensive with action plans, new income strategies, freshmen totalities towards business and life integration, and a sense of freedom that will have others magnetised to what you are selling by the way you freshly and uniquely serve it's happening on November 4th through the 6 20 22 in Nashville, Tennessee, with a highlight.

And on November 3rd, there are seats at the table for you, but they will go fast. It's a limited reservation. So get your tickets Again, that's grow for I can not wait to hug your neck. I cannot wait to see you there in person. I can not wait for this energetic room to just light up the world because that's what we're going to do when we leave this conference.

But you've got to be in the room. IRL. Let's go.

You know, this, I spent a decade in LA and I was, uh, an actor and singer all the things. And I, I was so consumed with doing what I thought I had to do or should do. And it was no longer the things that, you know, growing up it's I did the things I achieved, the things that I thought would make my parents proud or people proud of me.

It no longer was that. I need, I was going to do the things that I should do to make me proud of me. And now I recognize in my thirties, what's going to make me proud of me is being a good person every day and connecting with the people that are for me. It's another big lesson that I've learned in the last few years is embracing the people that are formed.

I'm just going to leave it there. I think that, I mean that no, that's such a mic drop component. Because there is a lot of society who is still stuck in the childhood achievement driven, comparison, driven competition, driven mentality. And I feel like there is an ability for people to almost mask that because of the language that they are getting exposure to such as.

Even mental health, such as emotional intelligence, such as vulnerability. And so because people speak to it and it's now like coined phrase ology, you feel invited into their space quicker and there's like less ability for discernment and more openness to a lack of trust, even though you're doing it in a trusting way.

And then it's like true colors come out. Right? Like, I feel like this concept. Of embodiment associated to who you are, is more of what I would be searching for. Then the vulnerable, then the emotional and intelligent. Because embodiment is when the lights are off, when the camera's off, when they're not on stage, when they're not doing the role or the thing, or the success driven accolade oriented experience.

And so I've become much more aware of sitting in the crowd and watching. What that looks like from a fame and fortune perspective from, um, a truth seeking perspective from an integral perspective. And I've had a lot of ahas. I've had a lot of like here, let me turn the light on for you in that situation.

And it's not always fun when that happens. You've experienced it emotionally as well and relationships and. I want people to feel encouraged to know that even though there's like the Wolf in sheep's clothing or there's this society who hasn't been woke, I guess you could say it in that ology, that there are, there's like grace and mercy associated to that.

And you can be on the other side of being alive and at peace and present and still. Sharing and shedding empathy and grace towards people and yet not having them be in the inner circle. Absolutely. There's so there's two sides of this, right? There's the people who are like, but to be nice, I really should invite them and embrace them and dah, dah, dah.

And then there's the people who are like, I'm protecting myself and it's, it's neither it's having the grace with yourself and other. And that's what we don't re it's like, it's like a Seesaw it's like you've got to have, and that's something I've seen in my personal relationships in the past. And I know you, you can understand what I'm talking about is where I learned I lost.

So what I value is I value, integrity, dignity, love, inclusion, um, joy for myself and all people connection to. And I am really good at embodying that most of the time, but what I've done in past, in the past relationships that I've. Is that I've shown dignity to them, but not myself. And when you do that, that's why it's important to show it to myself and all people, it can't be one or the other.

It can't be just to myself again, just be to all living things. It's gotta be to everything. Like speak of discernment is no discernment when you're embodying your values. And that's what I think it comes down to. Okay. We you and I can have differing opinions on, on everything, but if we can come to the table and honor each, other's what we value and find connection in because there's something we could be on total opposite sides of the table.

And there is something that we both value. And if we can hone in on that thing and connect to that, we would be a much happier people. Because we all crave connection. We don't like this divisiveness. And that's the thing that I I'm constantly in myself and in my work with everything, with my work, with performance art and music and sign language, but also my work with Mike and why I'm never going to give that up because there is a way for me to reach more people and to connect people with each other, not just me with other people.

But like, how do I facilitate? And just with you sharing, how you seeing me perform at one of these masterminds, singing in signing gave you this aha moment where you told me about screwing in the light bulb. And you're like, I know what I'm going to speak about now. The fact that that happened. I had a connection to myself and to you in that moment.

And then you took that and you connected it to how many hundreds of, oh, that's so true. I just got shells all over. Yes. So good at, and this is like that piece. You've said the word inclusion twice. And I want to like round the conversation in this, because I think that. Such beauty to this concept too. And I know it's something you're really passionate about.

Talk to us through like the evolution of why inclusion, what that actually means to you, your awareness factor to the concept and how you actually put that out into the world. Yeah. So it's kind of one of those things where I only in retrospect realize that it was really important to me. So I grew up, um, I was.

Very always on the outside, I was kind of never fit in. I always felt kind of like, I didn't have a friend group, um, never felt, I felt like the black sheep in my family too. So I realized that that was kind of my, my foundation. But then as I got older, I became really in gross and involved in theater and the theater world.

And, um, and then I moved to LA and, uh, and as, you know, theater, people are kind of like, you know, like the nerds or whatever case. I do too. And then I moved to LA and I became engrossed in the gay community and I'm, I'm identify as straight, but I became so engrossed in becoming an advocate and an ally for the gay community.

And, um, so I spent 10 years out there and then I moved to Nashville and I found a very small deaf community and I am hearing and I just became. Just obsessed with, with understanding how to connect to their community. And so I look at it. In retrospect. And I realized that I really find a lot of my identity is in connecting to people outside of myself.

And that's just something that resonates for me. And so I see that that's what is like the spark, the igniter and everything. And when I really think about it, I think the reason why it's so ingrained in me is because I never felt included. I never felt wanted or, or connected to. So now that I have the power to connect to myself to fulfill that within myself, I just want to share it with as many people as possible.

And I look to the, to the groups, I think that have been alienated or marginalized in any way. And I, in no way, want to be a savior. I just want to be present. I just want to stand next to and embody my power and just see their power. It's so good. And I think it all ultimately comes down to the concept of love and love, loving yourself enough to love other people, loving other people enough to then turn and love yourself, recognizing the different, celebrating the differences and being willing to go there to have those conversations.

And sometimes. Not to say a dang word. And I think that's where society can get it wrong a lot is they try to speak to fill the void instead of just being. To fill the void. And so there's so much power in that. There's so much power in you and I am so grateful that we know where that power comes from, but more so importantly, how that just impacts the world around you, regardless of what situation you're in regardless.

And if you guys are not watching this live, I want to bang the table right now, but I don't want to mess up the mic. You have to come back and watch because she's not putting on a performance, but she speaks in. Crazy way she's signing the whole time. I know perspective. She's taught me so much sign language, and it's just like, it creates this experience.

And we're only two babbling heads on this screen, but there's such an experience. And so that is so ingrained in who you are. I am so grateful to have you on the show. It's been a long time coming, but perfectly timed, right? Isn't it crazy. I mean, we've known each other for a long enough that you should have been on the podcast by now, but I know that it was intentional for such a time as this.

And so I want everyone to get connected to you. You're on the gram the most, where should I tell them that I'm on the ground? The most I'm at the crystal is so it's at T H E K R Y S T E L L E. And, um, I would love to connect with everybody, um, for any, any, any amounts of connection, but especially. If anything I've said has resonated at all.

Absolutely. So please share tag her. She'll get in connection with you at that point, which is her heartbeat. And thank you all for just being connected to the fit and faith community. It's been amazing to just continually bring guests on like Christina. Ignite us in a different way. And everybody's Ember is what is so beautiful because together is where we as a world can affect change light fire to the old things and create something new with the new one.

So thank you for being here. I love you having me. I love you. Bye bye.

Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories.

And you can tag me and the guest and we will surely feature you on our instance. Hey, you might even unlock a new accountability buddy in me or them. We're totally in this together. And we appreciate the extra step taken. I would be so grateful if you even took the extra step, come on and give you that extra size and leave a review on iTunes.

For the podcast listening app that is of your choice. I'm going to be featuring your thoughts in fact, and this will be so fun and upcoming episodes. So you'll not only hear your name on the show, but maybe even your passion project or whatever, big shout out you want me to make. So please, as a fellow writer, leave some words that I can attest to.

And I can't wait to read what you have to say. Thanks again for being a loyal listener. And I hope to meet you in person soon at one of the events that. Speaking at or hosting. And I say we, because the fit and bake team could not do this without you until next time blessings over your joy, health, wealth, and wholeness.

This is a fit faith way. .

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