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Dressed in Dignity with Fashion Expert, Maria Swann

So a little tid bit of info about me…I was recognized as “best dressed” for my senior superlative in college. If I remember anything about my child, I can often remember exactly what I was wearing. I have always loved fashion and styling clothes. Years later when I ventured to Atlanta Market for my retail brick and mortar, I was in heaven dreaming up what my one day clothing line would look like.

Now instead of honing in solely on the FASHIONISTA side of me, Jesus said, I’ll use that for good instead of any vanity, but let’s focus more on the PASSIONISTA side of things!

So much goodness and sweetness here. I have no doubt, Maria’s heart and expertise, will swoon you as she did me. Not to mention the journey God has her on to get where she is today is truly my heart beat for women experiencing unique IDENTITY in their purpose pursuits!

And today was like a giddy dream come true when I got to chat with style and capsule wardrobe expert, Maria Swann, because we blended His heart with our fashion sense. It was SO much fun and she is a TRUE gem. She’s gifting GODfidence through her help in giving you freedom and thrill in getting dressed rather than overwhelm or frustration.

Ready to dress how you feel from the inside?

Ready to have your outfit match your heart?

Ready to let God shine through your wardrobe choice?

Ready to get dressed in His authority?


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Show Notes: Dressed in Dignity with Fashion Expert Maria Swann

I love her. She hasn’t even got to see the video that just aired with all of her beautiful headshots and all the things, so I am excited for you to see it, but my girl, Morgan put it together and I was like, Oh, she looks… So many looks, super famous. The league a pie. I love it. So I am here with Maria today. Maria were tuning in from I… I am a… So that’s… I say Florida, it’s actually beautiful here in Virginia now, it took us a while to get into summer mode, but we’re here officially, so… You’ve been having it for a while, right? You… I wanna make sure our sound is good, for some reason it’s saying that we’re not… But we’re here officially in a… Been a-a IT for a while, right? Oh yeah, okay. We get, we get… I was getting nervous, then it’s not live, and when somebody is not first on it visually with us and saying, Hey, we can hear you good, I was so wanna make sure we’ve got you. ’cause you are a tier. You’ll me and Maria, how do we even get acquainted… You have to remind me. I think you only think of us to… Okay, good. Nowadays, with all of the social outlets and outreaches, I just remember… Oh, was it women empowering women or women have a one… Yeah, okay. So a cool thing about the world now, the days and people can view social media however they want, but God uses all things for good, and he connected Marian and I just in the past couple of weeks, and I just knew that she was a loader. I knew that she just exuded so much of Jesus, not only through her beautiful smile, but through the cool things and the cool freedom moments that she’s allowing women to go through, all based on something that we both hold near and dear to our heart, and that is fashion. So welcome, Maria, and I’m so excited to unpack your story and share with women what you’re doing and for you to be a resource to them, so kinda give us a bit of a back story about who you are and how you got to do what you’re doing today, to my money is on you. So before we did the AMA, age on a… The I tainted. The other… Why, I say I need a man on a… And I know if I just on me to go out, I really… I too, because they do on user, they, but I, I, I outline, go And then I noted to… Yeah, and I, I… That is a meeting. Not out of her. So good. And I… That one, I did. You know what’s so cool about that? I was just in a coaching conversation last night with a couple of women, and someone else is in that exact same placement where they don’t really have language

to describe the movement. She said it kind of feels like I’m being pushed from God, but I can’t really explain it to anybody else because I’m in a really great career that I do love, and I’m really successful at… So people are like, What are you doing? And they’re kinda thinking, What’s happening? Are you having a mid-life crisis? And it’s like, No, God’s just got a hold of me. And so explain that a little bit more. And that leave of faith that you took… Yeah, that I do on a… Have a iwata. You don’t know, I weigh… I was really let you know I… Retreats been like, it’s having to go. But what I E… In that, I don’t know. And then the A, A, A, you don’t know that the host may feel like I go, but I got a senior you… So why was your harassment… Cause I do a… I just, I initiate in the wee like, Oh God, you don’t know it on you meet me in a lemon. Know he drew on a E.So now we want a IATA that some of that A you… Oonopidae, what I reign, I… I think it data in Estonia. You know? No, and that was KIND… Goodness I… To you, but I need a little bit more. Let your butt I… I got it. I mean, my boss there, he is finished, check are amazing to me. No, I, I… You… I love a… She said, Come in the office was never be already A in there. And I told her, and it was just everything. Everything me leaving was a moot, that is such a blessing and something that we all pray for, and I think we don’t often always receive, but when there is like a fervent move on your behalf, on God’s behalf, and you submit to His will, even in that reluctance and that pushing and pulling that you’re having a or has been being my holdup… Red flag what’s happening. I think it’s so beautiful that you had those words of affirmation from people, and that’s the part that we really have to tune into, because oftentimes we’re asking God for something, he’s actually giving it to us, from the voices, from the text messages, it’s just the world sharing with us. And yet, we’re blocking like, Okay, God, I still don’t hear you. It’s so true, it’s so true. So I was really… ’cause I was so prayerful, and I kept saying, God, I wanna leave on good terms, I kept singing that, God, you know my heart, I wanna leave on good times, I don’t wanna leave my co-family here struggling or trying to figure out my position, so I started training one of the girls that was there months before, I told my boss because I want to make sure that everything was a smooth transition, and God just looked at for me, and I think when we do it that way, when we look out for other people, even though we know God is selling that to do something, I think he just… He’s like, Okay, see art. So I’m gonna help you make it. Just a ton. That’s so good. And that’s where that component of Honor comes into play, right? It wasn’t like anything in your setting had done wrong towards you, like you and your boss had this great relationship, she actually… What was a part of the catapult that put you into the place that you’re in today, and so I love that you not only shared your heart with what these passion projects were,

because that means your setting was so good that they wanted to know the full Maria and not just the working at HR, Maria, and that’s something I always tell women like, you aren’t… You are an individual at an individual time of day, and since we’re talking fashion, and I shouldn’t wear my hat today, but we get to be that part of us all the time in every situation you step into, step in with authority, step in with power, but also step in as the mom, step in as the wife, step in as a sister, stepping as the friend, step in as the creative… All of those parts of you should show up to every occasion because God doesn’t show one facet of Himself to you at a time, he shows multiple facets, and that’s who we are in it a beating. Get the memo. It’s so true.Is true. So you, Morelos probably loved fashion since you were little, was that something that was infused from your mom or just media… What was it? I can remember just being into the week and remember to go my mom’s pictures when she was younger and how she put close together and when I was young, and she had been really nice heels. And I’m like, I have to have this in my life. I remember being really young mom, when I get older and I have these, and she was like, Girl, by time to get already is gonna be out of style, and they’re not… They’re saying to, I wish that we had… Some of my moms were drove, I get that, and I saw a member to… I know a young age, it was just funny how God is still things. When you’re young, I remember being young, it putting on different coils saying, I like to feel good, and this… Or, this is what I’m wearing, and that’s what I’m helping women though. Now, I’m trying to tell them where, what makes you feel good? And I was a young girl, I remember her saying, you’re walking down the roll to the story, why are you dressing up… I like to tease, Oh, I might I my or water. I always think it’s very similar concept, but to say that a couple of different words is, dress the way you wanna feel. And sometimes you wake up and especially as a mom, we put our hair in the top, not, we got our yoga pants on and we’ve been wearing at Cogan style for four months, and I’m like, I’m going to the coffee shop, or I’m going to the grocery store and today, I want to feel like a human being. Not a mommy needy thing. And so you put on those clothes and then you become… I had this fancy dress on dropping my kids off at a farm at 90 AM, and the little camp counselors are like, You look so cute, and I’m like, That makes my whole show, I’m on the… That get me a… So keep on packing. So that was kind of adolescent, and then as you grew, was there… Tell us about your shopping experience, what do you like as far as putting pieces together, all that… Of course, I am a bargain shopper by and I think I’m bored of… I’m cheap, to be honest with you, like… By Soane better, even better. And I’m like I… For years, I say I’m not spending over 20 on our parents. spend over 15 on a shirt. I get a lot of name brand things and a lot of high-end items because I tried a lot of a Haganah and high-end for stores, and I go and I get everything I need to get for… Listen, what people pay for it. Okay, Lord, in calling my name, I need to come shopping with TO YOU GOT sounds so fun. They are everywhere. You get overwhelmed. Data’s why I’m so big on helping women with authenticity, because a lot of time, we spend money

on things that we should not be money on, and we spend more than what we should spend because we feel like that makes us more elite or whatever that feeling is, that comes with I spend… It’s much a mount on this shirt, we really, really… Nobody cares. We just want you to look good. You leave. Great, great. That’s a free… The one I really, I’m really like because I know how to shop in ’cause I find beautiful pieces like the shirt, I think it was 60 spinnake, he and… And I want women to feel that way, I want women say No, you need to be authentic and shot where you need to shop for the season, the turn like, Okay, you can’t spend 50 on a pair of jeans right now, but you can spend 12… Go find those nice parents for 12, rock it, and be in the season that you’re meant… I love that. I think that’s why it’s advice in so many facets of our humanness and especially as entrepreneurs, we aren’t to the vision that God has in store for us or He set before us, or that we feel like we’re gonna one day be, and it’s this becoming process, it’s like understanding that, where he has us right now in this specific season of business for you, it’s not start-up phase, and you’re wearing back to the hats, all the hats in your business, you’re the marketing, you’re the sales, you’re the podcast in a… Sure, you’re the designer, the web developer, you’re all of it, and it feels so overwhelming and it feels like nobody even understands what I’m doing just to get this one sale, this one customer, but I invite from coaches of my own that have said, In order for you to be the bigger version, that God vision, that God version that you had, that He has for you, without knowing each of those interns, kit seasons that you walked through that you’re currently walking through, you’re not gonna be able to steward what he has in store for you, later, to the best of your ability, we sell… Tru is R, and it’s funny about that when I started my business, I know I can do a lot of things I… You know how you’re like, I can… I can do design or you can’t work on my website, right. I have been forced to do those things, and when I wanna outsource it and guys like, No, you can do it yourself. So the more I do it, I’m like, Oh, you didn’t put petting too. Yes, you did. It makes you feel like you really investor time in me and my creativity, and I think we do ourselves in the surface when we don’t take an account that these cases that were in a really was that God is saying, You know, you could do this. You know, you can do that too, or you can have somebody do this, and that’s where I am like, God, you… You did that. Like, it’s so good. And he’s also very purpose in the people that He puts around you, because a part of that process, and this is what I stay coaching clients, is open your eyes because the tool that you need is likely already around you, it’s like you’re on a calender, high in those box rooms that they put you in the escape room… Have you done one of those yet? I… Yeah, we’re… Everything you need to solve the problem is right there in the room, and yet our eyes are closed and our ears are shut off, and we aren’t… Works literally walking around like Mommy’s thinking, eventually I’ll get out of here. Winans, we could lean on the sisters that God’s put in our place, just like you and I coming into connection, it’s like, Woah, this was not a Tamara thing. This was a God thing, a… Yeah, and you know what, I tell my husband, I got the phone you. I said, God is so. He tells us shitti, right?

But that’s a real… So I’m like, You need to be able to look good every day, I want you to feel good everyday, not just for your speaking, engage me, not just for your big event that you have going on, I want you to look at every day. And that’s when I transition and I said that I want to do clitoris in, because I know that I love when we have things in their closet that they need to get with up and then coming enneagra. Maybe… I had clients a lot of… For class I organized, I was gonna go into their home, I mean, as the classes, and then Colleen say, No, you’re not… It’s 6 Peter parts, right? So I was freaking hell because I’m like, I’m doing all this content, I just racing Corning and warm, and now I can’t go into their homes. I was praying, I said, God, I really need to be innovative. You created me to be innovative, I know you have… So I need you to do low something in her to make sure I get some income, so I come to a little bit of income I was getting ’cause I want a new open, so a little bit of it was getting… It was not exist. They got… My husband has a good job, you know, I got so… Yeah, so I’m like, Okay, I’m praying girl. And My God, what is next? And I told him, is really need you to send someone my way to help me this next phase of my bees, I believe in getting coaching, I believe in business coaching, I believe in getting help… Right. On my self-made, and I don’t want people to ever think that that’s a real thing. That’s not a real thing. Got it, I… You can… All of what people I… I know he won was that… I love that I… So on a God, I need somebody. And then a lady kids, you’re not just how God was to me, a lady, but… But you know, you say, we talked on this, you said one that was a really said, God is always talking to us, we just… We’re not looking at it. He’s always talking to his. Right, so lady deems me two days after I said that prayer where after I told my husband I was gonna go back to work in HR, that’s how seria gotten so discouraged. I said, You know what, I do this part-time and I’ll go back to work in HR on a date to a area that’s real, you can get a… The… Yeah, she says, I am a business ties for some coaches, I don’t know they exist. And am I what finally in a role for them, I was getting a… I’m going through it, I’m like, Oh my God, this is what she does. She helps people like me. Not a one. Cool. He techie. I think about it, how he just so tragic, I get excited. So I’m talking to her, she was like, cereal me, I started it, our call with her, she just overloaded me in like a go, now she’s doing… She’s gonna be my business coach, so I got in to her 30-day program and she was just giving me everything I needed for my business, and so… And one day we were talking and she was like, What is something that you… ’cause I was stuck on niacin that right. What is something that you love to make… What some family… I was like, I don’t know, I said, But I can make a bad capsule wardrobe and I can do a fast… Right.

And she was like, Well, why isn’t that something that you won’t do, why what you need down and just do be a capital or of expert. I was like, that’s the thing. She was like, I read… Honestly, it doesn’t really exist. People are in college, they’ll spin. But that could be your thing. That could be your thing. And when she said it, girl, a light book went on. So I owe, right? We Oneonta call, you are an answer pre, I like to speak into people’s lives because some people walk around, they don’t think that they’re an asset to another life or another prayer… I don’t care. You’re saved or not. I want you to know that you were a supra for me. So I told her, I said, so no, you were a sopra, I prayed and God seeing you to me, so you’ll be here. Nobody chose so good. A, he ate. I hate that I wore joiner and you told… Said, it comes natural to me. I don’t think about it. I can say that with that, with that, with that and put that together, you have Apis or the next 16 weeks, and I like what I do now where I didn’t think about that The… So it’s so good and so to… I have a girlfriend who… She puts together things sometimes, and people will tell that to me as well, but this specific girl that I’m thinking of, she will make one dress into five outfits because she’ll wear different teams, she’ll wear the shirt, different shall wear the jacket, she’ll change it up. And every single time I… That’s a really cute skirt, and she’s always like… Did she revealed at its seal like a dress, she turned a maxi dress into a short dress, and she had that self tucked up into her space, and I was like, I do… So it was so cool. So I think the concept of capsule wardrobe, I didn’t even… I wouldn’t have known what it was except for a few years ago, and I think this is also a cool pivot in our conversation when you were talking about coed and Claus organizing and how women need to get rid of things. So for me, for a long time prior to coming into my faith, a coping strategy for me as an outlet to stress and overwhelm was shopping, I always hoped on a bargain, but I would just over-shop, I had things I didn’t need my closet, I actually had shared this on the podcast before, but had kicked my husband when we moved in together, not even to the next room, but to the upstairs remover, the garage for his closet, because I had taken up everything with the stuff that I had, and I still had seasonal Ben that were into the CTO, the attic. Not this thing ever, when I think back on it. So as I was going through and understanding my faith and understanding my identity and realizing that the things that I wear or the things that I carry, if you will, or any of those things, didn’t identify who I was now, that didn’t mean that I put away fashion ’cause I love fashion, but I went through the project 333, which we had talked about before, but I wanted to share it to the audience, and it’s basically like a challenge, which I totally think that you should cultivate one on your own, so not even… I give them the details because Marie is gonna have one coming out for you soon, your call or one challenge, but it was this concept to me that was just an incredible… While I was also going through minimizing and simplifying my life and that process of deep fluttering not only my closet and giving my husband not only a close… We had two closets in my room, by the way, he got his own closet, what she should have, and he’s got three six drawers instead of an… That was a really big thing just in our marriage, like What a silly thing that he never voiced to me that it bothered

him, he didn’t care, but it was in… We got to share… We got to be with each other when we were getting dressed in the morning, and there was this whole new unfolding for us, and then it went from our closets in our dorm and to our entire house where we de-cluttered little like it next… And things that were in our home that brought no value brought no worse, brought to self-identity to us in that regard, and so there’s this exchange process that happens, and I want women to understand that clothes and fashion have a play in that, and they should not… The other way around, not that they shouldn’t… That you’re close, don’t matter because they really do, and so I went… That component of what you do, I would love for you to unpack potentially some customers that you’ve had, the freedom that they’ve experienced, what has some been some feedback and reviews? Yes, of course. I had a client when I was doing the individual war do styling, and this really was what made my mind turn, I really may be sit down to go back and say, How can I help more? Okay, so I met her at an event. Another Christian sister reached out to me and ask me, did I want to come to Georgia and speak at her a bin? And I’m like, Now, I haven’t been out of state, I at… At a tea. Yeah, you’re going to Virginia then. I’m not coming to Florida, you’re coming to my drifting shops. As she was like, I just feel like God is telling me that You need to be here. And it was so weird ’cause nobody has ever… Was at me like that. And she said, I see what you do. I know the women in my conference needed, she said it’s gonna be about 55 women. She said, they’re all entrepreneurs, a capo Esso ALS, and they’re all mothers, so I really to to talk to them about style and how they can just come up and elevate in their style and Mike girl for days, I’m like, I’m good, I… I made every excuse, I don’t know how to get there. I’m not drawn on a plane by myself, whatever I go… That’s so hard for me to comprehend ’cause I have a crazy travel bug, if someone’s like dry 45 minutes to this new place, I’m like, yeah, we’re now I’ll fly there. What? Take me, take me. So I was a part of that to you in our relationship, I wanna get you there. Okay, I hope so, because I was like, I was still has today, and then she found the one to go with me from a year… I should just work out. She’s like, You have no excuse. She said, me there, she said, I feel like that is telling me that she needs to be here for something that you have going on, so I don’t know what you have going on, but you need to be there. Right, she had no idea. I had a fear of speaking, I’m sorting, it shook me for me to have to speak in front of the people, it just was like, They make me not do pricing worship since I was 16 years old, just… That’s what I do, I’ve seen and I ministered. But you acting me to explain something to someone I’m on to acre is do it. Are shocking me right now, like you know and meet people and you have this understanding of who they are, and I don’t even fully know you, but this is like… Shaking me, this is so cool. So obviously, my hearing just fill out, I’m not excited. There is one, tell me what happened. So you obviously want… You went. So I get there and I speak in front of these women, and my session was a supposed to be 30 minutes session, it ended up being an hour in 10 minutes because the women had so many questions and I’m eloping at her like…

Cause I cut off now. She’s like, No, keep going. They have to… And then finally, I was like, Okay, you have any questions for me if you wanna contact me? I will stand at the table, I had a lot of women, a way to bring it to a one-on-one, so I see a Unionist, so to dice, gotta lean it. That is, they come, and I met a few, and one in particular came to me as what I speak to women, a lot of M as in what they do, because based on what they say they do… They should look a certain way to me. You do have an… You should not have a site… What you say that… I love is. I love this again. So I was… What do you say that you do? She said, I ache. Oh, a really large company. I remember my out-shopping and be like, I said you… We had that. I remember saying he wanted that and she started laughing, she said, Yes, I really need help, she’s a… I’m gonna reach out to… I get back… She was from out of state. When I get back in my home or whatever, so I don’t ever have for a few weeks and then I get a text, I have something coming up a lot, the blah, blah, blah. I find her right after, but I also, I’m talking to her. I know you don’t like this about yourself, but you need to get over that, ’cause he’s a Christian too, because when God created us, he said this is good, and I know you may not look like how you wanna look, but you just had a baby, and I buy an… When we had babies, we… I don’t care if you want to is and stuff or sick of… This is the season that you’re in, you need to dress yourself, and the season that you are in this body, you may not like it, get familiar with the mirror and say, I don’t like this back back, but this is the season I’m being… And I’m gonna dress this battalion go, This is so good. So we’re talking, got her some pieces or whatever, and then I get a text a few weeks later, my husband loves my clothes. She said, he loves how I look. She said, I feel better about myself. The people in my office, I asked me what happened to me, because I’m dressing up more. Now, she’s sending a picture of the afferent she had on very cute out there. So that this is how I’ve been dressing. You know what, I come in office now, and I am… I call myself the confidence keeper because I believe that when you have confidence, girl, you can set the world on fire, and it may not be the whole world, but I’m talking about the word around you, I just really believe it, it so when she packed me… She told me that and make me feel so good because I know we are… Confidence is up, get booting a conference, and a lot of times it has to do it what you put on… I know that you can… Girl, you can do a lot of things when you have company, and that helps me in my business to really diet, help these women, it’s just not about clothes, I’m not trying to just get you dressed up. I really want you to be confident. I want you to be authentic, I want you to walk in purpose, I want you to be stylish, stasis is the last fame, because I need to be… Is that out girls? Actually emotional over here thinking about that woman and thinking about even the process that you introduce us to at the beginning of how you were feeling of like, I can really make a business out of that. I don’t even know that that was a thing. And here you are utilizing everything that God’s done in your life, even that praise and worship and ministering and blending the two, and that is like

literally my heartbeat for women is to know that all of those things that God has implanted in you, those hobbies, those things that you just naturally are good at, all of those are intended to change lives and be a catapult for you to actually feel and find freedom in what you do on a consisteni basis. And so now that one woman that you had an opportunity to dress, which in the secular mindset, that’s not a thing that just put on your clothes, go shopping, cool, you look great, go, but when you’re addressing from the inside out, there is something so incredible that is exuded through people that light, that inner light, that Jesus knowing light that people are attracted to, that. Her office was like, Whoa, what’s going on? And it’s not about her low is it’s about her, the way she stands her past your towards herself. What it is, emulated from the pastor of Jesus who sees you like that already. Yeah, and I really, I don’t just… How Jesus use just so people are not just out here being my girl, we look for this after, make sure Jesus, I’m not that I don’t… I, I… But that I don’t very aware of when I speak to an individual or a woman, I’m always praying, Okay, God, whatever I need to say, whatever it needs to be done for this woman to feel how she needs to feel, I need you to use me to make sure. Through the video call, ’cause I do myself on video Com that she feels… What you want… How you want her to feel. It’s so incredible. And again, that pivot point where you, instead of going into people’s homes, now you’re able to just even do that one conference, have additional clients during this coat time for you to be able to pivot that to virtual coaching is so incredible. Did you… When you said you found a few pieces, did you online shop for her, did you go places and ship that to her, tell us about that process ’cause… Yeah, I know friends, ’cause I’m like A teacher Max shopper, which would… Boleslaw to Wittig, where you go and it’s just like it looks like some a truck through up and there is not one of those two same pieces and you have to dig through that stuff, so explain how you find that for other people. Yeah, so at the time, what I was doing was ordering for clients, so she told me what she wanted, whatever, and what happened was we ordered a dress to dress it and I fit how she wanted to do it, so I said Because of dress is not… It, I said, I send it back, or whatever you wanna do. I said, you need this dress, like in two days, you need to find your local marshals, go to my shows. People call me and she was like, Oh okay, I don’t think she thought I was gonna do that from mine being is not fitting. We’re gonna find you something else I love more as… So good. That’s a great advice. Yeah, you… So I had to cut… Yes, I went to marshals, sent to the dressing room, she got some dresses, the pictures of them and video caught me and she was like, I love the dress. She put him on, I said, You love them. You need to buy him. And they were, I think she got two for the price she got on Amazon because they were on sale, and it was around the time of home coming, so a lot of things were on sale around that time, but yes, that’s how I serious. I’m doing the capital or a thing, and I’m shopping for essential items for women who do not already have them in their classes. I have a image consultant profile that helps me let them make their own style for it, like one at a listening that… Cool. So does that mean to you Hart to sit out, right? And then they purchase it from you?

No, no, is in my style portal, they can go in and it’s from places that we are known as Amazon is, so we can anterior. So they can go on there and purchase it, they have 15 days to purchase, a 15 days people start buying things and they have 15 practice and they click on it for their Cardin in the… That is so neat. So my business sprain is thinking, so you have to share with me and our listeners for the people who are like, How do you make a living off of this? How does this work for you financially, do people… Do you get affiliate money for those things? For one, it is on… I know, yeah, I got… Yeah, ’cause I was like… I take… I… For example, I have one is called New caps new wardrobe. So basically, this is somebody who does not have the clothes in their closet that they need to make a capture ado, I have a package price, Ray, and they paid that package price, and then the software and everything comes with a… You have access to me for 30 days, and you can upload things from your closet that you want me to style for those 30 days, you look looking there, and then I also create your Cataldo ’cause I tell my clients, I need to get dressed now, so I never was a world. We’re gonna go to your class, would it make some outages and… Oh my gosh, I maps now. Yeah, it’s pull ’em out when you were not a fan, it’s much like empowering process because right then and there, you’re like, Listen, it’s not about me needing your money, it’s about me empowering you to see what money you’ve already spent and utilizing that… Right, because I think a lot of times when people think of situations like this, they’re like, Oh, I don’t have the money to invest in entire new wardrobe, that’s not it… It doesn’t mean that what you thought is wrong, if you’re just styling it wrong, so… That’s really cool. Yeah, exactly. So you had the experience of that gal from your speaking event, you flew home… ’cause did you fly to Georgia? I need to know this, and I detained, I wanna know the… That’s the Iranian we at last. I still love that. And now you’re officially, I have you as you’re on your bio, a corporate drop out of expert, and I didn’t even like that your sister in the Lord, but obviously that is a huge component of what you do. It’s a part of who you are. He exudes through you so organically, so beautifully, if you were to give women who are in still in their corporate setting perhaps, or still in a place of treading water almost, or perhaps they’re content with where they are. What advice would you give them? So to take that next step, my advice would be to… Let me say this too, I got really sick in 2018, changed my life, changed my mindset, because I thought it’s gonna die like… And I told God, if I come out of this and I feel better after this, ’cause they have to take my iron out that I was gonna live this purpose for life… Right at the surgery, not only did I feel better, my voice wasn’t messed up, ’cause a lot of time when you had to start off, we… Sure on, I… I got just really looked to me and I kept my promise and I said to myself, whatever it is, it’s in my life that I’m not doing a at 10%, I’m gonna level it up 200%, right. So that’s a lot of where my urge to just move came from, I had a life… I had like moment, you know, I, I, I E…

Yeah, I want to let me live purposeful now, like Why am I not living purpose now, if you’re at your job and you’re at a corporate job and you know God is calling you to do more, I’m not saying to quit your job, a dog on the side, because there are things that you could be doing on the side that can make an impact in the people around you, if you do have that until that earth to leave, make sure things are in place and leave… That’s really on a as a one, people were like, You’re leaving your job, like the people… ’cause a lot of the… The people are… Well, the… Yeah, I… The people around me that I was… A lot of friends that I know that I’ll dive my job, I told very few people, but my co-workers and the people there did right in their life. Why would you leave? You love what you do. You make money. This is just good. Life is good, and I’m telling them, God has more for me that while the caine, the won the close in me, and I rather leave and go into what God has me to do because I know it’s so much greater, this has been a very scary type of process, because it’s different in its new… And I like to know I’m getting checked every time I go to… Yeah, it doesn’t… I love to do now, is so true. I, I… But I know that when, girl, when God has the caisson thing, she blows your mind, you can’t… I can’t explain it, but when he has his hand on your life in your business and you say, Okay, God, you told me to come out here, I’m out here in the water, I need to walk. I don’t need to seek. You call him please. Worth It. He just makes things happen, he just does. So that’s my VII. You feel the Onegin or you feel in yourself, if you need to go on, You need to do something else, prepared for the MOD, because God, I promised him, he won’t embarrass you, He will not embarrass you, He will not leave you in any… ’cause his word is only a… His name is on it. You know, I hate… Yeah, I harassed. I think failure is often what people… Fear factor is is, Okay, well, I feel this unction. I know God’s telling me to do it. I am fearful one of leading that setting… Paycheck in my comfort zone, but I do believe that God’s pushing me here. But what if I fail? and What will other people think? And what were my coworkers think when I have to show back up to work with my head between my legs… Right, and that’s just not… God, I love thinking of it from the perspective of, he has his name on it, he’s not gonna let that fall, he’s not gonna let that fail, so… Come on, girl. You’re preaching. Yeah, so that he’s not going to let you be embarrassed and a lot of time, if you think about it, like you said, it goes down to, Am I gonna fail? Am I gonna be embarrassed? Even if whatever you went out to do does not work out exactly, he always re-direction, he will redirect you in whatever he needs you to do, and He will not embarrass you or transition from July, I told people I was aware of styling to now… Now, the captor of experts, I have transitioned into two or three different titles and market 2030 Petit because God kept redirecting me when I first started my business, I wanted to… Clothing line, I’m working on that now. I was asking, that was my vision cast in coming back, so I’m like, There has to be a clothing line up and… Come on.

Okay. Yes. And that was initially with God, we said, no. Let’s re-direct. And where the race me grow, I have no great. It’s so amazing, I think that is, when you see this vision, you’re like, Okay, I’m supposed to do this now… And often times, God doesn’t have that as a part of his plan. That’s where he’s laughing. He’s like, Yes, I’m promising you that. And I want you to have that vision as you’re moving through these steps and through this process because we’re… I’m gonna take you there, but it isn’t a wake up, here you go, it’s all finding glory and there is hardship, and there is that component of overwhelmed sometimes, but it’s relying on the source, it’s resting in his energy, resting in that promise and knowing that each day you’re headed towards that victory, that goal alongside him, and so to know that you’ve changed and you’ve shifted and you’ve redirected, he isn’t taking that promise off the shelf, it might look a little different as you actually see it, but that’s the cool part because launching a clothing line, I know first hand, it takes a lot of initial investment and coming out of a job, you likely didn’t have that, so God’s like, Okay, that’s the vision, but this is how I’m gonna get you there. So let’s start bringing in the income, let’s start developing that savings, so when it’s fully time and you fully understand what it is, because the clothing line you would have designed probably a year ago is drastically different than this capsule wardrobe clothing line, nature as delight. So he’s like a… He’s basically just pruning. He’s pruning, pruning pruning so that the true fruit that he has planned for you will blossom. Yeah, it felt true. Is exactly what it is. Really good. This is so amazing, I cannot wait. Do you have a resource or anything or a space that you would like to direct women or men to during this time? Just, I love for them to get in touch with you… Yes, I, I always reach me on Facebook. I used my personal Facebook a lot ’cause that’s just on my audience is… So it’s Maria Berry song, I have videos on there and just really good stuff on there, and also in Taranto course, a debate on Instagram, I do have content on there as well, and being my website, and we at the buckles were not come. So yeah, you guys are not gonna see her for the last time on anything that I’m doing, she’s coming in, she’s a part of the community already, she’s in the Sisterhood, and it is gonna be incredible to see how God orchestrates and strategically align us moving forward. Maria was such an honor. I’m so grateful to know you. I’m so blessed by your energy and your joy and your faith to step out into a place of unknown and own it and own it on behalf of God, so thank you for honoring him and for being bold for… Then you for having me.

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