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Design Your Ideal Day – Nathan Hirsch with OutsourceSchool

We are talking about how to design your ideal day today!

Today is good! If you know the show intro by heart, you know we are always looking for movers, shakers, today’s serial entrepreneurial, Nathan Hirsch, is all of those things! He is so rad to hear how his life has unfolded in this beautiful journey of being able to not only sell a company after all 4 years from a $5k investment to a $12 million dollars. Yes, that sounds obviously sounds amazing for all of you wealth generators out there looking for kingdom impact. And he does give back in such a beautiful way for those that support him and the way he honors them in his actions and words.

But some things You will love to take away from this is:

  1. How to design your ideal day in order to operate in overflow as I always share about you doing.

  2. How to utilize your business and your zone of genius to truly activate what you’re intended to do by outsourcing.

His current endeavor is The OutSource School where you can use code FAITH for 10% Off (exclusive to our community) to try out the incredible program and resources and opportunity he’s prepared as the stepping stone for you to scale over the last decade.

Ya’ll, he started a business out of his frat house and sold it for 12 million dollars! That goes to show you how in tune he is with the gifted drive he has in order to do all of these things. This is just a bite size of his energy, which I hope you scoop up for yourself, to for your productivity and passions! I know I did.

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Nathan Hirsch


Nathan Hirsch is an entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. Most recently, Nathan co-founded in 2015 with an initial $5,000 investment, scaled it to $12M per year in revenue, and was then acquired in 2019. Today, Nathan is a co-founder of OutsourceSchool, a company working to educate entrepreneurs on how to effectively hire and scale with virtual assistants through in-depth courses. Nathan has appeared on 300+ podcasts, is a social media personality, and loves sharing advice on scaling remote businesses.

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Show Notes: Design Your Ideal Day

Alright, y’all today, God, if you know the show intro by heart, you know that we were looking for movers, shakers and dreamers to come on to the show, and today Serial and trader nature, all of those things. It is so rad to hear how his life just has unfolded in this beautiful journey of being able to not only sell a company after four years with only a 5000 investment for 12 million dollars. Yes, that sounds amazing. For all of those wealth generators out there looking for scenes of impact, and he does give back in such a beautiful way, the people who help support him in the way that He honors that in his words and sashes really beautiful. But some things that I think we would love to take away from this is how to sign your ideal day in order to operate on that overflow that I always talk to us about, how to utilize your business and your son and genius to re-activate what it is it your intent to… By outsourcing. So as her endeavor in the outsource School, and you can use to NATO or code is for our community, 10%. In order to get into that space and learn all about the incredible resources that use device over the course of the last defenses out of breath, that goes to show you how it is with the drive that you take gifted, I was honored to have this time with him, and so excited for you to just get a life-sized component of the energy that he has when he brings to his passion, his productivity at his profession, so I hope that you learn something I know that you will actually… And I definitely have so to internet and… And this is your God-wing, the moment that heaven says, for such a time as this, It’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discovery wealth and exude your wholeness, it’s time to become truly fit, however, this isn’t a fitness podcast, though I’m a retired personal trainer and nutritionist, this is in business jargon or tips and tricks to Landing Your successful fashion project. No, that’s totally why I’m a business coach. This isn’t a quick fix health detox ploy though, I’m all for therapy and I love hoods, I do have a yellow since me too to… This isn’t confusing religious banter that I’m in ordering minister, still figuring out the many things and facets and faces of Jesus. It’s really none of that. So I’m wondering if you’re wondering what is this… Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each of you, fellow passionate speakers is a bit fake movement with birds from my own trial and error, discovery of mind, body and soul alignment, and to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash and burn experiences, I’ve learned first-hand that being fit isn’t about archaic at all, it’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles, it’s not about our potential, it’s truly about our God-gifted passions. Meeting our purpose. You are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you wanna call it, and I wanna be there for the moment that you say yes in Freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit and do and who you are made to be welcome to the bit and based podcast with me, Tamara Andres, there is no better time than now to get it right.

Or we live and not in studio, I’m in studio and Nathan’s and his own personal studio. I would love when people are in person, but this is the next best thing. Right, so glad to have you here.

I feel like when I watch those intros, I always get even more amp than I already am to come and share with you the guests that we’ve either discovered somewhere through the social media world, or I had the pleasure of bumping into in person at an event or a tree or something. I think Nathan, you actually touched base with me first, which is always refreshing because Lord knows we’re doing all the leg work to collaborate and connect these days, but you guys, Nathan is gonna… Just blow your mind. I feel like when I say I have been a serial entrepreneur, I need to put that to rest. And Nathan, I’m going to hand you over the medallion for all the things because you have surely been very busy in your short life, so I wanna… I could go on forever about your bio statement, but I’m gonna let you roll with it and introduce who you are and get to know our audience a little bit.

Yeah, and thank you so much for having me. I’m really… Safaris would be a lot of fun. So quick background, growing up, my parents were both teachers, so I grew up with the mentality that I was gonna go to school, get a real job, worked for 30 years, retired and that was gonna be my life, and my parents always forced me to get these real jobs every summer, every winter vacation, so my friends were outside playing, I was inside learning about sales marketing business, and I learned a ton, but I also learned how much I hated having a boss, so by the time I got to college, I looked at college as a ticking clock, I had four years to start my own business or I was gonna go into the real world, get a job and never look back, so I started off hustling in college, buying and selling people’s textbooks, competing with my school book store, I would offer more money than them, I created a little referral program so my friends would refer other people, and before I knew it, I had lines out the door of people trying to sell me their books, to the point where I got a cease and desist letter from my college telling me to knock it off.

That’s awesome.

So it was like my first glimpse into being an entrepreneur, and I didn’t wanna get kicked out of school, my parents are teachers that wouldn’t have gone over to how… So I pivoted and I had sold some of these books on Amazon, this was 2008-2009, so Amazon was just bursting onto the scene, just becoming more than a bookstore, and I started experimenting. I thought it was so cool. I could have this 247 store front, I just had to figure out what to sell.

So tried sporting equipment, video games, computers, your typical college guy stuff, and I just failed over and over and over, I couldn’t get anything to sell besides these textbooks, until one day I came across baby products and for whatever reason to me… Yeah, if you can imagine me as a 20-year-old with more hair selling millions of dollars of baby products on Amazon, that was me, we’re talking like strollers, Pete laptop toys, rattles, all of that stuff, and there was just a big market for it. They were easy to ship, and so I’m in college, growing this business, no one knows what being an Amazon seller is. People think I’m running some kind of scam, Ponzi scheme, whatever. But this business is growing and I need to start hiring people, so I start hiring college kids and that is an absolute disaster. They’re smoking weed on the job, they’re drinking on the job, not focusing on my business, and a buddy of mine tells me about the remote hiring world, the Upwork… The fiber is hiring a virtual assistance. And I try it out and I hire some good VAs and hire some bad VAs too, and learn a lot about the hiring process. Ended up being creating really good systems and processes that I still use today, but I didn’t like those platforms, it just took too long to post a job, get 100 people who apply. Interview them one by one.

So finally, after looking for one that I liked, I said, You know what, I’ll build it myself, so I took 5000 and created this minimal viable product, it’s really crummy software, and we took it to market, we would pre-Vedas and freelancers, we match them up quickly, have great support, great protection. This company is called free up, free up your time, and people liked it, they didn’t like our software first that they liked the concept of it, and we organically scaled that from that 5000 investment to a million to 5 million, to 9 million to 12 million before being acquired at the end of last year by one of our clients, which was kind of cool… And that’s a whole another story we can get into if you want. But the cool thing about that business is we had no office, we had no US employees, it was me, my business partner, and 35 remote VAs in the Philippines that was it, running an eight figure business, and we had really good… Sops really good processes, and once we sold that, people started asking me if we could teach them our systems, our processes, how we hire, how we get out-of-date operations, how we market, how we make sops, and that’s when we had the idea to launch out or school, which I’m sure we’ll talk about as well, but that’s a short version of how I went from books to baby products to free up to now outsource. That’s awesome.

So it’s funny, there’s so many parallels in your story in mind, and just people that I know, my brother-in-law was very early in on the Amazon market as well, but took off with electronics and did phenomenal in that realm to the point where… Same thing, the city came to him and I was like, You’re making too much money to be running out of your house and we’re gonna shut you down, so we had… He got forced into buying the store front in the middle of a personal journey that wasn’t going so well, and it ended up putting his store under… Also, Amazon got really smart and started telling their own staff and limiting the abilities of selling and what you could sell and Apple products, all the things, but it’s amazing because the same perspective was on the scam, like What is he doing? Is he selling drugs on the side, how is he making so much money like nobody trusted… And what was actually happening, except for the fact that I saw all of the shipping chaos that was taking place out of his house, so kudos to you for doing that. And then we’re doing it for baby products is hilarious.

I actually, in college, was a part of the business program that our junior year we had to walk alongside six other students who were also in the business school, but in different sections than we were, so I was management, there was a marketing person, a finance, accounting, all of the things in our group, and we had a devised business plan and we were gonna work together for the entire semester, and their grade… And my grade depended on it. So we had to really understand teamwork and working with people that we were otherwise gonna be connected to you and probably not friends with, but it ended up being this incredible experience, and three of the people in my group of six were dudes and the business panel plan we devised was called Modern maternity, and it was all around diapers and babies, and maternity and nursing and pumping and all the things that they were like, Oh gosh, I… Far away from this concept, it was probably its own form of contraception in college to unpack all of that, but the cool thing is, is I actually took that business plan and ran with it after school, and that is how my mom and I opened up a brick and mortar or several years later, but I did personal training and nutrition consulting for pregnant women, and… So I know about that business. I got out actually ironically, when I had kids, I was like, okay, too much baby, let me go a different direction, so just in all of the success that you had, but also more so like the group, ’cause I know that things like that takes so much time so much energy. An area that I’m super interested in is how did you maintain your personal life in that your personal self and your identity through that fact… Through that fast-paced world… Yeah, I think College at the time was a really good balancer because my mom always grew up with the same work hard, play hard.

So when I’m running a business, I’m going all out. When I’m not running a business, I’m playing sports, I was in a fraternity. We were partying. It was very, very balanced. And then when we got out of college… And it’s funny, you answered that you asked that question, I lived in Stamford, Connecticut for a year, and it just was a terrible place for me because I was living with a bunch of my friends from college, but they were a content… They were work 50 hours a week, they were going through a busy season, I’m working from home, it’s very much a family town, and I was 23 or whatever. I wasn’t ready for any of that, so I didn’t really like Stanford. I ended up moving down to Florida after a year, and I ended up moving down here with a bunch of buddies that, some of them were running the business with us, some of them were coming down here for other reasons, one of them was trying to become a professional golfer.

And so we kind of had that work-life balance where we were working from home, but we were with this group of friends, and this at the time foreign territory, and then I ended up meeting my fiance and we got a place together and dogs and all that but I think that you’re absolutely right. Like the hustle of the business does consume you, I think anyone that says they have that perfect work-life balance is most likely lying, but I think having people around you that kind of pull you away from it, whether it’s your friends, your family, your fiance, and scheduling trips and advanced stuff like that, and also my lifestyle has directly changed since I sold my company as well, so that’s a factor.

Sure, that’s really cool. I think that that component of the false mirror or the false image or the highlight reel… Right. Of that entrepreneurial journey and everyone’s saying that it’s fully balanced, I think balance in and of itself isn’t really a thing because it just doesn’t exist if you’re putting energy in one area, any given hour at any given minute, something else is giving at that given time.

So I always like to talk about the concept of alignment and how alignment is a totally different thing, because even if we’re off kilter here, we’re still going up, are still going forward or however it is that that meets you. But I think that it’s really cool, and you said a couple of quick tips that I want people to notate is schedule trips in advance. One of my core values is travel, if you are staying within your bubble, you are missing so much of the gifts that the world has to offer or give the different cultures and different opportunities and refresh that you just cannot get even if you’re doing a vacation. So that was one, another was your circle of influence, and knowing for me, and I find this really interesting, like a lot of the people that are super, super close to me had no idea what I do, is they have no clue because they love me because we have other common interests and we’re family, and they just have to love me, but I think it’s interesting when we come into community together and we’re going to get coffee… That’s not really what we talk about. They might ask me like, How are things going? I’m like, they’re great, but I don’t give them the ins and outs of my business, so there’s the people in your circle who you can do all the business talk with, and they’re diving over the excitement that you have towards a specific project or a tech thing that you just learned or any of the stuff that you have going on, and then there’s the people who you jive with on that personal level, and that’s where alignment comes into play, because we can definitely get off kilter.

I have one more thing off that, so I’m a big proponent of designing your ideal day, and I actually have my VAs help with this, so my ideal day is I like to do my most productive thing in the morning from 7 AM to 90 Am, that’s my time, the most important thing gets done, then I work out for an hour, I get a nice break, come back for an hour, or do whatever… The secondary thing is I do one podcast every single day, and so I usually do my podcast in the middle of the day, you’re my one podcast today, and my VAs now don’t schedule a need for more than one podcast today and don’t book time meetings between 70 and 90 AM, and then once I’ve done that podcast, my afternoon is for a few phone calls from 1 to 3, 33, 2, whatever it is that day. And for that, I don’t have to be in my office, I can walk the dogs, I can be outside, I can do whatever. And then once the o’clock rolls around, I’m done.

So by designing your ideal day up front, and we can also talk about having a VA help schedule and book things and hold you to it, because sometimes there’s always gonna be things that pop up and you’re like, Oh, I can handle more podcast today, or I can handle more phone calls today, but trying to really keep that ideal day, to me, that’s how you achieve that balance that a lot of people look for.

Yeah, I absolutely love that. And I will be honest, I’m in the stage of my business where I’m like, Okay, was where are you? And I have one, and then I have some other people on my team who are doing some other things, but even in that realm, that VA, that one specific VA is so segmented in what they do, I need way more accountability, so tell me, how do I discover it… And you have all these people from your first team as you were doing the free up in the Philippines, and I have a girlfriend who’s my sister-in-law who she has in a real estate company, and they have 30 plus people that they work with, and it’s not the Philippines. It’s somewhere else, but not here. And they’re working for 3 an hour, and I’m like, Holy cow, Li, need that because one, I need help, and two, I can’t afford, but I need the time because everything else is moving so quickly and growing so fast, which is a blessing. So tell me about that.

So to me, hiring comes down to four parts interviewing, onboarding, training and managing, but before you do any of those things, there’s a few things you have to understand and do, and the first thing you have to understand is the different levels of hiring, so there’s followers, there’s doers, and there’s experts.

So followers, when we’re talking about people that are non-US, they have years of experience, but they’re there to follow your systems, your processes, if you don’t know how to do something, you’re gonna really struggle to hire a follower, and when I say the word virtual assistant, I’m just talking about the follower, if you don’t know how to run Facebook ads and you hire someone for five bucks an hour, that’s a follower and you say, Go run my Facebook ads, that’s not gonna work out to it, you need to have that system and process, then you’ve got the doors, the specialist, the graph designers, writers, you’re not teaching a graphic design or how to be a graphic designer, but they’re not consulting with you either, they’re there to do that one task at a high level, and they can be project-based, two and a big mistake that I see with these creatives, the specialist is people, they need something done, and then they start interviewing where… What I like to do is build up a Rolodex of two to three video enters, two to three graph designers, I have an agreement with them. I know they have other clients, I respect that, but whenever a project comes up, I’ll post it in a group chat, whoever can get to it first, gives me a due date to time… Boom, a sign to you. And I don’t have to scramble every time I get something, and if you always just have on-call urgent work to people that aren’t consistently working with you, you have to restructure your systems, so you’ve got the followers, you got the doers, then you got the experts, the high level freelancers, consultants, coaches, they could be 50 bucks an hour, they could be 20000 an hour, but they’re there to follow your system, sorry, they’re there to bring their own systems, their own process, the table, their own strategy, and just like you wouldn’t hire the follower without systems, you wouldn’t pay top dollar for an expert and then say, Oh, you’re gonna follow my way, my system, that doesn’t make a lot of sense either, so understanding these different levels is incredibly important because a lot of times people will hire the wrong level for the wrong thing, and then nothing else really matters, and I’ll let you jump in before I keep going…

No, it’s so good. I’m learning, I’m like, This is awesome, and I think it’s so critical because oftentimes people are, I think, Oh my gosh, you’re hiring someone and they think that you’re paying forward all of this money or all of this knowledge to bring them on. And right now, my team is divisors, and they’re the people who I know what they do, they know what they do, and I’m like, Hey, I need you to do this. And they make it happen.

But now it’s where I’ve got a 1000 mini-minuscule tasks that take a lot of time, and I don’t wanna do them… It’s not my zone of genius. So I don’t operate in that place because it takes energy and it takes time, that I would rather be with the people… That’s where I throw out have… I’m like, Let me have all the people and let’s communicate and let me help you and let’s grow together.

So I think it’s so amazing. So do you have it free up as the outsourced people as the followers, and then outsource was created for the doers, not so free of it, so don’t want for it anymore, but there’s a market place that has all three levels, you can get followers, doers and experts there, they provide the VAs, the freelancers, the experts, they have agencies on the platform, outsource strictly provides education and software, which we’ll talk about in a second, but we don’t actually provide Bas or freelancers mentality is, you can go get a really good value, don’t know what to do with them after the fact. That’s only gonna do so much. Good.

Gotcha, good, good, good. I love this. This is so necessary. I feel like devising a team is such a space where a lot of my clients are going to be… They’re not quite yet there, a couple of them are, but so to know that there’s this opportunity and a place to go, I think that’s a huge place, and my husband’s constantly… You’re a really good leader, but I don’t think you know how to coach them to let go… To delegate is my problem, ’cause I’m like, You’ve gotta do it right, if you’re gonna do it, and then if something goes wrong and I’m like, Oh, I’ll just take that one back again.

So just understanding that we again, to have alignment, to stay in a root value system and to stay in the place of us wanting and bringing ourselves to create, which is ultimately what we are as entrepreneurs, we’re creators. We have to be able to let go of some of those things. So I love that you went out the gate understanding that you needed a team, and that’s what you did… Absolutely, and the goal is to get as many systems and process in place, you can hire a lot of the followers.

You look at McDonalds, yeah. Maybe in their corporate office, they have high level marketers and the experts and stuff, but they try to make it so that all their systems can be done by followers, you don’t need to come in with a big degree to be a manager or make downs… You just follow the process, and that’s not realistic for the first few years of any business, you’re going to need all three levels, but you don’t wanna only hire the doers and the experts, because the second they leave all their knowledge, all their information goes with them, so your goal should be to set up as many systems of process possible to hire those followers, and I can tell you from someone who just went through a sale, the first question they asked is, How does customer service work, how does building work… How do social media work, and we would hand over these 30, 40, 50 page sops that said, Hey, this is who does what when in every situation, and that’s what you need to have if you wanna make your business scalable and sellable… That’s so good. So are your sops things that you can cultivate and be learned in our school on how to divide the is, ’cause I have them, but they’re morally here.

Yeah, so I’ll give up a breakdown of outsource without your school… We teach the fundamentals, we have a program called Cracking the VA code, and that gives you our exact interview onboarding training and managing process, everything from the exact questions we ask for interviews that… Our meeting templates, how do we fire VAs, like all that’s in there. And that’s the basics.

Then we have all these sops that we use to get out of day-to-day operations, and these apply to all businesses, it’s stuff like having a VA run your calendar, having a VA run your inbox bookkeeping, customer service, so those are all the operation sops, and then we have all these marketing sops. To me, that’s the fun part. Because I use VAs to get on podcasts, you do partnerships to get backlinks from my website, improve SEO, so we have all these marketing sops, and then there’s gonna be sops that are very specific for your business, I can’t teach you every Sop you need for your business, so we have this software that we created called Simply SOP to help sops for yourself, and it’s a really cool software where you can record videos, Mark steps as you go, Add in text, replace that’s easily give your VAs access, so you can get all four of these things separate at Outdoor School, you can buy them, wanna offer pay monthly for the software, but if you become an outdoor school insider, which right now is 100 a year, you get access to everything, so you get… The fundamentals are operating sops, our marketing sops our software, and we’re releasing new sops every single month, so that’s really what other schools about giving you these systems and process to plug into your business while also a software to make your own sops.

Really cool. It’s so critical. So necessary I can think of… And again, it goes from small businesses all the way to super large businesses and the need for that… So the NIH is really amazing question for you because you do have that entrepreneurial mind, and I know you’re just now stepping into outsource, so maybe everything for houses HOL is out to school, or are you already thinking towards what’s next?

How are you gonna grow? What are you gonna change? What next visits are you gonna start?

So I’m not thinking of the next business, it’s weird. I feel like I’m two for two on start-ups and for whatever reason, I like to focus on that one thing that I’m doing for the past four years, I only focused on free out from a business perspective, and now I’m only focused on out to our school and I’m also not building out Shore School to sell it, that’s not in my mind, I love out to our school, but I am building it to be sellable in the sense that our systems and our processes are down, and there’s a lot of tweaking that goes on early on, but right now we’re 100% focused on outdoor school, we wanna grow this thing and really change the hiring industry and make it easy, and I like to build businesses that I wanted… Back in the day, I wish that instead of me spending years and years hiring people and failing and learning and wasting hundreds of thousand dollars, I wish someone just said, Hey, here are the interview questions you ask, here’s how you run meetings, here’s how you hire a customer service rep and stuff that I could just plug into my business, which would have saved me a ton of time, so that’s what we’re trying to build out right now.

Really neat. That’s so awesome, I’m excited to dive into it. I think it’s gonna be incredible. So I wanna go a little bit deeper here because I feel like from what the fundamentals of my podcast being about this mind, body and soul journey and how your faith plays into what you do and how you felt led to even do those things, especially coming from a home with teachers, like What… Inside you drew you to something different and tell us about that and how even with the designing of your day, you mentioned The Body concept and working out, and I often say in order for you to operate, you need to be working out of overflow and not everything being depleting, and then you’re constantly gonna somewhere that balance, that alignment is gonna fall and you’re gonna wind up in a hospital, you’re gonna wind up out of love or out of relationship or any of those things, so walk us through that part of Nathan.

Yeah, I think it all comes to my parents, I’m super fortunate, my parents not only from the financial side, teaching the early on to invest in stocks and not have a credit card debt, and a lot of the stuff that people don’t get when you’re 10, 12 years old, but also from the working outside, my dad’s 74 right now. He bikes 30-35 miles a day. They’re hiking Mallon. They’re saying they’re more active than I am, and I’m a pretty active person, so I think part of that was the upbringing, I think part of it is kinda going through in terms of finding passion, going through some different adventures, the baby product business was great, it was my first entrepreneurial journey, I learned a lot at the time, it was my baby that I didn’t wanna go to, but at the of the day, I wasn’t passionate about selling baby products, then I’m still not passed out to tuberous now. So when I started free up, and all of a sudden I’m helping other entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams, their passions, people in the Philippines are showing me their houses, their cars, stuff they’ve been able to buy with because of free up, because of the money they’re making on the platform, and even when we sold free up, once we had found our why, we didn’t wanna just say, Hey guys, like See you later. We took 500000 from the sale, we gave it to our internal team and the Philippines made sure they were taken care of, make sure no one was gonna lose their job or lose their bonus and raise program. And without Shore School, we donate 3% of all our sales to our favorite charity, teach for the Philippines, which provides education to children in the Philippines that don’t have access to it.

So for me, it was kind of adventure of finding out what your why is, being a part of that VA community, of that remote community, and wanting to be a part of it going forward. I don’t know if that answered your question at a one…

I love it. I don’t know if it entered my question either, but I still like it. Have you got to go to the Philippines to visit any of them?

I have, I got to go to the Philippines one time and… Hold on.

Okay, it’s falling apart a little bit, but they gave me a bottle head of myself, I starter… I can’t see it, move it over towards your… Yeah, that’s like this, I… Dartington, funny.

So we went there, and so we have a marketplace, so all the BAS and freelancers don’t work for me, they offer their services on the platform, and then in my internal team… So what we said, Hey, we’re renting out this building, we’re gonna have food, we’re gonna have drinks. Keep in mind, the Philippines is pretty big and we have people all over the Philippines, and we just said, Hey, like no pressure. Whoever wants to be there, we’d love to meet you, and we had hundreds of people show up and go through this big party and got to meet everyone, and then we took our internal team out to this really nice resort for a week, and it was a lot of fun, that… Do you feel like you’ve been sitting on the dream God has given you for far too long, do you feel out of alignment or obedience because of it, or perhaps you’ve been spinning your wheels on how to answer God’s call, but can’t quite define or design it into a business. Maybe you’ve titled this god dream of ministry. One, you wholeheartedly give all of your time and energy to get your passion isn’t providing the profit you need to stay in your home. Your first ministry, do you struggle with the idea of earning money, doing something you want you to do… It is servant hood.

Do you feel unworthy as a woman who is as well…

I get it. I’ve been in every one of those shoes, and I can promise you the moment I traded those worn out handles for his intended comfort, I was able to finally walk the Miles has taken to grow the dream, from ideation to activation, catapulting my true passions into my full purpose, and now… Well, I’ve had a joint, Romani women over the past couple of years in a group setting, I still sense there are missing straps to their well-made shoes, so I design this course, the god dream design course, to walk alongside you intimately until you’ve claimed the gift of the shoe as He has always wanted for you, you’re probably wondering if this is the Serbia to claim your roots, discover your wins as a kingdom on tenure. Why are we talking about shoes?

Well, these aren’t nines, they aren’t… Is whatever the kids call them these days, and I am not giving you sandals like Hermes either God’s shoes. Truly why? God chose have limitless souls that never wear down, they are promised to get you where He has shown you that you were intended to be, so come along for the I get out of that stuck analysis for hostage of limitation and develop the mindsets. methods and models to bring to life the vision, he has plan for you before you re-knit in your mother’s will sign up today for your self-paced program where I will actually provide you live coaching a community and to walk this journey alongside a package of goodies right at your door step, and many more incredible deliverables, you can find all of the details on my side at Tamra Andres dot com, don’t forget Tamara, T-A-M-R-A. I got the good version… Thanks, mom. But really, girls, it’s time to fly, I promise it’s the spring as it sounds ceasing, that’s a… Amazing, so cool. I think that that element of give back now is that social entrepreneurship piece is so fundamental, like people are actually looking for that even more so than what are you doing? Because everyone can cultivate a mission, everyone can cultivate a why, because we all have it and we all should work from that space, but what are you doing in return? And so for me, I always talk about kingdom impact, and what does that mean? When I’m talking about helping somebody build a business or build their heartbeat and their god dream and letting their be this massive ripple effect in the world, what does the ripple effect look like, and how are those people changing lives, and so knowing that people… And that we partner with, that I partner with are, are really doing that from a place of understanding and root value and root cause… I had helped in my 20s as well, develop a nursing bra line, and we did a GIA program that every nursing bra that sold, it was a proceed would go to basically giving incubators to places that had sand bottom floors as hospitals, and they were these crazy, cool zip up things. There was an incredible like POD basically, but it was the warming station that they didn’t have any access to and it cost barely anything, and when you look to other countries and you look to the greater scheme of the world of understanding the need, there’s so much need everywhere, so I love that you’ve integrated that from the foundation of your author of school moving forward, I think that that in and of itself, God’s gonna bless that and bless your business because of it.

Yeah, thank you. It’s a lot of fun and just giving back, no one wants to… It’s not fun to get to the top by yourself and you have to understand, from my sense, the team is a huge part of it, they were building me 2000 plus hours a week. I couldn’t work 2000 hours a week if I wanted to. So my success has to be their success, and that’s why it’s important to me that we all move up together… Yeah, really good, really good. I love your parents. They remind me of my dad specifically, he definitely… He did, I think, 300-plus days of running in a row, he’s a monster, he’s in his 60s now, and he did that, I think right before he turned 60, but it’s definitely a fundamental space that even before I came into entrepreneurial coaching, the first step in that was teaching people this unlock of the necessity of filling their body, strengthening their body and working in that place of just understanding yourself on such a fundamental level, and that flows into your business every single day, like drinking the dang water and making sure… Is that the right amount? And so I just think it’s really cool that you have all of these things in play, I have… I wanna switch a little bit here, one, because I don’t often get to talk to people who are high energy as you are, or putting that in, what does your fiance in still, or you guys are married now?

She’s my fiance.

Okay, so what does she think about the way you live your life? Is the entrepreneurial? Is she not?

She did not entrepreneur, so she was born in Vietnam, and her Dad actually flood the war to get here, he got caught in a bunch of prison camps and fought to get out of those and then had to do a lot to get the actual family over here so I think she grew up in a much more stability as good… Providing for a family is good, so I think her first few years of dating me was a little bit like, What did I get myself into with the… She started dating me right at the end of my Amazon business, but we were still during busy seas in the fourth quarter when people were buying tons of baby products, tens of toys, we would pull all Lighters, we would just order pizza and just hang out with the boys just like filling orders on our laptop and just sleeping at random at hours of the day, wake up at 11 work till 3 AM, the place.

So it took her a little while to kinda get used to it, and then she got to go go through me starting free up on her couch, her parents couches actually, when I opened up the business and then selling it four years later and going through the six month sales process, so she’s kind of been through everything it… She still has a corporate job right now that she really likes, that she’s worked really hard for, although the cool thing… I shouldn’t say cool thing about covid, but one of the results of COE, she’s working remote with me for the first time, so that that’s been… I’m actually pretty enjoyable, but you kinda got to see my day-to-day now… Yeah, she was like, This is what you do all day. I’m a snob. On the computer.

That’s awesome. Do you think that she’ll ever work with you?

No, I wouldn’t want that, to be honest on… I like to avoid just hiring family, involving family, it just gets too messy in my opinion, and for me to be her boss or something like that…

I wouldn’t want that done.

Yeah, it’s interesting ’cause my husband is… And as an entrepreneur as well. And so having two people like that who set up to sun down, our brains are working 247 in a different way than what most people are, not better or worse, not highlighting our life over here, but it is definitely a different style of living. And so we’ve always talked about why is it that we can’t come together in that… And I do, I understand that perspective of the healthy-ness of making sure that business is business and family is family and all of that, but he definitely is one of my mentors because of the longevity that he’s had in his business, is his ability to grow teams and I’m more of the nurturing side of things, imagine that, so he pulls from me as well, but it’s really neat, I love hearing people’s relational side when they are trying to aspire to something different, because we are… For me, like that cookie cutter dream of going to college, then you do whatever your degree is gonna be, and then you get out and you get hired for that degree, and I never completed a resume, I never went to a job fair, I knew like This is not for me, and I don’t know what that was, but I just knew I didn’t wanna go to an office setting, I didn’t wanna go to a space where I was gonna be stuck in a cubicle, and I just think it’s cool that we have opportunities like that even given covid and all the things going on in our country right now… Yeah, it’s funny. So I have a degree up here that I’ve never used it, I got dean’s list every semester ’cause I was paying for my own college, and if I’m gonna pay for it, I wanted it, and I wanted to have a backup plan because I’m a logical person, businesses fail and I didn’t wanna just have nothing going on, and I actually got a really good job offer my last few weeks of senior year, and I remember pacing around my front art of my fraternity house, which was a mess, but just talking to my ad on the phone who is an entrepreneur, and I was kind of weighing, Do I wanna do this entrepreneurial Amazon thing? Do I wanna take this job with the health insurance and the benefits, and at the time… It’s easy to look back now and be like, Oh, that was easy. But at the time, it was a really tough decision. That’s a 21-year-old so fortunate. She gave me advice that, Hey, you’re young, you can take risk, these jobs aren’t going anywhere, they’re still gonna be there in a year, you… If you fail, you might as well see what you can accomplish as an entrepreneur, and I’m fortunate that I made that decision.

That’s so cool.

I think it’s so amazing. And again, hindsight is always 20-20, right? But this is where I’m telling the people now is like, they so often have this dream within them, and there are so many fear factors, there are so many limiting beliefs, like what limiting beliefs do you feel like you still hold on to right now that you are in the process of breaking free from, or something that you’ve done in the past.

So it’s funny, I don’t know if this nantou question, but with every business, I feel like, take what you’ve learned and you apply it to the next business, but then you have something else really new to learn.

So with Amazon, I had no idea how to hire, so I spent years making bad hiring decisions, they’re creating a really good process, but by the time I use, I started… How I started free up, I knew how to hire really well, so I hit the ground right and hire this all-star team, but I had no idea how to market because with Amazon, you pay them their 15%, they get you all the customers and that was that… So I had to learn about podcasts and joint ventures, and I also wasn’t going to just dump 200000 into Facebook ads that didn’t make a lot of sense for me, so I took the very much organic route and I came up with this really good organic marketing blueprint of affiliates and podcasts and partnerships and content and networking and having VAs help me do all of that at an incredibly high level, but now that we’re with Outdoor School and with free up for, we add eight figures without spending any money on ads, it was all organic but it was also a lot of hustle, and so out to our school now, it’s like, We know how to hire, we have this organic marketing blueprint, we’ve set all this up. And step up in the first six months, and now it’s, okay, how do we do ads to complement that? So we’re actually in the process of learning Facebook ads and Google ads were eventually will hire a team, but we wanna understand enough to be dangerous there. And if you had asked me a year ago, I would have said, I’m never running ads, I’ve got this organic marketing blueprint down. So your mentality kind of changes over time… Yeah, yeah, that’s really good. And I love the organic push because again, a lot of people who are my clients, they’re not starting with an astronomical budget, they have enough to pay me as their coach in the hopes that their investment is now gonna pay off in a short period of time, so they can start seeing that trickle effect, and so I think that it’s critical for people to realize that there are free ways to do it, your 5000 investment that turned eight figures later. That’s insane, that’s so amazing. And yeah, at the very same time, people want things fast. We’re a microwave society. They wanna see it, right when they dream it, it’s gotta come to fruition, and I’m no different than them, I’m like, Come on, let’s see the fruit, but it takes time to toil the soil and watch something grow, and then eventually that fruit just like it was for you in 2019, it came and involved and four years is really fast, in fact, again, that hindsight experience, but it feels like eternity when you’re in the midst of it, so help us understand your mental process of just like I say something to myself every day before I go to sleep. How did I move the needle?

Did I move the needle today? And that needle, just like I said, it could be within my family, I could have nothing to do with my business that day, but that means the very next day I get to show up to work longer, better, stronger, more fulfilled. Because again, I’m working out of that overflow, so what’s your mindset like that developing your day, what do you talk yourself through it? So there’s two of it, first is my overall mentality, I have a three-month rule where I don’t do anything longer than three months, I pick something up, I throw stuff against the wall, I see what works, what doesn’t work in that first month, in that second month, I’m fine-tuning it, by the third month, I’m hiring someone and I’m delegating it, and sometimes I’m not dead delegating the whole thing. For example, a podcast, we have this formula called the podcast outreach formula teachers, you had to get on podcast, I use the same thing, but I have to show up for the podcast, but I have the VA do everything else. Maybe I show up for an intro call and then the podcast, but they’re doing all the research up front, they’re doing the booking, they’re doing the follow-up, so I try to design all my systems where I have to show up to as little of it as humanly possible, but to still get done at a very high level and authentic, then the second part of it is, I never want to do something for a lot of hours in one day, for example, if I’m writing a play book, which I’m doing right now, and a playbook takes me 10 hours to make… I’m never gonna sit there for a day and do that for eight hours, what I’ll do is I’ll break it down and I’ll work on it 15 to 20 minutes a day, every day for two weeks. And holding yourself accountable and consistent, that’s what works for me, and so I have all these things that I’m working on and everything that I’m working on, either trying to delegate and get someone else to do it at a high level, or dividing into the parts and chipping away at it each day. And to me, that’s how I found success. And you’re right, I do this for everything, even personal stuff, like reading books, I read 15 pages of a book every single day for whatever reason that that works for me, but yesterday, for whatever reason, I was exhausted, I had done it a lot and work out, I didn’t sleep well, for some reason. I know the reason I just like… Well, it was just one of those days and I just skipped that. And then today, I made it up and I read 30 pages and it’s a small example, but you’re absolutely right, and if you’re doing that in all aspects of your life, whether you’re learning a new skill. We’re learning Facebook ads every day. I watch an hour and I spend an hour learning. In the next day I do another hour, I’m learning that Vietnamese on the side because my fiance speaks to me, same thing, 20 minutes every single day and… No small, consistent steps. Well, don’t feel on a day-to-day basis, you wake up in six months during the year and you’re like, Well, man, I accomplished a lot.

Yeah, that’s so good. I teach that something called the 20, it was actually started at the beginning of this year, in 2020, and using that as a pun was fun, and now it’s not so fun, people to get me away from all things 20-20, but they’ve got 2020 vision and it was 20 and 20 compounding effect. And it was for 20 minutes a day, for 20 days, 21 days not, had it that break-through day and then remain through the rest of that month, you can do one small thing organically marketing-wise in order to grow your business, and so for me, that kind of stuff is so fun. I get so excited. Some days it was like, Okay, it’s supposed to be 20 minutes, but this is really only take you five, but tomorrow we’re gonna pick up where you slacked off today kind of thing, and I saw some women walk through it and they were amazed and they’re like, This is so good. I never thought of doing it so small because I think they have to create this entire experience in one nine hour a day in order for anything to happen, and then the people who, again, dropped off, they go the first five days and they’re like, Oh, I don’t wanna do this anymore, but I can see physically see whose businesses completed it and whose businesses did it, and so it’s a part of… I don’t know if it’s gotta be innate, but it also has to be like the hunger, it’s like if I know that I wanna lose 40 pounds and I decide I’m gonna do a really great diet for five days and I’m never gonna make the whole 30 in my girlfriend, she’s like, Oh, I’ve done whole 17. I’m like, Oh, that’s awesome. But in order to get to the end goal, in order to finish the race, and this is an ever-becoming process, like you know, even if outsourced school gets to the place that free up did, which again, you said that’s not really your vision for it, whatever that longevity is, it’s not over.

Like what’s next? There’s gonna be something else that we get to say yes to, that God’s gonna plant in our heart, and he’s gonna say, Let’s try something else, let’s use another portion of who you are, and again, with you learning all of these new things in the same footing that you’re devising something new here, five years from now, you’re gonna be like, Oh, I can incorporate all of this and we could make this language school happen… Right, you don’t know.

Right, yeah, 100%. And these skills, they carry over it, and that’s why I’m a big proponent of just learning hiring, if you have a master hiring, everything just becomes so much harder, there’s so many tactics. You learn funnels, you learn marketing, you learn face pants, whatever it is, if you don’t know how to hire your justice, go in circles.

So to me, it’s like, Learn out to higher, first, learn how to interview, learn how onboard and and expectations and deal with issues and run meetings, and then that’s just a powerful tool that you can take to your next business and then… Well, you’re saying Learn how to organic market, again, a great tool that applies to every business or organic playbook that we teach to our members at outdoor school, work for free up. It works for autos. Cool, it works for most businesses out there, and then as you learn to learn those organics skills or those under-mental skills or think, yeah, only apply to this business or can kinda hack or tweak, and all that’s great, but focus on the stuff can bring from business to business, ’cause if you had to ask me 15 years, I’d be selling baby products in an Amazon, I wouldn’t have believed you.

If you asked me five years running a freelance marketplace, I wouldn’t have believed you, and if you asked me a year ago if I sold fretwork fanatically…

I don’t know if I cut out the roof.

You did, you were cutting out a little bit. I could hear you. I don’t know if they could hear you, but that’s okay, we’re on, we still have people watching, so… Hi, y’all, thanks for Tongan. Thanks for being here, Nathan. You are such an inspiration. I tell friends all the time that one of my favorite things about hosting a podcast is that every single time a new guest comes on again, sometimes I know their story very intimately, so that I have to be really like understanding of the questions I’m gonna ask. So that I never like… I never say the wrong thing, and with people that are brand new, I’m just like… This is like reading a book, I’m like, Oh my gosh, what’s next? Tell me more, but every single time I leave with a conviction, and for me, a conviction isn’t a bad thing, a conviction is how can I be better, and I’m just eager to learn and to put that into my life, and so I feel like the hiring thing is something I definitely need to work on and I need to know about. And so I’m looking forward to looking into your school more, but I also think just like you said, every area can play into something else, like the onboarding process of hiring is very similar to the onboarding process that I put customers through, that I put new people into my group coaching program, I have to know like I gotta have the form set up for them when they come in, I wanna have the interview questions, I wanna have the process of like, how do I unpack who they are than the introduction to the program in the group and then running a meeting and all of that stuff, so it’s gonna be interesting to see how those things align and for us to utilize those as business owners and people who are constantly in that state of learning how do you evolve and how do you do it better, ’cause if I was in a place of stagnant, if you were in a place of stagnant at all systems crashed when that happens, we gotta keep moving. And again, that’s where you get your energy. You gotta plug into the source and just have that work on overflow experience… Yeah, 100%. And it’s all about building systems, you have a system for onboarding clients, you have a system for hiring you, of a system for getting on podcast, you have a system for X, Y, Z, it’s just about building those systems in your business and being consistent with them and eventually getting other people to do those systems for you. Yeah, so good. And I think a lot of times where I see people staying is their system that they’re focusing in on is like this exclusively, it’s like the social media realm, and they’re like spending all day on Instagram, all day on Facebook, all day in LinkedIn, wherever it is that they’re showing up, and I’m like, You’ve gotta get away from that because that there has some points of interest for you and… Sure, the networking piece of the collaboration, that’s how we got connected with via Instagram, but that should be such a limited time… Again, that compounding effect, if you can do that for 20 minutes today, and then you can do that for 20 minutes tomorrow, you’re gonna do all the things that you’re trying to accomplish for hours on end, where then you feel like brain warped and completely probably went down a radio you were never supposed to go down in the first place is to take it off as a chunk and as an opportunity to invest in yourself, investing your time and set your day up correctly so you’re doing the things that you love and that you’re intended to do… Yeah, I completely agree. I couldn’t have said that better.

So good then you are a joy. I have so enjoyed all the information I have to… I usually don’t take notes, but I have to go back and copious-ly take notes for everything that you taught our audience today, I know that they’re gonna love it, if you have final words of… I hate the word hustle. I don’t like it, I just… It doesn’t sit well with me because I think there’s such a important component of rest and such an important component of that feeling, just like you said, I do two hours of my best operating time, then I go for a run, that’s your rest, even though you’re exercising it’s your free space to just kinda grow yourself, tell me what it is, how can we stick with it? What motivation do you have for us?

Yeah, so one of the biggest tips I try to give entrepreneurs is figure out how you can get five to 10 hours back a week, a lot of times when people think hiring, they get overwhelmed, they’re like, Hey, I need a 40-hour week person of all this stuff to do, focus on just five hours a week, what would you do with an extra five hours a week, and when you think in that mentality, you’re gonna identify the easiest task you can take off your plate, you can hire a part-time VA, you can focus on learning hiring, because it’s gonna take a little bit to learn and that’s gonna become addicting, you’re gonna like, Man, this is awesome. I have five extra hours to spend with my family, I have five extra hours to focus on sales, marketing, expansion, high level stuff, whatever it is, and then you can build from there, whether it’s increasing the hours, whatever it is, but focus on how can I get five hours back a week, consistently, and that’ll put you down a really good path to become scalable.

Really cool.

Alright, where can we find you? How can they do all the things, our link, of course, all the schools, all the previous businesses, everything that you can see, but what’s the best place to get in touch with you?

Yeah, check out other school, we have a great membership program, we call it Outdoor School Insider, you get access to all of our trainings, all of our sops, all of our software, we have a great community of entrepreneurs there, you can also check out our individual stuff there you can connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn, Nathan her Instagram Twitter, real made her she… And you can also book a phone call with me right on the outer school website, and I’d love to chat with you about where you’re at and if we can help… Really cool, thanks again. It was so nice to meet you. To be with you, your energy is electric, I feel like I need to go running right now, and maybe I will, so thank you, blessing to everybody, thanks for tuning in today, and I hope that this encouraged you in your professional and your personal life…

I thank you.

Hey, You, It’s Me Again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ember within you, something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey before you go. Let’s solidify the plant. I’d love for you to take a step right now and declaring your take away by snapping a pick of the episode, you tend it to share your spark moment and tag me at it, they underscore podcast. Or me personally, at Tamara Dende on and step. I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the Fitbit podcast listeners, we’re totally in this together, community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out, be Noma writer. So I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say, I’m ready to Beale to blame with you together, and until next time, blessings over your joy, help well and wholeness to next time.

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