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Educating Our Mind With Catherine Divaris from Mind Potential

This podcast about educating our mind blew my mind. If you’ve ever tuned in you know I usually want all the juicy details about the who, what, where, when, why…but for some reason this one skipped a few traditional steps and I’m totally ok with the surprise of what it turned out to be.

I felt like I totally got schooled in understanding how humans operate, relate, feel, and learn. Catherine is bringing something brand new from her mentor in South Africa to the United States. We are literally the first community to have access to this incredible program and she lives right here in Hampton Roads.

After even just 45 minutes of unpacking her knowledge about educating our mind, I left amazed and excited to share it with others and also to dissect myself into a deeper understanding of WHO I am. Ultimately when we can figure that out…we’ve got the keys to the universe when it comes to maximizing our purpose.

educating our mind

Enjoy Catherine Divairs and go follow along with her journey too.



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Show Notes: Educating Our Mind

Alright, how well do you are in the studio with the Catherine de virus of mind potential, and I’m so pumped to share with you, and he did learn alongside you guys more about what she does, so you’re gonna love her, the bone Jones a mouth, and you see what I shortly… And I just really gotten to know her of course, of the last couple weeks specifically, but we always seem to be running the same path, and so it’s fun to kinda get to know other people that are running in your circle that you don’t often take the time to do so, so really enjoyed our time and getting smoothly a couple of weeks ago, and just hearing your story and your ID in what you do, and I’d love for you to do… Just open up with that. Why did you get into this? And what actually is this?

Because I don’t think a lot of people can even comprehend I was going on to your site and on to Facebook and stuff, and I’m like, I knew a little bit more of the back end, but I want people to really grasp full of… It would later be with us.

Okay, that was a right.

Thank. Yeah, thank you. So one, to have me… Thank you for finding the eyes. There’s one in live, so it was like, Oh, I get an out for me, I… Tinashe.

So yeah, I have to take… You do quite a few. So bad and I at… Yeah, I get to jump. Right, yeah, no, in terms of like, we process a… ’cause Eris an interesting work and also do the Lacy because I’m from on that Pega, the season one. So I thought it’s one patient therapy, and my mom… So she’s a kid got teacher and she says, We come on, come and see all time side what to do for college, and I went over the AND so he’s interacting with kids and all the sensory information that they were helping, the kids were… So there were kids who tech call issues that kind Petrograd olent.

So in foods, because of the tech call experiences and these are the… With the help integrate all these senses and take a fictional comments and Latino, so I ended up getting in to oversee and we sing a cation there be I… I didn’t… Or a home near Al one.

And I was a competent time you tell kids… Sure, and then you… Physical injuries, interstate had a fine go injury, had a stroke, so I had to re there, which I knew I didn’t wanna be that, and we in our… As the kid and I never you that it was this… So yeah, I took… So my first practical, I go in very green and pre, ’cause we saw the practical straight of a test year.

Oh wow, okay. I put in to the field all to see question. Yeah, sure, for the… Yeah, yeah. And the iron was made from institution answer, and it just… That’s way of switch in a Antonini, I was just no way by the impact that occupation… So every day cast, the impact that man will help has on that, and how if you do, ’cause it was happened to be there was a guy in the head and a team… Yeah, so we had a physical entry, but he had a real serious crises on that as a sense, and often all the lines ran the Palais, it treats… Gonna treat what needs to be treated.

The area, he was an… The wine sometimes, and often hangs a ring, the acetate, so seeing door, that kid going back to that same institution, you like it, you have to choose.

So I was just position the… So I attend, then I just, I Theatre.

But he come to everything I did do and we were with the efforts with the admin actually, I ran that at we as elastin patent.

I deal with them the way, emotion it into a, don’t we all want to be… And that’s so interesting, I feel like that is a huge thing. Brother is listening for that regard, because even there’s a film screen by a CIA, a, the E there showing at my kids school in a couple of weeks, and it’s all it’s calling, and it’s all about… We’re dealing with anxiety and depression. And there’s gonna be a panel there, so I’d be interesting to see even that overlap and is like around… Because it’s for middle Institute, your torso… And I never really… Other than when I was in middle school, around that population, and so it… The… And so it’s really… It’s that harder.

Ease for all is whether you’re living it or your parents I met, or you’re just watching and let… Well, exactly, emptiness, sofas, we were kind reactants actually, and Lisa is in being Ernest conditions in initiation and interested in it can actually impact a… Sure, so I eintracht institution and four years in, and we… Is deltora… A lot of what I was in easing back into society of… Back to the… And and I, I, I, as I all and often, we have one… We very monotone, Sonoran. The ion is a in to specifics. So they say in being between three weeks and I met so now that long… So not that one. Yeah, but still… Yeah, I E, in time to see in some really integrative therapy, which is really only work, we have other use psychiatric social work of his dieticians who really had great monotone, but that was really what Savage might my very design helping to what happens off them. So I went to some proactive training in vocational revisions and get the anti… Yeah, and then I do potato off of that, the other one, and with what I had seen in some patients that I had seen from tartar.

Okay, and why is that a bit of one practice at people who came out of every way, so because that… The idea… Really for it. Yeah, and then after moving to we as mistakes in headcount, myself a little bit, a lot a cyanosi, the skills is in the Meristem health company on a strong… So I just am sure coaches or to me in to do that, more of that. But you hate it is A… So in a estate… A self… Yeah, that my big as SIL is in how using errant to But halfback to it in…

I think in oratorios, that’s awesome. That’s an interesting shift and to also… And yeah, and you see it all the time on the concept of esopus is everywhere. Yeah, sometimes maybe to the extent for a… Rarely are you saying that. As an excuse, I… You really never know.

And so for you do the legwork, even prior to that experience, it’s just… I think it’s so pretty cool, so getting people there from the burn out to the isolation to not really… You can be in an office space with… I’ve done it before, hundreds of other people and feel completely alone, or then that depression sets in and that… Am I not good enough? Am I the only one that feels alone and everybody else is going to the party, like there’s just so… Using place in that. So how have you shifted… So you still use Otello use a set like… Okay, and I been try really hard to give it a go, I was trained, so I often… People outside of my brain or… Yeah, I think it’s so cool and so needed, so I… Or because nobody’s done it. So they weren’t familiar with it, that why it was far to re-establish yourself here, well, all or being a otitis, you gotta buy your allocations, counsel, these rules were as terms of car checking, things are a bit more…

Mike sells and you kind of a… Which it’s good in some ways to not to get in the way we are racing aromanian as or to do so is paring anti needs to be concretions Alessandro.

But it was just more about creating the winemaking to practice, my Macalester Insurance Company in the operational… Gotcha, and you… Yeah, I… Yeah, right, right at you. Reason practice and then get that going again. Awesome. Oh, that’s just a big undertaking. Okay, well, really, it ties so much, so I want… Cause I know you were coaching even already today, he is… Take us through that experience, ’cause I know there’s a ton of working professionals listening, what is it that they are… What is the experience with wine as Anjali?

So I had to one… So the first branch is the company, so the income, and that is really beating passion, that means up that I can affect the most change and also you getting erosive having to utopian to that authoritative curated once they have broken out in a struggle, so I…

I have a little bit of content that I initiated in the workplace because again, I was like, So releases and in ten how that one, the expert, and we were saying we can… For Miles, consonantal and awareness comes that you got into people or semi-mentor, ’cause that’s what the ones containing a bounce that go and go to this one workshop for halal, I hate… We see lines as soon as people feel close to do something, then they will not the internal resistance even to the oirat. Interesting, so I can tapeworms obviously at HR management hunting, he… At the inbound, and I do what I will come up.

Okay, so I would be like a cooking toast.

Yeah, it’s a new…

IT is the sister some the protocol. And he was… And assimilation, I have a whole bunch of Okafor, the train, and I see to box a pretty much how much kids so… And I also had to be that one to you, so I still trampol and and then extend and also to for things, and I have a infomercial quite with you. So the Letitia A… And people use hotaru as a run-in of a few or points. Okay, this one people get other engage in, you go on sale, I’m going and you gotta do an idea of the culture, and by the third one, what people coming in asking questions, and then that point I’d be back at it more of a… What was like a teen that, Okay, interactions, no two companies immunity to saying the people and the cape defeats was it to me? So when they do, they knew me, I come in and do an hour on an actual man workshop it, or do I need to do a mismatch, you rate the a nice Destino or is that nobody who… A petit and their experience together. Yeah, I attained.

I bring a… He is a one-to-a ringfort in a… A Colts that would be otherwise… Or results, and we kind hotter a package for that main thing to… As a resource within heating company that whether it’s a sale business or a large corporation of exception, even soon experience it is as well, the initial niche. So that’s only one that one of the feet I get to the same BRAC is I ran a side workshops and I run these put on the next studio making porn, and it’s such a beautiful environment to run in the great area and the great space. And I run for workshops in a… He has in and officials on mind says, maybe on a Orioles and how we can Australia make you so rash or there’s a mom braathens line.

That’s the call we think back East was ready, it was a go attesting a really high… And great people eating and in Athenian boundaries, a cremation is the people really enjoy the anaconda ration we made is in mind for morning, so I’ve done a collaboration with… Great, great way to that out that I… So you would sound and said, we just help people out into the day or feel skills, and we ate a one practice and that’s on a shot at it, so I just either… Well, I think that’s a big thing too. With it. It seems so heavy, right? When you think about or where is in to say where my emotions, how that playing into every other role in my life, and I think especially when I go to put there, if you don’t need to know if you would consider yourself providing that… If you’re a therapist, you offers one great.

Well, and I mean, in my mind is…

Yeah, I… No, no. Develop the project. Okay, okay. It’s again, it’s made in San… Right, it’s a for me. Right, so I intend the… Well, yeah, people doing that or I E the E…

I do, yeah.

In the process of writing a book, I think I told you that and a whole part of it is that I strainers tea trainers and is from the perspective of fitness, so I’m speaking on that. And it wasn’t until I was a personal trainer, and then I was like, I’m tapping out of this world because I just need to be personal train…

I audit to is at home, I don’t have the time or interview to work out or think of my work outs, I know I need to go and I know I need to show up. And when I get there, I need somebody that I trust to help me out, and we even… I go right afterwards, and it was a huge transformation for me because I always coach other people and I’ve always knew what to do, and so to release those brains and allow somebody else to come to that space, I had to do it in the perspective of mental health as well.

And when that happened, the same thing from perspective of therapy, I was like, Oh, they’re Shriner it now gonna be council, they’re gonna talk at me the long time, they’re gonna decor all the things that are wrong with me that I’ve been hiding from the world, and now I posed… And what does my husband then go on, right. Ball of this stuff like simple your mind and I…

I don’t really know what that… I guess I… The root problem or a root beer would be here, I just fear of being then and yet in the same sentence, the whole desire of being in your fast to be known and to be understood and to be out of isolation and with other people in community, the desire is to be known. And so it’s so weird a society, you create this conflicting experience within our elsewhere are a problem, and yeah, we can’t raise any and say, Yeah, I need this.

So I love that you have… I’ve shifted things, you have really cultivated something brand new for our area, I don’t know anybody else in that space, and really even what you were doing in a… Ain’t think there’s anything like that here.

So I think it’s a brilliant that you do the way you have and approach it in centrally that is less renting because people, they know they need it. Are they willing to stay out low and to come to a group experience and say, I also am in the state, it’s so much easier when you’re looking at a perspective on topics like mindset, like a morning routine, like boundaries, and you can do like the low-hanging fruit, right?

Like, This is what we’re gonna talk about, but I at…

I, I hate to you, I do on that. I love that, I love that. So that’s another two workshops, so what’s the third… Well, I just wanna add to you just before that, just someone you were saying to things as I… Foresters out of their bed. Yeah, and I think it’s really potatoes.

I mean, for a… Asiatic was actually a psychologist and she’s in Credit One, I… This seaman, you work in a… That you go and you meet yourself so that A… I was like, Okay.

At your first time ever being on the other end… Yeah, and she’s like, You worked at… You do a Sanomat.

I see it in… You take on me, when someone speaks you about this, you can be… You want to not years realizes.

And it was really very important for me to go to initial, but I describe that he re… And then as I stuff you… Okay, yeah, it’s about the… To others, to be understood. And that’s how I feel about therapy. Now, I’m the first. Raman.

Yes, this is needed.

Yes, it’s okay breakdown. The fundamentals of the fact that there shouldn’t be there, it… It’s literally just somebody, they actually bring the road talk, they don’t… They, in a…

I do a non… The area? Yeah, ’cause you’re overweight and the one organisation a top Yahoo. So why would you do the same time of thing to rainwater?

So then so… Awesome, yes, I populate that. Yeah, I feel like I support who you advocate for the year like… Well, on the face of that topic… Yes, yeah, the, the… In terms of… In terms that very Samantha work, they sit up and so I can say I have straight schools and then we hold anything reminiscent was…

Yeah, sure. But I tell people to pick what they got, air can, and so the sheet, he accept the Tractate, like I really had this that I’m on strength. Interesting, like, Okay, cool. I do here a lot. meissen, he came up with the time, he was telling me what he was reabsorbed as a person outside of the word dates and in steering a straight school that I’m strange, the one ring, the home of… That’s the change. It’s like the Train of Thought in and just a really interesting woman, but we need to be like DeSantis is how… When I was at IU, right? Yeah, I especially… I think the… And I do just say it from the perspective of my father and from my husband, and then it was a good to a thin close community in… But I can see it. And as a woman, it’s a Siemens, is my problem. I need to talk it out. Okay, and how it is in here, you can watch even their reaction to things and the same thing, I’m gonna stress… I good. Okay, alright, I can see that you are sessional about it.

I’m here, so I think it’s a really amazing that you’re getting in this corporate setting, and even in your individuals, I’m sure, but it’s rent this opportunity to slow the engage without… And we treat a… You’re signing up for something. Yeah, it has integer in sonatas, the fear of it. And comes to today, I am that relate.

That’s what I… So I… And I also love stress balls and I just… Yeah, I think I’d probably pick it up. Regardless, above us, eroti, it’s nice. I recently, I used to paint because it used to be Valley asking at a maternity store, and so that was always… Even though sometimes I wasn’t looking forward to the process because it’s very tees when a one… My brain, like art therapy, it all had to focus on, I felt were lax and that PS. And engage with my mind and my body and my spirit as colors of the emotion, and you go through this thought pattern, but I haven’t been doing that for many years, and I be like, I’m constantly on his supersonic speed because it’s just my demeanor.

In Tanta, we talk about the all-time, and so I recently start with my son that puzzles are a way for me to have this solderin, and I do it, the idea in a… So it’s really fun, but it is A… The other weekend we had came… Plans have been panel, not ’cause I… For a virion, I inherent crazy over that at all, but I had no plans for the weekend, and it was Friday afternoon, I got cancel, what should we do?

And he kind of just looked at me, was like, You don’t have to do it in a thing. Right.

And I was like, so in the… And then I, I couldn’t understand that, What do you… Be E.

And so sure enough, I plans mapping, and that second day at home, I finally have gotten into the risk… Got I. because I’m not a person who rest very well and the puzzles out on the table, and I sat down, I did not get up for six hours, I just sat there, I think Gary rock my meals to be in water. To me, I even remember that. You have to go to the bathroom.

Yeah, and he told releases like it, this is the most still I’ve ever seen you my whole life, and it made me think like, Why is that… And what is it about puzzles or the scenario or what… I was trying to figure it all out because it felt so amazing how it works, brings clear. So I don’t know of a stressful… Does that extreme because I don’t say that with his small for six hours, cause my bio has ability to do other things, but I totally understand the concept of engaging yourself in that OT experience, and so that way your mind becomes free and also connected with your body at the same time… Well, exactly that, that’s why, that’s what I kind of… Which is why it makes it befitting A more… And when you are in most… Even when I used to do creative things on my physical patients… Yeah, I say I had some white the… Sure, and we end up doing painting… Yeah, instead of doing it in a… When you make… So I initiate connection.

I see, she was being paying an I like two hours getting the same amount of moment, but she was in LA, so doing something that engages with your mind in any peer, and in that way, I… So I am a year just into a teetering the… So using a one part and I just… I think just to… We actually went on parts of the brain and the same core experience or even a Sentry has orania the touches that often we looking for, that we put in to paint the piece of your hand, so it’s the sensor, even if the host be rounded.

I would be ground and were in a Parson to a site. Same. So it’s a common state, we all know Asianet tenor.

And in the business, my altay, Rowe some cases, we have a son much the co-artists, the radio is a being a pagan Fire special, I also be a restatement and we just both this cost independent as is it roses.

You mentioned the Lib session, the system as a atheist, I super thing is the coming… Sure. What do you read in that he too. Couple things, really neat, and I always talk to Louis coach advocates in one passionate that we were all created, created, I as a single person has that free of layer, and it’s not necessarily critical artistic, it’s a very different thing that you have this ability to design from birth. And because we’re designing, we’re made in God’s image, my belief is that he couldn’t make… He can’t make something and that’s not a… A major.

Okay, that’s his job with his role, and so I think it’s really cool when people can tap into what that is, what it is then in that space, and so now I have this super smart and ortigas then your parents that IT system, I’m so found with you like you are.

So to Cooley… So is that A it on to freeware?

Okay, what’s the next one? I’m… So the last Mass, the one-on-one.

So a surayud, I re-rating you out that I can… Is word real detailed? And even mention, people end up seeing the process, I mean, I think that will… Into the medical field service place on the healing, feels to speak now, is just to be able to see me more, a face change in their online, a guidance and facilitate a IRAS where as I saw a grape in the whole hot, which I think is… I’m not in a talk to sideline your pass in Pattaya, and I don’t even once a… Also, it does enter into guidance process on knowledge and experience, but yeah, it takes on a form that pointing that super wise on your end and also probably the change… So as you can say it is so I visualized that, and I think that there’s so many things that you can see and work in David online and even from a mine, the is too big or reading or whatever it be. And it’s not to say that those tips and tricks don’t know, but it’s not the cure all, A, the, right.

So to give them this school emerging experience where they are tapping into other ad and just their mind, I think that is… Is just really cool.

I would love to see… I’m curious on my chartist would do it, I was like, Man, you could be engaged in one A… It give you something to play with. So you really want… Are gonna be focused.

It may be that A, the boats in the eye… Yeah, she’s been on the show or she’s amazing, so maybe a… I love it. So I see this now from this, I got to be a little getting prior to come on the show, so I want them to understand, when I do use this the…

I don’t… No, it wasn’t hard. I didn’t have to make membrane.

It was a picture quit, so it made it a percent… We entered it was at the Ontario comment. Yeah, as I’m gonna back up a little bit. Okay, I need to get created to this quiz and I… The whole person gonna tell you about the… Is as a side there who names of the angry… Not bad. Okay, and she initially started as a patient was doing, but I was kind of initially on A… And she does a year, so the help of the integration of Maoist is… And what she ended up seeing was that the parents on her sometimes had as otra and things that they hadn’t very integrated at the escalation, I nauseated on the soft foot… Yeah, right.

A kid to go to where it really had painting shares. They can’t be swing.

I location lots of Tecate he-eight just is a way of systems for… So she got seen that in band, she was beaten, so if I had a or… Okay, and so he did, he saw as an Coates been HIPAA.

Well, see, this and this… So I mean, think that on a… My gosh, I can’t even actually, I’d rather not that thing about it is I say, This is a however people of a film that happen environments, a shearing, the to help that cost company to retain or these higher people don’t stay on the creative when I… A lot. Great cold person.

To be a interesting… So she wasn’t… How that is on at the… With a experience I… Interesting, okay. Yeah, so she has to be in… This is so araneidae whole matrix is a carport at that give the Riau or five since it is a teen, and I even see us really important cause that’s me all your list to a infraction, you may have… Good as time kid.

Yeah, yeah, I’m not a set what? I don’t think so, I, I… Yeah, yeah. Kind of keeps you out. Right at the site, I use a… We are a something where perception is the man that you’re getting from me, and so that is… We call the boy in, that’s how you can navigate from mentor in the Asian area, he was the body saying back to… Or from the boat. Information A to so in this is a no to sure.

That feels a initiate.

That was it. It’s what so are in making to your money, Sakata.

So we take the whole quiz Bee, and basically what the short option is, and I think we listen, we can a line and then you in a is you don’t get a idea will resort, but that’s not in your sending healthy.

So our brain is processing a mini on different things at one time. Yeah, and it almost to the santal protest consistently in a grand invitation as a campus at petition, basically what it does is extremes out all information that we roar for into doing an e-you right now, this in two or questions, be aware of my boo.

Yeah, that was one. carmarthen, other things went on. I’ve set my… She go on, there’s all that Santamaria since I redecorated certain entrances, we… We… We parent be able to be and… And so it’s a bit thin that I bring the ID, try and sort out the thing you see in a show of it a wee.

Yeah, that’s actually interesting how I… That if there is a lot, that range program, be Lake time of what is that? All we move on. But those reals where you want a person to a session, so we could be someone… So Hyperion or people who go in, what? Meares one.

Okay, okay, but in more stuff coming in in order to act so they… We could have a pot for a day that behind it is still be a… Sure, and we say to me, beaucler, I at…

I need this. I was like, I could wear this hat when I’m mommy, this would be really helpful. I’m not Isilon in an… As a… Right, because my children like how… Exactly, and so they might be the people who are in a… To do that at in tag things or we do in the markets and Conan, she was to be medial notation a concept, but it’s… Again, people be on the street, anything else in some of the little… This is a pro… Boat’s not gonna tell you in the donation consulting, reinterpretat, we are a…

I… The outline how to period in the kids… This would be so necessary. I’m just thinking about when I did my college, my freshman year of college, and I had no idea what I was sayin a lot of the passions that I have, but I did a one up to choose… Yeah, and I hate to be a doctor and I stay… This was one we… This is first and do what I wanna do, and so I did all the personality testing and how that early into a job or what degree I should follow, this would be amazing, because that doesn’t take into consideration any of my mental or physical needs… Well, maybe my mental, but not my visible or emotionally, definitely not a threshold experience that as you could get into a position and owari could have gone into being a doctor… I absolutely love the field of medicine, the Totnes, but then not been able to work in the year as a I, I need to go into stem cell research, I… That’s…

I think that… Yeah, I like A… But that’s… I’m not those things, but just to think of it from that perspective, I just think it’d be incredible if you could do this with high school, like baiting has a… Yeah, no, I… That the need often… She talks a lot of Steinbach concentrations around people changing their jobs.

Yeah, I may be a have a lot to to do that, but I bet just the commute to what you need the most, say through a waning experience, you can have interest in… And I atonement the dorsal.

I will pass this call, I-E, I see kind of what I saying. I like… So I consent.

Yeah, that was actually what the client is here to war was one of the useful things she did, me it… She had a emotional previous hearing about accident…

I got Catalan. Yeah, so you have to get to work in SolarCity is not really good at public. Talcott be your car. Yeah, so we had to make this call a safe safe for her, and so we actually did… We would get a focus, suit was one was a goalie.

I, I, I had… You can enter… So the oases, Maine had a pair or a Posse is… She had a… As a debut, it has to… I was so because of the… Was something retirement that is a perioperat.

And what it does is when you want the you someone and down, I think that my ex is the same, so I destroyed in… To me, yeah.

He answers the same home in and really need… So what a thing. So we had that as the poet, just a ring.

I alone… That’s a one in… Had sonatas a ton, change everything, all the… We make things a is the end.

And that’s what… That want a one. Coaching is really come some I… Let’s navigates ideas in a group that I…

I don’t see so far that and… But actually gonna do it for… I get implemented in a home… Do it.

Yeah, yeah, really to… So that’s the fresh as a… Okay, so we did the Haftorah, I really make… Okay, and the people who would come across, and I insisting about it, someone who’s very uncomfortable in the environment that they… And so the people who have been working for a one… This is the old… And excellent. I work in a place as well, if you have a really like for thing you have me, and can you say You provocations, then you can see the person who is coming to it and it’s not great, and you’re not a lot… The entire day in politically that… And IT products just gonna say that I said missed y because I got to work at home that he getting this week, ’cause my little boy will sit and I don’t like people and I’m happy being around people, but I am so much more productive when I’m not about people, so be guys, they’re not like that, Hey, to begin, we… Did you see that thing is on of it? I’m always distracted, so it takes me a longer time to get back into the flow, what I was trying to do… I could… One that went out for a mission in a…

I Sterling cars and doing puzzles, and I wish I was doing all of that, but still I feel like that could be beneficial to a lot of people, but then I do know the people who they work at home, they would be completely distracted, they’d never be able to focus, they never actually sit down or they would be nice, something… And those might be your high release, they need… They need some of people in the one together or is Entente, they need to get out and go and see the pro it on the onerous say.

Yeah, and grade, just remember in the Aon other things that is like they would pore the night in or to say that as the count the or… Yeah, so as that, but I like both. Honestly, he was like, we, I have a… So there, maybe if I had a high threshold need, my desire or the low threshold with myself postures, if I have a low threshold week and I’m at home because I’m sick for four days, I’m like, I need people, you gotta get me out on the day or something has to happen where there’s music and something flowing, so that… Because you bring it… That why I’m in that medium, gresl.

So I think your media, because you were different singing Ave, main Hiro. You mentioned that you also like tap, you have in there, and then you might be a bit high prior, the cloud. Yeah, yeah, I… Oficial for intra, I instantiate.

Yeah, so the birth rate of an trees, I can… I’m having a Mennonite, Coshocton, rainforest, concrete, but I could work with background or its background voice and then such… For Lisa prime, they not be happening. Yeah, we did that all conservation a war.

Yeah, but it was like people, I Chairman e-reader as the post. Yeah, so that’s why you went the other senses that have kind of been a not sure.

Really need… So there’s no like while at all in that it just… It’s the way that you’re maybe… And the one… Yeah, it’s just in… But there’s a way you can learn to adjust your lifestyle, so as living in that zone, even you better… The like… So we… The notes it…

Yeah, I… The antennae in boat I use, and that’s a gay with knowledge and we give you to do is an example, if you gonna eat, you’re not changing who you are. If you’re making… What is it you and my Favor party you doing it to be good, even say that to… So turning out Hassan is very…

I do on the coaching officer.

Oh, good. And so he used the waste in the morning and then we in is on, and it takes me a long that… And at interesting, I never even autobot that play. Being in a relationship, that’s a whole other… Either to defend, you could be in a someone and I think he was helpless could go to as… Cause that’s what loving your location, we may contact the tale could be an inversion content to talk out that The… But if someone is very hot-seeking and then we get a love meetings, you’re not getting a faction is just… This whole thing could go just into marriage or a relationship coaching, if that eyesight been really interesting, I feel like with this tool that could be integrated into those cases, that’s one of the things that I go to there before a relationship, so I’m like that with that like I…

Oh wow, this could really be integrated into my understanding, so we do the love goes Hibachi, that sensory is that physical type or… Yeah, yeah, nothing you saying He’s longing to music super. Now, the kids are seeing, they’re paying these cooking, and I walk in and with my eyes, it’s the most beautiful experience with nine, you never need… I’m like, Oh gosh, have a hole, because I don’t wanna change what he’s loving to do… Yeah, and they’re having a blast. In a Petri down using, why don’t you wanna do in a stallion, his experience in some… Like, I love you, but I can… And so, thank you now, I have a language for sharing with him that is just overwhelm, and I’m also just thinking about thickness as well, I often relations around what happened, cyanosis like right?

Yeah, on tenor.

I had a hitter as someone who does not that and maybe is no prefont and they can take a position, so do… Exactly.

So a slam or disrupt the system because they can take the lot of pavements and then for years to be back, whereas someone who does it and then it… Those type of things will be really helpful, really interesting.

Now, maybe about my children, you resort Samoans and a topic I action… But I think even from that, from the disease, so the rush to this that anyone should be is… So she’s a better percentage or anti… See, you can do in the so… Oh, okay.

The teeth at that IT… And that then do the session you… You wanna be on these people and then I as a… That to that as not a… He won.

I… Because it’s so passionate out, we wanna do a petition is trained on an… I know, so I have this tool that was so neat for even personal trainers have the same as me, one, a great for you as close.

We do have a AAA business, I love that, that’s so cool.

So what other good things I do? I haven’t learned as much. Not in so the cost. I love you dearly, but I feel like I sit in there a lot, and so we’re like diving off of similarities, we… He is a area that’s pretty Teatro well, and again, that is a good surface there, so she and rear talks about who roll this tape by… Okay, just got before hand boats for SAN.

Okay, Fitbits.

Okay, I was five days.

So as a confused be brain, if you see the system is a noted… What’s it gonna look like? So we see anxiety in Colombo in the West and the lower… You’re not getting enough input to act, so you… Roger, you’re a constant and amazing.

Yeah, we just noticeable to make to that of into at that… This track spot.

Yeah, and you can get as a.Yeah, so that’s that. The one she says like, to take at some tadashi and a way. Yeah, but she talks about Satan.

Okay, in diet and the site environment, so this is A… The information, if you get it in on the same test snack about away presents, so they can be… Yeah, it’s leaving things around that… Just get that in short, Pacha, I initiate diet as you Well, I oratoric.

Yeah, I… So the Vedas for the day, Manistee, the next to be any of it. Yeah, Take What You… Sure, and that’s the What I Do, What I easements. But and… And so we can draw on or you can pull them out or get going to the Tacoma, the one you know that kids often… Right.

What a aging on… And yeah, you have those little sets really, ’cause you… Black, you were a set the tea, a polo. So like a trials. Yeah, it’s the same thing. We’ll see in the system.

Can we pick the most rational, most hosts and Sankara-like environment?

So one, it was interconnecting A, that’s what I… The Eight in.

Yeah, it’s not just the whole experience with being… Relaxing, yeah, actually attention on my muscles and in of the muses away from God and were the last to actually be vacating it in Beat to my system that has me… That maybe it helps with the parents as much or to…

So i locations, I rate it is A, A, I have to go to, so I that or it… Okayed. A stateside. Yeah, yeah.

Or having a day or so, ask in nature where you can real around it, you are at sings receiving and even if you’re draining nature of its arresting out of going to each one. Summer. Yeah, in Italy, if you… At all, but just being in a deep… And then in your environment, so how you replace it or… And I could be just a bringing it for to work, we always cancel erotic your notation or having them so and some guns on the table of your heavily… Today, we love it, great for the companies who can make big adaptations, people can do the day, say the standing desk as he is thinking about…

I feel like my kids school, I don’t know why I was October a place is amazing.

I realize it, I honestly, sometimes the envoy to think about having the bouncing ball chair we are instead and having to sit at their desk, they sit on there, or the different types of coloring or writing materials that they can use, they’re engaging this in some… So I know that educators as a whole probably get this Pei experiences where they’re learning about how to help these capital children, and I think that it’s coming more of a me because of the rises and alienation, different fortunate to changes in it that the… The society is to be from that that perspective, but I see tons, I make so foolishly that you can’t you… You know, time does it feel like I’m like so… Yeah, so good. So I’m excited for people to learn this, I want them… There are so many different parts of our lives, and so they’re gonna have to wear that if we can strip back and really understand this about ourselves, it’s more around that self… I did, I E.Right, and I’m such an adamant proponent that, and one reason that I really want what you do is because I always do share about that mind and so connection, it truly wasn’t until I understood how all of those played in some… That I was able to live really to be the best version of myself and not feel inhibited by the different parts of myself, and we can get so frustrated without good recognition of we… And this is fundamental in that once the roll known why or be bound, part of the mindfulness is not, and we get sort of court up in… And you to be harsher or people who have a… A goose.

Was it going… It was busy, but they also can you expect really to do… And the… And the open hole someone… How has have to go in Grattan stand in of… She’ll be at that.

Yeah, and the Erie, you provide a different test, so I OneNote the happy solstice, I E… You can point at the work or the family and your friendships, and just owning those carousel as the Ingersoll that…

I’m curious because you mentioned the friendship space, and I honestly had talked about the relationship of parenting and the relationship, marriage, but on a friendship perspective, have you ever… Or any visitation.

And as she ever done like set around, if you’re this, then you’re likely attracted towards this… Yeah, you had in your water, so at your… At Tree.

Okay, and so the roots are, you gotta… Yeah, I is your entire… And the men on you had rationally think I… And she loves it, the relationships between and how… And he begins communication, I think is a bit… That’s how biggest thing is how you communicate these differences, selves to be that…

I said we have it leached, ion automata. Yeah, that at the intent, you sell doing research, things like that were… It is a remnant, but it is kind of how parents as gay to it, as a lead to a group, I oral that’s… And that’s interesting, I have my work rate meeting Cole hours, we gonna be taken to a a… So I ate a lot of girls are not judge way, we all need all of those things, but even just from an experience of being on the podcast, I can move immediately who I pay on what they would be… And I don’t feel like I have the same ability with the anagram that I…

I therefore options, and there’s surely a ton of variables in these thresholds, like we said, they can kind of waver and Evan low, but it’s really cool to now understand people from a different perspective in an, I think… True. To see what people do and you happen to… But you can also… That we like to do this mason.

Yeah, the one to… Yeah, you want it to stop. email the student or it is who’s had in usual that… Yeah, what we go… They need to make a note to themselves, so I ordered this confrontation, they reinforce those pathways in what we’re doing, and that’s happening it…

I think from a coaching perspective, I’m thinking about all… Because if there are so many different types of learners, and I know that from being able to coach a group, is that… Again, providing that feedback, so when people understand the value of what you do in the group setting, I mean, there’s so much more work that goes into that space because you have to take into consideration all of these variables, and so that’s really interesting. What… Do you look at it because I… I do provide here, this is, oh, this meets you, Okay, this week to you and you have to go compilation otherwise you let people in isolation, they’re like, She doesn’t know what she say, Yeah.

Like, this isn’t a good move out, you doesn’t… So we… And that’s okay too.

He affects the way that you do things. And I think right now, I’m talking a lot about Michigan in my fish CO and that we want for everyone, and if you the your rent every one, you were gonna end up being for no one, and so concentrating from the perspective of who is your… Maybe there’s a certain type of person that’s in our threshold, so I… A personal trainer for yoga, likely, I’m going to go after these low Cresson people or an IEA, a sports coach likely on a… Yeah, for the… Really, I just in… And I use that in the… Fitness is in the front of my mind all the time, but there are so many different things that all of the people that I coach, like I can literally ask them these concepts, they need this just as much as I theories.

Thank you.

Well, thank you, thank you so much. I feel like this podcast was unlike any I’ve done, I’m really happy about it. I feel like I usually go deeper with The Who and The… So you’ve got a go back a orators, grateful that this is so impactful in lesson learning break everyone.

So it is stated, how can people get in touch? View, I know people are gonna wanna know.

Or something, you mentioned all that stuff. Yeah, so actually I have a… Since you were in it was to actually run the store, but we are rooming together when one is… And I used to MyAnalytics.

So I had a one-on-one work shop, how is any… Because of the renaissan he stand, people scale that people commented to free day. Yeah, so what I think I’m gonna be doing it now is the sea…

Okay, Masaka, it said, we had a long… We shop, we have a house that it’s gonna create the Solent promoter and latha and chain for you, and then we get to go through the skills and in… Right then in… Or shop that ready? That’s a season.

I… The one I… Yeah, so that one coming up, a as when I do a Mindanao Instagram and in departments. Okay. As is it a gain?

I love that he was even a fine-tuning things that I should be fine shining, so all be as okay for the manatees.

So no patient say, I have a side minutes pre-consultation on a…

I wanna go to A… That we said, I might not be in for everyone, and I don’t want people to kind of base on a bunch of things that they feel I have to TA because… Okay.

Yeah, so we do a emotion kind of college about myself, you tell me the maranat I and… And I did that at minutes it mind Rosetti.

So I… That just in a… A captured at insane in a Okeechobee.

And that is a lot of…

Alright, I’ll have all of those actions and I would think in the show, so you guys can link directly to it, but you guys have to go fill her the wallet she’s providing is low in the line. I feel smarter already.

#podcast #powerofmind

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