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Don’t Ignore The Problem: Be the Change – with Brenda Cornwell

It’s time to be the change. If you aren’t taking action, you are part of the problem. Have you ever sat down and interviewed someone really close to you? Someone who you think you know through and through…and when you do you are surprised by their responses and feedback?

Well I got the chance…and she was absolutely a nervous wreck…but she showed up and showed out even against her comfortability to change lives and open eyes and hearts because she’s going through a transformational time and she’s seeing how powerful vulnerability is at the end of the day.

We’re a little echoey because we are in a hotel lobby at the largest conference either of us had ever been too and I couldn’t lose the opportunity to sit down with someone who means the world to me…someone who is ingrained in who I am and who I’ve become.

My mom is the sweetest heart, with a testimony that will leave your jaw dropped. Sharing vulnerably for the first time ever, she uncovers pieces of the who in who she is, the why in why she is, and where it all came from. There is so much more to the story…and I have no doubt you’ll continue to hear it unfold…but I wanted to still give others the opportunity to listen.

be the change

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Show Notes: Be the Change with Brenda Cornwell

Hey, I have a camera address, I’m your fitting podcast, so I upto me your… Just me. No words. no scripts, no incurs, no altos. I love authenticity, I hope to breed vulnerability, and I usually do this alongside another Dreamer mover shaker entrepreneur, passion is A… Is what I love to call them, if you’re a dude, then a dude, but I am loving just coming together in community with other people to share their high and low stories, to share their journeys to come back, because I believe ultimately that for God would have us he would have us on the mountain top, and even though we learn a ton in the pit and in the valley, God would manuscript now, especially in this season of life, in this time of our culture to shine.

And so here I am, I want to teach you how to shine, I wanna be alongside you when you get your glow, I wanna capable to into your calling.

Whatever that is. So this isn’t a fitness podcast, this is not a religious banter that week, Jesus all day long, and this is not just about nutrition or health or well, now I lack some greed, and I know you do too, it’s not okay for us to not be okay.

Was talking about all of these things that, Edison, you guys, we don’t miss need a mental health podcast, we don’t just need a fitness podcast, you don’t just need a religious spiritual protest. It needs to win.

This is what fit in. Things all about, it’s all about frontline men, methane, it’s about pursuing your wholeness and playing it over your life and over the line, a loved one that you have around your career. So thank you for coming again. I would love to get to know anymore… You can subscribe whatever it is in an email is me, have an amazing team alongside, but you guys are gonna need or down so enjoy, I’m so old to have a pocket conversation with you is what I’d love to call up, don’t have my coffee right now, but I have it in my system. As you can see, all the love, let’s do this together, and I keep going Ferriot.

It is a… We are some Latin, and I’m hoping at the internet connection is gonna adhere or you guys actually hear us, but we are… He can… Can you set out to in your…

Okay, we’re doing a nineteen lobby because our…

I wasn’t one I…

I was in so people can hear us okay, first, before we get too far in and you miss all the good… Him really? Can you let me know if or sounds. Okay.

Alright, I think we’re just gonna have to go with it. Excited to be here with you guys today. We are in Charleston, South Carolina. We had to travel all the way here. Just for… Has to spend time together.

The Iowa, it’s been so good to get in the car eight hours of your mom when you have babies in life is bananas and you don’t have that undivided time and attention, it is so special, and I’m so grateful for this time together because it wasn’t something I originally intended to happen, so I’ll go into that detail later, but she is such a special, special person in my life, obviously part of my creation, but way more deep than that, she is a motivator and an inspiration and so relevant that we are now at the rise business conference together with Rachel Hollis, Tapas friend Bashar. So many awesome people at mile, it’s gonna be amazing racial, helicase, she is a good… And it’s been awesome to be with her in person, but I have really just enjoyed our time together and to see where we’re gonna be going from here in this next season of our life, it is only fitting that this episode is P30, because my 30s have been just such a gift from God. And I feel like that was a part of your life journey as well, the variation or 20-30. so welcome, I’m gonna call her mom. But she is her own person. She is Brenda Cornwell, super special. If you know her locally, you know she is a force to be reckon with, so it must… Things are in here for having me, I sound like this, it was so bad that I get to fish or outside of her comfort and… But you had long… You just take a second to introduce yourself.

You can talk about your family, you can talk about business. Whatever goes, will go see where the heart fans.

So as you know, in Nantes Burnet corn… Well, I see, I am a mother, a three, I have my grand babies and I’ve been married 34 years and two businesses and one can then for about 34 years and it’s been taken care of kids and pre-school and not… Totally love that at pakist.

From a little to the grown up went to college and they had kids and bring their kids back, so it’s been a real circle of life, and then since then, I had open up a maternity shot and I totally love that. Cameron, that together. And then she ventured off to more bigger things than I possibly be a… Here, I think I… A different and bigger for me, and I obviously, I’m not a speaker, but she’s awesome, then I’m very proud of that, and she left me a good hands and I had to figure out a lot. So here I am at a biscoe, Rene, and you have not been to one of these. highly suggestive, as it has on my eyes up to a lot of things to know that it’s okay to step back and breathe for a moment and know that you’re okay and just read… Just re-adjust your business in your life. Yeah, that’s good.

I think for me specifically, because I move in a supersonic speed and I got that from you. Yeah, an E.And people are so like, I do.

So all of the dating and I’m like, I…

I just take a day by day and I just wake up and I know that I have something to do. And it’s different every day. Sometimes my other purposes, to be a good mom, and I know you wake of days and you’re just like, Okay, my kids get all of me today, or you’re waking up and you’re like, Okay, this business needs priority or needs nurturing, or my husband needs a priority, and attention and just a matter of where I put that energy.

And so I create something, I think I’ve shared this with you before, my mid-less so it’s my most important task in it, and it’s three things, so I have to choose three things that day because of plus are to do list our eternal… Of course, I have a thousand things going on.

Of course, we have goals and dreams, and what are you gonna do today that’s gonna get you closer to what you imagine your best version of yourself is later, and if it’s not in your business and you’re here is struggling or… It’s in your business and your home life is great, and use the priorities that make the most sense to the value of your joy, and I’ve seen you choose… So I right you, I’ve done the same.

And so share a little bit about what that journey has been for you in business and also prioritizing your personal life, so I self-cannot you, and you don’t know really what your life is doing ’cause you’re so involved in your business is true. And so sometimes you do put, if you are struggling through something in your life that you will put something that’s more positive first before you have to deal with the negative… That’s good.

And so I have to now, and I don’t know, I put… And so now being here and re-adjusting and taking that breath and thinking about in first and got… My husband is on a second… Yeah, and he has not been a second prose, so… Business has always been first.

Yeah, and I got a a a to him up there before all that, or you… And this was a bigger today, absolutely. And I learned not to share myself, so that’s been very power for me because I did not… I came from a very background, I would this factor that was very purple, so taking it a while to open up my heart to… Now that he’s always been there.

Even Guys, I think get us far, he was the no, and he had to take me through the hardest to get to the goodness, and I had to in a one year…

I think that’s always a ARY journey for so many people as you… After life, and you’re like, We are you. Why, why is this happening?

Where’s the good in the situation? And people were dealing with some horrendous things I hear all the time is heart breaking, but an outside perspective, and I just did this exercise with the girlfriend, like I feel like somebody looking into your life and how landless in a matter who you are, you could say Oh my gosh, but she went A… In Spain, the only thing that you can… Well, on in the minister, you struggle is a hurt struggle, unless you’re changing your perspective, you’re saying, Okay, I heroines. And that is a good thing. There’s a lot of amazing I seen you do that. I would have is deployed. And you were lonely, were just like, Okay, let Nissan… Or if he was in his retirement phase and you were like, so okay, I’m gonna be the bread winner now we… Let me make this work.

I feel like so much of your life has been like, let’s make this happen, because so much of your past was not given to you, you went after everything that you do have, so explain and explain that. You talked about your faith in the religion and how that affected you for your whole life, to not be able to fully step into what I believe the experience of knowing and loving Jesus, and I see a reason.

You and me on God.

Yeah, so I just, I told with typhoon religious way in.

Yeah, so it has a different challenge experience, so my mom is amazing right now, but you never know he was amazing mom back there, and I’m very blessed that I have the opposite some of the woods that we are at for me.

Yeah, and she has a great mom now, but back in a day looking for other state hardest, very different calls, because she was a mom, she wasn’t there in… He came from a broken feely, I guess. My mom did, mom and many dads, and I went through our trial periods, so my brother, I… Thank goodness for my brother and his wife that they were a religious table and that there was… We went through a lot of it trials, and he just… His family and just me and I needed him at the time, and even though they were there. They there… And I was young girls, but… And my parents put us on the school, on the church bus and soon out for the day, and I was in Bible study and church groups and church camps, and I did all the right… I was doing all the right things, stressing that a lot, opportunity to do a lot at that just… And because we were never a guided… The have parents at home, I… Nares ran a service station, so they were never on. Wow. And it was just me and I live a sister at the time, ’cause my older brother has had left home, there was probably like eight year distance in our relation or age, and Ohio, it was just me and my little sister was… She’s four years under an I am, so pretty much was her mom?

A, yeah, I just kind of went from that and then through the years, I got married and left Comey just to get out of there, and then I met my son, comes and trying to make him that wonderful husband in a… That always… I hadn’t married.

Yeah, and last time.

Sure, sure. I always love your guys… This love story. Yeah, so it’s so powerful and there’s so much, again, looking back on that, you can see God play such a role to be in the city you were in, in the situation you’re in, with the people you were with, every little piece… And I always get so easily visualize it as a chest or you went here, so God said, Okay, I’ll go here, or he was obvious, always before you and knows the plan, the master plan for it. Ever before, you ever have to wave your flag and say, Check me, but I believe that it always takes hindsight, 20, 20, and I have this huge desire in my heart for women and specifically, but people as a whole, to… For us to get head of that hindsight, for us to say, Okay, I know God is good, so I’m gonna step into that right now versus having to be here, having to stand in the mess and being like… Where are you being like, Okay, I might not feel you, I might not see how in the hell you’re showing up right now in this situation, but I’m gonna trust because you’ve always been there. You’re here right now, and I know five years from now, 10 years from now, God let’s Prius a couple of months with a… For days, I may go to that we see the reveal of where he is or where he was in that situation, and so I’m grateful that you allowed me to spread my wings as I did even in my faith, even when you weren’t necessarily like you’ve always believed in God, we said prayers every single night of your life.

You guys, it just wasn’t… Wasn’t really wasn’t like your religion, I’m Raul that I didn’t have that skewed perspective, I got to experience Aeon, the interns, and I think that that’s a beautiful thing for be able to do. Now I’m in a household ware of my own family trying to cultivate like How do I give them freedom to own… They’re a by themselves, but I also wanna steward that is so well… To guide them and be like, This is the only way that you can do this.

Probably, right.

I had to let them learn the I… So as a neo is like the stereos or Rachel… He’s a preacher’s wife, I E I Otolaryngology anaesthetist. At Antoinette it. I Teotihuacan in one. I Teotihuacan OneNote I-I totalitarianism. On a I otolaryngolo I… Atalanta to a AAA the I can address on your kitten paid posts, and I am so excited to just be a here to share with you other over-streamers, shakers, entrepreneurs, pastors, what ever… If you got a head and you’ve got a heart, I’m… So I see, to explore you that is whose you are, and discover your wholeness, your health, your wealth, well, and your joy. I love to Zoo happiness, I want people to know that this is not… This came as tile, you guys, this came with a lot of efforts, came with a lot of lows and so many highs, and I want us to experience those together, this is our real community of dreamers, and I’m excited to help catapult your calling your Caprice the purpose of your infant or wherever, however, that is. So come along for the ride. I am excited to chat with you, like comment review in Musa Sendai, it’s me responding, even though having credible team. And so I’m just excited to get to know you. Let’s connect plus create community and let’s walk in or calling

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