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Doing All The Things Through Him – with Rebecca Dotson George

Today’s guest talks about doing all the things through Him!

We’re entering Phase 1 of the quarantine lift and I truly can’t wait to hug necks again and enjoy coffee dates with my fellow DOERS and SHAKERS!

But I am super blessed that during this distanced time, I’ve come into community with women like today’s incredible guest, Rebecca.

There are always silver linings to what may be presented as a flood – but I believe, just as sweet friend reminded be yesterday, from HIS WORD in Isaiah. That God himself will set a standard in the flood. He will create the dam to protect us. And while so many believe social media has it’s worldly ways – I see it as a tool to connect with others just like you – perhaps even a standard set against complete isolation.

So I know you’re going to love Rebecca! We have a ton in common – she’s a fellow podcaster too! Be sure to tune in to show extra love and get to know her further at Do The Thing Movement Podcast. We unpack her beautiful ministry that she launched a few years ago that grew substantially in a quick period of time – Thanks always to Jesus! She’s a newlywed, living with her husband who’s a Pastor in a new city, a blogger, podcaster and you’ll quickly discover a beautiful speaker too!

She’s had a lot of change in a short period of time, but she is leaning into His love and truly “doin the dang thang” in a humble, beautiful way.

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Rebecca Dotson George

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Show Notes: Doing All the Things Through Him

It’s me, I have an amazing team alongside v, but you guys are gonna get for now so enjoy, I’m so up to have a pocket conversation with you is what I’d love to call up, don’t have my coffee right now, but I have it in my system as you can see all the love, let’s do this together, and I keep going for your free of… Alright, we are a lie, we’re so excited to be coming to you today, hopefully in the comfort of your own home, if you’re somewhere in the world that’s beautiful, maybe outside, having a nice brisk walk to get your body moving. Which by the way, is kind of a part of today’s introduction with the guest that we have on this is Rebecca George dots, and I’m so thrilled for you guys to be in connection and now community with her, she is a woman that does all the things and sometimes people hate that when people tell me that from a busy perspective, it drives me bananas, but really, if she’s doing some beautiful things, she’s a pastor’s wife, which my best friend is a pastor’s wife, and she hates to be called that, so you are a pastor in and of itself, and I know that that role takes on so many different elements, so we’ll talk about that. She’s also a ministry leader for 18 is a 818 ministries, and she’s also a blogger and a podcaster as well.

You guys are definitely gonna be directed to her podcast ’cause I’ve been tuning in and it is just a breath of fresh air, I love all of the different people that you chose, so I’m so thrilled to be your host today. Thanks for being here.

Thanks so much, tamer, I’ve been so excited to chat with you, this is gonna be fun.

It is. So let’s jump in to the topic that I started to unpack, tell me about that journey of not… And incorporate you, because it’s not just about the role that you play, it’s how you emerged into your relationship and now… Marriage and all of those things.

Sure. Okay, so we’ll start with marriage, so I got married last name, I ate… So we are vastly approaching our core, you’re newly when… I love that.

I know. That feels nice. Is to you… That is so cool. That line that you hear when you’re a kid, you may know your spouse that you don’t know that you already know your spouse, that I think I was always super annoyed when people told me that when I was single, and then my husband and I actually met years before we started day and we went to the same church. He was on staff at the church I went to. So School at the ministry he led, and the cross as… And years later, after he had moved to Mississippi where we live now, to the least of church down here, we reconnected and started dating and got married last year, so that is like my ideal situation for my daughter or son, very different than my own, but my ideal situation from my daughter, I… Yeah, yeah.

So, so I say, get a wild season, we dated long distance, which is the hardest thing ever, and I take for it now, we gotta just opportunity to know each other on, I think, a pre-deeper level than when you live in the same place and you have the luxuries of A gets on a third or not with your friends, and I just think that you don’t have a… You really dug in and we data for six months and not very last year, so I said I… And sure, that is really exciting. So are you guys where you move… Is that a fresh base, meaning neither of your families are there?


Okay, I grew up in Mississippi and other part of the state.

So I, I still live in Mississippi, and I feel less of a Tennessee where we both moved down from, he lived not so did I over a long time. And he was pretty well established here by the time I came around, that I kinda entered into his fold in this community, and so… Yeah, that’s been a lot of change. Probably the most amount Hanover experienced in my life. Yeah, yeah, I could imagine that that would be very difficult, especially knowing that he did and has established himself where it’s like you have your group of friends, and it’s not that you don’t wanna be in the fold of his friends, but you’re like… You kinda have your own identity in that too, and so navigating that and then being away from home and your comfort zone, and he’s in his comfort zone… I feel like that detail.

Yes, yeah, it has. Yeah, I had a mentor of mine down a few months after we had gotten married, and she said There’s five major changes that we go through in life, so one could be the course, if you were to go through that merit, just one. A change of job. A mode, I think there’s five of them and there were three that I kind of in the line of the I-O on, we along with becoming a Le pastors and win the… Yeah, I think that really should be in the season that it’s okay to hold both grieving the loss of what I had in the community that I had and really processing that, which I as an anagram three, did not do… In the beginning, I just kind of stepped it Allison therein, all of those circle things and I didn’t wanna process the hard stuff, but I got to the place where I and to… And so she really taught me it’s okay to hold both that and the fore and the underage and all of this in the new season in simultaneously the pay-to-be… Yeah, we’re still kind of adjusting and learning and Batista, great year as I’ve had a little bit of insight from different people as well, because it was something I walk through in a trial perspective of not actually leaving and cleaving, which is like a biblical concept of the need of win, to become one and you leave and cleave to your now partner, so as I said, so far, a lot of our things are different, we’re both in a gram threes, so there’s a lot of similarity in that… Got that one.

Yes, and so I see my husband and I, when we started dating, we moved in together before we were married, and then we ended up moving 17 houses down from my parents, who… My mom was like my BFF, she’s still one of my best friends to this day. But that created what we thought would be this amazing experience, and I’m still very grateful that I got to be that close to her for so long and my dad as well, but there was no leaving and cleaning in that scenario at all. I was still so rooted in my family dynamic, our relationship was constantly with my family, and his parents were only three miles down the road, so just a lot of things that we had to walk through in the uncovering of what does it mean to just be us and to develop that identity as a married couple versus to develop that identity as a dating couple or even as parents, like we even parented alongside by parents that were right down the road, so we had to do that four years into marriage, so girl, you’re in the right place, you’re doing the right things and you’re navigating waters that are so much better to do now than it is to do later, because that’s a really hard thing.

Yeah, that’s real. Yeah, and I think we were sort of forced into the whole Levin, leave the TA. Yeah, so I, I supportive and my mom and dad, I… Or going on a string to the universe, a…

I owe… In the call separation? Yeah, think I have open up. Right. Long term has been a great thing for a parent… Yes, so cause we had to go out together… Yeah, yeah, yeah, and there’s no… For me, because my mom was also my best friend and she was right down the street, I would just be like, Okay, I own on my moms and literally just leave it and it wasn’t that it was a bad thing, it just wasn’t the best thing.

And so it’s really… I think it’s something for us to be mindful of that.

It’s not that God would have us remove ourselves from our families, that’s not our intent, it’s just that we’re now starting and cultivating a new family in a new home, and the things that you’re bringing from your past, they’re not always the best things, and you’re together is different than your individual… So what is that to become one looking like, and what does God have in store for your future versus cleaning so much to what you know as comfort and establishment?

It’s been an interesting process, so I interestingly had a lot of newly weds on the podcast recently, so I don’t know if God’s teaching me something, but I really like it.

Oh, that’s a fine… Yeah, I love that. We’re about to hit Year Eight married and 12 years together.

Oh, that’s so great.

I-I… Yeah, it’s pretty basical.

We have a five and a six-year-old.

That’s an… Yeah, yeah, very fun. Lots of marriage stories to go alongside that, but we are together and happy and I’m very grateful it… So tell me, I wanna go a little bit deeper from this pastor’s wife perspective, because I know so many in that community…

Oh no. Somebody just said that they can’t hear you.

It is that possible.

Hold on a… One second.

Can you hear now?

So that’s what a biotite… We might be starting over and I just got some guns to get to know you, and that is a… Kill me make sure. start talking a little bit for back, just say hello and… Okay, perfect.

The other eye, then I at that.

Interestingly, there was all these viewers on in the past, but I don’t do even know how many minutes we’ve been on a not one person said that until just now, that’s pinney stayed on for a long time. Maybe it’s her computer on one second, let me confirm, ’cause that would be a bummer, that would be about her calling, call me mom.


Okay, I can hear you, but I can see a… You can’t hear her barely here, her… They are in their pain.

She said that…

Well, I try, sinnott know. That would help. Okay, she said she can hear you, but not loud or can you still hear her as you’re listening… I changed one thing.

Okay, I’m gonna plug some of our best sent… Can you hear it now? You can hear it better.

Very interesting. Okay.

Or I think I… Does this help in all… She said to you, Are you better?

Okay, yeah, it totals… Well, I don’t know if we should start over… I feel like we’re going to let’s just… Or fresh.

Well, one on to that, I was on a just…

I am really excited to introduce you to a gal, we’ve been moving and shaking for the last few minutes, but I guess nobody heard us, so we’re gonna circle back because I feel like it was so good, and I know so many community members who are in the mini-bots that Rebus currently in and navigating, and so I think it’s really important in that we go there again, and I always feel like when there’s glitches, especially if it’s a tech glitch, there’s always like God in the mist, right?

Oh mom, I don’t start over.

We never… Were you gonna keep converting… I’m so excited that you’re here with us.

And I’m gonna jump into the question that I had just asked and kinda get us role again, get us back in our mode, Joe. I had mentioned that you came into the fold of being a pastor’s wife, but you were already a ministry leader with your ministry right at 18 ministry, so unpack yet that is unpack what that war has played for you and now bringing that into the current space that you’re in as a pastor’s wife.

Yeah, okay. So there’s a lot of layers to that. The towel. So my mom went through a cancer journey a few years ago, she’s a breast cancer survivor, and which were So Infor, she’s about five years, and so being answer free and through that journey, God really put the people group on the heart of people facing things similar to her and so, I guess about six years ago, I launched a ministry called at 18 ministries, and what we do, flash did was we collected and they pass one arcee and minted from all over the US.

We have people come in to a crash… Gosh, I think over 25 states, it was incredible, who had so much creativity, and a lot of them were grandmothers who would go watch their kids at soccer games, and they were the first he had… They had made all the things that they really wanted to make for them, and they’re people, and they just wanted to use their gifts, they got a given him… Yeah, to impact people.

And so we package those with handed and letters of encouragement, so we delivered it into hospitals, and so we would go into adult settings and deliver him, we would go into children’s hospitals and deliver them most times and shorter Talia, we would dress that black for testis and safer here at deliver then, we worked with Jude and just a host of other hospitals, and it was one of the greatest adventures and seasons of my… IT single did Tinto free Com. I lived in a college town… Yeah, as a three. That’s like everything, right? As a three, you’re like, all the time is mine.

Yeah, and so I was traveling all the time. I was just round up college students from different college ministry, then we would go to say go, we would go to each other’s, health or Atlanta.

We would do the thing, which is what we ate, I… Which was so fine. And so I got to walk alongside a lot of college students, and I got to speak a lot, and when I spoke, I would come home to share my story and the Mom test money through her journey, what God was doing through the Mistry and what I did.

What I started to discover was, every time you speak you and how your story do you… Do your saying, you give your message, you finish and then typically, you have time to talk to people afterwards, and so I would always have these conversations that would center around people coming to me and saying… And I love what I did through your mom’s story, and I have my version of that, so here’s what’s going on in my life, and here’s what I feel like God’s maybe nudging need to do. But either I’m terrified, I’m overwhelmed, I’m fearful of what that did mean for my life and for my family, I don’t know what first step to take, I don’t know what that’s supposed to look like, I’m praying about it, but… What did you do?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And so I had enough of those conversations that God really began to give me a heart for what I do now, which we’ll get to it by…

I think you really used that season of administering with 18 ministries to kinda leave me where the… And today, the current… The line.

But yeah, it is interesting, back to pastors why I think A…

I had been at both administered a lot separately prior to marriage, and I think a lot of ministry couple grow up in ministries together… Yeah, and we didn’t… Yeah, I didn’t marry the use guy that didn’t become became associate pastor and the interfaith lead pastor… Right on ministry, I was running in a line and he had his… He was running in his lane, and it sounds so cliche, and so I’m sorry if you’re listening in your single, and you’re sick of hearing this, but I was in a line running, he was in his lining and it was almost just like we listed to the right one day and it was like, Okay, her his ring and I run in, and God has called us to run our races together, and so kind of now, that’s where we are in marriage, which is so fun, I love the one alongside as his wife, getting to see him live out, just the thing that he is called to do and shepherd in people and leading our church, and he is so supportive of me and my speaking and writing and all of that, and so it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done this in this beautiful thing I’ve ever done.

Yeah, really cool. That’s really awesome. I think that’s so good.

And I also think that there’s a lot of testimony and the point of… Just because that’s one hat that you wear, it doesn’t mean that’s your only identity, and I am a huge person about titles and roles and really not claiming those, but allowing God to put His final seal on what it is that you do, and even her business card like he is the CEO, not any of us, no matter what role we end up taking on, and even author, I now have this ability to put author to my name, and I think that’s so cool, but it’s a little bit of a weird trepidation space because I’m like, Oh yeah, he’s the author.

I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t… Yeah, I proclaim that story, and no one just goes out into public and raises their hand and air their dirty laundry, like that’s not usually how things work like that, so it’s just been an interesting thing, and I love how you’ve just continued to walk out what you’ve been called to do, and it just blends so beautifully with what he’s doing, so share a little bit more about do the thing, because we also have a lot of people here that are entrepreneurs, and I am all about sharing that journey because the biggest thing for me and it might be different for you, but I really believe that it’s often a very messy process is… And if you see those… It is where people believe entrepreneurship is this beautiful straight line, but really it’s like all of this crazy consulted situation, and you have to work your way through all of those spaces, and there is a lot of upward movement even in our failure.

But tell us about your specific journey, and obviously you started in with the ministry and then kind of God unfolding what it is that… Do the thing would be… But how did that get started?

Yeah, so I went to him to honor and a couple of years ago, she set… I don’t know. Yeah, I do tarpa.

Yeah, it’s so good. Yeah, I went in 2015 and I went back in to a.

Okay, we do the same to a to get this year. That’s cool. No, I… Well, what they do with the mission to go yet? Yeah, I am. That we’ll see it in person or I first… Yeah, I went to that conference with a book idea a couple of years ago, and I sat in front a couple of couple shirts and agents and put in front of them what I thought was, when you spend something, spend time on something that’s so near and dear to your heart, you feel like, Oh, this is a complete thought idea, and then you put it printable on the industry and then you realize, wow, these are all the things that I didn’t think of, and this is actually really half day.

Right, yeah. So I sat down in the middle of that conference with Nicky coders, so she’s an author, she was a lot of work with proper to a lot of these… Probably heard of her.

We sat down over lunch one day when we were there, and I started just sharing the heart about these conversations that I mentioned earlier, that I just continued having with these, I guess, aspiring entrepreneurs, or the sparing ministry leaders. And she said her back, and I think you know who you wanna talk to… Yeah, so right now, you’ve led this ministry for years, but I don’t think you’ve quite figured out who and what your identity is as a writer and speaker, and so I think it… When you go home, that’s what I would start to really pray about is what does it look like as God continues leading you forward and you’re writing and speaking, because I think that you know your eye is, Yeah, but what’s that actually gonna look like? And so we sat there and we just deal tribes for the longest time of stuff on, and I walked out of there, and I sat in the lobby of the hotel and I bought the domain for my website, so I… And so I bought, do the big movement, really a away to speak to… I felt called to speak a body of people in the movement of people who are pressing for it in doing the same that got confined to do. And so really it started out as a law couple years ago, and I just started to create content on a regular basis. I knew I wanted to do a Coca, but I needed to be in a season where it made sense because that’s… You know, podcasting is a kind work, it sounds great, really, it’s really cute, it’s… But to have one, but it is a code of work, and so I waited until we got married last spring, and we live in a super small town, so there’s just a lot going on around here, and I have more time than I did when I live somewhere that was more of a city kinda placed, and so now that I have a space to do that has been so… So just together, conversations and people that inspired Monet Christ in a journey, just to talk about really holistically, anything that would have thought to that person that I would be talking to after speaking engagement I… So as that’s right now, and I’m also working on my first book… Yeah, so it… Is it different than your original concept… The podcast on the community.


Is the book different than the concept that you pitched at your first… She speaks, it is.

Yeah, I mean, you got a lot of living in. What, five years?

Yeah, there’s been like five years in the next an… Right, yeah. And I actually pulled up the first book popular I wrote the other night… Yeah, and just laughed. It was hilarious to look over it now, I’m just… I see where God’s led that though.

Not really, it is back and share a ton yet, but just so pumped about it, it’s gonna be so fun to share.

So let me tell you a little bit about that experience for a different perspective because… So two years when I went to she speaks, I had already written probably half of my book at that point, and it was something that God gifted me in the middle of a coffee shop one day after having a conversation with my personal trainer that morning… I mean, literally landed out of nowhere through a prophetic experience that I had actually given to somebody else, so wild story, I have to… I’ve shared it on the podcast before, so I have to link either that or the blog to you that I wrote up about it, so that you can go back… I know that there’s new listeners now, but know that God will plant a seed either through multiple people or along the way, that eventually one day, similar to how you and your husband were like running separate paths and you looked over, one day you’re gonna look over and there’s just gonna be this bloomed flowers, you’re gonna be like, That’s a beautiful flower head… I get there. That came out of nowhere, really? It didn’t come out of nowhere, it’s been continual watering and continual tiling of the soil that it’s been within, and now it’s ready for you to pluck and smell and enjoy… Well, when I went to that she speaks conference, and when I first got picked up the flower, if you will, I wanted to show everyone this flower… Okay, it was like, Look, as far. This is so cool, I just came out of nowhere. It planted so quickly, within seven days, had written 165 pages and just wild, I’m telling you a what prior it had no idea was gonna write a book in that capacity, so go to see, similar to you pitch the idea. I did have people really interested in it, an agent and a publishing house, and at the event, they said on stage at the very end, Lister was speaking, and she said to the percent of you, or not, 00% of the people who got their book like card pass to them saying, Yes, we’re interested. Let’s go further.

30% of them are gonna do absolutely nothing with it, and I thought to myself, and I was like, Look, crazy person would have done all of this legwork to get here, pitched a book and gone through all the nerves and all of the cons of ideation phases and all of that, and then there’s nothing… Well, that happened to me, I was in that 30%, and it was with a multitude of life scenarios that had kind of unraveled at that point, some family dynamic changes that were happening that were taking… Every bit of energy that I had, there was no writing creativity going on at all at that point, and then some things started to blossom again and I finally was like, Okay, I need to pick that flower up and what the flower was that I had originally thought was so beautiful, had grown into something different and grown into something more fruitful, if you will, and so re-evaluating that over the course of your five years, tell me how the storyline has just blossomed and what things have you picked up along the way to now get where you are now.

Oh man, yeah. I think if you would have talked to me and she speaks 2015, I think you would have found being a place, a square, I felt like I was gonna leave this non-profit for the rest of my life. This is what I felt called to do. So the day Jesus, and I’m gonna travel and I’m gonna leave fans to go do this thing, and I’m gonna write a book about what God teaches me through it, that’s about all I say, do. Yeah, and I think what I had discovered at GS, 25 years old at that point was that it does happen if you’re saying such your listener who maybe feel stuck or feel like they’ve got family dynamics to play where they’re not hate to write or create or whatever it is, if your self-grace for that, because God’s gonna teach you a lot through this, whatever this is that you’re facing right now, if that’s gonna leave you to your next steps the same… And so I don’t think… Yeah, I wasn’t supposed to write the book five years ago, right, and I know that, man, I would be terrified to think of the book that I would have written five years ago, now that I… There, I got all… Not pulman scripts.

I’m thankful that God didn’t pay that way at she speaks 2015, I wasn’t ready. Yeah, that was a lot that he needed to show me and he moved the season in my life that I needed to be in in order to do this, and in order to be ready, and so I would just encourage listeners with that, and I think another thing that to how entrepreneurship is the mate is… It’s okay to pivot.

I don’t think any of that probably land in the same space or the same… Speaking of the same audience who are maybe doing the same work that we had originally thought, and that’s okay. That’s actually awesome.

And I think a lot of entrepreneurs are also wealthy, passion and I… You are a new age and a… And I think a lot of times it’s really us focusing in on, Okay, what are the two different things that would make the most impact in the SAN or what do you want me to focus my time on because I don’t wanna miss the force for the trees and be so focused on all these micro-micro things that I missed a big picture of what you wanna do in my life to help me… Right.

In a minor Ward and… And that which would most bring you glory and right now for me, and that’s the podcast in the book.

Yeah, and so the hard part of that is I’ve totally skilled back on what a Ministry looks like before I got married, I posted and I not… In this season, I’m supposed to Reebok and do the podcast, that changes things, and for an entrepreneur is super tied and there’s a very much a Harpe behind what you do and what you love and see serve, that can be really hard, A navigate like that is that a.Yeah, and that… That’s a good… So tell me a about… You can’t say the story line of the book, but tell me about what kind of lessons have you learned that are gonna impact people in that regard, like Who would your target at can be for your book, even if you can’t share necessarily what’s in it.

Yeah, so a target market would be people who feel stuck, so we all have times in our lives where… Similar to what I described after speaking engagement, I was talking to people afterwards, people would come to me with listening eyes of hope, telling me what they feel like God is called him to do, but there was always a point where they let reality set in and they would then admit to me, this is so scary, or that set of faith filled overwhelming to me, that’s too much, or one of people to life gonna think of this, and so they would project just this imaginary judgment on themselves or what have you. Right, and so actually, I do go content, I talked to over 00 of my people, so entrepreneurs, church planters, ministry leaders, multiple marketing people, anybody who has went from point A to point B of… Okay, I feel called and it took the step of faith and they did the thing, and I asked them questions, and so really the book is about unpacking what they told me.

Cool, that’s really cool. So are you familiar with… For nebra.

Yeah, yeah, it makes me think of… She’s a research, and that’s essentially what you’ve done, which is one… And I think as an entrepreneurial coach, that’s often how I’m led to coach people in a certain direction because I’ve had all of these other coaching clients that have come along and they’re in that space, and so there’s constantly a discussion about breaking… Hindering mindsets and analysis paralysis and the overwhelm that can leave you frozen, which is analysis biases or impostor syndrome or any of those things. Yeah, so I think it’s really cool that there’s gonna be a resource that I can be like, Go here, read this, then we’ll work together.

Yeah, and yeah, that’s really awesome.

We’re gonna have so much to talk about it to you on a is gonna be fine.

So I’m gonna share people, the podcast image here, so do the thing, movement podcast, you guys, I want you to definitely go check it out, not only do you get to enjoy her Tennessee accent, I love so much, you get to really unpack similar like-hearted communities to what the fit and faith podcast is about, which I really love, and I love that there are so many different ways that people present a platter of food, if you will, my husband is all about… He’s a chef and he’s such a presentation person, so when he cooks something, he’s not a chef by career, he’s a shift by hobby, but when he cooks something, I’m like, Put it out, I’m ready to… I’m about to eat it. It’s not a big deal. And he’s like, No, like, Wait, you have to present it in such a way. So you go to these fancy restaurants, you’re like, This is gorgeous, so he’s all about eating with your eyes before you divulge, and I really love not only what you’ve done with your podcast, but what you’ve done with your website and just the presentation of… Do the thing, I think is so inviting, and I think that’s the biggest key component of what it is that you’re preparing for people, is this welcoming invitation that doing the thing is scary, but it is also very possible.

You have… Yeah, and I outright… Back to you, I think. We are cut from the same cloth.

Yeah, there a lot of the same people, and so, yeah, I’ve just been so looking forward to talking with you and excited to see just where I go take you then… No, no, this won’t be our First Nation, you a shoe that I… Yeah, it’s gonna be also looking forward to that, so let’s go and kind of pivot as you suggested, I want a part of my podcast when I originally started, and it’s transformed a whole lot into more of this success story, messy success story of entrepreneurs. And I didn’t originally plan for that, I originally planned for it to be about this understanding of mind, body and soul alignment and what that means to each individual, and I’m realizing more and more that a lot of a successful entrepreneurs understand that from their own… A frame of mind, and it’s not always the same as mine, but I would love to hear from a mind, body, soul perspective, both biblically speaking, but also just from your own experience, how do you align yourself in that regard and move forward on a daily basis?

Yeah, so what comes to mind when you ask that question is, my word of the year is a whole people that she’s the word of the year every year, that I feel like I’m just really leading me towards or something an e wants to grow in. throughout that year and this year was steadfast and goal thing that were last fall, just in really thinking, as you’re saying, in my body and so all aspects of life is… That is one word that I want to cover my life on no matter what I’m doing or what I’m chasing after, or I’m sitting I in doing, and so that’s something that I’ve been really focused on and that impacts every area of my life, and so I also think that through the Steven that I just went through. Everything about my normal got disrupted… Yeah, which was really hard, but what kind of just started settling from all of that, I had the opportunity to create a new normal.

Which is a beautiful thing. And so in that, I’ve had the opportunity to decide, Okay, now I work totally remotely from our house, so we use me a lot more time freedom that I had when I was commuting to the corpora job that I had before the wedding and all of that, and so for me, I’m creating not a checklist for my life because I’ve been in seasons where I’ve had a very legalistic mindset, and that’s something that I do not believe it at all, but just creating rhythms for myself that allowed me to live the best way… Right. And so, so I join, I grab a cup of coffee and petite with the Lord before I start working. And that’s the page through my day, I think that matters.

I think they’re a trend in the personal Belmont as face right now at a… And I well intended of getting up earlier, drinking all the water, doing all the things tasting after your dreams and your your hero and that kind of mindset, which just… I don’t know that that really matches up with God economy, of what he has in store for us, and though a heart and were God’s really good showing me is… Before I go into the world, the most important thing I could do is spend time with them. My days or different when I do, and so to a listener on be point how that went up for a while, or wherever you’re at with that, I would just encourage you to istitut or just my body. That’s another piece that I think after short thing that I’m starting to get a grasp on as well on the case or the one before I got married, and that was a huge promise and now I have actually started running again for first time since I’m new with just the group of state in lanao church that needed to get out of the house and we’re on gray with all their time humans on here in Corinth, and so we’ve got a really good pattern of meeting and just create that accountability for that.

Also, it has been just a beautiful thing to watch, and for the first time I think of my wife running isn’t about performance, but it’s about it, just enjoying hearing the verge chirp and laughing with people that I love. Yeah, and so that’s been a beautiful thing, so I think God is really, over time, began to kind of recreate what that is supposed to look like in my life with all aspects of what you just asked, and that’s been really cool to kind of walk through… Yeah, that’s really beautiful. I love that, I love the word that you said in rhythm, ’cause I’m kind of an anti-person when it comes to balance, which is bizarre because I… Balance beam was my go-to with dynastic for 16 years growing up, and I always thought like, balance is what you’re aiming for. And as we unpack what balance looks like in our life, it’s really difficult if you’re only focused on creating balance, you’re bound to fall if there is a balance where alignment is this idea that like if you’re looking at a straight line… And I’ve never actually said this out loud, but just always been a visual, like you can kinda leave off that line, it naturally, habits are going to fall when there’s quarantine status, or if you get married and that adjustment happens where you’re like, Oh, let’s just be together every day and you totally don’t worry about working out at all… Yeah, he… If there’s a life crisis and your mental health goes off track, it’s less about having to get back on the horse, ’cause so many times I’ve said, it’s okay, I’ll eat this ex a tub of ice cream, I’ll start on Monday. When in fact, I should just be like, I’ll start now.

And I switching myself back into the alignment of that line at any given time, but also giving yourself grace, steering, that those experiences that lead you off, and I think that’s where a lot of people get stuck is they get stuck in the shame component of… Oh, on a balance, I fell off the horse. And now it’s really hard to get back on. It shouldn’t really be like that, it should be more of like, Okay, you’re teeter torturing, let’s keep going.

And that being understand, understanding, so I love rhythm because it’s just like a song in the sense that you have your high cords and your low cards, but overall, if you present it a song to a worship artist or a musician, they’re gonna know the melody and they’re gonna know and understand that at the end of the day is all gonna come back to that space and it’s gonna sound really good to the ear, so…

I love rhythm. I think that that’s such a beautiful word to use… Yeah, yeah, it’s a good visual.

So you also mentioned God’s economy and what that looks like from the perspective of our Christian faith. And obviously, we’ve been in a really interesting quarantine status, like pandemic, and it’s been very interesting to navigate as somebody who is invested in a lot of different types of people, I don’t have a one-track community that I hang out with because I’m a coach, but also because of the life that I used to lead, in the life that I lead now, and wanting to still provide light in the places that are dark and to knowing the importance of that, but also having to really create a lot of boundaries in that, and so do you have insight into it or even just opinion towards the traditional news happening versus the conspiracy theorists versus like the overly healthy versus the…

I don’t care, I’m never gonna…

I’m gonna go and spend time in a crowd, how have you navigated that and what insight do you give to potentially your ministry or the church in the award?

Oh man, I love a great question. She there, insight into my past history, so I grew up in the church, I grew up in an extremely traditional church environment, I would argue, even on the brink of legalistic, so meaning, my relationship with God was really a checklist and meter rules until I graduated high school.

And when I went college, I was really afforded the opportunity for the first time to find a new church family on the own… Totally, completely on. My relationship with Jess was, was my choice, and for the first time, I was in a really great agrou, a Bible study environment, and I had a lot of people printing that season that was very formative for me in the beginning of the undoing of that concept for me, that Lionsgate of roles. And so I think what I would advice somebody in your shoes where you’re trying to find the balance of, we are called to…

I live in dark places and all figure in this man season where in your walk with the Lord and you also wanna invest there…

I think it’s both, and it is a hard balance to always come back to just our greatest commandment is to let God with our little heart, soul, mind and strength and to love neighbor as ourself in that order.

Right, and so when I am spending time with God and that’s consistent in my life, what spilled out of me is him… And I can trace that, right?

I’ve got a wire all right here, and if I kid this water all over, something is gonna spill out of it.

Right. And in our lives, if we view a testament for as our life is a CO, we’re gonna be filled with something, and it’s either gonna be truth and the love Christ or… Some of the world has to offer in.

Right, and so I think what we invest in and what we do in those times where we’re maintaining those rides, like we talk about a billion… Right.

And then when we go out to the world and we’re serving their people, or We’re being a lot in a dark place, when our cup is full of below price and when I cut filler on the people, that’s what still… And I think if I were to wrap up my hope for anything I’m doing work house, best people or how third people, when my cut fill… I wanted to be Joan. Do any of those people groups that you explain Andy, as your question, I think that’s what I would come back to. You know?

Yeah, it’s really good.

I love that, I always loved the analogy of water specifically because Jesus calls himself the living water, and it’s also fundamental for our existence, just by science, if you wanna be science-driven only, you have to have it.

And therefore, the analogy biblically is just so beautiful and something I constantly live by, I also always have water bottle that is with me all the time to the point where my nieces are always keen, Tamera, why are you always carrying a water bottle… And this is before carrying your water bottle was cool, right here, it had stickn in all of… All over it.

This is prior to that season, and I always could almost hold it as a continual reminder in the spaces that were dark or… Or do as my reminder because I’ve spoken over what the water means to me so much, and I’ve also had such a huge shift in my body and mind and physicality because of drinking water, because of utilizing that water intake when I’m working out and thereafter, and what it’s done for my skin, and what it’s done for my gut, and what it’s done for my sleep patterns, and it’s just unbelievable what something such as water can fundamentally do, and then knowing that Jesus is that and so much more staid, if we could infiltrate ourself with that on a continual basis. Why would you not?

Right, I would even choose the soda, which I was never, so I drink it, but it’s a good analogy for most people, why would you even choose that if you knew you had this amazing option and… Yeah, when you did choose it, you’re gonna see an immediate response or a result, and therefore… What does that usually mean? It means you crave the thing that makes you fool and you create the thing that is overflowing positivity and joy and light and love, and all of this that Tenis… You’re gonna love it. Is another really quick analogy, I went to entry as a owned to do, to go a a grove of people from our church in our state, and it was one of the flat changing things for our… Don’t be out at the thing and it will… And that you really get a… And I help people for listing and you have any desire.

So I see the e-land, do what he gotta it.

I start eating today. It is, I will change to truly change a lot.

And one day we went to the scene, which is of course a lot people who have a little place internal in the world, and we drove to rule it down to the best… And can you pass through the GDR and ordain all these things about what? You’re just walking in, traversing all of this land that you have read to us, and the closer we got to the see, I was just blown away that he organises A… It is absolutely, totally breathtaking, and we stood at the top of Masada, if you’re familiar with the story of The… So we went to the top of a, and at the top, you could see the dense really as far as you could see. And we actually didn’t go down and get in the water, which a lot of people do, we just… In that time, that day.

But on the bus, I remember just thinking a… And it is such a Gorgon body water, but if I were to get in the water internet, it can coil the salinity of the waters, I forget how much salt year than even Region Water.

It’s Crafton inject the water. And there are so many things, I think in our lives that we look at and we think, and that’s really beautiful, or that’s really pretty, or that is very anti-thing, but then when we get down to that water, we rely quite…

Wow, that’s really dangerous. And so I think the deceased for me, just really keeping my eyes on LAN and Lord and filth in, because otherwise it’s so easy to get focused on all the shiny, happy, other things, especially in there, and it can take our eye off kinda really what… Out half for us. And so when I think that our Israel Crichton of the places that I love to visit, but it was just such a good reminder to me, yeah.

That just see the main… The Raglan, so good. And it’s like, I give me had full body chills because I always know that my podcast are so intentional with time because this is such a valuable quality time, I don’t know if you knew, but last year I only had guests that were in person, and this is the first year that I’ve done people virtually, which was great that I started that in January, considering what happened, but there is such intentionality in my time with this, but every single time, God shows up in such an incredible way, and I never know how it’s gonna be because we don’t prep these and I don’t ask informational questions prior to in situations like this where they’re not… People in my community, I really don’t know the fullness of who you are, I can socially figure you out, but oftentimes, it’s really different than what you know, you experience and its area as Christians, of course, for our social presence to be the same as our heart presence but you’re talking about shiny objects, and I have had quite a week of having a shiny objects in my… At the corner of my eye, the… To the point where I had a mentor and an SEO strategist and marketing strategist that I work for, set me an email that I didn’t get until the wee hours of the morning, and I’m an early riser, and he had sent it before I went to bed, but I didn’t get it to about 4 30 in the morning and I was praying and I was like, God, I really need clarity on this, I don’t know, and I was… I’m looking to get a mentor, the coach, if you will, in my business because I’m kind of at this point where I’m like I… There’s a lot of growth, which is amazing, I’m so grateful.

Oh, it all, Jesus, but I’m not sure what the right growth strategy is right now, if that makes sense. Yeah, and so I was praying and I had an amazing conversation with this woman who was across the world, and all the insight and that she gave me in the strategy and all that was so good and different than anything else that I had ever heard, so I was really being drawn to her shyness, if you will, and so praying to God in the early morning and just being like, I had clarity, I need to hear from you. I don’t know if this is the right thing, and ironically, the night before when I was unpacking the idea with my mom and my husband, my mom had asked me like, Okay, what’s the pro and what’s the con, and I’m actually her business coach, so it was cool to have her flip the script and be on for a minute, and her to say that… And I’m like, Oh no, I actually haven’t unpacked that. Let’s go there. And my number one response was, I don’t think she’s Christian, and I didn’t know for sure, and then she didn’t say one way or another, and when I had shared about my faith in the congruence of what it is with what I do now, she didn’t… She just said, that’s awesome. And she talked about spirit and kind of that worldly concept of, Sure, I… A higher being, but I never heard like Jesus and I never heard God person.

It was my number one thing that I kinda kept hold of as my con as I went to bed, so same thing, praying through that in the morning and knowing, God, you put me in this realm where I feel like I have an opportunity in the secular world, based on this entrepreneurship journey that so many secular-minded people are in, there’s nothing wrong with that, but how can I live, use the gifts that you’ve given me from a heart set and help align people… Right, yeah. And so I wake up, I get out of bed after having this prayer and still having no clarity, just like, Okay, I’m gonna start my day Now’s the Time, and I opened my email and I get this email from that guy that I mentioned, and it said There will always be shiny objects.

That’s it.

And I immediately was like, Alright, I’ll take that to her. I’ll go there, and so then I jump on my computer and I’m working through a course right now with a teacher virtually, which is always great, but that’s where I was looking for somebody that I could make eye contact with, and I actually talked to… And the first thing that came on was, there will always be shiny objects, and I was like, Oh, I… Yeah, so the fact that you’re saying that and like, Oh, or good aid. So good to cool it causes… We could… I could go and I could get in the Dead scene, I could enjoy the amazing experience of floating, right. And not having the weight and it being beautiful, but the moment that I take that water in it now becomes not healthy, ossic.


And so I am just grateful, obviously made the choice at that point that I wasn’t moving forward in that relationship with her and reached out to her and let her know, and I felt so much peace about it, and so it’s just… This is like a God wink. I always talk about God wings, he sat us all the time, and I’m gonna hold this part of our conversation really dearly because I needed it, and I need people to know who are listening, that even people who are rooted get distracted.

Yeah, yeah, just… And that’s my word. This year has been rooted and I… It has been so imperative for me that as I make even business decisions that are secular, seen from other people, whether you’re changing your prices or you’re publicizing something, that at the heart of hearts… The heart of what it is that I’m doing. It has nothing to do with money.

And it has everything to do with Jesus.

And so for me to say that I’m a fake-based women’s coach that then takes a coaching person who coaching me who’s not in her faith… How stupid is that? Yeah, I just needed God to say like, it’s shiny, it looks really pretty, but it’s last Lester inside and it’s gonna leave you my… So good, thank you so much for sharing that story. I was like the perfect finale.

I love a God to the oath.

That’s for like cool. Every single time. So good.

I have had the other thing, movement podcast image up here alongside the fit and faith podcast is this podcast and my community and her community, it’s about women supporting women, it’s about bringing people into the fold, it’s about loving on people hard and knowing that there is more than enough for all of us. And I want you to leave people with your last penmanship, your signature, Rebecca, whatever it be, whatever you feel like called to share as a final tip of the bow.

Yeah, I love it. So have this conversation all the time, people in our community, but I think if I can leave people with anything, it’s that we see it everywhere, that God has prepared something unique to you that… Just in a way that nobody else can glorify Him that you were called to do, you have a circle of influence and a people group and a community that nobody else living has access to… Or access to impact. And I think a lot of times we get caught and a lot of thought patterns, and that’s what I’m writing about, that are not from God, and we get trapped in our own thinking and I hate… When I see that get in the way of what God is doing through somebody, and so I would say a lot of things we’ve talked about, just take inventory of those things in your life, whether it’s fear or it’s impostor syndrome, or it’s filling judgment, or it’s feeling terrified if you’re calling.

Well, in a, look at those thought patterns and those repetitive things that keep coming up and just ask ourself the question, Is this coming for God or is this… Go from the enemy. And then the second, what’s my step of faith or What’s my next step of obedience that I can take towards my calling and towards what it has for me, and don’t take your eyes off of Bataan or called to walk in all the run in… Keep her eyes on him and… And just don’t give that.

So I… So good. Yeah, so good.

And when we stay focused at the end of the road, they talk about the light at the end of the tunnel, or wherever that vision is casting above all shiny things, he is the Chinese, so the… Staying, just focused on that area. And I’m so grateful to be a community with you, I’m so good all have had this conversation and I just feel like there was so much goodness in it, so thank you for the wealth of just… That you brought to it, and I’m excited to join you on your podcast in the coming weeks.

Yes, it is gonna be able to ask. Thank you so for having me before you pop off, share with everyone, I kind of given them a layout throughout the time, but how can they get in touch with you? Where can they find you?

Yeah, so do I think movement dotcom is our… We obviously do the thing, the Manas, as you listen that I think where you get your podcast, and we have an inside space to grow that super fun. And I book as well. My Instagram is a my name just for Bataan, George.

Yeah, that’s pretty much all places, I think at the beginning, when you just said your name, I flip back, George Dotson didn’t in… Maybe, I think it’s exact.

Okay, either way, I got the names, right? There’s that.

That’s right.

Alright, girl, friend, such a pleasure. Have a beautiful day and won the in touch soon.

#doingallthethings #godishere #godisthere

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