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Dance into Your God Dream with Joel Casanova

Today, we are talking God dreams.

Just thinking about today’s guest, I immediately wanted to dance, because he’s an inspirer and a supernova when it comes to dancing and moving his body in a way that I didn’t know was possible. He looks like a combination of gumby meets a Disney princess meet the best Chris Brown and Michael Jackson impersonation you could imagine. Not only do you have to hear him speak today, you have to go check out all of his experiences online via Youtube, Instagram or wherever!

He has been on a stage as a performing artist. He has his own dance company called Beat Hunter Dance and is also my son’s dance coach, even through Covid. But his connection with Jesus supersedes all of the goodness. It’s in his logo, his heart, and his voice and truly Jesus proceeds him when he walks into a room.

I was honored and touched by our time with diving deeper into the calling into His life and the activation which he has propelled by saying yes to his God dream. The same type of God dream that you too may have stewing and brewing within you.

You know I have launched the God Dream design Course: a high touch experience of discovering yourself and Him within you, just as Joel has discovered himself through Jesus, life experiences and dance.

It’s a healing journey and dance has such a power beyond most. I hope you treasure today’s insight just as I did.

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Joel Casanova

Joel Casanova’s Bio:

Joél Casanova was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Dallas, TX. He started dancing HipHop at 11 years old and for the next 5 years danced on competition teams. By the age of 16, he was choreographing professionally. Joél move to Virginia Beach at 18 years old, where he pursed a BA in Journalism, was staffed at Academie de Ballet, and performed in theatrical dance productions with Masterworks USA. In addition, he received training in Ballet and Modern from Mr. Elbert Watson. Joél Casanova created and founded BeatHunter Dance, a headquarters for dance innovation, at age 20. At the same time, he wrote the Personal Kinetic Curriculum, which develops the personal style of dancers. Joél is a young dance professional with a deep passion for dance performance and instruction as well as writing and choreographing original dance productions.

Check out his Personal Kinetic Curriculum here

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Show Notes: Dancing Into Your God Dream

I don’t have music playing right now, but I could dance just thinking about today’s guest, because he inspire and a super nova when it comes to dancing and moving his body in a way that I didn’t know was possible. He looks like a combination of Gumby meets of Disney princes, neithe, the best Chris Brown and Michael Jackson impersonation that you could come up with, and I hope that doesn’t happen in on any level, but Josey have to not only to hear him speak today, you have to go check him out on all of his experiences, he has been on stage as a performing artist, he has his own company called The Beat Hunter dance studio. He is also connected to me, even part of those podcasts because he is my son, who if you know him, he’s read, he can prove on his own, Cooper, his dance coach, and he’s been doing it throughout this season of quarantine, and I’m so grateful for him, but ultimately, it’s the connection to Jesus Christ. It’s in this logo. It’s in his voice, it’s in his heart. It literally he… Not it, Jesus precedes him was into… And I was so honored and touched by our time of just diving deeper into the calling on his life, the activation that he’s propelled by saying yes to that god dream, the very God dream that I know you to potentially have brewing and sowing inside of you.

0:01:43 S1: You guys know I have the god dream design force rate, I’m hoping by now you’ve gotten the head, go check it out, Come join me on this high touch experience of discovering yourself

0:01:56 S2: As Joel discovered Himself through so many life circumstances through experience, but also through the expression of dance, and that in and of itself is a healing process, it’s a healing journey, it’s me standing on the side of the ocean, as I’ve shared with you before, as the whale reaches and I’m just worshipping in dance. There’s so much this conversation and how you stay on for the duration of it. It is well worth it, Joel. You are a treasure, and I am excited to introduce you to the end face podcast community. This

0:02:36 S1: Is your God-wing, the moment that heaven says, for such a time as this, It’s time to own your joy, prioritize your health, discover your wealth and exude your wholeness, it’s time to become truly fit. However, this isn’t a fitness podcast, though I’m a retired personal trainer and nutritionist, this is in business jargon or tips and tricks to land in your successful fashion project, though that’s totally why in a business coach, this isn’t a quick fix health detox ploy though. I’m all for therapy and I love hoods, I do have a yellow side, me too though, this isn’t confusing religious banter, the… I’m an ordering minister, still figuring out the many things and faces and faces of Jesus. It’s

0:03:22 S2: Really none of that. So I’m wondering if you’re wondering what is this… Well, this is an opportunity to join me alongside other big dreamers, innovative movers and lifestyle shakers, as we explore and share our messy comeback stories and discoveries with each new fellow passionate speakers.

0:03:43 S1: The fit-based movement was birth from my own trial and error discovery of mind, body and soul alignment, and to be totally transparent, my own entrepreneurial crash on bird experiences. I’ve learned first hand that being fit isn’t about archaic at all, it’s not about our qualifying abilities or titles, it’s not about our potential, it’s truly about our God-gifted passions, meeting our purpose. You are one step away from achieving your idea, your dream, your calling, your purpose, whatever you wanna call it, and I wanna be there for the moment that you say yes in Freedom, clarity and confidence that you are living fully fit and do and who you are made to be, welcome to the bites podcast with me, Tamara and dress, there is no better time than now to get it live and then activate the studio today, and I am so pomp to introduce you to a new friend of mine who has been in my kind of world of video during the Corona of IR situation, I add because he has helped bring life into my home outside of the norm of what is going on with all things homeschooling and mothering and doing that, I’m still trying to foster our little one’s passions and also a little bit of my own.

0:05:05 S1: So you guys, I am so thrilled to introduce you to Joe casino VA, and he is the founder and designer of beat Hunter dance, and he’s gonna tell you all about it today, and obviously, if you know anything about me, you know I have a little man who likes to move. Interloper and Joel are best buddies and yeah, we’re gonna go into a little bit of his back story, how he’s doing what he’s doing. I wanna hear more about the incredible program, the kinetic… What is it? A lot it… Yes, I was gonna say kinesiology, it’s kind of the same, but I… So tell us a little bit about you things… For being here, of course.

0:05:46 S2: No, it’s actually funny because I was home-schooled, so it’s really funny that the whole homeschool community is now on social media, and they’re like, See, now you know what it’s like to Horizonte

0:06:04 S1: Lowther some reason. Hold Joe going to stand by. For some reason, were muted, and I don’t know why… I don’t know what… Can you hear us? Everyone is saying that we’re noted, Hey, are we Medora… Do this tech thing, I’ve been doing virtual podcast for the past few months, and so I’m coming back into the studio and it’s causing some interesting bitches for the new programs such as re-stream. That is going live right now. So we’re live on Facebook YouTube, tune in at any point. Jules telling us about how he’s been home school and the crazy component of it being… Now, people’s norms. So keep on.

0:07:08 S2: No, yeah. Yeah, no, that’s just one specific part of the whole Coronavirus thing that’s like… It’s like everyone’s like, Oh, how do I teach my sons at home? And all the homeschool bobs are like, Yeah, he’s super. Here I was coming in to save the day. Hearers like

0:07:27 S1: This is great, in the lab of all of those people now being the fundamental space that we need as moms, they’re the resource where before they’re a little too crunchy for my liking, now we’re like, You’re just that adjective. Cotati need your grant, come to my house and help me. So now, with everything that they’re saying they’re gonna actually transition, a lot of people are not even gonna send our kids back to school based on either their anxiety being a much calmer or they’re not having to deal with bullying, they are able to teach themselves better in that environment, me, I’m like, Go to school or I ate… Yeah, there’s so much to it, and you were a part of the personalization of our program, so…

0:08:11 S2: No, and it’s really crazy because that’s what… That’s basically the heart… If you could say in one word, that’s the heart behind B. Under dance, it’s personalization. And so my goal is to basically connect in people’s brains and in the dance world like, Okay, you are a person and everyone knows that your uniqueness is totally individual, it’s not like anything else on the planet, and so I tell my students… Okay, so there’s one of you effort, so you’re a limited edition, if there are boys, say action figure of throughout.

0:08:53 S1: It’s like you are like a Ogilvie addition as you figure that everyone wants… That’s good. And

0:09:01 S2: So once you’re gone… That’s it. Yeah, there’s only one of you. So everything that comes out of you when you’re in the right path is uncoupled. That’s not a word, but is… It can’t be made… So you can try to calm someone else’s identity and you can make up an identity that you’re like, Well, I don’t like my life on and I make of this new person that’s has the same name as me, but it’s totally not me. Yeah, but I’m like, No, you don’t understand. This is so valuable, like the Pink Panther is the big diamond. It’s like there’s only one.

0:09:41 S1: Right? So good, don’t

0:09:43 S2: Never be alone idea, that’s why the thing a print is so…

0:09:46 S1: It’s so cool, and I nineteenth about me, but the core creative coaching program that I offer for women around their business, so they come in and they’re like, I’m in the dream phase usually, and they haven’t quite activated that dream… That’s dog, that’s what I tune in as my Seaport is to say, Let’s do this and let me uniquely understand how God has designed you so we can activate it further for the world to have that greater impact. And part of the logo is it has an identity of a fingerprint as well, and it’s coming into understanding that we have to activate from that core, we have to activate from that identity, because if you don’t the You are a mirror image of somebody else and you are doing something out of alignment with who you are and it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel like it’s connected, you get burned out, you get overwhelmed to get all of the stressors that are on top of you versus when you’re activated in a space that’s uniquely yours, God gives you that power ’cause you’re trusting Him with what He’s given you… Yes, it’s so cool. And you literally instill that since day one with working with Cooper, that was in the first couple of minutes, ’cause you were like, Dude, I’m gonna teach you a bunch of things, but I want you to make it yours eateries, and to teach is now seven.

0:11:03 S1: But he was sixteen, it’s like that’s crazy for them to understand, because honestly, a lot of the things that they are involved in, especially at that young age, people try to mold them into what they think they should be, not to take away their individuality, but to say, You need to sit here and you need to do this thing, this activity, this is how you do this move, this is how you do this move, but dining and art, and I was talking to another podcaster recently, the arts are where God’s expression really comes alive, ’cause he’s so multi-faceted.

0:11:38 S2: Yeah, and it’s a balancing act really. Because like cover being six or seven there… Any kid being six or seven, is that this perfectly mobile stage, so when they start taking to what you teach them, it’s almost too easy, it’s like, Yeah, you might be doing it from a healthy perspective even, but you’re still not allowing them to be themselves to keep both of those, and the same thing, that’s why the whole identity aspect behind me Hunter is, it’s like I don’t want to… Like you did multi-faceted, I don’t want to page you into one thing, and if that cave looks like dancing, it might be a case that you want to get into… Right, right, but it’s still a cage. Yeah, I want you to be all the things like if you have this passion for engineering, but you love Danish told you that you couldn’t do both. Yeah, otani had this blog post and it’s about professional living room answers, and so the idea is that Samantha, something that we loved first… Yeah, dance is something that made us come alive in a… I love and connect with music and connect with each other, then we decided, you know what, I can do this professional…

0:12:51 S2: Yeah, I can make money off of this. It wasn’t the other way around, it wasn’t this business venture that people found out that they love… That’s true. And so it’s like people say, I’m a professional dancer that have this specific like chipset spandex and stage make-up, and it has… That’s like one facet of the entire world of dancing professionally, and so first of all, you need to do a professionally… Second of all, if you do that professionally, it’s supposed to look like how you dance professionally, in the same way that I teach dancers to meet themselves, I tell Dance business owner, it’s like, Your word, dance business should be just as unique as your dancing, which is just as unique as yourself. That’s

0:13:41 S1: So cool. So I oversee a cookie cutter, it’s… I’m gonna open a dance studio. Yes, that’s awesome. What do you do that’s different? Is how me… Your competitive air-

0:13:52 S2: Ness, physical way like audience members that you bring is like… That’s one of… This lady that I worked for, name was John Laban, so she had this specific class called I Am Woman, and still the whole idea was helping women to accept themselves and accept their bodies and to be confident within themselves through the avenue of dance. That’s cool. And so it’s like, Look, yeah, you can love yourself, but it doesn’t have to be this long other people down and making your way to the top kind of thing, it’s like Just enjoy your dance and enjoy encouraging other people, and that’s just a magnet that she had in her business, that broad women, that meant that that to her business, and so it’s like her business off on the outside, look just like any other business that had showcases at the end of the year, they have classes there, different levels of ages, but when you saw the DNA of the people that were here, like clients or her constituents or advance… Man, it’s still hurt. That’s so good. And so it’s very interesting that even the people that God brings to your business should be just as you

0:15:04 S1: Need… Yeah, actually remind me, as you were talking about supporting other people and not telling others down, obviously from the business perspective, so many people can understand that whether they’re utilizing that and I’m trying to get to the top, and so I’m gonna step on top or they’re trying to support others, but when you recently taught Cooper, I had his cousin come in for the class and it was time for them, in my brain, I was always taught as a bad… Like a dance battle. And I had to correct myself because you were like, Wow, it’s not really… And I was like, Oh no, that’s actually one you’re supporting and past the bad, pass the torch over to hide Casella. And so to think of it from a community mindset, just from the perspective of dance, it’s supposed to be a collection, and that’s just like God would have, whether it’s our businesses or whether it’s our unique identities in an in ethnicity, which we’ve talked about a lot lately, on the podcast or within our culture, belief system, or even our taste buds, all like every single thing that is unique about us has purpose, and so it’s allowing ourselves to really explore that, so tell me, because there’s so much back story to where you are today, Leslie’s, go back and you tell me, how did you…

0:16:18 S1: When did you start dancing? And how did that get infused to you, tell us about your childhood and some unique things about… Where you are now is a lot.

0:16:28 S2: Yeah, no, especially ’cause I was even thinking on this driving over, I was like, so there’s a lot to me, so how are we gonna start from the beginning, Our… Up until the age of 11, he did not know her. Dance was at all. I knew what dance. I wasn’t like person, I was… No, I had no idea what this whole advance universe held. So it’s actually really funny. There’s so much to this. So my parents got divorced in 2007. Okay, I was 10 years old. The next year, I’m 11, and that’s when I got into ODU dance. Because my mom, my brother and I moved to a different church. Okay, and so we went there church, that year that we moved, there was the first year that they included a dance team, they had a kids wireless try a dance team, and they were like, Yeah, we’re having auditions. And I was like, I’m down surrender, I’m for exactly where it was… We had were in this Genesis and were calling out names of people who had made the dance team, and so they’re like, You want a nova? And I stood up and I was like, Cool, I…

0:17:39 S2: Noetherian, I was stepping into class Ford, they brought in… They had the dance team, I was like, This is amazing, like I need that stepped into arakan, they brought in this actual dance choreographer who was gonna start a studio with the youth group leaders, was one of the youth group leaders, and they’re like, Hey, we’re starting the studio, so here, take the business cards, and I exploded it, at least internally, I’m not sure if I exploded out externally to that, but I went to my mom when I was like, Well, we gotta do this Bohlen-ly very recently, my mom had just become a sammarinese yeah, yeah, yeah. And then I anest. So we’re not rolling or no engine wealth in studio and were like, You go.

0:18:35 S1: Wow, that’s a lot of money. A lot of

0:18:37 S2: Ones… We waited until I was about 13. Wow, so my dad chipped in, we saved up money, and then on top of it, it’s going to that studio and then them being a Christian dance to do, even though they weren’t like faith-based are… They were run with, I guess, faith-based principles about that, so there’s lot of people who enjoy actually at a studio, so there’s a lot of people we perform at their synagogues or Jewish non-profits and things like that. So it was really also the Minister can to people who were there that were Jewish, I’m not Jewish, who were like, No. Okay, you guys like Jesus, that the tears. And so it was really cool, stop. And they were very in nous in our situation. So I eventually started working at the studio basically, you know, performing a baritone and things like that, and Kansas and just parties in general, ’cause that was another side of business that we, the choreographer had, and so I was using dance to fund my dance that… Which was a true… Yeah.

0:19:44 S1: And that’s basically like an entrepreneurial journey, like at 13, 14, like the Belize Eden, you were just doing it. And now it hindered. You knew what you were doing. Now, look at you now, it’s like a cool…

0:19:58 S2: Yeah, and even I’m actually all my podcast in A to talk about this season of my life, so it’s really funny because we were basically there to host the party, so they were basically making a small moves to people can follow long too, ’cause they’re like, I don’t know what to do, and we got brought people out, Didier staff and play games and basically made them feel comfortable so they could actually dance weariness, that skill was kind of feeding into this dance instructor like mentality that I… I don’t get things when people say they don’t dance…

0:20:33 S1: Sure, I don’t know, it’s a fine… And

0:20:35 S2: So I have this, this gift from God, but this mentality that it’s like when people will say, I don’t dance, I just leave em alone. What you can in the corner.

0:20:45 S1: I like… We can do this. I don’t like… So yeah, formats

0:20:50 S2: A whole… There’s a line when it comes to kids in my class and they’re like, That was it, and their parents are like, I’m so sorry, he really… He’s really outgoing. At the house. Yeah, ’cause it’s your house. He doesn’t know what this is a metro… All these kids in classrooms like, I have this, I’m not phased by the frozen this, which I was present to do it at the age of 13 or 15 escalates.

0:21:18 S1: But when you’re around your family and you’re already like in a time… It’s like a Romanian ostend

0:21:23 S2: Then all omits like Harmison, 13, I believe so it’s like everyone does that at Sarasota are all in that awkward in middle school state where the E Don’t potato look word to a painfully aware that you look massively

0:21:36 S1: Awkward, so there’s no theory trying to… Spoilers gonna pay by staraya.

0:21:47 S2: This, it’s pulling out of people that God was really setting a foundation for, and then going into the studio itself was just like food, Campi was like giving me this to two-fold thing first, like it was treated me and dances about your body, so you need to control this tool, right. On the flip side, we’re also a completely hip hop studio, cool. So we didn’t have any other… Later on, we had a contemporary, but it was all hip-hop a long time, and so… Is

0:22:20 S1: That local? No, that’s a… In Texas, I just realized that you see 18, so this is

0:22:26 S2: Pretty… I’ll get to that A… Just

0:22:31 S1: Thinking about it a lot. And so we’re faith-based.

0:22:33 S2: So all hip-hop, and so we…

0:22:38 S1: Which that in and of itself… Or some people do the IAEA. I actually walked through that even as I came into my faith, and I had… I mean, I’ve danced when I was younger, and it was all hippopotamus through gymnastics, which is a whole another component of dance, but I always thought like, dance in your body are meant for this specific thing and not an exploration of faith by any means. I also went to a normal white church, and so… I hate… You can dance, but I just… What… What I need is like even Sunday worship, before I even understood the relationship with God was like, they didn’t raise their hands, it was like, awkward, are they clapping to the right beat or are they not talking to the right… To have the beat. Right. But beyond that, I was like, Okay, this is it. So when I came into my faith that I walked into a Pentecostal church, and when that happened, I was just shocked by the movement and the exploration and the excitement of everything that happens inside the understanding and the relationship with God, and he sees you in that expression and it’s okay, and it’s a good thing, and it’s not a secular…

0:23:56 S1: Not clean component. And yet at the same time, I felt like I can’t move, I’ll just go, love to write. And as I’ve come into my faith and understanding, like God created me this way as a desire to move and when a beat comes on, I don’t care what the words say, I would have a desire to express myself, and so now being able to utilize it for worship and understanding that there are so many hip-hop Christian artists out there that just really is always in our house, me and my son gets to explore dance in such a new way that I was never introduced to, so when I found you and discovered that you have a heart for the Lord. I didn’t know if you put that into your music or anything, or your dance, but I knew if that’s your heart beat and it’s gonna come out regardless, and it surely does, which is such a beautiful thing to watch and witness… You’re so encouraging.

0:24:50 S2: A lot of people skip over the verses in the Bible where it says He commands the people to praise and with dance kind of thing, and so I think really what the reason that is is because there’s so many times… I don’t know, just talking to God myself, or I’m trying to say something, but I’m like, Just be honest with you, you know what? I just don’t talk with him and I’m like…

0:25:18 S1: And I can talk to it like when there’s so much going on inside of yourself and you’re like.

0:25:25 S2: I know that… And so it’s really interesting because even cognitively, I want… If I’m even just seasons like got a state me through right now, but I’m confused on why things are happening and why what are you taking me through this for A… And I don’t want to say that in question God, not like a rebellious

0:25:43 S1: Webroot, he wants us to question him, he comes to the table as answers every time.

0:25:47 S2: Yeah, and so it’s like I want to ask, but cognitively, I’m like, I know that you have a reason for this, because I grew up in church, so it’s like I know that I can reason away certain things, so dance kind of… I think God commanded a prison with dance ’cause it cuts past… Wow, the cognitive ability and go straight from the heart to the body, to him, that’s so… So it’s like, I can just put on a song and instead of trying to talk to you, I just moved. And I was like, I’m moving through everything. And then at the end, I’m like.

0:26:24 S1: Do you know what I mean? God, and he’s like, Absolutely got it. But no words were said, but he’s like, I just feel… So

0:26:31 S2: He’s like, Yeah, let’s set up about

0:26:33 S1: Which go into… ’cause this is what I discovered you, and I was showing Cooper for the first time and my husband what it is and how you were dancing, I got… The first thing that came to my fee was when you were doing the expression of people’s poetic verse during this time of covid and other Regent students… Correct. Used to the students, so I was just blown away by that. And it literally speaks exactly to that expression and the ability to feel and process emotion based on movement.

0:27:04 S2: Yeah, to be completely honest, a lot of them used free verse, so it’s basically talking… There’s no one.

0:27:12 S1: I didn’t realize that.

0:27:13 S2: Yeah, and so for me, that was massively abstract, I’m very literal when it comes to the instead of a, what I hear becomes my body and vice versa as I hear something and immediately gets translated into what my multimedia… Is our doing team? Five parts are doing… Yeah, and so doing free verse was very varied, abstract for me, but it helped me kind of connect to the person that is speaking, so I… Instead of thinking, Okay, what are they saying? Are they saying it? I connected with what they’re trying to communicate, and then with that as a core, the surrounding, like the chocolate and the demand on it, like the canting is what they’re saying. So specifically, there’s one about this lady who was a find, so she talked about her cultural background, so she goes to her grandparents house and then they come back home and poetically wash off the culture and the accent, like her dad picks up the action that he used to know and that his accent goes away when he comes back home. Wow, so they come back and take a shower to walk off the smell of the really ethnic food, and then the…

0:28:27 S2: So goes down the dream, ISOS the accent. So it was like Harris in this very endearing kind of way that it’s like I want to continually go back… Yeah, even though I know I’m gonna come back to my own culture, and so to kind of communicate that connection, ’cause I’m a first generation Puerto Rican, Alain was born in Puerto Rico and being my brother were born…

0:28:51 S1: Oh, going back to that time line were on… We were born in Chicago.

0:28:56 S2: And then when my brother was 80, I was four. We moved to Texas. Okay, so raised in Texas, the greatest country in the world, as… And then we moved to Virginia for college. But yeah, and so it’s like being first generation, we understand me, my brother understand that, and other people understand that idea of like… I get you. There’s this dual vision, it’s almost like having classes that have two different prescriptions that like you see through the United States culture and on, and you see that the puritan culture or a culture or who you are, and so it’s like you just have to close one eye to see the world in different…

0:29:38 S1: That’s a really weird outliers, actually really beautiful, because I imagine God’s heart would be for you to be able to have a Bible or a tri-focal and not have these two separate identities, but just as we said at the forefront, like He wants all of us to come to the table when we’re doing something that we’re passionate about and living out our life of purpose, she wants you to have that expression of your first generation Puerto Rican self as well as your American culture, and being able to blend that and letting that be a part of the heartbeat of your individualized teaching, so that people can always revert back to their past, but also see this vision of where they’re going, and there’s so much beauty in it, so I don’t think it’s a weird analogy at all. Yeah, thank you.

0:30:20 S2: Yeah, I use analogies for everything you

0:30:23 S1: Do in IT to something that makes sense. I think it makes sense in my brain for people… No, it’s so good, it’s so good.

0:30:30 S2: Yeah, so even doing that and expressing that poem that she did a spoken word piece, palm or whatever, through that I was able to kind of organize or reorganize or re-shift or online or… Do you wanna use my own perspective through that and my own cultural background through that, which is a beautiful thing about dance as well, because I think when God tells us to praise Him in the word, right? So he says singing, dancing and using these instruments, etcetera, etcetera, and so he didn’t just say it to the Israelis, he’s like talking to… If you’re reading this, you should be praising me through dance, everything. And so it’s like someone from India versus someone from America, versus someone from Africa versus someone from South America. We all have these different cultural backgrounds, I got can connect to… And so it’s like in that same way of connecting your cultural background with your dance, you can praise the Lord with your past and with your background, and so it’s like… But it’s coming all for the glory of Him. It’s all funneling. Yeah, it’s so good.

0:31:37 S1: It’s really nice. I think it’s neat ’cause just as you were saying, you can travel the world and just as love is a universal law language, and you hear that I dance and music are the same, ’cause every culture has their own rhythm and their own style of dancing and all of it is good, it’s just a matter of them not having been introduced to another facet or another concept or another beat, and so that’s why when you blend those different cultures and you blend those different understandings of worship, it just like I did with the church. And the church, and like I believe the heart of what the God would want us to do and how to express in love is a… One of my core values is travel for the sense of cultural and giving that to my children, ’cause I didn’t have it, is to go around the world and know that as we love people, we can also experience love with them through dance, through music. And I think that there’s nothing better than having that ball passed, like you were talking about, versus that battle that if I was in some sort of setting, let’s say it’s in Africa and they’re doing their tribal dance, if croup and I got in there, they’re gonna rally around that idea, just like we are rallying around their ideas and their expression of love, and it’s just a matter of now, just like you say, adopting it as your own and saying that it was so cool, I’ve gotten it at you walking around the pool, donations so cool, ’cause it’s just him.

0:33:08 S1: And I just think that that’s so necessary for people to understand that if they can get outside of that robotic seat that I feel like we’re asked to sit in and come out and express yourself in new way, you end up getting in touch with emotions you didn’t know that you had speech that you didn’t know you have… And love that you said you talked to God like that, because to me, God speaks to me through vision. I don’t have to say words if I’m imagining something, imagining an outcome perhaps of something I’m having a trouble or a relationship, he’ll give me an image back of what he would see that relationship be… How he would like to see it evolve. And I didn’t have that as my vision of action, Okay, God, here’s your response, I’m gonna walk towards it, and it’s the same way with you being able to say like, I’m angry about this, let me dance it out… I know what the answer is, God, I already have read and studied your word, but I just need to let this out to you versus saying it in complaining to somebody else and not having any Ford momentum.

0:34:09 S2: Yeah, and it’s really interesting getting connected to emotions that you didn’t realize that you had in the past, so I guess in my parents editors in 27, my dad passed away then in 2013. So between junior and senior year of high school. So it was really interesting because connecting to dance on a emotional level allowed me to not cope, would actually get healing in that in the midst of it, instead of like an after fact like, Okay, this traumatic thing happened and I’m going to get healing afterwards, it was like I was able to process it in the moment instead of having to heal from it afterwards, and so it’s now kind of the flip side, like God was preparing me for that ’cause I was at 7, 17, 16 times 17. I was 16, turning 70 that summer. And so it was like, I had no idea, I got were like, This is gonna happen. But now he’s kind of… I’ve grown in my relationship with the Lord, so now it’s kind of like… He’s kind of treating me like a young adult that I am, so he’s like, Okay, now, instead of preparing you ahead of time, I’m just gonna take you through this journey, you know what to do and how to walk through it, so really…

0:35:29 S2: It’s a robotics that we’re put into granted, but it’s so much harder than it looks to get out of the robotic set, and we know to get up out of these chains is better. I know I want to do it, I know that I’m in it, and I know that this is bad. And then you stay… And so it’s like… Because it’s like into a round that we don’t even realize, we don’t know what to do, I’ve done X, Y, and Z, but now we’re rewinding team all the way back to a… It’s like, Well, I never learned a Alex, y and z. What am I supposed to do with this? As the God’s like, you’re not supposed to know what’s supposed to happen. Like this revelation that happened to me, that I got from the Lord a couple days ago, I was like, God is in charge of maturing process, and so it’s like he’s not just in charge of the maturing journey, like the timing of the process and the maturing is in his hand. So good.

0:36:29 S1: So it’s like, I’m in doing all these things, I’m freaking out, and I got like, you’re not supposed to know this. So stop beating yourself up because you don’t know it like…

0:36:42 S2: You’re not supposed to know. That’s why I’m taking you through this, and I was reading like Jesus talking to His disciples. And a lot of times, ideas kind of a savage, he’s kinda like, blah… And you’re like, Man, I… Harte Hospira told me, while I was reading the gospels, he was like, Jesus is not afraid to tell you what you don’t have because that’s the only way that you know… That’s the only way you’re gonna get it. Yeah, because if you don’t know what you don’t have… You’re not gonna be looking for it. Yeah, and so God has no problem with telling us, Hey, are you a little faith? He’s like, You have no faith.

0:37:24 S1: And it’s like, Wow.

0:37:26 S2: I was like, Yeah, but you didn’t know that until I told you.

0:37:28 S1: Yeah.

0:37:29 S2: And then it’s like a condescending physician, he’s not a human like… He’s not… Melissa’s like, you don’t have faith, or you don’t know this. And that’s okay, that’s why you telling you… ’cause I wanted you to know that.

0:37:43 S1: And it’s just like, I’m thinking of Cooper again, thinking way really? And they truly don’t know, we’re like us, and I don’t you feel like I should at could’ve known that, and therefore you carrying his Dior, Sharon, your relationship with the Lord, but my children actually don’t know, so when I’m teaching them something, their eyes are white in their ears are open and their heart and hands are open, and they’re like, Okay, and this is truth, and that is where it’s so easy and subtle, I think of just like Honey saplings for kids and why God literally tells us to have child-like faith, so that we can receive and we can be nurtured by it, and we can understand with such willingness and openness versus this understanding of looking at him through our shame and our guilt that we put on ourselves…

0:38:32 S2: Yes, and it’s John 17, as she is talking to the Father and He’s like Sanctify them, through your truth, your word is truth. Yeah, and so he wants to talk with us and He wants to tell us the truth, and that’s gonna expose things that we don’t know it, and so that’s really been really… My whole dance journey would be Hunter with jocasta Nova and everywhere between… So many thing gonorrhea, things that I don’t know. And so I’m going in the process, I’m in right now, it’s like, I don’t know what to do, and it’s like you’ve been going through this your whole life, you’ve been… You’ve been in a place where you don’t know your whole life, and it’s like, Look at the lilies, look at the grass, look at this bar out Obote compared to you. And so it’s like, I’m gonna give you what you need and that means things that you don’t know, and so it’s like me realizing like I took the identity of S dancing through high school. Everyone’s like, You’re not smart. You fun. You can’t be smart, fun. So I was like.

0:39:37 S1: Okay, and so I

0:39:39 S2: Tithe… Last podcast, I was like, I didn’t have anyone speaking the opposite, so I just took that identity, so God’s like, Hey, did you know that you’re smart… How do you know that you like learning? I’m like, No, I didn’t know that. That meant was like pain. Do you know that you like using dance to educate kids?

0:39:55 S1: Wow, I’m like, I don’t even know what that looks like. And so God’s throwing me into these situations, I like, that’s so… I don’t know what to do, he’s like protein.

0:40:05 S2: Continually revealing that it is a hat, that’s where the communication comes in

0:40:11 S1: Because it comes at the exact same expense when Sean else and plants my children with a concept that is not true, and now they come to me and they’re telling me what they know, and I’m like, Sorry, that’s actually not correct, and I now have to strip them of what they think is true, to teach them the truth. And it’s a much more difficult process. So if we were to go to God and say, Oh, I know what’s ahead. I know what’s around this corner… I’ll wait a second. Who told you that she has like they did in the garden, who told you urination

0:40:45 S2: Definitely wasn’t me.

0:40:46 S1: I… That’s such an incredible concept that I actually never really thought about it, and I understand that we don’t know and we shouldn’t know, because it would change the trajectory of all of our actions and all of our faith, that we would not have to have that faith. We would just be like, Okay, God, thanks for that. I’ll work my way and in five years, once it comes to fruition, I’ll pray again, but that’s not where you want this, He wants us as that small child, so that he can constantly be teaching us and my concept and taglines so that we’re always becoming… Because we should always be becoming, and if we’re stagnant, if we’re stuck in that chair and we don’t have the availability to move, even can’t transform us from glory to glory to glory, because we’re sitting in the same exact space of what is unknown, and yet people can’t see the glory of God. And if you’re stuck and you’re still, it’s like if you are a mine and you just saying a frozen so you see a limit to your class, they have so much potential. What’s gonna happen? What is the storyline gonna be? And instead of them ever expressing themselves, they just stayed…

0:41:50 S1: Thrown a statue. You would be like, that’s kind of boring. They’re not living up to the potential, or they’re not living up to what God had planned for them in such a small minute way, but imagine if you never moved like you would be 11 years old walking through this divorce, and then fast forward to when your dad passed away and had no expression of therapy, no expression of grieving process that he gives to do that prior to you even knowing that you were gonna need it in such a way that you have now adopting and getting that on to people. And I see it in my son already, it’s so amazing. So I like it a lot. I have so much, I get whatever you… To be together, it’s gonna be electrify.

0:42:34 S2: Can’t, I’m just like, I need to lie. Hair, yes. So that it’s to the care that courtiers met and then everything was just one of the cosmos.

0:42:47 S1: It’s so true. That’s so great. I love him. So tell me… So here we are, you’ve kinda come tell us where you were from Texas to Virginia, because I love when you shared with me when we first met about kind of following in the footsteps of your brother and what that looks like, and now how that’s transformed your all’s relationship in your family. Do you feel like you’ve been sitting on the dream God has given you for far too long, do you feel out of alignment or obedience because of it, or perhaps you’ve been spinning your wheels on how to answer God’s call, but can’t quite define or design it into a business. Maybe you’ve titled this god dream of ministry. One, you wholeheartedly give all of your time and energy to get your passion isn’t providing the profit, you need to stay in your home, your first ministry.

0:43:36 S2: Do you struggle with the idea of earning money doing something you believe he want you to do, it is servant. Do you feel unworthy as a woman to assess… Well, I get it, I’ve been in every one of those shoes, and I can promise you the moment I traded those worn out sandals for his intended comfort, I was able to finally walk the Miles has taken to grow the dream from ideation to activation, catapult. My true passions into my full purpose, and now, while I’ve had a joy to be coach many women over the past couple of years in a group setting, I still says There are missing straps to their well-need shoes. So I design this course, the god dream design course to walk alongside you intimately until you’ve claimed the gift of the shoe as He has always wanted, orator probably wondering if this is the sure fire way to claim your roots, discover your wins as a kingdom entree. Why are we talking about shoes?

0:44:42 S1: Well, these aren’t NIS, they aren’t easy, whatever the kids call them these days, and I’m not giving you sandals like Hermes either God’s shoes. Truly God shows, have limitless souls that never wear down, they are promised to get you where He has shown you that you were intended to be, so come along for the ride, get out of that stuff, analysis for a Estate of limitation and develop the mindsets. Methods and models to bring to life the vision he has planned for you before you re-knit in your mother’s will sign up today for your self-paced program where I will actually provide you live coaching, a community of women to walk this journey alongside a package of goodies, right at your door step, and many more incredible deliverables, you can find all of the details on my side at Tamra Andres dot com, don’t forget. Tamara, T-A-M-R-A. I got the good version… Thanks mom. There really girls, it’s time to fly. I promise, it’s a screen as it sounds.

0:45:51 S2: Sewell was brightness surface locales in this transition of going to a dance company called ingredients. And so I was in the process of doing that. It didn’t work out, and I was like, Oh, what the heck? And he was like, go to Virginia. And I was like, Oh, okay. And so I remember the night that that happened, I went to my mom ’cause we were saying we were providing my parents, so we were taking care of them ’cause they were getting up there, and so we had separate me, my brother stayed on, and then my mom was another… So I went to her and we’re about to go to sleep, and I was like, Okay. And she was like, What did I not tell you? He said it was kind of crazy what happened, and I was like… He said to move to Virginia and First or at other… Oh my gosh, I was gonna think we’re following up licenses, we process all things, she’s like, Just make sure you tell us, is it going to the next year? And I was like… He’s like, Yeah, and I was like, I told him the whole thing like God wants me to be reverent awesome, let’s

0:47:07 S1: Do it, And so at…

0:47:10 S2: But it was right, so crazy because generationally, our whole family has been… I had this constant generational thing of like, Well, you do this to me and I did see you. And we just don’t talk. And it’s like, how long has it been since you talk with your brother a 60-year decision? It’s like 60 years, it’s my God, it’s like, What? And so it’s like this constant hitting the reset, but that me moving to Virginia and living in the same house and my mom, my brother is helping generational curses, but it’s like breaking all those change chains that we didn’t even… We know are there. We don’t really know. We’re there, and it’s like I realized, I really want to know more about my family history. But I don’t need to know. I really don’t. It might help to be more strategic, but as long as we’re following God in this growth process and in this sanctification process, we’re constantly learning more about ourselves and about who the other person is, and so we’re constantly realizing how God is making us work together and how God is making us love each other and what that’s supposed to look like, and if it’s almost like…

0:48:29 S2: Like you said with Cooper, if someone told him, Hey, this is what this is. And he comes to you and he’s like, Hey, did you know that X are like, That’s not true. Exactly, and so it’s like knowing all the details and the horror things in our class would almost be like us knowing how not to do it and then learning how to do it as

0:48:48 S1: I wanna choose to learn how to actually be real brothers.

0:48:52 S2: Instead of having to go through and live through the back, the bad side, and then go through and then try to unlearn what you learned, and then for example, God being super amazing, this sovereignty, he wanted to move to… Before we… Minority wanted to go to the New York Home Academy. Okay, and so… ’cause he went through film school and then he went to law school. Which is a whole story. You should at repetitions. But he was going to go to New York, and me being I opened, I was like, I’m gonna go to LA. So we were literally gonna go off in directions, Wow, man, opposite codes in the United States, and then not be… And then has to go through the process that kinda want to go through us, God, take us through. Right. And that was happening and not having each other’s back each other so good, and so instead we both went in, we went to Virginia, which is me the most expected to go, And then we’re living in the same house with one that was expected to happen. And now we’re going through this process that we couldn’t have foreseen without God telling us, I don’t have each other to lean on, lean on, and it’s just like…

0:49:58 S1: That’s so good to see have prophetically to me right now, but you don’t know. Also some things going on in my personal life and that have been going on specifically with my actual blood brother, and we’re in this process of coming back together, and it’s been emotional and interesting and like knowing ultimately I have known since the get-go that when we are together, we’re forced to be racking with our entire family is, and yet the enemy has been trying to break us apart so hard for the past few years, and so I’ve been leaning into this expression and understanding of us coming back into unity after walking through the hard things and saying, Not today’s day, and to force and to literally stand up on his behalf and stand up on my own and us be able to walk out what God has in His next season together, and so I think that there’s so much power into that because I do know plenty of people who have said, just cut your ties, or if it’s bad for you, or if people are taking your energy or any of these things, like you can move on without them, and literally in my heart of hearts, it’s been such a trying process, ’cause I’m like, That is not God’s will for me, that is not God’s will for my family.

0:51:19 S1: It’s so much more than people anybody could understand, and I don’t know, again, just like you said, I don’t know what God has in store for that, but I know it’s more than what the world says that it is, and so it’s really cool to see a family actually doing that, and for as I transition into that space with my family, us exploring our faith together and who God is through that, I get to be this amazing steward of God’s Word through example and Cooper even being able to do that, which is so amazing because he’s just… He blows people’s minds, and I think if I can just continue just like you’re continuing to impart to him and in the things that he should know, like that brotherly love, like the fact that family is everything, and ultimately we’re all in the same family under God and so that connectivity in that community and really through expression, because we all have that ability to express, we’re all connected, and there doesn’t have to be this fragmentation that we are so commonly surfaced with an… Exposed to on a daily basis.

0:52:27 S2: Yeah, and here’s the thing about you not especially even at the core of it is identity, because okay, we’re part of the body of Christ, so it’s like I wanna reconcile with my brother, my uncle, or my father, my sisters, their cousins, or whatever. I’m an eye and you’re on hand, but if I don’t know or if I’m trying to not be an eye and you’re trying to not be a hand, we can’t ever have full unity because unity also means being connected to God and who we are, and then being connected to each other and who we are, so. So it’s like, Okay, yeah, we’re reconnecting on hand in your hand, but it’s like, No, you’re in I… And God’s like, No, you’re an eye. That’s the point. And so it’s like, and your cousin is a foot and they’re trying to be a foot and you’re trying to be an eye, and that is how you’re going to really… Which is just massively humbling because it’s like… First of all, we don’t know what we think we know, and God’s okay, let me show you you’re an eye, this is how I created and this is why I created you this way on the potter and the clay, but then it’s humbling because like I said, the core-be-Hunter is using dance as a avenue to help people discover and solidify and develop their identity, and so it’s like, Oh yeah, you need to know who you are so you can be the best dance or you can be in…

0:53:56 S2: It’s like, No, I will help you be the best answer you can be, but if you end up, like I said, told to Cooper, if you’re gonna be like me, my entire job has been to waste like you’ve wasted your money because he’s someone that he’s not supposed to be, you know what I saying? So I’m constantly trying to like, Okay, now and take this and make this you… And so it’s like when God has shown me like, Okay, you need to help people learn to dance to cover their identity, I’m helping people discover their identity in loving them, discover who they’re supposed to be in relation to each other, because it’s like an… I will relate to the foot in a completely different way than an I want with the hand or a hand… Well, with a hood, so it’s like you’ll never have unity without that true identity, or you don’t have true unity without that true identity, so God’s like, identity is the key, and I’m like, Oh my gosh, I… Elateridae of the identical. That is the goal. So it’s like, it’s constantly humble because it’s like when I find a little small aspects, the ripple fact that getting identity through data, I’m just like, I could never have done this.

0:55:14 S2: I wanted to go to LA and performing commercials and other shows, so much bigger than me. It’s so much bigger, and so how can I do something bigger than me without God… Yeah, I can. Can at all. And so it’s just… It’s crazy.

0:55:32 S1: And I think the most amazing part of it, and it’s the journey of life, it’s the journey of relationship, it’s the journey of knowing oneself and knowing one self through the lens of Our Fathers… It is just a step in the direction towards him every single day, and it’s the knowing that we’re not gonna know, and the confidence in stepping into His will for our lives without knowing… And that’s exactly what you’re doing, which is so incredible to see, and I’m so excited to have been… I don’t even… You’ve been in dance for years, decades now, and so it’s not like going anywhere, it is is just the beginning and the foundation for it, and so I’m just a made with your… And the fact that you’re rooted in what you are and who you are now, like that ripple effect is just gonna have that much more of a capability to expand to nations because it’s starting there versus you having to fumble into it later… I did that so I can’t understand, but I’m just super grateful for everything that you’re doing and leaning into that and just being a steward, His word, and I’m grateful that Regent brought you to Virginia, your brother brought you to Virginia, and I don’t know what the next steps are you don’t either write that in at this point, Newhouse with people, because I want people to come along this journey with you too, how can they get connected with you, how can they understand and develop their identity alongside you.

0:57:04 S2: Okay, so just very logistically. Yes, anything that has the name beat Hunter dance. Or it’s fine, so be at Hunter dance. So all of that is connected to me, I have this lessons, I have a podcast, I have a ball connected to the website, I’m doing online classes, which are personal, so it’s like instead of having a classroom of people that I’m talking to, I have… He’s really, that’s it. It’s just me and you, so which is, sometimes we as stays constructor, if we want big people because we kind of think about ourselves, it’s like all these people who are… At my class, I can help all these people. And that’s how we phrase it, it’s like, how much are you really… Halitosis really about them. So who cares how many people are in that… Eric’s about helping your students. Side note, but yeah, so it’s really been amazing to be able to hone in on one person through the online classes, for me, if you… To come along with this journey, first of all, I love talking to people, so like I said in my last podcast, which is the B-00 dance Gallery, so that’s what I’m talking about more in depth about where I came from in the first season, and I move on to how you can become yourself in other seasons and combine the identity that God gave you with your gifts, and I’m using it in the sense of that…

0:58:31 S2: Can relate to somebody on that. Absolutely, and yeah, not a weird anti-state, which we kinda want, but I question everything that it’s like, Okay, this is when I think about existing, about church, about relationships, about women, about men, about job, with careers, about rest. About identity, where did that come from? Where did it really come from and having… That’s really the journey that I’m going on without stopping to… It’s like you don’t have to go on a hiatus in order to answer these questions, in fact, it’s really the opposite, it’s so much harder when God wants us to be… To learn these lessons in the context of what we’re doing, ’cause it’s like, Okay, this is what you think about relationships, now let’s go to a cabin in Virginia in the middle of the woods and… Let me talk to you about relationships. And then you have to apply and later that that’s so ineffective as if you can’t learn all these things and God will show you things ahead of time or in the past, but when you’re going through something right now like… It’s like us is like, You need to be like this, like I.

1:00:00 S2: Be like, become like a child to enter the… Have people who are like, this little child will be the Grattan, the kingpin. He wasn’t doing that in the mountains, he wasn’t doing that when he was on one boat with the disciples alone, he took a child and put them… He says He took a child and put him in the midst of them and said, you must become like this child, and it’s like you can’t escape it. You can’t escape at that point is you see this kid…

1:00:28 S1: Yeah, that’s what you need to be…

1:00:30 S2: You need to trust me, you need to lean on me, you need to understand that you don’t know and you need to accept things that I give you, like I want to bless you, like they are like bringing children to Jesus so that He could bless them and as I was like, No. And he’s like, What are you doing? I want to bless you as a child, and if you become like this job, you’re allowing me to bless you, and what that really looks like is may be totally different from what we think in our mind, but it’s like in the context of everything is where you find your identity, which is like dance is all connected to a action, it’s like if you’re not moving… You’re not dancing. Dance is movement. Yeah, so it’s like, it’s literally in an action, you’re discovering your identity, so you take that announced, you put it to real life, it while you’re going to your job while you have kids, while your wife is pregnant, while your husband is on a work trip while you’re together while you’re on your commonly protists dying, while your parents aren’t getting in to force will Bahasa, this stuff is happening, and God’s like, I wanna talk to you.

1:01:35 S2: I wanna lose, I wanna show one of these things, and it’s like, no, right? Now is that really is not really a good time is like… And

1:01:42 S1: That is the perfect time

1:01:44 S2: To… You don’t say like, This is the perfect time for you to accept this and absorb this and to get this, so not to understand it. You know it intellectually, if you’re not going to seminary, you’re in the field, right. Understanding it.

1:02:01 S1: Now.

1:02:03 S2: That’s what I’m encouraging

1:02:05 S1: A teen, you’re doing it in some… And I think I literally take the words out of my mouth as you said the word Action, I was like, Yeah, ’cause I’m just thinking in my head. Clarity comes in action, and I say this all the time to my clients, ’cause they’re like, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do next because we have a thousand options on any given second to make another move, and you aren’t going to know what the right move is until you make the move, just like in dance, you can’t do anything… You’re not moving if you’re not moving. His period. And so allowing ourselves to just move into that knowing regardless that God uses all things for good, and so maybe you don’t make the right decision, but God’s gonna use it and you just keep walking towards his destination, towards him, just submitting yourself at every given moment, humbling yourself at every given moment, repenting care moment, no one who might not make the right decision and being okay with not knowing, and ultimately that literally circles back to the very beginning of us not knowing maybe what the next move is, but being comfortable with the fact that he’s already gifted as the expression of movement, and that’s what…

1:03:18 S1: Over here, he didn’t put us here to sit in one space, he put us here to move on his behalf, ’cause he is within us, and that’s where and how he comes to Earth through our actions and through our life every single day. So I am honored to know you, Joel, I think it’s the incredible that it was a game in the community, and I am so excited to see how you help foster what proper loves to do, and every other child and adult that you come into contact with, because it’s not just about teaching the children, it’s about teaching the adults to become like the children, and so I fully express ourselves and that’s ultimately… We have to as adults on Learn to re-learn certain things, but if you can just allow yourself to be who he created you to be, there’s so much freedom, and that freedom comes just like Joel said, an identity. I appreciate you. Beat Hunter, dance on Instagram, burns gallery on podcast, under Dan dot com. All places, you’ll get all of the show notes and so you guys can tune in to him a bit more and follow his journey in his blog and all the things, and it was not her.

1:04:31 S1: Thanks for being here. Thank you. Yeah, so cool. Yes, again, I hope in today’s episode, you sense and ignite to an ever within you something mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually moving that creates and sustains a fire within your journey before you go. Let’s elite by the Flint, I’d love for you to take a step right now and declare your take away by snapping a pick of the episode you tenant share your sparked moment and tag me at… They underscore A podcast or me personally at Tama dayanand IN STEP, I hope that I can keep you accountable and also share you with the greater community of the Fitbit podcast listeners, we’re totally in this together, community over competition is the motto, right? I’d also be incredibly grateful if you took an extra second to leave a review on iTunes or your podcast listening app, I’d love to feature your thought in the next episode and give you and your passion project a big shout out. You know, I’m a writer, so I love words and I can’t wait to read what you have to say, I’m ready to fuel the plane with you together, and until next time, blessings over your joy to wealth 1:05:41 S2: And wellness. So next time.

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