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Dancing into Wellness: Activating Children to Be Healthy – With Scott Williams

Healthy children are the goal of most parents and Scott Williams really knows how to activate children to be healthy. One of those ways is by adding dance into your day.

I was recently at an event where the guest of honor would totally call you out if you yawned and you weren’t actively engaged in what they were sharing.

You know those moments where someone is talking to you looking at you dead into the sockets of your soul and you’re doing all that you can to keep the yawn in without opening your mouth? Your eyes start to water and your lips purse in order to inhibit the awkward mouth wide open “see food” experience.

Well luckily, we were in an audience of 6000 so the one on one awkwardness wasn’t there, but, regardless, if you were caught in the act, she would stop absolutely everything, even in the middle of the sentence, and make every single person stand up and dance…by yelling 5, 4, 3, 2,1….you knew exactly what had happened and the music would blare.

Are you ready…5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

**Insert Your personal dance party.

This was Rachel Hollis’s tactic, and surprise element of what song would be played or when it would happen left us on the edge our seats…ultimately…not yawning!

How does this relate…where am I going. I promise I have a plan and I’m not chasing you down a rabbit hole. Today’s guest is a fellow dancer. And I mean danSIR. But I’m not going to a elaborate…you’ll have to listen. He is pretty stellar and my kiddos think so too. Yes, I said HE. Yes, I said he dances. And Yes, my kids are a fan. And no, he’s not Beyonce’s hubby, but I think she’d give him mad props for what he’s doing. And I’m pretty liked about it too.

This is going to be a nation wide thing..I know it…check out the show notes for the link to watch him first hand too!

Ok…now to get into the details…enjoy.

healthy children

Watch Scott here with the Dansirs:

Connect with him here:

Show Notes: Creating Healthy Children with Dance

But I’m super pumps to have another new friend in here, I feel like at the beginning it was all like all my OGs, and now I get to bring in all these fresh people and introduce you to my friends and family members and followers, and so today I’m gonna be learning by long, so I do a bit about my new friend here to Williams, we share a lot of passions when it comes to health and wellness, and he has a special place in my heart because he has the shared desire to infuse that into children and so if you are here, I said this on the notes, but if you’re here and you have kids, this is someone you wanna hear from, if you’re a dude in your ONTRAPORT and you’re following your passions, you wanna come for this too, or just somebody looking to see something new in the realm of health and fitness, especially in our area locally here and hopefully nationwide, ’cause this is definitely something that I see growing, so that’s the one you wanna tune in to, so this is gonna be good, I got… I’m up to have you in the city… Thanks for coming. Thanks, isaurian Beach. I just try to do on you… Yeah, tell me about that ’cause you’re not actually a born to Brad local like me… Right. And I grew up in West Virginia, a move, just Charles, Virginia, the years, and now I’m officially from Charlotte about also as, Oh well, I hate satellite.

I got okay.

I… Yeah, I have an affinity for the beach that… So this place is special. So we’ve been doing the summer camp business since 2011. we just grow a little bit each year. In Charlotte, now, it’s time to spread or when he was a little bit more and get outside of the… At the city and yeah, I thought there was a… Would be a good transition, a Estela bit about what camp for real is in the premise of that.

So Camp for real was born out of my passion for fitness, intuition with my students, I tried to do a lot to change the school lunch, I’m passionate about nutrition. Ever since 2007, I really took an interest in what was in my food… Yeah, and it was probably a document or somewhere along the I and lose. rebooting.

Yeah, the more I learned about what we put in our bodies and how that affects us just inspired me to learn more, and then obviously as I’m learning things and seeing the positive results that are happening in my body, I wanna pass it on to my kids and I always refer to my students is my kids, I don’t have kids of my own. So people sometimes think that I have kids, but I love those kids so much that they are my history.

So there would be times… The thing that always sticks out to me is we’d have kids come in to launch the… They always wanted to be in the gym as a place to be… Right, and we’d have lunch in there with the fifth graders, it was like a weekly things, the special things or the big kids and think it has special privilege, and so it will forever be etched in my very barnim brand, this kid coming in double fisted with notes and she’s… And she is in quotes, I don’t know what I… What attitude didn’t have any fruits, any vegetables, no water, nothing to base, just to see it and I…

I just knew that there was something broken about this process and I… My cafeteria manager to our credit was awesome in my school, she tried to do things in her hands or its tithes, so much she could do, so it downtown and try to meet with the power is a B, and I just could not get anywhere. So eventually I’m like, Well, I’m just gonna start my own business because then I will be the boss, Eitan choose to put whatever I want in front of the kids and… And the shoes. And that’s really cool. It’s kinda how it started. Yeah, and how long ago was that?

2011, so I guess this is a year 10 to… That’s amazing. And you pretty much went right out the gate, you were just like, Let’s do this right now.

Yeah, we then we did two weeks, the summer camp at my school, and back in the day, we just did half-day camp, and we did one up the road, a Browns, that’s our neighboring school, about the team that’s a exotica for a summer in a stated weeks each year and started doing full days in 2017, and now I think we… We try to get around 13, and so 14 weeks of camp each summer.

Yeah, that’s… So I initiated.

Yeah, I, I work and now I’m not aching. Yeah, that’s teaching in June.

So I go to that school, so that’s my first year without my kids… Oh, that’s a big deal. It has been a big deal that it’s whatever I’m in front of them now I’m being more energetic.

Absolutely, so I met… ’cause we missed that.

Yeah, definitely, I’m sure. I know from any time that I have my passion project in front of me, and though this is your passion project, the kids are ultimately your main project, same for me, I can be working on my computer, I can be doing a podcast that when I’m face-to-face with the woman and I get to have that transformational experience in her, that’s where you’re like You… Yeah, bring on the energy, which I think is so necessary, the people need that and they feed that from you, it was pretty cool because even just the day that you came to school and you weren’t actually doing the camp, but you were just trying to get feelers out there in the community for the kids, which was so smart, but the right to the kids or of mouth instead of the adults, like literally he came… My son came running home that day and he was like, Mr co… Mr. so… And I’m like, I knew you were… So of course, I’m like, What would he do? And he told me all about it. And he’s like, I’m going to Caprica. So I got asked all the time I took him happened.

And then he didn’t understand that February is between January and March, so the next one’s coming up is what… March A.It is.

So we’re looking at Marine, he’s ready, he thinks he’s already signed up because he’s like, it’s coming tomorrow, like, Oh, so that quite… So I think it’s amazing in such a testimony for a six-year-old to have that much energy towards something that you’re instilling in them, and then it’s less than less about just the fun they are having a blast, but what you’re instilling is what they’re taking… Keep taking home.

He was even conscious of the fact that mommy was eating popcorn for dinner and he was like, I think they have some blueberries about…

Oh cool, let’s do it. Lives, motion, let’s make it happen.

Some, yeah, I hear a lot of stories like that.

It just keeps me going and it’s funny just talking about the kids, when I see them out in public in the past, I would never avoid kids, but I would not be… I was big way from a far… Yeah, now whenever I see my kids, I’m running up. Yeah, or… Yeah, so when when I got in front, the kids at Friends School last week, and Jason West was really good to have me in, and I click way better with kids that I do adults, nothing against a doll. The kids are his kids in the best… Yeah, and that takes me about 15 minutes to kinda develop that rapport and win them over… Yeah, yeah, I’m in here for a long time. So you’re in the… That’s the thing about kids is like once you get their trust, you’re like, you’re in for good. That’s really awesome. So tell me about… So you quick teaching, which you were a teacher prone the ten years. 15 years. Same school, it was a great school.

I… Wonderful community, very supportive. What we do, it was PE or… I can’t for real. Yeah, that’s also I missed them a lot, but yeah, I’m still capensis go to kids games and coaches so much from our students and that… I do, that’s really cool.

Other things beyond that, you said in 2007 and that number just stuck out to you, maybe it was a documentary, was there more like within your personal health journey that kind of just led to that?

Yeah, I would get… It’s interesting ’cause I work with 440 with 440 K, So I’d get sick two, three, four times a year, just think, Well, that’s a status quo. Sure.

Working with kids, they’re hanging all me, I’m a hugger, so he sets are hoping me every day I get those urns and when I watched the documentary and I cut out our official stuck, so I’ve been vegan for 10 years. I HARB 11 and a half, but it was cutting out artificial stuff before all that, he just…

I did not get sick literally for four years after that, I… And some other experiences too, with household in Champion dirge and just everything just kind of fell into place, and I just saw so many benefits from just being more natural as a base, I feel like that’s really rare, and maybe it’s just me because I’m a girl, so I’m affiliated to women, but is that common as a guy, Do you have grants who… Right on board with you, or though the… Thank your weird.

They’re open-minded to… They see me having success with whether it’s in a lot of my friends like the Tanana, so… Or just eating more plants, the…

We don’t push being as an ethereal plant power a, it is, everybody agrees that.

And my kids, I need to whoever, we need to e more clients. Sure.

But yeah, my friends are very open on and when they see the benefits that have happened for me in my personal life, they’re like, Well, I wanna shy that… Yeah, I guess I inspire others to my room mate. Just moved in with me. I went two weeks ago. Yeah, and after watching the eat, he saw me like a pepper and a C comer, like a… Like an apple, sir.

And I just, I just like… And I just don’t wanna prep that, I just don’t wanna… Palisades had him watch a documentary and then he’s like, Hey man, I’m trying it, that’s also… Which one did you recommend… Room game change. Same that’s on right now. Okay, I see it, that’s the one based on sports performance. Interesting at the top to… You let your diet, the… Yeah.

Cool is very inertial. The probably 10-11 text. Send your best recipes like… I don’t have recipes. Yeah, ultimately I… It is A… The frozen vestibules. Good, a protein in there that that… And I… In the time.

Yeah, that makes it easy. I love it, ’cause my husband’s very similar, he shares a lot of that, and he’s always been kind of the early adopter, and any of those phases or concepts or dies or anything that’s in the health industry, and it always takes me so much longer to get on board, and I don’t know if it’s because as a child, my parents were so mindful of how we ate and talked to us about our food, and so it was almost like ingrained in us with that you have the pyramid, right? Of like, This is what you need on your play every night, and so for me, getting away for me has been really hard, ’cause I’ve always thought like This is my main source of protein, you can’t take that from me, and I really like it. It’s so good, I have to have me on my place, and so recently he’s been like, Do you really think you love chicken, you think that’s really what you love, or do you think you really love the flavoring and the sauce of the chicken, or the state or whatever it is you’re eating. And I’m like a way to do things like that. So he’s like, Oh, so I think that it’s so important and then people have the opposing view like, Oh, roll paper, they’re like, That’s so root.

But if you taste a roll ever versus a chicken, imagine the flavor in the felines of that in variation to nothing in a racially not eating Rohit, a non-flavor chicken, just literally popping in in no salt and pepper. It’s not good.

Yeah, it is a aspinall, the time we say… Just like chicken, Gian, say horrible.

You see, once… It’s so interesting. So from your childhood, do you feel like there was a play into that too now, really I meaning if you ate that, i E Your… Oh yeah.

Okay, so there wasn’t Comoros, a little bitty cakes.

I had two peer-on roles, and so little dedicates every lunch from probably six… Very, really? Is your parent parents so active in your relationships right now, oh, what do they think about what you’re doing… My mom is the most supportive person in the world… Yeah, she is a amazing… She’s the most non-judgmental person, he’s a supportive person, so whenever I come home, she’s got for this is ready for me, I… My dad pretty much in his plan base now… Yeah, he had a heart attack at 40 on.

Okay, wow. So it’s hard. Disease is in our family. It’s my grandfather dot of… And so that kind of terrified on… Absolutely, and he was in good shape to… A great shape to this day would… She’s 65. but when that happened, he got scared into eaten or check in and be vegetables, and then when I started doing this, this began to an use, all interested in it and I… That he’s not 100%. Sherpa is A… That there at…

I am trying to judge anybody a EADS got their a journey. Yeah, but the fact that he’s even contemplated… I just think is so, so 2000, I’m trying to think. That was what, 13 years ago. So when he was for… So it’s… You were a kid when he had that experience, it… Do you feel like even in your household at that time, there started to be this shift that you took… No, not really, not me. I feel for him, I was… I was in an Olof, so at the… Didn’t really care.

The theater.

Yeah, you’re in there is 200… Don’t remember the crazy… The frozen piece of things at a… All the time, she…

I probably 80 ingredients in there. Right, I, Tonya, I was just speaking to this because I had… My mom’s friend had come over and she’s currently fighting, I think her third round rest Cancer, which is just amazing, if you saw her from the outside, you would just never match, and even her energy remind that everything is just beautiful. And she was sharing about our diet and she loved that my husband and I are like where we are and that… So she’s like kinda challenging, but in a positive way like, Okay, so you are this Shiner you use in your coffee, so what adds in this area… And I showed her I was really poor my creamer because it’s got MCT oil and it’s like a… Like a bloatin.

And I saw what you were… And she was like, Oh, no. And I’m like, No, but no, I will say no, because I’ve just ever have searched the world for this green that I utilize.

And she was like, No, it’s got Covenant. I’m like, What?

So I look at the ingredients and there’s five, which we’re always trying to keep that kind of our rule like five and below, if you can keep that in Green County, and that’s a way to start, if you wanna start transitioning away from kind of just eating out of your pantry. So looking at the ingredients and how many are it, but she starts talking about guns and do you know anything about Anthem and all these decent bills that core… Yeah, I can’t say the IATA.

Yeah, I don’t… No, you don’t know much about it. So basically, it’s just like this concept that it’s like the binding agent that utilizes… Or anything keener or whatever you’re using.

And it’s really not good for you. She’s like, You people a cup. What’s in that? There’s another 13 ingredient and it’s not good for you, I’m like, Oh, so I’m not a career right now, I figure how… What I can use. That’s good for me.

Oh, Bill, is what my husband uses, they’re on what they do, the food companies or the kinetics that… We’ll talk to the kids about… That’s one of my favorite things about campus. We have the…

I like to… To rate the kindergarteners reading labels, obviously it’s with their camp, but in the older kid, the E, It’s devoto recognize a number of follow by or color fall by numbers, read 40 yellow, 5. and that’s how you identify the artificial colors, so the… They’re setting that based on a… He later…

I’ve got so many stories about half… You did the label ready, we went through our cover and throw out half of the things in that… That’s so good. It’s really cool, Empower the kids to be the leader, I… Absolutely. To change at a home, an interesting… Yeah. ’cause it doesn’t usually happen that way. Is it usually top down?

So to have that influence, I think that’s essentially what you’re doing, because my heart is for women to take that change for their children, so my kids came home and started saying something just like they are now, every other realm of influence, if they want something or they’re interested in something, you naturally take note of it because you wanna know, is it good for them should they be influenced by this, and this is such a positive change, I’d be really curious if I was on a receiving end of that and I wasn’t in a shared alignment, how I would take that. Would I be self-checked like, Yeah, sure. Or what I write up.

So I think it’s just the more exposure that they have, just us as adults, the more exposure they have to these concepts, the better… And I love that, I think… And I’m hopeful that our education system is moving towards that, but I heard recently have a girlfriend who’s really into the political backing of change that’s taking place behind American’s eyes, right, whether it’s Senate with its legislation, whatever it be.

I am not political, so I really don’t even know how or why I’m talking about this in this moment, but there was a recent article past or as Article legislative article about the fact that they are downgrading What is required by school lunches on the scale of nutrition by, I think it was like 40 different items being clear to be given and a, I was like, Well, that Reese so mad.

That’s very disappointing to…

I honestly choose to be ignorant about some things now because I tried it, and back to my cafeteria manager, she was just so over-worked, and I remember she would make these unbelievable dishes, the most vegetables being suits and they wouldn’t sell. ’cause the kids are used to eating the other singer, she has to put out the chips and because their snacks that are read the guidelines and they’re very convenient because she doesn’t have the person power to be prep in food back there. Exactly that. So she’s like a mini business in there and she tried it, that’s… Yeah, it’s all rotating it, but it got me out doing this… Yeah, absolutely. Which I think is so powerful.

So from your fitness journey, because you’re in shape, other than I know you can’t just be doing what the little kids are doing, what’s your fitness passion?

It’s involved in the dance… The area… Oh yeah, I, I… My job is…

I see about this. What you mean?

I have… So we’re pretty well known in our area, I worked at Maree for 15 years. I don’t know that we often mayor whether Lewis, that’s in the school. Okay, A had anywhere from five to 12 males working in the building throughout that, I’d say eight years that I was in a dance a week former group called the mini ARY weather, and I went How we would empower people to dance because we are not very good as we just… We love having fun, and we put ourselves out on YouTube and I… So I love it. Yeah, and when you have people that are not good at something, but they get out and put themselves out there, they loving it and they don’t care, isolated book, the stills on the move in the same direction. I’d always choose this to were like everybody’s won seven different directions because we didn’t care for her affection, we just sat in, inspire our kids to move and they absolutely loved it, and it took off and we eventually… Now I have the dancers to an IRS.

Okay, and we highlight male PE teachers or on the country and try to empower other teachers, not just Mesa.

Yeah, I know our culture dance is not seen as manly the…

I got some pretty family PE teachers or New York, or rather, you work and Chris and North Carolina been in Texas, at Vermont, at Santa Monica, Alison, Seattle, remotely Cortese routines. And then we’ll edit them together. So you got the first 16 counselors.

We make these into it, and we hear from a lot of our female colleges around the nation that it’s hard to get the boys that buy in because they don’t have a mile, not of a in the flash up there, they get little clips of… So I tease, yeah, we’ve… The pinnacle was the U-channel has 13000 subscribers, and we got to perform on this stage of our national conference, so it is a teaching conference, I-E-A-E, so I don’t know, thousands of four or 5000 people, and so we perform a routine or half time shows, so for nine years, we did a half-time… Sure, we take out fifth graders, I edit a date Medley together. Just different Tenerife.

Oh, I theresienst.

And we got to perform at our feet or high school that was here, and I was his… So, so we did that type of retain at our national conference last year, and it just blew people’s moms, they loved it. And the Kendo speaker was DCRA.

I do, I still in great shape. I… Yeah, we were back out the answers for the… Said we could come up there at the end, so not only did we get out in front of as for a game, we came back up there, that’s so… But my colleague, Andrew Lamar, who worked with me for nine years and boreham for real, he’s there, and he snapped pictures of me up on the big screen, I’ve never seen myself so happy. More Life.

That is the one that it… It is the best thing for my mental health… Yeah, I went through… I went through professional break out a lot, my brother who for three years, he worked with me and we were just as tithes could be, and he moved a relationship, the job just wasn’t fun anymore. I was probably one of the most challenging years of our life and not the… And the only time I could find any and be happy, this is exercise a day I… As Watling Walsall on my voice, I love the thing too, so like this is a make me happy, and that’s all… This past year that’s been happening or all the day and not as… To happen in a while. Well, I mean the… The mental health I Buster. Oh yeah, that was a surfer, you wet or after.

It was kind of the thing that pushed me to do this, so that’s how I’m grateful for us, is all CAA ran together, and I made the call early on last year is a Stage I… I see way. Absolutely, that’s incredible. I think it’s so powerful. I went to the regal all, as you’re familiar, or she is… She is kind of like a women empowerment, her husband’s actually come alongside her in the last year or so, you probably relate more to day Paul is who… He worked at Disney, I was one of the topics for 16 years with his CEO position.

To come, a lot of side is life as their CEO, but she… It runs this conference every year, and there’s about 40 to 60 in that com multiple in for a year. So I went to one which was oriented around giants, not just women empowerment as all, and I knew she was high energy and uses joking around about dance, but she literally would have us just ball out that has for a long time. Not like I say, can get out here chair, which she did do that as well, if we were in the middle and she’s talking and people… You saw one person. Yeah, she would make the entire audience and dance since you didn’t care where you were and should call you right out to… She said, If I can catch you on camera, I will… It’s like so fun. But the D I love, love, love dancing, and I was in a dancing I younger and I used to dance probably in inappropriate places in Mid-mid-life crises, and then as a Mom, I love to dance with my kids, but I’ve always had this negative thought on all on dance, because when I was younger, I always was appeared as this not one experience, it was more for the view of another person… Right, and what their opinion was of you while you were a dancing, and I got away from it because I never wanted my son to think of that as the way that dancing was related to… We wouldn’t watch music videos, like none of those things, and yet we never… A song comes, but what’s the first thing that a baby does, the area little, right? And so I got to experience dancing and higher new when I became a mom in the joy aspect of it, and it being for this safe of movement and breaking us went and now cover is into breakdancing, which is this my first break dancing experience, and we literally bust out break dancing news, I have to… Bruised needs apprent.

And I… We all break this… What in the IEEE?

It is such a good work out in the… The he got and that out… Have you say I tried to be break-dancing in there?

I saw this big as a… The… We publicly, we take the giant parse up and then we sit underneath it, we can put the music on and I call different colors, and whatever color is sitting on the…

I think it’s another the video in a… So I eat in EL.

That’s what I’m really concerned about my kids. Because day one and kindergarten, they’re dancing, so they don’t know any better, right.

And I… Once they leave in fifth grade, that’s just a different story, right, the six years there with me, they’re dancing and they’re comfortable with it. That’s cool. Not everybody’s gonna love it. But yeah, they’re way more confident than I was in elementary school and middle, high College in the… Because everyone, just like our teacher always says, Everyone’s born an artist, everyone is born a dancer, there’s no element of you that can’t move… Are you comfortable? Understand doing it, maybe not, but that just is a confidence factor, and anyone can be competent in… I’ve seen people up on all the stages of the world on TV shows that they do, so you think you can dance any of that, and I’m like, Oh, this is radical that they are doing that when you would first off, just think of of a initial judgment that person would be able to do that. It’s wild. So I think that’s really, really cool. So exercising via dance. Do you do zoom?

I don’t do it as much. I, I’m pretty much…

I’ve got away from classes and I used to dance of the kids all the time, I share… So now I’m looking for… I would like to learn at a swing day at school, I’ve got one move that I break out all the time… Everybody loves it. This is a bunch of twirling around. Yeah, yeah, but I wanna learn more.

That’s a just… Absolutely, and when you speak about… So You Think You Can Dance… It’s interesting because of the PE conferences, they used to hire these classically trained to answers to kind presenters. Yeah, and they were amazing, but they did not bring… Attend like people are like, I can’t do that.

And I, Rene, that person that empowered me was me, he was…

I would say when I met him, probably mid-40s, I… And he was a basketball coach, a tall Lake. He had great… Yeah, the VM.

Yeah, so you could stay on beat, but he was stiff as a board, but he was up and try… A large group of people. And the women loved it. Yeah, I saw him and I was like… And I saw the women, I was like, Alright. Alright, can you can do that?

I do it to… And now I’m that guy, I’m like one of the main guys in the PE world.

It is so much, Oh, he can do it.

Oh yeah, it is.

And we have a bunch of different… Like I showed some things today when I was in Norfolk, teaching the PE teachers there, you don’t have to get in front of the kids and dance, you can project us up there, we taught them a safety dance today. There’s a game called safety dance. If you’re gonna get a… You’re gonna break out a dance move, and if you break out the St, you can’t be tamed, so now the kids get maybe a little apprehensive about dancing, they hate getting time. Yeah, so now they’re gonna dance, so just find the novel ways to bring people along because I…

I’ve been both places, I hated dance, I was terrified of it just… We had to… We had an objective and fourth grade where the kids had to create their routine and full disclosure, I did not… I said, if you could clap to the beat for a counts, if you all check you off, and we did not… Do we not objective? We didn’t assess it, and I look back on that and I’m glad that it happened that way because I relate with people… I understand, I used to be there right now. I’m complete of… So I wanna get you there.

So when I go in, when I’m lucky enough to have… I love just going to teaching dance, period, this was a PE job, so is a little everything… Sometimes I get to go teach my Colorado last year, I got to teach three and half hour as a dance, that is A… The OSHA teaching me half-time routine so they can take their kids… And I was like, Just take it, you got to us, if you got the core out tag games, ways that you can put the kids in in position to create a ratio, it’s all high-level thinking, reanalysis, so good for you. Or even just the handshake… What is it? Can’t forests so good for our kids that express themselves in that way, and it’s one of the reasons that my kids are at the school that they’re at, ’cause they have that ability, I feel all the time, but to it views it in such a way that they can carry that with them the rest of their lives, it’s so necessary, and especially with all of the concepts of mental health and knowing that this is an opportunity for kids to utilize that in such a positive way versus thinking that any other way besides it being a freedom of expression, I think is so powerful for them to have, especially if they’re able to do it with you that kindergarten through fifth grade, and then when they do get into those a little bit more risky years, they can think back on the freedom that they got you experience and dancing versus anything else that it could become… Right. I tell the kids, nobody ever look, when you get the middle school number ever looks at the person standing in the willing… Looks cool.

Anything like people do… And the issue, one of the things I’ll do in my sessions is I’ll provide the teachers YouTube links.

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