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Dominion Discipleship with Nashville Recording Artist, Kentucky Dom

So this episode is kicking it with Nashville recording artist, Kentucky Dom, and as the conversation evolved, the word "discipleship" came up time and time again, and I have to play on words, Dom - Dominion. This is about Dominion's discipleship - about literally taking ownership and authority in the earth, and in our gifts and talents that generally always first and foremost, just points to God. This is what Kentucky Dom's story is all about. It's an only God kind of story - one of those things that nobody could make up other than God.

I love his heart for missions - for inner-city kids, when it comes to music and rap and Christian and country and all the blending of it. I love his heart towards marriage and business and how he disciples and creates discipleship programs in his tech business. I mean, he's so multifaceted.

If you have a heart towards music, if you have a heart towards recording, if you have a heart towards serving, if you have a heart towards just people as a whole, you're going to love to hear the other side to this Grow for God artist who was incredible at the Grow for God Conference in the fall of 2021.

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About Dom:

Kentucky Dom, Born out of Henderson, Ky is now a full time recording artist in Nashville. Kentucky has a blend of Christian, Gospel, Hip Hop, Country and Folk music all in one sound. Kentucky Dom is also a serial Entrepreneur, owning multiple businesses with his wife. Kentucky Dom is in the tech industry with contracts its companies like dish network, AT&T and a few other home security companies. Kentucky Dom and his wife also on a boutique bridal shop called Magnolia Bridal House.

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Show Notes: Dominion Discipleship

All right. So this episode is kicking it with Nashville, recording artists, Kentucky, Dom, and as the conversation evolved, I was recognizing this word discipleship that came up time and time again, and I have to play on words, dumb. Dominion. This is about Dominion's discipleship. It's about literally taking ownership and authority in the earth, in our gifts and talents.

That just generally, always, always first and foremost, just point to God. And that is what Kentucky Dom's story is all about. It's an only God kind of story. It's one of those things that nobody could make up other than God. And it's that good? It's that rich? That wholesome. I love his heart for missions.

Art for inner city kids that love his heart for children as a whole, when it comes to music and rap and Christian, and country and all the blending of it. I love his heart towards marriage and business and how he disciples and creates discipleship programs in his tech business. I mean, he's so multifaceted.

If you have a heart towards music, if you have a heart towards recording, if you have a heart towards, um, serving, if you have a heart towards just people as a whole, you're going to love to hear the other side to this grow for God. Uh, just stand up artists that came, he was incredible at the growth for bad conference in the fall of 2021.

And I have got to integrate them into 2022. And so I hope that you guys will come and experience the togetherness of this conversation. At this conversation, and I know this will not be the last time you see us together. So Dom, thank you for being here and you guys enjoy this epic conversation. Welcome to the fit and bait podcast.

It is an acronym representing founders, innovators, and trailblazers who are looking to live a life wholly, fully, authentically, and truly fit a space for us to connect on the raw real stories of mind, body, and soul alignment of entrepreneurs in kingdom later. I'm your host, Tamra and dress. And this podcast, isn't like the cookie cutter interview experience.

I've been coined the entrepreneurial rabbi. And so we do go there unscripted, no matter how far wide, deep or high there is. My desire is to see people rise from the inside, out, into their greatest calling, by sharing their truest stories. Talents. As a purpose activator and brand builder, I believe our successes and failures are derived from who and whose we are not what we do, but strategy and vision are equally as important to the mission.

So let's cut to the chase together and get fit in faith.

Oh man. I was on that before. And so that was such a treat to me. I'm like, okay, we need more recording artists on when we do this show because.

If you have not heard the voice of the intro, this is the one and only Kentucky dumb my friend, my brother, and I am honored to have him on the show today. And if you were not at the Grove for God conference last fall in Kentucky, um, you gotta be at the next one cause we've got to get you back on stage.

Uh, I'm excited for everything that you have going on and what you put out into the world. So thanks for being here and giving us a little flavor in the process. I'm honored to be here.

You're so welcome. So Kentucky, uh, part of the fit and faith podcast is it's insight is around founders, innovators, and trailblazers. And I think you have surely blazed a trail just in the music industry. And I found out today while reading your bio, that there's so much more to who you are than just music, which I think is probably often for most musicians and creatives and artists.

We're not just the one thing where all the things. And so I, to. Talk through that musical realm of who you are and where it kind of started and how you were in the Christian industry and then in the country industry. And then now it's kind of all blended together. Um, how that's just been a journey for you.

Yeah. So, um, let's, uh, I've been saved for since 2011 and I got baptized. I got rebaptized in 2009. And so at that point in my life, um, it was kinda one of those, uh, those times where I was kind of looking for fellowship, looking for a good, um, group of people to kind of be discipled by and just kind of grow in my relate.

I was really focused on just trying to grow in my relationship with God, as opposed to just jumping into everything. I wanted to know more about who God was. And, and so I remember the night that I decided, I said, well, It was, this was after I got baptized, but I had a time in my life where I'd kind of struggled a little bit, just kind of in and out of church.

And like I said, I was searching for fellowship and it wasn't really coming. And, and people didn't really latch onto me after my baptism. And so I didn't really have that, that, uh, that fellowship. And so one day I was sitting in my driveway and I was sitting there praying, asking God. I said, God, if you're a, if you're real, you know, I need you to do something I need you to, I don't want to live my life like this.

I don't want to be in. Of the faith either want to be faithful or I want to be in the world and you know, if you're not real, then you know, there's no point in you trying to do all this good stuff, you know? And, and God's like, okay, I got some for you. So the next day, the guy that baptized me called me and said, Hey, Dom, I got somebody that I want you to meet.

And he ended up introducing me to my brother and my best friend, my uncle, my cousin, Everybody to me. And he ended up discipling me for three years and it was like real discipleship. We went on mission trips together. We went to Haiti, Brooklyn St. Louis. I mean, we went so many places and really learn. I mean, we went to conferences together.

Uh, you know, I think one of the first places we went, I saw Francis Chan speak and it was just like, it rocked my world. It rocked my world. And so I grew up in Kentucky in the Baptist church. And so there was, it was just a big difference in, you know, Baptist for me and non-denominational, you know, and so, uh, so for me to be able to get out and spread my wings and learn about the Lord and be discipled and be focused on discipleship, it was really cool, which led me to, uh, doing Christian.

Um, I saw, uh, actually what happened is, is a friend of mine who was a police officer. He's a Christian. He, uh, came to me and he said, Hey, I know you're, you're big in music and you love music. Uh, you know, me and another one of my police officer buddies, we want to start a Christian hip hop label and we want to use it as a platform to connect the inner city community.

Police officers. We want to use it as a bridge. And so I was like, I'm all for that, you know, because there was a need for it, especially then. And this was probably right around 2013. And so, um, so we did it and I went on as an artist manager. I had no plans to do music. I was more like discipling the artist.

And then one day, uh, one of the founders of the label came to me and said, Hey, You know, uh, sorry about that. Uh, not to toot my own horn or anything, like, cause I'm not trying to, but he came to me and said down, you know, like you've shown good stewardship. You know, you love the Lord. And we would love to see you pour into the artist because a lot of times with artists, they can get focused on like record sales and merchant sales and who's going first and who's going last and all this other stuff.

And, um, and it, and it's a big deal. And so he wanted me to kind of help them get focused on the ministry part of it more than the other stuff. So I started teaching them how to, I was more focused on getting them to, like, if we brought in an artist like the Cray or KB or plum or somebody like go ask plumb, if you can like serve at her table or go ask plum, if you can, if we can break down for her after the concert, even though.

We want to show her that we're here to serve her, not be served, you know? So that was kind of what our ministry was, which is we, it was all built around serving other people. And so, uh, so we kinda like took off. We had really good artists on our label and we did really well. And then the founder of the label got cancer and died.

And his wife decided that she wanted to keep the label as what it was remembered under him. And so she, she basically, you know, let you know, retired the label. You know what it was. It was so good because so many people were saying we went to prisons, you know, I was like 50 since never even been to a prison before.

So it was like, you know, guys, like 50 cent, never JC they've never been to a prison because, and so our message was Christ. And we were able to get into places, you know, sometimes like unprepared. Like I don't even think sometimes when you're supposed to be in there. Somebody might have a cell phone or somebody might be wearing the wrong color pants or something, and this and this ministry would just get us into places that I'm pretty sure that without God we wouldn't have got into it.

So we did that for, uh, up until 2000 about 16. And then, um, the, I kind of take a break cause I got married and uh, I just wanted to really focus on my marriage and my wife from Alaska. So she came all the way down here to be with me. And so, uh, I just wanted to make sure that she had my undivided attention and that she knew that if you know, you know how it is, you bring into your community.

And like, she, like, I know a lot of people, so it's like, boom, everybody wants to know who she is and what she's all about and all those things. And so I just wanted to make sure that I was there for her because I knew it was going to be a rush. And so took that couple of years off of doing music. And then, um, I coach, uh, I'm a good tennis player, by the way.

I play tennis. I'm big on tennis. No, I actually am shocked. Uh, but what happened? I coached at a high school assistant coach and it was a rule school. And what I would notice is, is all the kids would come out of school and they'd be cowboy boots, belt buckles, playing. But then they'd be listening to like Drake and Nicki Minaj and all these rappers.

And I'm like, that's odd. All these kids, they don't even have their own music to listen to, and it's not positive. You know what I mean? Like they're at a, uh, uh, a Southern, uh, country, uh, private Catholic school, you know, and they're like, totally bumping, like all this music. And I'm like, okay. So I told one of my employees one day, I said, Hey, I think I'm gonna make a country.

Right. And he was like, oh, there already is a guy. And he was talking about little Nordics and I listened to it and I was like, that's not, that's not, that's not,

I can do him. Let me do me. Yeah. Well, you know, because like to me country music, if you listen to country music, There's a little bit of Jesus. There's a little bit of family. There's a little bit of everything in it. You know what I mean, trucks, you know, but like you, you hear faith. No, no matter what, like you hear faith in a lot of times, not all of it, but it's a big chunk of it.

And so I was like, man, that's missing these kids. You know, they need people to look up to in country music because they don't the, the, the, uh, generation that they're growing up in, like hip hop is like completely the number one. And so they naturally want to hear hip hop music because it's about being cool and being accepted and things like that.

And so I was like, I'm gonna make a country rap song. And I made my song a big. And then like everybody loved it. And so I was like, oh, maybe I should just keep going. And, uh, and so that's kinda what led me to doing the country. Rap was like, I wanted to give something to, for these, these kids to have to listen to that, you know, was good substance and not just, you know, to me.

I love that. So incredibly much, especially as my kids are getting more exposure to sound, I'm an influence of music from, you know, cousins who are older or, um, society through school. And for so long, we've had them in this, like our own little shell and bubble, and we always have. Playing on in the background, um, that we feel is, is wholesome, right?

It's all Christian rap or, um, Christian acoustic or, or worship mobs or anything like that. But it's been really interesting, um, hearing that exposure. And then when I listened to that music and music, It's such a huge part of my testimony. And I think it's why I'm so connected to so many musicians and artists is because I went from always loving to dance, always loving music and sound, but the words infiltrating my spirit in such a way that I actually started acting out some of the things that I would hear in sound and music.

Right. And it's no different than, than kids listening to rap music. Now. And it's, you know, still it's like it was before sex, drugs, and rock and roll, essentially. And that that's actually leading to suicide. It's leading to ostracization in children and youth. It's leading to this ideology of I'm not worthy.

I'm not good enough. I'm not pretty enough. I'm not all of these things enough. And, um, when I was finally in that experience of life where I transitioned, because I met Jesus. My whole life changed. I would go to even just the gym. Um, I went really strict on, on closing everything out, like eyes, ears, sound, mouth, everything.

Um, when I first came to know the Lord, which sounds really like crude and, you know, maybe a blanketed, a lot of righteousness and religion, but it really. For my sanity and my salvation. It was truly for me to stay alive because I was in a place of suicidal ideation before that. So when I went back into the gym was my exposure to sound and I was listening to what these women who are in their thirties, forties, fifties, working out in the morning to this rap music.

And I am like thinking I sound like that is just terrible. It's probably marriages. It's destroying self image. It's what you're like speaking at 5:00 AM in the morning. Like these are good women. They're like, you know, putting themselves first. They're doing all of these things. And yet what they're putting into their spirit is negativity.

So I'm massively passionate about, about putting things in our kids' ears and our ears as adults that are fueling positive. And, and joy and, and fruits of the spirit rather than, um, what everything else destruction could be associated to it. Absolutely. And it's funny, you said that because it even affected sometimes I remember one year, um, so short story, whenever I decided to completely give my life to Jesus.

One of the things that I knew I had to do was cut hip hop out of my music. And so far out of my life. What I did was is I back, you know, we had, I still had a CD player in my car and that's how I listened to my. And, uh, so I actually took the CD deck out of my car and put just a radio in and only listen to Kayla for three years straight.

And it was so crazy because like my brothers and all my friends stopped riding with me because every time they got my car, they had to listen to Caleb.

You know what I mean? You know, it was just, we grew up listening to whatever and you know, all of a sudden there's this new down and. What they all listen to Caleb and there are saved and like making disciples killing it out here. But you know, it's crazy. You said that though, because I had a, uh, there was a guy that worked for me in the central Indiana and, um, he called me one day and, you know, he was a, he's really, really talented, uh, secular artist.

And, but he was also one of my employees. And, um, I would always try to speak life into him and he would just hate it. And one day he just told me, he said, man, I just need you to stop so that I can focus at work. And I would really appreciate it now. And I respected it well, fast forward to about a year later, he calls me one night and he said, Hey man.

He said, uh, I just got out of the, um, the mental hospital because I tried to take my life. And he said, I remember you talking to me about Jesus all the time. And he said, I want to know if I can move to where you are and you disciple me. And so, you know, I made sure he was serious and what he wanted to do at four and got him down and started discipling him.

And let me tell you, this guy went from being ADHD, pill, medicine, suicidal. Now he's a pastor. He owns his own cinematography business. Matter of fact, he's recorded all my music videos and he has three kids. And it's like thrive. And in CRA, I mean, he's just like, you know, you always say you, you want your disciples to go off it off and do greater things than what you do.

And he's totally like way beyond that. And it just makes me so proud that, you know, when you completely give your life to Jesus and you, you, you disciple when you do what the Greek means is like, you get to see the fruit and people always say, you can tell a tree by its fruit. And whenever I see these guys that, you know, we all once walked in darkness, And now they're all passed.

I mean, my brother's a pastor and he was like, probably the worst. Like he probably had 200 girlfriends,

you know what I mean? And now he's like a pastor and he's got a daughter. You know, it's just, wow. You know what I mean? Like he may even have his own church, so it's just, it's just crazy that, you know, when you're obedient to God and how he can, like you say, my whole life changed and that's what happens is he wrecks you in your whole life changes and, and the evidence is there.

There's no excuses. You don't have to really, you know, I remember I can talk about Jesus all day, but I remember when I was in New York at a mission. And I asked one of the missionaries she was from, uh, she was from, uh, Switzerland. And I said, you know, when you come to America and you see Christianity, what are your thoughts?

And she said, the most interesting thing to me, she said, well, she said in Switzerland, she said, either you're Christian or you're not, she was like, if you're not a Christian, you don't even want to be considered as. But if you're Christian and you're all the way in, she said, but in America, there's so many different types of Christians.

Sometimes I'm afraid when people come over here because they could get involved in the wrong Christian. It just rocked my world because. She was a missionary in America, trying to help Americans come to Jesus. That is crazy and yet, so true. I mean, Christianity has become so convoluted to the point that when I was on my journey of starting my coaching, I was, I was, I am still sold out Jesus and I was associating that everything that I was doing was like Christian business coaching.

And I had so many people tell me, like, you shouldn't do that because you don't know what type of Christian you are when you're portraying Christian business coach, the people are immediately going to say. What kind of Christian is she, is she a Bible Thumper? Is she Baptist? Is she, what denomination is she?

Is nondenominational. Does she believe in kingdom? Does she have this? And there's all of these breakdowns of what, ultimately God, the father just wants us to be in communion and in family. And it's a kingdom and it's kingdom Christianity. Above all things. And yet we as humans because we try to fit people into identities, into these labels.

We've broken it so far down that I feel like it's lost its trust factor, which is really, really sad and the complete opposite of what God stands for. It's wild. And when you think about it from like allowing yourself from a musical perspective, I think it's really powerful and why I'm so drawn to it is because.

You know, music is a love language in and of itself. And it's, cross-generational it's cross-cultural if you go down to the elements of just like playing guitar or just playing piano, and then you start adding those other sounds to it, it reminds me of like David playing the harp and all of the people who were just literally resounding of this sound of heaven here on earth at that time.

Everyone was drawn to it. And now what we're doing is we're layering, layering messaging on top of it. And so it's actually, I believe like, um, uh, one of the highest calls to be a musician, to be able to cultivate words over top of sounds, that is a connective spirit opportunity. So we have a steward at well, right?

The words matter words do matter. Yes they do. They, they definitely have. So talk to me through, because like you said, you could talk to you this all day. So could I, I'm I'm really curious about other facets of who you are. Um, I really want to hear about the business side, uh, because I think music and the music industry is a business in so many realms, but also this tech company that you have, you're cultivating a business with your wife, which you can also share about how you met somebody in Alaska.

Cause I have a lot of single friends who would love to just meet someone out of the country or. The state that's far, far away and it just be blessed. So marital advice and tell me about business. So I met my wife. Uh, I have family that they live in Alaska. So my uncle was from Morganfield Kentucky. My dad, they're all from Morgan field, Kentucky, which is like pretty much the middle kind of where all those tornadoes hit.

And, um, and so my uncle. My great uncle moved to Alaska in the seventies. And my dad's brother moved to Alaska, which is my uncle in the eighties. And they started an excavating business. And so I have, I have family up there and, uh, I've gotten in touch with one of my cousins. Um, And I hadn't talked to him in a long time and he, he started, oh man, I need to come to Alaska.

You know, that'd be cool. We haven't seen each other since we were like 15 and all this stuff. And so we were really excited about it playing for me to come out there. And then his, the girl that he was dating at the time was like, oh my gosh, I need to introduce my sister to him. He's. And so we just kind of started off being friends.

My, uh, my now wife and I, and, um, just kinda really kicked it off. I mean, really it started off like this really. I was kind of discipling her, you know, we just really were focused on like Jesus. There was no, I mean, I never thought I would do a long distance relationship and I don't think she did. So I think it was just kinda like a natural, like, just talk about Jesus and grow in our relationship with the Lord.

And then I started being attracted to her a little bit. And so I started kind of getting counseling on it, um, from some of my mentors, like one of my greatest mentors actually ended up he's a. A marital counselor. And so I had a free marital counselor the whole time.

And so he kind of guided me through what to do and things like that and how to be natural and not make it like normal relationships where it's like immediately think you're going to marry him and, you know, start having all those like, uh, emotional ties and attractive ties, like make sure you keep her as your.

So that was really cool because I had that. And sometimes you just don't think about this. I mean, obviously there's worldly things that you think about when you start being attracted to somebody. And I wanted to make sure that that wasn't the case. And so, uh, got out there. She worked for my uncle actually as well.

She was his bookkeeper at the time. And, um, she, her office was in his head. And so, uh, every morning I would wake up and she would just, Hey, do you need anything? Um, you know, can I get you anything, you know, some coffee, you know, can I get you some food? She was just really nice. And, and then I saw how she was around her family and things like that.

And then I think at that point I knew she was somebody that I could see myself spending the rest of my life with. And so when I got back, I really prayed about it. And then just told her like, Hey, you know, I just want to, like, I pretty much just told her flat out, like, Hey, I'm pretty much going to court you.

And if it's not that, you know, I don't know what else it's going to be. And so she was kinda thrown off by it at first because I don't think she's ever had anybody come up, come at her like that. But I mean, that was just kinda my thing. You know, it was like, I don't want to waste time. You know, I know we're attracted to each other now and I don't want to make it like a boyfriend girlfriend for you.

Struggle battle up and down relationship. Like, I want this to be of the Lord and I want it to be a courtship and I'm going to proceed to marry you not to be your boyfriend. And she was like, oh, like this, like this dude. But you know, also like, you know, I was single for a long time. Like I had a girlfriend, but it was like, it wasn't like anything serious.

Like it was totally like she was a missionary and all this other stuff. So, um, so I'd never, so for seven years I was just straight to. And, um, so I had a lot of time to really just grow in the Lord and kind of know what I wanted. And I think that being single helped me appreciate, uh, you know, the Lord and also, uh, you know, when you're alone, when you're single and you're alone and you have, uh, that time with the Lord and you're like, man, I appreciate relationships more.

I appreciate these things about a woman and what a woman can bring to you. And so I think I was able to receive that. And so, um, anytime I ever get upset, we get upset. I'm always like, I remember the times whenever. At home solo, watch your TV and wishing somebody was here. So I'm not going to complain about that's a really good that there's that light switch that immediate, like either grant or that reminder of like, oh right.

All the time. No matter what, uh, breakfast with some girlfriends recently, we're talking about marriage and how like there's this component of. Um, people joke about it, but I think they're underlying like really serious about like, oh, don't get married. Oh, wait for it. Or like, you know, they, they joke about the hardship of it.

And yet there's not as much the celebration component of it. And I feel like that. For our generation. And especially when you're in the thick of like having young children as well, is there's a lot going on. There's a lot of moving pieces. There's a lot of identity cultivating and also sharing. And I am definitely at the space where I want people to know that, like I celebrate my marriage.

I want people to get married. I want people to experience that covenant love one, because you have this built-in best friend all the time. But yeah, you're not in isolation and yes, that doesn't mean that there's not friction sometimes, but at that iron sharpening iron, yeah. Just so many amazing elements

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This is something we can talk to and pivots you perfectly is, um, the shared vision of what God has in store for your marriage, for your family, for, um, the generational impact that can happen. And then also from an entrepreneurial impact, um, because my husband and I are both entrepreneurs too. So talk me through like the evolution of that through your relationship and how you celebrate marriage in the midst of it.

Yeah. So, um,

Gosh, that's a wild story. So basically I think just through like, we're both very strong minded people and so she has strong wheel and I have strong wheel and, and at the time that I got married, we actually, um, I was working for another tech company that does the same thing that I do now. I'd been with them for almost 13 years and I went from sales to operations, man.

And she actually worked for a tennis club and, um, as their manager and what happened was that company actually went out of business. And so it kind of gave me one of those deals where it was like, you know, what's going to take more faith for me to go work for somebody. Or for me to try to do this thing on my own, because I was the operations manager.

I knew more about the business than the owners. So I was like, why would I go work for somebody else if I have all this information? Well, that next day immediately to the vendors that we worked with called me and said, Hey, are you going to do anything? And it was like confirmation. And so I went to a couple of the managers that were under me and I said, Hey, do you guys want to do this thing?

And they were like, And so there was three of us and we named my company, Trinity tech solutions, which is the father, the son, the holy spirit. And then there were three of us. And so, um, which was pretty cool. And so our whole goal for our business model was to make disciples and to teach young salespeople and young sales, get themselves men and young sales women, how to go out into our community and be alight and use our business to serve other people.

And I can't tell you how many stories I've heard of. RI my salespeople praying with families or even myself, and then just like miracle things happen. And so, um, that's kinda how that happened. It just kinda, I just kinda got pushed into that. God allowed me into that situation and I took it. Amazing. You have so many cool, like only gods?

No. Like everything about me is only died.

The integration. I mean, you were at this conference, the Grove for God conference that entire time, probably listening and, and just receiving, and also knowing like your personal testimony in parallel to the mission of that conference, which is going to extend itself, um, this year as we do it again, um, You have such a wild, uh, example of the discipleship piece of actually, how can you have faith and business together?

And I think a lot of times people struggle with that. Like I said, that Christian business coach piece where people are like, what does that even mean? Are you just using the fundamentals of faith? Are you using God to attract? Are you only serving Christian people? And you're, you're not like you're serving everyone, but you have an ability to be like, And so business coaching and fit and faith media kind of evolves.

And I just don't have to necessarily put Christian in front of anything, but everybody knows. Right. Exactly. And so I think that was one thing for me is whenever I was being discipled, I was still working for that other company. And I kept telling my pastor like, man, I want to be like you, I want to be a pastor.

I want to be at a church. And he was like, no, dude, you just don't know what your ministry is yet. You just don't see it. And then. It just clicked. One day I was sitting there with this lady and she was telling me how she was sick and how her daughter, you know, she was worried about her daughter and all this other stuff.

And, and, uh, what was going to happen to her daughter if something happened to her? Well, I ended up praying for her and craziest thing. Like she ended up being healed from the sickness. She called me, this was, she called me like a year later. Like I forgot about it. And she called me a year later and told me the story.

And I was just like, no way. And like, it just blew my mind and God showed me right then. And there, like, that's your ministry, your ministry. You're out in the world every day. You're you're within a 90 mile radius of your community, every single day rule city. And you're in people's houses. Your salespeople are in people's houses, make disciples and teach your disciples how to go out and be a light while selling home security and satellite TV, and internet.

It's so incredible, but it's so mission driven and you're so right. And I've been in the steady of the seven mountain mantle. Have you heard of this before? It's basically, um, biblical awareness of the fact that culture is, uh, operating in seven different mountains. It's like media, uh, economy, which is business, um, family, religion, education, um, government and, uh, media arts and celebration, or which is like entertainment, industry media being like media that we hear on TV news celebration and arts being what you do, and that we each have this ability to, um, To kind of minister to these different mountains.

And that this eighth mountain is of course God's mountain and he reigns over all, but that the enemy has constructed territory at the top of every single one of these mountains. And that we, as, as Christians, as, as disciples, as all of these things that you're speaking to and who we are as children of God, it's actually our territory.

And it's our time to take over these next. And as revival as is established in each of these areas, businesses, really one of my biggest passions and taking over that sector and recognizing that our mission field is the marketplace. And if we can shift our mindset and our heart set towards the foundations of why we show up in this.

And it being kingdom, principled and discipleship, like you're talking about, I mean, literally the entire world would change. Imagine if politicians went in with this mindset that it's not about control that it's not about all of these people or things that they want, but more so that they're trying to create disciples for Jesus kingdom culture would be so representative and so many ones of these different mountains.

And I just think that there's a time and I'm witnessing it so much in the business sector. And then two with my wife. You know, we get to catch people. I mean, marriage, I mean, it's a covenant, I'm on marriage counseling. Yeah. And so, you know, we get to bring these brides in and you know, like, it's really cool because like, I think that marriage for young people has been so watered down and I hate it because I don't want my, I don't want my niece or my daughter to grow up in a world where they think they have to wait until the 35 years.

You know, to find love, you know, I want them, if they find love early, I don't want to hold them back from what God is calling them to do. And so I think what we've been able to do is to culture in our community, young people being in love and understanding who God is in their marriage. And then they meet us at this bridal shop.

And it's just the coolest thing because we get to be a part of the beginning of someone's. Marriage their vows to the Lord. You know what I mean? And so, um, I'm, I'm just honored and blessed to see my wife, you know, who she's always had this dream ever since she was little of, you know, being in some type of fashion, you know, something, you know, she's always, she's a very artsy creative person.

And so I think just us being together, you know, they say iron sharpens iron. I think we just really sharpen one another one. And she just kind of jumped into it. People always say, well, how'd you guys do it. We just did it. You know? I mean, there's no thinking, you know, you pray. And then when God says, Hey, I want you to build that.

You just build a boat there about all the rules and the regulations of what people think about it. You do it anyway. You're you're so you just build a boat and it's so wild because the marriage piece is so fundamental. You're such a testimony. You guys are such a testimony to that. And to be able to nurture that, it's been one of my biggest honors as a ordained minister, to be able to marry people, some of my best fondest memories, so emotional, uh, and also like you also feel a sense of responsibility towards that.

Coming to fruition in the, in the way that God would have it be. Um, and not saying that it's on our shoulders, right? When we, when we marriage counsel or anything to that degree, but what much more of a God story is it when you can then, like you said, you create these disciples and you see them do far greater things than you did in your own marriage.

And I think that there's that fundamental. I didn't come in. My husband didn't come into our marriage, understanding the entirety of the covenant love. We knew God, but we didn't ganache. We didn't know God, we just knew he existed. Um, and so I am very passionate about allowing people one, like you did have that sense of time of identifying who you are.

As a son and in your son ship and your authority as a man and all of those things. And then for her to do the same thing separately, and then to watch that immersion together based on your alignment with God first and foremost, it's pretty wild. And I'm, it's a very rare, I don't think you realize how rare it is to hear that side of the story that you're blessing, you know, just being obedient to the Lord and.

Really focusing on his voice and his word. Cause I think a lot of times we can get distracted by like, oh, I heard the Lord say, you know, and it's like, no, what does the word say? You know, like really focus on God's word. And if we really completely focused on God's word, you know, like sometimes I used to get really bummed out because I'd be like, man, am I doing God's work whenever I'm making country rap?

You know what I mean? And it can because like, you know, there's no title like country. You know, or not, not country, but Christian read, you know, but then I started thinking like, I don't have Christian, Trinity texts solution. I don't have Christian, you know, tennis, you know, you know what I mean? So it's like, so it's like, I had to start thinking like, wait a minute.

Like when I, when I go places and I'm around people, like I literally get to be in relationships with people and talk to people who absolutely sometimes don't know Jesus, because. That's just where my music has taken me and I get to be a light of Jesus around these people. I get to pray when we have lunch.

Hey, I'm going to pray, you know? And they're like, whoa, that's kind of weird, dude. I'm like, it's all good, dude. No offense, gentlemen. I love that so much. Well, I think that, um, that's just a thing you do. Like even whenever I wear my cowboy hat everywhere, and even whenever I walk into church, it's just like one of those things.

In cowboy church, you just wear your cowboy hat to church.

But like, even for me, like just really the only people that could wear hats in church were like grandmas growing up. They had their Sunday, nobody else could wear a hat. And so that's just kinda the way I was. I grew up Baptist, you know what I mean? And so I think there's a natural thing there. Like when you meet a woman or when you shake a woman's hand, you take your hat off.

And things like that. That's just country stuff. I mean, I ain't gonna say it's just country, but it's a part of you get weapons for stuff like that. It's country,

we got weapons were stuff like that. This computer has gotten me, like trying to figure out how to make my head straight. Yeah. But, uh, so, uh, I think that's just a part of the growing up, you know, the way we did and, uh, and then. Like I said, I've always had a foundation of God. I just didn't really follow Jesus.

And I think there's a big separation, you know, just kind of knowing, like knowing who God is, but also God knowing who.

It's powerful. And I think it goes back even to that missionary that was here trying to make disciples in America. And that's the piece that's often missing is that foundation of God. And I do feel like America in and of itself, right. It's God's country, but yet at the same time, it's like, where's God.

And he's in, he is here and I'm so connected to incredible humans like yourself. And the podcast is proof just in the amazing interviews that I've had of, of guests who have like a deep knowing of who he is. And he is their everything, and the spirit resides in their homes and in the places that they steward.

But what about everywhere else? And so it's, it's our role to like, let that light be bright. And I think. That much more powerful when you have access to the rooms, to the conversations that are generally locked off. I mean, you pretty much have this throughout your entire testimony, as you were saying, even going into the prisons, like nobody else would be able to do that.

And so it's the recognition that your ministry. So much more than just the church identity and so much more than putting that Christian piece at the forefront, even though God precedes you in everything that you do because of the inner spirit that he has within you. That's the holy spirit. That's his job.

I mean, I think that's where God says go and make disciples, you know, and I think that's what we have to understand is. We like you said, words have power. So when you, when you listen, if you listen to the Lord as a, as an infant, as a child, as a, as a little kid, when your mom says, no, it means no. And you take it really, really serious.

And it's like, when God says, go make disciples. You know, I always tell people think about whenever you really let say somebody during your life. They're on their death bed and they're getting ready to die and go be with Jesus, but they have this message for you. Hey, I really want you to protect this land.

You know, John doesn't, I don't know if you've ever watched it, but, uh, but, but the, or I really want you to protect our family or take care of mom and well, you're going to, at that point, you're going to take whatever that person said, and you're going to ride with it until you can pass the torch or whatever the case.

And I think it's the same thing when Jesus, right before he ascended back to heaven, he told the disciples one of the most important things that meant to him, which was though there other four make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the father, son, the holy spirit, teaching them everything that we do.

Well, if that's the last thing Jesus said before, he. Before we see him again, like that was one thing that we really, really need to try to get. Right. Also loving our neighbors and all those things. But like he said, go make disciples because when you make disciples, you will get to experience all the same stuff that I did, which is going to help you grow so powerful though.

The dying man's last wish. Right? That's always the thing that you honor. And yet I think that it has been, I think it's. Diluted. Um, it's been diluted by the church. And I think as the church, because we are called the church as an individual entity and a collective spirit as community. But when I say church, I don't mean anything besides the humans that occupy the four walls of.

Right. Um, because I believe that we, as the church, as an individual entity, as the spirit that resides with this, that power has never been broken. That has never been tainted. There's it's always been good, but people view the people who occupy a church as God. And that's where it's been misplaced because no pulpit person, no pastor, no disciple maker.

No, no. Anybody that you see of the flesh right now, Is God himself, they might be godly or they might be human and, and oftentimes the flesh takes over. And so it's so important for us to just make sure, as you said, you've connected yourself to so many mentors in the season of, of, uh, evolution and growing that you have, even from day one, when you came to know Jesus and you had that prayer, like, Hey, I need somebody who's going to disciple me.

That is such wisdom. And a lot of times people think that they can do it on their own. And it's simply not the case. Yeah. You can't, it's impossible. Yeah. It's just literally, it's almost literally impossible.

Iron sharpens iron. And without the extra iron, you just become dull and you can't do anything without your sword. And the sword is a component of, of knowing the word like you said. Um, and I, I think that's what we're missing in so many realms, uh, and yet something I yearn for. And I think that that's why there's these mountains that have been.

Diluted and are being occupied by false fleshly word of man versus the, the word that God, the living God who can, who owns it all.

Well, it's been incredible to get to know you, firstly, because even though we were in proximity in Kentucky, I was wearing lots of hats and very hard to stay focused. That was also, I know all of a sudden you're thinking the whole time I was like, wait, I didn't get pictures of the people. I really wanted to get pictures of.

I know, but I got to watch just like you onstage, the transformative experience of having. Go from side from backstage to side stage to center stage. And then to have this experience with you, it's like this whole arena of representation of who you are. And this moment has been my favorite thus far, even though you are an incredible performer, um, knowing your heart makes it that much more special.

I'm going to divulge in all of your.

So Kentucky, thank you so much for being here. Where, where can people get connected with you, obviously listening to your albums? Um, but are you on Instagram? Most Facebook? Uh, I spend most of my time on Instagram more than, well, actually I kind of dive into every, so, I mean, I got so many, I have like 10 soldiers.

I have a bunch of them linked here, out there, new bridal shop. And if you're listening live, now, you're the first of many, many to come. But first to hear about this, so these shirts or click the link and check out what him and his wife have going on in regards to that amazing, uh, experience. And then the tech company as well.

You are so multifaceted, you're literally standing in your anointing and gifting, and I love that you just bring such joy to everything that you do, and you brought joy to us today on the. It's been an honor friend. Well, thank you. It was a blessing and I appreciate everybody having chatted. Thank you.


Hey, y'all it's me again. Before you go, let's solidify the flame that was ignited within you today by sharing the spark with your own community, whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually, I would love for you to take the step right now by declaring your takeaway, snap, a pic of the episode and share it on your stories or.

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