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Discovering His Purpose with Tessa Hopman

An episode with another kingdom shaker to speak life into you and has helped cultivate an experience that will help serve women and men to connecting heartbeats around the world. This is a global conversation and so often we feel rooted and stuck in just the American mindset and yet there are other people in the world that God is stewarding, stirring and serving in such a way that connects us and unifies His kingdom under heaven.

Today’s guest is a career and results coach for Christian women. So obviously I love her because we have that purpose driven mindset and that desire to bring passions out in women across the globe, but she’s also bringing together a communication and conversation around Discovering His purpose; living a life of faith and fulfillment. Men and women are coming to the table to share and shed light on what it is that God speaks to them and how they are activating that into the world. You too, are a part of this conversation To learn from other incredible voices. Her business is called the Vine Dresser; you too are being pruned and you to have an opportunity to tended to and cared for and ultimately God is cultivating and I hope through the God Dream Design Course I can help activate those dreams.

His heart and these voices are crossing oceans!

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Tessa Hopman

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Show Notes: Discovering His Purpose

I oono. So welcome, welcome, welcome everyone. We already got some ILs on US, Tessa, so I’m so excited to introduce you. Yeshe, is tuning in all the way from the morning side of the World and News the land, and we’re so excited to have you on today. I’m gonna let you kind of unpack and introduce yourself, but this is testament, and she is a career and results coaching and with the vine dresser, and so tell us a bit about what that is, who you are, how we’re connected, and we’re gonna go go from there.

01:23 S2: Alright, thank you so much as Termen toned. My name is Tessa, I’m the CEO and founder of the binders, and the Vandross is a career and results coaching for Christian women. And how I got to that just because I found myself not being able to get out of bed, just I’m fulfilled and searching for my purposes for a while, that’s what I did. I went into the Word, I want as many church gathering so I can go, but I was also doing a coaching course to get to the questions. What do I enjoy? And what is holding me back? And when I finally got to the other silo things where I actually had energy again and sarees for what I was doing, I realized I wanna share this with other women, you know that experience when you find your purpose and you actually started working on goals and overcoming this limiting belief. So I found a divine racer and why the Vandross is because it refers to Jesus as He is pruning the vines, and that that’s exactly what we do in a coaching process, so we’re really pruning away all those limiting believes, all the bad stuff, and we’re telling ourselves and we can’t do it and we’re actually tending the good soil that you have and the potential and growing to that purpose that God has for you, so yeah, that’s pretty much how that all…

02:45 S2: And I

02:46 S1: Love that I had… I was unpacking and I have your website up now for everybody to see, but you know the prune attend in the cultivate. I am such an advocate of the toiling process, of the uprooting process, of the watering process, and I think it’s vital for us to understand that without doing that, we aren’t really taking a true inventory of all of the beautiful things in the garden that God has just right where we are. So I love that you utilize that reference, it’s funny that you have the vine dresser and I… Or you are the vine dresser, and then I had another girl and just recently with copy on court, and so her Vine was the line, and so it was just really cool to see the symbol is as the globe, right?

03:33 S2: Yeah, we’d love to get inpatient. We would like the whole toiling in the whole… Having to grow roots in, I know I have a seven grand in my window sill now, and I’m looking every day, it’s like What’s going on? I still come see this product, you know, but I’m forgetting that there’s so many roots growing at the bottom… Yeah, and it takes time ’cause those roots are not strong enough, they’re gonna sprout, and again, a dietary

03:58 S1: Speaking to my entrepreneurial and patient-hard, I definitely think that there are gonna be so many viewers who just resonate with that because it’s really difficult, and here we are in the midst of a season and a time where we want change so drastically, we want it in our heart level, we want it in our spirit level, we wanna see it in a physical realm, and that takes time, especially when the roots have perhaps grown and are rooted in such dry places that we can’t even access them, so thank you for sharing that perspective, and I pray that the people that are listening today, that they know that our hearts are for them, that they know that we are willing to uproot and toil and replant right. Alongside all of our brothers and sisters. So share with me from our perspective as we kinda dive into that conversation, and I really wanna keep it centered around what it is that you do and how you coach, but from another part of the globe, what do you see is happening right now in richest

05:05 S2: In general, people have been like a woken ALMAS. Obviously, first it was the pandemic, we… At such a scale, we used to see it on TV where it’s only a popular for the day of the tomorrow. Never seen it. It was always Ebola in Africa, like doesn’t touch us, we’re fine, and then all of a sudden there was this virus that could actually get us anyway, and I think it made us realize like Tomorrow isn’t a given, and we actually need to wake up. We were in such a slumber, in a routine, I think 80% of what we do that auto-pilot it, and we’re so unconcerned about the rest of the world, ’cause our bubble was fine. And I think when we realized that that wasn’t the case, we started to be stirred up and then obviously there’s so many more things going on in your side now as well, where we are just… I think people have so many emotions and we don’t know how to deal with them anymore, and I’m not saying that they’re protesting… Everything is not good, definitely not what I’m saying is, there is a certain way of going about things, and some people are really doing amazing things with getting conversations going and getting dialogue going, but there’s also so much Al-rides not leading to anything, it’s not productive and I think that’s where we need to draw the line and he needs to be productive, if we put it back to Jesus, he also got persecuted and treated unfairly, but he never lashed out in anger, now he stayed calm and went there, people actually paid more attention to him, because who’s the person who gets spat on a hidden or faith and turns to a ice…

06:53 S2: And obviously, I’m not saying we need to turn the other cheek, this is something a real issue and we need to stand for, but we need to do it in a way that draws attention to us in a positive light and not anaphase… It’s not gonna get us anywhere. But more divided. Yeah.

07:10 S1: It’s definitely very difficult. And even as you share like my heart goes out to the right words and the right timing, and having to feel like you’re constantly retracing the thing that you just said in order to make sure that it’s like PC and all of those things. But I realized last night when having a conversation with the women that I get to coach, and I’m so grateful for the fact that there are so many beautiful ethnicity is represented, to hear the hearts of every sister around that table, there were so many shared emotions of shame of anger, of the grace, of guilt, of worry, of fear, and it didn’t matter what color are skin lest we all were sharing same things, and so now it’s a matter of how do we come together to get that out there in a new way, and so I’m just grateful that we have, I think, advocates in other parts of the world who are willing and ready to say like, there is a way that you can do this and that to continue and branch those conversations into other cultures. We were talking prior to this about how you had this amazing experience where you got to come to America.

08:28 S2: So tell us about when you did that, why you did that, why your family even or how they chose to do that and how it’s left… Whether it’s left an imprint or not, what that looked like for you… Yeah, so I’m Aragon the Netherlands and already from such a young age, I think I was 11 or 12, I was like, No, the country is too small, is such a global mindset already, I mean, at this point, I lived on four different continents, it’s just… I wanted to explore and then this… My brother already went to America for a cultural exchange year when he was young, and my dad wanted to experience that, I mean, we came from a very messy, chaotic and broken home, and I wanted to experience family life, so I had this laundry list of things that I wanted in a family in America, ’cause I had that American dream in my mind, so I wanted a family with younger kids, I wanted like a systolic Al-destination or would be nice and warmer than merlons has always called, and it does actually God like planting something or planning something, because they came back to me and said, Listen to say your laundry list, I’ve wished it is tubing and A, we can put you in.

09:41 S2: Hold on his Mobile Alabama. It is a Christian family, and I go to a private Christian academy. Would you be willing to go? And until that point, anything I knew about God was when we went to church once a year for Christmas, so I knew that he existed, but that was about it. I was like, Sure, I can do that. And that high school, which is so amazing, they did Bible study every day, they went to chapel on once every other week, we went to youth together on a Wednesday night, and then I went to church on Sunday. So from going to nothing to being so submerged in it and that was amazing. And you’re asking me, did it leave an impression? I mean, yes, it changed my life. I just find myself crying at every church service and I was like, Oh, okay.

10:33 S1: And you were 17, right, so like the inner turmoil of a teenager anyway, and then you’re in another country of all these foreigners as in Chile. That’s so amazing. I love that God can use every situation and that he used this family and a whole another part of the world to take you in and show you a family and show you the ultimate father. That’s so incredible. How old were your siblings at that point… Oh

11:02 S2: My goodness, you always be careful what you want to… But it’s a family with nine kids, so that actually… They didn’t have any kids of their own. So they had adoptive and foster kids, so it was amazing, and the other… So the wife was genomes, so there was a lot of renames kids and apparently they like to go gamble over the weekends, so relatives would bring all the Anakin the weekend, we had about 20 kids and I was the oldest all of a sudden, so I was like, I wonder.

11:34 S1: Agoura, tell you how old they all were, I just knew that I was the oldest at 17, they brought you in as an extra set of hands is what happened, I think the… Me and detaching it. That is so cool. So I think it’s so amazing that… I mean, we’ve even talked about having an O-payer because we really, really desire having our children like emerged in other cultures, because since my husband and I have family in Mexico, it’s such a gift for us to go and just literally transplant ourselves into an entire other community where, yes, people look at us different were the only ones with blond hair and blue eyes, they literally stroke our hair, which is just so funny to us, and I’m kind of like, Oh, okay, but at the same time, I think they are so beautiful and they’re dark, beautiful brown eyes when their baby… I secretly wish that my son came out as like a mini house so that I could just like be like I was a Junior from grandpa, but it didn’t work that way. He’s got a little tan, but nothing like that, but I think it’s just such a valuable resource that if we adopted something like this as an American culture, talk about change, talk about shift in what it is that we know now in the norm of the track that your family goes on after high school, you go to college, after college, you get a job after the job, you work 80 hours a week, and then you turn 30 and you have just the traditional pipeline that we’re put through, where is the time or the energy to be work to understand outside of what is constantly being implanted us good or bad, so…

13:23 S2: That’s so true. And I think we mentioned it earlier, if we could just force people to live abroad for a while now that we’re just… Our mindset, I brought in and we started seeing people for who they are instead of just looking on the outside… Look on the inside and, yes, we don’t get along with everybody. If you’re not brought up in the same cultural background, and your day-to-day habits are completely different than the other person, you might not get along, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the skin color, but it might be that your daily habits are just not compatible. And I think if you start looking at that, if we find our tribe, like you’re saying with your women, right, and the same as the women that are coming now on the online interview sees that we’re recording, it’s not about the outside is about our collateral hearts for God… And that’s what pulls us together. It doesn’t matter what color, what annuity, where we come from, and I think if we would go and explore that, if we would make it compulsory for our kids after high school to do like six months to a year in another country, it will just open their eyes and will stop like staying all the time, them and we or them, and so that’s how our brain works.

14:38 S2: That was survival back in the day, keeping our own community safe at the cost of others, which is… It comes from the whole… Back in the day when we had to hunt and survive and things were scared, but we need to be aware of what we are doing on auto-pilot, and when we go abroad, I lived in South Africa, lived in America, lived in The Natan. Now living in New Zealand, so I’ve seen a lot of different cultures and it just makes you more aware of what’s going on and I could… I could really say to anybody, do it, got experience.

15:13 S1: Yeah, we actually for a while, got so just disturbed even by our own family things that were going on, and it’s not… It didn’t have to do with ethnicity, obviously, because we’re all white, but it was this just turmoil that was happening, and naturally, for my husband and I, we are not fight or flight, so we’re like, Oh, there’s a problem. Let’s run that way. And I’ve found since coming to know the Lord in the intimate way that there are parts of me that that’s okay, but there are other parts where I need to fight, and I need to have a conversation and I need to communicate, and I need to wrestle. Internally with my emotions before just running away from them, but my husband and I literally wanted to pick up our family and move to Mexico and just like peace, we’re out, we’re not gonna deal with this. Like, let’s just take care of our little safe family home unit. And while we chose not to do that, I was a part of a ton of expat community Facebook group so that we could explore homeschooling options and different things, and there was all of the stuff that went into it, but ultimately what we were desiring was that our children would be in a safe space where they were allowed to express and learn and grow freely, and what mom would not agree with that…

16:38 S1: What? Mom would not want that for their child. And listening to certain books and the coaching clients that I’m talking about, their hearts, as women, we have this desire to protect and love, but also it’s a time to communicate, and so how as a purpose coach as a woman who is looking to help others go and get into their space of purpose, how do you help them really direct themselves into those spaces, what projects or paths or exercises do they do?

17:15 S2: So it’s always going back to the foundation. Right, so you start first discovering what God has put in you, so what has he gifted you with, what passions were, dreams as you put into your heart, because often when day life happens and we grow up, we were talking about your son, how he has all these amazing dreams and having this form in your house and a fries and everything, now that’s still possible at that age, but when we get them at all and we start telling ourselves, that’s not possible, but then we serve a God that can do the impossible. And I say he wants us to take out these streams again that look too big, and from that point when we have that dream or that big goal that we have, we just start chunking it down to really… We’re just overwhelmed, ’cause if your dream is to have a multi-billion dollar company that is like Jocelyn tries, for example. Now, I could never do that. But like What did she start with? She started with doing a Bible study in her house, like if we chunk it down to small bite-sized pieces, we can just take that first step, rites of women, I know I might be interested in Bible study and…

18:29 S2: Thematic message to invite them. Hold my first Bible study now, if you make the step small enough, we actually feel empowered when we do them and we actually get into the momentum and really stepping into that goal, and as we do that, we always go… ’cause we will get through things like conflicting values, I wanna set up a business, but time with our family is getting in a way that’s not real, but in our mind, it feels like that is to be sweet, if we then swap it around, we can ask how is having a successful business going to allow me to spend more time with my family, just swapping those conflicting values around and then working on what limiting beliefs are we telling ourselves, I can’t do it, I’m not smart enough, or… Like for me is a big thing, like, Who am I? I’m not worthy of this calling to be helping Christian women because I have my background or my very imperfect past, and I think overcoming those limiting beliefs is also a very important aspect as well, so we don’t hold ourselves back to the purpose that God has press.

19:36 S1: Yeah, it’s really good. I think oftentimes, those living beliefs become like the space that we’re stuck in, and then the… Even the dream, even if you’re still like a little girl dreaming, ’cause that’s how I feel sometimes I’m like, Oh my gosh, I have this grandiose vision, and yet there’s these limiting beliefs that can come into play that we can stay in that space, and then the enemy basically, it’s like, Alright, I’m gonna sit right here. ’cause she’s gonna be right here. So we’re gonna hang out right here. And meanwhile, I estimate that you Nevis comfortable because we’re comfortable, because we’re not putting ourselves into the place of discomfort, so it’s that activation state of, Okay, I’m gonna go here, I’m gonna host my first Bible study, even though I’m not a world renowned speaker yet… This is gonna be my first opportunity to try and to step out of my comfort zone and to serve other people, I love… You were talking previously on the interviews, her… About the interview series, you mentioned it briefly, I want you to unpack what your heart is for that and what exactly you’re doing so that we can draw some attention to it and send some people your way.

20:54 S2: Thank you, Tamera, also one of the guests, and I’m really happy that she is. Because what we are doing in the interview series is really unpacking, discovering his purpose and how you can truly live a life of faith and fulfillment, because if the situation now is teaching at anything is that we want more out of life, we wanna find that unique calling that is only hours that we can only fulfill and when this pandemic was happening, and now even more of the term while we’re seeing is like people are unsatisfied anymore, and we… With this online interview series, we want to share with them our stories, how we are walking in our purpose with confidence and authenticity, and with the realization that all our stories are so significant, however, imperfect and the mistakes we’ve made. And this interview series is really to show those struggles and breakthroughs that we’ve had as we were uncovering and still are uncovering our purposes, so… Yeah, that’s how I decided to set up a discovery, His purpose, it’s an online interview series, and it’s going live on the first of July, but he… Don’t know how many participants. I think we have about 18 people, so we’re doing an interview live each day and yeah, just share inspirational Christians, whether it’s leaders, entrepreneurs, pastors, anybody else, bloggers who just have such a passion for sharing their purpose and sharing what God has done in their last…

22:32 S2: A good and the bad. So yeah, it’s going live first of July, and… I can’t wait.

22:37 S1: Yeah, it’s gonna be so exciting. I just, I’m thrilled to see all of our faces next to each other just in the promo, just to say like, You guys, you have this opportunity, and so many people think that social media… I’ve seen and heard a lot of people who have gone off of social media over the course of the last week, and I understand at the exact same time, you’re like, Hold on, this is purposed. God knew that the internet was gonna happen, he knew that the enemy was going to try and take over all of social media and all of the things that we’re seeing from a media perspective on the news, and yet it is a resource. If you can flip the script on the enemy and say, Oh no, not today. And I feel like we were doing such a beautiful job of that when covid first hit, like you saw all the churches like Ed and flow and swap, and they were like, Oh, we’ve never done an online service, but we’re gonna do an online service, and now you know the Word of God is getting out into the world in ways that never would have happened circa 10 years ago even, and so for you to bring together all of these different women and just to shed light on purpose, I think is so necessary.

23:51 S1: And as people are kind of walking into this space and maybe even uncovering new purpose in their life because of the emotions that they’re feeling right now in a vast array of things going on, what tip or trick would you suggest that they kinda lean into and what is there a specific verse or thing that you hold on to and your promise for God to say, This is gonna happen for you?

24:18 S2: Yeah, well, you have so many things I wanna say on that, but it… Okay, we’ve got time go for… That always keeps me going is that I can do all things to Christ to strengthen to me… I mean, I put that on, I’m tacitly remotest shahe. He means with that the good and the bad, because even stepping into a purpose or re-discovering a new purpose, it’s not gonna be all rainbows and butterflies. You know, there’s gonna be challenges. And like you’re saying, As soon as we step out of our comfort zone, it’s like your ring your little bell and then the devil wakes outhouse she was good there, but things are happening, so it’s gonna start pursuing us and he’s actually gonna throw challenges in our way, because when we step into our purpose, we are truly advancing the kingdom of God, and we’re gonna be so powerful, I love a quote where I say again, I wanna be the type of woman that went away at the devil says, Oh no, she’s a love that… But that’s also like, You need to be brave if you’re gonna step into your purpose, and God has given us all the courage as women are fire and courageous, I mean, you’re manic, you can do anything if threatens your child.

25:41 S2: That’s the type of energy that God has given us, but I think it’s a different energy from masculine energy where it comes to were protectors, but we are also firing our passions and where our children can be a passion, so I can be our purpose. So I think when we step into that and truly allow it to be our proposed with authenticity and accepting every part of us in that process, it’s just gonna be such a beautiful journey, and when it comes to this online interview series, a lot of people love to demonize social media or the media, but… And the same with how you look at life, there’s always different ways you look at this, you can look at it in the negative, or you’re gonna look at it into a positive, and yes, there is an overwhelming amount of negativity, both in the world, as in social media, the media. I mean, there’s even Christians fighting with each other, and I get me, stop hearing each other down and start building each other up, so it’s… The choice you make. So I have somebody in sales you on social media, for example, it’s up to you, how are you gonna respond to that? You’re gonna respond at all, you know Jesus in his The when he got insulted, so it’s what we make of it, and social media and the news can be such powerful tools or these online platforms, and we are creating now these collaborations that we wanna do can be such powerful tools, if we choose that, that’s what we wanted to be, or we put God in the center of it, so that’s all the choices they then are up to estimate.

27:16 S1: So good. You’ve got some people listening and they’re saying that they love this And they can’t… One of them is gonna be on the interview series to Michelle laugh, and she’s like, I can’t wait to talk with you, so it’s really amazing that we have just an opportunity, and I think God continues to just press on my heart for such a time as this and it goes deeper than just like the catch phrase, because I think anybody can say that during any situation, but it was a book that I read in my first Bible study ever when I was in high school, and it’s just been impressed on my heart at that because I walked through that Bible study with toiling and such deep conviction, and I never spoke out about it until I was confronted and didn’t have a choice. And now I’m at the space where I’m toiling and the world is toiling. And what are you gonna do with that toilet? Are you going to stay quiet, and I want people to know that that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to speak and everyone to create a life of purpose on a microphone or on social media or on TV or any of those things, your activation might be within your home with those babies.

28:32 S1: And that is just as critical as somebody jumping on a Mike, and so how we choose to view our purpose do not compare ’cause that’s a limiting belief, that’s a mindset, hold up that so many people get in is, I’m not as big as that. Or My purpose is so much smaller than that, so I just might as well even do it, we’ll know… Here’s the puzzle piece. You’re missing one puzzle piece, how do you feel… I’m pissed the puzzle because I’m like under the table, I’m looking in the dog’s bed… Do they chew it? Is it in the trash can? And need to find the puzzle piece, and like I want people to know that they are the puzzle piece to this beautiful picture that God has planned, and without them, no matter how big or small, they might feel that that piece is… It is a critical element for us to be whole as a community, as a condom, so we do

29:29 S2: What it says, it doesn’t say for nothing, we are the body of cross… Yes, that might be the mouth piece, and they might be speaking on a biggest to… Without a finger, without a ton, we can’t even walk or pick up a caffeinated little aspect is so important, whether you are being a stay-home mom and nursing the next pastors are the next president in line, or when you are in a workplace with secular people and you are the only Bible they’re ever gonna read, whatever the purpose is, and maybe it’s the purpose for this season, and when the season is done, you’re gonna move on to something else, but whatever we are in, we have such an opportunity to just show something different instead of the hatred and the bickering and always being upset and holding a fan, when can we start showing God… He didn’t condemn, He said, He is without sin, let them cast the first one, so he wasn’t condemning, he was just showing love and accept, and then he was the one eating with sinners and just showing them his heart, and I just… If my prayer can be one thing that we started doing that we…

30:40 S2: We, we are because wherever you are as were gone, placed. Yeah.

30:45 S1: That’s really good, that’s really good. And being comfortable with that, but also showing up to the table ’cause he is a seat for you, and to know that he isn’t just gonna pull out your chair and the dick, like he’s gonna pull out your chair and he’s gonna sit right next to you, he’s gonna break bread with you. And so to have that imagery and to know that you are safe and you are connected and you are welcome, that is the place where I would hope that people would… They would go that they’re being summoned to that space of purpose right now, and in every place, every person that’s at that meal has a role as well, and so I just think that there’s so much beauty in scripture. And if we just continue to go back to the word, and that be the word that’s on our mouth, like what we say is purpose, and our purpose is to speak it just like people can read it, but to make sure that it’s connected to the heart of the father, ’cause it’s when we start leaning on our own understanding, which is my favorite verse, we…

31:49 S1: Not on your understanding. And all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. He will make your path straight. If I can lean into that, he’s gonna continue to open doors. But if I’m listening to the site enemy, who’s just like, stay here, stay here, stay here, that comfort zone, I’m never gonna show up at the table, then I could break bread with Jesus as a… Right, it’s like I love. Alright.

32:18 S2: Like if we would lean on our own understanding right now, we would be huddle up in a ball is waiting for the world to be over and then we can go to heaven ’cause nothing makes sense right now, and there are so many insecurities. And if we got on that, we’ll be miserable, but if we just lean into his plan, ’cause he knows the beginning to the end, so rather lean on his plan ’cause he knows what’s gonna happen, we have no clue, nobody… Or actually, a peony saw covid coming. Right.

32:46 S1: Right, that’s good. But

32:47 S2: He did, and he’s not surprised, so… I love it, I love that biharis

32:52 S1: Really good. So I wanna kinda switch a little bit of gears because I think that it’s necessary for people to hear a little bit more of the coaching side of what you do, what place of… Was it a place of failure, was it a place of discontent that you were… When you decided to activate in this space, I know you were working in a space that you weren’t really happy with… Talk, walk us through that transition.

33:17 S2: Yeah, so it’s definitely a space of discontent, which at that point also led to a lot of guilt, because I’m so aware of how fortunate my life is now, I had a good job, I moved and exciting the parent, I had an amazing part… I had a roof over my head, you know, food and a friend, I knew how fortunate I was, but I still had such hole in my heart, and I felt like MT and unfulfilled and so tired, and they made me feel guilty. Said research an emotional roller coaster, and I just knew something had to change. So for me, it was absolutely a place I’ve dis contained of knowing… You know that feeling when you know God has something more for you and you just know without to shut out a doubt, but the issue was a noble… What it was, I didn’t know where to start looking forward, so that’s why I actually enrolled into a coaching course not to become a coach, but to find my own answers, and I just felt that… The coach is out there. We’re all very secular. Which isn’t a bad thing, but for me, I wanted to talk God’s part in that because I wanted to make sure it was God’s purpose that I was finding.

34:27 S2: So as I went through the coaching cotton, I was putting it next to the word as well, I just started realizing all these things and what I was actually passionate about and unani studied Hospitality Management. And the reason for that is that I knew I wanted to help people, but I had no clue that coaching was actually a thing, I think when I went to uni coach, it wasn’t… So I just knew I wanted to help people, but then as I was doing hospitality and I was being a manager and restaurants and a manager at tourism companies, it’s like, this is not actually helping people with something… I’m a substance, it’s great that I’m giving them a good meal or a some ride on a jet ride, but as I actually love… So yeah, that’s… So it’s just that feeling of discontent, I wanted to give them something that actually changed their lives… Yami.

35:21 S1: Hear that. I think it’s so good. And totally the reason why I devised the roots and wings course that I just launched on Monday, all around, in order to discover your purpose, go back to the roots, which we talked about the beginning of this, but also like how do you get to the next phase? And it’s really about settling it, the current state of alignment, fully understanding your worth and your value and your purpose, and then activating into that next space, I feel like sometimes people are… This vision, you’re like, Oh my gosh, this is what I’m meant to do. And they just start running and they get so burnt out and they feel so overwhelmed and they have so many squirrel squarely objects in their way because they aren’t honed in on their true, deep purpose, on their true deep why. And they’re not connected to the energy source, to the one who’s saying like, I will provide the assessments for you to keep going, I’m gonna provide the vision, I’m gonna provide the plan, just like him sitting up and had the laughing at us when we think, our plan is right. That truly is…

36:27 S1: His heart is for us to be with him, for him to be able to have the control and in the driver’s seat versus ourselves, and I lived a lot of my life in the driver’s seat, I’m not even a good driver asked my husband… I had no navigation skills whatsoever. So he’s like, Why do you ever try to steer? Because I’m just really bad at it, and it’s funny that God has now taken control to the point where even when people ask me what I do, I used to claim CEO, and now I’m like, I have no desire to even say that as soon as somebody else can be the CEO like I give all that glory to God because He’s the one in control, and I just say yes on a daily basis, and I think that’s all he would have us do right now is to say yes to what he’s calling us into deeper wider further.

37:19 S2: No, absolutely, and I love it when you’re saying like, God should be the CEO of my companies, and he is for all terms and purposes, because our companies and we are only growing if he allows us… Senate, for example, when it comes to giving were like, Oh no, but it’s my money, and we still… For it, I’m like, It’s actually not your money. But God gave that to you, and if you were born in Kenya, for example, you wouldn’t be in such a profitable situation, like he plays your there for this purpose, for You need to freely give your money away and bless other people because it doesn’t belong to nothing in this world belongs to ask as he created on, he’s allowing us to use it. So I think that that’s an awesome way of putting it, like We’re actually not even the CEOS of our online, we’re just walking the path that he said For as to eventually get to that reward of being seated in heavenly places. Yeah.

38:17 S1: Yeah, it’s really good. I walked in on my son’s tutoring earlier today, and she was just teaching about reading… Okay, so nothing Christian base, nothing. And my son just started asking all of these super existential questions to his tutor and he was like, Well, what happens after you die? And you could hear, you could hear the silence, it was that palpable that she was like… And she knows my faith because I’m open about it, and she was like, Well, you go to heaven. And he’s like, Yeah, but what is your body? So she’s like, Well, so it was like the same or deep conversation, and I’m sitting in the other room, she wasn’t doing there, I’m laughing, but she said, I really amazing things. But one thing that she said, and she wanted to say out of love, but she also wanted him to understand in layman’s terms was like, God loves you so much, but he’s also the judge… ’cause my son asked, Does everybody get into heaven? And she said, Well, everybody who confesses gets into heaven, and God is a judge as much as he is your father, as much as he is your love, or he wants the best for you.

39:27 S1: And so he wants to help you in that process, but you have to be willing and accept his help, because that’s like the place where often we stand in our own confidence, in our own strength, our own might, and that’s where we end up falling or getting the rug build out from underneath this. So it was a really crazy thing. And richness and money is always on the top of my son, my six-year-old son who’s gonna have the farm in my house that we talked about her later, he’s constantly talking about money, and I’m like, Why is this so like on the tip of his tongue ’cause me and my husband don’t talk about that, we try to instill humility, but I am telling you, your motherhood in that regard, and trying to teach them to know the money that you earned still isn’t your money. I work for that. I’m like, I know it, I know it, but you only earn the body that you’re in because it’s gifted to you, so it’s a while to know that these huge conversations are happening with our youth, massive conversations happening with our counterparts. And then also what I think is kind of the missing link is what’s happening and who’s conversation with the generations ahead of us, ’cause it feels like to me, they’re calling the shots, and I think that’s why people’s emotions get so upward because they are…

41:02 S1: They’re trying to call the shot, they’re like, Wow, we need control, we are the difference, we are the change makers. And yet at the same time, we have to do it out of love, we have to do it out of activation and connection to God the Father, God singly spirit versus acting out of our will and emotions. And

41:22 S2: I think what you’re saying is so true, as I like about that whole of who has the control and who’s influencing who I think at this point, we need to realize that our generation really too old… I mean, if you see what kids are looking at, I was like looking into the sexual old girl is on her like iPad, she was looking at… I nailed it or something, and I’m thinking, these kids are like three, four years old, they know how an iPad works, and they’re looking at other kids were the same age, there is multi-millionaire, five-year-old paying with toys and doing toy reviews. So I think we also kinda need to shift our mindset to Who are we educating and if you’re seated asking those questions, you know they get into those conversations because if he then goes on his blog or blog or whatever that is, and he’s gonna talk about how Heaven works, the revelation that you’re gonna get from that is there’s gonna be 300 million other six-year-old watching that, and they might be going to their family who’s not a Christian. It’s like, Mom, Dad, are we going to go to heaven when we die? In this…

42:29 S2: Are so many opportunities? Again, see, that’s so good. Yeah, I think it’s not even a target group that we’re actually focusing on ’cause we’re still… So in the old way of things that we are already all over, we’re like We are talking on the podcast that actually the little kids that have all the control that…

42:49 S1: So cool, that’s so cool to think about it from that way because they do, they really are so smart and so willing and so capable, and it’s just a matter of putting that into their hands, so fast forward to a conversation where my son would only give 10 cents to a cause that we were trying to get him to stand behind to… He realized the power that if his sister, who was willing to give all of it without question all the money that she had, she was gonna get given 10 times that amount. And he’s like, Okay, okay, I’ll give 30 cents. I’m like, No, no one, you don’t see what’s happening here, and so it took an hour for us to get on the evening playing field that he was gonna get just as much as his sister, even though he’s the older sibling, so he still has a lot in storage. And so you have to unpack these things with your children, I love that you looked at from the perspective of what they have access to and how they can be the change in that right now. And so it’s just, it’s a powerful place just to sit and be, and for us to be also super conscientious of because we are setting that example for them, whether we think we’re leaving an imprint or their ears are not listening.

44:08 S1: They’re very in-tune.

44:10 S2: Yeah, and I think that… And that’s exactly it. They’re still in tune. They haven’t put limitations on the dreams and purposes that God has put on their heart, and I do… I don’t remember her name, but there is a kindergarten teacher who literally makes millions now because the only thing she does is she watches a kid and whatever the kid is interested in, she will give them all the resources to that, and even though like three weeks later, they’ll shift. He’ll shift with him. So if it first was Math, but then it becomes a… She shared… She literally has 11 12-year-olds would double PhDs. We are the ones limiting our kids, they’re not limiting themselves. There is a little girl fashioned as I don’t know her name, she’s 11 years old, and she’s a successful fashion design that’s a call the sullen ferries and a clock. It’s not saying those things are real and saying they haven’t put the limitations on and they can maybe see the supernatural realm that we have close ourselves off to because we have been hard to believe certain ways, so then we can allow the kids to follow their passion and to just go into the whims of them, they’re gonna develop into such amazing creature that…

45:24 S1: So cool, I have a lot of friends who, as they’ve come into their Christianity and understanding of things, they have noticed that their children will say things like way outside of what their realm of knowledge would be or what they would expect them to say, or that God was speaking to them or that they just saw an angel driving by flying with our car just now, and their moms are like, What is happening? And instead of being freaked out, they should be like, Tell me more, what else do you see, what else are they saying? What else has happened in your dreams, and so we always have abundant imagination times with our kids before bed so that they can continue to dream and explore those, but I do immediately see… That’s not real, right? That’s not real out. And I’m like, Well, sometimes this could happen, or this could happen, and so I think it’s just a powerful place for us to sit and to circulate back to from the beginning of our conversation is like, Go back to the little girl streams that you had and explore them deeply and look into the gifting that existed when you were told that’s not the direction that you need to go, and open your eyes to those things and really tune into them, so I love that.

46:43 S1: This is like a full circle, it always happens so organically, where you can just say, I hear you, God, I see you, and this is the message that was intended to take shape today, and why I think it’s so amazing when I don’t probe questions or I don’t have a lot of insight about the person who comes on to the podcast because God shows up.

47:04 S2: Yeah, I think what you’re saying is so right, and you actually just put all the verse in my mind where they say, You know we should have faith like little children, and that’s all he wants, but just so you can go back to that limitless faith and the leathers limited possibilities.

47:18 S1: I think that’s so good. I can imagine my son over that, what’s being conversed about right now, and him always asking me, but why not? And so, what an amazing thing for us to tune into the questions that our children are asking right now, but why can’t we get along, but why can’t we push in and have a conversation about it, why can’t there be changed because he… And she would believe that there can be… And so I want us to just leave on that note to say that Your purpose passions, your big huge god dream, the heartbeat of God, all of the things that he would have us do. He already knows, he’s already planned, and for us to really just say, My not God and say Yes. And lean into that. Absolutely. So Tessa, thank you so much for being here. I want you to share where people can find you and connect with you. Deeper. Go ahead.

48:19 S2: Yeah, so thank you, it was so much fun. And excuse the accent, so I might have to type it down for a part part

48:25 S1: Is my favorite part and come to speak more.

48:29 S2: So they can find me on Facebook, on Instagram, it’s on the vine dresser in it, and my website is just the video dot com and they can always just pop in the same year message, I love to connect with people, and I hope obviously to see everybody on the online interview series where we will have a private Facebook group, we can all interact together, we’ll jump in on lives and it’s just… All the wisdom and break through of the online series, so I really hope to see everybody there. I think you’re gonna put like when the links, right, where you’re gonna put it up

49:01 S1: Yet, not… I share it

49:03 S2: In… Yeah, it’s gonna be discovered his purpose dot com, not quite ready yet, but in vote week or so, so probably with this goes on your PC…

49:11 S1: Exactly. Simultaneous, plan and purpose. Jesus, take control. Alright, friend, thank you so much. I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day, and for those who are tuning in from America or this side of the world, have a beautiful evening and we will touch base soon. See you next week, filb.

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