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Dream Catcher Creative: An Author’s Story – With Amy Harris

Y’all she is nothing less than the exact title here.

She’s had dream catcher in her mind since she was a little girl and now it’s tattooed on her arm and all over Amazon too! Day by day, year by year, creativity by creativity, she has cultivated a masterpiece in more ways than one.

Her Dream Catcher children’s book is an incredible read to your kiddos and honestly as an adult too. One of those messages that snap deep into your soul and as a fellow dreamer I desperately want to instill its soul into my kiddos.

I could go on for days about her different avenues of beauty, she’s a singer-songwriter, worshipper, and author of more books to come…

One way or another – you must get to know her!

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Show Notes: Dream catcher Creative

We are here in studio with Amy Harris and I’m so explained, and we were just reminiscing over our jaw days, so do dogs all the ways we’re so pumped about that, just affiliation and knowing that already even without Jesus, though he is number one.

Yeah, we’re already sisters, you guys were you on a per lot, go for four years, a… Because she was a massage.

There’s so much more to the that and and all that, so I’m elite the parallel of how something that was implanted into you at that time has now come to prison, and that’s part of my story too, so good for us to share and get to know one another, in that way, I feel like I’m staring at your minelayer right now. I do here in that. I got a… It fell through days. You probably know more about them than I do to.

And so Amy were so titles, we all do these days, it feels like, but ultimately just a sister and a daughter of the king, but really why I know her and how we got ilias through a does last year, which was something the core creative girls were deciding to put on in parallel with say house in to some of… And you came on as the worship artists for the event, and so I was just pumped ’cause I love music in anything music-oriented, but now I just learned that you are also a violin player… Yeah, so you are… Bring that up on stage these days, I…

I don’t… You do that often. Most what I do now, Silanis studio work. Okay, and play a Winston.

That was a cool… The so, do you ever over-light onto your music, your track with your invite the… If I do make it happen, the with line in the hope of the…

Yeah, we only have one son right now, which… So print wanna say old one? So on that one, so I know that we recorded… I do live streams on that part, but it’s cool because our music producers, Cloud, he is amazing, and we were able to really construct this almost orchestral sound in the background of A… So that wasn’t like… Sure, I was still you, I was telling it. Creating it in that way.

You know this on the keyboard. Cool, that’s so awesome. So I adore her. I don’t even know where to start. That was just like a Sampras. I had to it into that, I was gonna get a little card and back and Dad, oh, I got an A, a good learn the… And I just say as one of eight yellow card concert, that was like my day, anything I… But I’ll be that it’s so different and it wasn’t a mainstream uses, and so any time there’s a string instrument besides obviously the Tal or something, it’s just beautiful. Yes, so I’m excited. I love you more or to…

I love all apart.

You got it, that that’s… So I should have a No, I, I go to is back on it at a…

I think that made every Miller and I in the taxation, that’s a lot. Containing is still… We use it in a list them since 2009.Yeah, it’s not a lot to buy… Ballets jump in. I’m gonna learn more about you. Where you came from, I don’t even know if you’re a born in rusher.

Okay, so just like… Let’s start.

Okay, so born, great incest for data. Yeah, product at the lowest.

But I’m super thankful because that’s actually where my music started, so I did fifth grade students program… Cool. And then just kept playing and want to join school, went to Estoril, but I graduated from there, and I was blessed with… My class, we had such talented people that were in or show, so like I said, to me, work sure did not have the stigma of these work doors on, oh, because I totally was on and I did not like about practicing… Yeah, I was always like the kid doome a pro school as wind, and I did much of other stuff that I don’t love to play music on, so in a mini… Still think it’s my best instrument that I played it for 18 years now, so more than a… That, that’s the goal. It’s so long.

So yeah, so fire in just my schooling here, amazing, starting the Iola, and then that kind of brought upon other instruments that I play, but always have been this kind of You definitely this created person, the the moment that I could definitely test that in a middle child, I eat.

Yeah, it can… And so I feel like just even from a very young age, I love to draw, I love to write, I love to write my journal, I love to make stories, I was never one of those kids in school that was like, Oh, whenever we had to write. Yeah, we always just like, Oh yes, the… And so for a long time though, the outlet was me just generally in it now my thoughts right now, my feelings, I’ve been a leader my entire life, I got a 11 on a believers and have always been in one way or another leader in our church, Mangan so got involved with worship because my dad was on the worship team and I was 13, that’s when I learned how the UI hard, because he was kinda like, Hey, let’s learn how a so that you can help there.

And I one… And so I did, and I tried, or in the mid of perfection is a… It’s hard, I… Violin and piano were similar because of just…

I don’t know why I just made more sense. In my brain, I’m interesting.

A-tar was just, I don’t know, I… It was a… To me, especially back then, we play way more hints and things, I… Sure, so that was lots of courses of… And like I said, I like to do everything perfectly, so I got a call in worship when I was 13, and that kind of started that path that I’ve been on since I’ve been involved in worship and worship leading rules… Literally sentence on one. That annotation. Yeah, and naturally special too, just to always have that when my dad… Yeah, and I kind of really credit him and my mom… Or just supporting you. Their support. Yeah, so this is a no, the only thing that I ever really connected with my dad, we connect on many levels, but the thing that was our thing was him driving you to and from gymnastics and I… He would stop on is, and I would get her she barnaul side, so you are… And that was totally outside of our norm of like, we never had candy in the household, they’re like, Oh… His way of being like, I’m gonna treat you to something. And we had a 30-minute drive to Jessica or just see Terrell take the back road pass. But station and I just rinsed on my Harsha was our time together, and so I think it’s really special now understanding the love of our Heavenly Father, where the huge value comes into play with your lead to comprehend that a relationship and so… An amazing way to say that you did it through worship in Heaven. That’s a really…

I didn’t comment on a band that went to church my whole life, we went sporadically, and so it was definitely a variation from what you experienced, but I still… I’m such a data for… I’ve always been to a girl, so I think that there’s any love that we have for one another, but now we don’t spend as much time together, I wish that we did, but I think it’s just life and yeah, being different on different pages right now would be the little kids. So you have that as well. Your dad’s still local in here, so my third actually lived like five minutes for me as I now, I ain’t they did or every Sunday I like my sister and her husband and her kids come up or… And my brother is there, and my outcome… We had this tribe of, it’s the hinders on plan was a man, and I feel like that’s always where we’re rolling, it’s always those 13 people in a attaining value that, especially as a groom, a little more, that… In my family, the support that they offer, I love it. You connected it to the hay father. I always think My Dad, I’m so glad that God chose you as learned… Yeah, because the A-I-A, I can… Tiananmen er. Yeah, that’s really amazing. So you’re loving music, but that is definitely a part of your story line to tell them because you shared it be briefly, but the whole experience of getting into JU… ’cause that’s gonna be a part of a conversation. For sure, I can’t not be.

Yeah, sure, I… So… And how to use IT part played a role in that, yes.

So I wanted to go to jail literally since I was in middle school, I used to go to their spring stream in camps in play violin there we have to stay in the dorm and in the dining room halls. And I just thought it was school taking world. Yeah, it’s really since the most chairing today. Yeah, that’s one going.

And then when I really solidified that I wanted to be a teacher, I went in to view a lot of the… Yeah, I had a teen… Got a nice one to be a Toyah, I knew that I love INROADS. I was just one coach in high school and I just loved…

I love kids, and I was like, Okay, I think it’d be so cool if I love childrens books. Yeah, and so I see with children’s books and I was like, Oh, it was cool to teach and work with Tris, and I kinda felt like that was the dream at the time… Yeah, it was a God guide when I was in history.

And so Jane was like the plant… Yeah, then I go and I climbed for early missions and I got a Isiah, and I was like discouraged, but I was like, It’s fine. Some ignition to whatever.

And a good grades, and I was involved in a law, was involved in leadership roles, my church stuff, I feel like one paper, I would say Be my SAT scores were I at…

I want returning because I did the best on the writing portion of the SAT, that’s like before they do that or not in that it…

I let this stuff at a… So I’m still a lot, but I actually so… And I have also a over-gene Tengah, cause that was a school that I could see myself going to. If Jane was an amount should I knew that I wanted to go to LA from home, I knew I wanted to just be away… You know what, my essay was a… A tetanus won’t be to find my bushes for… That’s it, that that… That was a good move by me, I got to Tech, I was like bad, but that’s just number-wise, it was more than look it into it, I was like, How in my… How did they get in? Taking the day.

And so regular missions comes to pass and that way as fiend, I was good, and so I was like, okay, I guess in a teased this… And I was like going to a, we are in in the profit, this is what we’re doing. And then a couple weeks later, I get a Howell forgive telling me that There alternate… And my connection with their music program and just with some of the people in there, I think is what help… Yeah, sure.

And so I remember being such in such terminal like 17-year-old girls, just like… My goal was like that I accepted this in, and now I don’t know what to do in a… Some Mormon just being any always one good jam.

What you’ve got to in you as the ego, I wanna go to do you. And so ended up being like, Okay, we’re going to do… And so we ended up there and I actually did all this, the Port Arthur I felt I see was not going to play any okay. Music and yeah, I was like, in a break… Yeah, sure. This a long time.

And it all good.

Yeah, I’m always kinda like, You know what, that’s kind of what helped you get it, so I maybe should… And so a audition border should I actually ended up getting into one of the reading or stress we, which was great because I literally just got to show up in sigelei. Cool. It’s really fun. Yeah, also though I was such a freshman and I didn’t actually register for his tally class… Oh, so you just did it a suite, they’re taking role for… In turn… Yeah, and I’m not over-roles and I was like, Why do we only… Well, did you write a certain… I said no, I condition, I was like, I had to know every scale in the book to all the shoes, orchestra and a go, you guys, I still had to go register at one, so I am in I… So Dan, as no record in participation that or show, I was in it to A Lara, it was such a…

I was like, Oh my, that, this is terrible. I… So I remember the…

I just stop going on through inter… You were like, No, the Ateneo.

I did keep going. I… As we did how a concert, it then once we had the concert, I stopped going, I would do… Yeah, yeah, I have a son in you too. I… Sure, I’m literally just showing up and playing music and there’s no weight at all any… And I think just the adjustment from going to being alone, and so I take class and I took the full load all this time, I… So yeah, that’s too, but he… Now, were you behind based on her banner credits because you took a full load or you would have had 18 or 50…

I don’t remember, I always told at least 18, great law.

Yeah, because the teaching program, as in you, you take more gene classes than any other major on campus, how the lay is the end here, and I tongariro study, gotta take them all. And so I never once was behind, but I always had for A…

I really think I was always at least 19 credits. Wow. Some semesters around 2021, I just got dependent on what classes I need to be… Getting a C, I think I was always 15.That’s all more normal.

I… Yeah, I…

I think that’s around four classes… Okay, I think is always to five. Was it a… Whatever, either way I see about the most of it. Yeah, and in the outside.

But I was still graduated to… Yes, and all that was good. And even to this day, I remember a few years ago sitting in the Starbucks and at that point, and we can kind of segue into what has emerged since that, but I had not written a formal resume since I graduated into a… Okay, the way I chose my career path, it was a Jane you project for the Business School, and I do new year when everybody was going job fairs, I basically told my Mom, I think we should do this. I think we should have got one when I graduate, when a… He shows to do that. My mom was in support of it and she kinda shared the vision and help cultivate the entire concept with my… This Is Us, I… Professor would get regarded at this point, but we did all the legwork Sanders… Yeah, we decided to do that right out of school, and Sir, eight years later, nine years later, I found a subsiding in Starbucks to write a resin to go back to work and being like, I don’t want to do this. I literally had no desire, but financially, it was something I and husband decided that I needed to do, and I remember just crying as I wrote this recipe because I felt like I had just come through all of this release of identity, all of this release, subtitles, all of this release of, this is what defines me, my major, my jobs, my CEO positions, all these things I just let go up and now, and being asked by the world to put them back on to me so that somebody can look at me on a piece of paper and decide if I’m right it.

And I hated it, I was so upset. In that very moment, I got an email for Christine can conference, and it was a preaching and teaching conference, and I immediately looked at… Called my stand, I was like in this just came through and this is really where my art is, I wanna do… And he’s like, Sure, like what? I already been get the trip go, And I got also, I don’t wanna five-hour jobs. It was like, Wait, all of that was the did conversation of the for… So I ended up doing both shows to do it, and I submitted my resume that day to eight different marketing companies locally, and didn’t hear back from one of them, went to the Christian game conference, and basically my life has just been on that trajectory of mission-based so we trusting in God that I don’t have to have a resume and do that, don’t get me wrong, people who are in the professional setting…

I get it.

I’ve ever… Nobody qualifies you except or God even… And I was in those rain, so when Jane, you said not in text, said yes, at the end of the day, God was still like, now I got the final set and I still got into the path that you intended for you, so…

I love that connection and what it’s done for my life, and I really hope that for other people that they can come in at, you’re standing that your path you’re playing… It might not be God’s plan, but somehow they’re gonna intersect, and when that happens, it’s gonna be that aha moment of I trusted in you, and now I see what you intended all way.

So, so cool about this. In your journey.

Yeah, and then you send her. The husband went to school there. Forever.

And your other or your… So every hole plan, so you are always all rock in the purple volts of what did they think about your gonna stay… ’cause I’m telling you, she’s doing a lot of things in the… At your book, she’s also a published author, which… This is the cutest thing I can’t read. For me, the whole thing.

So how did this get implant and a whaling Oregonian. Where has it come since then, so once I got into my master classes, so I was in grad school, there was this creative class that we were all required to… TA favorite class ever. Yeah, the… That where we literally just learned how to literally interim creativity and everything we’re doing as educators to obviously help a student engagement, student level learning, it’s so important that created creativity is available and encourage because it’s your high level of thinking, you are treating… You are literally using your rain at its highest level thinking, so I’m super nerd about the braeh, but I loved it, and so we were required to keep this creativity journal throughout that class, and we always had a journal about capital C creativity in laceration.

Have creativity was like what you experienced and how you experience creativity in the world around you… Yeah, you could run an article, you could have seen it, you could have… Whatever, maybe. And then your lower case in secret, was I in your personal life, how… Or what were you doing? That was Trevino.

I got to A… And so for one of my lower case entries, I was just… I don’t know, I was just sitting there preparing for the assignment and journaling and I thought of this quote, I believe in you all you can do, so in our biggest reason, I’ll catch them with you at… And I kind of expanded upon it and kind of ROI in that journal and I remember exactly. So about the journal on exactly what I wrote, like… Remember, I had that in it. And so when we… That’s in class, and it was time for some of us to share from our area, I had just a moment of Brave and offered to share a on a road and after I shared it, everyone in the class class, so I was a…

Oh my gosh, I was so good at. Amazing, amazing, amazing. And I was like, I was just like, I can do this, I can I write this. I could write something, I feel like that’s such a good quote. It could be a part of the story.

Yeah, that’s bigger than when it is… And let me backtrack for a second. Yeah, because my freshman year at game, I have written this terribly illustrated children story called files to Europe, always assess my families obsessed with to go year, it’s so bad the industry is terrible, but I say it really go viral like that, right.

You… And I like, No, I do, I know.

I’m gonna actually re-do biliary, the Listeria are there because they’re so bad, but I re-fill us Europe when I was 17, right after graduate high school, I actually went on a family trip two years… Oh, cool. Okay, it’s a one… I was in here, I was writing the series pan won… Oh, that is traveling through her… Okay, and so when I got to… In that first semester, I got an email about this literary magazine that they had… Yeah, and it was called Hopscotch kids writing for kids or something like that, and you could submit your work to it… Yeah, and so I just was like, Hey, I’ll submit files your… Let’s see what happens, of course, tell those year of batches and… And it was a place then Tatler Magazine and a long like, that’s your first biliary. We were so great on… Yeah, but the illustrations are terrible, the tests in this line magazine, and what Jane does with that is they distributed to the LEL elementary schools and little libraries, those additions are all in the libraries, so that’s the thing I Almanac find the zero.

So yeah, so that was kind of also a little bit of a fine little bit, my mom always was like, You should write codes in the secessionist, I would make up and tell to her on the drawings that are with the… Doing are my free time. She was just like a or so creative. You could do that, but I always kind of view that as the 0, the 15-year dream, so I like teaching is the stable thing, he knew a thing that I will do and I just writing the summer. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do, you know.

In the… So yeah, so I come up with Jane catcher and I… After that moment I wrote, I just kind of broke out this on this long poem… Yeah, what it is now, and I let people in my life read, I’ve always had such support from everyone around me in my writing and my creative, and I always do, I do fairly believe that God of firms throughout the people I so agree with. So yeah, it really just kinda get my ears perked up to that, so each new person that I would give to cater to to end it to an thoughts on… And I really did.

Any different people, the read them. I read other that too at the time, every single class of students, and one of my friends in college, she was so obsessed with that I believe in you quote, she was like, Can you just Pinkett for a sign for my classroom? So I did that for her.

You know, just like affirmation and the animation of your affirmation. Yeah, of my… Right.

And so I just, I graduated, and Jack and I got married before I E went to grad school, so… So graduated, moved back here and got my first teaching job at great in media School, and the… Just started that and starting the real life job.

Yeah, the big call to a… Yeah, a lot of teaching, I love this. It’s even hard for me to say, still, I have only been out of it for, you know what, six months now I… The first year, this is the first year about it, and to talk for five years, I said, I don’t… But starting to be girl job and seeing just how much it required of me, because then is just so just… There’s just no other way around it, and I…

I had best case scenario. My school is amazing. admin was amazing. corners amazing. My parents were amazing. My students are amazing. Of course, there were challenges. They’re always will in any job setting, the education saying… But I had best case scenario, and I had older, my son during a… Mr.Thank you that you do.

So I owe during my third year I at… And I had it early, and he had a very traumatic Misty, very traumatic Distrito this world, and so that year he was born in large… I didn’t come back the rest of the year, I say home with him, but I was like, So… To hell, I’m going back to… And not once was I like, no, I’m supposed to say, Oh, I can to do anything else. And I still write me a little story… Sure, okay.

But I was just like, No, I’m supposed to go back to teach. I don’t feel like I’m supposed to leave it. So August comes around it, we have the best child care in the world, and I go back and I teach another year, and that year was so challenging just here, so any different reasons?

Maybe because of my health and mainly because of just healing from the trauma of everything with him… Sure.

The still I… It was giving me the grace for it, I was like, Drenthe, suddenly I was basically in water, I was like, Yeah, I don’t remember a lot of it because so many things happened that it just required so much energy for me and obviously I was a male.

Yeah, invent. It was insane, but I still was like, No, it’s supposed to go back to teaching. Like, I’m supposed to be doing this, and I still have this other dream of my heart of, Oh gosh, I wish I could write more, I wish I could create more than I do, but I still was just… No, teaching isn’t teaching visit, so I go back from my fifth year and I’m not a give one thing to my fifth year, yeah. And I’m just like, I don’t know if I can do this in… And I start to talk to Jack about that, but… What does this mean? Do I send that out to you? I remember asking to, if it’s my attitude, just helping change it. Yeah, but even on my hardest days of teaching, my students motivated me every day on the other, and so I would come back to work every day and be so stoked doing there.

Yeah, yeah.

Even I felt like I’ve been trampled upon. It was fine, I was so excited to be there and to teach them and to inspire them in Jack and I really pray for several months through that fall, in that winter time, in boring winter. I was like, Think that’s not getting me the grade to do this anymore, it’s not my attitude, it’s just, I don’t know, the greatest due in work as I’m not like us to do anything, or at least right now.

And it’s amazing because the moment that I accepted that out, spoken that, I was like, Yeah, I got… You got it. And again, had a lot of people in my life. Just a for me.


Even informing that decision, affirming this, right now, it’s just not.

This is not where you’re supposed to be doing… Yeah, and God, I just put the right people in my life in the U… Was it employing on publishing douche until the fall of the 19. okay, but God just like later, put any person I’ve had my illustrator, Steve shorts, who’s amazing, he’s local, so I…

I met him through just our worship Collective, and I remember just reaching out to him to be re-key, would you ever… Could you read this story there, I’m looking for an illustrator, and I would love for you to do this or work on just because I believe in your art work.

Let on it, you maintain.

And he was just like, Yes, I love this story, I’ll do it. And so I was like, Okay, cool. So he starts working on it, and I’m not in you in two months, he has all these illustrations of… They’re all done, and I was blown away ’cause I was like, Oh my goodness, I think I could publish it. So, and I ended up eating, come writing coach even, and getting the market eco-ACH. Okay.

Or… Okay, and she walked me through just like what would be best for me as an offer right now, how should I publish his checkered Igor publisher?

Yeah, what’s the As?

The de… So at that point, obviously, I’m still the middle of my school year… Right, and she was kinda like, Listen, I really think that because you love art so much and you really wanna have control of it out, you should sell publishes because then you’ll be able to make sure it looks on in it to long… And so I chose the self-publishing through Amazon, which has been amazing. Cool.

So I do it so amazing. Yeah.

Anything else for… Yes.

To say any… A lot of things that I learned, I… I’m so happy to have Joe because she just walked me through just different things of… Castell, I am a business. Sure, I see them, I technically, I own the business, I have publishing come a Einaudi reason a lot that I need to learn, share on that, Your… So yeah, I see that everything done so quickly, and bless his heart, we were both learning together to share dimensions and what we would need and what’s the right format and all that stuff, and then when it finally got done in… In March, I was talking to Jill and she was like, Well, when more question, I was like, Well, we had a… She was like, You’re good to go.

I just got submitted to Amazon, a proof, and then you’re good.

I was like, No way the… Everything worked out, and it was published on Amazon on March 27th. Okay, which is super magical day, ’cause that’s the day that water can come from the NICU… Oh yeah, the day we got that. We did that and I wanted to keep that day special. That’s amazing. And so it was like a world in… Because I’m like sitting there… It got pushed in. My students were amazing. Like they were so excited for me.

Some of the bottom of crews, I didn’t really talk about series, I was like, I’m not trying to prove my cut… That’s not cool.

Yeah, but they would ask questions and some of them will buy and then bring copies the sun… Of course, I showed it to them and they loved it. And yeah, I just remember sitting there being like, God, you are so good, because I was sitting there back in gene were knowing that I was gonna put teaching a, but not knowing at all, like my goal, which is publishing just by fall.

Yeah, he’s in here like, no, like a… But one, and you’re gonna have a little coliseo you. I quit this job because I need for me to be confident and understand that I’ve got you in this, and so the Lord really worked on on me a lot, these over the January to June, just in preparing for the trans, and I think I had a lot of fear. Yeah, of course.

Yeah, I… That’s so cool that… How may I… So that you have it, it’s here it’s able, I can’t resonate year, and it’s a… And then it’s just so cool, I’m site to read it, I will read to my kids the… So much in.

And I love that there’s a good arsinoe out the music inside. I heard you speak about it on your other show that you were on, and so I was just excited and I was like, Oh yeah, this is a part of her story, ’cause I was thinking, Okay, this is… I’m thinking, you said that’s really a… That’s how I affiliate my knowledge of who you are, so I wanted her… You obviously have so many more stories, you have more books coming in right on now, also apply that to song writing, you… How did the hope of an emerge in the mist of all of this… Oh my goodness, how did that… It was it emerged. Okay, so linen on the… Not actually met through reporter Media as a teacher to go there.

That is it. And I, she and her husband, Ryan, were worship leaders, had a different turns. Okay, Jack and I were the word ship the years at our church, just had such pair level, just interesting that… And why worship leader kind of do those compose teachers, young… No cases at that. Yeah.

And so Lindsey, I friendship was just one of those ones that you just just… She was a… Yeah, it was amazing. Is that way. And so we as a canine to grow, they kinda been called to simple and travel all over the place and leave different places, they had multiple CD projects, but they asked me to play violin on their projects on… When I first met them, that’s on a cool ’cause I’m like, You just trust in me a very well-among that’s awesome. So require violent on that, and then I kind of would play with the… At different things that they would go to.

They want to, if they need me that from the thing, and then the surety came up with actually one of their opportunities, they had an awesome, awesome opportunity as a band to go and writing music with a producer, Nashville, and they included me in it, which is amazing. And again, this was like before I use kids. Yeah, so we… On that spring break that year, all travel to the pill and the row music, and that I didn’t really think of myself as someone who wrote music… I have, in music, I have songs, I guess you could say, but I really inflict muscle.

Was it take to it? Especially in the context of worship. Yeah, what is it? How can we write a really awesome solid corporate worship song songs to meet the needs of the audiences that we were playing to… Yeah, and so that was such a great learning experience for me because I guess I learned kind of that I could… Yeah, absolutely. I could kinda hang out there… Yeah, I’m not the best. Yeah, but just my gifting with words sure would help, and then obviously my 15 with musical knowledge and just all of that, absolutely, to… So yeah, so that was it. amazing opportunity, and I think you guys, the… You, they definitely, they believe in me to always have a… Has always been such a champion of mine in my writing is actually my writing, but on writing, and so we kind of formed the hook with then I would say Ryan formed the hope with that, I love a really… That’s her husband. That’s her out.

Yeah, that you had this… Yeah, because I… Creator thing. Yeah, the unripe or it wasn’t some something that are church or… I don’t remember what it was for. I was kind of like a no worship and we were the TA…

I think we were the main people, and so we kind of needed the tunnel for what… Yeah, what are… Yeah, and it was technically the four of us, so these… Lindeman radiant, so cool. But I, when we took pictures for the hope within a… For some reason, Ryan could be there.

I was like, You guys are good.

Their jack o pictures of life in a… That I the… As a running joke, because it was just like… It was the… For sure, as… But the… We just didn’t do much more, like I just see the South still doing a point, they were still writing music and stuff, and we had this hope of the… And it was kind of just an acoustic thing, so just organically became just me and Lindsey and indulge asked to go lead worship for wins Ministry of and things like that, and we kind were… We kind of eat less a title to this, let’s make this something that we can work with. And so, obviously, Ryan, it’s all the credit, where men at the UK within, I say, was that around that same time? That’s when he’s being the out price.

Okay, I think I was really forming too, I just kind of pursuing that, I just… I wanna… Lemonade girls are doing this.

So I Italian.

Oh really? I mean, it’s new.

So last year was we kind of became that, and so really started pursuing what we thought we wanted to be and what we thought God was telling us…

Oh, sure. And during the summer time, we just worked on so many different things… Yeah, you cover videos.

So creating a either a little devotional videos and writing music in, and that’s how our single stronger… Okay, it was birth then that came out in September. Okay.

Yeah, that’s a entities.

So it’s obviously hard right now because we both have… Our kids are only few months of parasite, so they’re the great… Yeah, there will be three and more… Okay, okay. But yeah, to me, yeah, so I will be three in July, I as tolerate Benner phase, and then in the bigger next thing is like you wanna go back, I got a… But I’m right beyond you, ’cause my five and six, and it’s just like there are these little humans now and they rely on for in such a different way, and it’s so cool to co-habitat with it, but you’re also fully responsible for their upbringing and the direction and the Pats and next influences, and it’s just, it’s a really big job in and of itself to be a mom, so I… I’ll say the moms out there like, I give you a lot of idea ’cause it… It’s a hard thing to even to the one… You don’t even know this, but she’s been had group call classic, and so I antithetical, she’s in completely fine spirits, hasn’t cost one time today, but I kept her home from school, so she went to the doctors with me, we were looking this morning, she’s been around and I…

I’m like, What a kid that I have the ability to do this right now, and I actually also at work, so it was just a beautiful day, the way that it laid out, and I get to go home to her and make sure she’s fine after this, so thank you for trial.

Get a hit a… It’s a fun adventure, but it’s so neat that you are already creating the legacy for him to see and walk out, and it’s like a tech… So the story I would do so, yeah.

So that is such a beautiful thing. In another thing I wanted to mention as you were sharing the cultivation of both of these projects, but then… And the book is like, it’s really wild what and how social media can ferret to somebody to a no.

And I had no idea that the hop when was just from last year, I…

I want it around to intervene, know anything about it, and then when you become a writer and immediately when you know that somebody’s a published author, I online, Gosh, you just give this a studio, you can push it lapses up on Iran’s so wild that you’re in such a new phase of all of these things, but yet it’s a life journey that has brought to that place.

Yeah, I… So I just love learning the back stories of things like this because there’s so much beauty, there’s so much God… Yeah, it’s so much of your story lines like just over a inter-tie and he knew all along.

I mean, you’ve been writing since you were a little… Your mom could see she was in pointing it before as like, Yeah, this is true. New, but in a different way again, those worldly affirmations, which is funny that you mentioned that too, because I’ve had that a couple of times in the last week, and it was exactly what I needed to hear it, and the times that we doubt ourselves and the balance that were like me, should I could…

I really, really want to, but that doesn’t mean that I should… Right, right. And you have these conversations that you’re stable, crazy. I said, sorry that I wanna jump out of the… Off the boat.

Yeah, I will. And you, and he’s just like, I believe in you, like you as well, we’re so amazing just to be able to have that gift of companionship in our relationships, so they’re like, Yeah, we’re on for you. I get it. So the seven things I said just in two minutes, but I hope people were able to follow because those were all the thoughts that were going ahead as you’re sharing the story. It’s just seven. Cool, so I’m excited to see where everything goes. We can tessellation. So were you with wild or full-time now that you’re not teaching, or does he still go to… You can…

I have an amazing person. Tina gets an Umayyad I never… From church? For my old church. Yeah, and so she has been taking care of him since he was about six… Seven months old. Yeah, and he goes there. So yeah, I tell the Lord has worked at a… He’s a very active social person… Okay, I see that interaction. He does, yeah, he gets some board of the… A very day.

Yeah, but I do like that I have the flexibility of some day, so I’m just like, Oh, I’m not gonna take you a go do this or whatever total, but I would not be…

I would not be productive. Yeah, and I can say any creative sense at all, if you were home with me all day and really just…

I was talking to my friend about this earlier, like it’s interesting how… Yes, I so need to… This I, I learned me us, the Otto.

So Gabriel to know that there’s a starting point, yes, I E to do it, but literally going at the… Even just… Just the same. I’m in all the areas that they… One, you need to stop saying they’re trying to be on ’cause you I… No, and I… And that’s being a… Sure are an always working on IT guy, and a lot on I…

I was thinking about that the other day, like how… I totally forgot, was A… And you said you and you’re going for or talking about a… It was new, you working with our… Yeah, that’s not a… So I like to A… And I go back, it had something to do with just the whole sense of really accepting who you are and who God calls you to be and not saying Get but not also… And I say this all the time, it’s so easy to tell people who are in people all the time, You are a one, here is a man on a God in you could do this and you got this, but then how hard can be to say that to or sell.

So I, I really struggle with that, I really struggle with practicing when I preached in walking in the victory of Jesus and reminding myself like, Okay, he did treat me this way and he created me to share these stories, and it is hard because you know… Obviously, it’s not a… It’s not easy to market yourself that Demas been a very challenging on a… Yeah, so it…

In this due journey. Yeah, and as you know, it’s a…

I thought, not everyone is gonna wanna sell your book, and not everyone is, and I… So that’s hard, but you can’t let that be something that keeps you from doing what you supposed to be 100%, you know? Yeah, I totally… I’m currently walking out the journey of becoming an author and myself, I’ve gone to this she speaks conference, I will… Amazing. I ate in it, or nurse is just the next level class, and we literally just… I had the Royals on. Did I… Have you heard of the world? Yes, I have not. So your post to checker load, but to three sisters, what their worship in their song Tomorrow, I was actually coming out called Quality lady, and when I just said that Lisa areas classy Imes like she is a quality lady. The concept of what their third song is about is the message, it’s just incredible something and you go, sir, to that Proverbs every one moment, right.

But it’s a hard journey to Le was because I just like the world gives you all these things when you talked about the resume, it’s like you feel like you need the verification from man in order to qualify what you know God has already given you.

And it’s really frustrating, so, because you’re walking this fine line of recognizing that I know God, His place as in me with purpose, and yet I still feel like I need to go the traditional publish around, and this agent has to say, yeah.

Then there are men to be qualified… Right, and that’s not the case, really not… And you prove that by saying, through the many second early on in my heart, submitting this last proposal and it doesn’t come through, I’ve already talked to my husband about it, we’ve looked about it, I’ve been like, If this is not the case like this, I have so needling for this book.

Yeah, waiting for the siren. Is if I hold it, which even if they said Yes, I’m gonna struggle. Even if you say yes, and this is the way in here says Yes, a, is that a… It’s a traditional publishing is 18 months to two years in a… The end.

The story is ready. It’s ready, right? That in an e, don’t want to sit on it for two years, I’m gonna be a different person in two years, I already know the message for my next book, and so if I wait two years and then I have another two years, ’cause I would do that, that it doesn’t make sense. I know.

So I did, I, I, the A, I wanna pursue it full-time too, I’m not very, but I’m on the verge and I’m so easily able to tell other people to just do it right, and I’m like, But I put it or… But after the, I’m anticipating what the next year is gonna look like, that’s a… And really dive in fully, but it’s beautiful to watch other people emerge into their calling and allowing themselves the grace to do it And atpase that would have us to… Because we do have Toler in other things going on… Right, right. And you’re wearing so many different hats. Yeah, that you wanna pursue them all well, I know, or you just down your doubts, you realize this one’s not for him, which was what you did with teaching… Absolutely, yeah, I had a prophetic word specimen at the beginning… The last year. Okay, and so a pastor time was like… She was really calling out my fear, he was just like, You gotta stop living in this place of your… ’cause he does not give you the Spirit here, gives you a period, freedom. And this is also one of the first prophetic words that I received kind of in the way that it happened. Okay.

But she almost illustrated, she’s like, It’s like you have it to holding the gift, it is a linford.

And she was like, You just need to receive it to see… Receive this gift, receive what He has for you, receive it. So stop allowing your fear and doubt to get in the way of what he’s trying to do through you and this… You will be the only thing that gets in your way. So… Right, and so I’m… I’m making you… I’m see word afterward after work.

I get… You got it. All as elite rally.

Well, I say Even into this year, I see the prevented in Jaden about my writing and I just… I’m like, Am I not recent, right? It’s all a question of my loan, I’m not receiving… This is to me, I conceived it. Dave is far out here. I’m doing this. Yeah, I… At some point though it was affirmation, I think sometimes there is a point of like maybe a way to call, but then I also think God does Chartres and does love, then he parties of our heart, and so I think sometimes when those affirmations come in, it’s like Well, hunya, the tour.

So I can say that I’m super thankful for that because it is a… It’s a lonely journey as I talk, I got that a lot too, like I’m not… And I don’t know if you think at the Aria and to Entech. Okay, that’s a home. So uterine in people. So when I’m at home alone, trying to get work done as a creative you… I never know really like, I’m gonna be a… Do I know it’s gonna be a couples… And some days are really great, something I’m not great, just all the… Yeah, but it’s funny how I met… My husband gets home in the moment like wilder, so I get interest, you and do all these things, may not even great, like, Oh, I’m in the dishes now in the ore and Jack always like this, you are on…

Oh, that one, I… Why are you choosing to… And I’m a kissing her at excite me, you’re inviting.

And so I do miss that, that daily community up to team, that was a… You had a great conduit, have great people that I worked with that I talk with. So it’s really important for me to just make sure… I’m really trying to find the balance of like, okay, maybe today’s like a coffee shop… Yeah, I need to go repopulate sting how that gives… You interview them. Yeah, it really does. And not become alone something, it’s fine, but you really learn about a lot of it yourself, so in being you… ’cause I’m just like I, I my business over and I’m a right or an in.

Also, I had of my marketing, and some days it’s obviously like to be in a lately realise, I’m like… Sometimes I’m just like, oh, I just wish some publishing company yet, would they go pick up through at and re-publish it on car back and take care of all this stuff that I don’t wanna do… Sure, sure that that would be the dream. Big, yeah. We’ll be the dream. And I even there right now, I… But just like eventually is that could happen so that this career could be what I want is sure. A one to a about its promised you already through these operations, he is a words… Yeah, she was ask the timing piece, he… Eastport of, it’s so hard to hold on to a cause you’ve jumped in, you’re ready, you’re like got here treading water with you for you by you and the… The ways are coming.

I wanna start, I wanna get to the show was going on. I feel that way, so I totally get it. And it’s also one of the reasons that I created cortina because I knew the journey is only ’cause I’ve been doing it since I got out of college, and I wanted people to realize that it smoke and Mrs from what we see, just like when I was taking a look at what you put going on and I’m like, Oh, I go… She’s been doing this for decades. It’s awesome. And you like, No, I just started to do that.

The other… So it’s necessary that everybody is on the same page, and what better way to do it, and then within your own community to let people know, we’re all trading water, we’re all waiting for it is that we know God has given us and yet to us to show up and that what you’re doing in such a lovely way right now, something that gives a Lessing to be able to do it at this time in your life. It’s just incredible. And other people who are in the group who are in later in life in their… Do I want in?

And still waiting.

And so it gives you a lot of gratitude for where you are right now when you have other people alongside of you who can sense that for nation, but I also say like, I get it, I hear you, I see you.

You go in because I need what you have. Yeah, right. And it’s good. And so it’s so beautiful and having a community… A women in that regard. It’s just so necessary. So I… Whether you have your author groups or got your senior, your worship teams and things like that, like staying in community and connection with them, maybe even more frequently than what you’re doing right now, that really help you in the sense of being like, Okay, what am I working on that, that accountability peas, that encouragement piece, even just a chat for people who are creative, who get it… Yeah, maybe it’s your… You’re a fail Strat or A… It’s really helpful for me when I see in pursuing what their dreams are, and I’m like, Okay, I need to get on to a… You get up cause they’re doing… Yeah, yeah, that’s good. That’s a good word too. Yeah, and I definitely welcome the growth, I will…

I’m doing not one of those people who… I’m not scared to get older… Yeah, the 29 this year, I’m also my 30s and it’s not even scared to me because I don’t wanna say just like, you know, I think how long a play violin, how long it took me to be what I am with that we’re like, Oh my gosh, it’s a long time, yeah.

Specially perspective years of hard work, a consistency, and I wanna make sure that consistency is…

I’m putting into every part of my life with my help, with my writing, with my type of God, and even just like basic level, like I… Trying to become a better musician, you know, ’cause I don’t ever wanna just become complacent where I’m at, I…

I always, I love to learn, so I always wanna make sure I am learning. growing transforming.

Yeah, it’s a tool, ’cause one of the things that… I have to make sure I mentioned this, but getting the onshore port you… A big deal for me because I don’t know, like again, with that affirmation, I knew I didn’t need it.

Yeah, I knew that. I was like an all time for this.

You know it’s… It doesn’t eat… It is a… Alright, but I really, I get… Take that at its… Mouton helps with market adani on that website.

Yeah, it’s in a hard liner and that’s really awesome, but that was just like… Came at the right time. Yeah, I fall, I’m just like, oh, we… Yeah, we wanna… One in LA that they’re local, their local organization that tears… Yeah, that’s a really… Another little gain. Yeah, in the midst of everything. And so NASA, so good at it. In one of the biggest things too, with that I call wishes that you… They’re there more often than we even read, so it makes us in the face that we wanna be that super sonic, he had talk out a movie there, The One to Idris off now, but I wanna be like a go. Yeah, I, I wake up and I go, now I’m in that by are 30 actually, but I dare the day I will see.

And so reminding myself in that speed to be really cognizant and really present in each of the super Solomons, because that’s when God went. And if we’re so focused on, God, this is the promise. Let me get there in this, the journey, organise the opportunity of each of the days that you’re like, This is hard work, or I feel alone, and being present with yourself than all of those emotions, and every part of that is gonna be the storyline to the testimony tetras somebody else who comes down the road and they’re gonna be able to share those moments and they’re like, Oh my gosh, not only does she have one book, she’s got 15 books, and they’re like, Let me tell you though I know A… You tell you about book Never was right, and the five years it took to produce and it’s just… I love that part of every entrepreneurial journey, I’m learning more about it as I unpacking. Learn from other entrepreneurs. Yeah, because I love to just grasp all since thing, I’m like, Oh my gosh, they created an online course on larut, how right.

Oh my gosh, they all has a… So that people in their facility when they’re on to the speech… Yeah, I wanna know what happens 20 years ago that have… And in the event that they can do it, this is always God, it’s all a of…

But ultimately, something has to trigger you, so that there is… You know that there’s more… And then where they got in along the way, that could be getting there and I… So it’s… But I love learning about your own Alain, your life then, I’ve seen more questions that I wanna ask you, we’re gonna do it is to… It is a… A, thank you so much for being here, you guys in… They find you because I don’t think you have a dream catcher, Ansar and do a… No, I… And at Anderson years, the Temne Nanaimo Instagram, and then Facebook is a 00 cents 2. and then I have a website, which is a version, so if you’re local, then you can buy the book directly for me, but then you can also buy on a…

I see that’s where it’s at right now. It’s really trying to get it in some local store sitting to…

I… In her one to you a good and lead. I can get it. Oh my gosh, okay, let’s talk about that A… It is a moral or other people. So thank you for being here, you guys go follow her, and if you have an opportunity to say, Listen in on our YouTube with Lindsey with within to they’re a man saying, I listen to them on the regular, I’m working ’cause they’re just so wrong up then tick I love it. And so thanks for being here and I do a bit, I get to it that I can address on your kinda post, and I am so excited to just be here to share with you other movers, dreamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, pastors, whatever.

If you got head and you’ve got a hard, I’m so excited to explore, so that is who you are and discover your wholeness, your health, your well, well, and your joy. I love to see happiness, I want people to know that this is not… This came with trial, you guys, this came with a lot of ever came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience this together, this is a real community at the ER, and I’m excited to help catapult your calling, your king to experience the purpose of your imprint on the world, wherever, however, that is so common for the rod, I’m excited to chat as you like comment review in San.

I mean, email, it’s me responding, even though I have a medical team. And so I’m just excited to get to know you. Let’s next legate and let’s walk in our calling.

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