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CORE Talk With Tamra Episode 1 – Renovation


We should constantly be in a state of renovation, and that’s what transformation is about, always becoming. Right now, my house is in a state of renovation, but renovation is a term that can also be used in business. One of my clients, Faithful Families, has been renovating and reworking their business, and are seeing big results. Join me for my tips on renovating your business to move it to a new level.

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Fruitful Families Coaching

Show Notes: Renovation

Hello, you are live for CORE talk with Tamra, I’m Tamra, and I am here as a community member of Rooted Entrepreneurs. That’s who we are. That, of course, stands for and I’m going to do with three Ts every single Saturday at nine thirty in the morning. If you haven’t tuned in, there’s been another episode. You can check that out. But we’re starting fresh and as you can see, so am I. I’m in the middle of a renovation with my hubby and I’m going to talk to you all about renovation today and what that means for your business.

There are four T’s that I’m going to come at you with – teaching, testifying. So I think it’s important for you to know not only the testimonies of personal other business owners, but that of my clients and other business owners and the community to transform. That’s ultimately what we’re here for. We should constantly be in a state of renovation, and that’s what transformation is about, always becoming. And lastly, the bonus T that I love so much is to travel.

Last week I was visiting you guys from Isla Mujeres, and today I’m traveling virtually into the world of Fruitful Families Coaching.

This is one of my clients. She’s incredible. Her name is Pam. I’ve been working with her for the last couple of months. I’m going to take these off even though I’m going to elf your business right now.

it has been amazing to see the transformation that her business has done through the renovation that she’s still consistently pushing towards. We’ve redone package pricing. We’ve redone her website. We’ve revamped all of the things that she’s serving her clients with. We even revamped her branding and her name. And she is a sleep coach and a parent coach, which we all need at any given moment, but especially as a new mom or a momma introducing new kids.

And so it’s just incredible to see what her business has done with this state of receiving transformation. And so a personal testimony of my own is that I was renovating this year. I felt like my podcast guests weren’t getting enough of me. They weren’t getting the appropriate thank you that I would tend to do generally. And so I’ve been renovating that process as a whole and how I am receiving and giving and and transforming their businesses from the interaction that they’ve had with mine.

So I think it’s really important to just say yes to that experience of renovation. This is not fun, OK? There are dust particles everywhere. My throat has been closing at night, but at the same time, I know that there is purpose and I can foresee and vision cast what it’s going to look like. And that’s the whole point of a renovation. So I’m going to elf your business right now and share with you another testimony of somebody near and dear to my heart, which is, of course, my husband, Expert Air, who is helping with the contracting of this specific project.

He has been renovating literally since day one. He’s been in business for ten plus years. And I remember when he used to go into the backwoods of Virginia in order to serve trailer homes, and he knew that there was a process of becoming then because he kept saying yes to the opportunity, but he kept reviving the passion within him. And he kept saying yes to the next thing. He knew that the vision of his business was so grandiose.

And I feel like that’s so often how I get to serve clients on a consistent basis. This big God dream. Right? And yet they have to take the first step. We always have to be taking the next step in order to get to that dream. If we pause and we become stagnant in perhaps what this house was originally designed as, we likely would move, right? We’d pick up and say, we’re done. We’re going to go to the next best thing.

But we don’t get to do that as business owners unless you want your business to close. And I don’t imagine that that’s why you’re tuning into CORE talk. And so this is the process of transformation, right. What can you renovate right now in your business? Something easy. It doesn’t have to be grandiose. It doesn’t have to be a house, Expert Airmultimillion-dollareco-friendly chooses to step into that next opportunity. And now, instead of serving those trailer homes, the big vision of serving multimillion dollar homes and fresh builds and eco friendly geothermal systems on waterfront’s is happening.

But it’s because every single opportunity that he got to transform, every single opportunity that he got to renovate, he did. Does that mean he’s made it? No. Otherwise, his business again would become stagnant. So I want to hear in the comments below, what can you renovate in your business right now? I am still renovating so many things and going back and repurposing content and renovating the process by which we “syndicate” is the word. But to make in layman’s terms, “share” with the vast world, a virtual world, social media world.

OK, so I want to hear from you. How can you transform? And to realize that you don’t have to hire a contractor, you might not be in phase or season of life, even within your own personal home where contracting is a thing, but coaching is critical. And that’s what my heart is. I love to be alongside people to take that God Dream and bring it into reality, but first to bring it back to the minimal, to bring it back to the foundation of how we get it there.

So I’m”elfing” your business right now for those listening. At Christmas time, you can hear my bells because I want you guys to say yes to the process of renovation, to not let it be scary, to not let it be so overwhelming that you freeze to think about what Fruitful Families did and how she has now re-established and now serving clients. You guys, we’ve just done a lot of these renovations in the last month within her business. She’s already turning brand new clients, fresh clients with a fresh perspective on who she is and what she does, and how she serves her clients.

You guys, she invested the money to make the money. And it’s not all about investing, but it is the investment of time and energy. And so I told you I would teach you something. I told you that I would testify not only for my own company, but for others and to transform. But a part of that testifying is our big heavenly father, who plays a role every single day in the process of renovation. And so what does that mean, renovation in the Bible?

Can you guys think of any amazing examples of renovating in the Bible? The first one that came to mind for me was the process of renovating the temple and how that has re-established and redeveloped the relationship with the church. And ultimately, the biggest renovation that you could possibly imagine is when Jesus came to the cross and it renovated our entire existence and our entire ability to live freely and abundantly and understand who He is within our hearts, our homes, our businesses, every single day, our God

is a God of constant. And while He might not be renovating the vision, He is constantly open-armed to the daughter or the son who is saying yes to renovating their life. And so I love that about Him. I love that He is steadfast. I love that He is open to our desire to renovate, to become more and more as he would call us to be. And so what does that look like for you and your business?

And knowing that biblical terms, for every word that I’m going to give you every Saturday through CORE Talk is going to come to just hopefully meet you and like I said, teach, testify and transform. So this is CORE Talk with Tamara. I hope this blessed you today. I hope it got your wheels spinning on how you can transform your next season of your business. And I hope you’ve been “elfed” and I brought a little cheer and I cannot wait to show you what the renovation of my home continues to evolve into, because every day it’s a new surprise to me.

And yeah, I just love you guys so much. Don’t forget, this is a community of entrepreneurs and you are welcome at the table.

See you guys.


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